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Sleepy Sam - Water Queen
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Sleepy Sam - Yonderland
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Sleepy Sam - To the Moon
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Sleepy Sam - The Boat
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Sleepy Sam - Growing Up
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Boxguitar Demo
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Clap - Yes - Cover
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Josie - Steely Dan - Solo
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  • margix
    margix 6 months ago


  • Sun Cat
    Sun Cat 7 months ago

    not bad, need to work on your vocals man. letting you down.

  • D T
    D T 10 months ago

    I like the fact that you play those muted funky notes too, great work !

  • rafael L leao
    rafael L leao 11 months ago


  • Joe Gulley
    Joe Gulley Year ago

    I like the sound of this!

  • Beetle Juice
    Beetle Juice Year ago

    nice one i learned a cool new trick on this solo cause of you. This video deserves more views. Way she goes people dont like tasty music anymore lol.

    ROYAL COMMAND Year ago

    Buenisimo !!!!

  • David Lacina
    David Lacina Year ago


  • evs `
    evs ` Year ago

    wow you have a beautiful voice! don`t stop singing

  • Joe Kerby
    Joe Kerby Year ago


  • Paul Mac
    Paul Mac 2 years ago

    Great! Tell us your tone setup!

  • Mike Spurgeon
    Mike Spurgeon 2 years ago

    Kafta is far better. Right from the start 1st bend is way off and goes downhill. Just total crap. Big statement dissing someone when you cant back it up. Keep practicing son

  • jamie king
    jamie king 2 years ago


  • jamie king
    jamie king 2 years ago


  • Ron Don Valante
    Ron Don Valante 2 years ago


  • Fred Pedemonti
    Fred Pedemonti 2 years ago

    please tell me that's not a stock bridge pickup?

  • Star Baby
    Star Baby 2 years ago


  • Aidan McSpadden
    Aidan McSpadden 2 years ago

    In all honesty, your version was very good. Kafka's i think was a little better in technique but you actually got the sound and feel right. Good job!

  • eenayeah
    eenayeah 2 years ago

    You did better than the best version on RU-clip.

  • Casey Gatlin
    Casey Gatlin 3 years ago

    I'm a bit late to the party, but that's awesome :D

  • René Ask
    René Ask 3 years ago

    So nice 👍

  • chris harlan
    chris harlan 3 years ago

    Nicely done👌👍

  • brpbrpbrpbrp
    brpbrpbrpbrp 3 years ago

    What notes are you holding during the descending slide at the end??? Good work!

  • LouisJopling
    LouisJopling 3 years ago

    This is really good!

  • Miles Peterson
    Miles Peterson 4 years ago

    Nice bro so you said you had the tab for this?

  • tpmbe
    tpmbe 4 years ago

    superb soulful blues playing , I will learn from you.... tnx

  • עידן רופא
    עידן רופא 4 years ago

    gotta say that's the best cover ive seen of that sologood on ya man very nice!!!

  • EMCameron94
    EMCameron94 4 years ago

    Good cover, but seeing that solo done on a LP looks like a sin :D

  • Trent Minter
    Trent Minter 4 years ago

    I feel like you like Kurt Rosenwinkel.

  • kiba vlood
    kiba vlood 4 years ago

    tabs please :D

  • Unclevic64
    Unclevic64 4 years ago

    Nice work buddy. This helps me learn it better too. Thank you!!!!!

  • Seth Aldana Maldinado

    original!!!!! muy buena . saludos

  • Kyler J
    Kyler J 5 years ago

    Sounds great, wish i could play it!

  • Tony Vásquez
    Tony Vásquez 5 years ago

    which map do you use... pentatonic?

  • Werner van rossum
    Werner van rossum 5 years ago

    Neem je deze alsjeblieft een keer mee naar catena? :D

  • Hrishikesh Deshpande

    Fantastic.. You make it look so effortless!

  • Crystal Lee
    Crystal Lee 5 years ago

    Miss you my dear friends !!! I'll replay this whenever I miss your sounds ;)

  • Lotharithm
    Lotharithm 5 years ago


  • wwpublicity
    wwpublicity 5 years ago

    It is "Clap". Not "The Clap".

    • SVTSounds
      SVTSounds 5 years ago

      You're right, changed it.

  • ErikBlueGuitar
    ErikBlueGuitar 5 years ago

    Pretty amazing! What did you use to record this?

