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Never Doing This Again.
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My Pink VAULT Closet Tour
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  • Ellie Stevens
    Ellie Stevens 52 seconds ago

    Who else lives in Michigan 😊

  • shibaairlines
    shibaairlines Minute ago

    my mom uses that mascara lmao

  • Nicole Fernandez
    Nicole Fernandez Minute ago

    The sad thing about this entire drama (Jefree's side I mean) is that even though he went and made this video for whatever reason (apology, explanation, justification, clarification, etc), it doesn't matter. Not trying to throw shade here, just speaking facts. It doesn't matter what he says anymore because it's too late. He already fucked up royally, inserted himself, yet again, in drama that did not involve him personally, said awful things, was not professional and overall made himself look like the person everyone thought he was already. His apology to James and everyone is appreciated, (cuz at least we know he cares about what we think and how we feel towards him at the very least), but It personally made me feel nothing for him, not even sympathy. He admitted to his mistake (ok), did not pretend he didn't do it (ok) and said that he will no longer be that person, and will not do it again. (ok Cool). But it's too late!! Seriously! His words have no meaning or value in this video, because he already didn't hold back, and rationalized like a grown-up. He said he felt like the old Jeffree, sooo you're telling me you went back to your childish ways?? You're what, 33? and forgot everything you learned, and the oh so claimed "New You" "Personal Growth"? didn't show just did not show. Just like he pointed out, he took a shit ton of steps back from a ten-year walk. Even if everything he said was true to the core, and he officially proves to have changed and be a better person, in this year, it will not mean anything. A few years need to pass for him to prove himself again in my opinion. It was genuinely disappointing. I had been watching him for a while and had learned to like him and enjoy his personality and videos, but now I feel like he lost some of my respect. He might or might no care. Why would he? I'm just one of the millions of fans he has. But that's irrelevant. Point is, Thanks for the Vid Mr. Star! But your words are empty and are way overdue. Waayy too late, you can't change the past. Go work on your future, and REALLY stick to your beliefs, you were doing decent till now. I hope we can all see actual change and more growth. Good Luck, cuz tbh, for a minute, I had started to believe that all that shit people said about you being awful, was real.

  • voice of treason
    voice of treason 2 minutes ago

    Really planet earth? this is what people watch? what is the pink creature meant to be? why?why?why?

  • Gaysexual B
    Gaysexual B 3 minutes ago

    I’m getting big World Burn vibes 😳💕 (where are my Mean Girls the Musicals fans at????)

  • Arryck cos we stan
    Arryck cos we stan 5 minutes ago

    Watching this makes me want to be jefrees friend, "Hello! Jefree I want to make friendship with you ☺️😊❤️"

  • Hallie Ashley
    Hallie Ashley 5 minutes ago

    Him ranting about Kylie’s Skin care stuff is the best thing ever

  • Brittany Gail-Regula
    Brittany Gail-Regula 6 minutes ago

    I love you jeffreree, but the word is "trickle" not "trinkel"

  • Samie C
    Samie C 7 minutes ago

    You know who I'd love to see Jeffree collab with? John McClean. Their energies are very similar yet different. It'd just be great.

  • Jacqueline Tran
    Jacqueline Tran 9 minutes ago

    Gosh I didn't want to like this brand because it is just tood coutore and I didn't want to pay mostly for the name. At first the foundation looks a bit dark on you but of course you know how to pull everything together, and I'm in love with all the colors you use! Well done jeffreestar - nothin free about you!

  • Izzy Cruz
    Izzy Cruz 10 minutes ago

    i did everything for the giveaway ❤️❤️

  • Lilly Lewis
    Lilly Lewis 10 minutes ago

    👀 trolling!

  • Mandii P
    Mandii P 12 minutes ago

    I wanttttt ittttt!!!! Omggg!!!!

