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    NIGASAKI Hour ago

    Finally i can play roblox at 60fps

  • Gaming - Nation
    Gaming - Nation 3 hours ago

    I’m building the pc for streaming but I’m having trouble downloading windows 10 for it😢

  • Renz Lapuz
    Renz Lapuz 4 hours ago

    Thanks bro

  • Tony Adlington
    Tony Adlington 6 hours ago

    When my core clock is 1250 and memory clock is 1750 on the msi afterburner, how do I get the +160 and +900? sorry in advance if this is a basic oversight on my part but I'm new to this. any help is great.

  • Thirst quenching content

    What's better for vr his 500$ build or this one?

  • TwitedGamer
    TwitedGamer 10 hours ago

    he skipped around the formating and bios updating for this CPU this vid is not good if you actually have the parts and trying to follow along building this thing

  • Demavend 96
    Demavend 96 11 hours ago

    Like for Keanu

  • OfficerJoint454
    OfficerJoint454 11 hours ago

    It won't boot up, anyone can help me?

  • Pial
    Pial 11 hours ago

    12080 cuda cores for 1060 😂😂

  • Dwight Yew
    Dwight Yew 13 hours ago

    what case can I use instead of the one he used ?

  • attax
    attax 15 hours ago

    Thank you so much!!!!!!

  • Milton Services
    Milton Services 16 hours ago

    I need something that's going to run my Oculus to it's FULLEST potential. Will this do it?

  • Sarelax
    Sarelax 17 hours ago

    How much fps do you get on Roblox press F5 in a game in Roblox please

  • Jeremy Clements
    Jeremy Clements 19 hours ago

    What case is that?

  • Abqori M
    Abqori M 20 hours ago

    Can it run apex legend ?

  • Game of Joel
    Game of Joel 22 hours ago

    You are the best

  • PowerPasta420
    PowerPasta420 23 hours ago

    What kind of monitor do you recomend for this rig?

  • R_espino -
    R_espino - 23 hours ago

    What’s an alternative for the psu it is out of stock

  • TooFaaN
    TooFaaN Day ago

    Can i play Rust on this though ?

  • torpedo gamer
    torpedo gamer Day ago

    Hey scatter I don’t want to be some stalker but I texted you on insta and I’m hoping for a reply.i need some deeper help because of this problem I have for my pc

  • HoLLoW_762 p
    HoLLoW_762 p Day ago

    RAID????? no one even knows what raid is??? way to insult your viewers ??

  • dj agenda
    dj agenda Day ago

    can I please buy this pc of you or if anyone else has a pc they don't want or is good and will sell it to me for 150 my budget is 150 please I just wanna play csgo

  • Wall Squid
    Wall Squid Day ago

    What happened to your latest video that became private?

  • Gameplay king
    Gameplay king Day ago

    Hey bro

  • Sellerus
    Sellerus Day ago

    Why did you test this on such a trash cpu

    • Denver Dean
      Denver Dean 3 hours ago

      nah with 4 cores 2 threads and overclocked to 4ghz????????

  • NoobyGamez
    NoobyGamez Day ago

    My PC turns on but there’s just a black screen... My LEDs and fans spin as well, just no display

  • blah blah
    blah blah Day ago

    if you love it love this and pin did

  • Damon Weber
    Damon Weber Day ago

    Alrighty so I'm having troubles with my PC and I literally cannot find a solution, please some one help, yesterday I got home from a movie and I tried turning my PC on, it turned on but out of nowhere it didnt wanna load, i was curious as to why it wasnt so I tried hard restarting and turning it on and again, it continued to do it, all through the night I've tried using a different hdmi and monitor, tried reseating everything in it, I tried unplugging and plugging back in all cords, especially to different outlets, I even went so far as to attempting to use a different power supply but again, it keeps doing it, I've tried looking up solutions but nothing is working and I need help, the lights turn on and everything, all the fans spin, but the actual computer itself doesnt do anything

  • Kill yo Lol
    Kill yo Lol Day ago

    Could i fit in a 2tb hard drive?

  • I
    I Day ago

    How can i install intel 9th gen i9 core 😂😂

  • BlueberryPolar

    How do we actually put it together

  • G35xvBeto
    G35xvBeto Day ago

    anyone know what other case i can use since this one is out of stock basically everywhere?

  • udxu
    udxu Day ago

    Yo should put link so we can buy the stuff that would make more sense

  • Bunnyca Edits
    Bunnyca Edits Day ago

    Can a msi geforce gtx 1660 run oculus rift s? Plz help

  • Joshua Gordon
    Joshua Gordon 2 days ago

    razer naga affordable( also $397 ca)

  • FBI
    FBI 2 days ago

    Can it run dmc 5

  • Envy_Manches
    Envy_Manches 2 days ago

    Im using the alloy fps pro from HyperX, and i absoultely love it

  • Faded Panda2513
    Faded Panda2513 2 days ago

    does this pc build also record at the same time?

