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I bleached my hair
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How to Crash a Wedding
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I graduated from high school
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Oops I'm in New York
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I went to prom
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Study with me ft. Senioritis
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Let's talk about school
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WeLcOMe tO mY wORkoUT rOutiNE
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Meanwhile, in Canada
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Dear Mom, give me a dog
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It is exam season.
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The History of John Cena
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I painted the Mona Lisa
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Brad Mondo, this is for you
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Playing A Horror Game
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URGENT: Hair Tutorial
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A very productive weekend
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I DIY'd my own wedding dress
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A Jojo Siwa makeover
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  • Boy Wonder
    Boy Wonder 3 hours ago

    You're special lol

  • will the wise aldc
    will the wise aldc 3 hours ago

    john cena- 100 is high for my standards john cena 1 year later- .... i have 2.95 million subscribers

  • ketsia
    ketsia 3 hours ago

    Does anyone know where the lil mic is from ?

  • Hermia
    Hermia 3 hours ago

    Get ready. Ant diseases will come for you so make those cookies.

  • Dayanara Guerrero
    Dayanara Guerrero 3 hours ago

    Hi joana I love your vids❤

  • a yAoi addictEd bItch :D

    i bought the box thingy like a month ago and it said it was coming in a 1 or 2 and i never got it :l

  • Alisi Me
    Alisi Me 3 hours ago

    I like how in subtitles say “prepare yourself for ear rape.”

  • яιяι gєσяgєѕ

    ι ωαѕ υρ ℓαѕт иιgнт ωαт¢нιиg вє νι∂єσѕ αи∂ тнιѕ σиє ιѕ яℓℓу fυииу

  • Angel loftis
    Angel loftis 3 hours ago

    Time to go live in Canada so I can stop stressing

  • Pascal Larivee
    Pascal Larivee 3 hours ago

    she is a mix of Jenna M. and iDubzzz. very cool

  • Pandora Games
    Pandora Games 3 hours ago

    I mentally cried as she tore up the painting x')

  • bicycle gang
    bicycle gang 3 hours ago

    joannnaaaa that was like the best painting you have done so faaarrrrr

  • a b d i
    a b d i 4 hours ago

    what happened from 0:44 to 1:15 i legit lost 68% of my brain cells just listening to it

  • Becca Organek
    Becca Organek 4 hours ago

    Anyone here on September 20th?

  • MissGourmandefr
    MissGourmandefr 4 hours ago

    Numbers were in French until Quatro suddenly appeared

  • Haleigh George
    Haleigh George 4 hours ago

    6:35 she looks like eleven (stranger things)

  • Brenda Najar
    Brenda Najar 4 hours ago

    Your musical suggestions are 🔥

  • Billy Billy
    Billy Billy 4 hours ago

    I like dis vid

  • Paulo Kottke
    Paulo Kottke 4 hours ago

    I find it truly wonderful how you make living here look incredible. I personally want to leave Brazil ASAP

  • Elyse Moran
    Elyse Moran 4 hours ago

    “when they....... walk out of my..... va-jay-jay” - john cena 2019

  • The Craftsman
    The Craftsman 4 hours ago

    dislike because of you talking shit about tea

  • Fluffy The Hamster :3

    Please tell me... where did you get those crocks? I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE

  • Isabella Platt
    Isabella Platt 4 hours ago

    Litterly Love u, im supposed to be finishing an essay, due tomorrow 5 pages and i have 2 paragraphs but i had to watch this vid lol. Great content

  • Khaled Awad
    Khaled Awad 4 hours ago

    When you saw “art is more like a hobby to me” then I see the thumb nail “ HOW THE FRICK DOES SHE SAY “ART IS MORE LIKE A HOBBY” WHEN YOU DRAW 10 TIMES BETTER THEN ME

  • Brenda Najar
    Brenda Najar 4 hours ago

    You're parents are so adorable!!!!!

  • • Creme Floof•
    • Creme Floof• 4 hours ago

    Joana. You’re desc as well as your Video is fabulous

  • epic :
    epic : 4 hours ago

    *MY SMALL BOOBS I LOVE MY SMALL BOOBS THEYR SO EASY* me: i-i my back hurts from binding

  • Danny G
    Danny G 4 hours ago

    I'm A 11 Year Boy...

