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Most CREEPY Ghost Stories!
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  • Yin Hou Khor
    Yin Hou Khor 2 minutes ago

    You know what they say, every dog has its legend. Well actually, I say that! Another great video! PS, how are boa constrictors untrustworthy?

  • Timothy Walker
    Timothy Walker 7 minutes ago

    How about were animals from different countries?

  • Tim Sim
    Tim Sim 15 minutes ago

    stories about animal kings

  • oscar p
    oscar p 19 minutes ago

    This should be called whispering

  • Eli Walker
    Eli Walker 19 minutes ago

    I'd hate to make these dogs mad

  • edward Parkhurst
    edward Parkhurst 22 minutes ago

    What an amazing video of the mytical dogs, thank you for sharing this wonderful video with those of us that watch your videos.

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz 24 minutes ago

    I thought pit bulls were bad. Wow but i still have 2 pits n would not change them for any bread. Catrinaaa love ur video's. Take care

  • Thunder Guacamole
    Thunder Guacamole 26 minutes ago

    I have that phobia and it was terrifying just to watch that

  • Emma Nattestad
    Emma Nattestad 27 minutes ago


  • Owen Barnes
    Owen Barnes 29 minutes ago

    Not the kinds of dogs you keep as pets

  • Godwin Toju
    Godwin Toju 33 minutes ago


  • potatomato :p
    potatomato :p 33 minutes ago

    Me: *looks at my dog* Me: come on do something

  • Kylie Richardson
    Kylie Richardson 33 minutes ago

    love your videos never miss them

  • Emma Nattestad
    Emma Nattestad 34 minutes ago

    Xoxo a So cool

  • Cristy Hernandez Gutierrez

    Third 3

  • Liv
    Liv 35 minutes ago

    3rd lol

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Bitch, Karen

    1st good morning Katrina ,missed you yesterday hope you're good

  • Railroad crossings of Lithuania

    0:42 It's actually last year!🙂

  • Gustavo Henrique Domingos da  Silva

    "O bradador" is a man sad to be so eval that neader God nor the deavil wanted his soul

  • Nick Orlando
    Nick Orlando 49 minutes ago

    Hey we are talking about a helicopter now so lets throw in video and renderings of other helicopters. Oh you want to talk about a fighter jet? Boy do we have unrelated footage for you. Be consistent. This is very misleading.

  • KCs Funhouse
    KCs Funhouse 50 minutes ago

    Call me crazy but the “kraken” looks like a killer whale mid lob tail, anyone else?

  • Origins Explained
    Origins Explained 57 minutes ago

    Hey everyone, if you could own one of these dogs, which one would you pick? I would love to have a dog like Gelert! 🐶

    • Mark Delgado
      Mark Delgado 9 minutes ago

      With a name like Black Shuck, who wouldn't want one. I would call him Shucky. Thanks, Katrina for another great video.

    • Tim Sim
      Tim Sim 13 minutes ago


    • Tim Sim
      Tim Sim 14 minutes ago


    • Aunt Cynthia
      Aunt Cynthia 18 minutes ago

      Origins Explained I’ll take garm he be more my type 👍

    • Emma Nattestad
      Emma Nattestad 18 minutes ago

      History XOXO make more videos like dis one. 😊So Cool

    PLEple CHANNEL 2 hours ago

    Lolong The Philippines But it Died

  • Todd Phillips
    Todd Phillips 2 hours ago

    The Romans’ perception of early Christian as cannibals was actually well founded since for them, the transformed bread and wine WERE the body and blood of Jesus Christ. This belief continues today uniquely in the Catholic and Orthodox Churches.

  • Hunter Armontrout
    Hunter Armontrout 3 hours ago

    LMAO you're more likey to get attacked by ah Chihuahua then ah pitbull, gets your facts right before making ah comment on it 🤷

  • Kratos Spartan
    Kratos Spartan 3 hours ago

    I am only here too see katrina ❤

  • Liezel Ramos
    Liezel Ramos 4 hours ago

    Philippines you search more

  • Anything Around Me
    Anything Around Me 4 hours ago

    In $5000 you can buy 100 of black hen(no.13) in Bangladesh. Here Its local name is "kadaknath"

  • ElysetheEevee
    ElysetheEevee 5 hours ago

    Gypsy Vanners are actually quite popular from what I’ve researched, and not extremely difficult to obtain, especially in Europe. I had been researching for later on when I could save for some land as getting a couple horses has been my dream since I was little. That was one of my top choices.

  • OneBlueFroggy
    OneBlueFroggy 5 hours ago

    Why you guys keep copying all the other "World's 10 Most" videos. Try and be original for once, make your own video, ya lazy sods, riding on others' coat tails, and thinkin you are so great.... Aholes

  • Katie M
    Katie M 5 hours ago

    I rather see a exotic animal than a human any day I’m pretty sure we got this backwards “humans take over animals living space”

  • Steve Fox
    Steve Fox 7 hours ago

    Really misleading footage, mostly incorrect, Hopefully no one will report this vid for misconducting!

