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  • Gian Alexis Cagampang

    what happen to hobi's face??

  • oviv 9
    oviv 9 2 hours ago

    I love you lauv💞💞💞💞💞💞

  • Francesca, Iyah
    Francesca, Iyah 2 hours ago

    Bang yedam of treasure 13: english version jungkook and jimin: korean version OKAY SIS THIs FUCKED ME UP

  • 유예원
    유예원 2 hours ago


  • HE
    HE 2 hours ago

    이 곡이 세븐틴 입덕하게해서 지금까지 정신못차리게 만든 장본인이네

  • A.m pain
    A.m pain 2 hours ago

    Just started listening to black pink,hmmm where have i been all this time..haha

  • Han Jisung
    Han Jisung 2 hours ago

    J-Hope: Let's get it Me in brain: *jungkook* lEt's gEt iT

  • Nuella Sadje
    Nuella Sadje 2 hours ago

    Lauv is to hot to sing

  • Apex & fortnite bro's

    I don't speak Korean. All I do is 'DDAENG' My friends be like: WTF are you ddaenging. I showed them and they all are ddaenging now.

  • Apex & fortnite bro's

    Bts haters: sOoGa cAnT rAp Me: shows Agust D Bts haters: 👁👄👁

  • Apex & fortnite bro's


  • Apex & fortnite bro's

    WHY IS YOONGI'S VOICE SO DAMN HOT?? Like, there's something in his voice that just oof boi🔥

  • Apex & fortnite bro's


  • Apex & fortnite bro's

    Actually, this got me thinking…I wouldn’t mind a BTS rapline mixtape. I know rapline will slay it. Same with a vocal-line mixtape. Would be awesome.

  • Lendi Veseli
    Lendi Veseli 2 hours ago

    Jimin😍 i Love 💎 💖

  • Apex & fortnite bro's

    mom: You are grounded me: no, I am not mom: I said- me: you wrong, me right brr brr ddaeng

  • Apex & fortnite bro's

    Haters: bts can't rap RM: hold my onions

  • Apex & fortnite bro's

    Haters: "Ahh.. let's pretend to be an Army"

  • Apex & fortnite bro's

    I don't speak Korean. All I do is 'DDAENG' My friends be like: WTF are you ddaenging. I showed them and they all are ddaenging now.

  • Apex & fortnite bro's

    Rm analyzes the world... Suga criticizes the world... Jhope creates his own world.

  • Apex & fortnite bro's

    My mom: hears the intro “Ah, she’s finally listening to some traditional music” Namjoon: ilpal, ilsam, sampal, ddaeng! My mom: -_-

  • poxa blackpink
    poxa blackpink 2 hours ago

    Maravilhoso b-armys estão surtando kkkkk as arab-armys também devem estar 💖😭

  • Apex & fortnite bro's

    [bts shopping] seokjin: have you guys seen tae?? jimin: nope jeongguk: i swear i saw him 5 minutes ago [rap line looks at each other] hoseok: IL PAL namjoon: IL SAM yoongi: SAM PAL [in a distance] tae: DDAENG yoongi: there you have it

  • Apex & fortnite bro's

    october2019??___________________ Kim Namjoon Kim Seokjin Min Yoongi Jeon Hoseok Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook BTS

  • Nerd fan- Kpop and Anime

    ahhh a little clear here

  • jae square
    jae square 2 hours ago

    imagine lauv being the maknae, i'm- sksksksk

  • Xizi Milles
    Xizi Milles 2 hours ago

    All this time, I thought it was Action aaaaaa action, turns out to be hit sound 🙄😂

  • 7345박지현_
    7345박지현_ 2 hours ago

    Indo Army?? Like👇

  • وسن حسن
    وسن حسن 2 hours ago

    Wow 💜💜😍😍

  • Ademir nascimento do santo Nascimento

    loved our i loved jimin singing our english language i love you jiminnnnnnnnn

  • E L
    E L 2 hours ago

    this song sounds like a different way.. and lauv sing the song.. and he also sing in make it right.. fuhh ✨🤩

  • E L
    E L 2 hours ago

    this song sounds like a different way.. and lauv sing the song.. and he also sing in make it right.. fuhh ✨🤩

  • E L
    E L 2 hours ago

    this song sounds like a different way.. and lauv sing the song.. and he also sing in make it right.. fuhh ✨🤩

  • E L
    E L 3 hours ago

    this song sounds like a different way.. and lauv sing the song.. and he also sing in make it right.. fuhh ✨🤩

  • ARC Gaming
    ARC Gaming 3 hours ago

    Man give jungkook his own lines

  • ツGalazy
    ツGalazy 3 hours ago

    Fact: Everyone bias got wrecked


    Can I ask. Who is Stephanie?

