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My Wavy Hair Routine (2a/swavy hair)
Today I'm sharing my wavy hair (2a/swavy) routine with you. I've been on the curly girl method since May 2018 and have already seen a lot of progress and learned a lot about my hair. In this video I show you how I do my hair (both my shower routine and my styling routine). I introduce you to common Curly Girl Method terms, such as "squish to condish" (STC), "scrunch out the crunch" (SOTC), diffusing. Personally, I have fine, low porosity, low density, medium (shoulder length) hair with a 2a/swavy curl pattern, so if you have some of the similar characteristics, it might suit you too. Good luck experimenting with your hair and finding what works best ;)
Here are the products I used for my ...
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My Wavy Hair Routine (2a/swavy hair)
Views 61KYear ago
Today I'm sharing my wavy hair (2a/swavy) routine with you. I've been on the curly girl method since May 2018 and have already seen a lot of progress and learned a lot about my hair. In this video I show you how I do my hair (both my shower routine and my styling routine). I introduce you to common Curly Girl Method terms, such as "squish to condish" (STC), "scrunch out the crunch" (SOTC), diff...
WATER by Alisa Hayeva
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When I was creating this video I initially thought about creating a DIY/educational video on how to drink more water and how to track your progress. I still show you my way of tracking my water intake, though, in an editorial form, bringing you the art of drinking water and tracking your progress :))) Yours, Alisa S O C I A L M E D I A: INSTAGRAM: alisahayeva
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In this video I present my vision of Russia's Saint Petersburg. I could easily call this a travel diary, but this is more of a montage/edit type of thing. The video was created in August of summer of 2017, so you get the chance to see how Saint Petersburg looks like under the sun! The city is definitely worth a visit (at least a short trip). If you are going on a trip there and wonder where to ...


  • whovian james
    whovian james 6 days ago

    hi! loved your vid. I have 2a hair too. And currently I've been thinking about getting a diffuser. I don't know if it makes big difference. Do you recommend it?

  • Mati Duarte
    Mati Duarte 7 days ago

    This video helped a lot

  • Alex Ross
    Alex Ross 12 days ago

    How should i brush my hair during the day ? 😭

  • That really weird Aquarius kid

    This explains why my hair was so wavy when I was younger, then when I got older it was “straight” but really frizzy and tangled and it was all because I wasn’t taking care of my hair properly.

  • Rachael Wilson
    Rachael Wilson 22 days ago

    I literally always thought I had straight hair until I started doing more research. My dad has amazing curly hair and my mom had 2a hair like this. My sister inherited beautiful soft 2c curls and I was so jealous. Over the years I noticed the waves in my hair whenever I wouldn’t brush out but I thought that was just what happened to straight hair when not brushed out. Boy was I wrong and I’ve been living with 2a-2b hair this whole time 😭

  • Anna
    Anna 28 days ago

    We have the exact same hair type! This was awesome, thank you!

  • Skallia Ray
    Skallia Ray Month ago

    Okay... but I have this type of hair and justs... do whatever to it idk. Nothing special. It ends up a goddamn poofy mess and I'm forced to straighten it. I try gel, moose, all of that. I had NO IDEA about a gel cast. Like... I was always upset that it was crunchy and looked weird and I would brush it bc no one told me anything different. Now I want to try this out and see if I can get some of my natural wave back. My mom has super wavy hair, my dad has super fine straight hair. I'm in the middle with my moms thickness with just enough wave to not be straight and my dads fine hair. It's the weirdest combo. Nothing works for my hair, so I may have to adjust this... but i wonder if i use this technique i can save myself the headache. Even just the washing technique... not breaking up the hair, drying it 85% and letting the rest hair dry without brushing. That may help me out. Thank you! Idk if my fine hair can handle gel, but I'll have to experiment. I just have so much hair but it's so fine that no one knows what to do with it other than straighten it or full curl it. I dont want either bc I hate using that much heat on it everyday.

