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  • HoopleHeadUSA
    HoopleHeadUSA 22 minutes ago

    Been to the theater 36 times this year. Parasite is my favorite!

  • Nano Q
    Nano Q 2 hours ago

    I love he's french accent

  • dashwood09
    dashwood09 4 hours ago

    Great movie! Parasite is the perfect name for it.

  • Phil Mellor
    Phil Mellor 5 hours ago

    Went in with low expectations. Turns out that I liked this film a lot. Everyone involved deserve credit.

  • Nayely Ramirez
    Nayely Ramirez 22 hours ago

    Okay everybody is talking about asa but nobody talks about asa and alex working together OMFG 🥺🥺

  • Pigeon
    Pigeon Day ago

    2:22 Jessica only child Illinois......

  • sichengs
    sichengs Day ago

    Okay but is that the guy from Day6’s music videos? he looks extremely familiar

  • Atiq Bah
    Atiq Bah Day ago

    Wow this video have no thumbs down after it was for couple of years

  • s d
    s d Day ago

    Hi i'm from Turkey I heard a review about n then went to movie. Film impressed me so much(I watch after Joker thats why impressed me more ^^). Thank you Bong Joon ho

  • Nihilist
    Nihilist Day ago

    I've never met a more mismatched useless couple as these. The man is utterly useless in practically every dept. Stalking creep but instead of woman shaming him for stalking her lie the joker she starts passionately kissing him like a total slut but then things were dif in pre aids times. Now everything is sexual harassment and metoo. The woman trips over the bed trying to get away makes a phone call with killer still in house not dead stupid bitch deserves to die a slow death with the coward who can't go through a tunnel be also scared of a dog. Doesn't even detect Indian guy was his supposed friend all along the guy is a total retard only slightly better than the obsessive-compulsive bitch who just parades in front of her mirror same time night after night like a deranged narcissist only to spend her meaningless days like Paris Hilton just going on vacuous spiritually barren shopping sprees.

  • Disent Design
    Disent Design Day ago

    im glad the bogan shithead generation of my father is dying off...bunch of backwards, savage degenerate cunts. There is something to be said about having a little grace. this movie looks good though

  • philip mazonson

    This was really great!

  • Nicolai Marquez

    "Bong Joon-ho is a genre" I honestly love when the genre conventions are broken, and I loved what he had to say about that. People have an idea of what a film should be, but honestly, a film should surprise you, and no films surprises me more than the ones of this director. Btw, if anyone is looking for something similar to the "Bong Joon-ho genre", I'd HIGHLY recommend Netfli'xs Maniac. Is honestly the only american thing I've ever seen that plays with genre as much as Bong does. Gotta hand it to Cary Fukunga. He made the most genre bending series I've ever seen, and he also knows how to make good use of symbolism. Honestly, if you enjoy Bong's cinema, I highly suggest you watch Maniac

  • hotgritz4sho
    hotgritz4sho 2 days ago

    The original movie was groundbreaking. Terrifying. Haunting beyond the theater experience. And the 40 yr sequel was equally compelling, nostalgic, horrifying and brutal. I actually screamed more in this direct second sequel than the 70’s original. Can’t wait for the “Halloween Kills” next year!!!

  • rusty lazer
    rusty lazer 2 days ago

    Who is this music?

  • Mico Orda
    Mico Orda 2 days ago

    If Killing goes on another season, I wanna see Bong direct all episodes, that would be epic.

  • Steve Miller
    Steve Miller 2 days ago

    Apart from the very instructive and brilliant quotes of Abbas Kiarostami , I really Enjoyed Masoumeh's Interpretations of his words. it's no wonder that he chose her to be his assistant for so long during his life. Thank you Masoumeh

  • Sudhir Raghu
    Sudhir Raghu 2 days ago

    So, these two are an actual couple or was he talking about his specific example? Anyways, really great movie and didn't expect this from KSA!

