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  • Mark Pour
    Mark Pour 54 seconds ago

  • DarkSpartan062
    DarkSpartan062 59 seconds ago

    My father and I loved it (which we are Mexican) In a pretty Hispanic populated area guess what happened when it ended? The theater clapped! I don’t see any Mexicans say that don’t like seeing traffickers depicted as “bad”. Lol. It’s a good RAMBO movie! Not La La Land.

  • Shrek
    Shrek Minute ago

    Bruh I'm Mexican and I wasn't offended at all. Me and my family liked it. Actually I loved how Rambo killed them lol. The Mexican cartel can go fuck itself.

  • Mark Pour
    Mark Pour Minute ago

    Great review (although would have been nice to get a head band / gun turret cameo in the third act). Nice to see the rotten tomatoes audience score and box office (so far) reflect this.

    WOMP WOMP FAGGOT 3 minutes ago

    Tens of thousands of movies, shows, etc filled with SJW liberal agenda nonsense, and no one bats an eye. *One* fucking movie with a hint of quote-unquote "conservative" bias (i.e. bad guys are bad and it's fun to watch them get mowed down), and every fucking liberal snowflake has a complete meltdown. "Trumpian!" "MAGA types!" "Hate-filled!" Boo fucking hoo you insufferable cunts. This is why literally no one takes professional film critics seriously, and that's IF they even bother to read their reviews any more. It's clear as day they are all part of a hivemind, and will absolutely judge a movie before or without even watching it. If they hear through the grapevine that the hero of a film two months out will be a black trans muslim lesbian of color, it already deserves Best Picture. If they hear that the lead actor is a straight white male, doesn't matter what the story is or anything else, it is hate speech fueled by white supremacy in dRumphf's aMeriKKKa.

  • mika osipoff
    mika osipoff 4 minutes ago

    well...if u have a platform where u can reach out to people in some instances u have responsibility for what happens in comment sections, its not about u have to be responsible for what others do but to take care of the platform. now this is in my mind only applyable if u actively hatemonger for instance...theres a grayzone there but we have to start taking actions so it doesnt spread out hate… other then that Im with u all the way about ur ideas here, an actor should never get that kind question cause its just stupid...he never stated that people should do as Joker or anything of that sort. (English isnt my main language so sorry about typos, im a swede).

  • Don Wax
    Don Wax 5 minutes ago

    People are starting get stupid as hell mental illness doesn't have a color barrier

  • Gary Heighway
    Gary Heighway 8 minutes ago

    It's a movie for fucks sake.

  • neondarkness
    neondarkness 8 minutes ago

    No shit. 😂 this is old news and you can't even be objective about the movie. It was hot garbage.

  • Raiken Xion
    Raiken Xion 8 minutes ago

    Look Grace is hot but she is too PC

  • Santa8aby
    Santa8aby 9 minutes ago

    Good, good, let the H.ate flow through you!. The more anger, the more entertaining. And if you ask me, it's about damn time. Now, you just gotta call it like it is: it's ok to depict violence, unless the character is a sympathetic white male. Then it's so not ok.

  • Underground Chamber Muzik

    Robocop was a very violent movie didn't hear about anyone killing people after watching it

  • Douglas Arthur
    Douglas Arthur 11 minutes ago

    I've an idea for Phoenix next project. A character study of Trudeau and how 'white privelege' meant he couldn't be anything other than a racist. I'd pay to see that too!

  • ABcd
    ABcd 12 minutes ago

    I feel day by day humans are putting their heads so far up their asses its coming back out the top..SERIOUSLY how frail minded are these people to ask such questions?! Damn...

  • garry newby
    garry newby 13 minutes ago

    "You don't Know how black a man's heart can be" are you kidding that is offensive has this person never heard of the marvel character "Blackheart". Is saying black heart offensive

  • Jenny von Henkelmann
    Jenny von Henkelmann 13 minutes ago

    Wow, he did the right thing.

  • Hector
    Hector 14 minutes ago

    I have officially given up on humanity's intelligence.

  • Michael S.
    Michael S. 16 minutes ago

    Just finished watching this and it was fucking awesome. There's nothing political about it at all. When he says the line about having a black heart, it completely makes sense. If you're finding racism with that, you're fucking pathetic. Over the decades Rambo has fought the Cong, Russians, North Koreans and now it's the drug cartels and sex traffickers. Piss-off if you're offended by him killing them. This movie is exactly what's needed in the theaters right now...good old 80's action.