  • Emylle
    Emylle Month ago


  • Interesting Stuff

    I think this is what my sister needs

  • Juliana Wilson
    Juliana Wilson Month ago

    Swavy is the exact word I would use to describe my hair as well but I gotta get on a routine like this!

  • Kyra cz
    Kyra cz Month ago

    I always thought that I have 2a hair but now I know my hair is 2b + 2c

  • Weirdo
    Weirdo Month ago

    Your hair looks curlier when you are in shower have you ever noticed that tho?

  • Ashleigh J
    Ashleigh J Month ago

    Late to the party but how does your hair go on the second day. I have 2A/2B hair, a few ringlets and it's frizzy (my natural state) but dry as I bleach it. I find I need to wet my hair but then my hair gets greasy from product 👎

  • Capocchio Griffolino
    Capocchio Griffolino 2 months ago

    Can we air dry as an alternative to using diffuser? Since I don't want to buy one...

  • Alexis Thao
    Alexis Thao 2 months ago

    How often did/do you wash your hair when you started the curly girl method?

  • Mylee Moravchik
    Mylee Moravchik 2 months ago

    I have short 2a hair, I have a little different routine, this is really helpful tho.

  • The trash can
    The trash can 3 months ago

    my hair looks like this atm if I do this technique (expect i used mousse instead of gel) i've done it once and it looks like yours, maybe if i keep doing it (im gonna buy gel) then it'll get more wavy/curly. A girl can hope :')

  • Chloe DelValle
    Chloe DelValle 3 months ago

    Thanks so much haven’t really seen any one with my hair type !

  • Jessica Greene
    Jessica Greene 3 months ago

    HELLO ALL MY 2A FRIENDS!! I’m 35 and have had pin straight hair my whole life. I’d curl it with a curling iron and it would fall by midday. Due to hormonal changes which I think are early menopause, my hair basically changed texture within the span of a couple months. I have always wanted beachy, wavy hair so I’m so excited I don’t have to pay for it!! Please upload more videos!

  • Fancy Walls
    Fancy Walls 3 months ago

    I cut my dreads off cuz I noticed hair starting to grow back.but it's still a little my hair got some wavyness to it hair use to be super there any way to stop the thinning.

  • A.
    A. 3 months ago

    can you at least stop the water while you do your hair? water is a scarce resource on this planet and a lot of people don't have access to it. It really baffles my mind how a lot of people do not seem to feel anything when they waste water just because they can. it was running the whole time behind you and it makes me rso angry how ignorant you are!

  • Juliette Vidal
    Juliette Vidal 4 months ago

    Is there a reason why you wash your hair twice with shampoo ?

  • B A
    B A 4 months ago

    I can’t believe I found someone with 2a hair! 🥺❤️

  • Kaitlyn Vazquez
    Kaitlyn Vazquez 4 months ago

    When my hair is wet it looks like 2b 2c but it dries like a frizzy 2a

    • Elena Sm
      Elena Sm 4 months ago

      Kaitlyn Vazquez same

  • ladycerebellum
    ladycerebellum 4 months ago

    I too have 2a hair and I've always called it "stravy" haha. I use Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing spray on my hair when when I'm diffusing it into waves. I like that it's more affordable than Ouai's texture spray, but it does make for some frizz at my roots. Still searching for the perfect wavy hair product!

  • Watch me play
    Watch me play 4 months ago

    I habe *2b* hair and its *T H I C C*

  • whoknowsaisyah
    whoknowsaisyah 4 months ago

    i have rlly thick 2a any tips?

  • Stacey Garcia
    Stacey Garcia 5 months ago

    Ok my hair when i brush it it is straight and wavy but then my hair gets frizzy throughout the day making my mom say i dont brush my hair what do i do

  • 김리버
    김리버 5 months ago

    My hair is exactly like yours when it’s wet, but it turns like lion’s hair when it gets dry :( I definitely should try your routine. Thank you!