  • Zoe Y
    Zoe Y 3 hours ago

    You got so many mistakes😓1:57 "baby i know" is sing by JIMIN, 2:17-2:25 both voices are JK, 2:26-2:31 both voices are V

    • Zoe Y
      Zoe Y 3 hours ago

      @A M R I T A .S.N Yes, that's why i just write "baby i know"

    • A M R I T A .S.N
      A M R I T A .S.N 3 hours ago

      Zoe Y about the 1:57 it’s just *the baby I know* though

  • Mellissa 1234
    Mellissa 1234 3 hours ago

    'cause im your iron man' BROOO

  • Harry Sahiron
    Harry Sahiron 3 hours ago

    Everyone's talking bout bts, so yal let's appreciate how Lauvs voice sound good

  • A M R I T A .S.N
    A M R I T A .S.N 3 hours ago

    BTS lovers 👇🏻

  • daddy devito
    daddy devito 3 hours ago

    happy birthday angel 💜

  • A M R I T A .S.N
    A M R I T A .S.N 3 hours ago

    Who loves *Kim Namjoon* *Kim seokjin* *Min Yoongi* *Junghoseok* *Park Jimin* *Kim taehyung* *Jeon Jeongguk* ?

  • miki
    miki 3 hours ago

    fellow army and i'm asking for Stay's help: I think i'm becoming a stray kids stan and i wanna know what the different lines are? I'm trying to search them online but its really confusin.. can smo help me out?

  • Lê Huy
    Lê Huy 3 hours ago


  • Gacha Kiwi
    Gacha Kiwi 3 hours ago

    I can't- I'm so sorry Jeno mark is now my bias CRI ;(

  • just life
    just life 3 hours ago


  • Manset Jimella
    Manset Jimella 3 hours ago

    I am sad that V doesn't have a solo lines

  • Suga- -Moon
    Suga- -Moon 3 hours ago

    Wait what I tought it's Make it right from their album. Guess I was wrong

  • Mido Madrid
    Mido Madrid 3 hours ago

    فايتينغ الجزائر 🇰🇷🇩🇿

  • Mike Maasin
    Mike Maasin 3 hours ago

    Namjoon is our Moon Child💜 Seokjin is our Epiphany💜 Yongi is our First Love💜 Hoseok is our Day Dream💜 Jimin is our Serendipity💜 V is our Winter bear💜 Jungkook is our Euphoria💜 BTS IS OUR HEARTBEAT❤❤

  • ohood ahmed
    ohood ahmed 3 hours ago

    Your my tear

  • jennie solo
    jennie solo 3 hours ago

    When you see that "Ellen and brian viewers also watch this channel"

  • Mikasa Ackermann
    Mikasa Ackermann 3 hours ago

    Why ask for only one BTS member or compare bts and lauv? ;-;

  • Felicia A
    Felicia A 3 hours ago

    I actually heard someone getting pissed cause Jungkook didn't get a solo line in this. They also complained about him getting less and less lines and that they wouldn't be surprised if he lost his position. Like no, he still gets the most lines in most songs that he's in. This is ONE SONG and ONE VERSION OF THE SONG. Your bias has on average the most lines so stop complaining. I mean Jin has the same position as V but V still gets a lot more lines than him, it has gotten better in recent comebacks though. I feel like the only way that Jungkook wouldn't get the most lines anymore would be if they would start having more raps in their songs again and less vocals, but he'd still be the vocalist with the most lines, he's the most stable vocalist by far and BTS know that What they did is that they gave Lauv the first verse, pre-chorus and chorus. Then after that they just had the same lines as in the original version. Your bias sang more in the part that Lauv sang Just go listen to the original version of the song



  • Christina Kav50
    Christina Kav50 3 hours ago

    Oh god! This is so Beautiful and brilliant! How did they get relationships like this do right!!?!!

