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Ant Keeping : What To Expect
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Ant Desk 3
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Ant Desk 2
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Atomic Ants!
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The Atom Formicarium
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Talus Assembly
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Mini Hearth
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Temnothorax alate pupae
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Acorn Ants I
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Feeding Ants in Test Tubes
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Ants Can Be Pets
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The Nucleus
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Wild Caught Colony
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The Ant Haven
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  • theTikTokthief

    What was the first spices

  • theTikTokthief
    theTikTokthief 2 days ago

    How much

  • Dd Gvb
    Dd Gvb 6 days ago

    I spilt some honey in my outworld and it left a stain, is it possible to clean this?

  • Lez C.
    Lez C. 12 days ago

    Will you guys have another sale for the 5 minihearths or do you guys do any deals black Friday or Christmas? Thanks in advance

  • Tara Shaw
    Tara Shaw 15 days ago

    Just so damned sweet and adorable, more and more I am realizing I would love to raise a colony! 🐜🐜💕💖

  • Tara Shaw
    Tara Shaw 15 days ago

    Was that one queen being aggressive near the beginning with those jumpy kind of moves?? 🐜🐜💖💕

  • hito1988
    hito1988 16 days ago

    worst ant channel on youtube... dumping ants into the new containers... to much space in test tubes (will stress the queen for no reason)... to less water in test tube and still the cotton is dirty AF, my cotton looks way cleaner after 3 months lol... do me a favor, watch some ants canada before you produce more videos... this guy from ants canada really know how to keep ants.

  • Jaime Castillo Torres

    Amigo donde compras tus hormigueros?

  • Tara Shaw
    Tara Shaw 17 days ago

    I love this , I'm so glad I came across it, and I'm so glad to see that this was made in 2016 which leads me to believe that there will be plenty more videos of your beautiful ants!! 🥀🐜🐜💕

  • Asian Guy
    Asian Guy 18 days ago

    For your atom nest can I order them not attached to the outworld

  • I be a DOCTOR
    I be a DOCTOR Month ago

    When will you be able to ship to Florida?

    GGEZPRO Month ago

    I noticed you said you smush your fruit flies. Try this! Purchase an aspirator and suck up the flies into a snap cap! Once you emptied your fly culture(mites form in two weeks) I freeze my fruit flies alive.... making frozen fly pellets. My ants were able to kill the flies live. But sometimes a fly would elude my ants and lay eggs in their chambers. I changed their nests when I noticed it. But I didn’t want any maggots latching my larva. So I freeze my flies so they can’t lay eggs when they are being hunted. And secondly to preserve them when the culture needs to be thrown out.

  • Eric Knight
    Eric Knight Month ago

    What species of Ants are these?

  • Runda Yu
    Runda Yu Month ago


  • bunkerputt
    bunkerputt Month ago

    These test tubes must be at least...🤔 3 times bigger.

  • Reed Gfx
    Reed Gfx Month ago

    Do you still have your prenolepis imparis colony? I've heard/read on multiple wikis that most people aren't able to keep them longer than two years. Have you?

  • Reed Gfx
    Reed Gfx Month ago

    Lost your channel for two years, finally found it!! I'm glad to see you're still uploading! Keep up the great work!

  • Ants Anatomy
    Ants Anatomy Month ago

    I know you used to or still have a Camponotus Castaneus colony from your early videos. I have a small colony with about 5 workers so I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to take care of them. Thanks

  • flirt1diva
    flirt1diva Month ago


  • AntsWorldWide !
    AntsWorldWide ! Month ago

    I need help with my colony they are a huge super colony refusing to lay eggs

  • Whoshe Khang
    Whoshe Khang Month ago

    are they polygynous?

  • Flighted
    Flighted Month ago

    make the bifurcated mini hearths cheaper please

  • Henry Arnett
    Henry Arnett 2 months ago

    Does the ant come before the terrarium

  • Sashido Zerako
    Sashido Zerako 2 months ago

    I found they also really enjoy Shelled organic Hemp hearts they are already shelled and soft so easily chewable to feed larva :D

  • Matthew Gillespie
    Matthew Gillespie 2 months ago

    Where are you getting the dandelion seeds? I've been nervous about feeding my colonies seeds (birdseed etc) since I want to be careful to introduce a pesticide by accident. Any tips on seeds is welcome.