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva 5 months ago

      Definitely give it a try :) Hope it will help

  • Miaura Kimchi
    Miaura Kimchi 5 months ago

    I have 2a hair and just started a Wavy-Girl Method a week ago but even with gel my hair falls flat again after 1-2h .. Maybe because it is still transitioning. But it is so frustrating. It looks pretty ok already (still a little frizzy) but soon all the waves are gone and it looks weird. Any ideas guys? :(

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva 4 months ago

      Miaura Kimchi awesome! Good luck :)

    • Miaura Kimchi
      Miaura Kimchi 5 months ago

      @Alisa Hayeva Well as for the hot scissors that worked very well! My hair is already more bouncy and feels healthier. But it is still dry so there ist a long way to go! I will update after the CurlSys cut though :D

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva 5 months ago

      @Miaura Kimchi Oh yeah! Dry and damaged hair is very unlikely to be able to become bouncy again. Honestly, when I first started CGM I had long hair that was down to the middle of my back and nothing could help my heat damaged dry hair so I cut it around shoulder length and I had no problems with my hair after whatsoever. P.S. Tell me how that cut goes! I'm really curious whether it's a game changer. I don't have any curly/wavy hair hairdressers in my city, so I'm wondering haha

    • Miaura Kimchi
      Miaura Kimchi 5 months ago

      @Alisa Hayeva Well my hairdresser told me possible reasons. My hair is hella dry and the ends were dead. She said it had no strength to bounce up. So I got a hot scissors-cut and in a few weeks I will get my first CurlSys cut. I am so excited! Thank you for your kind words. I am still trying to find the right products for me.

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva 5 months ago

      I'd say you might be using products that are too heavy for your hair or applying too much.

  • Marit
    Marit 5 months ago

    omg finally someone with my hair type. my hair is thick so it takes really long to dry and it weighs down. my hair is medium length.

  • Natalia Pedraza
    Natalia Pedraza 6 months ago

    I don’t have a defuser I got a blow dryer and my hair gets frizzy 🥺

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva 6 months ago

      You can get a separate diffusor nozzle and use a decent amount of gel to minimise frizz. If you'll still get frizz after that, try a leave-in conditioner. :)

  • sticky lotus
    sticky lotus 6 months ago

    Is there a way to get around using a defuser. I only ask as I don't have a defuser and have also given up heat cause heat styling started making my hair break off Your video is great thank you

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva 6 months ago

      Thank you! :) You can air dry your hair, but the results might not be the same. I don't get heat damage from the diffuser though, I use it on cool (sometimes warm, but never hot) setting.

  • Art by Hohlee
    Art by Hohlee 6 months ago

    this is so informative! i took notes and everything 😂 my hair used to be curly when i was a kid and i had it shorter (mum kept my hair short when i was little cos it was so thin) but then i grew it really long and only the ends would curl up and the rest was dead straight, but now (i'm 22) it's pretty long again but I'm getting like some strands that have a nice wave and other bits that are like straight and kinda frizzy, i thought for the longest time i'd lost the curls i had when i was a kid and i was just a girl with straight hair wanting what she can't have lol but i think I'm just not taking care of my hair properly, i tend to air dry it because if i comb it or blow dry it dries straight but hopefully using gel and a diffuser will help get a more uniform wave! that was really long but thanks for sharing your routine!!

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva 6 months ago

      You're welcome! :) Very likely you'll see a transformation! I barely use gel nowadays and my hair still has the wave now even without it with all the TLC

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 6 months ago

    I had really long hair but I cut it off since I didn’t know how to take care of it. I reached my butt and now it reaches my boobs. I’m gonna try this :)

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva 6 months ago

      Good luck! :) I'm currently growing out my hair to the length you have now haha

  • ꧁itz me꧂
    ꧁itz me꧂ 6 months ago

    Finally, someone with my hair type, except I have LONG 2a hair, yours is very cute and short XD

  • DNAGumdr0p 369
    DNAGumdr0p 369 7 months ago

    the best thing about 2a hair is you can go at least a day without brushing only if you keep it in a bun/braid and wash it. or is it just my hair? lol

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva 6 months ago

      I actually only brush my hair in the shower or for hairstyles. I just roll out of bed and go for second day hair haha

  • Nguyen Rose
    Nguyen Rose 7 months ago

    Finally a video for my hair type!

