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  • Miss Ivory Rainbow
    Miss Ivory Rainbow 33 minutes ago

    Thank you so much for putting the flashing light warning. Truly appreciated

    LOSER Hour ago

    Ah yes, parents complaining and having things ruined for other people. >:(((((

  • Fish of Mocking
    Fish of Mocking 3 hours ago

    The way he said “chilly-wack” instead of “chill-ih-wack” made me cringe so hard

  • The modron Clock work goof ball

    The haunted mansion was wonderful I had the ghost that sat with me in the car they were dubbed?? And I had this strange happening that the ride stop and we had to walk through it to get out the cars were stuck so the cast members told us please be careful and fallow the light to get out it was strange but I will all ways remember it

  • The modron Clock work goof ball

    Love the the tower of terror

  • RobotWarrior
    RobotWarrior 5 hours ago

    Something tells me most of these props are going to go missing or be destroyed because of poor record keeping.

  • Mr. Swanstar
    Mr. Swanstar 6 hours ago

    that stitch ride looks rad!

  • Josh Whyatt
    Josh Whyatt 6 hours ago

    I think that queen would have been a good idea as well they could have used the old song with some remastered backing rock

  • Computer Wife
    Computer Wife 7 hours ago

    Honestly, as much as I love the current version of the ride, I’m open to the idea of Disney completely redoing it. As long as they still keep figment in the ride and don’t make it IP based, I feel like they can make something on a similar level to the original (and if they can bring back the Dreamfinder that’d be a mega plus)

  • WuPiDu
    WuPiDu 8 hours ago

    Stephen Spielberg: "You cut what to do what? You damf. why tf you did that for? That worth more than your life! You know what, get tf out of here, you're fired"!

  • Jason webb
    Jason webb 10 hours ago

    I'm waiting for them to announce The Lottery starring Bette Midler land. Even though it's big enough to warrant a stand alone park.

  • Edu Henrique de Almeida

    Had no idea Orson Welles came here to make a movie. Now I want to watch it so bad

  • Mike B
    Mike B 14 hours ago

    I remember riding this ride in 2011 and being totally confused when I reached the oil rig scene. I rode the frozen last week, way to go Disney 😂

  • Amber Coleman
    Amber Coleman 14 hours ago

    Aw, Musicana sounds amazing... : (

  • Amber Coleman
    Amber Coleman 14 hours ago

    Wow, I would have watched all of these, though I understand about reworking ToyStory and ToyStory 3... Lots of money wasted on these... They should have released them anyway. Aw man, Treasure Planet?!? Dude... So sad.

  • Mari Maru
    Mari Maru 17 hours ago

    I REMEMBER HEARING ABOUT FRAIDY CAT! I wish it could have come into being, not to mention the random hatred being flung at hitchcock... oof. Maybe some day they can stop remaking their own movies and come back to these...

  • JSB
    JSB 18 hours ago

    Maybe it wasn't beloved upon release but I think Return to Oz is severely underrated.

  • caddi bronze
    caddi bronze 18 hours ago

    Losing those dorthy shoes is so sad.

  • Josh Whyatt
    Josh Whyatt 19 hours ago

    I wanna se the yeti fixed

  • Kenneth Desmond Mosley

    Alive in wonderland is my least favorite of the Disney movies I’ve seen and the ride doesn’t improve on it

  • d3vilr0ckspolos
    d3vilr0ckspolos 20 hours ago

    So you're telling me bears killed the Indians?

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell 20 hours ago

    The City of Naboo it's not too hot or cold just perfect in fact I think Star Wars veriety visitor centers would be nice to have fans feel they are on many sets from the Star Wars trilogy movies and Solo needs to be remade

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell 20 hours ago

    Yes but Disney has ruined the Solo movie with things that had no business being in it and the script was poorly written so without George Lucas in the director chair Solo proved to be a failure instead of the company changing it up they packaged and sent that to stores anyway and fans were disapounted with how the Disney company make Luke Skywalker a hermit in Last Jedi it's not alright George Lucas should buy it back from them and fans also don't forgive the company for the death of Han Solo

  • Blueflower L
    Blueflower L 22 hours ago

    the narrator sounds like the top10 guy who does paranormal and horror vids

  • Mia Elliott
    Mia Elliott 22 hours ago

    i'm so mad the tower of terror is leaving!!!! disney's scary rides are the coolest thing about it! i want a snow white's scary adventures reboot....

  • jppmghrs
    jppmghrs Day ago

    The many sets from Intolerance (1916)

  • JinXMoon
    JinXMoon Day ago

    did... he called prince Phillip... Erick?