  • Rorther
    Rorther 2 months ago

    I have an Odontomachus colony, and yeah, not be able to climb glass/plastic is a huge deal. Way easier to keep them in a container. Can even use a bottle or a cup as foundanttation, and don't even need to worry about the lid, even thou i still use a plastic one, just to be sure.

  • A Bravo
    A Bravo 2 months ago

    Hey THA, Wanted to ask the question of what you recommend for a natural setup/ digging media these ants enjoy? I keep finding they don’t exactly enjoy straight sand, my assumption is loam with pea gravel. The name worry is coco fiber being too humid for their liking. Looking forward to more videos on this species.

    • TarheelAnts
      TarheelAnts Month ago

      A Bravo Personally I don’t like using substrate based nests (allowing ants to dig). It presents too many difficulties and takes away one of my favorite things about keeping ants as pets; doing good videos and taking photos. Finding the right soul is difficult as well. Even if you use clay soil they can munch that into small pieces and build with it, still dangerous for a collapse in some circumstances. Just not my thing but I do understand others who want to try and explore how ants dig and build a nest underground. I like that idea myself, just not willing to risk a pet ant colony dying from a mold outbreak or collapse.

  • Zbionix / Caleb H.
    Zbionix / Caleb H. 2 months ago

    I also had a question for you, you said you dont feed them that many insects, I have a large Pogonomyrmex barbatus colony and I feed them more insects then I do seeds. So why almost no insects?

    • Zbionix / Caleb H.
      Zbionix / Caleb H. Month ago

      @brandon HVAC/ANTS ah right, I'll see in a few weeks, not sure right now I'll have to think about it. :)

    • brandon HVAC/ANTS
      brandon HVAC/ANTS Month ago

      @Zbionix / Caleb H. all the species I listed above.

    • Zbionix / Caleb H.
      Zbionix / Caleb H. Month ago

      @brandon HVAC/ANTS yeah its a bummer. What species did you have?

    • brandon HVAC/ANTS
      brandon HVAC/ANTS Month ago

      @Zbionix / Caleb H. yeahbi would be in the dumps too.

    • Zbionix / Caleb H.
      Zbionix / Caleb H. Month ago

      @brandon HVAC/ANTS Yeah it was a closed container which normally works fine. But apparently doesn't if the fluon vapors get trapped :/ Otherwise I've also had no problems with it. It was a huge bummer.

  • Zbionix / Caleb H.
    Zbionix / Caleb H. 2 months ago

    Why is it now legal aren't there still ecological dangers of transporting them?

  • brandon HVAC/ANTS
    brandon HVAC/ANTS 2 months ago

    Pogonomermex in the wild will put there seeds in the ground to get them to start growing so the seeds will crack open then they can eat the insides. You can crush seeds before giving it to them since obviously they are not able to bury their seeds in these formicariums.

    • TarheelAnts
      TarheelAnts Month ago

      @brandon HVAC/ANTS Seems to me that they are able to germinate without dirt in high humidity. The ants seem to have a "hang of" where to place them so they can peel the seeds and get to the interiors. So far I have seen a lot of them being able to take off the exterior of very large seeds.

    • brandon HVAC/ANTS
      brandon HVAC/ANTS 2 months ago

      @TarheelAnts seeds pop easier in dirt. Some seeds will not pop in these formicariums ever. The ants have a hard time opening hard seeds so I chop them up...problem solved. By the time they get wet enough to open the seeds fungus tends to be on the seeds due to the excess moisture. The reason why dandelions work so well is because they can be devoured In any conditions. I know it is not the act of burying them that opened them up and it is the moisture but without directly watering most seeds most will never get soft enough or germinate. Just my experience. If you have a better way let me know I have a 2 yr old pogonomermex colony in one of your formicariums now. Just when I think I have them figured out I learn otherwise thanks for the reply.

    • TarheelAnts
      TarheelAnts 2 months ago

      brandon HVAC/ANTS It’s not the act of burying seeds that causes them to germinate. It is more time and humidity , both of which can still be achieved in most habitats for ants.

  • Noah Norman
    Noah Norman 2 months ago

    What camera equipment do you use?

