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  • Daisy Mata
    Daisy Mata 43 minutes ago

    U know that he die and y’all just hating him for know reason in 2017 😠thank a lot 😔😔😢😞😔😭

  • steph
    steph 46 minutes ago

    jonghyun. i know it hurt. badly. so much that you wanted to end it. you did. i just want you to know, that, to me, you were not a failure. you were perfect with all you flaws. you helped me. Its not your fault. good job. i love you.

  • jdub. spice
    jdub. spice Hour ago

    Shinee i dont know u but im sorry this happened i been going through depression as well

  • gocrazy ahgostupidtae

    Ik im super late but oh my god im crying sooooo hard ngl

  • whistling jennie
    whistling jennie 3 hours ago

    “If I can’t help myself breathe properly, it’s better to stop breathing at all.” my heart-

  • Ricky Kim
    Ricky Kim 5 hours ago

    I’m not against surgery or anything and I love Lisa so much! And these plastic surgery rumours may be true but it could just be the makeup like contouring or bronzer maybe? Just an opinion

  • Bambam Kim
    Bambam Kim 5 hours ago

    Pfffft....i can't hold my laughter anymore....u all r saying as if...u saw it with ur own eyes.....don't be too quick to judge....all stupid people believing in those fake messages....

  • My wig got -TWICE Snatched editor

    It’s michaeng I erased him and put chae

  • Mrs. Kim
    Mrs. Kim 6 hours ago

    I’m not a fan of SHINee but I was sad when I heard he passed away. I really miss him and I hope he’s in a better place, I feel really bad that he died but We love you so much and we miss you 😭😭♥️♥️

  • bruno
    bruno 7 hours ago

    Where is Joanne from Z-girls? She is 177cm...

  • JiminIsMyLilMochi
    JiminIsMyLilMochi 7 hours ago

    *Jealous sasaengs have entered the comment section*

  • Cat_Lover
    Cat_Lover 7 hours ago

    I don't think that they should take BTS's family's picture without their permission.

  • Elyvos
    Elyvos 8 hours ago

    "I'll come see you soon. I will quietly so it doesn't cause you harm" That really hurts.

  • Alham Bobi
    Alham Bobi 8 hours ago

    This asian people are so stupid

  • okayken
    okayken 9 hours ago

    Why do I have an ugly cry -__-

  • Nayak Ravi
    Nayak Ravi 10 hours ago

    Hey guys Stop it yg has treated blackpink as princess ok .If u want to hate me then hate me but it's real because yg has only told that blackpink are yg Princess

  • SARI
    SARI 10 hours ago

    I fully respect them all but I feel the major problem is the "fans". They won't respect their "idols" if they start dating, get married, get pregnant, etc. I've never heard of the idols in this video till now, but it makes my heart sick that people would mistreat them for leaving and fulfilling their own life.

  • kyu
    kyu 11 hours ago

    if fans disrespect their favorite idols i don’t even consider them a fan

  • jiminwedonthavejams
    jiminwedonthavejams 11 hours ago

    Wow i still can't believe that Jonghyun is dead. It's all like a huge dream. I want to believe it's a dream, but i know it's not. I'll always remember him as the great vocalist and person that he was

  • Ryo Wibi
    Ryo Wibi 11 hours ago

    momo twice is the best for hime style

  • IDK
    IDK 12 hours ago

    If I got famous and people from my elementary school exposed me I would that would not be a good thing for me I was so rude and elementary I was such a bitch back then, give me all the hate Jennie’s getting I deserve that Jennie doesn’t 😅

  • Chimmy Park
    Chimmy Park 12 hours ago

    career is over..hayzzz Jonghyun

  • Joealim Alqaeda
    Joealim Alqaeda 13 hours ago

    Blackpink is not just Jennie but i know Blackpink because of Jennie. Sorry for my english