  • Karen Nevins
    Karen Nevins 12 minutes ago

    Thank you sooo much Jeffree your sooo creative love u KAREN LB NY

  • Ana Fdez
    Ana Fdez 13 minutes ago

    Wow shane's come so far :')

  • Amy Uribe
    Amy Uribe 14 minutes ago

    I still don't know why he got kicked out

  • Mark Person
    Mark Person 15 minutes ago

    Jeffree Star: uses the actual crayloa makeup Me: uses markers from them and pretends that it’s crayloa

  • Michele Stonerock
    Michele Stonerock 15 minutes ago

    I know I know... im late to the game, but I trust your opinions so..... im going back in time to chill and learn from you.🤪👽👾

  • Paula Anthony
    Paula Anthony 15 minutes ago

    Jeffrey is a visco now

  • greenhouse7315
    greenhouse7315 16 minutes ago

    I would stab myself in the face with my own shears to get a chance to groom your dogs. 5 poms in 1 day!? dream client!

  • Teiza Baby
    Teiza Baby 18 minutes ago

    The Girl he took a picture with literally ran back to her car and was so excited

  • Nancy Massi
    Nancy Massi 19 minutes ago

    The concealer part starting at 5:59 deaded me

  • Annaclaire Looney
    Annaclaire Looney 21 minute ago

    When jefree pulled out the mirror pan I was like I have the same setting powder as Jeffrey Star I literally screamed

  • Rose City Vapesters
    Rose City Vapesters 21 minute ago

    Love watching "old" Jeffree videos 💗 Still just as sassy, just as raw n real bitch ❣ Watching his rise from MySpace Queen to the luxury af Cosmetics Conqueror / Connoisseur he is today is super satisfying. And I know this isn't the last stop on his ride to the top. Jeffree's gonna keep wow-ing us until the end of time 😉🥰

  • Alisha Bledsoe
    Alisha Bledsoe 21 minute ago

    Where did you go to high school

  • Luca Hartig
    Luca Hartig 22 minutes ago


  • Jasmine Hota
    Jasmine Hota 22 minutes ago

    2:56 lol 😂

  • Dylan Mcbeath
    Dylan Mcbeath 22 minutes ago

    Who was looking for bad comments 😂😂😂😂😂

  • XGachaVeronicaX Lavoie
    XGachaVeronicaX Lavoie 22 minutes ago

    THats why I live in Canada no hospital bills

  • lxmon_vxbes
    lxmon_vxbes 23 minutes ago

    well jeffree im still I kid

  • The Asian Potato
    The Asian Potato 29 minutes ago

    Shane having a allergic reaction for 33 minutes and 11 seconds

  • Daisy Morales
    Daisy Morales 30 minutes ago

    But like he can pull that look off🤪

  • Claudine Mira
    Claudine Mira 31 minute ago

    I wanna see the footage And SCREAM

  • Valentina Espinoza
    Valentina Espinoza 34 minutes ago

    Grayson: this is dai... Ethan: wait I got to say that, this is dairy free 😂😂

  • Anhel Ita
    Anhel Ita 35 minutes ago

    That looks just too good 😢😭🤤🤤

  • Lana Astol
    Lana Astol 36 minutes ago

    All of y’all commenting that you still use your fingers like, are you serious? I’m on freakin food stamps and even I have a foundation brush lmao

  • Ashley Marcin
    Ashley Marcin 37 minutes ago

    Jeffree! You’re gorgeous 😍 I think this is my favorite eye look ever!

  • amyykat
    amyykat 37 minutes ago

    Jeffree makes this look effortless, the way he applies make up is hypnotic

  • Carmen12456789
    Carmen12456789 39 minutes ago

    Jefree my friend said your palettes suck but I said fuck offf bich

  • Nicole Lopez-Villegas
    Nicole Lopez-Villegas 39 minutes ago

    When this video first started I thought this was Nate so when he said Zach I was like WAIT what happened to Nate!?!! I was crushed

  • Leanne Stringer
    Leanne Stringer 41 minute ago

    You have the best videos and makeup

  • Yung Cooky
    Yung Cooky 41 minute ago

    haha in Britain it’s TK MAXX

  • Gwin & Tonic
    Gwin & Tonic 42 minutes ago

    The chemistry between these two makes my soul fizz ♡

  • Haley Burton
    Haley Burton 45 minutes ago

    Kathy griffin interrupts Jeffree star for 30 minutes

  • Bailscar18
    Bailscar18 45 minutes ago

    That look is gorgeous on you! your eyes 😻

  • Ana Dove
    Ana Dove 46 minutes ago

    omg I wish I could afford all of your line of makeup !!!!!

