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Fortnite - P-1000
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Fortnite - Zone Wars
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  • Dominic Sukaria
    Dominic Sukaria 5 hours ago

    Pls make a new winter style for ruby

  • Zz ZORO
    Zz ZORO 5 hours ago


  • Abdus
    Abdus 6 hours ago

    1:32 **Its fun how he acts like he's playing but actually is in replay**

  • Fireball
    Fireball 6 hours ago

    You: Fortnite chapter 2 season 1 is the best! Epic games: Coming Soon Fortnite chapter 2 season 2 You: 😱

  • Ivan Arco
    Ivan Arco 7 hours ago

    I miss season 7 so much even it only was a year ago

  • Damien Maciej
    Damien Maciej 7 hours ago

    Ok boomer

  • Yousuf the gamer
    Yousuf the gamer 7 hours ago

    I hate fortnite

  • AnderZap GG
    AnderZap GG 7 hours ago

    i dont have the RU-clip redward :c

  • The Meowth,Thaaat's RIGHT!

    Fortnite looks cool but if I play it am I gonna be like these people? I would like to work and play. Maybe that mom is spoiling her kid alot. idk... it was indeed creepy that she enjoys her kid scream and rage. or she is just the most coolest submussive mom in the world?

  • Maxwell Laurent
    Maxwell Laurent 7 hours ago

    How it feels walking in a droid of furrys

  • ShaneV2
    ShaneV2 7 hours ago

    fibyq xddd Hehehe hen

  • Türkiyemm05
    Türkiyemm05 7 hours ago


  • SparkanDeer
    SparkanDeer 8 hours ago

    BenjyFishy Stories from not sleeping

  • Sancto Jager
    Sancto Jager 8 hours ago

    5:30:34 Bugha <3

  • Meta
    Meta 8 hours ago

    wins 3 million splits with duo

  • Stealth2.0
    Stealth2.0 8 hours ago

    It will come back just like the marshmallow set

  • 74L3N7050 YT
    74L3N7050 YT 8 hours ago


  • ProCreedX
    ProCreedX 8 hours ago

    Wtf no wonder this game was free i bet if they knew how big it would get they would not have made it free dam we evolved

  • exess _melons
    exess _melons 8 hours ago

    Amount of times mom said literally [] [] V

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 9 hours ago

    4:45 wait that’s mongraal

  • A7 Revival
    A7 Revival 9 hours ago

    GG to everyone that played

  • Dooblab
    Dooblab 9 hours ago

    he is screaming at a replay

  • Wasser YaiVi
    Wasser YaiVi 10 hours ago

    King let's go

  • Lil_juice_09
    Lil_juice_09 10 hours ago

    Rip old fortnite

  • HeyyyResin
    HeyyyResin 10 hours ago

    Can you guys who work at epic bring out stark splitter please

  • -aaron_
    -aaron_ 10 hours ago

    Wizard Yensid- stories from the microphone

  • Lucas Galvez
    Lucas Galvez 10 hours ago

    Me aparece recomendado xd

  • Kodsavage
    Kodsavage 10 hours ago

    Me watching in 2019 December thinking I could destroy in this lobby

  • Pato :D
    Pato :D 11 hours ago

    Kinda sad that they put so many time and effort making this game, to launch 1 month after the release, a battle royale mode and give more atention to the br

  • Marcus Deu
    Marcus Deu 11 hours ago

    I honsetly inspired

  • Crossroads Cone City
    Crossroads Cone City 11 hours ago

    Mongraal- Stores from SHING SHING SHING SHING

  • Meme God
    Meme God 11 hours ago

    Un ban Jarvis

  • Meme God
    Meme God 11 hours ago

    Un ban Jarvis

  • Meme God
    Meme God 11 hours ago

    Un ban Jarvis

  • Detros ZY 0910
    Detros ZY 0910 12 hours ago


  • Yung Cort
    Yung Cort 12 hours ago

    bruh we in 2019.

  • ToxikTrash-YT
    ToxikTrash-YT 12 hours ago

    this inspires me.

  • Heckin Brandon
    Heckin Brandon 12 hours ago

    "My dad introduced me to the game because he played Save the World." Bugha's real name is named after Kyle (a constructor from StW), change my mind.

  • Kau Boy
    Kau Boy 12 hours ago

    Vcs poderiam trazer d novo para as pessoas q não tinham dinheiro ter a oportunidade de comprar essas skins

  • It’s HydraX
    It’s HydraX 12 hours ago

    RU-clip recommendations in Chapter 2 be like

    DUBSTEPVENOM1 12 hours ago


  • Rajaun Reid
    Rajaun Reid 12 hours ago

    i am a fish walking on land breathing the ear

  • YouTube Op
    YouTube Op 12 hours ago


  • ClownOnMobile
    ClownOnMobile 13 hours ago

    And how do you join it

  • ClownOnMobile
    ClownOnMobile 13 hours ago

    Wait did it start yet for mobiles

  • kyloh kaanoi
    kyloh kaanoi 13 hours ago


  • kyloh kaanoi
    kyloh kaanoi 13 hours ago


  • Alexzeygamer
    Alexzeygamer 13 hours ago

    Give me v bucks fortnite, or else I will quit your game

  • Lost Phoenix
    Lost Phoenix 13 hours ago

    Then we had updates now we ain’t got crap

  • Mc.Chairless
    Mc.Chairless 13 hours ago

    I really want this season battle pass because i think the slurp man skin is cute but i just started playing 5 days ago. :(