  • jimin's smol hand's
    jimin's smol hand's 13 hours ago

    I miss jonghyun😢😧

  • aiza zamora
    aiza zamora 13 hours ago

    even he really commited those mistakes he deserved also a second chance he is only human to and lets remember NOBODY's PERFECT. and everyone of us got challenge in their life and there's no exemption

  • bts_ army_
    bts_ army_ 13 hours ago

    Its 2019 im still crying im not jonghyun fan but my heart is 💔💔💔

  • urdawon nami
    urdawon nami 15 hours ago

    For me it's 1. suga and 2. Hwiyoung of SF9😍😍

  • 갤럭시 고양이Galaxy cat

    Taehyung disliked this video

  • Nade Nedeva
    Nade Nedeva 15 hours ago

    Jisoo is not here - *me dislikes*

  • JP CC
    JP CC 17 hours ago

    Obviously it's not just puberty and make up., If u guys are real fan accept it there's a difference between puberty, make up contouring and done w/ SURGERIES

  • Aparupa Dey
    Aparupa Dey 17 hours ago

    I have boy cut hair and it's true. I hate it when people say girls should have long hair 💝💖😡😡

  • kdkulkarni
    kdkulkarni 18 hours ago

    I see jungkook i click

  • Roomi Mirza
    Roomi Mirza 19 hours ago

    Best of luck jennie and kai

  • Angellic Fille
    Angellic Fille 19 hours ago


  • Manju Singh
    Manju Singh 19 hours ago

    Sorry bro...but you look horrible!!

    RIN AND SHIRO 21 hour ago

    Why it always jihyo?!?!?m why??!?!!! Why?!?!?!

  • lala lala yyy
    lala lala yyy 21 hour ago

    EXO KAI haha the real Gucci ambassador

  • jirose jimin rose
    jirose jimin rose 21 hour ago


  • Dragon KITTY
    Dragon KITTY 22 hours ago

    Why jihyo!? 😭😭😭😭 Why did jihyo do to you and said that!? 😭

  • love india
    love india 22 hours ago

    I dont find anything like sexual harrasment easpecially in yoona case...he clearly seems to have touch her butt accidently

  • Emma
    Emma 22 hours ago

    Hold their breath for 5minutes? Geez i cant even hold for 30sec


    VRose or TaeRose Comment down

  • Girls Generation fans

    She is indeed queen!

  • elainkho
    elainkho Day ago

    W why....why leave?....

  • khel jucutan
    khel jucutan Day ago

    But you need leader!!!

  • Cicely Moron
    Cicely Moron Day ago


  • pretzkie
    pretzkie Day ago

    Sometimes it is suprising to know that someone who is good in academics, sports and almost everything, who you thought is almost perfect, have also insecurities. In short, nobody is perfect. Despite of having all the talents, looks and wealth. Sometimes you still feel empty, because that feeling that makes you empty(such as love, friendship, self confidence, happiness, etc) is priceless. You need to be contented, appreciate everything even it is just a simple thing, and learn to value it. Because that memories that you share with someone else will stay forever. And regarding about friendship or even in a relationship. Communication and trust is the most important.

  • Jake the Galaxy Panda

    #7 you didnt see at the back dahyun uwu

    DONY CHANNEL Day ago


  • Pamela Smith
    Pamela Smith Day ago

    I love Lisa and I will support you with my heart 🥰

  • Sam Sayo
    Sam Sayo Day ago

    Poor Lisa 😢☹️😢 she is one of my idols!!!

  • Mochii Bee
    Mochii Bee Day ago

    Why was there a picture of Jin and Jungkook when it was supposed to be about Jimin and Jungkook???

  • slug
    slug Day ago

    am i the only one that thinks lia from itzy and jennie look a like?

  • sipping_fish oil Tea

    Japan blinks are all goods! they just really love her.. 😊

  • MShine KTunes
    MShine KTunes Day ago

    I relate soo much to her 10 failed relationships from 12 to 25 (now) it takes me a long time to get over a break up even now I sometimes still ponders on some of my exes. I guess this is one of the reasons why I like amber her songs speaks to me and she herself I relate to a lot I look up to her soo much these days I find myself getting comfort from her songs during hard times.