  • Maxwell Alexander

    It wasn't that bad. It wasn't exhilarating, but damn I didn't actually know it "sucked" being someone who rode the fucking thing.

  • Mary Denson
    Mary Denson Day ago

    10 unused Bosses\Boss Phases in Video Games.

  • Mary Denson
    Mary Denson Day ago

    10 Unused Bosses\Boss Phases In Video Games. Let's see if you can make that a video.

  • Georgif
    Georgif Day ago

    4:58 I love that the evil queen is staring at the cars like "I'm gonna ruin these people vacations"

  • asriel
    asriel Day ago

    thank god im not a 5 yr old Disney fangirl in the 1950s

  • Mariah Pacheco

    I'm willing to bet those who "complained" weren't actual victims of abuse who could honestly be triggered by the scene, but people who just want to complain. And the change of the chase scene after, in my opinion, mitigated the "trauma" of the auction scene. These women, though upset in a moment of shock (except the "biggest bargain of all" and Red herself. they seem a little eager), these women fought back against their captors. And i don't like the new scene at all. Red's volume is too high, like someone is in your face screaming "SEE?! SEE?! WE'RE WOKE NOW!" I don't think the change was well-thought out.

  • crispycritterz

    Then, as now Di$ney's biggest problem is it's executives. Bad management kills everything it touches.

  • Andrea Patane
    Andrea Patane Day ago

    I was Rebel Spy on Star Tours 2: The Adventures Continue in May 2019. How awesome was that? This ride rules! I 💕 it! PLEASE keep these historical theme park ride videos coming.

  • TheBaggadonuts

    I actually have on clear vhs video the cast member getting shot, holding his chest and dropping into the lower stairs portion of the gangster scene. Not sure if he exposes his wound, but he definitely does a spin while claiming to have been shot and than pretty roughly falls. Definitely was a pad there, no way he couldve fell so roughly and not injured himself.

  • Bryan Alvareeezy

    Damn! Wish I could had rode this ride lol

  • Sara B
    Sara B Day ago

    My sisters and I used to take a photo sitting in the chair in Minnie's house in WDW every year. We were so sad to see it go and the loss of a tradition!

  • Josh and Bella

    I cried on this when I was younger

  • Caligeur
    Caligeur Day ago

    Well, I think the idea of Nicholas Cage turning the film down because he thought children would think he looked like that makes a lot more sense if the film was gonna be partially live action... but it’s still funny how he talks about Shrek in the interview, like it’s some obscure film that no-ones ever heard of.

  • Buddy Brickhouse

    JUniversal Studios....

  • trainfan36
    trainfan36 Day ago

    Superstar limo is a weird ride

  • Andrew Spud
    Andrew Spud Day ago

    I want to live in the dimension where Fraidy Cat is my favorite Disney movie! :O

  • Bradley Ross
    Bradley Ross Day ago

    More excavation of a movie set in the cali dessert than all of Egypt XD

  • spud culverwell

    Miss the carousel of progress love the song it plays I haven’t be to Disney since 2000 and still stuck in my head

  • jesleighart
    jesleighart Day ago

    i would love a video on the circus

  • TisNessie
    TisNessie Day ago

    I was just there today and after getting off the ride my new husband and I were approached by a cast member to discuss the ride. She gave us a fast pass to ride it again and come back to talk to her about what we liked and didn’t like about it with the promise of a $25 gift card. We did so and talked for a good half hour about the ride and what needed updating and what we did and didn’t like (we were apparently the only ones she talked to who were well aware of the ride’s history despite this being our first time on the ride). I asked her if it was being revamped or something given what Epcot’s going through she said she wasn’t allowed to say but she did ask us a lot about Figment and “if we were to make a movie about him...”. Not saying they will (I told her a children’s show would be better) but we also were not the only ones mentioning they should do something with Inside Out. So I guess the ride will be due for an upgrade soon!

  • michael bruce
    michael bruce Day ago

    they should release all the Dursley stuff cut, It was always jarring to me to expect to see something in thebook of that significant ie harrys only living relatives.

  • Matthew Richards

    I want china, plates, cups, ALL OF IT, from the 1997 Titanic.

  • Hillers62
    Hillers62 Day ago

    Which prop???? Batmobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Person- Breaker

    I wouldn't have mind if it was even a children's book But I'll set my dissapoinments aside and say at least it was remembered

  • Hillers62
    Hillers62 Day ago

    Snowflakes gotta snowflake...

  • Hillers62
    Hillers62 Day ago

    Erasing it good or never a good thing...