  • Wolfman7870
    Wolfman7870 17 minutes ago

    When will studios learn that you don't have to pander to Chinese audiences to get Chinese dollars. Good is good.

  • Marc-André Plante
    Marc-André Plante 19 minutes ago

    Pfff let's be REAL ! Sylvester Stallone is THE REAL CREATOR of RAMBO ! The original creator of Rambo can go hide himself his tail between is legs !!! WE DON'T CARE OF YOUR EXISTENCE !

  • Arnold Bass
    Arnold Bass 20 minutes ago

    If Arnold Schwarzenegger terminator skin is not on the Robot it’s not it Chief

  • Timbot2002
    Timbot2002 20 minutes ago

    You need to check out Overlord DVD.....he is amazing and hilarious!

  • Marsh Mellow
    Marsh Mellow 21 minute ago

    Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Channel 4 news presenter. The RU-clip channel Charisma on Command actually uses this interview AND breaks down the way Robert Downey Jr. held his own, as a study on how to respond to twats like Krishnan Guru-Murthy. Check it out man.

  • Eddie Runcorn
    Eddie Runcorn 24 minutes ago

    Joe Anderton sounds like just another blue pill, mangina soy boy who should stick to reviewing chick flicks.

  • George Manning
    George Manning 24 minutes ago

    I dunno how to construe it from that article, but they said something about "after a chat with Warner Bros. P.R.?" Maybe he literally stepped out in part to talk to WB PR and try to avoid a disaster. I mean, look at how many interview gaffes there are in the MCU. The MCU isn't controversial like Joker, but PR around these movies (like it or not, Joker is a huge IP asset) is gonna be tightly monitored.

  • Smoking Gun
    Smoking Gun 25 minutes ago

    These fucking leftist parasites would love it if the US became a cartel dominated shithole like Mexico.

  • Mark Ikiriza
    Mark Ikiriza 26 minutes ago

    I watched it online. I loved it even though the ending scene hurt me. It reminds me of Logan 2017 film.

  • Craxin01
    Craxin01 26 minutes ago

    Is this entire video response just, "an SJW said something I disagree with, I must sprint in the opposite direction!"? The original creator wasn't making a character that was an unstoppable killing machine, he was creating a character broken by the horrors of war coupled with a nation that was treating returning soldiers as wholly evil. Yes, it was violent, but it was also thoughtful, attempting to show that these men needed our help. The entire rest of the series was nothing but, "let's see people blow up for REASONS!" Utter lowest common denominator claptrap. I watch action films, but when they successfully make explosions and gunplay boring, I check out. Rambo, save the original movie, has successfully done just that. I don't give a shit what SJWs say, they were never going to watch the film anyway, but honestly, you're not reacting to what they're saying, you're overreacting.

  • 16 8 9 12 12 9 16 Eagle
    16 8 9 12 12 9 16 Eagle 26 minutes ago

    Superman is responsible for all the Brightburn bastards out there.

  • Blade Kult
    Blade Kult 26 minutes ago

    Beyond The Trailer, Grace is retarded, just go read her comment section 10 minuets in and I cant find 1 positive comment lol go tell her what you think.

  • EliasDanger
    EliasDanger 27 minutes ago

    if you blame a movie for pushing you over the edge, you were already over the edge to begin with.

  • Dan Howell
    Dan Howell 27 minutes ago

    The "pussy-ficstion" of the American male is over the top. I saw 2 times. Once for me, once for the beta males out there.

  • grapes9h5
    grapes9h5 29 minutes ago

    It’s just the A Clockwork Orange controversy repeating 50 years later

  • A Man
    A Man 29 minutes ago

    People don’t like to take responsibility for their own actions and it’s only natural. But to blame a fictional character for all violence the world is ( sorry for the pun.. not!) a total JOKE!!!

  • enerjon cube
    enerjon cube 30 minutes ago

    White people being offended for non whites is awesome, lol.

  • Angry Goblin
    Angry Goblin 31 minute ago

    My guess is that Disney has unleashed every shill journo under their payroll to instigate a smear campaign against the competition. It's a pretty common tactic of the pig-shit eating Mouse, whatever they can't buy they smear.

  • Maestro
    Maestro 33 minutes ago

    RAMBO V is a motherfucking masterpiece!

