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  • Alan Mcrow
    Alan Mcrow 4 hours ago

    Im from London

  • Marcos Thali
    Marcos Thali 4 hours ago

    Perfect, liked and subscribed 😎

  • Marcos Thali
    Marcos Thali 4 hours ago

    Mate X <3

  • Marcos Thali
    Marcos Thali 4 hours ago

    Very Nice!

  • Bogdan Jovanović
    Bogdan Jovanović 23 hours ago

    1:22 xD

  • radoslav gorgievski

    Video its so slow

  • Alexander J.
    Alexander J. 2 days ago

    I guess most dislikes come from people who came here to decide which phone to buy and at the end they get the summary that says both phones scored the same. Bummer.

  • Abraham Camacho
    Abraham Camacho 2 days ago

    Now seeing newer iPhones therefor getting more luxury

  • AR Music
    AR Music 2 days ago

    I'm thinking about getting the Moto Z4 or the Samsung Galaxy a.50 I don't know what to get

  • Victor BTA
    Victor BTA 2 days ago

    Google Pixel

  • Abdullah Rashid
    Abdullah Rashid 4 days ago

    5:08 Up to 512 mb

  • Nazmun Nahar
    Nazmun Nahar 4 days ago

    Iphone 11 pro max vs Motorola one action

  • Tech With Éden
    Tech With Éden 4 days ago

    Another samsung fan....

  • honey grewal
    honey grewal 4 days ago

    Iphone battery is 3960 mh

  • Davide Saladino
    Davide Saladino 4 days ago

    I appreciate this video ;)

  • Kamal Mahin
    Kamal Mahin 5 days ago

    Pixel best

  • Alex Pavlov
    Alex Pavlov 5 days ago

    iPhone 11 Pro Max have 4GB which is less compared to pixel 4 6GB of RAM but iOS manages RAM way better than android

  • Nikhil Saji George
    Nikhil Saji George 5 days ago

    Wat am I suppose to be watching here!

  • Saad Ismail
    Saad Ismail 5 days ago

    the iphone battery is 3969 mah

  • Pool Damien
    Pool Damien 6 days ago

    A50 for pubg

  • Huawexplicável Oficial

    Huawei The Best

  • Sia Lee
    Sia Lee 6 days ago

    Google pixel 4 Gorilla Glass 5 not 6!

  • Vilifity
    Vilifity 6 days ago


  • Jesús Ávila
    Jesús Ávila 6 days ago

    Name song plis?

  • Joseph Pepe
    Joseph Pepe 6 days ago

    I'll take the iPhone but that's me 🤷

    • Chris D
      Chris D 2 days ago

      Joseph Pepe yeah it’s the better phone by far. The pixel has a nice display but it’s just not bright enough for the full HDR experience. Google really dropped the ball this time.

    • Troll Brothers
      Troll Brothers 6 days ago

      I would too coming from a Samsung user

  • Doge Gamer
    Doge Gamer 7 days ago

    Pixel instantly wins bexause of price and this is coming from a all apple owner

  • Von Bacala
    Von Bacala 7 days ago

    * *Long Comment Alert* * _Do not press read more unless you want to know the difference between there cameras_ While yes, iphone 11 pro is very good with taking photos, as it can distinguish the difference between faces, natural objects, lights and reforms it’s editing before you take the photo. The iphone 11 pro photos are very smooth while being able to have more detail. However, the pixel 4 has very good lowlight setting for photos, which the iphone 11 pros don’t have; which means you can see more details during the night and lights don’t look very monotone. The Pixel 4 photos are very true to light and rule lowlight setting photos. In my opinion, get the Iphone 11 for wide angle shots and a precise look and get the google pixel 4 for lowlight photos and a warmer tone.

  • anasri94
    anasri94 7 days ago

    iPhone 11 max pro has the highest antutu benchmark and the best camera ever.

    • David Moore
      David Moore 6 days ago

      anasri94 wow, so it is better just because it has more cameras? It is better to do 2 push-ups correctly than to do 4 push-ups incorrectly

    • anasri94
      anasri94 6 days ago

      @Srijan Lamsal but, pixel 4/xl just have 2 cameras to fight up iphone 11 max pro with 3 cameras? Ouh, this can not be happen.! No chance for pixel 4/xl to winning that fight.