  • Sudhir Raghu
    Sudhir Raghu 2 days ago

    Baraka meets Baraka was a fantastic movie. The yearning of its youth for reformation or rather the days before the revolution, reminded me of a scene from "The Lost City"- where a Cuban émigré tries to create a slice of pre-revolutionary Havana in NYC. These guys are trying to reform their society- lovely people.

  • Ramesh Patil
    Ramesh Patil 3 days ago

    Te ty

  • Alexander Briggman
    Alexander Briggman 3 days ago

    I’m happy this film ended up paving the way for a new scream movie to begin to be made

  • shane ford
    shane ford 3 days ago

    Everyone in this cast seems high, including the kid

  • Rational Modifan
    Rational Modifan 3 days ago


  • Rational Modifan
    Rational Modifan 3 days ago

    What the fuck is wrong with the host. Never hire indians, we are so full of ourselves and cannot not take ourselves seriously.

  • manikanta ghattamaneni

    I saw this movie more than 10times un believable

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood 4 days ago

    great around the block trailer festival 2013 with christina ricci aka dino chalmers !!!

  • Sheryl Iheanachor
    Sheryl Iheanachor 4 days ago

    Wonderful wording...HUMAN RACE..ONE LOVE.

  • John Mclean
    John Mclean 4 days ago

    Starts at 9:00

  • 高杉晋作
    高杉晋作 4 days ago


  • Talha Teke
    Talha Teke 4 days ago

    Günlerce karşısında oturup izleyebilirim

  • saif Malik
    saif Malik 4 days ago

    He was a pervert

  • Amadi Benjamin
    Amadi Benjamin 4 days ago

    Genevieve, restrategise because your people do not like your character but I am happy with your achievements. That movie is great

  • 푸른
    푸른 4 days ago


  • Alondra Gutierrez
    Alondra Gutierrez 4 days ago

    so much love for all of them. incredible

  • Pierre Adler
    Pierre Adler 5 days ago

    A very impressive artist.

  • cloudykai
    cloudykai 5 days ago

    Dudes laugh at 25:53 lmfao

  • Rê Nâs
    Rê Nâs 5 days ago

    Kurdish subtitles ??

    IABI TV 5 days ago

    Him talking about being an actor with an accent and getting the worst kind of roles because of it... damn, now that I remember his role in Cube Zero, it all sadly makes sense now. ( *Spoiler alert:* He portrays that guy at the beginning who gets sprayed with some sort of water that made his flesh rot heavily, thus he collapsed in a bloody puddle and died.)

  • SpongeBob vlogs 9000


  • sreerag mundirikkal

    His frames speak silence.

  • Anthony Nesbitt
    Anthony Nesbitt 5 days ago

    What's the music?

  • YX Lau
    YX Lau 5 days ago

    One of the greatest movies I've seen in my entire life.

  • John McLean
    John McLean 5 days ago


  • Rakesh Mohanty
    Rakesh Mohanty 5 days ago

    Is this streaming anywhere ?

  • 윤설
    윤설 6 days ago

    믿고 보는 봉준호+송강호 조합

  • 크리스
    크리스 6 days ago

    his movies NEVER disappoint!

  • Will Mooney
    Will Mooney 6 days ago

    Orange light

  • Chatty Chatchat
    Chatty Chatchat 6 days ago

    So he said it! He's right and I agree with him. There's a thin line between watching a film and reading a book. Novels should not be compared to its film adaptation. A book ahould be enjoyed for its prose and films should be enjoyed as what they are.

  • vvs 0315
    vvs 0315 6 days ago

    He is like life is about using what you have now and that is you

  • Zack X89
    Zack X89 6 days ago

    i never forget the scene on the couch... 😜

  • Swilver wolfy
    Swilver wolfy 6 days ago

    I love this movie :’3

  • koyukiny
    koyukiny 7 days ago

    I watched this movie last week and this was an amazing movie. I felt very sad after the movie was over and had lots of comicated feeling in my head. There are alot of metaphors and symbolism and it is a universal story so regardless of ethnic, cultural, or national background, everyone can relate to the story. It is a briliant movie. I think Director Bong is a genius

  • Fleisch Berg
    Fleisch Berg 7 days ago

    What he's saying in the beginning is o true. Gangham Style is the hymn of our age.