  • Sunflower Girl
    Sunflower Girl 4 hours ago

    Your so crazy your the only person in my watch history

  • Aleena I
    Aleena I 4 hours ago

    Oh god.... there is a waxing ad on this vid

  • Lucy Woodhouse
    Lucy Woodhouse 4 hours ago

    How did you get sick? No one: Absolutely nobody: Not a single soul: Joana: *tHe BeEs*

  • Izzy GS
    Izzy GS 4 hours ago

    patato bug: *exists* Joanna: TIME TO QUARANTINE

  • Ihasan epicwiener
    Ihasan epicwiener 5 hours ago

    I peed myself

  • Ana Nguyen
    Ana Nguyen 5 hours ago

    When you randomly wake up at 4:30 AM and think *I wonder what someone is doing right now*

  • llunarskyy
    llunarskyy 5 hours ago

    The fact that you framed your Kumon certificate disgusts me

  • Ana Nguyen
    Ana Nguyen 5 hours ago

    Plot twist: She made a second account and subscribed to this one with that account

  • J D
    J D 5 hours ago

    What is your philosophy of what it is to be human (cogito ergo sum ;))? Also, how do you feel about the impacts of gravity on the universe as a whole?

  • vbat animal jam
    vbat animal jam 5 hours ago

    Sorry to tell this to you but most wedding gowns are 1,000's of dollars XD

  • Hibiscus why
    Hibiscus why 5 hours ago

    Why am i willingly watching this for the 4th time?

  • Youmna El Idrissi
    Youmna El Idrissi 5 hours ago

    u look more serious without glasses

  • Shea Exists
    Shea Exists 5 hours ago

    You should do a Livestream where you just do homework And then if you need a calculator answer, just ask us and we'll spam it in the chat

  • Tom_ Amaral
    Tom_ Amaral 5 hours ago

    i love the and...amazing tricks

  • I’m crushing a lot

    Tickle my pickle 😂

  • Tessa Byers
    Tessa Byers 5 hours ago

    My first day of school was on August 15th😂

  • ・iimxngo ・
    ・iimxngo ・ 5 hours ago


  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson 5 hours ago

    Oh boi, this attitude will change in the last year of your course :D Love your personality though

  • Ciara Mcgee
    Ciara Mcgee 5 hours ago

    SpiCy, toodles ❤️

  • spuspu Absher
    spuspu Absher 5 hours ago

    8:00 *teach me you're ways*

  • Taylor Grace
    Taylor Grace 5 hours ago

    JEMONY CNICKET Girl I love your descriptions so much ❤️

  • Chloe Stolly
    Chloe Stolly 5 hours ago

    I think everyone forgot about the Area 51 raid, I mean it was supposed to be today and it slipped our minds

  • Rose Tay:3
    Rose Tay:3 5 hours ago

    At the thumbnail I thought it was cotton candy lmao😂😂😂

  • Rose Tay:3
    Rose Tay:3 5 hours ago

    This video made me fell better after what my stupid sister did

  • The Magnificent WICKED

    Joana in the description: Yellow is DISGUSTING. Joana in profile picture: *wears* *yellow*

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni 6 hours ago

    deals with school and youtube, avacodos😂, etc. this fandom is so chill and mature I love it

  • Idontwannabeyouanymore

    I'm in trouble Oh ok

  • Йоана Христова

    Are you Bulgarian? ._.

  • Tatianna Haynes
    Tatianna Haynes 6 hours ago

    4:35 sent me when she shot the nerf gun. Also who comes back to re watch her old videos

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 hours ago

    Physics ??? YEHHHHHHH.... Rocket science is just behind a corner...

  • The little Wolfgirl
    The little Wolfgirl 6 hours ago

    you're scared of a cheep? its fine

  • Aahana Mohanty
    Aahana Mohanty 6 hours ago

    *I’m returning to my hometown*

  • Tessa Byers
    Tessa Byers 6 hours ago

    Nice sticker on your refrigerator 😆

  • The little Wolfgirl
    The little Wolfgirl 6 hours ago

    im scared of the mincerafts monsetrs joana you're not alone in this if i see i creeper im saying aww man dunno why don't ask =-0

  • The little Wolfgirl
    The little Wolfgirl 6 hours ago

    when you said creeper my first tought was awww man :p more minecraft? you can play on computer if you have one as well :p

  • Kpop Ruined My lifeu

    I just realized holly shit you are tall!

