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  • Ashley Ann Abrico
    Ashley Ann Abrico 3 days ago

    please more react to katrina velarde new subscribe here

  • the specialist
    the specialist 4 days ago

    The Diva... Your cute man!😍

  • Raven Only
    Raven Only 6 days ago

    you know when an Artist is SO GOOD when she is accused by using Auto tune while doing a live performance ❤️

  • Toto Mu
    Toto Mu 7 days ago

    U look gorgeous! So adorable...

  • Vittorio Roque
    Vittorio Roque 8 days ago


  • Séries Sims
    Séries Sims 13 days ago

    Demi is perfect

  • Toni Taylor
    Toni Taylor 13 days ago


  • Jon C
    Jon C 13 days ago

    4:10 😀

  • Rolando Roldan
    Rolando Roldan 14 days ago

    So handsome ;)

  • reyreaper23
    reyreaper23 18 days ago

    OMG! ❤

  • Jon C
    Jon C 18 days ago

    5:13 😀

  • Just passing by
    Just passing by 19 days ago

    Are you watching or just listening?

  • Sarah Stewart
    Sarah Stewart 20 days ago

    Also have you ever done Reactions of Glennis 'GG' Grace yet? She is also Awesome and does a lot of Whitney tributes. Please React to her cover 'Run to you' which she performed live in 2014 I think but not sure. Thanks. 😍

  • Sarah Stewart
    Sarah Stewart 20 days ago

    Katrina is the BOMB! Please React to her 'Natural Woman' karaoke carpool. Thanks.😍

  • james hall
    james hall 22 days ago

    You are so right with Streisand. I wish the younger public would take a look at her work. Just a phenomenal use of natural sound.

  • efren endriga
    efren endriga 22 days ago


  • Maciver Lalchhandama Duhlian

    React to Ogni petra arnau cocert

  • Ark Andrada
    Ark Andrada 28 days ago

    Mori came from a musical family... She’s trained... Kat got her training in the competition stage in which she started at an early age... 6 years old I believe... She have to stop her studies on grade 8 and concentrate on singing as she and her family can’t afford for her to do both... Amateur singing competition is one of the secret why Philippines produces a prodigious amount of talented vocalists... It’s mostly Catholic and communities from small villages to cities celebrate a Saints feast day... most have a singing competition as a part of such... a competition is happening somewhere everyday and good ones in a week... good singers can earn a living and some gets all the way to the national spotlight...😊😊😊 the other secret isJolibee...🤣🤣🤣 MORE POWER!!!😊

  • Bony Reyes
    Bony Reyes 29 days ago

    Like thw hair tho...😂

  • Vittorio Roque
    Vittorio Roque 29 days ago


  • Joseph Dario Abalos
    Joseph Dario Abalos 29 days ago


  • Sweety Yam
    Sweety Yam 29 days ago

    Pls react to her "SPAIN"

  • Orlando Jr Bangayan
    Orlando Jr Bangayan 29 days ago

    Here in Philippines we celebrating christmas season staring September first until the end of month of December.

  • Orlando Jr Bangayan
    Orlando Jr Bangayan 29 days ago

    She's has a nice voice purely vocal range so good,! No auto tune used.

  • bugoy Lopez
    bugoy Lopez Month ago

    new subscriber

  • MrAki65
    MrAki65 Month ago

    Please, react to recent Dimash songs - Olimpico, Passione and Love is Like a Dream.

  • Emily Shinozuka
    Emily Shinozuka Month ago

    Ang cute mo kuya😂

  • Roxanne Maceda
    Roxanne Maceda Month ago

    The only person who got some issue here that i see is you. Charice is the pride of the Philippines and all of Asia. Clean, clarity of lyrics and power? Goes to CHARICE. You must be born yesterday not to know who Chrice is compared to the local singers you mentioned.

    • Roxanne Maceda
      Roxanne Maceda 29 days ago

      Marco Kitzer try reacting to her other videos, like listen live in italy, note to God in Oprah, Lay me down in Asia’s got Talent, Bodyguard medley with David Foster live in Manila. No need for comprison, not to mention the achievements. Only asian who made it to the top 10 in the 200 billboard charts in the United States. Remember, Most talented Girl in the World😂

    • Marco Kitzer
      Marco Kitzer Month ago

      Yeah calm down

  • Bhing Sayle
    Bhing Sayle Month ago


  • Daisy's Scents
    Daisy's Scents Month ago

    Please react to Katrina " go the distance, burn impersonation 3 and Marcelino Pomoys the Prayer.. You won't regret it...

  • Aeonoldus Artemis Dezaftles

    Marko, you must react to Katrina's latest live performance of one of the most beautiful and most difficult songs to cover: Come On In Out Of The Rain by Wendy Moten. She performed it live at Lucky Strike in Hollywood USA accompanied on the keyboards by Arianna Grande musical director Troy Laureta:

  • Maria Trainin
    Maria Trainin Month ago

    can't hear it , need to turn it up ......