  • urooj husain
    urooj husain Day ago

    Dear jisso, Jennie, rosè and Lisa ‘s parents, You guys raised angels,queens,goddesses,divas.

  • Shelly PBJ&P
    Shelly PBJ&P Day ago

    How did Jennie beat Rosè. No one in Blackpink can beat Flipsè.


    Does anyone what photo of Seulgi he uploaded?

  • ant billionz
    ant billionz Day ago

    sorn isn't the same height as Minnie she looks way shorter if google is lisa , Minnie and sorn should be around the same height with lisa being a tiny pit tall but not much to notice

  • rawr
    rawr Day ago

    What. The. Fuck.

  • Cinthia Gonzalez

    Ojala que algún dia Chaeng logre conocer a Kristen ya que la admira muchísimo asi como yo quiero conocerlas a ellas ahre😆💖

  • Khushi Gupta
    Khushi Gupta Day ago

    Well if they really hate they wouldn't come to see them but they just want attention And Jihyo you are our leader yass

  • M Surender
    M Surender Day ago

    EVERY LISA FAN SHOULD READ I am getting irritated by this yg. We are blinks, today blackpink became famous only because of Lisa's fandom. From now if yg will not take care lisa 'we' means Lisa's fans will raise voice. This is a warning to yg

  • oH yOu aRe NaNa?!

    6 months later and I still want to beat his ass :)

  • Sarah Amjad
    Sarah Amjad Day ago

    Jin should be 1st cause he looks amazing in glasses

  • utu66
    utu66 Day ago

    Son Goku

  • Unicorn Animating

    Dear Jonghyun, I never knew SHINee, so I never knew you. I never knew you exsisted until people found out you took your life. It was all over my social medias and stuff. I was sad but I never really looked into it because I didnt know you. I understand why you tolk your life, honestly if I didnt have my friends or BTS, I most likely would have ended my life as well. I dont understand the fame part because I am just a normal 13 year old girl that hasnt been through life yet, but I know what fame can do to your head. I see hate comments going around to many different artists, and they are just so cruel. Feeling like you failed everyone and no one is satifyed with your work. That most likely isnt the reason you decided to take that path, I know that these things can deive pwoplw in that direction. Even though I am not a SHINee fan, I miss you. I can tell that you are such a beautiful person with the sweetest personality, and it hurts to know that a Kpop idol like you was suffering like this, but just know that you worked so well and did a great job. I wish you the best times and only good memories up in the sky. You will be missed by me and many others. I love you Jonghyun.. ♡Love from, me.

  • yunusoyunda TR

    Hwasa should be on there she looks much better with short hair

  • Lexie Selby
    Lexie Selby Day ago

    I don’t know who he is I never knew who he was But I cried listening to this

  • imryll dahmin
    imryll dahmin Day ago

    Dahyun 😍😍😍 yeppuda

  • 김Kpop Lifeu
    김Kpop Lifeu Day ago

    It's time to play Who Is Who! I'll give you 9 nicknames and you'll have to guess who is who! *These names are mostly Twice's inside jokes that are uncommonly used as nicknames* 1. Sailor Venus 2. Coconut 3. Fresh Kiwi 4. Straight 5. 158 6. Maknae 7. EhHhHh¿? 8. Bbasae 9. Chijeu Kimbap I'll reveal answer soon

  • Emily Santiago

    Bruh moment

  • Jay Jeon
    Jay Jeon Day ago

    September 2019, still crying😭

  • tearful lovex
    tearful lovex Day ago

    1:24 IU?

  • InMaFeels
    InMaFeels Day ago

    I mean it'd make sense if the author looks like the protagonist in the comic... She did create her after all...