  • Kelsie Zitting
    Kelsie Zitting 2 months ago

    I had a colony of these up until the queen died recently. Started them in one of your mini formicariums and it was amazing, grew to an impressive colony in no time. Definitely recommend your products and this species

  • AntsFinland
    AntsFinland 2 months ago

    So happy for you american ant keepers. Cheers!

  • Novo Ants
    Novo Ants 2 months ago

    Really nice footage and all the best with selling this species. 👍🏼

  • Saphire Throated Carpenter Ant

    I was hoping you would touch on the permit required for CA; I am wondering if getting one is even realistic for a hobbyist...

  • Vermont Ants
    Vermont Ants 2 months ago

    That’s awesome! Nice work! Maybe I’ll have to get back into and keeping with these ants!

    • Vermont Ants
      Vermont Ants 2 months ago

      TarheelAnts neither can I really

    • TarheelAnts
      TarheelAnts 2 months ago

      Would be awesome, cant believe you stopped!

  • Tyler Kruse
    Tyler Kruse 2 months ago

    Just placed an order on your website! Can't wait

  • Life of Goober
    Life of Goober 2 months ago

    what are the queens at 15:22. them and the workers look exactly like a queen I have that I haven't identified.

  • brotony101
    brotony101 2 months ago

    I'm looking forward to getting my queen and boosted colony from you, Mack. :D I'm curious, how do you suggest using the heating cable with the mini hearth? Have you considered a non-ant-accessible channel within the structure to provide radiated heat?

    • brotony101
      brotony101 Month ago

      @brandon HVAC/ANTS That's what I shall do, too. I've been doing that already with Camponotus and it's worked very well.

    • brandon HVAC/ANTS
      brandon HVAC/ANTS 2 months ago

      I know people who put the heat cable on the rubber stoppers. I put mine on the far corner touching the edge of the mini hearth with the heat cable on opposite side of the water reservoir.

    • TarheelAnts
      TarheelAnts 2 months ago

      I have considered that idea a number of times, but the danger to the colony just isnt worth the risk. Maybe in the future. All I can imagine is one persons hand or foot accidentally catching the cable and game over!

  • Peter J. A.
    Peter J. A. 2 months ago

    Cool. U finally got Pogos. Excellent. Pogos r my favorite.

  • Henry Arnett
    Henry Arnett 2 months ago

    I ordered my queen harvester ant about a week and 4 days ago and it hasn't come yet I dont know if it because of labor day or something else

    • brandon HVAC/ANTS
      brandon HVAC/ANTS 2 months ago

      I would wait till long delivery time are cut shorter for the ants safety.

    • Henry Arnett
      Henry Arnett 2 months ago

      @TarheelAnts thank you sooo much for telling me

    • TarheelAnts
      TarheelAnts 2 months ago

      Video contains information about this, and the website page does as well. USPS has guidelines for labeling we have to follow and we are still waiting on the packaging materials. Combined with a Hurricane in this part of the country it is due to delays I am sure due to this. Expected and highly anticipated delivery begins on Monday/Tuesday! Thanks for your patience.

  • Pogonomyrmex occidentalis Ant Keeping

    Tar Heel Ants video Full stop on everything else and must watch

  • Ants Washington
    Ants Washington 2 months ago

    They look cool

  • Kayak Bear
    Kayak Bear 2 months ago

    I recently moved to the Charlotte area and def plan on visiting the tar heal website for products and or queens!

    • TarheelAnts
      TarheelAnts 2 months ago

      Hope to see you soon! Make the drive if possible....not that far? :)

  • Lights, Camera, Ants
    Lights, Camera, Ants 2 months ago

    Where did you source your ants from? Like who do you buy your ants from?

  • good guy
    good guy 2 months ago

    very nice ants man

  • Orion MA
    Orion MA 2 months ago

    Legocarium ^^ I love the concept ! :D

  • ricardo fernandez
    ricardo fernandez 2 months ago


  • Bob Guerio
    Bob Guerio 2 months ago

    I can buy a 300liters fish tank for the price of one of your ant farms lol They are nice but I'll stick to buying them elsewhere and making them myself. Your cheapest nest is like 80dollars...damn...how to deter buyers.

