Fueled By Ramen
Fueled By Ramen
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  • gautam shukla
    gautam shukla 18 minutes ago


  • Landslide 60
    Landslide 60 18 minutes ago

    OMG wtf is this messed up shit I gave this to my kid and now he is having horrible nightmares. Wow.

  • Alex Fields
    Alex Fields 19 minutes ago

    If you're listening to this song 2019? Then you have my utmost respect.

  • ชัยชนะ รวยกระบือั


  • MiLee MaLynn
    MiLee MaLynn 27 minutes ago

    It’s that time of year again 🎃☠️👻👽😈🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♂️🧙🏻‍♀️🧙‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🕷🕸🌕🌧☔️🍂🍁🔪⚰️🧡🖤

  • Ian Cole
    Ian Cole 28 minutes ago

    Brendon looks like Anthony Padilla

  • raymanx runer
    raymanx runer 32 minutes ago

    Live version with jus the acoustic is 10 times better

  • Cheetah Army
    Cheetah Army 33 minutes ago

    Why does he look like Anothony from smosh

  • Sergio Hernández
    Sergio Hernández 41 minute ago

    Es gracioso cuando le quita el maquillaje. Porque ella trae el triple jejejejeje que buena canción

  • claire rish
    claire rish 46 minutes ago

    My mom told me once that she saw the devil in a toilet bowl when she was on acid. I imagine this is what she saw.

  • Dylan Luciano
    Dylan Luciano 51 minute ago

    Reminds me of Houdini from Foster The People.

  • Lolli Loll
    Lolli Loll 57 minutes ago

    Песня не оч, зато припев офигеть!!

  • Andrew Miralrio
    Andrew Miralrio Hour ago

    Yeah I feel worse now

  • sadie monkey
    sadie monkey Hour ago

    where the CHORDS

  • Roya Yassai
    Roya Yassai Hour ago

    Lead here to listen solo, I don't know why I'm here...I don't know how to describe how I feel right now...Someone cut me to the Core, hurt me with a deep belief in soulmate love...Ive been played like a piano in a Dynamic. It is disgusting what someone did to me personally. God sees all.

    • J TP
      J TP 55 minutes ago

      It will get better, brother.

  • joan. G
    joan. G Hour ago

    Desde 2019 perros

  • Lucas Horn
    Lucas Horn Hour ago

    Just like my parents. God damm this music is so meeeeee

  • TheRealLargeKnome

    I showed this to my brother and he loved it so much he started doing a funny dance on the floor!

  • Jess Green
    Jess Green Hour ago

    When I wake up, I always listen to a load of Twenty Øne Pilots. Because of Tyler screaming, Josh in the back violently playing the drums (seriously how have they not had a hole put through they yet 😂) and when Tyler raps I join in which means my brain needs to work in order for me to remember the lyrics and rap them too. So yeah, they just kinda give me energy and then they also put me in a good mood. 🖤💛🌻💀 <{•.•}> ||-// Stay Alive Frens

  • phyxes
    phyxes Hour ago


  • Lily Grey
    Lily Grey Hour ago

    ima comment just so its now 54,700 comments

  • Virus 40
    Virus 40 Hour ago

    This reminds me of call of duty zombies

  • Spoon Boy
    Spoon Boy Hour ago


  • Warner James Senoc

    I'll come back here in May 2020 after my college graduation.

  • beans
    beans Hour ago

    I remember when I saw this movie, lol. God, it was so intense for me. I couldn't handle the pacing, anticipation, suspense, etc. Thinking back, this movie was incredibly well directed.

  • Mighty Splisshy
    Mighty Splisshy Hour ago

    I came here because I heard this in the good boys trailer. I look in the comments and now it’s become a freaking calendar 🙄

  • Abigail Krueger Voorhees

    Fuck fuck fuck my new favorite song

    6,983,274 views Hour ago

    if you are here, you had an awesome childhood

  • Shardzz 2
    Shardzz 2 2 hours ago

    Listening these in the back of the car were very good moments

  • Jaimen Franklin
    Jaimen Franklin 2 hours ago

    Song just randomly popped in my head and i don't regret coming back to it

  • that gamer
    that gamer 2 hours ago

    Hi future me

  • TTV_UrbxdbtwYT -_
    TTV_UrbxdbtwYT -_ 2 hours ago

    I will return September 2020 leave a like so I won’t forget

  • Noppakhun khampang
    Noppakhun khampang 2 hours ago

    3019 ?

