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Vocab 51 to 60
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  • Military_Brat
    Military_Brat 17 minutes ago

    Ma'am tier 2 ka result kab tak aayega????

  • Raja Naik
    Raja Naik 24 minutes ago

    Super teaching man

  • Balram Meena
    Balram Meena 25 minutes ago

    Nice class mam 👌🙏

  • INDIAN Lover
    INDIAN Lover 54 minutes ago


  • INDIAN Lover
    INDIAN Lover 55 minutes ago


  • Neeraj Rajpoot
    Neeraj Rajpoot 57 minutes ago

    Sir aap chsl 2019 k sabi questions pr bnao besk charge le lo lekin chsl k sabi questions ko kra do plz sir plz Or cgl k tire 2 k bi krao

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar Hour ago

    Thanks mam

  • shibani sahu
    shibani sahu Hour ago

    Too much advertising disturb learning

  • Aryan Jaiswal
    Aryan Jaiswal 2 hours ago

    19.2 right ans homework

  • laxmidhar swain
    laxmidhar swain 2 hours ago

    Very help full for NTPC thanku mam

  • Prabha Sain
    Prabha Sain 2 hours ago

    Ssc cgl me english and hindi dono letters me question aate h kya?

  • Music keeda
    Music keeda 2 hours ago

    world migrator bird day 2019- 2nd saturday of may nd october SAUDI ARABIA allowed women to serve in armed forces

  • arnav jaiswal
    arnav jaiswal 2 hours ago

    1. Comfort 2. Unremarkable Thank u

  • Dipak Kumar
    Dipak Kumar 2 hours ago

    Mam tick mark has helped us a lot as we take screenshots.

  • Neha Chaudhary
    Neha Chaudhary 2 hours ago

    1-d 2-d

  • Revti Sahu
    Revti Sahu 2 hours ago

    Mam apka time teble nhi pta class ka batao na

  • arnav jaiswal
    arnav jaiswal 2 hours ago

    1. Reflective 2. Delay Thank u mam

  • Gautam Mohanty
    Gautam Mohanty 3 hours ago

    Rasagola is from odisha only. Get your facts right...

  • Deep Kaur
    Deep Kaur 3 hours ago

    Best motivational video for upsc and other exams

  • Raaj Bag
    Raaj Bag 3 hours ago

    Rasogola Odisha ka hai mem not west bengal

  • Akanksha kaushal
    Akanksha kaushal 3 hours ago

    Gd evng mam

  • Radika
    Radika 3 hours ago


  • arnav jaiswal
    arnav jaiswal 3 hours ago

    1. Disperse 2. Opaque

  • Khushbu Kumari
    Khushbu Kumari 3 hours ago

    Gather______disperse Transparent_____Opaque

  • Aryan Jaiswal
    Aryan Jaiswal 4 hours ago

    Sir glt kyo padha rahe ho 20 ka ans -1 hoga sec + ho juega

  • amit kumar
    amit kumar 4 hours ago

    Dear mam you tube pr 10baje wali class nahi ho rahi

  • piyoosh kumar
    piyoosh kumar 5 hours ago

    Play list bana do

  • Balram Meena
    Balram Meena 5 hours ago

    Nice class mam 👌🙏🙏

  • sonu singh
    sonu singh 5 hours ago

    2th saturday of may and October Saudi Arabia

  • Joseph Choro
    Joseph Choro 5 hours ago

    Is this the first lesson?


    Plz mam complete the series fast.💐

  • Naval Parmar
    Naval Parmar 6 hours ago

    Dislike kyu karte ho.

  • shahenaz munera
    shahenaz munera 7 hours ago

    Gather x Disperse Transparent x Opaque

  • faltu nama
    faltu nama 7 hours ago

    Aap bahut accha padhate hai mai apki daily videos dekhta hu,thanku mam

  • Vijay Reddy
    Vijay Reddy 8 hours ago

    Your just a shit

  • Niharika malhotra
    Niharika malhotra 8 hours ago

    Andhra pradesh Mitali raj

  • Ashish Mandal
    Ashish Mandal 8 hours ago

    2nd sat may and October / Saudi Arabia

  • Bignesh Ojha
    Bignesh Ojha 9 hours ago

    Today u r looking so beautiful mam.

