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Lemon Mousse Cake
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How to Make Metallic Eggs
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Napkin Bunny Fold
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  • Dan Lewis
    Dan Lewis 29 minutes ago

    So simple, so delicious

  • FoxyPercival714
    FoxyPercival714 Hour ago

    The bigger question is, will they deflate. I've seen comedy where souffles will deflate from high pitched sounds or random things.

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany 2 hours ago

    A cup of Creme Fraiche costs 75¢ in Germany at any grocery store!

  • Patricia Vincent
    Patricia Vincent 2 hours ago


  • Miss Crush
    Miss Crush 2 hours ago

    I've made this recipe today and it turned out amazing. Thank you!!

  • Linkzegamers1981
    Linkzegamers1981 3 hours ago

    Cold brew tastes better when it’s brewed at room temperature because if it gets too cold it won’t dissolve/extract all of the grounds.

  • annette whitbeck
    annette whitbeck 4 hours ago

    You made this recipe too complicated. Get real !!!

  • Notgiven Notgiven
    Notgiven Notgiven 5 hours ago

    You're a cutie. I'd chase you around the kitchen. Yeah

  • PandaMan 88
    PandaMan 88 5 hours ago

    There’s better videos out there. Let them rest for an hour, don’t open the oven and spin them. You don’t have to be that precise with measurements. Lava? Make a figure 8 with the spatula without the batter breaking and that is it. Don’t mix any further.

  • Manpreet Waraich
    Manpreet Waraich 9 hours ago

    I tried to make this at home and they turned so crunchy and so layerd out. So glad to watch your video and i used milk instead of heavy cream

  • Daisy Summer
    Daisy Summer 12 hours ago

    To make brownies chewier, I add more oil and cook them longer. Yum...

  • Bill Frater
    Bill Frater 13 hours ago

    Sauce pan! how much butter is a stick for chist sake ? lots of mincing going on.

  • maria teresa Vergara
    maria teresa Vergara 14 hours ago

    I ate pepper corns stuffed in one chicken piece.

  • Leah Goodvach
    Leah Goodvach 14 hours ago

    Thank you VERY MUCH Sarah for this delicious recipe!!!

  • Sock •-•
    Sock •-• 16 hours ago

    What cookie do you like best?

  • Ken Rehill
    Ken Rehill 17 hours ago

    “The most important thing in an onion ring.........is the onion” who’d have known?

  • C Jasz
    C Jasz 19 hours ago

    everyting shines on YT - except life that sucks

  • BadgerCheese94
    BadgerCheese94 20 hours ago

    I didnt know that Didi Pickles had her own cooking show

  • Manny Singh
    Manny Singh 20 hours ago

    Medusa... dnt look in her eyes lol

  • Cameron Belt
    Cameron Belt 21 hour ago

    Would someone answer the damn phone?

  • jbrondos
    jbrondos 21 hour ago

    Do you have any tips for whipping at high altitudes? I live at an altitude of 8000 feet. (Very helpful video, by the way.)

  • Home Cafe
    Home Cafe 22 hours ago

    "Soda Spreads, Powder Puffs" I literally say this to myself when I make cookies!!! Thank you Thomas, you're a legend <3

  • Lucky Strike
    Lucky Strike 23 hours ago

    Help people I tried twice and it dosen't get thick I have no idea why

  • Melbnolan
    Melbnolan 23 hours ago

    I’m from LA and remember this cake.

  • TheBlinked1
    TheBlinked1 Day ago

    _"It's an extra-long tip."_ That's what she said!!!😀

  • Kelley Spartiatis

    I use the Maldon flakes. It's fab to finish off salted caramel.

  • Shawna Spadafore

    I love Thomas Joseph! He makes the best mashed potatoes I made these for my family to take to grandmas for a few years and they love it and ask me to make them every year

  • marie53138
    marie53138 Day ago

    Looks good! But you needed to add more chicken broth because the texture looks to dry!😂 it sounded like you were eating extra crispy cheetos crunchy lol 😝

  • Dominique Crespo


  • sarah michelle

    Can you use cornflour instead of potato startch

  • Tonja Hannon
    Tonja Hannon Day ago

    I just want to thank you for giving your "Dense" version, the Traditional version. Love it and will be making it real soon.

  • Roxana Matos
    Roxana Matos Day ago

    Plz. Write the recipe. Thanks !!!😃

  • Knapweed
    Knapweed Day ago

    I made everything according to the recipe but took out 2/3 of the solids at the end of cooking, blended the remainder and added the solids back with a dollop of Vegan Mayo on the top. It tasted wonderful.

  • thinkitythings

    Don’t press the grounds??? But I make mine in a coffee press 😨

  • Slider drago
    Slider drago Day ago

    Why do people make recipes of reheating food!!!!!! Wtf

  • Dawn Mcleod
    Dawn Mcleod Day ago

    Yum! donuts🍩 🍩donuts👌❤

  • LJ Garrison
    LJ Garrison Day ago

    I love the hair, and the cooking tips. I'll be making them myself soon!