    • Where Is Waldo
      Where Is Waldo Month ago

      Can you tell me some of the places to get these cheaper please?

  • RP101 Aquatics
    RP101 Aquatics 3 months ago

    darn sadly these are too expensive for me

  • Repty Lyfe
    Repty Lyfe 3 months ago

    What kind of ants are these? I have the same kind and don’t know the name

  • good guy
    good guy 3 months ago

    what do you use to keep the ants from climbing out? they're avoiding it like the plague lol

  • Marc Stewart
    Marc Stewart 3 months ago

    Hello I have a question , I have a camponotus americana I think I spelled it right but when I bought her she had like 6 pupua an not quite sure what happened but they shriveled up an she hasn't layed any eggs that I can tell how can I get her to start laying

  • Ali Rohan
    Ali Rohan 3 months ago

    Very nice. I dumped my Camponotus chroamadios in the mini hearth and they absolutely love it.

  • Morgan Robertson
    Morgan Robertson 4 months ago

    What material is this formicarium made out of?

  • fernando urrutia
    fernando urrutia 4 months ago

    I have a small Brachymyrmex queen that is on a test tube setup, she has a few eggs and at least five larvaes... The tube is running out of water and I was wondering about to move them to something like the mini heart, can I just connect the tube to the nest and let her do the moving at their own speed?

  • American Ants
    American Ants 4 months ago

    That species is Crematogaster Ashmeadi

  • Ian Maglinte
    Ian Maglinte 4 months ago


  • MushiMango
    MushiMango 4 months ago

    Is it ok to feed a colony with only two workers in a outworld?

  • Random Memes Weekly
    Random Memes Weekly 4 months ago

    i have a queen, and i think its this species! awesome!

  • Random Memes Weekly
    Random Memes Weekly 4 months ago

    i caught a queen and i think its this species

    WILLIAM CHEN 4 months ago

    Wait, so you simply let the water drain into the bottom most floor of the nest??

    • TarheelAnts
      TarheelAnts 4 months ago

      WILLIAM CHEN No, there is a small 15ml container that holds water and it evaporated out through a fine mesh screen.

  • Chantell West
    Chantell West 4 months ago

    Hate the music

  • k3aton
    k3aton 4 months ago

    I live in south Louisiana and can't find ANY fucking camponotus queens, i want one so badly

  • Troy Kaz
    Troy Kaz 4 months ago

    What would American ant keepers do without TARHEEL ANTS!!!!???? We would be lost!!!! Lol fr nice work.

  • Troy Kaz
    Troy Kaz 4 months ago

    This is TRULY A WORK OF ART!!!! I look forward to the day I need one!!! Not yet... 😁🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜

  • Jaime Ridgway
    Jaime Ridgway 4 months ago

    We're do u get the ytong from

  • Лилия Мурашко

    Good evening, where did you buy such a container? thanks

  • Jaiden AR
    Jaiden AR 4 months ago

    Oh hell my 👑

  • fist name last name
    fist name last name 4 months ago

    Ant larvae lessened my fear of worms

  • Troy Kaz
    Troy Kaz 4 months ago

    I wish we had this species! Beautiful

  • Keith Wood
    Keith Wood 4 months ago

    I just caught a crematogaster queen. Do you have any tips for this species? Feeding, growth rate, etc. Thanks!

  • OG Exotics, Pets and Plants

    How can I win one ?

  • Fgg Fgg
    Fgg Fgg 5 months ago

    Great video, my queen just had two of her first workers. I really don't want them to escape while I'm feeding them though, do I have to worry about them trying to?

  • Brett koscielniak
    Brett koscielniak 5 months ago

    When in doubt, dump it out

  • Br Jack Henderson
    Br Jack Henderson 5 months ago

    Another great and informative video! I'm not sure if it is answered somewhere else but what type of camera are you using to get these excellent videos?

  • Formicid
    Formicid 5 months ago

    Probably the hardest part of ant keeping for me is killing the insects to be their food, and I want to do it as humanely and quickly as possible, so I want to ask, how do you kill the crickets that you feed the ants?

  • Get Riced
    Get Riced 5 months ago

    Wait why start moving them even tho their in their nanitics stage and not when theres 10 -20 workers

    • TarheelAnts
      TarheelAnts 5 months ago

      NoSkin Where is this nonsense written you speak of? Haha. That’s a decent guideline but just doesn’t make sense to use as a hard rule in every case. I moved these because I was ready to.

