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  • QuinndlovesCOD
    QuinndlovesCOD 2 months ago


  • GachaCake Kitty
    GachaCake Kitty 3 months ago

    Nothing happend

  • Michelle M
    Michelle M 3 months ago

    Right at 5:34 I think she accidentally turned off/ paused her screen share recording. Because I don't see the sim going into labor or the invisible cribs....ok the cribs might be there.

  • Brooks W
    Brooks W 4 months ago

    I am going to try this

  • Melody Miller
    Melody Miller 4 months ago

    Why it freeze

  • Maisie Rose
    Maisie Rose 5 months ago

    I tried it and it doesn’t work

  • Catday90 Raz
    Catday90 Raz 5 months ago

    My video freezed

  • chloe doan
    chloe doan 5 months ago

    its fake i tried

  • Feliendegamer
    Feliendegamer 5 months ago

    She couldn't go into labor.. ;-;

  • Amazing Abbey
    Amazing Abbey 6 months ago

    It is paused

  • Amazing Abbey
    Amazing Abbey 6 months ago


  • Sandra Coulter
    Sandra Coulter 6 months ago

    My vid freeze but it didnt work ;-;

  • Feliendegamer
    Feliendegamer 6 months ago

    Ehm... My video screen froze... Did that happened with someone else or was it just me? XD

  • Ruby Campos Cordoba
    Ruby Campos Cordoba 6 months ago

    mine freezes i was so pissed

  • WolfenHoweller
    WolfenHoweller 7 months ago

    the video froze

  • Gladys Santana
    Gladys Santana 8 months ago

    Does this work on ps4s

  • Peyton Billings
    Peyton Billings 8 months ago

    idk why it’s not working for most people cuz it worked good for me😂

    • madz rho
      madz rho 7 months ago

      Peyton Billings do you have a laptop

  • Tara Moreau
    Tara Moreau 8 months ago

    Mine didn't work

  • aidan king
    aidan king 9 months ago

    It froze, so I think it’s fake

  • Lisah Jenkins
    Lisah Jenkins 10 months ago

    My video freezed too

  • Monica Baharova
    Monica Baharova 11 months ago

    And thanks for telling us

  • Monica Baharova
    Monica Baharova 11 months ago

    Were they boys or girls

  • JemmaLouise xoxo
    JemmaLouise xoxo 11 months ago

    Mine says sim not found

    • l.ozzi.e
      l.ozzi.e 11 months ago

      JemmaLouise xoxo same

  • Charlotte Clayton
    Charlotte Clayton 11 months ago

    Did anyone else’s Video freeze???

  • Bailey Talbott
    Bailey Talbott Year ago

    What is the shift control and c on an xbox one controller??

    • S2 X
      S2 X Year ago

      Hold down LB LT RT RB

  • Japoo Pants
    Japoo Pants Year ago

    Attempting. Thingy. Resulting. Hi guys.

  • Vanessa Herman
    Vanessa Herman Year ago

    Touchdown Thomas

  • ziyaun wallace
    ziyaun wallace Year ago


  • Gucci Peeps
    Gucci Peeps Year ago

    Your voice is a bit annoying no offence

    • Sumayyah Boutaleb
      Sumayyah Boutaleb 7 months ago

      why the hell would u even say that then say no offence smh

    • PokemonGirlGames
      PokemonGirlGames Year ago

      Gucci Peeps Your profile picture is a little ugly, no offense.

  • Fortnite.Clips TS CLAN

    This is good

  • ღ JelloBug_Studios ღ

    Something weird happens when I played this game so my sims named Amber Gonzalez was going to be a mom so then when she was having s baby she had about 14 kids that were all girls and looked the same and I want to know ignorance I’m not the only one who knows this weird glitch so those anyone else does?

  • Asdfghjkl
    Asdfghjkl Year ago

    Does it work on laptops? Cause it didnt work on mine

  • Keira Alicia
    Keira Alicia Year ago

    Will it work for console?

    • Angie Agoro
      Angie Agoro 11 months ago

      It is possible i have done it

    • Keira Alicia
      Keira Alicia Year ago

      PokemonGirlGames ok thanks

    • PokemonGirlGames
      PokemonGirlGames Year ago

      I have never tried doing it on console, I wouldn't be able to answer your question. If you want though, you can give it a try! :)

  • Harley Davis
    Harley Davis Year ago

    That is a mod

    • Angie Agoro
      Angie Agoro 11 months ago

      Its not

    • PokemonGirlGames
      PokemonGirlGames Year ago

      You watched me do it on the cheats bar in the video, yet you still say it's a mod?