  • Wan Hao Zhang
    Wan Hao Zhang 7 hours ago

    nice my body is itching

  • gojewla
    gojewla 7 hours ago

    What was that ugly plane in the thumbnail?

  • Flibber Nodgets
    Flibber Nodgets 8 hours ago

    7:12 I went there as a kid, petted one of those horses, forgot to wash my hand, and was violently sick for the rest of that vacation. Ever since then horses have never appealed much to me. Neat to know that there are only about a thousand of them if I ever feel like settling the score; less work for me :P

  • Chabouya Moreno
    Chabouya Moreno 8 hours ago

    Lies ur full of it

  • oops
    oops 9 hours ago

    @ 5:41 im ngl that thing looks adorable

  • Javien_Gaming
    Javien_Gaming 9 hours ago

    Maybe the aliens are saying the same thing about earth that we’re saying about Trappist 1E

  • Brian Flowers
    Brian Flowers 9 hours ago

    I love katrina humor

  • Teka Blade
    Teka Blade 9 hours ago

    Who found it funny that the image they used for a swimming Meg was from Ark: Survival Evolved?

  • Legend
    Legend 9 hours ago

    Animals back then were ducking huge asf, lets not bring back 9000 pound sloths and gorillas as big as King Kong

  • Mialexid
    Mialexid 10 hours ago

    it must be nice... ive killed ppl avg 10 an hour... they want to know what i make? ... i have a job... emulate someone.

  • 3 Sisters Unicorn Style

    im 10 years old and i ride hoses bigger than a few of thees horses! but they are bootiful i live on a farm / homstead so yea

  • Engine33Truck
    Engine33Truck 11 hours ago

    How’d they miss the USS Cyclops?

  • The Tonight Show Starring Max Lender

    To cool 😎

  • Nate Gurholt
    Nate Gurholt 11 hours ago

    I would actually see the army tank cuz that's his crazy for

  • cave man
    cave man 11 hours ago

    Good video.

  • CandyMichelle Johnson
    CandyMichelle Johnson 12 hours ago

  • Anime Girl373
    Anime Girl373 12 hours ago

    Wait but there not much of myths anymore

  • Mirna Velasquez
    Mirna Velasquez 12 hours ago

    i like ur mythical creature vids and please heart this comment

  • Elizabeth Anderson
    Elizabeth Anderson 12 hours ago

    So, let me get this right.... America will be flying a new Boeing jet....but CHINA will be providing our trainers???

  • Susan
    Susan 12 hours ago

    There are many inaccuracies in this video. Not to mention the annoying voice of the narrator .

  • Naveet Baweja
    Naveet Baweja 13 hours ago

    All these phenomenon are creation of almighty Allah

  • The2ndKombat
    The2ndKombat 13 hours ago

    Roach is that u?

  • Max Bosco
    Max Bosco 13 hours ago

    Urine IS the best antiseptic even today.

  • tatum ergo
    tatum ergo 13 hours ago

    Matt Easton, Skallagrim, Shad Diversity, Tod Todeschini, Metatron, and many others....

  • 1Mommy Dez
    1Mommy Dez 14 hours ago

    First time I have came across your videos and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it! I WILL be subscribing to your channel.

  • Ana Hernandez
    Ana Hernandez 14 hours ago

    Mickey and Minnie in thumbnail are the Terminator the guy with a red eyes robot skeleton

  • Georgia Stevens
    Georgia Stevens 14 hours ago

    dont like it you kept going some some some i dont like it

  • Tina Ransley
    Tina Ransley 14 hours ago

    Oh and the "monster" sounds like it is saying sorry

  • Tina Ransley
    Tina Ransley 14 hours ago

    What the monsters are not real dragons are tho

  • Clay Butte
    Clay Butte 14 hours ago

    Why do so many fact videos have unnecessary dark ominous music mixed with a hyped narrator?

  • Mio Chan
    Mio Chan 15 hours ago

    Well. Taj mahal was a give to his wife muntaj mahal.

  • Jared Santana
    Jared Santana 15 hours ago

    But I didn’t know what it was

  • Jared Santana
    Jared Santana 15 hours ago

    There was a strange light it was looked really wired

  • Jordene Godfrey
    Jordene Godfrey 15 hours ago

    American crocodile

  • Jeremy Kirkpatrick
    Jeremy Kirkpatrick 15 hours ago

    Ancient ruins in the Australia desert hahahahahaha. I doubt any of that footage was even shot in Australia . I guess some clown will believe it though

  • sponge head
    sponge head 16 hours ago

    And their only going to get better and better!

    EDDY OTHIENO 16 hours ago

    Thanks for your good research

  • Tina Harnish
    Tina Harnish 16 hours ago

    Just think back to the Scots skirling bagpipes as they went into battle. I believe they were used even in WW11. Scary, if you don't know what's coming over the hill. I think those whistles were terrifying, too!

  • Dante Black
    Dante Black 18 hours ago

    i think u meant spear not lance, cuz i dont think lances were around that long ago, lances were first developed in the 10th century (google it), just 1000 years ago not 2200, which would be bc not ad

  • Xander Swart
    Xander Swart 18 hours ago

    I can't believe Lighting Mcqueen is in real life.