  • Kerk Dug
    Kerk Dug Month ago

    Please react to Diana Ankudinova singing "Wicked Game"

  • Vergel Mercadal
    Vergel Mercadal Month ago

    Very low volume

  • enrico pascual
    enrico pascual Month ago

    I love Katrina but I think she "over kill "some parts and a bit pitchy. Maybe she's tired.

    • Perpo Porep
      Perpo Porep 22 days ago

      @Marco Kitzer thank you for saying that.

    • Marco Kitzer
      Marco Kitzer Month ago

      It’s one take so you have to get every note... and she is sitting not standing

  • Caloy Conde
    Caloy Conde Month ago

    I like your hair 😁

  • Norman Hernandez
    Norman Hernandez Month ago

    pls react to katrina velardes bang bang version thanks

  • i am yhanna
    i am yhanna Month ago

    You might also enjoy reacting to her burn all star cover and one sweet day katrina with budakel 😊

  • andy daba
    andy daba Month ago

    Please check her renditions of Go The Distance on wish bus 107.5.

    • Marco Kitzer
      Marco Kitzer Month ago

      I already did Check out the Katrina playlist

  • andy daba
    andy daba Month ago

    Please check her renditions of Go the distance

  • andy daba
    andy daba Month ago

    Christmast in the Philippines begins October, the longest celebrations in the world.

  • Angie Westall
    Angie Westall Month ago

    that vibrato indeed!

  • Rudy Tolentino
    Rudy Tolentino Month ago

    Shes a beast...

  • Carol Piguro
    Carol Piguro Month ago

    Thank you for always reacting our dear katrina velarde.hope more reaction of her.😊😊

  • Trevor wright
    Trevor wright Month ago

    Please check out Katrina Velarde - Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing (Cover) WHILE BABYSITTING! Katrina Verlarde covers a classic international hit song "Can't take that away" (Mariah Carey"

  • World'z Viral
    World'z Viral Month ago

    Such a World Class Singer, Very Untouchable Singer ♥♥♥ The One and Only Asia's Vocal Supreme - Katrina Velarde ♥♥♥.

  • Sascha _GER
    Sascha _GER Month ago

    Danke. wie immer geil

  • chinoypi pasaway
    chinoypi pasaway Month ago

    Love her!!!

  • Cristina Mortel Querubin

    Katrina is so good...try Katrina Velarde cover of Flashlight. Jessie J would be proud with her pwrformance.

  • Monique Montague
    Monique Montague Month ago

    Thanks for the reaction, Marco. 😊 I really enjoyed it! And as always, Katrina is fantastic! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Have a great weekend!

  • MsSpadeVocalizes
    MsSpadeVocalizes Month ago

    😍That's our Kat!!!😘💕Thanks, Marco. HS Entertainment channel, created a dream collaboration video of Katrina and Jessie J. singing this song. Please check it out. You'll love it. I promise. 🙂

    • MsSpadeVocalizes
      MsSpadeVocalizes Month ago

      Here it Enjoy! 😊

  • Zee
    Zee Month ago

    well this is not the last of her ONE TAKE COVERS. she has * DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING TO * BROKENHEARTED GIRL

  • Zee
    Zee Month ago

    yes!!! thanks again for another reaction, Marco! hmmm...i wonder what Katrina video you will do next?😁😁😁

  • Aeonoldus Artemis Dezaftles

    Mind-boggling Wow! Amazing! Katrina slays!

  • F0ur2Zer0
    F0ur2Zer0 Month ago

    Thnx for the reaction, Kat killed it. I'd love to see Kat and Jessi J have a collab :D

  • Evanne Rose Landar

    First again

  • Norman Hernandez
    Norman Hernandez Month ago


  • jhenelliusmine 1130

    Please react to her others one take covers

  • Zhofia Celine
    Zhofia Celine Month ago

    Merry xmas pls react her One take cover " Holy night"

  • sweetam_shiela Balaga

    I love her well Morrisset cover please do reaction on it coz it's xmass is coming...

  • Ewok Doopy
    Ewok Doopy Month ago

    Outstanding! Bravo👏👏👏

  • Thursday Delos Santos

    I really love this cover and the emotion it really hit me!! Your so cute coach!!

  • denise acuna
    denise acuna Month ago


  • Cesberry U.
    Cesberry U. Month ago

    volume should up a bit

  • Ja Bee
    Ja Bee Month ago

    New subcriber here. ❤ please react to Morisette Amon and Darren Espanto. 😊

  • Chriesth Harry
    Chriesth Harry Month ago

    Try to listen i wanna know what love is She sing it with the extended whisle

  • Chriesth Harry
    Chriesth Harry Month ago

    Just try moressitte amon sing that also the extend whisle

    DINA DIAZ Month ago

    Kindly react the performance of Morisette at Coke Studio last week: Iniwan Sa Kawalan-(Rock) Sept. 28,2019 Papara- (Rock)Sept.28, 2019

  • Cristina Mortel Querubin

    Yes you are right. Thats a very nice reaction. KATRINA VELARDE IS AMAZING. She can do anything!

