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  • rao bb
    rao bb 11 minutes ago

    Great artist of India!

  • Chimon Debbarma
    Chimon Debbarma 11 minutes ago

    Bjp jhumla party...untrustworthy

  • If President does it, it is NOT ILLEGAL

    This is how MOST OF THE INDIANS are. INDIANS are EXTREME Penny Pinchers even when it comes to paying someone for the work that they were hired to do. However, they wouldn't even give it a second thought about stealing someone else's property. This video is a proof of that. Heck, back in India our OWN relatives would steal all sorts of things including food from us. When confronted about it, they will deny everything and say that is our stuff not yours... I've seen it first hand. lol...

  • sanju b
    sanju b 17 minutes ago

    Amit Shah's son Jay Shah will be the new secretary of BCCI, while Arun Dhumal will be the new treasurer. Dhumal is younger brother of MoS Finance and former BCCI president Anurag Thakur.... congrats sir....

  • sanju b
    sanju b 23 minutes ago

    Amit Shah's son Jay Shah will be the new secretary of BCCI, while Arun Dhumal will be the new treasurer. Dhumal is younger brother of MoS Finance and former BCCI president Anurag Thakur.

  • Rajendran Parthasarathy
    Rajendran Parthasarathy 30 minutes ago

    Rahul..... for which job are you qualified...... Rahul..... let youth & adolescents like yourself..... speak out Rahul..... you are qualified to the Member of Parliament, President of Indian National Congress, because of your expertise, knowledge, skill, EMPOWERMENT, BIRTH, and you were a child prodigy, having "qualified" to study in Harvard, Cambridge, with talent to lead ISRO, and become Air-Marshal because your father was a Pilot, Rahul...... Please speak about your impersonator Rahul Vinci, Rahul....... Are you at least aware of Rahul Vinci, Director of BACKOPS, Arms dealer, Commission Agent, Broker, Anti-national, Traitor, along with your sister Priyanka.....

    SD MARKET AND PRODUCTION 32 minutes ago

    Ye jo kisaan ka khet sukha para hai wo 5 saal me ni hua hai.. ye Uss samay se hai jab se gandhi nehru iss desh me aaye the

  • Hossein Karimi
    Hossein Karimi 36 minutes ago

    Love india from Afghanistan🇮🇳❤🇦🇫 Marg be Talibane bi namus bi sharaf nokare Pakistane dal khor. Mordah bad Pakistane dal khor. Marg be pakistane shaitan.

  • Leo Arvind
    Leo Arvind 41 minute ago

    U save from your scam of herald case. U don't talk about anything else.

  • Kenny Nguyen
    Kenny Nguyen 43 minutes ago

    Build with China steel .... the finest Chinese steel .... that's what you get for cheap prices ?!?

  • Dariusz Marciniak
    Dariusz Marciniak 46 minutes ago

    Olga Tokarczuk, anti polish leftist propagandist, under-educated ideologically driven.

  • sanju b
    sanju b 48 minutes ago

    Do you DARE to contest election without EVM and with ballot paper ?

  • Sai Krishna Kavali
    Sai Krishna Kavali 52 minutes ago

    Aaloo...kab Lao bhayyaa...??

  • Dilip Rajani
    Dilip Rajani Hour ago

    feel sorry for Rahul he lost his commission from Rafale deal etc....

  • sangeethsagar
    sangeethsagar Hour ago

    Aaree ee buddhu joker ko patthar se maaro

  • sangeethsagar
    sangeethsagar Hour ago

    Ee baffoon Buddhu joker ko gadhe jaise maaro

  • anantha padmanabhan

    Entertainment unlimited...best to be in opposition forever...Modiji gets inspired

  • Jaleel Vadakkethil

    This kaliyughei Baaii...All Ravanaas Will be win....

  • Chandu Yadav
    Chandu Yadav Hour ago

    I can here him for hours.