  • Mahaveer Bainda
    Mahaveer Bainda 9 hours ago

    19.2 correct

  • rajesh Kumar
    rajesh Kumar 9 hours ago

    Goodanough (chemistry) 97 yr old

    KNOWLEDGE EXPRESS 9 hours ago

    Gather > Disperse Transparent > Opaque

  • rajesh Kumar
    rajesh Kumar 9 hours ago

    May and October 2nd Monday Saudi Arab

  • Akash Nag
    Akash Nag 9 hours ago

    1.may nd October 2. Saudiarbia

  • Hema Sharma
    Hema Sharma 9 hours ago

    Mam plz ssc cpo k bhi previous vocab krao plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Anmol Midha
    Anmol Midha 9 hours ago

    Good noon mam 😊 👉 World migratory bird day : 2nd Saturday of May and October. 👉Which country that recently allowed women to serve in armed forces : Saudi Arabia. 👉Nobel prize given to the oldest person till now : John B. Goodenough for his contribution to the field of Chemistry. 👉 Becoming a guided journal for discovering your voice Book authored by Michelle Obama. 👉 International day for Girl Child : 11 October, theme : Unscripted and Unstoppable. 👉 First Indian to qualify to Tokyo Olympics : Vinesh Phogat. Thank you mam

    MOHIT KUMAR 10 hours ago

    Very thanks sir

  • varun kumar
    varun kumar 10 hours ago

    Sir playlist bana do .

    MOHIT KUMAR 10 hours ago

    Very thanks sir

  • karan valvi
    karan valvi 10 hours ago


  • bar bar dekho
    bar bar dekho 10 hours ago

    Kitne se kitne baje tak class chalengi mam

    GAGAN GOYAL 10 hours ago

    extol also means praise

  • vikram kumar123hzb
    vikram kumar123hzb 10 hours ago

    Mam 2019 CGl Question pa per

  • vikram kumar123hzb
    vikram kumar123hzb 10 hours ago

    Gather ka opposite disperse

  • Dinesh Gupta
    Dinesh Gupta 10 hours ago

    Best session

  • BADBOY tyagi
    BADBOY tyagi 11 hours ago

    Mam ye pink dark colour use mat kiya kre plzz

  • Manish Rathore
    Manish Rathore 11 hours ago

    JOHN B GOODENOUGH(97ys old) is the oldest person in noble prize history-- in chemistry 2019 #@quiz of the day-- a- 2nd sat of May and October b- Saudi Arabia🇸🇦

  • Somnath Banerjee
    Somnath Banerjee 11 hours ago

    1.d 2.d

  • puranjay attitude
    puranjay attitude 11 hours ago

    Disperse ,opaque

  • surbhi chauhan
    surbhi chauhan 11 hours ago

    Mam in question 43 answer should be a) steel is more elastic because it requires large deforming force. In physics elasticity is defined as resistance to change. And steel possess large resistance so large elasticity

  • Debanjan Acharyya
    Debanjan Acharyya 11 hours ago

    Mam please start Topicwise current affairs for RRB NTPC

  • Debanjan Acharyya
    Debanjan Acharyya 11 hours ago

    Q1)2nd Saturday of May and October Q2)Saudi Arabia Q3)John Goodenough got Nobel in Chemistry .

    ARJUN KUMAR 11 hours ago

    1Second Saturday may and October 2saudi arab

    RASHMI REKHA SINGH 12 hours ago

    May and October Saudian Arabian

  • raghav yadav
    raghav yadav 12 hours ago

    1-{d}-disperse 2-{d}-opaque Thank you ma'am

  • Anuj Trivedi
    Anuj Trivedi 12 hours ago

    1 May @ October 2 Saudi Arabia

  • Debanjan Acharyya
    Debanjan Acharyya 12 hours ago

    1)d 2)d Mam topicwise current affairs suru kijiye,NTPC k liye..

