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  • Sarah Thatcher
    Sarah Thatcher Hour ago

    I hope Jillian watches the documentary 'The True Cost' and realizes the slave-like conditions and unfair wages that women and children endure to make her Jilly coat. ( Joe Fresh is historically known to be one of the worst brands for using these horrible factories...see Rana plaza collapse). And yet she thinks she is helping women and children through Mamas for Mamas. I just hope she realizes what she has done/ is doing sooner rather than later.

  • Deep Patel
    Deep Patel 2 hours ago

    this person literally spent the least amount of time explaining the most complicated one ( the middle child ) which just reinforces the middle child syndrome phenomenon

  • Deep Patel
    Deep Patel 2 hours ago

    all these so called birth order experts only have one good thing to say about middle children and thats that there good peacemakers, when in reality we usually tend to be the most talented (we gotta work twice as hard to be noticed), most independent (learn stuff on our own), the most social (chosen family over regular), and the most ambitious because we feel like we always have something to prove, ppl really underestimate the middle child, also 52 percent of US presidents are middles not first borns

  • Karen Baxter
    Karen Baxter 3 hours ago

    I never get angry with full time working moms and dads. So tired after a long days work that often pre-made meals and take-out R the go to options as people R just exhausted. Therefore much of the take out food get's thrown out. I only have to work part time so I have time to prepare meals from scratch. The bonus is nothing gets wasted in my fridge and I don't have to work full time to pay for all the food I am throwing out because I am too tired to prepare it in the first place. A win/win situation.

  • Eileen Glennon
    Eileen Glennon 3 hours ago

    To viewer "grash" :The presenter said ...paraphrasing here :not the first of the kind of furniture (that gives hidden storeage). But possible the most beautiful! It is easy to miss hearing all of a video and I frequently listen to them twice.

  • Eileen Glennon
    Eileen Glennon 3 hours ago

    The furniture segment was cool...beautifully done indeed! Tracy you look great! The plaid pants should be in my closet...ditto for shoes! Tell your Producer you bring style and class to the show!

  • America First
    America First 4 hours ago

    If you put a brooch on a slip dress as you suggested, it will leave a permanent hole and possibly an indentation. It is not a good idea to use them on satin, silk or velvet.

  • Lynn McCulloch
    Lynn McCulloch 5 hours ago


  • ZuuZ Sh.
    ZuuZ Sh. 6 hours ago

    With what !????? With what you have already !🤔🙄

  • Carolyn Deforge
    Carolyn Deforge 7 hours ago

    love how you look Tracy especially the freckles, you're absolutely stunning.

  • P M
    P M 9 hours ago

    I never use deoderants but do keep a diet rich in antioxidants and have a daily green drink full of parsley, kale, and other rich greens. I swear it makes a difference.

  • P M
    P M 9 hours ago

    A splash of apple cider vinegar in water oxygenates your blood and the magnesium/potassium calms you for deep sleep. Keep the room reasonably cool. Have layers of sheets or covers so that you can use them as needed. Get enough exposure to daylight to generate melatonin. Melatonin supplements are hormones so consider that before using them. Find a way to make your bedroom DARK.

  • mamadiana1
    mamadiana1 11 hours ago

    have pets? put the top only decorated tree in the play pen lol

  • Kim Williford
    Kim Williford 13 hours ago

    I had a boyfriend who crossed the river. I knew I had some psychic awareness but I didn't think it was that strong. While I was dating him, I kept having these vivid dreams of him dying from something in my arms. I didn't tell anyone for 2 reasons. One, that it would come true, which scared the hell out of me. 2. I just brushed it off like "oh it's only a dream. it's ok. It's just that you're deeply in love and that's cool" sort of thing. when the dream came true, and I wasn't allowed to go to the funeral, I really cautious of my "psychic' abilities. What is really crazy is now I want to continue to have a relationship with him. So, I want to nurture my gift, expand on it and when I got really good at it, perhaps help people for the greater good. Am I on the right path? I've really thought this thing over.

  • Elias Bargee
    Elias Bargee 13 hours ago

    Wow the biggest douche of the Universe!

  • Living On A Dime To Grow Rich

    Have Mercy!!! Sorry...that's not even close to being a deal! I spend $6 to feed 6 the same meal! Almost never spend more than $5 or $6 for the ENTIRE meal, EVERYDAY...with less than 20 minutes work!

  • Soledad
    Soledad 16 hours ago

    Hello! Una linda la diseñadora . Siempre me gustó los pants de cuero y nunca me atrevo a llevarlos.😄😊😉👏👏👏

  • angie nichols
    angie nichols 16 hours ago

    Thank you for mentioning nut allergies.

  • Mustang .308
    Mustang .308 16 hours ago

    Who wants to smell like a sweaty crotch? Yuk..... 😝

  • Faith Rada
    Faith Rada 17 hours ago

    " 96$ first macadamia nuts" LOL.. been there.