  • Jose Angel Rivera C
    Jose Angel Rivera C 33 minutes ago

    That's why I like 70s 80s movies they were not politically correct and if anyone wants political. Correctness why watch Rambo? His words are bullets and he has 2 facial expressions angry screaming glare and serious glare while he shoot you dead. Any Rambo movies are that good and missing testosterone in some people if you want meaning go watch a chick flick

  • bionikball75
    bionikball75 33 minutes ago

    No one is slamming “Miss Bala”... wait no one saw it

  • Daniel Cambray
    Daniel Cambray 35 minutes ago

    good do not feed into their woke nonsense. these SJW'S need to get a life.

  • Andre Novo
    Andre Novo 37 minutes ago

    Realmente eu acho que os fãs estão muito revoltado com isso aonde está de um cone o líder da Resistência Será que conseguiu dobrar os fãs que jogam com o líder da Resistência Será que conseguiu chatear os fãs dos fãs ficou muito triste com isso sou um grande fã de John Connor tirou um grande papel de John Connor o líder da Resistência Realmente fiquei muito triste estou um pouco desapontado com filme Será que ele enganou todos os fãs qual disso porque que ele enganou todos os

  • Jesse Herman
    Jesse Herman 39 minutes ago

    Just like people implying that video games cause violence lol ignorant ass question

  • QoPP
    QoPP 41 minute ago

    I wouldn't doubt if false flags using this movie as a pretext occur.

  • Ben Hughes
    Ben Hughes 41 minute ago

    Over the last several years, this "I want to be offended!" and "Let me be offended for you!" mindset has come about. I can't wrap my head around it. I mean, what is the purpose? What is the end-goal?

  • Matt K
    Matt K 43 minutes ago

    Rambo 2 was my favorite.

  • ML productions
    ML productions 43 minutes ago

    I LOVED the movie! I saw it yesterday and I am extremely pleased! Like you my only complaint is that it felt short, but overall it was fantastic! As for the story it was extremely different! Nothing new to story telling but new to the series. For the first time since the original we got a story that was very personal, as opposed to just being thrown into some war. Even with a different type of story it was evey bit a Rambo movie. Go see this! Its nonstop Rambo awesomeness! Like you Mr H, these are the kind of movies I grew up loving and am extremely happy it was made. We really need more of this type of pure escapist entertainment!

  • Dave Faford
    Dave Faford 44 minutes ago

    people are saying they're offended because it sells their articles.... people buy into controversy and it brings the sites add revenue, entertainment journalism is basically dead

  • Glorious Geek
    Glorious Geek 44 minutes ago

    SJWs don’t know what “escapism” is. Everything must link to everything else. Fantasy must become reality. Because muh-narrative.

  • Tat Vela
    Tat Vela 45 minutes ago

    This movie tackles a real life problem in Mexico. This has been going on for decades now. Rocky took on Russia during the cold war and won. Rambo went back for prisoners of war. Now he went after some truly terrible characters betting portrayed from real life. I remember as a young man wanting to go to Mexico like a cheap ass Batman and fought for the women that go missing walking from work or home everyday. Critics are blind. They can't see beyond their sump ideals and they won't the a step back. They're wrong.

  • deraj nitram
    deraj nitram 45 minutes ago

    Yes they would only be happy with white men being the bad guys, it's very apparent when you watch reviews/read articles by certain lefty propaganda. I'm almost positive when Terminator Dark Fate comes out they will praise the scene where ICE is slaughtered by the new Terminator. There the journalists will argue it's just a movie, and criticisms of that scene will be taken too seriously, but Joker's violence, or in this case Rambo, are too reckless to be overlooked, but killing law enforcement no no that's not incitement of violence, the hypocrisy is amazing.

  • Shawn Houck
    Shawn Houck 48 minutes ago

    Saw it yesterday & I loved it!

  • Stoop Gunther
    Stoop Gunther 48 minutes ago

    i loved it

  • Maestro
    Maestro 48 minutes ago


  • carlindelco
    carlindelco 48 minutes ago

    They keep saying action like the 2nd... true there was " action " in the 2nd but not packed with it.. there was an actually story with that you can follow and cheer for..... not sure this latest one will have a meaningful story .. it seems hell bent on destroying the entire franchise., certainly the 2nd movie's story and meaning

  • Maestro
    Maestro 49 minutes ago


  • bryan diaz varela
    bryan diaz varela 49 minutes ago

    What i dont understand is if Skynet has the names of every rebel leader and they can build an army of terminators, cant they send more then 1 terminator at a time and bombard those rebel leaders with sheer numbers before the war starts and win?

