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The Copyright Song- RVA
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Teaching my BFF to Sing...
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  • Jessi Hatley
    Jessi Hatley 3 hours ago

    New subscriber and ive gone down your rabbit hole and can't stop watching! Girl you've gotta check out dermot kennedy!! You will not regret it!

  • Rusty Nail2u
    Rusty Nail2u 3 hours ago

    i'd love to see him try and sing Take Hold Of the Flame or Roads to Madness by Queensryche...

  • Anthony Gong
    Anthony Gong 3 hours ago

    Can you react to Blue October Fear..

  • The Tranya
    The Tranya 3 hours ago

    React to Brian Johnson's superior AC/DC predecessor, Bon Scott. Bon Scott had all the uniqueness of Brian's voice with the technical ability that Brain could never come within ten miles of.

  • Indi Hansen
    Indi Hansen 3 hours ago

    2:27 We’ve had that trouble for years 😂😂

  • Patrick LaBlanc
    Patrick LaBlanc 4 hours ago

    Got this Vinyl on my 16th birthday the year it came out (1980). One of my favorite Albums.

  • Sheena Añoso
    Sheena Añoso 4 hours ago

    Eeeee 4:53💜rip

  • The Tug is the Drug Fishing Channel

    I talked to the guitarist in this band and he said they didn't do any vocal fixes or over dubs in the studio this is all live and raw talent.

    ARKANOiiDE 4 hours ago

    I hate you.

  • NorthWestRider
    NorthWestRider 4 hours ago

    Chris Stapleton “I was wrong”

  • Jamie Linsell
    Jamie Linsell 4 hours ago

    the lyrics are pretty good, here you go: To look up into the night's sky, to see the stars they are changed To know a thousand years or more have passed, and I am the same This mountain hollow that keeps me in a suffocating embrace A prison and a safe haven, it's always been this way Lo, a new master calls me to awakening, I know this one brings the end Far out beyond the darkness I've been living in it's true, a whole new world awaits Stellar constellations rise, lighting my way in the night Once again revitalized, to roam; to never die My path begins with the new dawn; a voice is calling my name It always starts as whispering then manifests to a scream I'm drawn to the creature that wakes me, bound to them by the curse My soul exists only to serve, a covenant of birth Fear not the task ahead there's no escaping it, there's no good nor evil here Stellar constellations rise, lighting my way in the night Once again revitalized, to roam; to never die Come to me, awakening Follow my voice, come to me Fear not the task ahead there's no escaping it, there's no good nor evil here Stellar constellations rise, lighting my way in the night Once again revitalized, to roam; to never Lighting my way in the night To roam; to never die

  • New Co.
    New Co. 4 hours ago

    You bring so much joy and light to this quite 'ordinary' track. I really like these three, esp. Arianna but was expecting much more. Your channel is amazing by the way! :-)

  • Alina Kriutchenko
    Alina Kriutchenko 4 hours ago

    I got goosebumps with Lana's part immediately too. It happens pretty often with her songs.

  • T C
    T C 4 hours ago

    You look like and remind me of Maya Rudolph.

  • Stiles Kuchiki
    Stiles Kuchiki 4 hours ago

    I thought the same thing. How were they gonna put Lana in here cuz she has very different vibe from them but she did it and it was an experience.

  • Nicholas Durkee
    Nicholas Durkee 4 hours ago

    Only took you twenty years to be emotionally moved by TOOL. lol. Thats a shame in and of itself, but welcome...

  • Sydney Nicholson
    Sydney Nicholson 5 hours ago

    Thanks for the virtual hug! Actual hugs make me uncomfortable but I appreciate your love! <3

  • Sergio Danvers
    Sergio Danvers 5 hours ago

    God what a voice he has I've been listening to his music for a few years now but his voice will always shock me as if it's the first time listening to it

  • TheLazyBear101
    TheLazyBear101 5 hours ago

    Please react to Ruel- don’t cry He’s a pretty “small” artist and I would love to see someone react to his new song. It’s great

  • harriet tomlinson
    harriet tomlinson 5 hours ago

    please react to secret love song pt.2 in summertime ball . it's perfecttt

  • Lexi Rose
    Lexi Rose 5 hours ago

    Clicked because of Queen Lana ❤️❤️❤️

  • harriet tomlinson
    harriet tomlinson 5 hours ago

    your voice is angelic :)

  • Miguel Triana
    Miguel Triana 5 hours ago

    I love your channel. Can you please do a reaction for Damiyr on AGT?

