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  • Chetan Sharma
    Chetan Sharma 17 seconds ago

    SIR ye jo tent lgake market lgate hai na vo bhut achi lgti hai mujhe...thts a great thing i see😊 and in last u and this cai friend r becoming a Gud friend🙂

  • as if
    as if 7 minutes ago

    Videos are becoming less interesting sir.

  • Ajay yadav
    Ajay yadav Hour ago

    kon kon Varun Bhai ko hitchhiking krte huye dekhna Chahta h . hit likes👇

  • Patel Manish
    Patel Manish Hour ago

    Please show other aria not only your face

  • Syed Alam
    Syed Alam 2 hours ago

    Do you know English? Yes I know English,but I do not speak their language.

  • Parag Kulkarni
    Parag Kulkarni 2 hours ago

    Bishkek Kyrgyzstan is very near to our boundary of original Kashmir

  • Satish Gupta
    Satish Gupta 2 hours ago

    Take samsung note 10 it will help u alot in translating any picture or anything in any language

  • MariaV0071
    MariaV0071 3 hours ago

    Our ancestors all came from the same area, region. My ancestors are from Bihar and Aligarh. But they were shipped to Surinam (Dutch colony) in South America. Indians have a large diaspora over many countries/colonies. Think of Guyana, Jamaica, Fiji, South Africa, Dutch Antilles, and many more.

  • JC Wangsaham
    JC Wangsaham 3 hours ago

    Gaurav is so rude

  • Goutam Biswas
    Goutam Biswas 3 hours ago

    Such a beautiful peoples Love u Russia

  • Shivanshu Tiwari
    Shivanshu Tiwari 3 hours ago

    Next trip should be china...its a beautiful country show us some remote location in china

  • abuzar abbu
    abuzar abbu 4 hours ago

    Bangladeshi bahuth dhokebas hote he Bhai

  • Raj
    Raj 5 hours ago

    Varun bhai nice

  • Nadir Magsi
    Nadir Magsi 5 hours ago

    Good Video Bhai , ♥️ from 🇵🇰

  • Bolo Suwar Ramchandra is Gay

    Hindu aatankwadi indian, islam and muslim haters

  • Old School Friend
    Old School Friend 5 hours ago

    cay is gonna catch all the pokemons

  • Dr.ab.rahman Nohrio
    Dr.ab.rahman Nohrio 5 hours ago

    Bach gae aap

  • amardeep mishra
    amardeep mishra 5 hours ago

    Mulle the hulle madharchod Katuwa means katuwa

  • Ashish meena
    Ashish meena 5 hours ago

    Bro you are really cool and simple person I am watching your Egypt video and than all ..All the best 👍💐

  • amardeep mishra
    amardeep mishra 6 hours ago

    Lande hamesha aise rahenege hain madharchod katuwe

  • Muhammad Saad
    Muhammad Saad 6 hours ago

    Do visit Pakistan to experience best Motorways of South Asia.

  • Ajay Banshkar
    Ajay Banshkar 6 hours ago

    name of her?

  • Funny Paradise
    Funny Paradise 6 hours ago

    One thing i find why people didnt help of same country's man Means most commonly i have found

  • crime patrol dial 100

    Sach batana waha khaanna horrible he, sath khub sare Maggie ke packets lejata toh itti dikkat na htui

  • Mohd Ali abassi
    Mohd Ali abassi 7 hours ago

    One of my your biggest fan

  • satyam Kumar
    satyam Kumar 7 hours ago

    If you need some help i'll help u my brother live in osh

  • Ritesh Bagare
    Ritesh Bagare 7 hours ago

    13:00 You should have used Google translator bro that guy was really interesting 🙄🙄

    SKY PUNJAB 7 hours ago

    Brother all people is not bad in love pakistan than I invite you in Pakistan Lahore please come and visit to great Pakistan city Lahore any problem in visa meter am solved no problem please I love your channel please don’t forget me God bless your

  • Tufayl Chowdhury
    Tufayl Chowdhury 7 hours ago

    Back ground music higher then your talk, Voice can't understand clearly

  • Vikki Yadav
    Vikki Yadav 8 hours ago


  • JustFUN
    JustFUN 8 hours ago

    Start eating non veg ...u will able to explore food side of world

  • Tejas Limbachiya
    Tejas Limbachiya 8 hours ago

    India jesa hi bazar lagta hai vaha bhaiya

  • Ratan Khatik
    Ratan Khatik 8 hours ago

    By the way, Where are you from Sir ❤

  • Tejas Limbachiya
    Tejas Limbachiya 8 hours ago

    I proud of you sir

  • Ajay Raina
    Ajay Raina 8 hours ago

    Lovely people !!