  • Chandra Kant
    Chandra Kant Hour ago

    Western world is not idiot of having automatic doors in train. Anyway plz search agcr enclave gate and subscribe THANKS

  • Aslam Haji
    Aslam Haji Hour ago


  • R rohithkn
    R rohithkn 2 hours ago

    also bring some rules and regulations to news channels they're busy in creating fake and scripted news , they create the news sitting in studio and also avoide religious debates in India

    ALLAH MADARCHOD 2 hours ago

    Pedaishi randi hey yh to

  • Ankit Singh
    Ankit Singh 2 hours ago

    Sabse pahle isse nikalo yaha se

  • R rohithkn
    R rohithkn 2 hours ago

    this Bollywood stars are dangerous for students carriers they follow what they see in TV'S its not good for minors nan this shows also ban some of serials of ekta Kapoor

  • R rohithkn
    R rohithkn 2 hours ago

    also ban kannada , malayalam telugu , tamil big boss

  • faiz hashmi
    faiz hashmi 2 hours ago

    Babur ke baad bahenchod 20 generation tk mughalo ne raj kiya tb kahan gaye the ye log? us zamane me to raja maharaja hua krte the, angreji sarkaar bhi 200 saal rahi, to kul 600 saal tk kya kr rhe the? 1946 tak lagbhag 600 me se 400 princely state to hindu raja ke the, rok kon raha tha? ab koi buddhijeevi jawab me gaali dega kiuki jawab hai hi nhi.

  • Vikash Roy
    Vikash Roy 2 hours ago

    Godi media Madharchod hai

  • Vikash Roy
    Vikash Roy 2 hours ago

    media me to sirf Hindu Muslim AUr India Pakistan chal rha hai.

  • World With My eyes
    World With My eyes 2 hours ago

    Are mudde to sahi utha pgl aadmi panch ke layak bhi nhi h bilkul sahi baat h rahul

  • its_Slidez_YT
    its_Slidez_YT 2 hours ago

    Shut the fuck up BITCH

  • Ishika Singh
    Ishika Singh 2 hours ago

    Seriously. Itni badi haar k baad bhi nahi seekha hai ye. Opposition is a big joke. Idiots

  • Rizwan Fareed
    Rizwan Fareed 2 hours ago

    Keep follow growth once time come your nation will pull from all problem

  • P.R.velayudhan Mani
    P.R.velayudhan Mani 3 hours ago


  • Rizwan Fareed
    Rizwan Fareed 3 hours ago

    True Indian jaisa bi ha us ki army politician apni nation sa mother fucker sister fucker daughter fucker nai karwatay

  • kiwiwala
    kiwiwala 3 hours ago

    Rahul Gandhi is a disaster. He continues on his negative speeches and does not speak with verifiable facts and figures. These questions need to be asked in the parliament.......where he is often silent. He doesn't do his homework nor does he have good team around him. He is a reluctant part- time leader of a now doomed and irrelevant Congress party. He needs to go and the Congress needs to go.

  • Rajiv Dhall
    Rajiv Dhall 3 hours ago


  • Raya
    Raya 3 hours ago

    The last time Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai was floated, Tibet lost its independence and India was invaded.

  • agytjax
    agytjax 3 hours ago

    At 3:15 - Wah ! When things are not going fine she wants "everyone to work together.". Where was this "damned" wisdom when GST was rolled out in a draconian fashion ? Congress was corrupt. BJP turns out to be arrogant and incompetent. It is the people of India that are being damned year after year

  • agytjax
    agytjax 3 hours ago

    After collapsing the economy with her incompetence, she can apply for Ladies Hostel Warden. Kanoon ki rakhwali.

  • Talha Yousuf
    Talha Yousuf 3 hours ago

    Pakistan want peace we respect all religion.. Now a day one dogy pm in india.. Who are playing with indian people brain... Always talk about war modi make warmup kashmir issue and u all will see modi will give kashmir to pakistan... Indian media said pakistan alone.. But they are saying turkey.. China... Malaysia... Azerbaijan... Iran.. Are supporting pakistan o dear all respectfull indian u look with true eyes what going on how much modi lies with u balakot haha.. F16.. THEN HE SAID IF WE HAVE RAFEAL WE CAN FIGHT WITH PAK.. O DEHLI MINISTERY OF DEFENSE BUILDINGS BURING.. RAFEAL CROUPTION O NOW WAKEUP PLEASE HE IS MAKING U ALL FOOLISH.. rafeal start with lemon hehehe..