  • Mr Roblox
    Mr Roblox 13 hours ago

    1:34:13 look at the shirtless dude

  • Mr Roblox
    Mr Roblox 13 hours ago


  • GreenskeletonYT
    GreenskeletonYT 14 hours ago

    Fortnite please bring back the chaos agent I couldn’t get him

  • the good dude good
    the good dude good 14 hours ago

    Who is waching this in fortnite chapter 2 and ro get og memories

  • Toxic_ jayden360
    Toxic_ jayden360 14 hours ago

    Epic please bring the game out for Samsung galaxy A10,A20,A70&A80 please you guys might be able to make more $$$

  • Edgar 59
    Edgar 59 14 hours ago

    Yoooo ceeday dies in endgame

  • hanoo al7arby
    hanoo al7arby 14 hours ago


  • Lonii High
    Lonii High 14 hours ago


  • Epic Tiger
    Epic Tiger 14 hours ago

    Can u bring the og map back I hate this map tbh don’t take it serious no hates

  • DivingwithJoe_360 Kd
    DivingwithJoe_360 Kd 14 hours ago

    Hate the game but the song is lit

  • NathanGames YT
    NathanGames YT 14 hours ago

    1:16 Well in arena it does... Lol

  • TheMasterz X
    TheMasterz X 14 hours ago

    0:10 Literally every bad guy in any superhero movie

  • KaydogPlays
    KaydogPlays 14 hours ago

    Jarvis - Stories From the Ban Hammer

  • KurtChaos HD
    KurtChaos HD 14 hours ago

    Lol so funny

  • Neo I
    Neo I 15 hours ago

    If fortnite brings back season two graphics and everything from season 2 I will be so happy

  • Flamingo Is chill
    Flamingo Is chill 15 hours ago

    Peely man 1

  • Phoenix newry
    Phoenix newry 15 hours ago

    Can you add save the world on fortnite mobile please

  • Gintx 179
    Gintx 179 15 hours ago

    hello fornite please can make Xiaomi compatible with the game because I could never play it with this opportunity in my life thanks i have Xiaomi redmi note 5

  • Emilio Muñoz
    Emilio Muñoz 15 hours ago

    el Werevertumorro jajajaja

  • keezik spoko
    keezik spoko 15 hours ago

    1:34 benjy play on replay XD

  • Ismackbadkidzz_
    Ismackbadkidzz_ 15 hours ago

    Any 2019

  • Chokla
    Chokla 15 hours ago

    who else got the chills

  • Spiffy
    Spiffy 15 hours ago


  • Mxist Wxter
    Mxist Wxter 16 hours ago

    1:28 Literally watching a replay and acting like he just won lmao

  • Sn0ω.
    Sn0ω. 16 hours ago

    Can you add merge?

  • lilDashlil xD
    lilDashlil xD 16 hours ago

    2019 xd

  • Scoby
    Scoby 16 hours ago


  • Giovanni Bardi
    Giovanni Bardi 16 hours ago


  • bymiguee
    bymiguee 16 hours ago

    Y king?

  • The speedy JR
    The speedy JR 16 hours ago

    Please do more

  • Flame GrizzlyYT
    Flame GrizzlyYT 16 hours ago

    This are ultra ogs

  • Atlantis Equal
    Atlantis Equal 16 hours ago

    this is huge motivation for me <3

  • Banana Man
    Banana Man 16 hours ago

    This video lowkey hits different.

  • Mistergeilo21
    Mistergeilo21 17 hours ago

    Bad game schit pc gamer

  • Split Ice
    Split Ice 17 hours ago

    Bus driver is tomato head confirmed

    NITO RIQUELME 17 hours ago


  • CATPlayZ Z
    CATPlayZ Z 17 hours ago

    Can you please ad huawei p smart z as combatibile

  • MZF Keyfunny
    MZF Keyfunny 17 hours ago

    Aqua: Doing home work Aqua mom : WTF are you doing go play fortnite with your friend.

    AKA GAMING 2 17 hours ago

    Please came back please

  • tilting-on studios
    tilting-on studios 18 hours ago

    Justice for the smg

  • error54
    error54 18 hours ago

    Its like pathfinder of apex

  • {EC}SIDAR gamer
    {EC}SIDAR gamer 18 hours ago

    Who watching in 2019-2020 and fortnite dont do updates?

  • The Crowed
    The Crowed 18 hours ago

    Good times

  • Liebre.90s
    Liebre.90s 18 hours ago

    Gg Bugha

  • Виоллета Антонян

    я нашёл букву F

  • juan Ospina
    juan Ospina 18 hours ago

    Ay nació una adicción

  • jerroxx gerlax
    jerroxx gerlax 18 hours ago

    Mongral, please

  • figger 009
    figger 009 18 hours ago

    I miss the old fortnite Season 7 was so nice Rip fortnite

  • ReyesMando
    ReyesMando 18 hours ago

    Mans deserves this life. GG