  • jestoni miscala
    jestoni miscala Month ago

    Please add volume for the video that you react. Thanks

  • odz Peppino
    odz Peppino Month ago

    Katrina is one I love singer's in Philippines, and thanks for your reacted her cover. But can you please react as well to my one idol singer. Jona (MacArthur park )and her other performances. Thank you 😘

  • odz Peppino
    odz Peppino Month ago

    You look so impressed with her amazing voice. I am too 😄

  • Jose Melvin De Jesus

    love your comment....

  • odz Peppino
    odz Peppino Month ago

    Thanks for reacted her cover. New subscribers here 😉

  • Omnipotent Sage
    Omnipotent Sage Month ago

    Katrina Velarde is a naturally born world class vocalist

  • Zee
    Zee Month ago

    thanks Marco!!! yes she is a good story teller indeed! you can really feel and see the emotion in the song...I'm excited for the other videos you will be posting on Katrina! thanks!!!

    • Marco Kitzer
      Marco Kitzer Month ago

      Check out the playlist I made „Katrina“ there u have About 10 videos of her best performances so far

  • Sascha _GER
    Sascha _GER Month ago

    Danke 😻

  • karen anne untalan

    Katrina Velarde only solid fan here...🥰ofw from kuwait.tanx

  • Juha Kärkkäinen

    Eagerly waiting for more Katrina. But just for change, may I suggest something closer to your own voice, the most amazing bass voice I have heard. Brothers In Arms by a cappella group Club For Five:

  • ester vial
    ester vial Month ago

    KATRINA ES MAGNIFICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heidi Cook
    Heidi Cook Month ago

    I think you might also enjoy a recent compilation someone did of Katrina’s Lung Power. There’s a stopwatch timer that is recording her longest breaths in the video. It’s amazing.

  • Aeonoldus Artemis Dezaftles

    So beautiful! So amazing!

  • MsSpadeVocalizes
    MsSpadeVocalizes Month ago

    Thank you so much! ❤️ Yes, she is really good. Can't wait for your next reaction to Kat. 😊

  • Gaymee Funtanilla

    Pls react to katrina's one session cover of mama knows best.

    • Gaymee Funtanilla
      Gaymee Funtanilla Month ago

      I've already subscribed to tò your chanel...🙂

    • Marco Kitzer
      Marco Kitzer Month ago

      Tomorrow is the upload Hit notification and don’t forget to subscribe ❤️❤️

  • Jalal el
    Jalal el Month ago

    Both of you are so beautiful

  • Evanne Rose Landar

    First again hehehe

  • Jhonny Baja
    Jhonny Baja Month ago

    React to katrina Velarde cover by i wanna know what love is

  • Terri Bora
    Terri Bora Month ago

    Marco what is the best way to request reactions on your channel? As a rule, unless it's how the reactor takes requests, I don't request reactions to artists other than the one you're reacting to in the video, (just out of courtesy.) Do subscribers PM you on Instagram? Or other Social media? Really like this channel!

    • Marco Kitzer
      Marco Kitzer Month ago

      Subscribe my channel and ask me in the comment section below the video. Hit notification, so you don’t miss new uploads

  • Arvin Gabia
    Arvin Gabia Month ago

    Kindly check Katrina Velarde "Bohemian Rapsodhy " thank you and God blessed

  • Mariah Bfly
    Mariah Bfly Month ago

    She can sing anything under the sun on her own way... She's the best my queen

  • Mariah Bfly
    Mariah Bfly Month ago

    My queen who can sing the song perfectky and flawlessly.,

  • Athena Avrene
    Athena Avrene Month ago

    Please react MORRISSETTE AMON, Oh Holy Night. Thanks. Notice me man 😊

    • Marco Kitzer
      Marco Kitzer Month ago

      I will do Tomorrow Hit notification so you k ow when it’s on ❤️

  • Anton Casal Medrano

    Katrina Velarde is one of the Gem from the Land of World Class Singers --- the Philippines...

  • Ramil Dinapo
    Ramil Dinapo Month ago

    All I watch is your face. Handsome

    GOD IS POWERFULL Month ago

    react morrisitte holy night

  • Jay Mag
    Jay Mag Month ago

    Wanna hear her whistling? check out her "I wanna know love is" . Thanks! :)

    • Marco Kitzer
      Marco Kitzer Month ago

      Already did xD check out my other videos

  • just JUPIter
    just JUPIter Month ago

    She's so great in singing small but terrible in a good way..she's a minute monster the nails also wohhooo katrina love you hehe

  • Dj Ear
    Dj Ear Month ago


    • Perry Tyler
      Perry Tyler Month ago

      You can support..but do not bash...

  • Mary Ann Herrera Bermeo

    Christmas starts in sept. in the Philippines.

  • Enteng Anter
    Enteng Anter Month ago

    Try also comment of Katrina Velarde on her song Never Enough, Broken Bow and One Sweet Day...