  • Ciatta Thompson
    Ciatta Thompson 51 minute ago

    It's like asking the actors in the Purge films if they're worried people will start purging people irl. That's what sneaky dumb reporters do. Try to gin up controversy where there is none.

  • Lone WolfGamingPlus
    Lone WolfGamingPlus 51 minute ago

    I’m glad he did, what a dumbass question

  • Joe Milton
    Joe Milton 53 minutes ago

    I’ve never heard of the Human Torch inspiring kids to set themselves ablaze and jump off roofs, either.

  • Laz Toth
    Laz Toth 53 minutes ago

    Pussies and Wimps!!!!🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰🤟🤟🤟🤟🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  • Abe Froman
    Abe Froman 55 minutes ago

    Mr H, probably because he didn’t get enough money from it!

  • Vassago !
    Vassago ! 57 minutes ago

    Guys, Trump spoke out against cartels... So obviously cartels aren't so bad and just misunderstood

  • Diablo X Machina
    Diablo X Machina 57 minutes ago

    It’s this weird “Victim” mentality that the media wants to use. It’s never the fault of the person who actually commits the crime. It’s a movie, book, hip-hop, or video game that’s to blame. It can’t be accepted that there are mentally unstable people that commits these acts of violence because the media wants a reasonable answer to a unreasonable question, “Why was this done?”. The answer can’t simply be that they are “crazy”, something else has to be the reason.

  • LanderL9
    LanderL9 58 minutes ago

    So all the usual pussy ass pansy ass soy fill suspects dont like it?...Guess that means it is a good movie, me and my father are going to see it today.

  • DC3
    DC3 59 minutes ago

    here's hoping captain marvel shows up in the Xmen

  • pdmore123
    pdmore123 59 minutes ago

    Brie larson is one of the problems with this crazy world we’re living in

  • Barbaryotaku
    Barbaryotaku Hour ago

    Sounds like the Witcher author. Butt hurt that his character is making cash for someone else

  • Grumblestiltskin

    I wish I could give this 2 thumbs up for the liking to asking a racing driver about promoting dangerous driving. Great analogy.

  • Alfredo Sawyer
    Alfredo Sawyer Hour ago

    It's ingrained in the human being to be violent or have the potential toward violent behavior we are just hairless apes, look at chimps that's us... that's how we act and what we are, nothing more and this film or any film have nothing to do with how we REALLY are.

  • Justin Carroz
    Justin Carroz Hour ago

    IGN’s movie reviews are trash in general, good action movie for what it is, but as a big Rambo fan I do wish there was more story on Rambo’s thoughts feelings on getting older, war changing... something more did feel like it was missing something, but enjoyed.

  • Simon Rich
    Simon Rich Hour ago

    All the criticism is bollocks. You either like it or you don't. I dunno why some people are calling it racist?! As for David Morrell, he didn't mind his own creation butchering loads of cops in his own book?! Wtf?! What are people expecting from this type of movie? It's f#@kin Rambo!!! I loved the movie. Wake up people! It's just a movie!!! Great video mate

  • MatticusFinch1820

    By the way there were more mexicans in my 10:45 showing than white people and they were all cheering!

