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  • Marie Ewican
    Marie Ewican 35 minutes ago

    Happy family

  • Victor C
    Victor C Hour ago

    This branscombe dude has a lot of personality

  • Victor C
    Victor C Hour ago

    We need Branscombe Richmond to guess star on mayans mc a great show I'm watching now

  • stream epiphany
    stream epiphany 3 hours ago


  • unknown user
    unknown user 2 days ago

    That interviewer was the absolute worst.

  • Sri Yani
    Sri Yani 2 days ago

    I always waiting youre guys .for J H and M love you all the best

  • chazky net
    chazky net 2 days ago


  • Shahzad umar
    Shahzad umar 3 days ago

    she can’t even name the designer name what a shame just walk away and show rubbish dress 😂 for real red carpet???

  • Omomo Bling bling
    Omomo Bling bling 3 days ago

    He has such a unique voice!

  • Smarty The Pants
    Smarty The Pants 3 days ago

    She is so beautiful.

  • Luzviminda Llanos Ampoloquio

    TomCar perfect couple.God bless you both always.😘😘😘

  • Dev
    Dev 5 days ago

    I need him in this country n o w.

  • Rolan Generalao
    Rolan Generalao 5 days ago

    She is so OA ylona

  • Claire R
    Claire R 5 days ago

    Jason Mendozaaaaaaaaa!

  • Rasiljb
    Rasiljb 5 days ago

    Ang cute ni Nate....

  • grace mangonon
    grace mangonon 6 days ago

    ang galing ni nate

  • cheakiee18
    cheakiee18 6 days ago


  • jaybee Villafuentes

    Ang cute naman Niya

  • XxSunset_PlaysXx Live?


  • Hươnq Gas
    Hươnq Gas 6 days ago

    I just pround of them omg :)

  • merlinda villegas
    merlinda villegas 7 days ago

    Oct 9,2019. Wish charice/jake always dressed this way. Look younger. Im ur fan forever...

  • Imelda knoeller
    Imelda knoeller 7 days ago

    Congratulation ! God bless you <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Mo Dilban
    Mo Dilban 8 days ago

    I really think the judges were being hard

  • Fervina Rillo
    Fervina Rillo 8 days ago


  • Chan Ho chun
    Chan Ho chun 9 days ago

    lights out

  • Bad bich put my heels on yr throat

    1:41 yeahhh so Dinah literally admitted she had camila saved under the name “Day 1 N-word” 🤨🤨

    MiKE JONES 9 days ago

    Crixus is the cool dude

  • Edward Ness
    Edward Ness 9 days ago

    Was interesting how the actor who portrayed Nemetes goes on to play Cesar... and the actor who portrayed Tullius in Gods of the Arena played Pompey... in a different season, the actor who portrayed Sabinus played Commodus... was interesting the character cross overs, think there were some others

  • Alejandra Chamale
    Alejandra Chamale 9 days ago

    Exelente video

  • reasomb16
    reasomb16 10 days ago


  • HamzatheFarhat
    HamzatheFarhat 10 days ago

    Can we do an adult survival guide and make it into an adult tv series

  • Im venom
    Im venom 10 days ago

    Vhong navarro is the Michael Jackson in Philippines

  • Gokulesh dj GKspace
    Gokulesh dj GKspace 10 days ago

    Kiss guy...what a show men!!!

    RACHELL ABDON 11 days ago

    I see the thumbnail so i click

  • Rebekah
    Rebekah 11 days ago

    I feel like this is the same interviewer who interviewed her at another premier??

  • Celyna Barreto
    Celyna Barreto 11 days ago

    Aí mds :(

  • Celyna Barreto
    Celyna Barreto 11 days ago

    Camila grudadinha na Lauren, aí q saudade

  • Zee Hut
    Zee Hut 11 days ago

    I’m a teen and I watch it too!