  • TheKittyTwins :3
    TheKittyTwins :3 46 minutes ago

    He sees starburst I see McDonald’s

  • BottleofDreams
    BottleofDreams 47 minutes ago

    Gosh I loved the pink hair on him<3

  • Moonchild
    Moonchild 49 minutes ago

    I had to come back to this video because I finally got a hold of this primer even though it was almost sold out

  • ChamPal3
    ChamPal3 49 minutes ago

    I love that outfit Jeffree. Yu can jus give it to me. Yu probably won't wear again. Lol

  • Paulski Balauski
    Paulski Balauski 52 minutes ago

    Guys u better wear your cute seatbelts

  • CrazyBigRed254
    CrazyBigRed254 55 minutes ago

    Jeffree: pulls up to burger king in a lamborgini Also jeffree: yes free wifi

  • roblox fan
    roblox fan 57 minutes ago

    wheres hi how are ya

  • Valentina Espinoza
    Valentina Espinoza 59 minutes ago

    Even not in Dolan Twins channel we are reminded that they are dairy free 😂

  • lily mccole
    lily mccole 59 minutes ago

    that bitch at the end is so annoying "can i take a picture with u guys? im sorry i dont wanna intrupt u guys im sOrRyYy" then BITCH dont intrupt😂

  • It's ya girl arianna

    Jeffree looks so dang fierce omg

  • WOLFIE Coaxe
    WOLFIE Coaxe Hour ago

    Jeffree: sees 5 dollars worth of makeup WHAT HOW......... sees 500 dollars worth of make up "ah much better"

  • Hailey Fuentes
    Hailey Fuentes Hour ago

    *jeffree wants bigger lips* Me looking at his swollen lips: damn bitch they look GOOD

  • Hannah Messenger

    Sorry but where the heck is your eyes trixie?! You look amazing though

  • Andrea V
    Andrea V Hour ago

    “I could use another workout.” *dies.*

  • Silvia Hernandez

    That tattoo artist its really gooood man

  • Astrid Garvin
    Astrid Garvin Hour ago

    Hey!! Can u review flower beauty?! Its drew barrymore's cosmetic line. Im a huge Drew fan but id love to know If her line is jeffree star approved! Yes i know im late with my comments but im binge watching jeffree star today.

  • Keepthejams
    Keepthejams Hour ago

    Why should it matter if the founder is latina? That doesn't excuse anything 🙄 (I know late comment on irrelevant drama. Was just rewatching)

  • Rihanna Ri
    Rihanna Ri Hour ago

    14:21 was so funny love you jeffre all much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • wildrose39
    wildrose39 Hour ago

    You are everything Jeffree, NEVER forget that! 😊💕

  • Sherry Alexander

    I love you and I'm a 59 year old grandma you inspire me Jeffrey I love!!

  • Valentina Vaca Alcantar

    I love when you said hi how are you

  • Astrid Garvin
    Astrid Garvin Hour ago

    Oh yea and nate's Hey Arnold shirt took me way back to my child hood. Nice

  • Astrid Garvin
    Astrid Garvin Hour ago

    Omg the fairy bomb is soooo pretty in the sun i like it better than the body lava.. Im late i know

  • jyinger83
    jyinger83 Hour ago

    Lipstick still beautiful!!!

  • maria445 martini


  • Laurie Fischer
    Laurie Fischer Hour ago

    Seriously he didn't do that bad I've seen beginners do much worse.