  • Lola
    Lola 8 months ago

    hi alisa! so glad i found this video, FINALLY a hair routine for 2A hair! thanks for sharing :D i'm planning to start on the CGM soon, and looking to buy the right products. my hair is pretty similar to yours so i hope you could help me out! does the acure shampoo makes your scalp oily/greasy? how long can you go in between washdays?

    • Lola
      Lola 7 months ago

      @Alisa Hayeva aaa you're lovely for this thorough reply! thanks a lot!

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva 8 months ago

      Hi Lola! You're welcome :) The shampoo doesn't make my hair greasy, however, it does make my mum's hair greasy, so I would be careful if you think it might be an issue for you. I wash my hair every 3-4 days now. I've also found another great shampoo and conditioner combo that works great for me. Currently I use Nature Box pomegranate seed oil shampoo and conditioner. Also tried Nature Box almond oil shampoo and conditioner. Just as light weight and smells amazing.

  • dani quiambao
    dani quiambao 8 months ago

    hey!! it is so nice to find someone with 2a hair!! just a question, how do you revive curls for day 2 hair, 'cause i have 2a hair and the 2nd day looks just like thick and poofy. what do u do on the 2nd day?

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva 8 months ago

      Hey hey! :) Lately I wake up with okay looking hair, so I don't. But before that I used to spray my hair with water enough to make the strands look sleek and quite wet, scrunch my hair carefully with my hands and let it dry. IMPORTANT: you must have gel in your hair from the day before for the refresh to work with just water. In extreme cases of tangles I sometimes also brush my hair when it's dry and then spray it with water and then scrunch. Might also use a microfibre towel to scrunch sometimes if I sprayed too much water on my hair.

  • dani quiambao
    dani quiambao 8 months ago

    yasss 2a gurlss!! 🤟🏻

  • FleurDeCerisier
    FleurDeCerisier 8 months ago

    I have swavy hair too. When I brush it a few times through out the drying process, it will be about 95% straight by the time it's dry. When I don't brudh it at all and let it air dry, I'll have some week waves in my hair. I usually wear my hair straight but I'd like to try to enhance the waves I have a bit

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva 8 months ago

      That's the same thing that happens to my hair if I brush it. The wave has become a bit stronger though, so now it's not as easy to get rid of it if I brush it out.

  • YeetusThatFetus
    YeetusThatFetus 9 months ago

    I’m watching this because I have 2a hair but I just wash it like how someone with straight hair would and never do anything to help it out. I want to know how my hair would look like if I actually took care of it lol

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva 8 months ago

      Good luck! It's worth it. I'm now at the stage where my hair is so cared for I can go without gel and my waves will still be decent. :)

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury 9 months ago

    Thank you for this! I need a routine from somebody who has the same hair type as me!😁

    • Anna
      Anna 28 days ago

      Freddie Mercury Hi

  • Bobby Hansen
    Bobby Hansen 9 months ago

    Are you alive?

  • lake 1862
    lake 1862 10 months ago

    Idk if i have your hair type. I have type 2b wavy hair on the front of my hair and than on the back i have weirdo waves that are like two lumps. Is there any hair products for weirdo waves? Hehe.

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva 9 months ago

      I'd say look for products focusing on your hair porosity for washing and conditioning, and a gel for styling. :)

  • xcxzozo
    xcxzozo 10 months ago

    As a kid/tween I had wavy hair then I made the mistake of getting a loose perm and it ruined my waves I cut my hair off and I’m regrowing it and it’s growing back wavy again! I want to take care of it so it looks wavy like it used to!