  • Lily Lyden
    Lily Lyden 6 hours ago

    I’m in the English Year 9, or grade 8 (I think). If Joana is doing baby chemistry, then what in the world am I doing?! 😂

  • dontcallmelizzy
    dontcallmelizzy 6 hours ago

    <3 we love avocados <3

  • ThatAwkward Vampire
    ThatAwkward Vampire 6 hours ago

    Is.. is she just.. eating a mushroom straight?

  • Sabrina Martinez
    Sabrina Martinez 6 hours ago

    Watches this on Sep 20th where they are posting Area 51 live videos

  • Jeannn Liao
    Jeannn Liao 6 hours ago


    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni 6 hours ago

      Hi dear John Cena! Me and my tribe love your channel. Thanks for making content

  • Miracle on way
    Miracle on way 6 hours ago

    I do like physcis

  • Steve McQueen
    Steve McQueen 6 hours ago


  • hiba karaghuli
    hiba karaghuli 6 hours ago

    Its amazing what people will do for views

  • Yoshi
    Yoshi 6 hours ago

    Johnny Carson get ready for 3 million!

  • Eren Datass
    Eren Datass 6 hours ago

    peter pan screams, be careful u guys

  • Wee Woo
    Wee Woo 6 hours ago

    Ela nasceu no Brasil AAA isso explica muita coisa kkkkk

  • Sarah Naiara
    Sarah Naiara 6 hours ago

    Hi i'm brazilian!

  • Sadie Jayne
    Sadie Jayne 6 hours ago

    I was drinking water and CHOKED! 😂😂 u r so funny and I'm always laughing. My parents sometimes tell me to be quiet, but I can't😂😂💛

  • Axinte Maria
    Axinte Maria 6 hours ago

    Am I the only person who actually laughed histhericlly in the last 2 min? I was on the floor dying !😂😂😂😂

  • Catalina Paredes
    Catalina Paredes 6 hours ago


  • Chris Thickest Lips
    Chris Thickest Lips 6 hours ago

    im still waiting for john’s avocado cookbook

  • Jennifer Rodriguez
    Jennifer Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    Nervous eating I get. Nervous pooping... I also understand 🤣

  • ziploxian
    ziploxian 6 hours ago

    For a Canadian, you really enjoy your "Freedom of Speech"

  • j a n a o3o
    j a n a o3o 7 hours ago

    Woah almost 3 million

  • K Louise
    K Louise 7 hours ago

    my brather likes both persy and herry

  • ITS NOT RAW ENOUGH it is cooked!!!!!

    I like avocados with mayonnaise or tuna.... .-.

  • Spades Is a potato
    Spades Is a potato 7 hours ago

    Nobody: Joana: OoPs I DiD iT aGaIn!!!

  • Pisco Pete
    Pisco Pete 7 hours ago

    Anyone else watch on or after sep. 20th

  • Häńńäh Łümłëÿ

    *im bald and beautiful*

  • RCA Tablet
    RCA Tablet 7 hours ago

    *Minion couture*

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    kerle 7 hours ago

    which part of Canada do you live in?

  • Ria .Baruiz
    Ria .Baruiz 7 hours ago

    I havent watched the last few seasons of walking dead yet and avoided spoilers online... but then I watch this and find out frikken Carl dies!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  • Wee Woo
    Wee Woo 7 hours ago

    Kkkkkkk eu pinte esse quadro para um trabalho da escola mano ficou em outro nível de desproporcionalidade (essa palavra existe?) Enfim Ficou muito bizarro e o seu ta ótimo, sério

  • Galaxywolf YT
    Galaxywolf YT 7 hours ago

    your father is strange, first garlic pizza and now this.......... he is a wizard

  • limors
    limors 7 hours ago

    6:19 is that a big chunk of butter? And is that your secret for success?

  • Cry Baby
    Cry Baby 7 hours ago

    Vc é brasileira?

  • Wee Woo
    Wee Woo 7 hours ago

    Kkkkk os livros de crepúsculo q eu li duas vezes em um período de um ano jjkkkkikk

  • Poscy
    Poscy 7 hours ago

    I had a feeling you were an avocado size queen...

  • RCA Tablet
    RCA Tablet 7 hours ago

    Joanna Ceddia > Emma-u-know-who

  • Miah Loves U
    Miah Loves U 7 hours ago

    *Johnny put the knife down.*

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    mercy adebiyi 7 hours ago

    Why do we have the exact same birthday 😲😲😲🥴 trippy