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  • Gregory Smith
    Gregory Smith Day ago

    I've just come across Resignation on RU-clip, wow what a great concept story, hopefully a back and forward story is in the offing? Great work!

  • Frank Coley
    Frank Coley 2 days ago

    Wonderful movie. If I didn't know better I'd say you reached inside my brain and took my thoughts. Can't wait for the sequel

  • John Kean
    John Kean 8 days ago

    So everyone died and he got beamed up anyway 🤔

  • Paul Brasier
    Paul Brasier 8 days ago

    I enjoyed a small part more then most of these end of the world flicks. But still had to amped up over the top Music, and a thought out ending. Nice but more of the same.

    BOBBY D 9 days ago

    I loved the ending , when the Earth get's vaporized !

  • Bill Sain
    Bill Sain 11 days ago

    Strangely Beautiful, and captivating. [ Patient Submission: Resignation;] I was emotionally stunned, hurting, but hopeful, at the END.

  • Russ Corbett
    Russ Corbett 12 days ago

    Awesome movie !!! But the music was Way too loud and the voices were too soft to understand . Still a Great movie that I'd love to see expanded !!!

  • Joe surfer
    Joe surfer 12 days ago

    The Music on this was way too loud. I had to keep rewinding it over and over to hear the speech and I still did not get it all.

  • Pete Johnson
    Pete Johnson 13 days ago

    You know it's good when you want more, but got enough to leave you thinking. Great job.

  • David Lamb
    David Lamb 14 days ago

    Ok,I read through all of the comments and I'm thinking WTF because I thought it was crap,What did I miss here can somebody please explain to me what it was all about and why people are so emotional over a short that I thought was crap.

  • Deane Minister
    Deane Minister 18 days ago

    Small continuity issues, but amazing job in drawing u right in, leaving me feel I had just finished watching a full length movie

  • Paul Davis
    Paul Davis 18 days ago

    I find it amazing that I feel more intertwined by these free short films than I have by many feature length Hollywood films.

  • Gaurav Verma
    Gaurav Verma 18 days ago

    kya tha ye bakwas

  • TomofAllTrades
    TomofAllTrades 23 days ago

    Really beautiful, man.

  • Lisa McDonald
    Lisa McDonald 23 days ago

    The message that humans are destroying earth is clear. But why would a race of, apparently, superior intelligence go around destroying other planets if they're supposedly so intelligent?

  • S S
    S S 26 days ago

    I figured they were outworldly beings in the middle of it.. but again with some of these, there could have been a few more seconds??

  • G Blake
    G Blake 26 days ago

    Cringy stuff.

  • G Blake
    G Blake 26 days ago

    “These people gonna destroy this planet anyway.” And there ended any worthwhile element of this story. Just more dumb social/political commentary crap

    • Mike Ozmun
      Mike Ozmun 26 days ago

      With all due respect, what's dumb is thinking that the beliefs of the antagonist are a direct reflection of the beliefs of the storyteller.

  • Arthur Trauer
    Arthur Trauer Month ago

    Beautiful. A love for humanity with all its faults.

  • Fluent In Film
    Fluent In Film Month ago

    Glad to see another Austin based filmmaker! Great short!

    • Fluent In Film
      Fluent In Film Month ago

      Thanks! I appreciate it! Once again, great short; it captured my attention and held me for the rest of the video. Keep up the good work!

    • Mike Ozmun
      Mike Ozmun Month ago

      thanks dude! same to you! subbed and rang the bell. looking forward to your stuff!

  • sean cairns
    sean cairns Month ago

    Definitely interesting

  • Kiriana Jackson
    Kiriana Jackson Month ago

    The're aspect of which touch thank you love and moonbeams

  • OhFookinELL
    OhFookinELL Month ago

    This is brilliant ! Really enjoyed this!

  • Klinner Klinner1
    Klinner Klinner1 Month ago

    You must understand that you're going to have to face the inevitable you rule for thousands of years for but one person that you know is already going to die because of sickness you stay behind why would you do that. when you can continue on ,humans do not appreciate or I understand why you get punished all the time understandably makes sense

  • Klinner Klinner1
    Klinner Klinner1 Month ago

    Stupid mistake, I get it but you must understand the

  • Ankou Technica
    Ankou Technica Month ago

    An interesting bit of a story and, overall, pretty well done. The acting and cinematography were better than most. The background music was a bit high in the mix, though, to the point of obscuring some of the dialog, which was already sparse. The music itself fit well, it was just the level.