  • Tere Bibe
    Tere Bibe 11 days ago

    You do the best interviews, Chris, and this was my fav Mailey interview of yours! 'Twas so refreshing. Thanks for the tea, man! Are they officially a couple now? Update, pls! ;) #TeamBIGMighty #SYTYCD16

    • Tere Bibe
      Tere Bibe 11 days ago

      @Jac Ed Really, did they confirm it? Am so hoping it's true!

    • Jac Ed
      Jac Ed 11 days ago

      Yes they are! :)

  • Aungsan Oo
    Aungsan Oo 11 days ago

    He is the cutest guy on earth! I am so crazy about him

  • yostin mafia
    yostin mafia 11 days ago

    Dice que quiere llevar el legado de su padre pero no le puso el apellido lee a su hija

  • MrX
    MrX 11 days ago

    Bruce Lee is a legend

  • Sri Yani
    Sri Yani 11 days ago

    Love you jawn ha

  • Vans javier
    Vans javier 12 days ago


  • bts exo living
    bts exo living 12 days ago

    Worst miss India universe😀😀

  • Keaira Fowler
    Keaira Fowler 12 days ago

    The way Edwin looks at aldis2:44 to 2:50 lol😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️😭😭 #brothergoals

  • Kim Couture
    Kim Couture 13 days ago

    he's a beaut

  • Jackie Kittrell
    Jackie Kittrell 13 days ago

    LOL she is wayyyy too soft bodied to be wearing that skin-tight getup. What is she thinking?

  • Keri Bells
    Keri Bells 13 days ago

    Stay humble and sweet Bailey. Love you from your Fans here in the Philippines.

  • Ernest Arellano
    Ernest Arellano 14 days ago

    Congratulations Bailey. We enjoyed watching you. Stay humble. You have inspired everyone

  • Siddhant Singh Rathore

    Wait!! Lele pons is a latina?????

  • avocado toast
    avocado toast 14 days ago


  • Dianna Rose Laureto
    Dianna Rose Laureto 14 days ago

    I am waiting for the Jabbawockeez interview haha

  • Fehad Bilgrami
    Fehad Bilgrami 14 days ago


  • Yahhh V
    Yahhh V 14 days ago

    This guy actually buys his subscribers lol

  • Tom Borrowdale
    Tom Borrowdale 14 days ago

    She has the best smile/teeth ever

  • Pepe Shiraz
    Pepe Shiraz 15 days ago

    this interviewer is a huge cunt

  • shayuri rebatta
    shayuri rebatta 15 days ago

    ¿Por qué la mayoría de comentarios está en inglés xd? Yo estoy tratando de traducir todo lo que dice :u

  • Billy Ocean
    Billy Ocean 15 days ago

    damn. 2,583 views 18 likes 1 dislike and im the only comment. movie was amazing. relatable in many ways and its far too underrated. sad cus it was amazing.

  • Elfran Sy
    Elfran Sy 15 days ago

    I love Ann curtis

  • Waterloo001 Mendoza
    Waterloo001 Mendoza 15 days ago

    The song is called what's your fantasy not I want to lick you. Smh

  • Sir Raymond LuxuryYacht

    She has aged amazingly well!

  • Jorie Salazar
    Jorie Salazar 15 days ago

    Kakakilig silang dlwa. Bagay na babay. Grabe ang ganda ng boses ni tom grabe . Bravo

  • sammie Irungu junior

    Rip Andy

  • Jojo Regalado
    Jojo Regalado 17 days ago

    Ang taba mo, dapat nagpapayat ka muna. Sagwa tingnan.

  • angelripin
    angelripin 17 days ago

    Hope b-tek will joining jabbawockeez again😢.

  • Tova
    Tova 18 days ago

    Holy fork! Wanna fork the fork outta him lol

  • rona lacson
    rona lacson 18 days ago

    Grabe talaga kilig ko❤️❤️❤️

  • fortnitee
    fortnitee 18 days ago

    yo she’s so beautiful

  • ugh gag me with a hunting knife

    He's a cutie. I want to hug him!!!!