  • Shardzz 2
    Shardzz 2 2 hours ago

    This was my fckn when i was 6

  • Shardzz 2
    Shardzz 2 2 hours ago

    Why is this guys music so fckn goood

  • Ragddy 456
    Ragddy 456 2 hours ago

    😍😍😍😍😍 AMO ESTA CANCION 😍😍😍

  • One Piece
    One Piece 2 hours ago

    19.9.2019 can i got 199like? OMG

  • hawk2323
    hawk2323 2 hours ago

    Just like Our Last Night and AFI...gone are the days of the best this band has to offer

  • yeogi yah
    yeogi yah 2 hours ago

    This will forever be iconic! 😭💖

  • Lovely Untamed
    Lovely Untamed 2 hours ago

    This is dark.

  • Kenneth Ostrer
    Kenneth Ostrer 2 hours ago

    They sound like Blondie. That's a good thing

  • Richard Compton
    Richard Compton 2 hours ago

    "Once a whore, you're nothing more." It's sad that they won't be performing this song anymore because a bunch of overdramatic, whiny, sensitive ass little bitches find that line offensive. Get the fuck over it, the world doesn't revolve around you, you're neither perfect or special. There are much more important things in this world to worry about than you getting all butthurt over a line in a song.

  • Dadi Kelz
    Dadi Kelz 2 hours ago

    10 years ago .. still nice 2019

  • Leah Sutherland
    Leah Sutherland 2 hours ago

    I know he's just cold, but... he really out here lookin' like a Victorian Vampire.

  • Spicy Nyquil
    Spicy Nyquil 2 hours ago

    Back of the bus :

  • NerdyDylan
    NerdyDylan 2 hours ago

    Oh yeah, this was a good nostalgia trip

  • Mak B.
    Mak B. 2 hours ago

    Sorry Brendon, but im not closing my door. I just sprayed down a spider with chemicals and they are too strong to sleep with

  • Twilight Sparkle
    Twilight Sparkle 2 hours ago

    Wish we could turn back time,to the good old days,when Donald Trump was not yet born,but now he's president and now we're stressed out.

  • Nicholas Morales
    Nicholas Morales 2 hours ago

    This is in my recommended and I’m happy.

  • Calebthecaxtus
    Calebthecaxtus 2 hours ago

    1:03 when you see minority in your all white neighborhood

  • Vivily 101
    Vivily 101 2 hours ago

    2011 me :ToNigHt, We ArE yOunG!!! IM NEVER GONNA DIE 2019 me: what do you mean janelle Monae was in this???

  • Red Drift
    Red Drift 2 hours ago

    Good 80s vibe in this one.

  • Wat up mr.frosty
    Wat up mr.frosty 2 hours ago

    good boys anyone?

  • Mr. Money
    Mr. Money 2 hours ago

    Why do we lost good band/artist such as GCH, B.o.b, Rixton 😭

  • Rachel Wainwright
    Rachel Wainwright 2 hours ago

    William Beckett's style in this era is like damnnnnnn 🔥

  • nibba bad
    nibba bad 2 hours ago

    THE MEME ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆,,,,,

  • wolfy gacha
    wolfy gacha 2 hours ago

    This is my fav song

  • Driver #FF3333i am 502 #0033FFGerry Y

    Aquí por Ace Force 7u7

  • Clezal
    Clezal 3 hours ago

    "Hey look Ma, I made it" these are the word i wanna say so bad to my mom.

    CYKA BYLAT 3 hours ago

    This is the song which brought me to rock and roll

  • WILLIS _231
    WILLIS _231 3 hours ago

    Alguien habla español

  • Cami Guerrero
    Cami Guerrero 3 hours ago

    And now he´s going to have a baby.

  • Krishna Raj
    Krishna Raj 3 hours ago

    Roses Are Red Sky Is Blue My Heart's A Stereo And So Are You.