  • jonas eggen
    jonas eggen Month ago

    Resignation got me here. Hope you still make things. You are good. Really good. <3

  • Mobile Filmmaking

    This was amazing. It was well written, well acted and shot well. As a beginner filmmaker.... I could only hope to ever creAte something this good

    • Mike Ozmun
      Mike Ozmun Month ago

      Thanks man! Gave you a sub. Looking forward to seeing you grow as a filmmaker as well!

  • James Whiteman
    James Whiteman Month ago

    Those crickets chirping, bang on!

  • Kevin MDMA
    Kevin MDMA Month ago

    Music too loud

  • Paul Simonson
    Paul Simonson Month ago

    That was it?

  • Theodrick Davis
    Theodrick Davis Month ago

    Well, all I can say; love isn’t THAT powerful.

    • Edith Lewis
      Edith Lewis Month ago

      It was powerful enough for God to sacrifice His only Son to die an excruciating painful and horrible death on your behalf, so that by accepting Him as Lord and Savior you could enjoy eternal bliss on a new and perfect earth. Jesus is the Way (to the Father), the Truth (no other religion), and the Life (eternal existence in pure happiness). He didn’t have to come to earth to suffer and die for you, but He loves you so much that He CHOSE to do it. No human could ever willingly endure such pain for ANYONE. Humans are wimps when it comes to the ultimate sacrifice. No human who has ever lived died like Jesus did. Love is THAT powerful!

  • Patrizio Airbus320

    BELLISSIMO !!!! BRAVI !!!!

  • modusop8
    modusop8 Month ago

    Very good

  • dave Nee
    dave Nee Month ago

    Music was over the top, way too deep and meaningful and it stole from, and overshadowed the message of the clip.

  • Miss BlackCAT
    Miss BlackCAT Month ago

    Absolutely stunning

  • Nancy l
    Nancy l Month ago

    A wonderful short film of quality. Amazing!

  • antionette wardell

    I have one question. Was the young girl an alien? She looked at the guy and just knew.

  • Adam Mangler
    Adam Mangler Month ago

    Oops - they got ruptured rather than raptured. :0)

  • Mark Lewus
    Mark Lewus Month ago

    Very well done, and enjoyable. I hope you continue to grow as an artist!

  • Sans Handlebars
    Sans Handlebars 2 months ago

    That ethereal music that persisted in the background got really annoying

  • Mark Young
    Mark Young 2 months ago

    A woman, she's the death of every man........and now she's taking out the aliens too!!!!! damn

  • Robert S.
    Robert S. 2 months ago

    Good Short, but.. Spoiler ALERT!! I don't get this. They are going to destroy the Earth because they feel we're going to do it eventually, so the "Alien's" in their great wisdom will do it for us now?? Needs a bit more depth.

  • Nathan Reynolds
    Nathan Reynolds 2 months ago

    A masterpiece! This goes to show how films are supposed to create characters and beauty in our minds not on the screen. Somebody understands art in film very well here.

  • Ben Ferm
    Ben Ferm 2 months ago


  • neal miller
    neal miller 2 months ago


  • Me NotU
    Me NotU 2 months ago

    LOL can you at least give a bit of credit to the movie you ripped off? "The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)" You took the whole plot of that movies and put it in here.

  • 1caramarie
    1caramarie 2 months ago

    I liked this video. Strangely enough, as soon as the other guy showed up, I figured what was going on and who they were. Just came to me for some reason.

  • UpSky2
    UpSky2 2 months ago

    Admirable in use of little to imply much. (A few flaws perhaps but what of it.) Any other content for the future would be welcomed.