  • Zack Brumis
    Zack Brumis 18 hours ago

    I love popcorn ceiling. The chuckier the better

    DENICE LOVES 18 hours ago

    I love shoes!!!!!! 😩😩😩😁

  • Jessica Aguirre
    Jessica Aguirre 18 hours ago

    So grateful for this information, thank you for posting. It's truly amazing how they body works and once we understand what is actually good for us, then we can use this to live a more healthier life.

  • Alex DeLeon
    Alex DeLeon 18 hours ago

    I’ve read that Helichrysum oil may work wonders for those with HIV/AIDS! Young Living is probably your best bet!

  • iron tanker
    iron tanker 18 hours ago

    I thought anyone could buy weed in Canada not just card holder that's bs.

    DENICE LOVES 18 hours ago

    That clock is everything

  • gansukh2008ify
    gansukh2008ify 19 hours ago

    Male model is yummy 😋

  • Victoria Sutera
    Victoria Sutera 19 hours ago

    I usually like the host a lot but she is coming off as rude and annoying here.

  • Roxana Millán
    Roxana Millán 20 hours ago

    Love it ❤️. Banana Republic is my favorite store.. thanks for bring the outfits great ideas❤️

  • reisner38
    reisner38 23 hours ago

    Woow your muscle arms! Beautiful!Greetings from the Netherlands

  • Etel Dias
    Etel Dias Day ago

    The guy stole the show

  • Etel Dias
    Etel Dias Day ago

    Christian Siriano really did start something. We are seeing models of different sizes, types, genders all working in same show😀

  • Etel Dias
    Etel Dias Day ago

    The male model is so hamdsome. Awwww

  • christmas9lights

    You forgot about PERIOD BLOOD FOR RED

  • Kiki Reisdorff

    Ugly and no tast. Very old faction.

  • canadaglennrz
    canadaglennrz Day ago

    Love Lynn Spence but she wears the most unattractive shoes, ever.

  • ana gaul
    ana gaul Day ago

    Great outfits. Love the brand Joe Fresh

  • Let's Do Business

    I cannot find the wine red fluffy jacket on blonde model on Banana Republic website? Help anyone ?

  • Evelin
    Evelin Day ago

    Where do i buy these style bras?

  • Amanda Smith
    Amanda Smith Day ago

    Unimpressed! This is just a commercial for Shoppers Drug Mart pretending to be a segment.

  • hrddrvto
    hrddrvto Day ago

    Well done Dina and love Antoni and his honesty and sharing his vulnerability. He and the Fab5 are beautiful human beings.

  • Vivien Mcnaul
    Vivien Mcnaul Day ago

    Love love love Lynne spence 💚🍸 great layers

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina Day ago

    Well explained. Thank you.

  • Sylvia Harroch

    Ok for temporary sleeplessness, but not for most people today. I guess it makes a show!

  • butterbeanization

    Cropped legs not flattering.

  • Glam gmaaa
    Glam gmaaa Day ago

    So happty you are on DABL in Houston Texas!!!! Yaaaay!


    Name droppers, the product should stand on its own without name dropping. Blah Blah Blah

  • Judy Hibel
    Judy Hibel Day ago

    I live in Northern California. I love Cityline and I absolutely LOVE Joe Fresh! Yay 🇨🇦

  • Rhonda Silver 97'

    i dont care. how do you wear big knit sweaters without looking like a frumpy mess???

  • marieo vassar
    marieo vassar Day ago

    If you don’t use soap how do you clean the feet

  • Penny In Az
    Penny In Az Day ago

    The method is called Kanban. Sharing because even though I'm a Valley Girl, I still couldn't understand what she was saying 💜

  • ilovetofu
    ilovetofu Day ago

    Never take advice from an "expert" wearing high top converse shoes wearing a suit with crop pants! Eeewww

  • Paula Laye
    Paula Laye Day ago

    Well lynn You must be joking, five layers on, I'm dying here at the very thought, three layers are plety for me at sixty four, sorry...

  • Chi Ogboko
    Chi Ogboko Day ago

    Lynn S can't wrong! I'm plus size and the same complexion, as Tracy P so I love her plus size hauls. Can we have winter fashion haul from Tracy P? 🙏

  • Che tana
    Che tana Day ago

    Wasteful. Do not throw out the box it came in just to put it in a box you bought- especially if it's plastic! The next show will be about going green.

  • Bimmerbabe
    Bimmerbabe Day ago

    why mention price and not mention who the designer is. does no good if someone wanted to buy a piece

  • Panagiota Karagianni

    You looks great!!❤❤❤

  • linda jackson
    linda jackson Day ago

    Liked 👍🏾👍🏾

  • linda jackson
    linda jackson Day ago


  • Redblade
    Redblade Day ago

    If it rakes in money from the gullible and the TV company’s ratings go up, then they don't care one way or the other.

  • linda jackson
    linda jackson Day ago

    The men fashions I like the women,,,, not so much back to the drawing board ladies😕

  • Redblade
    Redblade Day ago

    It's easy for a charlatan to trick an already brain-dead audience!