  • Rizwan Fareed
    Rizwan Fareed 3 hours ago

    Go for f 16

  • Rizwan Fareed
    Rizwan Fareed 3 hours ago

    Pakistan army reading all leader all your general reading there brain

  • Rizwan Fareed
    Rizwan Fareed 3 hours ago

    Pakistan army exchanging duplicate leaders through majician with help of underworld your present cabinet destroying India if they sincere then definitely they go for f 16

  • Atul Nagpal
    Atul Nagpal 3 hours ago

    Lol tell them to eat curry with chopsticks first to prove the friendship.

  • Sheharyar Khan
    Sheharyar Khan 3 hours ago

    Ye Pakistan bhejo or abhinandan ko us me bhe usko fantastic tea pilani ha🤣😁🤣😁🤣😁🤣

  • Sheharyar Khan
    Sheharyar Khan 3 hours ago

    Ye kya chutyapa ha randians ka 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rizwan Fareed
    Rizwan Fareed 3 hours ago

    Not export class

  • Rizwan Fareed
    Rizwan Fareed 3 hours ago

    Take real s 400

  • Rizwan Fareed
    Rizwan Fareed 3 hours ago

    India take f 16 latest version of f 16 f 18 or f 21 and take ten more s400 cover all border of your area if border is 1200 then need three s 400 as per border take more s 400 cover all border area cover even sea this is first line make more layers true Pakistan army is majician army take German submarine world most dangerous submarine take USA ship world most dangrouse ship

  • Manjeet Singh
    Manjeet Singh 3 hours ago

    Rahul putting congress in the( pattal ). 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • films Abdul rahim
    films Abdul rahim 4 hours ago

    the most wicked countries have met who knows what they are planning

  • Kalki Kalyani
    Kalki Kalyani 4 hours ago

    "Afonso de Albuquerque captured the city (Goa, India) in 1510". QUOTE: 'At one stage, a number of Hindus fled in terror to escape religious persecution and only when the wave passed did some return.' Afonso advanced the three-fold Portuguese grand scheme of combating Islam, spreading Christianity, and securing the trade of spices by establishing a Portuguese Asian empire. - SOURCE: Goa and Portugal: History and Development edited by Charles J. Borges, Oscar Guilherme Pereira, Hannes Stubbe ISBN 10: 8170228670 ISBN 13: 9788170228677 HINDU RESISTANCE IN PORTUGUESE GOA: 'The policy for conversion was begun soon after the arrival of the Porutuguese in Goa in 1510, and gradually intensified throughout the sixteenth century. The Inquisition was a formal tribunal devoted to identifying heretics among the converts to Catholicism and was formally launched in 1561 and lasted until 1761, when it was effectively ended by the Marquis de Pombal, who abolished the exclusive rights of Christians. As the capital of the Estado da India, the Portuguese colonial empire in Asia and East Africa, Goa was subjected to a blizzard of policies designed at once to transform and fossilize life there. Desiring to preserve much of the precolonial village economic structure, yet determined to force their Goan subjects to total conversion to Catholicism, the Portuguese created policies that had a dramatic impact on Goan culture and identity. The focus of this article will be on the Hindu resistance to the policies that were applied by the colonial regime and its role in the shaping of the regional culture: in the face of over-whelming physical force, direct defiance revealed itself primarily in the religious life of Hindu Goa as archival records of the Portuguese rule and temple histories demonstrate. Even forms of religious syncretism that are pervasive in Catholic Goa and might initially be perceived as indications of the success of Portuguese repressive and discriminatory policies represent a subtle pattern of ‘every day resistance’ and are not simply the blending of Portuguese Catholic and Hindu cultures. Goa, a former Portuguese colony and now an Indian state, is a small geographical enity with an area of 3,701 square kilometers on the western coast of India between the border of Mahatashtra and Karnataka and was under Portuguese control from 1510 until 1961. With the ports of Daman and Diu, it was treated as a separate administrative unit by both Portugal and India until it became a separate stsate in the India Union in 1987.' - SOURCE: Flight of the Deities: Hindu Resistance in Portuguese Goa Paul Axelrod and Michelle A. Fuerch Modern Asian Studies Vol. 30, No. 2 (May, 1996), pp. 387-421 cambridge.altmetric.com/details/17254741

    ALOK KUMAR 4 hours ago

    Rahul bhaiya garibo ke mashiha Indian politics ME bhaiya ye amir log ki sarkar hai bjp