  • rohit sharma
    rohit sharma 8 hours ago

    Man you are really a courageous person to do hitch hiking with unknown that too in different country. In such situations anything could happen to anyone. But that's some good stuff on RU-clip 😉✌️

  • Laugh Nonstop
    Laugh Nonstop 9 hours ago

    Toilet paper..... Hahahah

  • brandybuck
    brandybuck 9 hours ago

    bhai itna loud background music mat do..... plz

  • Faisal Bin Hanif
    Faisal Bin Hanif 9 hours ago

    Always like your video, from Bangladesh.

  • Darsh Akude
    Darsh Akude 9 hours ago

    Very nice varoon

  • सोनू रौथाण

    Ye susu hai 😂😂😂

  • diagon alley
    diagon alley 9 hours ago

    Make videos like it helps to make a plan for the trip a budget details and a tour plan

  • diagon alley
    diagon alley 9 hours ago

    Initially I use to find ur vlogs to be more interesting... Because we use to find our budget options but now ur style has changed

  • life goals
    life goals 9 hours ago


  • life goals
    life goals 9 hours ago

    *Bhai kidnapping ka darr nahi lagta*

    ISHAN JOSHI 10 hours ago

    हिंदी चीनी भाई भाई👬✌❤ पाकिस्तान अभी टाईम नही है😂😃😅

  • Nameless Gurl
    Nameless Gurl 10 hours ago

    It’s just more sad how your tittle is so misleading. The man at the insect center had clearly explained to you why the insects were kept like that; these insects may go instinct or evolve over time and thus some are kept so as scientists and people can learn something from this evolution, which otherwise would be difficult with only a photograph. Mauritius also has many other zoos, which have been protecting rare and endangered species, that would have long gone instinct if they were left in their previous environment but your concern for animals is still appreciated. I’m sorry that a hit with a golf club had made your day sad though you got to do many new things.

  • Nature
    Nature 10 hours ago

    aapki videos dekhta rehta rehta lagta hai mai v sath me ghum rha hu har jagah,your life is wonderful.

    ISHAN JOSHI 10 hours ago

    होटेल वालो को खाने के सामने उसकी सामग्री भी लिखनी चाहिए ताकि टूरिस्ट को कोई परेशानी न हो और किसी से पूछना भी न पडे यह एक अच्छा तरीका है❤✌

  • Kedar Mhatre
    Kedar Mhatre 10 hours ago

    There is an App. Like scanner About translation language. You can open App and put mobile on language and it's scan language and App translate which language you want.

    NITISH KUMAR 10 hours ago

    बहुत बहुत शुक्रिया , घर बैठे आप दुनिया घूमा रहे हैं और आपके हिन्दी संभाषण के लिए । दुनिया को इसी तरह जोड़ते रहिए ।बहुत बहुत शुभकामनाएं‌‌

  • free balochistan free
    free balochistan free 10 hours ago

    😂😂u should ask them y ur country name on a dish name which we eat...

  • ew king
    ew king 11 hours ago

    In South Korea, in most cases, only older people and people with heavy luggage use elevators of the subway system :)

  • DK J
    DK J 11 hours ago

    Bhai ab to rojana ke 25000 rupye khrch kre to bhi km he... 7-------8 lack rupye manthli aata he youTube se

  • Vandana Verma
    Vandana Verma 11 hours ago

    Ramses station is based on the name of Egyptian pharaoh ramses

  • Pulse of Nature
    Pulse of Nature 11 hours ago


  • Conner Jo
    Conner Jo 11 hours ago

    Indians PLZ take shower and brush your teeth before taking subway and the bus.

  • The Fourth Lens
    The Fourth Lens 11 hours ago

    Hindi chini bhai bhai

    NIKHIL M 11 hours ago

    Positive aadmi ki vlogs hamesha positive energy hi deti hai❤👌 varun bhai👏

  • Deepak
    Deepak 11 hours ago

    You to stick to travel rather then trying influence people to change their opinion as per your whims and fancy to get visa to Pakistan on navjot sindhu kharkatpur extension etc, India has other neighbours as well ,Hindians need to come out their obsession of goodwill with pakistan, didnt such stupid analysis of brotherhood from you meeting fellow Indians forget nepalis Srilanks etc, stick to tourism for pete sae

  • Malkiat Singh
    Malkiat Singh 11 hours ago

    Very att

  • beautiful Italy europe

    Hi Varun, your video tag is not good .....other videos is good.

  • 여행하는선생님
    여행하는선생님 12 hours ago

    Namaste!!! Good video! I am a Korean living in Seoul. Seoul is a nice place. But I also like India. Almost Indians are very kind, too. I'm going to India again this winter. This is the eighth time for India. I am a teacher who teaches Korean language and literature in middle school.

  • Om om
    Om om 12 hours ago

    *अच्छी फॅमिली है*

  • Mubsher Mobile
    Mubsher Mobile 12 hours ago

    lot of love form pakistan

  • Akash Shukla
    Akash Shukla 12 hours ago

    Bhai aap bhi south american country ko visit kare

  • jacintha dias
    jacintha dias 12 hours ago

    Music 😍😘

  • Shanmugaraja Thambi
    Shanmugaraja Thambi 12 hours ago

    Please add subtitles for non-Hindi speakers like me sir...