    • SVTSounds
      SVTSounds 5 years ago

      @ErikBlueGuitar I use a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 with a SM58 for all instruments and vocals (electric guitar was directly plugged into the interface ofcourse).

  • Jonatas Alencar
    Jonatas Alencar 5 years ago

    bom mesmo em

  • Max soderberg
    Max soderberg 5 years ago

    well, you certainly kicked that kafka guy's ass with this solo. great job!

    • Piyush Pratheep
      Piyush Pratheep 2 years ago

      haha same reason I'm here! Great work man!! <3

    • D3caying_Dusk
      D3caying_Dusk 3 years ago

      +Max soderberg i also agree. well done.

    • Sean Gustafson
      Sean Gustafson 3 years ago

      +SVTSounds I second that. Well done.

    • SVTSounds
      SVTSounds 5 years ago

      @Max soderberg Haha, thank you!

  • ZiggyStardust97
    ZiggyStardust97 5 years ago

    amazing playing and sound!

    • SVTSounds
      SVTSounds 5 years ago

      @ZiggyStardust97 Thaaaaaanks

  • ballypoo
    ballypoo 5 years ago

    nice one!

  • Aslan
    Aslan 5 years ago

    Awesome, you mind doing a guitar lesson for this one? I have looked everywhere but can't find a single dude who seems to get it right except you..

    • Aslan
      Aslan 5 years ago

      @SVTSounds I did find some tabs for it except the cool down solo. Just got transcribe as well so I can slow it down. Great playing!

    • SVTSounds
      SVTSounds 5 years ago

      @howaboutthatsuckah Sorry that's probably too much of an effort but there are tabs and stuff available on the internet. Use a slowdown program and your ears to figure out the details!

  • TheBennie102103
    TheBennie102103 5 years ago

    so good, you make it look easy

  • Mathew D. Joe
    Mathew D. Joe 5 years ago

    you got the essentials right, sounds really good! :) is it possible to get the tabs for your arrangement? would be so awesome!

    • SVTSounds
      SVTSounds 5 years ago

      @Mathew D. Joe Sorry, I don't have any tabs but its essentially Tommy Emmanuels version of which there are many tabs available.

  • mrcrowley951
    mrcrowley951 5 years ago

    Shit I suck at improvising.i have no ideas and I play stuff that dont make sense

    • TheMan3405
      TheMan3405 4 years ago

      just play over backingtrack you'll get better by time

    • SVTSounds
      SVTSounds 5 years ago

      @mrcrowley951 Practice and learn other people's licks!

  • Sam Vincent Duffy
    Sam Vincent Duffy 5 years ago

    This is very cool!

  • Mathieu Chin-Quee
    Mathieu Chin-Quee 6 years ago

    awesome job man

  • Haydn Storey
    Haydn Storey 6 years ago

    you sound just like bb king,-those are some of his licks?....

    • Haydn Storey
      Haydn Storey 6 years ago

      haha i do that sometimes,can you check out my improv on my channel? you executed his licks well

    • SVTSounds
      SVTSounds 6 years ago

      Yes I used to listen quite a bit to B.B. His influence can be heard in many modern players (John Mayer for example). I played some licks stolen directly from B.B. King here yeah. :)

  • Jeremiah Underwood
    Jeremiah Underwood 6 years ago


  • Boba Booey
    Boba Booey 6 years ago

    sweet dude the first cover of this song on youtube do u know the rhythm parts?

    • SVTSounds
      SVTSounds 6 years ago

      Nope only figured out the solo. Aren't there any chords or tabs on the web?

  • Jordan Sherman
    Jordan Sherman 6 years ago

    Interesting take on the track! Very nice video work as well :) Check out my channel to see my cover of this tune!

  • Charlie S.
    Charlie S. 6 years ago

    You fucking killed it son. Very intersting arrangement indeed. Thumbs up uP UP!! You should flesh out the rest of the song though.

  • SVTSounds
    SVTSounds 6 years ago

    I bet you can, with some practice. It's a relatively easy ragtime/fingerpicking blues :).

  • Steve
    Steve 6 years ago

    Excellent. Top class

  • Jan van Steenbergen
    Jan van Steenbergen 6 years ago

    Nice :)

  • SVTSounds
    SVTSounds 6 years ago

    Guitar Rig 5. Heb een preset gemaakt bestaande uit een AC Box met matching cabinet, compressie, phaser, delay en reverb. Als je wil kan ik hem exporteren en emailen :).

