League of Draven
League of Draven
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  • Byemiek
    Byemiek 2 months ago

    where is draven?

  • DnX
    DnX 2 months ago

    That's insane , i was thinking about getting one and you just uploaded this lol

  • Clew
    Clew 2 months ago

    Wana sell the channel ?

  • vlachy.
    vlachy. 2 months ago

    I'm gonna try it, thanks bro

  • Earthquake
    Earthquake 2 months ago

    I thought you're dead or something, nice to see you again

  • Pouchon8
    Pouchon8 2 months ago

    Wow it made it better right away thx!

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg 2 months ago

    tyler 1 for kids vincent for men

  • Ult3gra
    Ult3gra 3 months ago


  • zheng jiahao
    zheng jiahao 3 months ago

    Speaking of Draven players, Tyler is Trash....compare to Vincent. Did u guys see how fluently and naturally when Vincent catching the Axe? Tyler is not that good with it... The hero is not called Draven, it’s called Vincent lol.

  • chavagow
    chavagow 6 months ago

    para mi vincent es el mejor draven el otro no juega mal pero no se le equipara

  • midlaw
    midlaw 7 months ago

    Super simple Tyler is good player Vincent is a good player but to say Vincent plays vs bronze he is bad kinda feels fuuny cuz in order to that even in gold silver and bronze you have to be good player very good ! And he is good he has challenger accounts so does tyler but tyler never played on the Korean server and as we all know korea has the most competative server( this means climbing to challenger there gives you alot of experience is just harder ) and here vincent has edge. Vincent is the better overall player just cuz he has more experience in more competative server. But this does not mean tyler is bad player ofcourse no he is pretty good player but in most he is entertainer! Thats how it is ! IT is funny that i see all those comments flaming both of them and I am sure that the guys typing them are not even close to that elo but still type like they know what is to play there I will tell you it takes alot alot of practice and time and no one that plays on that level and no one that puts that much effort shoud be treated like that from guys that are not even close to master. But still flaming better players telling them that they are bad is just thing that will never get removed from the league community and that is just sad. Still every one can change. Good luck in your ranked games(if you play ;d) and thanks for reading this far hope you have a great day !

  • Richard Van Antwerp
    Richard Van Antwerp 8 months ago

    neither one is the best in the world draven

  • Gabrielshtt
    Gabrielshtt 8 months ago

    Brtt is the best draven

  • Antonio Chen
    Antonio Chen 9 months ago

    anTyler a diamond or a master in Na... Vicent is challenger in both China service and Korea

  • Draven Draven
    Draven Draven 10 months ago

    7:02 cho'gath is still small wtf?

  • Abdelrahman Mesbah
    Abdelrahman Mesbah 10 months ago

    my brother is the best go check him out on nordic SeeYaInHeaven

  • Greatest of all Time
    Greatest of all Time 11 months ago

    I have stupid question... Is this the same vincent that qt play with?

  • Никогаш Северна Само Македонија!!!

    Whats the first music called?

  • willis harris
    willis harris 11 months ago

    Tyler1 superior

  • Regele Palmierilor

    Guys sorry for asking im new moba player but why everybody fucking say korea and chineze are da hardest and Na da eziest like whats da differente.....

  • karam abofreeh
    karam abofreeh Year ago


  • bespol roland
    bespol roland Year ago

    vincent is a best draven player in the world <3

  • Deutscher Günther

    1. Vincent 2. Pornstar Zilean 3. T1 My opinion!

  • Williams Mk
    Williams Mk Year ago

    Ok, Can tyler solo kill skt1 bang under the tower?

  • 改革春风吹满地


  • Exo stretch
    Exo stretch Year ago

    Vincent might be the better player, but you can’t argue the fact that T1 is more fun to watch

  • e Ecnota
    e Ecnota Year ago

    Me:Vincent played in challenger Tyler fans: I can’t hear you Me: Vincent once beat uzi by using draven Tyler fans : I can’t hear you Me: Tyler1’ best records is master and Vincent are challenger so vincent would be the best draven player in the world Tyler fans: I can’t hear you Me: Tyler 1 is the best draven player in the universe Tyler fans: Now we are talking.