  • What a fucking joke

    Come to the dark side

  • ND
    ND 7 days ago

    Bong is my favorite filmmaker after Park.... Sorry Park but Kim Ki duke is King of South Korean cinema. I ❤️ all of you

  • Hemal Kantawala
    Hemal Kantawala 8 days ago

    Parasite ending was 🤷🏽‍♀

    • amy
      amy 8 days ago

      Hemal Kantawala well it’s a movie that gets better the more you think about and really dig into the details 🤷‍♀️

  • Araiz Ashraf
    Araiz Ashraf 8 days ago

    0:25 Time freak ?? 😂😂

  • 成田大知
    成田大知 9 days ago


  • Osa Calme
    Osa Calme 9 days ago

    Reiner pushing for war against Russia, now find LBJ who killed JFK (partially because he wanted to end the cold war), a more complex person, how convenient : Reiner is a warmonger for jew mafia's agenda (which was the same at the JFK's period, reason why when JFK said no nuke for Israel, they pushed for racist America throught LBJ, to kill him). Very sad. Remember Reiner's puppet Morgan Freeman saying "we're at war" with Putin, they invade us ... etc ? ru-clip.com/video/l87XD5UeUy4/video.html ru-clip.com/video/zB9FDl1siS4/video.html

  • startlepoint
    startlepoint 9 days ago

    Ben, whose character was originally to be a rowdy, white biker, is really a screw-up through most of the film. He is wrong about the best way to protect the house, and Mr. Cooper (the supposed villain) is ultimately right about the cellar being the safest (or safer) place. The last shot of Cooper reaching out to his dying daughter, before he himself dies after Ben shoots him, gets overlooked as among the most touching moments. The vigilantes shoot Ben in the end (once he emerges from the cellar) not because he's black, but because they think he's another zombie -- after they had shot a bunch of white zombies. The film seems more to be about a group of dysfunctional people not able to defend themselves from a catastrophe. Ben is no "hero." He is more of a jerk. And wishful thinking does not make for good film criticism! Romero was, i guess, clever in changing the race of the character and allowing some people to project what really is not there.

  • Rosemary Garcia
    Rosemary Garcia 9 days ago

    Celeb JIHAD news today saw your o faces🖤

  • Rosemary Garcia
    Rosemary Garcia 9 days ago

    Old fat nasty arrested for murder of several children

  • Choi Young-Rock
    Choi Young-Rock 9 days ago

    Respect!!!!!! 리스페에엑트!!!

  • Morteza Khezri
    Morteza Khezri 9 days ago


  • RocketMuffin
    RocketMuffin 10 days ago

    What’s the background music in this video?

  • mhm데나
    mhm데나 10 days ago

    I love his films and I'm so pleased with his choice of actors/actresses. Choi woosik is a phenomenal actor. So is Park So Dam.

  • 나줌마쌤NajummaT

    Great!!!! I really respect him!!!!!

  • garcia Robert
    garcia Robert 10 days ago

    i love Bong joon ho movies

  • Aryak Chatterjee
    Aryak Chatterjee 10 days ago

    That is why Bong in my favourite.

  • Manish Mhase
    Manish Mhase 10 days ago

    Cinematic masterpiece Hard hitting

  • Matthew Beckman
    Matthew Beckman 11 days ago

    R.I.P George Romero 1940-2017

  • Rajesh Sivaram
    Rajesh Sivaram 11 days ago

    I also need to see him talking in hexafluoride inhaled. How down can it get?🎈 😁 Beautiful Actor. Edit: Just imagine. He acted like a real jerk(to me) for 2 years for a mockumentary, lost his weight, gained it again, portrayed one of the most beautiful hated villain Commodus, and a loved one's origin, Joker. He is fantastic. Gonna go see Joker.

  • Benjamin LE PAGE
    Benjamin LE PAGE 11 days ago

    Good reminder that some of us are very lucky - and should appreciate more.