  • judy slen
    judy slen Day ago

    I chop my own garlic because I want it to be unprocessed!..AND it tastes MUCH better

  • Joel Perez
    Joel Perez Day ago

    I watched your video yesterday afternoon and did it exactly as you said and I have to say my son and I ate that entire chicken!!! Nothing special at all but the flavor was amazing! The breast was JUST as you said, juicy. Usually mine is very dry. Thank you SO much. I WILL be cooking this again. Hello from Tulsa, OK * BOOMER SOONER BOI*

  • Rachid El Habbari

    the only reason all that work is the eggs are farm fresh.

  • king andrew polo

    Same as woodwishes

  • dgmoocher D r
    dgmoocher D r Day ago

    But you only did a truffle recipe? Not the other two?

  • dgmoocher D r
    dgmoocher D r Day ago

    Are you mixing weights and liquid measurements? If I weigh the cream and the chocolate....?

  • Rob Remlap
    Rob Remlap Day ago

    Can apple sauce be used instead of the oil?

  • HLW
    HLW Day ago

    your good at making burgers

  • Tmb Brand
    Tmb Brand Day ago

    Do yourself a huge favor, and roll this out on floured parchment paper. It WILL stick to your counter, no matter how much flour you use. It is not as easy as it looks in this video

  • Ihsan Deeb
    Ihsan Deeb Day ago

    Hey Thomas, I'm having a major kitchen conundrum! I want to make sweet cream ice cream just like cold stone creamery, I don't want to use eggs and don't want to cook it, another thing, if I use corn syrup for the ice cream, do you need cornstarch? Cornstarch is only for cooking in with the ice cream base right? Thanks for any help you can provide me with.

  • HORIZONT Beskrajne Inovacije

    they are not the same as on the intro...you made them too orbicular...it looks like dounut... not nice :(

  • Lily Stonne
    Lily Stonne Day ago

    It looks yummy but I am not sure about eating raw eggs.

  • Saoirse Flynn
    Saoirse Flynn Day ago

    Sorry to say this but I really dislike this video (editing lighting sound music) and I’ve been a total lover of this channel for years.

  • Irene Fernandez

    Very nice. Thank you for sharing

  • Heiress_Aries
    Heiress_Aries Day ago

    How much brown sugar do i substitute for a chewy fudgey brownie? Would it be the same amount as white sugar? Additionally, does reducing the sugar affect the overall results?

  • Despina Kambanis

    These look amazing - what do you do with the oil when you are finished. Do you throw it out or drain and store it. How long can you store it?

  • Row Deo
    Row Deo Day ago

    This is a nice simple cake that I would eat because it is not over the top with icing and sweetness. Another favorite is hot milk cake.

  • Row Deo
    Row Deo Day ago

    I hate the camera in the video and the desserts Molly makes are beautiful. I would not eat them because they are too sweet for my taste. I never liked icing except for a little cream cheese and or whipped cream.

  • mario condello

    OMG , you're friends with Martha. Have you met Snoop ?

  • Sojourner Shrink

    Thank you! 💞 I did cheat and use my food processor. Lovely recipe. Adore the two-step cooking, crispy exterior:) Truly gormet, sure to impress.

  • WarriorAngels1

    Now, not only do i want to eat something chocolatey , i want to watch '' 7 days " ... ҉

  • jo bond
    jo bond Day ago

    Hi there what's with the pencil

  • Daniel Dumas
    Daniel Dumas Day ago

    One word.......CORNSTARCH ! Now try again.

  • Row Deo
    Row Deo Day ago

    I really like this chef! He is so good at communicating!

  • Paul Villamor
    Paul Villamor Day ago

    Self love and self acceptance

  • Row Deo
    Row Deo Day ago

    I do not like coffee anything except coffee to drink so I would make this with another ingredient and without that candy sponge which is too sweet. I too think the camera work is too distracting.

  • Bina Patel
    Bina Patel Day ago

    Fantastic Recipe heavenly Flaky Layer’s yumeeeeee!!!!

  • SunoftheCakes
    SunoftheCakes Day ago

    Does anyone know what happened to Sarah Carey? I know she's been working for Martha for, like, 20 years or something. What's going on with this channel? she was one of the most beloved presenters for so many years - why do you think this format is better despite all the negative feedback you're getting? if it's because the videos aren't doing very well - I can say you're obviously not the only channel suffering from this - it's the wonky RU-clip algorithm. The content was awesome - look at CupcakeJemma for example - she's not trendy, just informative, nice and cool person and her channel is doing fine. You just need to learn RU-clip's intricacies. Suddenly removing one of your best presenters is not the solution for that - and definitely not what the viewers want.

  • keale s
    keale s Day ago

    Why was there a lot of liquid in my potatoes after cooking? Does the milk curdle?

  • keale s
    keale s Day ago

    My dish had a lot of water after cooking, and the milk Looks like it curdled. Any suggestions? It tasted good though!😂

  • Förzen Beelay

    Soft and chewy cookies are the best

  • richardsellars
    richardsellars 2 days ago

    Who has that amount of time to cook,it would be a long wait in a restaurant and what is urbs?