  • krunal pastagia
    krunal pastagia 12 hours ago

    Thanks Varun for bring this on notice....

  • Mohammad Moniruzzaman Milton

    Love from Bangladesh... 💜💜💜

  • Rishi Purohit
    Rishi Purohit 13 hours ago

    Bhai. Hinduuss k leye bahut muskil h yrr bahar ghumna .

  • cricket info
    cricket info 13 hours ago

    Congratulations for 1 million in advance I subscribed ur channel when it was about 132k And inspiring to see u reaching 1 million😎 Keep it up 🤓

  • Rishi Purohit
    Rishi Purohit 13 hours ago

    Mko to bahut zeyada drr lagta h K kse kha sakte hain hmm dusre desh m whann hr cheez m meet meet. OR pta nhe kya khela DE hmra desh he acha h khaan khane k leye. OR Hindus ko to or v straggle krna pdta h

  • Raj kumar Gupta
    Raj kumar Gupta 13 hours ago

    12:20 India market

  • Raj kumar Gupta
    Raj kumar Gupta 13 hours ago

    Wo jagha center market hai

  • Raj kumar Gupta
    Raj kumar Gupta 13 hours ago

    Bhai card acha hai wo atm card jaisa hai first time 15 rm ka hoga bal 10

  • yashwant SINGH
    yashwant SINGH 13 hours ago

    8:18 don't judge a book by its cover

  • Zach'sCombat
    Zach'sCombat 13 hours ago

    Why you said Pakistan sir...

  • Nirvana
    Nirvana 13 hours ago

    Ghanta safe country..... english kisi ko ata nay...raat ko 9 ke baad ghum nay sakte nay to yaha ke log pel dete ..... Actually they hate INDIANS...!!

  • fatima bi
    fatima bi 14 hours ago

    Sir both vistara or indigo mai best kon sa airlines hai

  • Zakirbai Basha
    Zakirbai Basha 14 hours ago

    Hi. varun hum aapke video's bahut pasand se dekte hi aur hume bahut khushi hi ke aap bhoth aachi aachi video banate hi.

  • voice of India
    voice of India 14 hours ago

    Thank you varun sir.......aapki video dekhr mujhe khud lgta h jaise aapki jagah m khud hu.....

  • ms mann
    ms mann 14 hours ago

    Bhai mujhe aap ke video me music bhut acha lagta hai

  • Sandeep Singh
    Sandeep Singh 14 hours ago

    Tu lagta bhi pakistani ha bhai

  • অদম্য তরী


  • Pankaj Shaky
    Pankaj Shaky 14 hours ago

    Khuda Jane gane ka seen

  • NZ Tech
    NZ Tech 14 hours ago

    You are trying so hard to understand how your camera works love your videos sir 😍

  • Akshay Malaiya official

    Vegitarian is best

  • azaan must
    azaan must 15 hours ago

    Chinese friend best of fun I like 😃😀

    VINAYAK RAJ 15 hours ago

    Waise sir apne desh meee sab seee zada comments paas hote hai auur aap koo bura laga naa waise heee joo humare yaha aatee hai unhee bhi aise heeee bura lagta hai toh aap bhi thoda saho

  • FWtv Bangla
    FWtv Bangla 15 hours ago

    please tell me background music name

  • ved jain
    ved jain 15 hours ago

    Very good friendship

    VINAYAK RAJ 15 hours ago

    Yaar yee pura India jaisa laag raha hai

  • Alpha Beta
    Alpha Beta 15 hours ago

    i am wiling to move out to egypt how can i negotiate with air tickets please reply

  • kasikasi2011
    kasikasi2011 15 hours ago

    Making friendship with Chinese guy and roaming, and showing us the city is simply superb. Thank you Varun.

    R.K. STUDY POINT 15 hours ago

    I will be the happiest person when you cross 1 million subs.👏👏👏👏♥️

  • Roopam Verma
    Roopam Verma 15 hours ago

    Sir Aap jaise logon ki wajha se hi log humanity par believe karte hai

    VINAYAK RAJ 16 hours ago

    Sir aap ki life koo dekh kar jalan hoo raha hai yaar kafi maze daar hai aap ki life ek RU-clipr plus ek phd auur kafi kuch lajawab hai aap ki life auur duniya ghumna included

  • Abhishek Aggarwal
    Abhishek Aggarwal 16 hours ago

    Ni jiao shenma mingze? = What is your Name ? Wo da mingze shi Varun = My name is Varun Wo shi induren = I am Indian / Citizen of India A small glmpes of coversation , Using England alphabet to show mandarin speaks.

  • Pc M
    Pc M 16 hours ago

    India is also getting polarized with increase in non-veg restraurants. Pure veg even in India is decreasing.