  • Brandon Aguero
    Brandon Aguero 5 hours ago

    The interesting/amazing thing is Dio NEVER had a single vocal lesson in his life but he knows how to control his breathing because of him playing tuba (I can’t remeber what instrument exactly that’s my guess)

  • Bluetop Guitar
    Bluetop Guitar 5 hours ago

    A very talented vocalist. Haunting harmonies with Jerry Cantrell. Damn I miss Layne

  • Justin S
    Justin S 5 hours ago

    In today's video, Maynard James Keenan blows Rebecca's mind apart.

  • ManHunter Junior
    ManHunter Junior 5 hours ago

    Can you react to Patrick Watson singing to build a home

  • im eddie wilson
    im eddie wilson 5 hours ago

    Prince was an actor for purple rain movie. Check out his cream solo acoustic then critic at end

  • Brian Mitchell
    Brian Mitchell 5 hours ago

    once again rock and roll leaves me like..........dang this sucks! complete crap! This reviewer says brilliant.......LMAO........the foundation of singing says there is some brilliance that makes the listener think, this is unique......this is completely up to the listener to say YES, that is the shit.......Bullox........and to think that this reviewer says in the same no, just no.......Not even remotely close........AC/DC is just the Nickelback of their time.........girls love it because it is overplayed and overrated..........Any self respecting guy is like FU@K AC/DC and pump some fu@king Pantera! Change my mind!!!!!!!!!!!

  • im eddie wilson
    im eddie wilson 5 hours ago

    Sorry lady you pause music and talk way too much

  • tayrone gomes
    tayrone gomes 5 hours ago

    React Cristina Ramos please, the last performance

  • Ray Padilla
    Ray Padilla 5 hours ago

    Kink diamond albums are awesome!! His voice is unlike no other!!! And see how amazing he sounds live! This was live folks!!!!! Most bands sound terrible live but not the king!!!!!!

  • Derp Derpington
    Derp Derpington 6 hours ago

    HE'S putting YOU off?

  • Donald Ritchie
    Donald Ritchie 6 hours ago

    👌Would like to hear your take on the voice of Jimmy Barnes. Huge range, guttural, raw, passion and strength. So many facets the this entertainers voice who has evolved over the last 40 + years and attracted news fans from 3 generations. Hard rock, soul, pop, and rockabilly. True artist who puts everything into his craft.

  • Stefán Atli Jakobsson

    This intro up to 1:22, that you were so mesmerised over is by someone else. I learned it when I was training to be a classical guitar player. Don't remember the composers name. But I still remember however to play the piece (I think he was from South America or something like that) So I know every note and remember spotting him first use it for the intro when I saw them for the second time on Roskilde 2007 after having seeing them few years before.

  • Manuel Zamalloa
    Manuel Zamalloa 6 hours ago

    Hey do Jonny Craig vocals. His old stuff when he was in Emarosa is his prime era

  • Mecaella ang
    Mecaella ang 6 hours ago

    Ow our queen😍

  • Ian O'Rourke
    Ian O'Rourke 6 hours ago

    Not my first choice but you pull it all together.

  • Mickey Limon
    Mickey Limon 6 hours ago

    You should try reacting to Lani Misalucha Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin on Wish Bus too 🤩

  • Zukilover305
    Zukilover305 6 hours ago

    Acts like she doesn’t know Brian or the song. It’s all new. Stupid....very stupid

  • Lucas Grossi
    Lucas Grossi 6 hours ago

    Please, react to Dianne Van Giersbergen

  • mystic raven crow
    mystic raven crow 6 hours ago

    The Sorcery of dimash💫

  • D C
    D C 6 hours ago

    Her newer sound is slightly different now, you should do another with more recent clips! 😁

    CHRISTOPHER RICHEY 6 hours ago

    Don't be ashamed, Rebecca. He affects men the same way. :-D

  • Mark Roman
    Mark Roman 6 hours ago

    If this man doesn't have a spot on the top 10 soon, we riot

  • 2012turok
    2012turok 6 hours ago

    dio the master of rock .........ow...did i say ....THE MASTER OF ROCK. ow and the vocals of a rock god, rip.