  • Sasha Torres
    Sasha Torres 18 days ago

    Its jake not Jim that's his twin brother I think

  • just me
    just me 19 days ago


  • preston esteban
    preston esteban 19 days ago

    Akala ko half chinese sya, pinoy pala

  • Jojo Jo
    Jojo Jo 19 days ago

    Stupid people pulled out and refused to fund the documentary. Sooo grateful that Jason Lee pushed through and finished the film regardless of their abandonment!!

  • Tue Due
    Tue Due 19 days ago

    I just realized that Leo is way taller than Jason. Also one question if you would have to spend one day with one of the cast members who would it be, I would want to hang out with Dylan Riley Snyder [Milton].

  • 안히오
    안히오 19 days ago

    와 마지막에 존 조까지 언급하네요,,,,아시안계 배우들 모두 화이팅

  • Border Collies
    Border Collies 19 days ago

    I like that Cole feels like he needs to talk so fast! Like he has to talk before his twin does😅

  • Yanskie Maque
    Yanskie Maque 19 days ago

    Pwdi maulaw kol sa english.hahaha .lol

  • Huang韻
    Huang韻 19 days ago

    Yeah i am Taiwanese too Yoooo TW !!!

  • Huang韻
    Huang韻 20 days ago

    I want to be friend with kev so bad

  • Huang韻
    Huang韻 20 days ago

    That interviewer is obviously try to skip papa What a jerk

  • Huang韻
    Huang韻 20 days ago

    It call tell they are very close

  • Jimin’s Socks
    Jimin’s Socks 20 days ago


  • NokiaX62106
    NokiaX62106 20 days ago

    When you try so hard to sound with substance and you ended up talking shit !

  • Shell Bradshaw
    Shell Bradshaw 20 days ago

    Such a cutie!

  • Temi Martínez
    Temi Martínez 21 day ago

    2:36 echuseraaaaaa..... lol

    • aonewomancrowd
      aonewomancrowd 2 days ago

      Temi Martínez “you know since we’re charring in the moarnin”

  • dps
    dps 21 day ago

    noo, u weren't single gino lol :') I was hoping something more from this interview, tho sometimes I see gino pulling back a bit, but never thought bcs he's in a relationship lmao. oh well u guys are just really looking good together

  • sacero38
    sacero38 21 day ago

    Her teeth are so yellowwwwwww. Does she smoke.

  • SpringGoldenFreddyTheGamer15YT

    Aw she is adorable!!And I'm very happy that she got to be part of toy story 3 and her voice acting was really good

  • Rose marie Baston
    Rose marie Baston 21 day ago


  • preciousjey
    preciousjey 22 days ago

    Should be named Sharon Shrine Auditorium. 2005 the best concert in my opinion.

  • Qatar Doha
    Qatar Doha 22 days ago

    i love you carla...and tom bagay sila...😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ruel Tunlay
    Ruel Tunlay 23 days ago

    I love kare kare also bailey!😊

  • Girl Amighty
    Girl Amighty 23 days ago

    Lauren, lpm😍🔥

  • Super magasti
    Super magasti 23 days ago

    Cute ❤️

  • kevin gomez
    kevin gomez 23 days ago


  • Lourdes Rivera
    Lourdes Rivera 23 days ago

    Parang may amats pa haha

  • Ravishing Beast
    Ravishing Beast 24 days ago

    Wow kicking it to 90's music, too? She might be the perfect girl.

  • Atsuko Inzei
    Atsuko Inzei 24 days ago

    His voice is so cute ♡♡♡♡ a baby♡♡♡♡

  • Zaneta Tisi
    Zaneta Tisi 24 days ago

    de pequeño me dijero. Todo lo que no se hace. Tienes que ser niño bueno. No se puede ser grosero. Y el mejor de la clase. Desde que te vi. Todo es un desastre. Hasta pa ' hangear '. Siempre llego tarde. Todo lo que pienso. Es querer to carte. Pensabá que era sábado. Y apenas es martes. Yo hago lo que quieras. Aunque tú me metas es problemas. Tus te portas mal y así me gusta más