  • Žolt Sarvak
    Žolt Sarvak 2 days ago

    Downloading Nvidia drivers for Navi graphic card...That's the secret I guess. p.s. for those who are just building a PC. 5700xt>2070super with the new drivers,also 5700>2060super. Živeo AMD.

  • Cheep
    Cheep 2 days ago

    A PC I can finally afford!

  • king point videos
    king point videos 2 days ago

    My monitor was black when I entered the flash drive I checked everything

  • Falcon Express
    Falcon Express 2 days ago

    CUK stratus is 819 at the cheapest option though

  • SMH Charlezツ
    SMH Charlezツ 2 days ago

    How much FPS does it run fortnite with all low settings and 3D Rez all the way up

  • NikF1
    NikF1 2 days ago

    what if i wanted to install a seagate barracuda would it fit?

  • PichuGamer YT
    PichuGamer YT 2 days ago

    Im tryna upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10 and whenever i boot up from the usb it gives me a recovery error and when i upgrade from the media tool it says that it couldn’t install windows 10, any help please?

  • Luke
    Luke 2 days ago

    ummm I read the reviews the for sky tech azure pc and pretty much all of them were the fact the pc blue screened constantly

  • Oleg Shved
    Oleg Shved 2 days ago

    Why I love AMD with the Ryzen line of CPU's? Because from update to update of their drivers Ryzen CPUs become better and better! And I case you on a short budget, there is no better then Ryzen 5 2600 or Ryzen 5 3600 depends on their price (whos cheaper those better). Intel can only offer i5 that's not so universal as mentioned AMD CPUs.

  • Lui does stuff
    Lui does stuff 2 days ago

    bruh your $600 raptor pc is really bad, if anyone wants to get a new pc SAVE UP itll be worth it. the pc hardly performs enough to play games

  • Patrick Sedjro
    Patrick Sedjro 2 days ago

    Doesn't all that come included. I mean it is a disk. Just put it in

    • chule tita
      chule tita 2 days ago

      Wow you are still in the stone age

  • wavy_delayYT
    wavy_delayYT 2 days ago

    will a 1050ti super super clocked be a bottleneck?

  • EmeraldOn60fps
    EmeraldOn60fps 2 days ago

    I had a 1500 budget and made a way better pc

  • jeffington Boii
    jeffington Boii 2 days ago

    WAAAIIITTT A SECOND you didnt add some of the parts that were in your other video!

  • Stealthonsticks
    Stealthonsticks 2 days ago

    I just download my all in one

  • Joshua Seabrook
    Joshua Seabrook 2 days ago

    This is my first build if I upgrade the cpu will it be the same steps (I’m upgrading to the one he suggested

    PIGGY 3 days ago

    i have no idea what hes talking bout

  • RyderPK
    RyderPK 3 days ago

    The skytech azure on is $2000 in Australia :(

  • DINOSOWER! method
    DINOSOWER! method 3 days ago

    Hows does he show the overlay in the top left MSI afterburner doesn't give me the option of using overlay

  • Gaming Unicorn
    Gaming Unicorn 3 days ago

    There aren't any fans?? That's bad or do they come with the case? 🤨

  • Gaming Unicorn
    Gaming Unicorn 3 days ago

    I'm so buying this Edit (clears throat) hehehehe I bought it yay!!! I'm happy tho it's my first pc and honestly for the price damn!

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson 3 days ago

    Look at the manual, how about take the extra mile and re record

  • Jordan Esparza
    Jordan Esparza 3 days ago

    The psu is out of stock on Amazon are the other models fine or will they not work?

  • AlreadyKalen
    AlreadyKalen 3 days ago

    people are always like "Build your own!"... like I ain't build'n no goddamn pc just gimme something to pick up at bestbuy or something

  • FBI
    FBI 3 days ago

    For the pavillion desktop can you change the case

  • This Guy
    This Guy 3 days ago

    Mine did boot up but I fiddled around with the ryzen CPU software and I put everything to the max and now it won't start up ...

  • michaeltechroom
    michaeltechroom 3 days ago

    Seasonic Power Supply have a long Warranty then Thermaltake

  • Lukas hallo
    Lukas hallo 3 days ago


  • Adil techno
    Adil techno 3 days ago

    The best is rx 590

  • nitro.
    nitro. 3 days ago

    Gtx 780 ti. Hello?

  • Tahun
    Tahun 3 days ago

    All I wanted to play was cool math games.

  • Taco Salad
    Taco Salad 3 days ago

    Anything above 60 fps

  • Kegan Copenhagen
    Kegan Copenhagen 3 days ago

    Hello, does anyone know if the first one he mentioned would be able to run the game “Rust” I am not good with computers but really enjoy rust videos even though ive never played it. I own the game but my current pc is no where near enough to run it

  • Overlord
    Overlord 3 days ago

    I want mechanical keyboard but I dont play fps games that much. So I dont need cherry mx red and even faster romer-g keys as well. But I would like to get some mechanical keyboard. So which to choose? This one or hyper x fps alloy cherry mx red?

  • Carta IV
    Carta IV 3 days ago

    I got an MSI RX580 Gaming the red and black one with two bigger fans for 120$ off facebook marketplace near me and I think I scored for a budget GPU!