  • Mike Schoonenberg
    Mike Schoonenberg 6 years ago

    Welke guitar rig gebruik je??

  • Alexmusicovery
    Alexmusicovery 6 years ago

    very nice, congrats :)

  • Bruce Miller
    Bruce Miller 6 years ago

    why is this so damn good? great job!

  • Dylan Parker & Josh Marks

    your cover is awesome! what do you think of ours?

  • Joshua Case
    Joshua Case 6 years ago

    Well done!!!! Love it, keep up the hard work! X

  • Vini Beber
    Vini Beber 6 years ago

    0114602 580 ?

  • SVTSounds
    SVTSounds 6 years ago

    Het zijn schaapjes! Maar graag gedaan :).

  • adekingblues73
    adekingblues73 6 years ago

    Like it

  • Keili Fernando
    Keili Fernando 6 years ago

    Sick licks!

  • meekslt5
    meekslt5 6 years ago

    un freakin believable ! bravo !

  • Thompsongast
    Thompsongast 6 years ago

    Ik hou van John Mayer en ik hou van geiten. Dankjulliewel.

  • Joe Woodham
    Joe Woodham 6 years ago

    This sound is quite a lot like one of the many of Jimmy Page's sounds! I Like!!!

  • Sandy Shalk
    Sandy Shalk 6 years ago


  • Ankit Suman
    Ankit Suman 6 years ago

    nice cover.........go for other too of this album!!

  • FreaquedeMusique
    FreaquedeMusique 6 years ago

    Is that dumble amp?

  • Vic Tienhoven van
    Vic Tienhoven van 6 years ago

    It's a fiftees Lewa, all plywood.

  • Fanteality
    Fanteality 6 years ago

    <3 !!

  • gervinpim
    gervinpim 6 years ago

    Super leuk!

  • SVTSounds
    SVTSounds 6 years ago

    Thank you! It's an old Dutch guitar made in Gouda in the '30's or 40's I think. The neck is from a different guitar though. I think its tone suits gypsy jazz quite well, although not being a gypsy model.

  • Piers Ellison
    Piers Ellison 6 years ago

    Hi SVT sounds - I love this, it's great! What guitar are you using?

  • Jille Verheij
    Jille Verheij 6 years ago

    De awesome dansjes van Jan.

  • Ricardo30stm
    Ricardo30stm 6 years ago

    This is awesome!

  • SVTSounds
    SVTSounds 6 years ago

    We hope so :) Thank you!

  • Dom Gastelum
    Dom Gastelum 6 years ago

    This is going to blow up with views. Well deserved too!

  • SVTSounds
    SVTSounds 6 years ago

    And I wish I had your voice, thanks for the kind words!

  • Jeff Walker
    Jeff Walker 6 years ago

    Incredible job....wish I had those chops

  • Robin Zimmermann
    Robin Zimmermann 6 years ago

    Echt te chill!! Ik hou van jullie schatjes! 3

  • Art van Steenbergen
    Art van Steenbergen 6 years ago


  • Marville Wachter
    Marville Wachter 6 years ago

    Hahahah fucking chill met die geiten, suoer nice!!!

  • SVTSounds
    SVTSounds 6 years ago

    Links are now in the description!

  • pompalevoo
    pompalevoo 6 years ago

    you are exstremly talented mate

  • Zaim TOUATI
    Zaim TOUATI 6 years ago

    Great cover dude !

  • SVTSounds
    SVTSounds 6 years ago

    It's an Ibanez Artcore AFS75T

  • Lou
    Lou 6 years ago

    Heeeeeeeel nice!

  • Дмитрий
    Дмитрий 6 years ago

    don't you want update?

  • Lou
    Lou 6 years ago

    Fucking leijp

  • xandrablokhzn
    xandrablokhzn 6 years ago

    you are really good, marry me?

  • xandrablokhzn
    xandrablokhzn 6 years ago

    wauw, dit is zo ontzettend gaaf!

  • SVTSounds
    SVTSounds 6 years ago

    Thanks :)

  • sixstringboxguitar
    sixstringboxguitar 6 years ago


  • Massimo Cirací
    Massimo Cirací 6 years ago