  • monkee5th
    monkee5th 2 days ago

    This video features The Lottery starring Bette Midler

  • EnderWolfboy
    EnderWolfboy 2 days ago

  • Mimi's Kissimmee Adventures

    As a former Tower cast member in Orlando, I can say I had an experience in the boiler room. After guests had left for the day and all ride throughs were done, our manager sent myself and a fellow cm up to boiler room to make sure no guests had entered the building by accident. We got out of the chicken elevator. We heard the chains rattle at the spilt where you can go to the Left or right. I walked over and no one was there. We ran so fast.

  • roadside history
    roadside history 2 days ago

    Mouse rail I thought that was just a figment of my imagination and never existed I want to hear more about that

  • - Jennatiedye -
    - Jennatiedye - 2 days ago

    I can still remember going through Mickey and Minnie’s house at magic kingdom. My family loved taking pictures in the houses. I can Rembrandt being so sad going back the year it closed and it not being there. The most vivid thing I can remember is the big yellow heart shaped chair in minnie’s house. I wish this was still there, but I love new fantasy land too❤️❤️

  • Ross DiamondThief
    Ross DiamondThief 2 days ago

    If Disney’s just gonna splurge with live-action remakes, why not do a live-action sequel/reboot to Treasure Planet with Willem Dafoe as the Iron Beard villain.

  • GinHindew110
    GinHindew110 2 days ago

    The art of Mort and the Cat one look awesome, much better than any cgi

  • Ashley Kavanagh
    Ashley Kavanagh 2 days ago

    I knew I wasn't crazy! My friends have all said the only ToonTown was in Cali, but I vividly remember going to one on Florida because we never ever visited California! I don't know how it took me so long to find proof but here it is lol

  • javahigh
    javahigh 2 days ago

    My high school television production class had a field trip to MGM Studio around 1990. I got picked for the bee sequence chroma key demo along with one of my much taller friends. That was both fun and funny. I can remember all of us really enjoying the tour and the studio as a whole. Maybe it was the newness or my younger eyes, but the park seemed to lose some of the magic when I visited it again as a young adult.

  • marchrabbit85
    marchrabbit85 2 days ago

    2:05 March Hare?

  • marchrabbit85
    marchrabbit85 2 days ago

    Somethings better keeps in a rubbish

  • TheGreenQuality3rd
    TheGreenQuality3rd 2 days ago

    I saw an R rated version of the movie Blue Streak at a test screening. That's never seen the light of day as far as I know.

  • Emily
    Emily 2 days ago

    Carowinds!!! Yay!!!! I so rarely see videos like this talk about Carowinds and it's always a treat to see the place of so many yearly summer memories in videos like this. Granted, you could see it as a good thing that Carowinds is rarely mentioned- an uninteresting history is a smooth one, by all accounts- but I remember many rides and themes being changed, reworked, or torn down entirely. Thunder Road just got demolished a few years ago and I'd love to see that covered by a channel like this someday.

    BRONZE AUSSIE 2 days ago

    the octopus seen near the end of the goonies

  • R Hall
    R Hall 2 days ago

    What about Watcher in the Woods? Released initially at 100 minutes by Disney then removed from cinemas a week later and chopped down to 83 minutes and released again the following year. I'd like to see the original cut of that with the dolls face burning over the credits. Anchor Bay almost got it for a dvd special edition but Disney got involved and didn't allow it. I'd love to know more on this and one day see the 100 minute version.

  • Freddie JAG
    Freddie JAG 2 days ago

    I feel bad for the Iguanodon animatronic. It should've been moved to another park. :(

  • Hawkeye4077
    Hawkeye4077 2 days ago

    Jeremy Irons honestly should have stayed as voice over. So awesome sounding.

  • Bre C
    Bre C 2 days ago

    So many face-over zingers in this one! :D

  • Joshua Newman
    Joshua Newman 2 days ago

    The last time I was at a Disney Park, we went on the backlot tour. It was my favorite, and most vivid experience. They had taken the Life Raft from the Heart of Gold ship in the movie adaptation of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and thrown it into the boneyard. I don't think they could've made this Nerd's Day any better. Thankfully it was a live Guide at the time, so we got to riff a little about it, instead of just listen to a tape talking about whatever was popular at the time, the guide was obviously halfway passionate enough to point out a prop from a movie that "flopped" so hard a lot of people don't even remember it was a thing.

  • Bastien Gibeau
    Bastien Gibeau 2 days ago

    When the revolution happens, executives should be among the first to go.