  • Shirley Roy
    Shirley Roy 2 months ago

    I enjoyed your film very much and found it Quite Balanced.... I’ll watch for more of your work

  • H ?
    H ? 2 months ago

    Definitely different, I'll give you that. Interpretive and each of us will have to determine what it means and where it will go from now. Thank you for creating this video for me to watch and enjoy. It opens my mind and makes me wonder: "What is THIS (as in our existence) actually all about?" Where do we go as individuals when our time is up and WE are called to another plane of existence?!? Inquiring minds wanna know. But until that day, God Bless, Be Safe and...... Overnout

    • Mike Ozmun
      Mike Ozmun 2 months ago

      Thank you for watching and for your kind comment!

  • John Phillips
    John Phillips 2 months ago

    Well that got me right here❤️

  • SkipSpotter
    SkipSpotter 2 months ago

    The endings are sometimes left to the viewer to ponder and question, until they decide what makes sense to them. These open ended shorts are unique and special and very much appreciated. This story has two real endings which can be summed up, but that is the best part.

  • Karen Lloyd
    Karen Lloyd 2 months ago

    Beautiful, atmospheric film that could easily be translated into a feature length film.

  • Alex Zabala
    Alex Zabala 2 months ago

    I don't get it...sorry

  • Peter Baxter
    Peter Baxter 2 months ago

    Everything about this was good except I didn’t understand the ending. I’ve looked at many other comments and I seem to be on my own.

    • Doug Stern
      Doug Stern Month ago

      It was like he had a hand in her death [maybe something in the tea?]. Soul mate suffering from some intolerable disease and they both came to a resolution this way? If so, I think he wanted to join her, to share one last connection, as the Earth gets blown away. Sort of adds to the heroism of facing an inevitable death. HaHa, this is a stretch alright, but how else to think about it.

    • Doug Stern
      Doug Stern Month ago

      It was like he had a hand in her death [something in the tea?]. Maybe she had a fatal disease that was too much to continue living? He resigned after seeing his love die with grace and dignity, and wanting to experience the same as the Earth gets blown away. Ha, ha, it's a stretch alright.

  • TheBeachmailman
    TheBeachmailman 2 months ago

    Fantastic, Open Minded.

  • lw216316
    lw216316 2 months ago

    Please explain this video to me. I don't get it.

  • Daniel V
    Daniel V 2 months ago

    Great to see the update, looking forward to seeing more movie magic from you, brother.

    • Mike Ozmun
      Mike Ozmun 2 months ago

      Thanks Daniel! I've been meaning to get in touch with you. Filming a feature right now, so it's been crazy. but I will reach out soon.

  • ACC Films Limited
    ACC Films Limited 2 months ago


  • John H
    John H 2 months ago

    Good job. Keep trying, think full circle and think BIG.

  • John H
    John H 2 months ago

    Sorry. weak story. Alien man had no reason left to stay, no reason to save anything. Love is great, but even Aliens know love, probably.

  • Ana nimity
    Ana nimity 2 months ago

    The punch was too faky What's up with the gf OD'ing at the end?

  • Ravana Brahma Rakshas
    Ravana Brahma Rakshas 2 months ago

    Did they kill all human parasites corpse eaters pests? good. the best human is a dead human, except vegans. Moses vegan-religion.org

  • xavvax75
    xavvax75 3 months ago

    Please my English is not do good, did I understand these film!? It shows the last days of mankind in meat and blood, we all only energy and the film shows the next evolution of mankind? Is that right?

  • BaMenace
    BaMenace 3 months ago

    No idea what this was about... did I miss the bit where they explain the plot?

  • Draconus Spiritus
    Draconus Spiritus 3 months ago

    At some point you must decide that something is worth it. Worth the risk, worth the effort, worth the time.

  • Bobby Cullari
    Bobby Cullari 3 months ago

    So, the aliens killed the bitch to make him want to leave?

  • SuperWittleGuy
    SuperWittleGuy 3 months ago

    Even though I enjoy movies like this and this short was very well done, I have to harp on the story a bit cause it did its job and invoked an emotional response ;) This big ball of light, aliens, god or whatever else this might be, (kinda looks like a cleansing of an invasive species, ahem humans), these beings should just come down here, scare the shit out of us and shake us up, giving us a stern warning to shape up or get wiped out. And then give us some time to do so. Would love to see a movie about that :)

  • Rebekka Salvalaggio
    Rebekka Salvalaggio 3 months ago

    Nice geting a vote

  • thepsproject
    thepsproject 3 months ago

    This was excellent watch. Very, very well done.