  • majo tengono
    majo tengono 10 months ago


  • * Leo
    * Leo 11 months ago

    You're so pretty😭😭

  • Lali
    Lali 11 months ago

    I had wavy hair when I was younger. I started up straightening my hair back then and now my hair is straight yet full of frizz with some weird ass waves. I’m starting the CG method but I’m so lost (?)

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva 11 months ago

      If you've been straightening your hair for while with a flat iron, most of the length is most likely quite damaged, so you'll need to grow most of your hair out for it to get back to its natural state. But if your hair is not super damaged and fried you might be able to restore at least some of the wave and maybe more.

  • Katelyn Blessing

    What would the results be if you didn't diffuse your hair at all and just let it air dry at that point?

      THE SPiCY SQUAD 2 4 months ago

      Alisa Hayeva it also prob wouldn’t be as wavy, because the heat from the air is drying it and heating it to stay in that scrunched pattern.

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva 11 months ago

      For my hair that would mean less volume and longer drying time, but nothing else would change.

  • Kelly Blanco
    Kelly Blanco Year ago

    for right now I have this type of hair but it used to be a 3a or 3b I got heat damage is their any way I could get it back to that

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva 11 months ago

      You might be able to make your hair look a little better, but the ultimate solution is to cut off the damaged hair and let it grow out. There is not much you can do about damaged hair.

  • Hailey Glass
    Hailey Glass Year ago

    I was wondering if you do co washes at all and how you do it

    • Hailey Glass
      Hailey Glass Year ago

      Ok, well do you have any tips for me because I have 2a hair and I'm trying to cut using heat on my hair but I have no clue how to style it and I also shower at night

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva Year ago

      I don't. My hair is quite oily, so co-washing isn't enough for it, it leaves my roots flat.

  • Who Dunnit
    Who Dunnit Year ago

    Swavy lol. Im hoping this is my hair type, cuz right now my hair is just 'straight' with crazy stupid frizz. After a month of this, lets see if I too have swavy hair.

    • Vanessa Rubio
      Vanessa Rubio 2 months ago

      Man I hate my hair it gets so frizzy not even oil helps it. I'm gonna try this out. My hair is generally straight but has some s curls in between and some waves here and there it's really thick too

    • Karina Nov
      Karina Nov 3 months ago

      I hope too 😆😆😆

    • long yarn
      long yarn 3 months ago

      You might also want to check out Swavy Curly Courtney here on YT for more fun tips and tricks that ought to help. 🙄

    • 『 Quinn 』
      『 Quinn 』 3 months ago

      Who Dunnit omg sameeee🤣🤣

    • a baby seal
      a baby seal 5 months ago

      OMG SAME

  • RussianHobo Bear

    Are you Armenian

  • Jennifer van der Broek

    I have a 2aish hair structure? I have a lot of hair but when I let it airdry my hair gets curly and REALLY frizzy at the front and straight in the back. Will this method help? I've never used gel.

    • Jennifer van der Broek
      Jennifer van der Broek Year ago

      Thanks! Im gonna try it

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva Year ago

      It should definitely help, but don't expect your hair to transform overnight. I've stuck to this method for 9.5 months now and the transformation is mind blowing hahah. Definitely use gel! Gel is the one product I can never skip cause it keeps my hair from looking like a cloud of frizz and helps define the waves. P. S. My hair was the reverse of yours, straight in the front, slightly wavy in the back + it was straight down to my ears. Good luck!

  • Sapphire Plays_64

    Do you have any solution for straightening 2a hair without flat iron I've been searching this for 2 weeks now and no solutions

    • Cobie Bentley
      Cobie Bentley Year ago

      If you can afford it try the John Frieda straightening shampoo and conditioner, I have 2A hair and had good luck with it relaxing some of the waves.

    • Sapphire Plays_64
      Sapphire Plays_64 Year ago

      @Alisa Hayeva thanks for the tips

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva Year ago

      If I need straight hair, I make sure I don't scrunch it in any way and all movements I do (like brushing for example) elongate the waves. Just brushing my hair while it dries is usually enough for me as well as using a heavier conditioner. But if I have a kink of some sort, a spray it with some water and blow dry with a brush on low to medium heat. Also if I do a too heavy for my hair mask it is weighed down and looks mostly straight. But beware, a mask might not only make your hair look straight, but your roots might look greasy as well.