  • Kate Kate
    Kate Kate Year ago

    IT DIDNT WORK!!! And I was so excited😥

    • PokemonGirlGames
      PokemonGirlGames Year ago

      I'm so sorry. Sometimes it doesn't work for certain people, I think its based on your computer. I could be wrong though. :(

  • Caroline Field
    Caroline Field Year ago

    Mine didn’t work. 😩

    • Neva and Drea VLOGS
      Neva and Drea VLOGS Year ago

      WaffleBabySlimes same

    • PokemonGirlGames
      PokemonGirlGames Year ago

      I'm sorry, it sometimes doesn't work for some people. I don't know why, but it might be the type of computer. :(

  • Fanni
    Fanni Year ago

    It did not give me the id?

  • Aliyah
    Aliyah 2 years ago

    Here's what you do.. 1. Try for baby 2. Take a pregnancy test 3. after it says your sim is pregnant press ctrl+shirt+c 4. type in "testingcheats on" or "testingcheats true" 5. type in "sims.get_sim_id_by_name (your sim's first name) (your sim's last name) 6. type in "testing cheats on" or "testingcheats true" again 7. type in "pregnancy.force_offspring_count (your sim's id which should be below the bar) (number of babies you want 6 is max)" 8. You can wait for your sim to have the baby or you can force it **WARNING** If you take your sim off the lot the cheat will not work so don't do that! 9. if you want to force the baby then type in "testingcheats on" or "testingcheats true" 10. to put your sim in labor type in "sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_inlabor" Hope this was helpful!

  • Avelynn Sims TV
    Avelynn Sims TV 2 years ago

    it worked yayyy

  • hey, it’s brynin
    hey, it’s brynin 2 years ago

    Thank you so much!!! You were the person who helped me so much, I've been searching so much for this!!!

  • Izzeh
    Izzeh 2 years ago

    This works!

  • juan martz
    juan martz 2 years ago

    I love this challenge keep posting vids

  • liverpeg 05
    liverpeg 05 2 years ago


  • liverpeg 05
    liverpeg 05 2 years ago

    not being rude I thought u were a boy

    • Giggles giggles
      Giggles giggles 20 days ago

      That's what some people think when I put my voice in videos, they would ask if I'm a girl or boy 😞😑

    • Arturo Delarosa
      Arturo Delarosa 2 years ago


    • liverpeg 05
      liverpeg 05 2 years ago

      +liverpeg 05 it was just her voice

    • liverpeg 05
      liverpeg 05 2 years ago

      +Maddie Paige sorry

    • Maddie Paige
      Maddie Paige 2 years ago

      liverpeg 05 omg💀 I'm with her rn and she was like wowwww😂

  • Tj Herman
    Tj Herman 2 years ago

    That dancing tho

  • Kresnha Febawana
    Kresnha Febawana 2 years ago


  • Tj Herman
    Tj Herman 2 years ago

    Yassssss Kylie slay! This is Vanessa btw. Oh, and Popcorn Sunrise is way better than Goats Prancing in a Meadow, just saying. jk 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Tj Herman
      Tj Herman 2 years ago

      +PokemonGirlGames umm how rude honey boo boo at least we had all of our members in our performance!

    • PokemonGirlGames
      PokemonGirlGames 2 years ago

      Tj Herman Mmmhmm, keep telling yourself that popcorn sunrise is better, maybe it'll come true someday! 😂 Jk

  • Turtles !!!!
    Turtles !!!! 3 years ago


  • Turtles !!!!
    Turtles !!!! 3 years ago

    Hi kylie🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • Turtles !!!!
    Turtles !!!! 3 years ago

    Great vid 😀

    CADEN MILNE 3 years ago

    When u usually add a monitor capture do a game capture instead

  • The Swedish Simmers
    The Swedish Simmers 3 years ago

    Beautiful! I Love It! You are amazing! It would mean so much if you subscribed to us! 💗💗💗

  • Hollee
    Hollee 3 years ago

    You would rather eat... Bacon? I hate bacon tho soooo... But either way, WE ARE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE! Mmmkay honey buuuunnnnnnnnnnnnssss?!?!?! I will not show you the world! Shining, shimmering, or splendid! Jk xD

    • PokemonGirlGames
      PokemonGirlGames 3 years ago

      +Hollee Haman OMG honey bunnnns! I could take you right here right now! Jk XD

  • Flux Release
    Flux Release 3 years ago

    Such an underrated RU-clipr! You deserve so many subs and I reckon if you keep it going you'll get huge! If you want a bit of a head start I'm starting a shoutout series on my channel and the winner will gain around 30-40 subs! so come drop a sub to keep updated! Good luck!

  • Corrie Rigney
    Corrie Rigney 3 years ago

    cool beans yall