  • I'm Nesto
    I'm Nesto 11 days ago

    original billie

  • HarpoTheVillain
    HarpoTheVillain 11 days ago

    Just got here from RedLetterMedia. I have to wonder...when a movie director or actor is dressing to go to a film festival or a press event and he reaches into his closet or whatever and grabs a scarf...does he ever stop or think it over? Like it reinforces the stereotype of the pretentious artist auteur that's kinda full of it? "Eh, maybe I'll take this off when I arrive."

  • John Boko Show
    John Boko Show 12 days ago

    3:31 Yeah well you totally did a good job in tricking that girl into thinking that she's just playing a strong independent inspirational character when it actuality she was just playing a feminazi character for propaganda political agenda statement"It's a sad thing that must be talked about" Yes because woke assholes like you in Hollywood want to do that nobody ask for political ideologies, beliefs, point of view about society, race, genders to be in movies all they ask for is a entertaining film with good writing and good performances and special effects why is that so fucking hard nowadays ?, 3:51 LOL ! Bullshit you try to make Dani just like Sarah in the first film and like John in future war flashback sequences but more unrealistic and unbelievable and stupid, whiny, annoying, with an actress that delivered a truly un-charismatic weak unbelievable try hard cringe inducing performance unlike, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, Christian Bale 3:59 because Cameron want that to get back at Patty Jenkins director of Wonder Woman over a stupid argument they had on Twitter about their point of views characterization of Wonder Woman was written and their oppose and in defense towards that between on another and their beliefs of how strong independent female characters should be written and integrated on screen to compete to see who film makes the most the money in the box office that translates that they done better, ya we know Tim no need to cover it up and it is not advantageous for a Woman to be mankind savior/leader it's the way how you and the writers executed is less advantageous compare to how Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd, William Wisher did it with John Connor, You guys were trying to use that less advantageous with Dani to make it believable but it just doesn't work it failed not only in terms of the writing but in the casting choice aswell Natalia Reyes can't act worth a shit and she's too fucking short to be able to hold a gun 4:16 yeah right you mean she stole that idea from Salvation just like Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd did for T1 with slight alterations like swapping it's sexuality and by giving it pathetic limitations. 4:19 Um hello this done before four times in a row in the franchise Grace is not anything new moron. 4:42 Well what kind of casting director you have ? Jeez

  • Buddy Silver
    Buddy Silver 12 days ago

    ALLAH & MUHAMMAD AGREED THAT 6 WAS THE RIGHT AGE FOR MARRIAGE & 9 FOR FULL PENETRATIVE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE! I HAD A DREAM: Narrated 'Aisha: Allah's Apostle said to me, "You were shown to me twice (in my dream) before I married you. I saw an angel carrying you in a silken piece of cloth, and I said to him, 'Uncover (her),' and behold, it was you. I said (to myself), 'If this is from Allah, then it must happen.' Then you were shown to me, the angel carrying you in a silken piece of cloth, and I said (to him), 'Uncover (her), and behold, it was you. I said (to myself), 'If this is from Allah, then it must happen.'" (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 87, Number 140; see also Number 139) Narrated Aisha, Ummul Mu'minin: The Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) married me when I was seven or six. When we came to Medina, some women came. According to Bishr's version: Umm Ruman came to me when I was swinging. They took me, made me prepared and decorated me. 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  • Kenan Akyuz
    Kenan Akyuz 12 days ago

    Ez kürd 🇨🇬🇨🇬🇨🇬

  • Project862006
    Project862006 12 days ago

    more people need to see memories of murder his masterpiece imo one of the best crime thrillers i have ever seen

    • Đông Phong
      Đông Phong Day ago

      @Gourmet God Midora this is true. police has final matched the dna and even got a confession of the crime

    • Gourmet God Midora
      Gourmet God Midora 3 days ago

      LoVerS wait are you fkn serious?

    • sarad matthew tigga
      sarad matthew tigga 5 days ago

      @LoVerS yup, 19th Sep 2019.😊

    • BeThomsen
      BeThomsen 5 days ago

      It wasnt that good tbh

  • Aldo Valderrama
    Aldo Valderrama 12 days ago

    Proper subversion of expectations.