  • bangtan 17
    bangtan 17 3 hours ago

    Turn it upppp🔝❤

  • SNR 87
    SNR 87 3 hours ago

    JK and V hasn't solo line. 🙄🙄🙄

    • A M R I T A .S.N
      A M R I T A .S.N 3 hours ago

      SNR 87 oh honey take a look at the line distribution of the original song :)

  • sitti nataya
    sitti nataya 3 hours ago

    Army forever?? 👇

  • Oceane Antic
    Oceane Antic 3 hours ago

    I love you BTS 💜

  • Lệ Hồ Thị Mỹ

    I love Jin 💕💕💕💕💕

  • TheAmberGryphon
    TheAmberGryphon 3 hours ago

    Every song of Blackpink deserves title track

  • Dis Is Ma Channel
    Dis Is Ma Channel 3 hours ago

    Namjoon : muneotteuly- Mr. Worldwide Handsome : BaBBBieeeeEeEEE

  • Blue_bird
    Blue_bird 3 hours ago

    Namjoon's dimples... Yoongi's gummy smile... Jungkook's nose scrunch... Jin's worldwide handsome face... Jimin's eye smile... Taehyung's stare... J-Hope's happiness... Where's my wig?

  • AniDeMax
    AniDeMax 3 hours ago

    Lauv ♥️

  • Ranim Haj Mohamad - Elev Bjurbäcksskolan F-6 6A

    who like kookie?? Like=yes Comment=no

  • Blue_bird
    Blue_bird 3 hours ago

    Every time I listen to this is cry. Maybe its the words, the vocals and rap, or maybe the message they gave us army’s to love ourselves. BTS are like online therapists that we never met before (or maybe you did) that teach to love yourself. ------------------- “Im lazy” Pied Piper: Remember to study “I failed” 2!3!: Remember to follow your dreams “I’m stupid, I can’t remember anything” So what: stop worrying, you already know it all. Never say BTS is a distraction, their songs give us motivation in possible ways you could never know.. ------------------- ”You know in your 20s, you have so many thoughts, they're like many branches in a tree. If my brain is a tree, there are so many branches. There's sadness, desparation, devastation, there's happiness, hope, everything. But when you get old, it gets cut... We have to feel pain and have to experience many things. But after that in 30s and 40s, if you got so many branches in your 20s... you will someday become a beautiful tree by your 30s and 40s." -Kim Namjoon

  • Hajra butt
    Hajra butt 3 hours ago

    Our taetae got too little lines...but the most he sing is *alright I can make it right* so he will get what he deserve He will make it right💜💜💜💜

  • Blue_bird
    Blue_bird 3 hours ago

    BTS came from a small company, they started with nothing. Jin who has casted just because of his looks, Suga who left his family and gambled his education just to do what he really wanted to be, Namjoon who has never have been supported by his parents, Jimin who thought himself as ugly and fat, Taehyung whose always been part of BTS but was never shown in any promotions-not until they debut, Hoseok who seemed to always laugh but never felt as an accomplishment to his father, And Jungkook who was very shy and have save his parents at a young age by auditioning to companies. Remember the day when they were struggling? They even have to sacrifice and work hard just so they could eat? They were squeezing themselves into one small apartment and have to take responsibilities-the reason why they wrote the song 'Move'. The day they almost disband on N.O era because they don't have enough allowance and money to continue, but still they fought for their dreams? There was also a time when Bang PD-nim asked Namjoon if he wanted to have a solo career or sacrifice for BTS. He could have choose to be a solo artist since it was his dreams, but he didn't. He said BTS is BTS and they can make it! Yet, some fans are telling him to 'leave bangtan' it hurts him alot. Remember those times when they have to use their managers as extras to their MV's because they don't have enough budget? They even asked if they can borrow their staff' and managers' cars just to shoot 'I Need U' MV succesfully. Those times when Jimin has to starve himself just because calls him fat and ugly. That one interiew when Yoongi said that; it was nice that people listens to their music because Taehyung and Jungkook are good looking. And he thought that it was at least enough. Do you remember when Hoseok was supposed to be vocalist and Taehyung is the rapper, but he chose to rap instead and learn it because Taehyung wants to be a Vocalist. It was Taehyung's dream and Hoseok loves his donsaeng that much he would sacrifice. Other fan base were accusing them for plagiarism just because they had the smallest detail whose the same with other big K-pop group which is actually just a coincidence. There when Yoongi packed 300 gifts and letters just to give to their 300 fans who will attend at their mini fan meetings. So why do people judge the so fastly? Did you know that Jimin came all the way to Seoul from Busan just to persuade his dreams? Did you know that Taehyung lived with his grandma or almost of his life making him innocent from what else is out there in our world? Did you know that Jungkook set aside his embarrassment just to meet the others expectations? Yes, he is the golden maknae, but he suffers too when he see his hyungs having a hard time, he cries. And there was a time when Jimin caught him crying and the reason is because he misses his family. Jungkook often cry secretly so that his hyungs wouldn't worry. Did you know that Jin auditioned to make his mother proud of him and that his mom would have something to brag off to those judgemental neighbors they have. He worked hard on his vocals yet people called him talentless. Did you know that Namjoon worked hard just to produce yet there was a time when his mom ruined his computer and broke his mike so he could focus on studying? Did you know that Hoseok because he wanted his father to be proud of him? Because he felt like he was a disappointment? Those rookie days where they only listen to the awardings and be amazed by their seniors. They can't do anything but to watch those idols who received the awards. The days when they were happy with just 300 views on RU-clip, mini fangatherings, small numbers of followers, and one Daesang award. They were contented. And now they've reached to the top and became more succesful. From 150 fans to 6M and counting, From a small practice room to a bigger one, From one daesang award to more awards and they've even won on BBMAs. BTS never expected this before their fourth year anniversary, they've come so far that the only chance we have to see them is to go to their concertor (NEVER) meet them along the street with 0.01% chance. But really ARMYs! We've this far fam, let's love them and give them our support till the end! I wanted to thank y'all. I love you fam! I love BTS. Let's stay together until the end. If you belive in what I've said. If you believe in 1! 2! 3! A true ARMY shall spread this~.