  • James Kent
    James Kent 19 hours ago

    F-35 and F-22

  • Alex Law
    Alex Law 20 hours ago

    Clydesdales survived in numbers in the USA almost entirely due to their use as sources of Pregnant Mare Urine for making birth control pills...

  • TyLynn
    TyLynn 20 hours ago

    I actually live in the Okanagan Valley, I have for 14 years. And it is NOT the Oka Nay Gain Valley. It's the Oka Noggin Valley. Sincerely, An actual resident of the Okanagan.

  • Clips King
    Clips King 20 hours ago

    This video is nonsense. Jaguar eats caiman Jaguar 5 on list and caiman 3. Loool. Not acurate

  • Hello Lesbian Dinosaur

    "number 6; wakashudo" OH BOY HERE WE GO

  • Amy Magrow
    Amy Magrow 21 hour ago

    Something about Scottish or Irish legendary creatures please? Thanks for all your hard work and great videos

  • Chris Danelon
    Chris Danelon 21 hour ago

    Yonaguni Monument is likely a natural formation. Japan, Taiwan, and geology experts recognize it as a natural formation. A similar natural phenomena are found in other parts of the world, including Sanninudai rock formations.

  • Sunil Nair
    Sunil Nair 21 hour ago

    Me kuch likhunga. Dekhte hai kitno ko damjh ata hai. Bus avi. Mood kar raha anpadho ka test lene ka. Ek Naam likhunga. Sahastrabahu. ROFLMAO Ye hai woh Naam. ROFLMAO Bolo kitno ke akkal hai. Backgrounder tu mat kar. Tu waise bhi paidal hai. Rocket mat pehn. ROFLMAO Dusro ko chutiya baba ke. Mujhe mat bana. Mujhe pata hai teri level kitni hai. Aur Hai na mujhe majje lene de. Sab bohat dimag wale hai. Aur me monkey brain ka kayal hu. ROFLMAO

  • Rome M
    Rome M 21 hour ago

    This video just shows clips of random aircrafts. Inaccurate and misleading at best.

    • Steve Fox
      Steve Fox 7 hours ago

      Hopefully no one will report this vid for misconducting!

  • cave man
    cave man 22 hours ago

    I love your videos on world cultures, Katrina.

  • M༘1014 God乡
    M༘1014 God乡 22 hours ago

    I love it when she say titicaca😂😂😂😂😂

  • prismstudios001
    prismstudios001 22 hours ago

    The Paluxi prints are ALL dinosaurs.......Watch Trey the Explainer.

  • prismstudios001
    prismstudios001 22 hours ago

    The Voynich manuscript has been deciphered. It is a book on women’s health, written in a form of Turkish.

  • vishal PS
    vishal PS 22 hours ago

    they are called the navarathinas the 9 ministers of the Ashoka's court

  • cave man
    cave man 22 hours ago

    Another good video. The information presented is insightful and entertaining. Your voice, Katrina, is always something I like to hear; it is what makes these videos a treasure. I hope to see other videos from you. My sincerest best for your success.

  • Sreeja Prasannakumar
    Sreeja Prasannakumar 22 hours ago

    They not only stole jewels from India and Africa but also were the main reason for the Bengal famine.

  • Sreeja Prasannakumar
    Sreeja Prasannakumar 22 hours ago

    RE check the information about the Kohinoor and the blue diamond as the are wrong.

  • Sreeja Prasannakumar
    Sreeja Prasannakumar 22 hours ago

    The Kohinoor is no gift to the british instead it is a stolen item which remains in the british crown jewels, they are just lies made by the british to hide their bad history

  • Arterial517
    Arterial517 23 hours ago

    Well, I’m from England, I go over to Disney World a lot and I certainly don’t agree with the first one. 90% of staff members say “Have a magical day” 90% of the time. Heck, I hear princesses say it to young and happy children. So, I doubt it!

  • Fatih901
    Fatih901 23 hours ago

    I like to believe that some other animals also have the intelligence to understand and protect other intelligent life forms

  • Wendy Maldovan
    Wendy Maldovan 23 hours ago

    Not a Sphynx, a hippocampus. Know your mythological animals.

  • RJ Aus
    RJ Aus Day ago

    BOOOO Katrina you forgot to mention our Australian Boeing BATS A.I. Drone Loyal Wingman which will role out in 2020 to 2022... Australian Boeing Air Teaming Systems (BATS) "Loyal Wingman" in the future you will see them everywhere for wingman drones for all manned aircraft also used for strike capabilities to clear paths to keep manned aircraft at a safe distance or as air defence for larger aircraft like our P8A Poseidon and E7A AEW&C Wedgtails or our F35's and F18's... you also forgot the TR3b's and SR72's

  • الفرعون

    the Alien picture has no relation with the video! just to attract views and attention

  • Mark Croce
    Mark Croce Day ago

    Megalodon hasn't existed in over 2.5 million years. They do not belong on this list since they are not in the water anymore.

  • Young Gio
    Young Gio Day ago