  • Laura Cidoni
    Laura Cidoni 12 days ago

    Can anyone please tell me, in the first clip when he is saying "you think there's goodness in everyone"- what movie is this from?

  • Girl 7
    Girl 7 12 days ago

    The book is a lot better...

  • tirami SOOK
    tirami SOOK 12 days ago


  • John Boko Show
    John Boko Show 13 days ago

    0:59 NO....YA THINK FUCKING JACKASS !? and people like me do love that hard ass, non verbal, scarred future John Connor that we saw in a split second in the opening future war sequence in T2 looking out through his binoculars at the warfare going on in the distance at his H.Q. because it showcases what he's going to become in the future and showcase his raw merciful but ruthless, fearful, masculinity as to why he is and always was meant to be the leader and savior, and hope in the darkest, desperate, depressing, dire times for the remainder of mankind after Judgement Day in the ruins/destruction of their own devil that they created for good intentions that went awry and why always Skynet wanted to send machines back in time to erase his existence to begin with and WHY he was SO fucking IMPORTANT ! he is a hard challenge for Skynet as to why Skynet was so determine to take him out, Clearly you missed the point by 100 miles what that scene was about which shocks me being the Terminator fan that you say you are, The Terminator franchise was NEVER about Sarah it was never a Sarah STORY ! It was A JOHN CONNOR STORY ! The first movie her protection was important for the existence of John Connor that was all and she not alone had John Kyle was important too if it wasn't for a white Male cum she wouldn't had John And for you to have the gall to say that killing him off helps elevate Sarah Connor character arc for this film in the future 20 years later to where she is just a careless, drunk, ignorant, loser that doesn't have no purpose at all that have nothing to live other than just keep continue to live day by day going around just hunting Terminators with anger, vengeance with her grievance just shows me that you aren't really a fan of the franchise, HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU BE FAN IF YOU GOING TO DO SOMETHING SO FUCKING DISRESPECTFUL LIKE THAT !? You're not a fan of this franchise stop fucking lying to us and yourself you're just like Rian Johnson another fucking hack job of a filmmaker. There are many different paths you could have taken with Sarah Connor evolution, progression in her arc and characterization without having to kill her son you stupid fuck that is not only way to go, BULLFUCKINSHIT ! Of coarse Sarah doesn't can never live happy she always have to be angry, vengeful, irritated, frustrated basically she always have to be living with stress, fear about her son survival and in mankind fate I get that with her character and yes you have to find a way to keep her that way and expand her arc but in doing so the way that you did is just fucking disgusting, disgraceful, GO FUCK YOURSELF ! "She need to have tragedy" SHE ALREADY HAVE TRAGEDY YOU FUCKING IDIOT ! with the loss of her husband Kyle Reese she loved Reese and comes and visit her in her dreams to encourage her to do as much as she can to protect John she had nightmares about the human race gets burn and blown away like leaves/ashes/dust in flames including herself, she was being hunted down to be killed by a machine cover in living human tissue what's not more tragic than that ? And yes you want to show the dark outcome/consequences of her actions of preventing Judgement Day but the way how you go about it makes NO FUCKIN sense in the continuity of timeline you moron and you didn't need to kill John Connor the consequence could simply be another Terminator that is way more dangerous than before after so many years that come back in time to kill her son and she realize that what she and her son try to prevent didn't work and that fuels her with rage and by the end she dies leaving her son to handle it by himself and John independently becomes the Man who is destine to be and prevent it himself permanently fulfill what his mother try hard to stop for him and mankind in spirit, it's direct sequel to T1, T2 and it's John story so by this third film (Technically sixth film) he develops and evolve through the journey he goes through in this as teen and that of T2 when he was a little child and it would have fully wrap up the arc perfectly, you could have also had the Skynet invasion in the past with future John meeting with his past self battling the machines and destroying the A.I. of wherever it may be and take out Danny Dyson who secretly a machine send back in time with the technology equipment to bring Skynet machines through and that would have been something cool, badass and epic compare to this shit.