  • Ed & Patricia Remington III

    (I thought that I would give everyone various FACTS / DATA on ROCKY/ STALLONE) Hollywood legend Dustin Hoffman has revealed that he was the first choice to play John Rambo in 'First Blood'.Jun 9, 2008. From FIRST BLOOD to the last RAMBO movie, RAMBO 5, JOHN RAMBO has 504 confirmed kills. Sylvester Stallone didn't win the Best Actor Oscar for Rocky (1976) because Oscar voters preferred Peter Finch's performance in Network (1976).Sep 15, 2017. Rocky is a 1976 American boxing sports drama film directed by John G. Avildsen, written by and starring Sylvester Stallone. ... Among other accolades, it went on to receive ten Academy Awardnominations, winning three, including Best Picture. In 2006, Rocky was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". The Directors Guild of America awarded Rocky its annual award for best film of the year in 1976, and in 2006, Sylvester Stallone's original screenplay for Rocky was selected for the Writers Guild of America Award as the 78th best screenplay of all time. In June 2008, AFI revealed its "Ten top Ten"-the best ten films in ten "classic" American film genres-after polling over 1,500 people from the creative community. Rocky was acknowledged as the second-best film in the sports genre, after Raging Bull.[56][57] In 2008, Rocky was chosen by British film magazine Empire as one of The 500 Greatest Movies of All Time. In contrast, in a 2005 poll by Empire, Rocky was No. 9 on their list of "The Top 10 Worst Pictures to Win Best Picture Oscar". Rocky has also appeared on several of the American Film Institute's 100 Years lists. ROCKY STEPS!! The famous scene of Rocky running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art has become a cultural icon, with the steps acquiring the vernacular title of "Rocky Steps". In 1982, a statue of Rocky, commissioned by Stallone for Rocky III, was placed at the top of the Rocky Steps. City Commerce Director Dick Doran claimed that Stallone and Rocky had done more for the city's image than "anyone since Ben Franklin." Differing opinions of the statue and its placement led to a relocation to the sidewalk outside the Spectrum Arena, although the statue was temporarily returned to the top of the steps in 1990 for Rocky V, and again in 2006 for the 30th anniversary of the original Rocky (although this time it was placed at the bottom of the steps). Later that year, it was permanently moved to a spot next to the steps. Sent By APPLE IPAD PRO 12.9, LIMITED EDITION.

  • sinbad656
    sinbad656 Hour ago

    I liked this video before it even began

  • MatticusFinch1820

    Fuck this guy, the movie is amazing, im going to see it again. Everytime an SJW fuckboy crys i will go see it again. Keep it up fuckers.

  • Ed & Patricia Remington III

    RAMBO FACTS. FOR THE DUMB ASS NON-INQUISITIVE LITTLE ONES. KIRK DOUGLAS WAS SUPPOSED TO PLAY COLONEL TRAUTMAN. The veteran movie star actually made it to set and appeared in early advertisements for First Blood, but left the production when he demanded the right to rewrite the script. Douglas favored the ending of the book, and felt that Rambo should die in the end. The actor gave the filmmakers an ultimatum: if the production didn’t let him do what he wanted with the script he’d quit. Kotcheff and Stallone wanted to leave the door open for the possibility for Rambo to live or die at the end of the movie, so they let Douglas quit. Douglas wanted to kill Rambo so bad just like the ending of the book, it’s reported as he quit it, he walked to his jeep because he had been at a skate range with the family shooting skeet and came back with a shotgun and he shut the door to the directors trailer blowing it off the hinges. One of the lighting men said those aren’t skeet loads! Douglas said, “hell no that’s buckshot dumb asses!” Actor Richard Crenna was then cast with a single day’s notice to fill Douglas’ shoes as Rambo’s mentor and father figure, Colonel Trautman. Crenna would reprise his role in two more Rambo movies before he passed away in 2003. He is the only actor besides Stallone to appear in multiple Rambo movies. The unused alternate ending of First Blood, in which Trautman shoots and kills Rambo, can be seen briefly in the dream sequence in the fourth film, Rambo. Posted By, APP.E IPAD PRO, 12.9, Limited Edition.

  • deraj nitram
    deraj nitram Hour ago

    I think actors, even if they somewhat agree with these talking points get annoyed when "journalists" ask such reaching, and frankly idiotic questions clearly asked to force a narrative, and Phoenix rightly walked away in a "are you kidding me" attitude. A Joker movie done right should be controversial so I never expected the typical praise like Marvel movies get which are simply fun/non-edgy entertainment. After reading many of the reviews very few blame the movie on a technical level, most combat Joker's message or lack there of. I haven't seen it yet so I can't say the movie completely works, but given the reviews are still overall positive, I highly doubt the movie is as questionable as some critics make it seem, it's clear many have an agenda here, and will use the film to their political ends.

  • The Riddler
    The Riddler Hour ago

    You forgot he asked rdj why he isn't a liberal anymore

  • Sword Breaker
    Sword Breaker Hour ago

    There are ways to do an over-the-top movie. Rest assured, Hollywood will always find the wrong way, given half a chance.