  • Christiana
    Christiana 2 days ago

    My two favorite Christmas events I’ve been to at Disneyland. 1. Christmas Eve as you’re leaving the park all of the characters stood on top of the Main Street train station in their pajamas and waved goodnight. I literally sobbed my eyes out I was so happy and 2. Santa meeting and gingerbread making at the fantasyland theater (probably in 1999 or around then)

  • beastkeeper.kat
    beastkeeper.kat 2 days ago

    The world needs more Terry pratchett movies to be honest

  • AortaPlatinum
    AortaPlatinum 2 days ago

    Book cuck

  • Matthew S. Richards

    Man, everything about your narration and style is inspiring. It's helping me in my dream growing as a filmmaker and content creator. It's so cool learning about the origins of Alice and Fantasyland. For the longest time I thought the majority of Fantasyland was the same as it was since 1955. How WRONG I was. SO MUCH has changed. Some for the better...some for the debatable worse (I'm referring to the pirate ship and Skull Rock, of course)!

  • Matthew S. Richards

    Had no idea about this plan. It would've been an immersive world all it's own to say the least. I would have loved to see the multiple-rides-pass-through-each-other feature. But I like that Adventureland in Disneyland is kept reminiscent of DISNEYLAND and WALT and the history that comes with the park.

  • Luna Lockhart
    Luna Lockhart 2 days ago

    2:57 LOL the timing was just perfect for Marty's (fox) reaction.

  • ms. scem kerchoo
    ms. scem kerchoo 2 days ago

    i think i'm one of the very few that enjoys the haunted mansion live action movie🤔❤️

  • christianlorre
    christianlorre 2 days ago

    And Star Wars wasn't a rip-off of Lord of the Rings as much as they stole from Jack Kirby's Fourth World - the Source, Darkseid, the I am your father villain...

  • S. EA.
    S. EA. 3 days ago

    Dear Disney, this still needs to happen.

  • BobTheBuilder294
    BobTheBuilder294 3 days ago

    That King of the elves looked interesting.

  • Rachael Downs
    Rachael Downs 3 days ago

    Scar tries to secude Nala, not Sarabi in the deleted scene. Wonderful video btw!

  • Kaleb Koch
    Kaleb Koch 3 days ago

    Why does this ride remind me of Universal Studios?

  • lola òkami
    lola òkami 3 days ago

    The Great Movie Ride was amazing. I truly loved every minute of it. It was relaxing, entertaining and beautifully built. I enjoyed looking at every detail while riding. The Wicked witch moved just like a real person. Gosh there was just so many awesome things about the ride, I could go on forever! RIP to very special part of my childhood.

  • Shannon Thompson
    Shannon Thompson 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who would be totally cool with Disney using my bones after I die!?! 👍

  • Theodore Manthovani

    Yeah ... mango sounds like ... manko.

  • BlueSoulJim
    BlueSoulJim 3 days ago

    Let’s travel back in time and make duplicates of those lost footages

  • Endy
    Endy 3 days ago

    Always wondered why they took out the tree. Makes sense now :)

  • Jonathan Seagrave
    Jonathan Seagrave 3 days ago

    Weird, about the gremlins. Looks very similar to the gremlin in a famous Bugs Bunny cartoon.

  • Major BOLT
    Major BOLT 3 days ago

    Tbh I actually like what thy have made for woody.

  • Geoffrey Chauvin
    Geoffrey Chauvin 3 days ago

    Do you mean 512 megabit cartridge? 512megabytes would have been incredibly cost prohibitive as that’s nearly the size of a compact disc at the time. 512megabits is around 64 megabytes if I am not mistaken.

  • Porfle Popnecker
    Porfle Popnecker 3 days ago

    1:20 -- This scene was never taken out of KING KONG.

  • deltafltsgt
    deltafltsgt 3 days ago

    Mickey mouse club circus ? I would love to hear about that!!

  • Matt S.
    Matt S. 3 days ago

    Yesterworld, it would be really cool if you could do an interview with the guy who spearheaded the protests and made the SaveToad website. It'd be very interesting to hear his thoughts on the whole experience: as well as on all the changes that have occurred at WDW since then.

  • Costa Rica 411
    Costa Rica 411 3 days ago

    hans solo and the other guy were too small to seem real

  • Costa Rica 411
    Costa Rica 411 3 days ago

    i was on the tram when the water parted...and jaws jumped up out of a lake. and the falling bride was scarry as a kid. the spinning tunnel was cool

  • Costa Rica 411
    Costa Rica 411 3 days ago

    good vid. I went on the Jaws ride at Universal Studios Hollywood when I was a kid. Like in the late 70's or early 80' wasn't a ride actually , now that i recall, it was just part of the tram ride all over different areas. The tram stopped by the water that looked like the movie set and jaws jumped up. scared the shit out of me

  • Taiya001
    Taiya001 3 days ago

    Why not make these into books and use the storyboards already produced? Would seem like a good idea to give the fans something and tell a story at low cost.