  • robiul islam
    robiul islam 3 hours ago

    I like this song iam 9 years pls from Bangladesh

  • 나루나
    나루나 3 hours ago

    넘 좋아. . .

  • Cwisz Francia
    Cwisz Francia 3 hours ago

    also Feel Special and Jopping, dayummm

  • Sheila Monica
    Sheila Monica 3 hours ago

    I like this song

  • Vanessa Kelly
    Vanessa Kelly 3 hours ago


  • Cwisz Francia
    Cwisz Francia 3 hours ago

    btw you’re a rank above Suju’s Super Clap which is insaneee

  • Cwisz Francia
    Cwisz Francia 3 hours ago

    Woah you made it to the TOP 50 trending in the Philippines, Jaeguchi hahah. Congrats on being our #46 hihih. We Lauv chu!

  • 사배#엘린
    사배#엘린 3 hours ago

    신비가 젤 많이 나오는구나

  • My winter little bear

    My beautiful Taehyung I love your voice, you deserve better.

  • Nishita Madhan Mohan

    This family will never part, right? Who is with me?

  • rae camat
    rae camat 3 hours ago

    Love bts😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙

  • Hani Maharani
    Hani Maharani 3 hours ago

    Have you ever listening to BTS songs and just boom crying because how much the lyrics relate to you so much like this?😭

  • More foreheads To come

    Is it just me that lauv sounds lime jungkook?

  • Blue_bird
    Blue_bird 3 hours ago

    RM is my moonchild Jin is my epiphany Suga is my first love J-Hope is my daydream/ chicken noodle soup Jimin is my promise/serendipity V is my winter bear Jungkook is my euphoria BTS is my heartbeat💗

  • 덤덤
    덤덤 3 hours ago


  • LaLisa Queen
    LaLisa Queen 3 hours ago

    Im Little Upset When I Know Lucas Is Have A Very Bit Part

  • 뷔 난 너의 거야.김태형

    TAEHYUNG It's too short. It's not good. Without taetae Why and he I hate this actor. He took the clip. 😭😭💔

  • Nuraiya Diya
    Nuraiya Diya 3 hours ago

    I really want to enjoy this song but I just can't as it feels so incomplete without Jin

  • Vanessa Silva
    Vanessa Silva 3 hours ago

    A segunda é q lingua? Mds que diferente..

  • barsha Magar
    barsha Magar 3 hours ago

    Shuhua got only 2 lines

    I LOVE CAKE 3 hours ago

    💜 WHO LIKES BTS? OT7 STANS!? 💜 👇

  • Marshaa Fdlh
    Marshaa Fdlh 3 hours ago

    We Need A Studio Version Now YG *NOW*

  • Mayumi Sakura
    Mayumi Sakura 3 hours ago

    Why lucas has the smallest part :(( I like him so much and he deserved more parts :((

  • mine yılmaz
    mine yılmaz 3 hours ago


  • jennie unnie
    jennie unnie 3 hours ago

    jennie and jisoo proved that they are amazing vocalist

  • missu Kato ri
    missu Kato ri 3 hours ago

    Her voice is so bad, plz dont cover another songs anytime.

  • 한솔
    한솔 3 hours ago


    FATEMA HASAN 3 hours ago

    Break out you want to loss bts never will happen that

  • Sri Damayanti
    Sri Damayanti 4 hours ago

    Jungkook 👇

  • Utami Ashari
    Utami Ashari 4 hours ago

    Salah nih, seharusnya lauv itu cuma sebentar terus jk banyak bagian inggris nya