    • Srijan Lamsal
      Srijan Lamsal 7 days ago

      It can never beat google in camera blind iphone supporter

  • Alban Osmani
    Alban Osmani 7 days ago

    You are talking only numbers

  • Fahmi amyar
    Fahmi amyar 7 days ago

    Wait wait wait The iphone 11 pro max has 3969 Mah Battery Wtf cmon it lasts alot longer too

    • Fahmi amyar
      Fahmi amyar 7 days ago

      @კალდუნა Iam just saying 4gb of ram on iphone is faster than 6gb of ram phone on android pixel

    • კალდუნა
      კალდუნა 7 days ago

      @Fahmi amyar WTF are you proving lol who is ur maths teacher tell her/him to tell you 6>4

    • Fahmi amyar
      Fahmi amyar 7 days ago

      @კალდუნა lol the iphone on 4gb of ram is faster than the pixel with 6 gb of ram lol but he checked the pixel Its not that accurate really

    • Fahmi amyar
      Fahmi amyar 7 days ago

      @კალდუნა Ios isnt trash lol its still usable

    • Fahmi amyar
      Fahmi amyar 7 days ago

      @TecnoLink its okay

  • MasterSznyt YT
    MasterSznyt YT 7 days ago

    Huawei of course :D is thickness, looks much better , better specs,When is closed is straight :D

  • Lil Daws
    Lil Daws 7 days ago

    *Note 11 is joining the chat.*

  • MasterSznyt YT
    MasterSznyt YT 7 days ago

    Add IPhone battery's have explosion sometimes 😂 iPhone is a fcking joke. Looks old , iOS is not comfortable , and is too expensive. But business is business. This brand show how make money on stupid people 😃 and I don't think so about CPU I think that Kirin is same level like iPhone or better. Huawei now is expensive but still is better

  • raizo wanderer
    raizo wanderer 7 days ago

    How dimensions and weight makes 1 winner? It's all personal preference... Your choice is not better than others... It's just different

  • C4Librax .120
    C4Librax .120 7 days ago

    China has the fastest growing economy Huawei is China.

  • GuiMon Montaño
    GuiMon Montaño 7 days ago

    Estoy de acuerdo, buen video

  • boubacar diaby
    boubacar diaby 7 days ago

    Huawei Nice😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👏👏

  • Marcin Stawarz
    Marcin Stawarz 7 days ago

    Note 10+ beat all phones

    • Fahmi amyar
      Fahmi amyar 7 days ago

      @Alban Osmani it isnt very accurate but i appreciate his work

    • Fahmi amyar
      Fahmi amyar 7 days ago

      @Alban Osmani yep 😂😂😂

    • Alban Osmani
      Alban Osmani 7 days ago

      Yes it could beat all phones in this kind of comparison 😂 if you compare phones like this.. this video is only numbers

    • Fahmi amyar
      Fahmi amyar 7 days ago

      Lolll not im everything and no it doesnt beat all phones

  • Phone Cinema
    Phone Cinema 7 days ago

    excuse me but on the chipset its not only just a Kirin 990, its a 990 5G with 5G SoC and 5G NSA and 5G SA and is officialy called 2nd generation 5G phone and can load 1516.70 bytes per second (aka the worlds fastest)

  • Draptor the IT guy
    Draptor the IT guy 7 days ago

    With this comparison I can boldly say The galaxy note 10+ is the best smartphone so far

    • B no J
      B no J 7 days ago

      This comparison only says whoever posted the video doesn't know all the facts. Check my other comment

  • apple fans
    apple fans 7 days ago

    The iPhone 11 pro max has 3969 mah

  • Richard Olwis
    Richard Olwis 7 days ago

    pixel copied to apple 😂😂

    • Danny
      Danny 6 days ago

      U talking like apple invented smartphones

    • Alban Osmani
      Alban Osmani 6 days ago

      Asif Akraf still looks plastic.. but black one actually looks the best for me even with the black button looks more premium

    • Asif Akraf
      Asif Akraf 6 days ago

      It’s not plastic

    • Alban Osmani
      Alban Osmani 7 days ago

      I really hate that plastic material around Pixel.. whyy?!!! And that orange button though?!!

