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Vök - Remixes EP
Views 3.3KYear ago
Vök - Hiding
Views 22K2 years ago
SYML - Where's My Love
Views 119K2 years ago
lùisa - The Underground
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Kill J - Gravity [Audio]
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  • Pedrito BR
    Pedrito BR 57 minutes ago

    Alguem em 2019???

  • typeOhh
    typeOhh 2 hours ago

    Looks like a big toe....

  • Alibek Yeginbay
    Alibek Yeginbay 3 hours ago

    我是哈萨克斯坦的人 我最喜欢的歌 每天都听这歌

  • Spit Dragon
    Spit Dragon 4 hours ago

    22+? *Send my way*

  • Irene Alzubaidi
    Irene Alzubaidi 5 hours ago

    this is a MASTERPIECE!!!!

  • Heartbroken DC
    Heartbroken DC 6 hours ago


  • Alex BOH
    Alex BOH 6 hours ago

    can pls u make another new song🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Dustin Pulley
    Dustin Pulley 8 hours ago

    Love this song and the man in the video is fine as Hell!!

  • thesandsie13the2nd
    thesandsie13the2nd 9 hours ago

    lost the lady I always thought of as my mum last week I hope she's in the arms of the angels . I love mum finlay

  • TheMagpieAndHisTiger
    TheMagpieAndHisTiger 10 hours ago

    ‘Greatest Generation’ music vs Gen Z

  • akrobeau
    akrobeau 10 hours ago

    mr sandman man me a sand make it the cutest car door hook hand

  • Hariana SH
    Hariana SH 11 hours ago

    Setiap denger lagu ini.. selalu ingat dg Simoncelli.. saat itu lagu ini, jadi back sound. Saat Simoncelli tabrakan secara live. RIP Simoncelli 😢

  • Kelvin Bolton
    Kelvin Bolton 13 hours ago

    A beautiful song... A beautiful film.... A beautiful lady.... So why do I play this when I feel sad..... Go figure...

  • Klasky Csupo Yes Heather No VGCP EDCP

    0:47 Does Anyone Notice six crying?

  • Ava Synth
    Ava Synth 16 hours ago

    MTV 120 minutes. Late 2000s thos were the times!

  • Lidia Segura Solano
    Lidia Segura Solano 17 hours ago

    Is the music 🎶 for time of my granma

  • Ryuu Yamii
    Ryuu Yamii 17 hours ago

    I really love this song <3

  • Shubham Sarkate
    Shubham Sarkate 18 hours ago

    Found out best side of youtube to cry

  • Analyticalinadream
    Analyticalinadream 18 hours ago

    Heard this on the Ken Burns show....I LOVE IT!

  • Hail2thecabbage
    Hail2thecabbage 18 hours ago

    thank you bobby

  • Jeon_junglebook 97
    Jeon_junglebook 97 19 hours ago

    This hit hard-

  • Paulie Da Arifish
    Paulie Da Arifish 19 hours ago

    I feel it! <3

  • FBI agent #3877
    FBI agent #3877 20 hours ago

    I know that it may sound pretty stupid... but i think im done... Bye

  • XGAM3R
    XGAM3R 21 hour ago

    Someone still here after 10 years of nostalgia?

  • Himiko Toga
    Himiko Toga 21 hour ago

    I keep hearing Mr. Salmon ._.

  • topan Oneng
    topan Oneng 22 hours ago

    Why this beautiful song only get 40m viewers😥😥😥

  • jem
    jem Day ago

    I remember singing this in school when i was in 7th grade

  • Phương Hà Ngô

    Addicted brought me here

  • TheBlueEyed
    TheBlueEyed Day ago

    Reply if you found this in a BNHA amv! I found the cover by luck finally, it's pretty damn good.

  • NjSnipesZ
    NjSnipesZ Day ago

    I was too lazy to skip a RU-clip ad and this music video was it. Glad I didn’t skip the ad, this song is pretty good!

  • t0var85
    t0var85 Day ago

    Bailar hasta quemarnos 🎵🎵🎵... Y no sé bailar 😅

  • Klasky Csupo Yes Heather No VGCP EDCP

    this should have been uploaded on July 8th, 2009

  • Yochran
    Yochran Day ago

    If you like this song I strongly suggest to listen to these 5 songs, also by OCMS. 1. Were all in this together 2. Ain’t it enough 3. Ways of man 4. Take em away 5. Bootleggers Boy

  • Kenold Robekent SYL

    For my honey Sofia... a wonderful woman that i can stop loving even if... If she wasn't exist i would ask God to create her If love her is a sin, i am condemned to die. Love you so much Soso

  • comgeek24
    comgeek24 Day ago

    Here because of Ken Burns' Country Music

  • Sprucy ****
    Sprucy **** Day ago

    He falls behind, I'll just chew my damn arm off, to get rid of the dead weight. LOL :)