  • asif kamadolli
    asif kamadolli 4 hours ago

    Modi will clean india economic finace very soon

  • LO-Corp Founder
    LO-Corp Founder 4 hours ago

    Let them think yoga's not associated. They think Surya Namaskar is blasphemy, how will they perform Yoga? These brainwashed kids got too much of religious nonsense. Too blind to see that we HUMANS made religions. Any fucking religion didn't make us. If one day Aliens comes and tells us, there's no God. We created you. I wonder how will they respond to that? they'll say "Aliens is Allah", the names matches? right? hahah

  • Saifu Nazer
    Saifu Nazer 4 hours ago

    just put high fines ....those thrown in ,roads and sea's ,

  • Justus Pereira
    Justus Pereira 4 hours ago

    Where is appu call him to give reply.

    BALAJI C 4 hours ago

    If economy is worst. Then immediately replace FM The only available standard procedure.

  • Santosh Kanojiya
    Santosh Kanojiya 4 hours ago

    Hamare lala bhai ki kami hai yeha

  • Naim Reja
    Naim Reja 4 hours ago

    आरे भाई ये कीयामत के आलामत ( परेम हो तो कुत्ते कुत्ती से भी सादी करलो)कीयामत के दीन पता चलेगा केईसे इनसान बानके आया

  • Md saddik
    Md saddik 4 hours ago

    मै पूछना चाहता hu की क्या चोदते समय भी राम राम बोलते हो क्या आप लोग. जब भी मुँह खोलते हो तुम लोग टॉयलेट ही उगलते ho यार.... कभी.. गंगा जमुना ki. तहजीब भी उगल दिया करो

  • Santosh Kanojiya
    Santosh Kanojiya 4 hours ago

    Chutiya pahle kabhi nahi hua qki tumne kabhi desh ke bareme socha hi nahi... koi bhi ache kaam ya saman lanese pahle bhagwan ki puja ki jati hai.... hindu dharm me.... tum mullo ko kaise pata hoga hindu dharm ke bareme......

  • emroy mcdonald
    emroy mcdonald 4 hours ago

    You press your finger so hard u register the print were you testing the screen

  • Wasim Khan
    Wasim Khan 4 hours ago

    Hahaha china india ko ghaas b nahin dalta.

  • white devil
    white devil 4 hours ago

    Zakir naik is 👍💯best Koi hai us se bahas kr ske open challenge

  • Glen Jeremiah
    Glen Jeremiah 4 hours ago

    Congratulations to the family members.

    ASGAR Q 4 hours ago

    Rafale scam

  • Shanavas Shafna
    Shanavas Shafna 4 hours ago


  • bhimrao Phattepure
    bhimrao Phattepure 4 hours ago

    Did lots of like dis, let it be. Do something for Indian economy

  • thirumala swamy
    thirumala swamy 4 hours ago

    Chor vadra ghandoo

  • Saurabh Kulshreshtha

    She is the new Smriti Irani, she used to be a spokesperson, has barely any understanding of economics. There is no lack of talented people in India to fill the important ministerial positions, but PM Modi chooses to keep these completely subservient, unmeritorious people in these important ministries at the cost of bad state policy to further his ego.

  • Mayank Sharma
    Mayank Sharma 4 hours ago

    lol..congressi pigs are still alive..lmao

  • Santiyago Wilson
    Santiyago Wilson 4 hours ago

    The beach sold to chinna

  • Shail Patel
    Shail Patel 4 hours ago

    Papu papu hi rahega

  • Shab Mem
    Shab Mem 4 hours ago

    Patna ki ghatar saaf karte nahi nazar aaye modiji. Oops camera pani me gir gaya hoga..

  • Santiyago Wilson
    Santiyago Wilson 4 hours ago

    உல்லாச உலகம் உனக்கே சொந்தம் தய்யடா தய்யடா தய்யடா நீ ஜல்சா செய்யடா செய்யடா செய்யடா உல்லாச உலகம் உனக்கே சொந்தம் தய்யடா தய்யடா தய்யடா நீ ஜல்சா செய்யடா செய்யடா செய்யடா செய்யடா செய்யடா செய்யடா செய்யடா ஓ..ஓ..ஓ..ஓ..ஓ… செய்யடா செய்யடா செய்யடா

    • Caro
      Caro 4 hours ago

      Vanga thambi

  • Rijin Chandran
    Rijin Chandran 4 hours ago

    aree bewakoof logoooo tumhe kabbb samjhegaaa ....evm machine jisme rahul aur congresss ko vote karte haii usme hii khott haiii too kaise jeetenge congresss....????