    • HundredthJam
      HundredthJam 7 days ago

      Richard Olwis And the iPhone 11 still manages to be better

  • Titouan Chevalier
    Titouan Chevalier 7 days ago

    This price is false

    • Yahya Elmongui
      Yahya Elmongui 7 days ago

      Ok look everyone, the phone being compared was the Pixel 4 XL, which has a starting price of $899, while the normal Pixel 4 is $799, yes they did screw up the price, and I am sure about the numbers, the price will go up depending on the storage of each

    • Speedgamer- سبيد
      Speedgamer- سبيد 7 days ago

      @Briyant Mendez its 799

    • Briyant Mendez
      Briyant Mendez 7 days ago

      The price of google pixel is $999

    • Fredy VZ
      Fredy VZ 7 days ago

      I think is real google pixel $899

  • Adela Guzman
    Adela Guzman 7 days ago


  • fateh 27
    fateh 27 7 days ago

    first comment

  • TecnoLink
    TecnoLink 7 days ago

    Thanks for watching the video, share with your friends. Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/TheAgusCTS

  • TheLoneWolf
    TheLoneWolf 8 days ago

    Motorola One Vision Vs Samsung Galaxy A60?

  • Eliaa Corbeta
    Eliaa Corbeta 8 days ago

    There is no comparison because Huawei does not have an apple.😎

  • Ярослав Огиенко

    Если кто то ищет нормальные обзоры на эти смарты, то можете посмотреть у меня на канале.

  • vasgial
    vasgial 9 days ago

    Vision has ois.

  • Dexter Canales
    Dexter Canales 9 days ago

    Sound Trip.

  • Pranit Mali
    Pranit Mali 10 days ago

    Huawei is better than op

  • Ranju Narula
    Ranju Narula 10 days ago

    Moto one action is cheaper than one vision 😅

  • M,idul islam
    M,idul islam 10 days ago

    huawei mate 20 pro vs huawei p 20 pro composition.... please upload video....

  • M,idul islam
    M,idul islam 10 days ago

    mate 30 pro best.....I love huawei...

  • Gus Sakti
    Gus Sakti 10 days ago

    moto action is very simmilar like moto one action

  • Gus Sakti
    Gus Sakti 10 days ago

    i really love this channel evry time tecnolink upload i watched the bideo till the end

    • Gus Sakti
      Gus Sakti 10 days ago

      @TecnoLink spirit upload your video your video is the best i proud of you

    • Gus Sakti
      Gus Sakti 10 days ago

      your welcome tecnolink

    • TecnoLink
      TecnoLink 10 days ago

      Thank you! ❤

  • RetrogameWarp RetrogameWarp

    You forgot macro mode on Oneplus. There is also the 512GB version with 12 GB and USB C. There is no 6GB Cut.

  • Yash Yash
    Yash Yash 10 days ago

    O Bhai jab I phone chalya name Ho na to ushey barrimey kutch Nahi bolte pata bhi hai ki I phone mey kitini smoothness storage hoti hai aur uski screen camera aur back glass kitna bhadiya hota hai apni knowledge sahi kar aur ek I phone kharide kar challa kar dhek teray ko khud samajamey aaja GA kids vo kabi lack Nahi hota hai aur kitna aacha phone hota hai A video can't tell us that iPhone 11pro is better or Samsung Galaxy 10+ is better according to me I phone 11pro max is the best phone I have ever used

  • Pirs Kurdi
    Pirs Kurdi 11 days ago

    mate 30 pro😎👌is king

  • Tobik Zikan
    Tobik Zikan 11 days ago

    Samsung will win. You are only huawei fan and in your test won huawei because you don't like samsung.

  • Tobik Zikan
    Tobik Zikan 11 days ago

    Samsung has snapdragon too.

  • Gyanendra Kumar
    Gyanendra Kumar 11 days ago

    Moto one action vs moto one macro

  • Юнус Фейзулов

    I love Huawei

  • joel l9pez
    joel l9pez 11 days ago

    Sabía que el mate 30 pro era mejor

  • team gameplayers pro

    This is fake or he is a fanboy apple, huaweii its better have more tecnology idk but this is fake iphone is a shit.....

  • Estevão Ferreira
    Estevão Ferreira 11 days ago

    Prefiro o A50

  • Miguel Angel Napoles

    S pen for Note 10 is missing

  • Miguel Angel Napoles

    Note 10+ is clear winner in terms of CPU and screen. Is bigger ( wich is good) and with oled +

  • KonradGaming
    KonradGaming 12 days ago

    Oneplus won in my opinion. Btw Huawei is still very Nice.