  • raz1980
    raz1980 Hour ago

    Don't blame him for walking out

  • Bright Glory
    Bright Glory Hour ago

    When a white person disagrees with caucasian characterizations in a film the response is always "if that's not you don't worry" or "why are you offended if that doesn't represent you".

  • Cam Alft
    Cam Alft Hour ago

    i bet the author of the novel first blood hasnt once complained when he cashes the checks written to him!!! what a dick,a sell-out,i bet he got a book deal if he wrote this complaint!!

  • Jack Darbyshire
    Jack Darbyshire Hour ago

    Another film where the audience score is very high and the sjw reviews are really low. This means only one thing, that it's definitely worth the watch.

  • Brandon Kilgore
    Brandon Kilgore Hour ago

    Obviously we can fix the problems of society by pretending like they are someone else's fault. The brilliance of Common Core education has it right. If two and a half year old Rhonda has parents that never tell her what discipline is, put all the money of retirement into her being privileged, getting her a Rolls Royce at age 16 letting her do bath salts with her boyfriend, and by age 17 living as a whore with a meth lab out of an abandoned Alfa-Romeo. HashTag#Movies made her do it.

  • Humongous420
    Humongous420 Hour ago

    Is Arnold Schwarzenegger responsible for my wanting to commit acts of violence against the PREDATOR? Are the cast of Montey Python responsible for my actions in regards to calling out wanna be King's who have only achieved power by catching a scimitar lobbed to him by some watery tart? HELL NO

  • Andrew Hunt
    Andrew Hunt Hour ago

    I remember when movies were made to entertain us. guess them days have gone

  • Bright Glory
    Bright Glory Hour ago

    Italian man bad! Cartel good.

  • Rhaegar Targaryen

    H, can you really blame them for this honestly terrible assertion? It’s a complicated situation H. I overall agree, the actor is not responsible for the action of individual actiors. You’ve done well to defend Phoenix where he didn’t ( or couldn’t?) defend himself. I’m excited to see this film. Folks have concerns dude, address their concerns don’t just shit on them.

  • Shaun McLeod
    Shaun McLeod Hour ago

    Thank you sir I've needed to hear a perfect response to the sjw plague we are all suffering from!!

  • TheUnusualSuspects

    Instead of blaming the Joker or Joaquin Phoenix, can the news just stop covering these shootings? They're tragic and terrible, but people are dying en masse from serious situations they refrain from covering.

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B Hour ago

    As said, people like to just make the issue black and white. Good and bad. What should this movie prompt ? Maybe people to be human to each other because every broken man or woman could be a hero or a villain in the end. That means people would need to be better , much lazier to just be afraid of what these people could do because we all know no one will work harder to be a better person to someone who may need a friend. Maybe they should be afraid then ? You reap what you sow, if society makes monsters what does that say of society and those in it ?

  • SJ Ben-Har
    SJ Ben-Har Hour ago

    This review is the most I agree with! Thank you! I went to the movie with my wife and we enjoyed it very much! It's been a long ago we enjoyed a movie that much!

  • Saying Like It Is

    To be fair there already have been crimes/murders in the past that are on record as being inspired by the character of Joker so to think it may happen again as a result of this film it's not unreasonable. With that being said though, anything from film to an imaginary friend can inspire someone to commit a crime if they're mentally unstable so the question was a waste of time.

  • Cam Alft
    Cam Alft Hour ago

    its an awesome 80's flashback movie!!fucking awesome Rambo movie!....fuck what the liberal brain rotted SJW's....they hate it when they trip on a piece of paper on the sidewalk and spill their late' all over!fuck them and their love for the soyboys and romcom's...tell them to go fuck themselves with a 10' piece of rusty rebar!

  • UthinkUknowme26
    UthinkUknowme26 Hour ago

    It 2 is ten times more violent and shitty

  • Ambrosios3
    Ambrosios3 Hour ago

    Dangerous movie! It might turn the soy into testosterone in a sjw's bloodstream!

  • Tron 3
    Tron 3 Hour ago

    Rambo creater knew it gets changed on screen anyway.. Nob

  • Valencia Walker
    Valencia Walker Hour ago

    Excited for the series .

  • Simon Harding
    Simon Harding Hour ago

    I totally agree with you Mr H. It felt a bit long and I felt like it had an apocalypse now feeling to it.

  • bRfc9QgjclrMlc
    bRfc9QgjclrMlc Hour ago

    Mr hit the nail on the head yet again!