  • Ivor Presents
    Ivor Presents 3 months ago

    Well now, that was fine. Beautifully shot, and realized. An original, that somehow feels familiar. Well done.

  • LeaVibes63
    LeaVibes63 3 months ago

    I watched 'Resignation' again this morning after initially discovering (and obsessing over) the film ~9 months ago. Then I arrived at the office this morning and immediately recommended the film to two more co-workers. The catharsis of 'Resignation' is so powerful...I keep coming back to it again and again to experience the endorphin-infused payoff of the final shot. The grand majority of short independent films fall narratively flat or ring hollow or loiter in the shallows of middling stakes with characters of little to no compelling attributes. No emotional investment is required; and no emotional release is rewarded. What I especially love about your movie 'Resignation' is the way it gently pulls the viewer through an unsettling emotional landscape, and ultimately lifts the viewer to a sublimation by the story's conclusion. Rare, and wonderful.

    • Mike Ozmun
      Mike Ozmun 3 months ago

      Thank you for this very kind and articulate comment! I can't tell you how encouraging your analysis of Resignation is for me. You hope, as an artist, that the layers of thematic intent will be recognized, but one never knows for sure if anyone else will see what you see when you create a passion project. So, thank you for taking the time to write this!

  • Majin Studio
    Majin Studio 3 months ago

    intro music is way to loud and overberring

  • Milan Stevanovic
    Milan Stevanovic 3 months ago


  • Cherie Erten
    Cherie Erten 3 months ago

    Absolutely loved done very well and the theme left you considering many "themes" throughout history. Angels, Nephilim, Alien creators come back to see the mess we have made. Loved it.

  • SimonCrowne
    SimonCrowne 3 months ago

    Well done but why does thought provoking translate to yet another in a very long line of bad wtf ending short films. I expected an open ended no closure ending and I got one. If you don't know how to close a story then don't start it.

  • Linda N
    Linda N 3 months ago

    What a nice, nice thank you and btw, you do deserve the accolades. I can so see Resignation as a series or a full length motion picture about this guy, who for all intents and purposes, is a fugitive. That's on my wish list as the story line just from that short was so compelling and so fresh.

    • Mike Ozmun
      Mike Ozmun 3 months ago

      Thank you Linda! That's a great idea. Something I will ponder, for sure.

  • BlovesD313
    BlovesD313 3 months ago

    hear me out.... a syfy.... starring cowboy cats.... who pose for memes.... it'll be big. i promise.

  • Jack Digiacomo
    Jack Digiacomo 3 months ago

    Special film not quite sure about the plot I take it the lead character even though he lost his wife?? He chose to stay on earth , was he a visitor alien doing a long term scout recon? Good film good choice of music

  • Linda N
    Linda N 3 months ago

    That was truly the best sci-fi short I've seen on YT. So well done from acting to editing. I sure hope there's more to the story. I am subscribing and going to your channel to search.

    • Linda N
      Linda N 3 months ago

      @Mike Ozmun RE: Upheavals...all I have to say is, Welcome to planet Earth where upheavals abound! But well done on sticking to filming in one form or another. I worked in Business Mgmt for many years and am well aware of excellent films --scripting, acting, directing & post production. And you have it. It appears as though you're from Austin. I spent my 1st 50 years in Texas. I still have family in Austin. Anyway, I cannot wait to see more, particularly the sequel to Resignation. Best, Linda

    • Mike Ozmun
      Mike Ozmun 3 months ago

      Hi Linda! Thank you for watching, commenting and subbing! I had originally planned to follow this up with more exploration into this story, but the last couple years have involved some significant life and career upheavals. I'm currently working as a cinematographer on a couple of feature films written and produced by others, but when those are behind me I plan to turn my attention back to this channel and its content. Most of the videos you'll find on here, currently, represent my growth leading up to the making of Resignation.

  • Treksmom
    Treksmom 3 months ago

    Most enjoyable! I loved all the characters. Very well done! Wish there was more... 👍👍☺️

  • Peter Smitt
    Peter Smitt 3 months ago

    Most useless short. Nothing happened! Unfinished ending. What is this all about? Nothing apocalyptic about it.