  • Mariajen Xxz
    Mariajen Xxz 13 days ago

    coz joaquin has real pain,that does not heal..its hes brother😭..and who knows what else, the guy is a child actor,,u know that explains it already not having a normal life

  • Christian Qb
    Christian Qb 13 days ago

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Add Subtitle spanish pleeeeeeease I can't stand completly :'( I need this

  • Firefox13A
    Firefox13A 13 days ago

    Still holds up to this day

  • Sing Sang Sung
    Sing Sang Sung 13 days ago

    The movie was very unpredictable and I love it. It’s very funny but there’s much deeper meaning within the movie and Please come see the movie. You will never regret it. I love this kinds of movie and Bong really is a genius. He’s crazy genius

  • gost max
    gost max 13 days ago

    I love see him with together❤🔥

  • Poxow
    Poxow 13 days ago

    You call it transcendental. I call it boring.

  • Big Cricket
    Big Cricket 14 days ago

    Serve science if you dont care about Gods moral judgment

  • TLElliott-NC
    TLElliott-NC 14 days ago

    Yeah, it's all about you Rob.

  • mrs.fahrenheit
    mrs.fahrenheit 14 days ago

    0:43 he reminded of marlon brando alot with this line

  • moha glade
    moha glade 14 days ago

    i've been struggling against the dark side for 3 years, i started to resent myself i felt like i can't have friends , i had the illusion that everyone doesn't like me and then i startedto get isolated , lost in my mind and my thoughts as i was living too much inside mym ind i started to look wierder and weirder to others and the idea of being hated by others started to grow and during that time i knew that's im heading to darkness ,i started to become numb i had no feelings i started to ignore everything i had no feelings for anything and i felt that this world ilive in is not mine ,i started to question why am i here why do i even keep on living ,and inside i'd call it the light in that darkness its an iner voice struggling telling me to hang on that this is all fake this is the dark side keep trying to get out of this state run , pray , do anything ,i was running from myself i couldn't stand being alone because my head was full of scary ideas ,but then after pushing myself to socialize and stop being alone i started to recover i started spending time with the people who love me my family and i started to build from that and now im recovering , but the only thingim happy i got rid of is the panic attacks at 1 am every night. now i feel better but i still sometimes zone out like i disconnect from the situation im in for no reason although i know i used to do that because before i used to feel panicked in social situation so i start ignoring everything as mecanism to run away but im alright now.

    • Elijah Payne
      Elijah Payne 10 days ago

      Get into therapy my Friend, it helps

  • rene Mahindule Muteera

    What is the Backgroun music

  • Jr Beans
    Jr Beans 14 days ago

    And the Oscar for Most acting goes to

  • StruckdownButNotdestroyed 1980

    Why is Oscar keep downplaying this guy?

  • sapna
    sapna 14 days ago

    He's awesome.

  • Alisa 03
    Alisa 03 15 days ago

    The best thing about him is he has range! You will never believe that same guy from the master played in 'her' movie! Not only he is a strong actor,he can sing and dance good!

    • musicaltheatergeek79
      musicaltheatergeek79 13 days ago

      He is what used to be called a *triple threat* (actor, singer, dancer).

  • Therese Marie B. Rico

    I love this movie. Was able to see only two of his videos - Snowpiercer and Parasite. Parasite hits home closely. Made me think of my own poverty. Made me rethink of the insensitive remarks I have uttered before.

    • Therese Marie B. Rico
      Therese Marie B. Rico Day ago

      @Ilija Hornjak got to watch Mother :) it's a nice movie but i still strongly feel towards something Parasite

    • Ilija Hornjak
      Ilija Hornjak 3 days ago

      Mother and Memories of Murderer is must watch by him

    • Therese Marie B. Rico
      Therese Marie B. Rico 10 days ago

      @Felipe Andrade I will search for it. I have watched Okja recently. :)

    • Felipe Andrade
      Felipe Andrade 10 days ago

      The Host and Mother are awesome too. I love that movies.