  • Ram Chandra
    Ram Chandra 12 hours ago

    Answers 1. Disperse 2. Opaque

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar 12 hours ago

    Disperse, Opaque

  • pawan gupta
    pawan gupta 12 hours ago

    1-Disperse 2-Opaque

  • Joseph Choro
    Joseph Choro 12 hours ago

    Pliz do previous year question series

  • krishna krishna
    krishna krishna 12 hours ago

    gather - disperse transparent - opaque

  • chandan goswami
    chandan goswami 12 hours ago


  • mohan anku
    mohan anku 12 hours ago

    19. 2 hour 😢😢👍👌👌 aayega

  • SSC CGL Pinnacle Coaching

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  • SSC CGL Pinnacle Coaching

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  • Raksha Lole
    Raksha Lole 12 hours ago

    Sat of May- oct UAE

  • jonty gagat
    jonty gagat 12 hours ago

    Mucchel obama...

  • Khushbu Kumari
    Khushbu Kumari 12 hours ago

    First Indian female wrestler qualified for Tokyo Olympic 2020____Vinesh phogat Becoming a guided journal leading your voice_____ Mitchell Obama Ans. Of the quiz 1_____2nd Saturday of May & October 2_____Saudi Arabia

  • Kiran Singh
    Kiran Singh 12 hours ago

    1st Michel Obama 2nd Vinesh Fhogat 3rd May And Jun Ke 2ndSaterday KO 4rth Chemistry Me 97 Saal Ke John Good Enafh

  • H-tech Official
    H-tech Official 12 hours ago

    Perplex = bewilder

  • HEDONIST Deepak
    HEDONIST Deepak 12 hours ago

    Disperse Opaque

  • chaman singh
    chaman singh 12 hours ago

    1. Disperse 2. Opaque

  • Abhimanyu Kumar
    Abhimanyu Kumar 13 hours ago

    1 d 2 d

  • Monika Bhati
    Monika Bhati 13 hours ago

    1.disperse . 2.opaque .

  • Happy Queen
    Happy Queen 13 hours ago

    Gather = disperse Transparent = opaque

  • Monika Bhati
    Monika Bhati 13 hours ago

    Mam 2018 ki b sari voacb kra dijiye plzzz

  • INDIAN Lover
    INDIAN Lover 13 hours ago

    Cgl chsl mts sab ka math section karwaiye......please playlist bnaiye

    AKSHAY KUMAR 13 hours ago

    1=d and 2=c

  • Subhash Nayak
    Subhash Nayak 13 hours ago

    Good morning mam. 1. May and October ke second Saturday Ko. 2. Saudi arbiya, capital Riyadh, president, Mohammad bin Salman. 3. Tokio Olympic qualify wrisler woman Vinesh Fogat. Chemistry mai mila hai.

  • Md Mahtab Alam
    Md Mahtab Alam 13 hours ago

    1 disperse ,2.opaque

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  • ravi singh
    ravi singh 13 hours ago

    1- disperse 2- opaque Very nice session mam please continue...

    SAURABH KUMAR 13 hours ago


  • Sonam Singh
    Sonam Singh 13 hours ago

    1.d 2.a

  • Sanat Biswas
    Sanat Biswas 13 hours ago

    Disperse Opaque

    SATVEER SINGH 13 hours ago

    Disperse Opaque

  • Hemant Gupta
    Hemant Gupta 14 hours ago

    1d, 2d

  • Monika Singh
    Monika Singh 14 hours ago

    Becoming guided general.....voice: miscel Obama Int. Girl child day & it's theme: 11 Oct , Girl force: unscripted and unstoppable In Tokyo Olympics 1st Indian to qualify:vinesh phogat John b Goodenough is a Nobel laureate in chemistry Quiz answer 2nd sat of may and October Saudi Arabia

  • Gokul Ram Mirdha
    Gokul Ram Mirdha 14 hours ago

    Jon gudainf ko nobel 2019 ka रसायन क्षेत्र m diya