  • Erica Elizondo
    Erica Elizondo 3 days ago

    Can it run planet zoo

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 3 days ago

    Plz make a tutorial about how to build this pc

    • Fire White
      Fire White Day ago

      He already did you idiots stop asking pleaaase

  • Christopher Wood
    Christopher Wood 3 days ago

    Brand new PC build with a friend. It's her 1st build. We have a Corsair hx750 with 1 4x4 CPU power connect, made sure we used the pwr cable labeled as such. Corsair is really bad about showing you on the modular power supply which of the four ports that are on at the look exactly the same are only for the CPU. If one closely looks at the supposed 3 PCI Express 6 + 2 connectors and the 4 + 4 CPU, they look exactly the same. We have tried the two different 4 x 4 CPU power connector cables that came with the PSU, and I plugged it into the PSU into the port that we assume is the correct one since they're dumbasses and don't f****** point at the actual connector. In this case when she presses the power button it actually does turn on the CPU fan turns on all the fans turn on all the lights turn on except for the RAM RGB lights stay turned off, and after about 15 or 20 seconds it Powers off and then turned itself back on and does this repeatedly in a loop. We've also tried multiple sets of ddr4 ram at different speeds in pairs and in singles. Same behavior

    • CallMeRagged
      CallMeRagged 2 days ago

      Christopher Wood I have an extremely similar problem. I fixed it once by taking the ram out then putting them back in. But after a month or so the same problem occurred and I can’t fix it now. Let me know if you figure it out

  • Shadow In back of you

    Able to play skater xl?

  • Shadow In back of you

    Able to play skater xl?

  • Shini
    Shini 3 days ago

    Thank u for putting everything in the description saves me so much time <3

  • Enoch Wafula
    Enoch Wafula 3 days ago

    Who's still waiting for part 3😅😅😅

  • Scream
    Scream 3 days ago

    i am building the same pc but i will go with Ryzen 2600.

  • husky games
    husky games 4 days ago

    When you play rainbows six what is your avg frames

  • Roblox Hack Gameplay

    Went to all sites here is what I found: #1 so called best one doesn’t have good cooling and the inside of it isn’t that great either. No usb-c. #2 not customizable. At all. That all for now

  • Dabeast541 Lol
    Dabeast541 Lol 4 days ago

    Dude if my family had the money to actually afford and build this I would build this in a heartbeat

  • Air_strike96
    Air_strike96 4 days ago

    Is the Ryzen 5 2600 good enough for streaming?

  • CavWantsToTalk
    CavWantsToTalk 4 days ago

    *I really just want to play minecraft with nice shaders*

  • Alan Chau
    Alan Chau 4 days ago

    The motherboard is off of amazon

  • JackPlaysRoblox
    JackPlaysRoblox 4 days ago

    where do you get the screws

  • Teng Xiong
    Teng Xiong 4 days ago

    is ps4 the better option?

  • Sebastian Gonzalez
    Sebastian Gonzalez 4 days ago

    Will a 5700 be compatible with a i5 9600k?

    • Sebastian Gonzalez
      Sebastian Gonzalez Day ago

      Deeziy alright, thanks for the help

    • Deeziy
      Deeziy Day ago

      I'm sure theirs RU-clip videos that tell u what motherboards u can go with. The only thing that the motherboard has to be compatible with it the cpu. So litterly look up "motherboards for an intel cpu

    • Sebastian Gonzalez
      Sebastian Gonzalez Day ago

      Deeziy How do I know of a motherboard will be compatible?

    • Deeziy
      Deeziy Day ago

      Sebastian Gonzalez yeah just make sure you get a compatible motherboard

  • William Sandford
    William Sandford 4 days ago

    hey whats the biodegradability of this pc

  • JR Patilan Gaming
    JR Patilan Gaming 4 days ago

    low wattage aswell hopefully!

  • HelioGenesis -HS
    HelioGenesis -HS 4 days ago

    Gpu benchmark?

  • Victor
    Victor 4 days ago

    Is there other cheaper case?

  • Mary Ratican
    Mary Ratican 4 days ago

    Can it run Minecraft at 60 FPS

  • Alexander B
    Alexander B 4 days ago

    If i buy the better and upgraded cpu do I need to buy the fan or does it come with one

    • Anthony Nguyen
      Anthony Nguyen 4 days ago

      The Ryzen 2600 cpu? It comes with a wraith stealth cooler.

    SKINNAH SKINNAH 4 days ago

    Great content! ive been watching your channel the past couple of days, came by it by looking for good prebuilts but you have gave me the strength to build my own! this will be my first build! is there anything that you would change today that you would go back in the video that you would change? graphics card etc? dont get me wrong, im extremely nervous haha and keep having second thoughts but I just cant bring myself to trust pre build companys

  • GamingGodJon - Roblox

    what do i replace the ryzen with? because i want nividia

  • CR17 gaming
    CR17 gaming 4 days ago

    Can apex legends run on this

  • Tandin
    Tandin 4 days ago

    Counter Strike Go?