  • Alcibiades Solis

    Vincent of curse

  • Philip Paul
    Philip Paul Year ago

    Can someone tell me the first songs name?

  • Lazar Lazic
    Lazar Lazic Year ago


  • Dkwit
    Dkwit Year ago

    I like tyler1 more but vincent is much stronger...

  • Me Newbie
    Me Newbie Year ago

    Draven 2 hit on kog-maw and kog-maw 7 hit + 2 affter flashed . ! This is the game ... Draven was feeded .

  • bobyooo u_ranium

    Challenger vs diamond - faker vs me - vinc vs tyler1, now you understand?

  • Pedro Leal
    Pedro Leal Year ago

    2:00 whats so amazing about the play he's playing against low gold to silver chinese players? feature someone like pornstar zilean who actually makes draven plays at a high elo.

  • Noobmaster69
    Noobmaster69 Year ago

    969 696 views !

  • gagera Gagerinha


  • witch Lee
    witch Lee Year ago


  • Phương Duyên Trần

    CARRY Vs Ks??


    Tyler best of the wolrd

  • Jiahao Guan
    Jiahao Guan Year ago

    No doubt Vincent........not even a comparison

  • jerry xu
    jerry xu Year ago

    No match for Tyler, Vincent is obviously better. But Tyler is also a very good player

  • 张TJ
    张TJ Year ago

    in China we call dreaven Vincent

  • Ayoubus
    Ayoubus Year ago

    Vicent is a god dude just watch his games he always play with a thresh main who doesn t miss a hook and camp the fountain he can get 4 pentas per game.

  • Cheng Li
    Cheng Li Year ago

    Ok if people wanna ask why Vincent don’t wanna be in LCS what if people ban draven what is gonna play btw he is old already you guys can check it online

  • AB Stylish
    AB Stylish Year ago

    None of them is the best draven

  • Gian Mark Alimbuyao

    Ill go Vincent because tyler 1 cannot go around 60 kills Vincent can do that a lot of time and Vincent is a challenger in Korea put that in your mind guys im a Diamond in the PH and tyler 1 cannot make a video with 1 shot draven vincent can do a lot of that

  • nghĩa lê
    nghĩa lê Year ago

    the first song is buzzard-Neotune! and Hermax

  • Tama Hicham
    Tama Hicham Year ago

    Actually Tyler ( Rank Master NA ) is a trash comparing to Vincent who's Challenger in Korea & China servers - - - - Vincent N1

  • Vincent Wang
    Vincent Wang Year ago

    Tyler1: best Draven main in NA, maybe? Vincent: highest-rank Draven main player in LCK Now if you kindly compare NA and LCK, I believe you will come to a conclusion.

  • Swinder
    Swinder Year ago

    Vincent was probably better than t1 a year ago but now he's back in challenger and #1 draven


    Vincent is obvsly better

  • Xiang
    Xiang Year ago

    Kid just cannot accept Vincent is better

  • Jordan
    Jordan Year ago

    Vincent is korean chellenger draven main tyler suck with vincent.

  • Introvert
    Introvert Year ago

    its tyler fuckin 1

  • Don Corleone
    Don Corleone Year ago

    Vincent still be the Tyler 2

  • SingSongPingPong

    Vincent is the best draven since he has a 90 kill record

  • Lachsindiana
    Lachsindiana Year ago


  • Tín Kendy
    Tín Kendy Year ago

    Music 2 ? Plz

  • {傻聰}Leo
    {傻聰}Leo Year ago

    in Chinese,more people like vincent in here,more people like Tyler They are my favorite Draven player That's why I can't choose

  • João vitor
    João vitor Year ago


  • Tomasz Ducki
    Tomasz Ducki Year ago

    Compare hardstuck diamond with challenjour gj bois

  • Abdrahim Medjber

    tyler 1

  • Ricky Chen
    Ricky Chen Year ago


  • Unbreakable Gaming

    tyler1 is better

  • Gaylord Focker
    Gaylord Focker Year ago

    American people will say Tyler, rest of the world will say Vincent, even I think vincent is much better. People say he plays with noobs.... I just dont understand, once u play too good, rest are automatically noobs.... Tyler cant get that score, so u guys will think he has more challenging players.... Its simply means tyler is just the same level as them compared that vincent is much higher level and than NA draven players.....