  • JibblerRBLX
    JibblerRBLX 3 hours ago


  • Leonel Solano
    Leonel Solano 3 hours ago

    They were just 18, wow

  • KyPie8
    KyPie8 3 hours ago

    Brendon looking all dapper & handsome in his formal attire!! 😚👌🏽Ahhhhh...how he makes me swoon 🥴

  • Adriano Mister
    Adriano Mister 3 hours ago

    foda-se o Corinthians



  • Arthur morgan
    Arthur morgan 3 hours ago

    Who else cried remembering memories with this song

  • Nathan Patrick
    Nathan Patrick 3 hours ago

    This is the early 2000s put into one song

  • Steven Marley
    Steven Marley 3 hours ago

    1am. RU-clip for a couple minutes 4.22am omg I remember that song aswell just one more

  • Darryl Dugenio
    Darryl Dugenio 3 hours ago

    God I wish I was that mic

  • crescent drummer
    crescent drummer 3 hours ago

    oh yES 😤😤 i love that this gets put in my recommendations every year

  • Abel Verula
    Abel Verula 3 hours ago

    It's 2019 and I'm still loving this...

  • John Ragasa
    John Ragasa 3 hours ago

    I remember singing this with my ex boyfriend

  • The Barry Benson
    The Barry Benson 3 hours ago

    Being a child always wanting to grow up now Im over half way to being a adult and want those years back I regret playing video games and wasting all the time I had I wanna go back but we can’t get those moments back

  • Nico
    Nico 3 hours ago

    It's that time of year my vros

  • King Kyzo Official
    King Kyzo Official 3 hours ago

    Mana orang Malaysia🇲🇾

  • james edmondson
    james edmondson 3 hours ago

    Like the music/lyrics - FANTASTIC VIDEO. So, sitting back and IGNORING the "problems", Mom, is not the answer. You are complicit with the Dad.

  • Julia Lopes
    Julia Lopes 3 hours ago

    this song will never get old man

  • james edmondson
    james edmondson 3 hours ago

    RXX - "you poisoned me for just another $$$ in your pocket". White, "happy" upper-middle class family supported by their Toxic Dad in the 1970s (and '80s, 90s to current rollbacks by TrumPutin intentionally attacking our AIR & WATER).

  • Kenneth, King of the Lizard-People

    Time for my biweekly pilgrimage

  • karen herrera
    karen herrera 4 hours ago

    “ I’ve seen the streets you’re walking down ! I’m FAIRLY LOCAL “

  • iloveamsr aSmR
    iloveamsr aSmR 4 hours ago


  • Lily's UNIVERSE
    Lily's UNIVERSE 4 hours ago

    Dad: Am I a joke to you

  • caroline
    caroline 4 hours ago

    my friend just called dallon ugly *inhales* BITC-

  • Alex Ramos
    Alex Ramos 4 hours ago


  • karen herrera
    karen herrera 4 hours ago

    “& now I’m holding on to you”

  • Trishit Mukherjee
    Trishit Mukherjee 4 hours ago

    "I hope you never leave me behind. Because good music can be so hard to find." Yeah. You are damn right.

  • Walter Bishop
    Walter Bishop 4 hours ago

    beautiful song ad beautiful girl in video

  • Shockwave 364
    Shockwave 364 4 hours ago

    Man you have no idea how mad I get just by not hearing “goddamn” in “closing a goddamn door no, it’s much better to face these kind of things...” I know it’s supposed to be family friendly because youtube and shit, but seriously that’s “reverse satisfying”, and plain irritating.

  • Strange As Angels
    Strange As Angels 4 hours ago

    I love the videos of Fueled by Ramen ♡

  • EJ Biedenbach
    EJ Biedenbach 4 hours ago

    😪 when you realize that Paramore isn't a punk band any more

  • Taylor Sorensen
    Taylor Sorensen 4 hours ago

    The nostalgia from this song releases some sort of endorphin

  • Ricardo Aleman
    Ricardo Aleman 4 hours ago


  • Blue Llama
    Blue Llama 4 hours ago

    Remove that black line and you see something

  • silly babybat
    silly babybat 4 hours ago

    I'm so sad that I was 5 when this came out and it took me this long to find and appreciate this

  • Whitney Unicorn
    Whitney Unicorn 4 hours ago

    3:25 is it just me or did tyler flip the microphone upside down?

  • Violet Hetherington
    Violet Hetherington 4 hours ago

    Brendon: Hey can we borrow your church to film a song about sinning for my gay emo fans? Priest: Brendon: Also I'm probably Satan

  • I. Karen Maldonado
    I. Karen Maldonado 4 hours ago

    Alguien que hablé español?????? O soy la única :(