  • Day One Daddy
    Day One Daddy 2 days ago

    Kinda made you skipped over the sizes and names of the pans I actually wanted to get.

  • Maria Da Silva
    Maria Da Silva 2 days ago


  • Maria Da Silva
    Maria Da Silva 2 days ago

    Muy riquísima🍓😋

  • oluchi maduike
    oluchi maduike 2 days ago

    Beautiful Chef,is it Irish or sweet potato,thanks.

  • Mike Ali
    Mike Ali 2 days ago

    would you happen to know how chicago deep dish pizza crust is made?it is buttery,flaky and biscuit like taste.thanks.

  • S. Khan
    S. Khan 2 days ago

    Can I take oil instead of butter?

  • kristyn noah
    kristyn noah 2 days ago

    Why did he divide the coffee grounds in half and add it separately?? 😂 like pour the whole thing in, add all the water in it to begin with. 🙄 why is there no pinky up emoji???

  • Deborah Williams-Rowley

    It all looks very good the only thing I would change is the creamed spinach love spinach but not creamed

  • Smit Mehta
    Smit Mehta 2 days ago

    Kudos man ! First of all that was a fantastically and professionally done cooking tutorial in all the aspects. So, underrated rn. Plus I'm a Pure Strict Vegetarian, so mushroom is kind of an exciting thing to try but I didn't have the chance to taste it in any form until recently, but boy after one take at it, it instantly became my go-to dish ! And I feel that that's the case with lot of us vegetarians out there. So keep on making these videos and hope you get the credit you deserve. Definitely gonna try your recipe soon 😋😁✌

  • Dan Lewis
    Dan Lewis 2 days ago

    All I need now is fried chicken and gravey. Can't wait to try these.

  • Mr.PeanutButter
    Mr.PeanutButter 2 days ago

    if you're going to make a video tutorial for something as simple as grilled cheese at least you can try not to burn it...

  • Queen Brooksie
    Queen Brooksie 2 days ago

    I think the recipe is a good one, but I am not sure. With the zooming in and out, slowing down and normal speed and loud music I am feeling a bit motion sick, so I now have zero interest in eating anything at all.

  • MuyGrande Heart
    MuyGrande Heart 2 days ago

    I am a Chinese and I travel in Peru this year. The soup there is amazing, especially the one I had in in a small vendor in Cusco , I like the rice and chopped celery in it.

  • mbandha
    mbandha 2 days ago

    I didn't realize buttermilk biscuits were what was missing from my life!

  • Sheersha Karmakar
    Sheersha Karmakar 2 days ago

    Yum yum!!!

  • Margarita Martinez
    Margarita Martinez 2 days ago

    ¡Qué delicioso! :-) Gracias por la receta, saludos.

  • Sandhya Kesanpalli
    Sandhya Kesanpalli 2 days ago

    Hi can i use wheat flour instead of all porpose flour

  • Helen Boula
    Helen Boula 2 days ago

    I love this and I can do it and I'm going to thank you so much lights camera action.

  • LeAny
    LeAny 2 days ago

    I love Coffee, and this recipe is win-win 😊😊

  • Andrea D
    Andrea D 2 days ago

    Omg this video is sooooo annoying

  • Tsaiyana Smith
    Tsaiyana Smith 2 days ago

    I own a french press and have had one for years.

  • Klebsiella33
    Klebsiella33 2 days ago

    Not at all a fan of this "Hey look! We're hip like Tasty!" video formatting. I come here for fun but still professional content, not Internet sensationalist lounge music and slow-mo-filled cooking videos.

  • Maria Da Silva
    Maria Da Silva 2 days ago

    Me gustó mucho muy deliciosa

  • Meeloy Blogs
    Meeloy Blogs 2 days ago

    It’s like a newbie straight out of film school was like “hey let’s try filming like this! I did it like this for my senior project in high school!”

  • Meeloy Blogs
    Meeloy Blogs 2 days ago

    You bring more attention to the kitchenaid logo by covering it with tape lol.

  • Barb
    Barb 2 days ago

    The cake looks delish can't wait to try it . Why is everyone so negative this is just something different thanks for the video

  • Francis Gerry
    Francis Gerry 2 days ago

    PLEASE omit the music!!! It drowns out your voice, for me the hard candy on top will spoil the soft and creamy texture of the cake, maybe some berries instead.

  • darkmoonlady2002
    darkmoonlady2002 2 days ago

    The frosting got over whipped it's all grainy..

  • Polizz1000
    Polizz1000 2 days ago

    Whats the difference between a biscuit and a scone?

    • Craigx71
      Craigx71 Day ago

      American and British culture, thats all.

  • Peter
    Peter 2 days ago

    Don’t waste your time on this video, use the Gordon Ramsey method

  • Elle Groover
    Elle Groover 2 days ago

    Do you have other videos about making different kinds of pizza crust... like Neapolitan or Stromboli or calzone or New York style etc? And everything we need to know about using a pizza stone or seasoned iron pan and the peel. Basically everything involved with making pizza at home THE VERY BEST!!! Thank you 🙏 so much!! Oh ye and egg washed Stromboli bread too!!