    • Tess Hertz
      Tess Hertz Year ago

      my best luck has been a keratin shampoo and conditioner and also deep conditioning every wash. maintaining moisture in my 2a hair's ends is a challenge and the keratin and moisturized ends personally loosens my waves. then let mostly airdry. tresume keratin thermal protectant and cool blow dry all the way dry. follow with barrel brush drying on high heat with a concentrated nozzle and constant movement. little damage, great result

  • Annie Schwartz
    Annie Schwartz Year ago

    How do you keep your hair from getting messed up while you sleep?

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva Year ago

      Sleep on a silk pillowcase. If that doesn't help, take a spray bottle filled with water and spray your hair in the morning till it's a bit wet and scrunch. That's what I usually do and the leftovers of gel from the wash day get activated and you just have a gel cast again and scrunch it out again when it dries. :)

  • Michael Scofield

    You are so so beautiful and talented, thank you for this tutorial. I have really coarse, thick, and frizzy hair. The top of my hair is very frizzy and straight-ish, while the bottom of my hair is weirdly wavy and frizzy. I hate it so much, I need to find a hair routine to better my hair and this helped so much!

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva Year ago

      Thank you & you're welcome! The more you care for your hair the better it becomes :) A little patience and you'll have amazing hair

  • isabóbora
    isabóbora Year ago

    Liked the video but that water waste is a huge no no

    • Sabrina
      Sabrina Year ago

      How else do you shower?

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva Year ago

      Thank you! Actually, never thought about it before you mentioned. I agree, I have to look after the environment more.

  • Anya Diiki
    Anya Diiki Year ago

    Totally trying out this routine !!

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva Year ago

      Tell me how it goes for you if you do! ;)

  • Jenny Kolber
    Jenny Kolber Year ago

    Please make more hair videos! You are the only person with actual 2a hair making any sort of hair tutorials.

  • Its.estella
    Its.estella Year ago

    I'm not really sure but I think I might have the same type of hair bc my hair is frizzy no matter what and when I take a shower I let my hair air dry without brushing it and I notice some waves and when I brush out my damp hair I still see some waves and by the time my hair gets completely dry my hair gets frizzy and the part that j don't get is that I rarely even use heat in my hair and my hair is still dry, frizzy, etc

    • Cindy S
      Cindy S Year ago

      NEVER use a regular bath terry towel on your hair. ONLY use a microfiber one or a tee shirt. Now, first - shampoo your hair with clarifying shampoo to remove all the stuff stuck to your scalp and hair. (buildup) from using silicone and sulfates. Suave Clarifying is fine and very cheap. THEN I would give my hair a "treatment" of a good conditioning treatment left on for a at least a half hour. I put a shower cap on while doing this. The line called Curls is safe and affordable - I saw it at Target. And there are others. THEN rinse as she shows you then add the gel. The treatment will help put moisture back in your hair and the gel will put a protective coating to prevent frizz. The longer time you do the routine, over months, the better your hair will get. If you have any "S" pattern in your wet hair, then YES you have wavy hair. THEN start to use ONLY the sulfate free shampoos and silicone free conditioners the way it's shown thereafter FOREVER. Don't brush your hair unless you want it straight. Even if you wear it straight all these things are healthi Also you don't have to wash all the time. Daily is WAY too much. Look for youtubers called Penny Tovar and BiancaReneeToday. They list all the safe products and even did two videos shopping together and reading labels. Even though they have very curly ethnic hair - that won't matter. You just need to learn how to shop for products and what works for your hair.

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva Year ago

      I actually thought my hair was straight all my life until once I air-dried it and discovered that it had some very slight wave to it. And before I just thought my hair was unruly. It would get tangled a lot and have frizz that looked like a ton of baby hairs sticking out all over my head.