  • Oumou Diop
    Oumou Diop Hour ago

    A family that sets together stays together

  • Stephanie Smead
    Stephanie Smead Hour ago

    Not great, no thanks!

  • HijadeÁrbol
    HijadeÁrbol Hour ago

    When you completely mess up, completely remove

  • 2K FILMS
    2K FILMS Hour ago

    U Scare me Please stop showing up in my recommended

  • Busy Bee ASMR
    Busy Bee ASMR Hour ago

    I like everything what he is doing, because he don't care what other people say and he is how he like to be.. And live his own life in his style!! Many people are afraid to be how they like to be as they are afraid what others will say!! THIS IS THE LIFE.. TO DO WHAT YOU LIKE... NOT WHAT OTHERS WANT FOR YOU.. SO BE YOU!!

  • bOLNHd
    bOLNHd Hour ago

    2:36 me

  • Kellie Bandaruk
    Kellie Bandaruk Hour ago

    I’m sorry what I’d that top I’m very confused

  • Busy Bee ASMR
    Busy Bee ASMR Hour ago

    Wow! Jeffrey is a make-up artist.. He is better that many, many girls in make-up!! He is very passionate of makeup!!

  • Sherry Alexander

    I love you guys so happy for you ❤️

  • kristin carigon
    kristin carigon Hour ago

    That just threw me for a loop i live rite next to that dollar store

  • Jennifer Grim
    Jennifer Grim Hour ago

    Watching this video again and I totally forgot he ate some glitter XD lol

  • Yeet It's Chloe
    Yeet It's Chloe Hour ago

    when he said "gabbie show" I said "🤭 she rebranded" I'm with the hanjob squad who else

  • cherrysodá
    cherrysodá Hour ago

    Anyone else anoyed when Jeffree picks up the Red Bull an then puts it down without even taking one sip.

  • HeyImSquanchin
    HeyImSquanchin Hour ago

    Happy birthday...... I happen to be watching this video, and I see that its literally... The fucking day.... coincidence?

  • Busy Bee ASMR
    Busy Bee ASMR Hour ago

    Wow.. I love Taco Bell.. One of my favourite!! Who like Taco Bell like and Comment!! 👇👇👇👇🔔

  • zae love
    zae love Hour ago

    He definitely was a lil lit towards the end

  • Liskicj 93
    Liskicj 93 Hour ago

    Nate: You been rubbing up on somebody else? Jeffree: Your dick 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Jessica Revelo
    Jessica Revelo Hour ago

    Like he said he was going to pull text messages, voice memos, etc aka pulling out receipts too so there is more we dont know about but Jeffree wont make this worse so we cant judge him he is just trying to be a better person and not continue this madness. He did apologized and admitted he shouldnt have posted those tweets etc

  • Maddyson Hunter
    Maddyson Hunter Hour ago


  • axel andreas
    axel andreas Hour ago

    Can you do a updated version of this ? 😍😍😍😍

  • Ruby from KARMA
    Ruby from KARMA Hour ago

    1:44 jeffree giving zero fucks about the vsco girls Turtles

  • Samantha Hash
    Samantha Hash Hour ago

    Is it weird that Jeffrey makes brushes and does not use them

  • Sophia Staudt
    Sophia Staudt Hour ago

    shane made me a fan of yours. i’m ordering your merch soon and DEFINITELY some make up!!

  • Mat Manz
    Mat Manz Hour ago

    ohh so exited

  • Regan Black
    Regan Black Hour ago

    In all honesty stealing from Jeffree seems like suicide. Those people must have a friggin death wish.

  • Fun Tastic
    Fun Tastic Hour ago

    I that u got all of that but I felt so bad for his boyfriend why didn’t u get like get a lot of the same things I felt so bad

  • EmilyBowenOfficial

    Jefree and fenty collab would be my dream collab... it would be iconic and just simply stunning xx

  • Sandra Thompson
    Sandra Thompson Hour ago

    I'm only here because of Shane Dawson.