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Zumba - Fiesta
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The American Smooth
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Zumba Rumba Buena
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Zumba All Around the World
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Health myths
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Healthy Gut
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Why Stretch?
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Stair Stretches
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Learn about FitSteps
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Stretching track
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Knee Joint - moving
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Knee joint advice
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FitSteps Showcase
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New year resolution
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Had a Bad Day at Work?
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Bear Facts -
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Older women over 50
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Finishing post
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FitSteps Intro
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What is Zumba?
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Mothers pride
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Mid life crisis
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Musical entertainment
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Zumba can fix your voice
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I don't have time
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Yulia and Riccardo's rumba
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FitSteps Rumba practice
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Lovely day
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Lost and found
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Goal setting
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Blog sites
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What us a blog?
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FitSteps and Zumba Style
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New Forever Daily
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Blogbeast revealed
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NHS health check
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Becoming Empowered!
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What causes cancer?
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Better to be Congruent
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Learn about Success
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Aloe Shampoo
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Forever Living UK Argi +
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Why I am with Empower
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Aloe vera heat lotion
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Forever Aloe Propolis Creme
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Forever Aloe Vera Gelly
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Box of Detox
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Light-bulb moment!
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Learn about Success
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Learn about Success
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Read them every day
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  • Kabita gd video vai Kabita

    Hlo mam tell me my face very drak not glwoing so black spot rinkas to ans me sirum use

  • Ciays
    Ciays 2 years ago

    Margarine is healthier for the heart.

  • Holistic-Healing UK
    Holistic-Healing UK 2 years ago

    This video is about SUGAR not margarine..

  • GeorgiePhilly
    GeorgiePhilly 2 years ago

    What about that Yeezy hype Carolyn?

  • Barry's digital life

    available here

  • Ronny Japutra
    Ronny Japutra 4 years ago

    So they put butter or margarine into cola? Wow ..... delicious .....

  • Stig Cruise
    Stig Cruise 4 years ago

    1. I don't know whether I zoned out or what but I didn't hear anything about butter or margarine this video was about sugar. 2. I like how all the studies that the news people gave were all funded by Big Sugar lol.

  • Thomas Baird
    Thomas Baird 4 years ago

    I switched from margarine back to butter a few years ago. Butter is natural whereas margarine is a bunch of chemicals made in a laboratory. Nasty. Margarine is GREY before the manufacturers dye it yellow! Saturated fat does NOT cause heart disease. The myth that it ever did was based on bad science in the 1950s. Sugar is the real cause of blocked arteries/ heart disease.

    • Ciays
      Ciays 2 years ago

      lol... So a whole wheat roll gives you heart disease and not a triple beef burger cooked in lard? LOL

  • Grace Harris
    Grace Harris 5 years ago

    What is that song called ? X

  • Cha Ra
    Cha Ra 5 years ago

    The American Smooth is absolutely my favourite fitsteps dance. I'm glad to find your videos. Please please please can you film this one in a bigger space? Pleeeease x

  • Carolyn Thorne
    Carolyn Thorne 5 years ago

    Move More, eat less and you will lose weight? This is not always the case. Follow this link to see how many calories you should be having to maintain your current weight.