  • Shab Mem
    Shab Mem 4 hours ago

    Yahi job baki hai ab yuva ke pass bhi.. modi ji sends message that economy clean hogi ab yahi karna hoga.. Btw good camera man u have for daynight

  • Trigya and Mind
    Trigya and Mind 4 hours ago

    Jali naa congression ki jaali naa 🔥🔥

  • canaan jordan
    canaan jordan 5 hours ago

    Why this man repeting on RAFAEL CASE I think current Gov't not given perfect answer on that's time 9 month back BJP Gov't should given JPC it would be better , now again and again issue on RAFAEL.

  • Дьявол папа

    Hindus are best people..

    ASH KUMAR 5 hours ago

    Pappu badwa 😬😬😬...biggest disaster in this century 😂😂😂

  • uday madhav
    uday madhav 5 hours ago

    He has no job to do just roaming all states in India to show his talent ... his talent is to raise his voice against BJP whether it’s ruling or in opposition . BJP failed to create a job for this job less Indian poor citizen 😂

    ASH KUMAR 5 hours ago

    😁😁😁Pappu 😬😬😬..he can't even took people of ameti.. In heart n ran away like a coward... congress will will b wipe out from this country. Pappu don't even know the full form of ncc.. n he want to RULE INDIA. nice comedy. Stil some fools holding his ass 😬😬😬.pityy on whoever holding this fools ass. JAI HIND JAI MODIJI


    Rahul's gaaandooo aa gya hai

  • CM Brahmadath
    CM Brahmadath 5 hours ago

    just look at our ancient and rich culture.. that namaskaram at end was the final icing on the cake. truly great

  • Saifulsauda Asha
    Saifulsauda Asha 5 hours ago

    শেখ হাসিনা স্বামী দেশ ভারত। হিন্দুধর্মের সঙ্গে শেখ হাসিনা রক্ত জড়িত আছে

  • Roy Methew
    Roy Methew 5 hours ago

    🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣 they are really funny

  • Ujjwal Sharma
    Ujjwal Sharma 5 hours ago

    So Islamophobic😡😠

  • Diksha Tripathi
    Diksha Tripathi 5 hours ago

    A diehard fan of you Miss World! How excellent you are in switching your gestures while answering the foreign media & then the Indian media. When you're on their talk-show/interview, you are so witty & cool. But when in the interviews in India, you're so serious & _desi_ . Just love you! Wishes of your long-life Priyanka.

  • H K
    H K 5 hours ago

    Chutiya rss ka kutta

  • Bhaskar Vijay
    Bhaskar Vijay 5 hours ago


  • Kewal Manchanda
    Kewal Manchanda 5 hours ago

    Jab aap government aai thi 2015 me tab ye odd even scheme aai thi aur jab government ko five years complete ho rahe hai to ussko fir se start kar rahe hai last time private CNG vehicles ko isse free rakha tha but is baar nahi ....delhi waalo game mai samjhta hu kejriwaal government ki inki party Ola uber jaisi taxi waalo se har month moti monthly leti hai aur us waqat bhi in taxi waalo ne mota profit kamaaya tha but private CNG vehicles ko na hataane se wo profit margin kam reh gaya issliye is baar ye decision liya hai ...waah re waah kejriwaal baabu

  • Mahendar Jaat
    Mahendar Jaat 5 hours ago

    Mamta ko jlnda jalado

  • Jason Temasfieldt
    Jason Temasfieldt 5 hours ago

    How come the PM is alone??? Where is his security & staff?? Why aren't they picking up the trash & helping him??? Is this for real or a PR stunt? I'm just surprised why nobody from his team joined him???

  • kush khandelwal
    kush khandelwal 5 hours ago

    Ha ha bhn ki chut Teri religion of Peace

  • tik tok
    tik tok 5 hours ago

    Gerte ha shasawar be medan jang ma O tepal keya gere ga jo gutno ke bal chale

  • nikhil bankar
    nikhil bankar 5 hours ago

    बेनचोद सब coach ban rahe he comment section me...

  • Morengkham Leivon
    Morengkham Leivon 5 hours ago

    They say the beach is super clean now after Modiji cleaned it.