  • 27xion
    27xion Day ago

    This song only makes me think of bates motel now RIP Norma :'(

  • jimmy p
    jimmy p Day ago

    Def a stoner song

  • Harendra Kumar


  • Lenny The Ghost

    What does "syml" means?


    just 1 word............ 💔MALEC💘


    This song really is just 😔😔

  • Smythe
    Smythe Day ago

    Play 1.25x for all my raver fam out there :)

  • Brooks Carlson

    I love Hey Ocean, been listening for about a year and I don't watch MLP. I wonder why they haven't had their breakout song/album, 964K for Big Blue Wave is a crime it should be the millions. I have noticed that their music video quality has dropped since the IS album, wonder if they spent all their money on these videos :) . Also check out Song about California and Too Soon.

  • Laura Kondyjowska

    jak się nazywają ci aktorzy grani w tej piosence?

  • Jenny Hess
    Jenny Hess Day ago

    Lily Kershaw songs have been used at a couple of key points during Criminal Minds Scenes. Ironically, the one I remember was at JJ's wedding in Rossi's backyard....and now this one, when she professes her love to Reid.

  • Shubho Roy
    Shubho Roy Day ago

    Such a feel good movie, never fails to cheer me up! Terrific song as well - keep coning back to it.

  • Zakir Hasanov
    Zakir Hasanov Day ago

    This band is like modern version of ABBA. Isn't it?)

  • 塵埃
    塵埃 Day ago

    沒有一點點防備 也沒有一絲顧慮 你就這樣出現在我的世界裡 帶給我驚喜 情不自已 可是你偏又這樣 在我不知不覺中 悄悄的消失 從我的世界裡 沒有音訊 剩下的只是回憶 你存在 我深深的腦海裡 我的夢裡 我的心裡 我的歌聲裡 你存在 我深深的腦海裡 我的夢裡 我的心裡 我的歌聲裡 還記得我們曾經 肩並肩一起走過 那段繁華巷口 儘管你我是陌生人 是過路人 但彼此還是感覺到了對方的 一個眼神 一個心跳.... 一種意想不到的快樂 好像是 一場夢境 命中註定 你存在 我深深的腦海裡 我的夢裡 我的心裡 我的歌聲裡 你存在 我深深的腦海裡 我的夢裡 我的心裡 我的歌聲裡 世界之大為何我們相遇 難道是緣分 難道是天意... 你存在 我深深的腦海裡 我的夢裡 我的心裡 我的歌聲裡 你存在 我深深的腦海裡 我的夢裡 我的心裡 我的歌聲裡 你存在 我深深的腦海裡 我的夢裡 我的心裡 我的歌聲裡

  • Annabel Lee
    Annabel Lee 2 days ago

    this song made feel that it’s okey to be alone

  • Annabel Lee
    Annabel Lee 2 days ago

    it’s magical to feel happy and sad at the same time.... a weird kind of balace that is somehow contenting

  • Dennis Karani
    Dennis Karani 2 days ago

    this sparks a different type of nostalgia, really hard. 2019 anyone?

  • martin threlfall
    martin threlfall 2 days ago

    Love it! Gorgeous women 💌

  • 劉玉玲
    劉玉玲 2 days ago

    其實玉玲真是很想將這首我的歌聲裡送給歐陽震華,雖然他離開tvb都有一段時間但是仍然在粉絲的心目中永遠深深留在腦海中,甚至更加可以激勵粉絲同埋所有喜歡歐陽震華的香港人又或者年青人keep fighting。

  • 劉玉玲
    劉玉玲 2 days ago


  • y33llowsubmarin
    y33llowsubmarin 2 days ago

    That hook "Hush don't you cry" is so EPIC....................

  • y33llowsubmarin
    y33llowsubmarin 2 days ago

    Always dig these guys......they are influenced by the Talking Heads which is alright with me =)

  • なかごめ
    なかごめ 2 days ago

    Chinese music should be much more popular than Kpop! It is much higher quality!🙏🔥

    • lifeform106
      lifeform106 Day ago

      なかごめ I agree it’s very underrated. I’ve listened to many Taiwanese singers and they are far more consistent.

  • なかごめ
    なかごめ 2 days ago

    Hi I'm japanese, I love Chinese Music and Culture!🔥🇨🇳🤝🇯🇵

    • Andrew chen
      Andrew chen 15 hours ago

      Love too

    • Andrew chen
      Andrew chen 15 hours ago

      claudia sogah i love Italian too

    • claudia sogah
      claudia sogah 16 hours ago

      Hi I' m Italian and love the Japanese and Chinese culture and songs

    • lifeform106
      lifeform106 Day ago

      私はアメリカ人ですけど、日本語を勉強して、中国語も勉強したいと思います。😃 🇹🇼とてもすごいですね

    • 取个名字好烦
      取个名字好烦 2 days ago

      thank you

  • Lobita Xu
    Lobita Xu 2 days ago


  • Shrouded Lion
    Shrouded Lion 2 days ago

    Thank you for getting me all the way across the country with this song! I was done and you sung backup for me the entire time!