  • Priscila Acosta
    Priscila Acosta 7 hours ago

    Ok. Im waiting for you to react to Camila Cabello new songs

  • shannon estrada
    shannon estrada 7 hours ago

    love watching you ,you always make me laugh

  • brayan abillon
    brayan abillon 7 hours ago

    Thousands stars to morissette amon.

  • Xelseragoth
    Xelseragoth 7 hours ago

    React to Steven Colbert singing!

  • Carlos Fernando Montoya Arango

    Please the promise-black symphony dvd. One of the best songs of that show of within temptation

  • Misell Márton
    Misell Márton 7 hours ago

    Ariana’s part kinda sounds like break up with your girlfriend:/ disappointing and really boring

  • Carl Woods
    Carl Woods 7 hours ago

    You need to listen to him cover wild horse with Haley reinhart and slash two vocalists to review in that one but still myles awesome voice

  • Mike Sutton
    Mike Sutton 7 hours ago

    funny you say "i hope hes not damaging his vocal chords", he cant sing like this anymore....

  • aaaline88
    aaaline88 7 hours ago

    GLS with tarja is so much better

  • brayan abillon
    brayan abillon 7 hours ago

    You know what rebecca, you're beautiful and i love you, can you send me a message in my gmail.

  • Briggzclussive ph
    Briggzclussive ph 7 hours ago

    Hey Rebecca! If you want to be amazed by KATRINA VELARDE again! Please react to her performance of I HAVE NOTHING... it's life-changing... Please

  • Ryan Finco
    Ryan Finco 7 hours ago

    i think she's all soggy and gonna marry Mike.

  • AnimeCountDown
    AnimeCountDown 7 hours ago

    I honestly think how people enjoy this song is so polarizing because of how massively different all three women and their styles are-just like SUCH vastly different artists. So depending on who you are more a fan of-and which style you prefer-will affect how you like the song. Some people forgot Miley was in the song-but to others, that was the best part. Same with Lana’s. Since I love all three, I love this song because I think it’s such a unique hodgepodge of styles and voices. Idk, I adore this song and can’t stop playing it.

  • C4rt3rs4rt
    C4rt3rs4rt 7 hours ago

    1:33 “oooo yummy"💀

  • Junior Tamiur
    Junior Tamiur 7 hours ago

    I think you've forgotten dimash😭He has so many new videos in his official channel😭

  • Brandon Elijah
    Brandon Elijah 7 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion: Lana's part was the worst

  • kyz kuu
    kyz kuu 7 hours ago

    Deberías escuchar jet iame de Lara Fabián es hermosa y mi favorita

  • Gabe
    Gabe 8 hours ago

    React to Slide Away- Miley Cyrus, plzzzzz❤️

  • Me Jay
    Me Jay 8 hours ago

    Geoff Tate........ Could Sing, 8 OCTAVES.......30 years ago. Few Humans could ever do it.

  • mynameisliana
    mynameisliana 8 hours ago

    1:09 My face while watching any video with Hayley in it.

  • nonchalantd
    nonchalantd 8 hours ago


  • Cam Cardow
    Cam Cardow 8 hours ago

    No one can touch early Zeppelin before Robert Plant had surgery. The band had the best rhythm section in Bonham and JPJ, with Page's mastery of lead guitar. Masters. Legends.

  • Eldred Joyner
    Eldred Joyner 8 hours ago

    Bamboozle....? Laughing

  • arbs
    arbs 8 hours ago


  • Samuel Rule
    Samuel Rule 8 hours ago

    What's the point in reviewing music that's not live? These singers are trash, most of them don't even write their own lyric or some actual artists

  • bddtmm
    bddtmm 8 hours ago

    That last bit got me through the 90s and early 2000s. Found her.

    • bddtmm
      bddtmm 8 hours ago

      You gotta watch Porch. Same show

  • Эдуард Манучарян

    Please react 【纯享版】波琳娜 Polina Gagarina《雨飘落在身边+摇篮曲》《歌手2019》第12期 Singer 2019 EP12【湖南卫视官方HD】

  • Jomexx 100
    Jomexx 100 8 hours ago

    React to Opeth . Either bleak or ghost of perdition, both live at roundhouse tapes ( Important ! ) ;) The singer has such a beautiful voice, and his harsh vocals are insane as well.