  • JoJoGunn1956
    JoJoGunn1956 3 months ago

    Mostly needless music.

  • KelniusTV
    KelniusTV 3 months ago

    I had to listen to this, like, eight times to get this, since he has such a soft singing voice. But, here are the lyrics: _Somewhere now in a cold and lonely alleyway,_ _Somebody lays there believing no one cares._ _Tears he's cried have long since left their mark behind,_ _His hurting eyes, and on the papers lying everywhere._ _And show the world, that Jesus cares,_ _Show the world that he is there._ _It isn't really hard to see,_ _If you would take the time to believe._ _Molly's teddy bear is soaking wet with tears again,_ _As she cries from the pain on her bruises and her heart and her limbs..._ _She doesn't know what the simple words "I Love You" mean._ _Cos her Daddy's never told her,_ _And her Momma never holds her._ _Gotta show the world, that Jesus cares,_ _Show the world that he is there,_ _It isn't really hard to see,_ _If you would take the time to believe._ _Yes, show the world, that Jesus cares,_ _Show the world that he is there,_ _It isn't really hard to see,_ _If you would take the time to believe._

    • KelniusTV
      KelniusTV 3 months ago

      @Mike Ozmun I found your channel because I've been looking for short films on RU-clip, but I saw this little music video, and liked it. I was curious about the lyrics because my own parents like songs like this, and sing stuff like it in church. I was wondering if they would want to sing _this,_ but realized they couldn't if they didn't know the words, so I added them. By the by, you have some great cinematography and editing. There are many filmmakers on RU-clip, some good and some bad, and I want you to know that you're one of the good ones.

    • Mike Ozmun
      Mike Ozmun 3 months ago

      Thank you! Great job on the lyrics. It never occurred to me that anyone would watch this, let alone want to know the lyrics. This is a song my musician brother wrote many years ago, and our mom absolutely loves this song. For Mother's Day a couple years back, we made this video for her. Thanks again!

  • R B
    R B 3 months ago

    So simple, so good.

  • Sharp Knife
    Sharp Knife 3 months ago

    Very well done. I'm a bit confused as to the ending, but all in al, a great little movie.

  • _1o1 f
    _1o1 f 3 months ago

    That laugh and dat punch tho

  • JR Rodriguez
    JR Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Seems I dislike most every things critics like including this whartever it is

  • Glitch Kicker
    Glitch Kicker 3 months ago

    Well worth the watch. Some of the best acting and directing I've seen in a short... and a rather amazing storyline set up in just a few minutes.

  • Filósofo Antonio Jaques

    without subtitles...

  • David Callahan
    David Callahan 3 months ago

    A lovely film about the end of the world. I wouldn’t expect that those two concepts could occupy the same space.

  • dekonfrost7
    dekonfrost7 3 months ago

    Always good

  • Rafael Paulino
    Rafael Paulino 3 months ago

    You've got some killer shots here man.

    • Mike Ozmun
      Mike Ozmun 3 months ago

      Thank you! I had an amazing cinematographer

  • michelle coleman
    michelle coleman 3 months ago

    I watch a lot of shorts..this is one of the best, cheers

  • Alternate Bardock
    Alternate Bardock 3 months ago

    Wow left me speechless and begging for more! Bravo

  • Jim Green
    Jim Green 3 months ago

    Folks, this one is a complete Knock Out. Heart felt, visually a piece of art work on it's own. What is said is gripping, to the point and enduring! A+. I'm saving this one to go back to and to share.

  • Robert Porter
    Robert Porter 3 months ago

    "Your two planets from retirement!" I love that line.

  • moribundxix
    moribundxix 3 months ago

    An example of how not to do levels onl effects, dialogue, and music which is admittedly quite difficult. The DP did really well all around. The writing was great. The cast did wonderful. Thanks for the upload.

    • Mike Ozmun
      Mike Ozmun 3 months ago

      Thanks for watching and for the feedback

  • SissyBlackWidowSpider
    SissyBlackWidowSpider 3 months ago

    Best movie I have seen 🕷️🕸️🌹👍