  • The Bloctopus
    The Bloctopus 5 months ago

    Awesome I just ordered one of your pre made inception chambers for my 5 queen Temnothorax longispinosis colony. They have about 80-100 workers and probably double or triple the population in young so they will grow into it very nicely.

  • Br Jack Henderson
    Br Jack Henderson 5 months ago

    Mack, What are you feeding those Camponotus species in the genesis tubes? It looked red. Thanks for a great video and great products!

    • TarheelAnts
      TarheelAnts 5 months ago

      Br Jack Henderson That’s the Complete Ant Juice found in our website on the Accessories page. Works great in combination with other foods to keep ants healthy.

  • MushiMango
    MushiMango 5 months ago

    This is a very dangerous way, in my opinion moving the eggs that way is very risky and if they are broken in the process your queen will be 10 times more stressed than before

    • MushiMango
      MushiMango 5 months ago

      @TarheelAnts noice

    • TarheelAnts
      TarheelAnts 5 months ago

      MushiMango Having moved ants like this for years it just isn’t like you are describing at all. I tried to make it very clear it is only used in certain situations and definitely not done all the time with every species. In these instances with these species if done like I showed in the video it works very well . Your mileage with it may vary with experience and different species.

  • Jazookins Jazookins
    Jazookins Jazookins 5 months ago

    Will be ordering the 5 mini hearths for my birthday Thankyou so much have been following for a long time and finally got some queens :)

  • Ali Rohan
    Ali Rohan 5 months ago

    Wow so beautiful. They look like the nest from the aliens movie from the 90s

  • Ali Rohan
    Ali Rohan 5 months ago

    Hello which enclosure is this?

  • tarran payne
    tarran payne 5 months ago

    Hey i recently bought and received the sky blue XLMinihearth & Fortress at the start of the video. Just want to shout out to Mack and team at Tarheel how pleased i am with my purchase (will be migrating my Messor B) and fantastic the products are, love the clean and fitting look to them and always my 'GO TO' choice in formacarium.

  • Sea Shell
    Sea Shell 5 months ago

    The only thing is that it's not upgradable. If your colony needs room, you can't attach another formicarium to it or a larger outworld :(

  • Sebastian Ramirez
    Sebastian Ramirez 5 months ago

    So i have the same type of ant species (Camponotus Castaneus), but i am planning to buy a talus for a single queen and brood, what size would you reccommend? Please awnser.

  • fernando urrutia
    fernando urrutia 5 months ago

    Can you interconnect a fallen fortress model to a regular fortress formicarium to expand the nest area?

  • Dustin Jackson
    Dustin Jackson 5 months ago

    What species of ant is this? I've noticed them in my region, and I'm curious.

  • Lasius Lord
    Lasius Lord 5 months ago

    I never knew Lasius sp. colonies could get that big 😳

  • Vermont Ants
    Vermont Ants 5 months ago


  • Novo Ants
    Novo Ants 5 months ago

    Your nests look like great quality. Always nice footage of the colonies. Great products from what I can see. Keep up the good work 👍🏼

  • Nurbs Ants
    Nurbs Ants 5 months ago

    Looks great Mack.

  • Condemnedgamer66
    Condemnedgamer66 5 months ago

    NEVER dump ants to move them it will most likely kill them, I learned the hard way

    • Condemnedgamer66
      Condemnedgamer66 5 months ago

      @zejd zejd i like you your funny

    • zejd zejd
      zejd zejd 5 months ago

      @TarheelAnts Trust him he learned the hard way... It is not good to DUMP ANTS INTO A NEW HOME

    • TarheelAnts
      TarheelAnts 5 months ago

      This is purely reliant on the type of ant and the method you choose to dump them. It is 100% certain that it works and works very well in certain situations.

  • Liaan Lategan
    Liaan Lategan 5 months ago

    Awesome video! Thanks for the tips :)

  • Colton
    Colton 5 months ago

    That was an awesome video Mack, love your ant nests they're beautiful.

  • Edward Tyndall
    Edward Tyndall 5 months ago

    i love the vids bro keep them coming