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    new 888 2 days ago

    my old room

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    new 888 2 days ago

    👁👁👤👥🧠👄👅👣👀 18+

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  • Olivia Williams
    Olivia Williams 2 days ago

    Chills! Unbelievable.

  • Olivia Williams
    Olivia Williams 2 days ago

    Obsessed...... Truly amazing.

  • djovani29
    djovani29 2 days ago

    Anyone else always thought the ending should have been the chorus ? Great song!

  • Jërrii Liitüs
    Jërrii Liitüs 2 days ago

    Beauty 2020 :D

  • MaRa GamingRO
    MaRa GamingRO 2 days ago

    Pe partea intunecata a lunii.Legend

  • haru
    haru 2 days ago


  • milla lol
    milla lol 2 days ago

    this is amazing!

  • Chivinh Pov
    Chivinh Pov 2 days ago

    我再来一波了 2019/09/19

  • Jack Slav
    Jack Slav 2 days ago

    i won't lie the hard bass is good mix

  • ShadowPresident 420

    Larstradamus was ahead of his time with this prophecy... When an artist references the year in the lyrics, it makes it sound current and timely as fuck initially... but once the year referenced is no longer current, it really sort of backfires as it becomes outdated. After MORE time passes however, it becomes nostalgic.

  • Rachael
    Rachael 2 days ago

    Good song.

  • Wonu_ Yul
    Wonu_ Yul 2 days ago

    Please this song make me love with China 😆

  • assistant gamer
    assistant gamer 2 days ago

    Omg u is man

  • gumilang tamara
    gumilang tamara 2 days ago


  • Pr000000tu 68%
    Pr000000tu 68% 2 days ago

    Pee pee

  • Ben Hajioff
    Ben Hajioff 3 days ago

    so modern should be illegal

  • Ricky Lawrenz
    Ricky Lawrenz 3 days ago

    2019/09/18 举手


    Здорово!.. ☼

  • Hector Eduardo Gil Acuña

    fifa 2002

  • Amer Ana
    Amer Ana 3 days ago

    I heard the song on sahara kids movie by coincedance, many thanks for this nice song, Amer from saudi arabia

  • Jessica Love
    Jessica Love 3 days ago

    Maybe one day if you sing

  • Alex Qiao
    Alex Qiao 3 days ago


  • mar'itza gtz
    mar'itza gtz 3 days ago

    Tap tap revenge anyone?

  • EdwinTheGreat337
    EdwinTheGreat337 3 days ago

    Heaven holds a sense of wonder and I wanted to believe that I get caught up when the rage in me subsides.

  • Queen Shea
    Queen Shea 3 days ago

    I'm glad I stumbled upon your songs. All of them beautiful, and your voice is so good I can't tell you how much your songs soothe me when I'm down. Thank you, for being a beautiful human being 💜

  • Alan Blanes
    Alan Blanes 3 days ago

    I'm glad Democracy Now! used this song today in their interview with Naomi Klein on her new book ON FIRE about the climate crisis.

  • Caroline Lim
    Caroline Lim 3 days ago

    Maher Zain - Hold My Hand 😊👌

  • Steink
    Steink 3 days ago

  • Steink
    Steink 3 days ago

    Great tune. May have been heavily influenced by skynyrd’s “all I can do is write about it”. Exact same chords. Both great tunes

    • SBlackmare
      SBlackmare Day ago

      I don’t think Bob Dylan needs to copy Lynyrd Skynyrd. He’s above them by a few miles.

    • Pepperoni Toni
      Pepperoni Toni Day ago

      He wrote the first verse and chorus

    • James Dethrow
      James Dethrow Day ago

      Well, the majority was writen by Bob dylan.

  • Tyler Griffith
    Tyler Griffith 3 days ago

    I'm a exsoilder i cry evertime

  • Rowan Porterie
    Rowan Porterie 3 days ago

    Please turn on your magic beeeaaaan....

  • Pillowpizzarose Stuff

    It butiful but should be a animation meme idk why 🤣

  • III7
    III7 3 days ago

    But in reality she only date white men😂

  • Starry_Universe_
    Starry_Universe_ 3 days ago

    Yes, I love this! A change in pitch/speed and the music, and BOOM the song is basically entirely different, a different emotion.

  • MoorXD !
    MoorXD ! 3 days ago