    • hg. daisy
      hg. daisy Year ago

      same my hair looks wavy when I get out of the shower but then it just looks frizzy when it dries also my 2 sisters and my mom have really curly hair and I’ve always been the straight haired one but recently it’s been transforming or something lol

  • Bobby Hansen
    Bobby Hansen Year ago

    Who in God's world are you?

    • aquaholic ;
      aquaholic ; 10 months ago

      Bobby Hansen Brooo ur weird 😂

    • Bobby Hansen
      Bobby Hansen Year ago

      @IfYouMeetAWolf so you know what an "exhibitionist" is?

    • IfYouMeetAWolf
      IfYouMeetAWolf Year ago

      @Bobby Hansen Ew.

    • Bobby Hansen
      Bobby Hansen Year ago

      @Alisa Hayeva you know what an exhibitionist is? Please email me at:

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva Year ago

      @Bobby Hansen lol thank you, I'm not sure when I will, can't promise anything right now

  • Samantha Cor
    Samantha Cor Year ago

    My roots are straight but my length is a 2a lol. I need to try clips to create volume

    • Meg Robinson
      Meg Robinson 9 months ago

      Me too!!

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva Year ago

      Yeah, my roots are kinda straight as well, but now that I'm about 6 months into the curly girl method, I see some strands curling up from the root! Do try the clips, but get small ones cause the big ones that I have aren't as comfortable to work with and sometimes can leave creases in my hair. :)

  • Paola Castro
    Paola Castro Year ago

    You’re like the only person on yt with a 2a Hair routine finally. Btw I loved it

  • Tidde
    Tidde Year ago

    Great tips! Ive just started the cgm but my hair is 2a-2c and find that a lot of other interpretations of cgm weigh my hair down. Will try your tips!

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva Year ago

      You're welcome! My hair gets weighed down very easily too! I don't even use a leave-in conditioner for that matter.

  • sara
    sara Year ago

    how often do u wash ur hair? :~)

    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva Year ago

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    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva Year ago

      You're welcome! I'm glad I could help. ☺️

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    I just found this video after looking for 2a hair. Before puberty my hair was smooth and pin straight, when I hit puberty it started waving and becoming thicker but now in my 20s my hair is finer (about the same amount as your hair) and I think I'm treating it wrong. I have come so far to get a sulfate and silicone free shampoo and conditioner and when I wash it it has about the same wavy pattern as yours (which is why I think I may be 2a and do not have straight hair) but when my hair dries is looks straighter but not smooth, and when I brush it it goes frizzy and some strands of hair slightly wave. I see you use gel, would this together with your scrunching, microfiber towel etc. maybe help my hair look normal??? I hope you'll respond 😱

    • long yarn
      long yarn 6 months ago

      @Dagmar E - You could also try using a curl enhancer like: Uncle Funky's Daughter's Curl Magic, or Jessicurl Rockin Ringlets. If you don't want to shell out the money, try this DIY: 1 tbls Epsom salt in 1 cup hot distilled water. Pour into a spray mister bottle, shake until the salt is dissolved and once cooled, mist hair lightly [key word: LIGHTLY]. Use a little bit of leave-in conditioner with this treatment and deep condition at least every other week, or more often, because it can be a bit drying on your hair. Use a lightweight alcohol free gel as needed.

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      hi and hello 6 months ago

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    • Greebo
      Greebo 6 months ago

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    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva Year ago

      Not really, I've always washed my hair twice even with a sulfate shampoo because somehow I can never get the back part of my hair 100% clean from the first time.

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    • Alisa Hayeva
      Alisa Hayeva Year ago

      I recently got a drastic haircut, so now I'm figuring out a routine for short hair, so expect that sometime in the future ;)

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      I think 2a is not a common hair type. I have it and is difficult to work with and very hard for me to keep it in a style. It's windy where I am and it takes barely a breeze to blow it all crazy.

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