  • Marifer Perez
    Marifer Perez 12 days ago

    Huawei is the King ♔

    • yocaha1
      yocaha1 4 days ago

      Not, because One Plus 7T pro come with 12 GB ram. Mclaren Edition

    • yocaha1
      yocaha1 4 days ago

      Not, because one plus 7T pro come also with 12 GB ram. Mclaren edition.

  • Vianney Solis
    Vianney Solis 12 days ago

    first 😏

  • sulaiman dayoub
    sulaiman dayoub 12 days ago

    Guys honestly I bought the huwawi mate 8 in 2016 and my friend bought I phone 6s at the day after almost 3years my huwawi still functioning very well and I am using 2 sim which takes more effort on the phone on performance and yet it’s awesome but the iPhone 6s battery completely dead and there was no way to fix it

  • Joseph _fs
    Joseph _fs 12 days ago

    Huawei the best .

  • M,idul islam
    M,idul islam 13 days ago

    huawei mate 30 pro best.....

  • hiks iks
    hiks iks 14 days ago

    cpu kirin vs bionic 13 ,point gous to Apple ,why ? also many bushit comaration beter Iphone this is iphone boy bulsheet

  • mutum khambachand
    mutum khambachand 15 days ago

    Huawei future smart phone

  • Mddjjdjdjdj Jrdhdnd
    Mddjjdjdjdj Jrdhdnd 15 days ago

    Of course Apple. Because iOS hardware is best. Huawei hasn’t got Google! A13 Bionic is better than Kirin 990. In camera, I think Huawei tells lie because they says” 40 mp camera” but it doesnt look like a 40 mp camera! İphone is more quality than Huawei! But yok saying “ Huawei best! “ You are wrong.

  • Verma Jewallers
    Verma Jewallers 15 days ago

    Samsung best

  • Raha Esfahani
    Raha Esfahani 15 days ago


  • Attillah khan masamiraullah khan

    What song is this pls

  • Gustavo Hernandez
    Gustavo Hernandez 15 days ago

    Motorola 😍

  • Samrat Shrestha
    Samrat Shrestha 15 days ago


    NKC GAMING 16 days ago

    Background music

  • Yuri Rodrigues
    Yuri Rodrigues 16 days ago

    Huawei the best

  • Karen Joyce Feeney
    Karen Joyce Feeney 16 days ago

    Your display inches are wrong its 6.53 inches not 6.22inches

  • Arjun Mohandaas
    Arjun Mohandaas 16 days ago

    What about back case or back cover.. Is both are same??

  • google istifadəcisi.

    Huawei 💓💓💓💓

  • zeeshan hanif
    zeeshan hanif 17 days ago

    Very helpful

  • BionicGuatemala
    BionicGuatemala 17 days ago

    No Google tho

  • Canal WSSN
    Canal WSSN 17 days ago

    Note 10+ snapdragon >>>>>>>

  • Burhan Filiz
    Burhan Filiz 17 days ago

    Note 10+ Best

  • Kacper Nowak
    Kacper Nowak 18 days ago

    Moto one vision best

  • orion tipu
    orion tipu 18 days ago

    Without google apps how win Huawei P30 pro? Isn’t complete any phone without google apps?

    NUGGET NUGGET 19 days ago


  • ArmyPC85droid tecnología

    Demasiada publicidad tiene el iPhone en ambientes controlados Hagan lo mismo con el Huawei uufff 😍🙀👌🏼

  • Efrat Junin
    Efrat Junin 19 days ago

    Kinda one sided,main feature cant even be compared.

  • MikeProGamer
    MikeProGamer 19 days ago

    IPHONE 11PRO MAX MEMORY Card slot No Internal 64GB 4GB RAM, 256GB 4GB RAM, 512GB 4GB RAM NOT 6gb of RAM!!!

  • Tira dúvidas Android

    Brasil aqui ! Hahahaha

  • Lokpobiri Gabriel
    Lokpobiri Gabriel 20 days ago

    Dude you haven't even seen speed tests and you gave a13 bionic the win... Wow!! Just how biased are you

    • VRMN Clothing
      VRMN Clothing 18 days ago

      Because it's better. It's been benchmarked, we don't need the 18 year old tech nerds to make videos of that too know it.