  • yeon tani
    yeon tani Day ago

    I think our little baby bear 🐻 oppa taehyung must have some reasons to say NO. Love you taehyung oppa 😍 😍 😍

  • Zainal Ain
    Zainal Ain Day ago

    Jimin is my idol

  • H O
    H O Day ago

    I want her eyes

  • katelyn chen
    katelyn chen Day ago

    jihyo has kang daniel 😉

  • Penguin Minari

    If im boy, probably Mina is my dream wife

  • Penguin Minari

    If im boy, probably Mina is my dream wife

  • hasana masasa
    hasana masasa Day ago


  • Irwin Namey
    Irwin Namey Day ago

    So proud!!!

  • Lisa Kim
    Lisa Kim Day ago


  • Manirul Islam
    Manirul Islam Day ago

    Yaongyi has da face of Jugyeong but has the exact body of Sujin's

  • Lost_ illusion

    Alice looks like Rosé ... Damn , the whole family is full of visuals

  • Sukirman D
    Sukirman D Day ago

    Seolhyun is model goddesses like. Tall slim but have right fat on right places. Yuna is more to femme fatale. If u boy u want yuna. If u girl u want seolhyun. But all members aoa have god like body

  • Mayya H
    Mayya H 2 days ago

    Looks like she has a giant wedgie.

  • Hax.
    Hax. 2 days ago

    Just look at their reaction after getting thrown things on stage and even hit them

  • siti zaleha
    siti zaleha 2 days ago

    mingyu seventeen eat a lot and momo and mingyu perfect couple

  • 아프로디테
    아프로디테 2 days ago

    0:28 there are cupcakes that have the same design on it? Why would someone get a cupcake that already has someone’s umm...........umm....germs? (Please don’t kill me for saying this) I’m just telling my opinion.

  • Hitomi-Chan :3
    Hitomi-Chan :3 2 days ago

    Bambam doing everything just to see his bestfriend happy!He really likes her and care a lot about everyone!♥️

  • Miss Abegaile
    Miss Abegaile 2 days ago

    If YG is caring for their members, they should release a statement about the issues so fans and anti will stoo making up rumors. I had this inside my head everytime I watch a Jennie lazy conpilation vids , I was commenting that maybe jennie had a sprain on her ankle from the concert wherein she fell on the stairs and nobody agreed to me. Poor Jennie , this little Jenduk needs our love blinks!She doesnt deserve any hate😓

  • richalle cangas
    richalle cangas 2 days ago

    I'm gonna save 911 on my phone cuz I might have a heart attack because of you jin 😭❤

  • *-Rochelle Flores-*

    Why do ppl hate her shes amazing talented and a kind person! #respectlisa

  • and i oop
    and i oop 2 days ago

    Jihyo is a beautiful queen you're just jealous of how much talented and beautiful she is *PERIODT*

  • Cliann Toledo
    Cliann Toledo 2 days ago

    Let me seeee.....🤔That stupid filipino but they like to see the Blackpink,but they arived at the Manila in 2019 World Tour, but they are just so excited and happy to see the k pop, that is not safe for you!!!😡😡BUT YOUR LIKE A KID. Everypeople ran,rush,and see the Blackpink,but they used her phone and camera,that is UUNNFFAAIIRR😠😠😠The security guard but they need to people to calm down.If you see the security guard raising him on his hands to STOP, and the Blackpink are arrived at the Manila Airport, the girl said "HEY!!😡GUARD EXCUSME YOUR HAND".But there look a STUPID"😠😠😠😠.

  • Eliza Bryers
    Eliza Bryers 2 days ago

    RIL 'You fought a good fight' it couldn't have been easy.

  • Official Overlord
    Official Overlord 2 days ago

    yo i thought this was gonna be video about people thinking she got plastic surgery i was about get pissed seriously

  • Phillip Leite
    Phillip Leite 2 days ago

    One thing i have to say is... People need to apreciate professional wrestlers more lol. People that perform with dislocations and separations over 300 days a year. Of course these are still serious, theyr injurys that can afect on the long term as well, but seeing this really reminded me of professional wrestling cause people are quick to call it fake but have no idea of the effort that is put in to keep going just like idols who still perform injured-