  • dre
    dre Year ago

    Vincent shit stomps a lot of games so i think hes the better draven. t1 is the shit though best entertainment for league imo

  • DoCtoR diNgEr
    DoCtoR diNgEr Year ago

    i play in server eune my name is ckall add me (;

  • Yeong Lao
    Yeong Lao Year ago

    Actually I hate t1, because of him, I'll get troll all the time, too many people pretend like him, that's annoying, and he got the strong body, but somehow he face lock like baby.(also he is very mean to everyone)

  • Rome Bocalig
    Rome Bocalig Year ago

    fucking tyler 1

  • Noya Yue
    Noya Yue Year ago

    Vincent solo killed Bang

  • Noya Yue
    Noya Yue Year ago

    Draven Is Vincent

  • Jackson Zeng
    Jackson Zeng Year ago

    Is this even a debatable question? One got on Korean server challenger and the other is stuck in NA Diamond/Master

  • Veronica Linares

    the best is vincent

  • MrJRPGcrazy
    MrJRPGcrazy Year ago


  • zzxd z
    zzxd z Year ago

    if vincent play north america.he will ez to challenge.because the internet he cant play NA

  • zzxd z
    zzxd z Year ago

    vincent is best draven in the world,T1 is just a entertainment player😂

  • Jian Chen
    Jian Chen Year ago

    Vincent kill SKT Bang in Korean server。

  • Pichou
    Pichou Year ago


  • Lovefool
    Lovefool Year ago

    Tyler1, a few Pentas. Vincent every game penta

  • keleee
    keleee Year ago

    vincent if play ranked and is the better

  • Vadim Balakhonov

    Vincent - high player skill and good concentration = decent game ! T1 - rage player and lucky skill = good show !

  • Reynimanuel Peralta

    Vincent siempre sera el mejor draven de todo el mundo :')

  • 666双子
    666双子 Year ago

    Vincent that all too

  • Yanth
    Yanth Year ago

    Vincent is the best draven in the world!

  • Feng
    Feng Year ago

    tyler1 plays = actual skill, helps team secure objectives vincent plays = fights bronzes LOL, people in fountain afk??? tyler1 > vincent

  • soo jimhong
    soo jimhong Year ago

    Vincent!!!!! Best Draven

  • Tocana78
    Tocana78 Year ago

    vincent is playing just with bronze players lol

  • Rick Channel
    Rick Channel Year ago

    Vincent draven

  • 添酷
    添酷 Year ago


  • Daoning Cui
    Daoning Cui Year ago

    here's a thing...Vincent says nothing or act different or show any sigh of happiness when he gets a panta kill in master games...he won’t shout and swear, just continue and end the game like an ancient Chinese master.

    • Swinder
      Swinder Year ago

      Daoning Cui that's also why t1 has more followers than him

  • boom 。
    boom 。 Year ago


  • 鄭德誠
    鄭德誠 Year ago

    NA Diamond Vs Chinese+Korean +Taiwan Challenger Who is better yap NA for sure dumpass

  • LongJonTheGamer
    LongJonTheGamer Year ago

    I hate to say it, but i think the chinese guy is better...

  • Jona Mirk
    Jona Mirk Year ago

    Vincent plays vs. Biggest noobs. Look at this garen why did he doesnt use his Q ?

  • Red bull紅牛
    Red bull紅牛 Year ago

    一個靠隊友 一個一打五你覺得呢??世界第一達瑞文 文森特無庸置疑

    PRANK OME TV Year ago

    Vincent is the best draven in the world In 15 minute he's got full build item

  • faker best
    faker best Year ago

    vincet is best

  • #speedcuber凍檸茶

    tyler1 can use R to stole baron nashor

  • - Lee
    - Lee Year ago

    OFC vincent....