  • Spoken Word Illusions

    One of my subscribers uploaded a video of this very song, so maybe you were wanting me to hear it. This song was more of Rhianna's style, I was wondering if she wasn't approached first. In any event, I never heard Lana Del Ray prior to this video, so if she is as you make her out to be, I might wind up getting caught in her web.......

  • Chad Lamoureux
    Chad Lamoureux 8 hours ago

    Please check out Michael poulsen from Volbeat

  • Joe Tolo
    Joe Tolo 8 hours ago

    Simon said her voice was annoying and I think she got eliminated when they were picking the Top 24.

  • Jing Frecks
    Jing Frecks 8 hours ago

    Hahaha, i thought i was familiar with the intro..i only realized after reading comments that it was a filipino song..hahaha, the pronunciation though

  • EpicOpMc
    EpicOpMc 8 hours ago

    Can he react to this reaction of him of her of him? And we just keep an inception video string going? Please?

  • jeffrey maier
    jeffrey maier 8 hours ago

    Check out Halestorms cover of JAY Z’s Empire State of Mind....

  • Spells
    Spells 8 hours ago

    Should react to Babe I'm gonna leave you by led zepplin. It's like a vocal Olympics. Just up your street.

  • Benjamín González R.

    Hi sweetie can u react to Camila Cabello’s new singles

  • Eldred Joyner
    Eldred Joyner 9 hours ago

    I like her descriptive hand motions

  • Lukus Cannon
    Lukus Cannon 9 hours ago

    This song vocally is very surrounded by Ariana Grande which I find very boring the other two get little to none vocal time so basically it's all about Ariana Grande boring don't like this song next

  • Samantha O'Shea
    Samantha O'Shea 9 hours ago

    You should do Pat Benatar

  • noura7 77
    noura7 77 9 hours ago

    hi can you react to it's kyuhyun korean singer he has a nice voice you can check his solo songs aewol ri .at gwanghwamun memory of the wind i love you react videos ❤⚘

  • Sayanator
    Sayanator 9 hours ago

    This woman will be attractive until death.

  • Sayanator
    Sayanator 9 hours ago

    Her favorite part is my least favorite. lol

  • Estela Oliveira
    Estela Oliveira 9 hours ago

    He just sang this live, you should react to that!! Also he sang some other (new) songs live! Lovely video, as always!

  • slr1977
    slr1977 9 hours ago

    I feel you. The song is so epic, it is impossible to analyze the vocals when the amazing song overwhelms you.

  • Olivia Littlejohns
    Olivia Littlejohns 9 hours ago

    Sign of the times is the sort of song you could just cry too and listen to it over and over again, that’s a fact.

  • Che'Lynn Oglesby
    Che'Lynn Oglesby 9 hours ago

    React to Ariana Grande covering “Emotions” by Mariah Carey, or her dangerous woman acapella pls they are so amazing

  • Liisa Gawley
    Liisa Gawley 9 hours ago

    Alma was one of the writer. Check her own songs, eg Chasing Highs, Lonely Night, Bonfire, Karma, etc..

  • sfer1
    sfer1 9 hours ago

    React to Nightwish - Sleeping Sun (LIVE).

  • gerry david
    gerry david 9 hours ago

    I've seen this video countless times, same feels every time! But this is not about this excellent performance, it's about you Rebecca, I'm missing you and your reactions. How are you?

  • Mattia Polato
    Mattia Polato 9 hours ago

    Meglio matteohs

  • Frances Prendergast
    Frances Prendergast 9 hours ago

    Absolutely love your channel! Please can you do Susanne Sundfor? Preferrably 'Undercover' :)))))))

  • Matt Green
    Matt Green 9 hours ago

    You don't Decompress lungs by putting compression on them. Just saying.

  • FLEX3P
    FLEX3P 9 hours ago

    HahahHh cringe

  • Fred Quimby
    Fred Quimby 10 hours ago

    We have just watched the creation of a new AC-DC Fan. Welcome to the club, Rebecca!