  • daNIG00
    daNIG00 Day ago

    I thought there were 5 KKK guy in the thumbnail

  • a r
    a r Day ago

    You are on point with this Lynn Spence today. Your flat iron hair looks fab on you and love the green peplum outfit too. Smashing!

  • Elaine Anderson

    I was in the men's department in Macy's on State Street all the mensware is beautiful.

  • Rose Lion
    Rose Lion Day ago

    I don’t like this looks to busy to me. Might be pretty and cool for someone else.

  • sharon mcmann-morelli

    In a small room how can you do it? Bringing furniture towards the center I think would make it look smaller.....

  • Bella Dice
    Bella Dice Day ago

    again, what about 4c type hair segment

  • Anne Rankin
    Anne Rankin Day ago

    Always with the Joe Fresh....

  • Dee B
    Dee B Day ago

    Hot flashing just looking at it 😓 Other than that "little" detail, GREAT!

  • Coneigh Seay-Dial

    As a newly gifted psychic medium (not newly gifted but the gift was recently discovered) the first part that he said about how it works made so much sense to me

  • Renee Bryant
    Renee Bryant Day ago

    Uh no ...

  • guriyadd
    guriyadd Day ago

    Love Deepika!

  • Filipina צירילין

    She say BV is the overgrowth of good bacteria and yeast is a fungal ?

  • Magz Sara
    Magz Sara Day ago

    Never be disrespectful to our abundant universe.. It never ceases to provide us with food so stop practising lack!

  • remmirath42
    remmirath42 Day ago

    I'm an adult dealing with some of these issues and I actually have two lava lamps. Guess I'm doing something right :D

  • Ryan V.
    Ryan V. Day ago

    Ejected from a vehicle during a car accident and didn’t look her best. Who would have thought.

  • Rob
    Rob 2 days ago

    If you’re an adult and you believe this moron in any way, you belong in a mental institution.

  • Raphael Isho
    Raphael Isho 2 days ago

    sorry you didn't mention that kind of water, i think if it's not kangen water you not doing it the right way so 1st change your water change your life ,

  • Suzi Hazlove
    Suzi Hazlove 2 days ago


  • SunRae* **
    SunRae* ** 2 days ago

    "Art you can vacuum. " That would work for me.

  • Alice L
    Alice L 2 days ago

    Stop talking over each other.

  • SunRae* **
    SunRae* ** 2 days ago

    I have to do that shelf system. Its gorgeous. I would do it in white and silver.

  • prathima gadiyam
    prathima gadiyam 2 days ago

    Boss lady ...... proud of u deepica .. keep going and rocking in this makeup industry 👌👍👍👍👍👍

  • Valerie Jewell
    Valerie Jewell 2 days ago

    Sorry, I am an Interior Designer..... not impressed....

  • Mindy L.
    Mindy L. 2 days ago

    What if I hope to start selling nice used clothing on eBay or Poshmark (which means a fairly high volume of clothing per ea steaming session). Which steamer would be best?? Thank you very much!

  • Beautiful Ross
    Beautiful Ross 2 days ago

    I love those tables, wish I knew where to buy them

  • Dick TRASHY
    Dick TRASHY 2 days ago

    not even a black look !!!

  • Lady Yankee Rebel
    Lady Yankee Rebel 2 days ago

    Good will is the best place to find great treasures.....with am awesome price!

  • Rene' Barry
    Rene' Barry 2 days ago

    As long as you're rail skinny

    • Ulvia
      Ulvia 2 days ago

      What is the problem was that exactly?

  • Stephanie MB
    Stephanie MB 2 days ago

    Can't stand him... So gay

  • Vivien Mcnaul
    Vivien Mcnaul 2 days ago

    You look great in red. Always enjoy watching on u tube

  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay 2 days ago

    What bra is that last one, the smooth bra??

  • Jeffrey Richardson
    Jeffrey Richardson 2 days ago

    theres fear in scotts eyes ghliahablastoma doug dies one of scotts old lies

    • Jeffrey Richardson
      Jeffrey Richardson 2 days ago

      one hundred dollars mikes dogs first white hartz collars cancers new callers

    HUDSON VINTAGE 2 days ago

    Hi! The duet that you showed is by Coro and it is called "En Tremblant" when it has an element that moves or more specifically, is on a spring. Nice segment on vintage accessories!

  • Ten Ways To Wear It

    I wish they would link the featured items. I couldn’t understand the name of the store that sells the mask and I’d love to buy that. Was it snub?

  • Shana Berekely
    Shana Berekely 2 days ago

    That was a good one!

  • Lalitha Srinivasan
    Lalitha Srinivasan 2 days ago

    Tracy you are the best! So funny and great.. love you and the show!

  • Sandy S
    Sandy S 2 days ago

    Omg I love Traceys sweater and skirt. Can you please tell me where I can get these 2 pieces! Thank you!

  • Debby Black
    Debby Black 2 days ago

    Waste of time. Clutter wall!