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  • Yeon na park
    Yeon na park Day ago

    Rose forever

  • Mixhellemochi
    Mixhellemochi 2 days ago

    Gena is beautiful and amazing❤️ we love Couples react! Hopefully things will work out and the channel goes active again❤️

  • chan Luna
    chan Luna 2 days ago

    lisa now😂

  • Graciela Cazenave
    Graciela Cazenave 2 days ago

    You didn’t put red velvet in the title

  • daniel jiménez
    daniel jiménez 2 days ago


  • Joeina Gomeyac
    Joeina Gomeyac 3 days ago

    I mean, samedt though. The first time I watched it I replayed it like, a hundred times. You can't grow tired of it!

  • Courtney VanderDussen

    you should check out #39 it's really funny.

  • Baby Sone
    Baby Sone 3 days ago

    SNSD Hoot,B.A.P Body&Soul 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ange Danielle Dany
    Ange Danielle Dany 3 days ago

    PLEASE react to BOYS STORY! It's a young group Chinese please 🙏😀

  • duc nguyen
    duc nguyen 4 days ago

    Reaction Breaking out Dreamcatcher please!!!

  • Abigael Pamintuan
    Abigael Pamintuan 4 days ago

    Miss this channel miss you guys Please react to IZ*ONE again😭❤

  • Фаиза Берова

    Yeji beautiful 😻😻😻😻😻🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • 陈舒妤
    陈舒妤 5 days ago

    where r u?

  • jean cute
    jean cute 5 days ago

    hello 😊 please react to Zboys-holla holla mv and zgirls- streets of gold mv comeback song...😊

  • Inanc Baysu
    Inanc Baysu 6 days ago

    Woman so pretty

  • toto 900
    toto 900 7 days ago

    Now Lisa 1🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 5k subscribers with little videos Justin

    Bro I loved ur channel then u too it down now u have a channel for this feels bad

  • Glydine Flores
    Glydine Flores 8 days ago

    Gogogogogogo Gfriend

  • Jane Nicole Amor
    Jane Nicole Amor 8 days ago

    Please please please react to SB19!! 😭🇵🇭 they are all Filipino boy group from philippines but they are From a Korean Entertainment which is ShowBT. Their songs written in Tagalog but they have this Kpop vibes😭🇵🇭♥️ Pleaaasseee React to their MV Go Up and Unhelpful Guide to Sb19 thank you i love u so much!!

  • Myrh Raquel
    Myrh Raquel 9 days ago

    Kun in the thumbnail yow

  • Abigael Pamintuan
    Abigael Pamintuan 9 days ago

    I miss your channel and reaction videoss. When you will guys comeback and react again to izone?😭❤

  • Lily Evelina
    Lily Evelina 12 days ago

    I love when Ali says "Oh that's cute!" It makes the video even cuter 😇 lol

  • Sumidus Twinnys
    Sumidus Twinnys 15 days ago

    love them miss them

  • Sumidus Twinnys
    Sumidus Twinnys 15 days ago

    yeh 2ne1 and bigbang are the kings and queens of live performances and vocals.theyr different from others theyre the trendsetters of badass swag and crazy dope

  • ___nekkoya 050603
    ___nekkoya 050603 16 days ago

    where's produce 101 s1 bang bang?

  • Hazel Lebron
    Hazel Lebron 16 days ago

    i like your coment if you like mine

  • Hazel Lebron
    Hazel Lebron 16 days ago

    like piz

  • Hazel Lebron
    Hazel Lebron 16 days ago

    yup army bts stanfor bang tayn boys

  • Hazel Lebron
    Hazel Lebron 16 days ago

    army !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ike Ningsih
    Ike Ningsih 17 days ago


  • Keshar Sharma
    Keshar Sharma 18 days ago

    React to michaeng the love ur reactions....

  • Hayley manoban yongsun

    man u have no clue what ur viewing

  • Okki Mokki
    Okki Mokki 21 day ago

    Um, I was here when you reacted to bhad bhabie and she wasnt even famous then. I was here for the door. Wtf are you doing now ali?😶😶

  • Muhammad Haikal
    Muhammad Haikal 21 day ago

    Thank you for your reaction 👍👍👍

  • oliverjunior
    oliverjunior 22 days ago

    i think park bom naver do audition with SM. she only do audition with YG

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 22 days ago

    I remember Jimin fainted as soon as his & Taemin's performance was over and how He was mid walking down the stair and he and Taemin were talking and smiling. But then suddenly, he fell to his knees and then the rest of his body collapses. Taemin was still smiling until he felt jimin's knees buckle and then immediately tries to grab him, But he misses and jimin falls to the floor. (it was a fan cam of 2015 performance.)

  • NiNix suzen
    NiNix suzen 23 days ago

    Yes, TaeKook real true love,, I am girl, but why am I so happy to see Taekook together,,

  • Jhazzyy Gnyn
    Jhazzyy Gnyn 23 days ago

    Kim Minju slayn As Always.

  • Jhazzyy Gnyn
    Jhazzyy Gnyn 24 days ago

    Minju yahh

  • Thessa Pepito
    Thessa Pepito 24 days ago


  • Sam Liao
    Sam Liao 24 days ago

    She is a living Kantness Everdeen!

  • M Li
    M Li 24 days ago

    When I heard their voices together, I almost cried.

  • Crimson ツ
    Crimson ツ 24 days ago

    Jisoo bias 💜💜💜

  • Jasmin Mikaelson
    Jasmin Mikaelson 25 days ago

    there is a show with johnny, mark, lucas, winwin, kun and yuta on smtown official yt channel.... johnny guides them through seoul and they do very interesting stuff. You have to watch that. It's from last year


    Сука ты заткнёшься или нет?заебал!пиздит и пиздит

  • michelle Wong
    michelle Wong 26 days ago

    sinb↪sin bi


    Is it just me or is the audio being delayed a lil bit?

  • Ulchari At
    Ulchari At 28 days ago

    feeling so gay rn

  • Seda Efesoy
    Seda Efesoy 28 days ago

    My bias queen jisoo💞💞

  • Funda Nehir
    Funda Nehir 29 days ago

    Please react to Nu'est Bet Bet-Love Paint-Overcome

  • Bulut Kimjungotton
    Bulut Kimjungotton 29 days ago

    Take the reaction video for your Nu'est, thank you 💜👌

  • TarçınlıKek
    TarçınlıKek 29 days ago

    Please react to Nu'est 😭 Overcome, Love Paint, Bet bet and more

  • ŞAÇMALIK şaçmalık


  • love yourself army
    love yourself army 29 days ago

    We miss youuuu :<

  • Özge Örs
    Özge Örs 29 days ago

    Nu'est w - Dejavu

  • Özge Örs
    Özge Örs 29 days ago

    Nu'est - Face

  • Layla
    Layla 29 days ago

    I Love bangtwice😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sehun Min
    Sehun Min 29 days ago

    whyyyyy? im so sad..

  • Luanne Marcil
    Luanne Marcil Month ago

    Out of all youtubers I've come across ur the first JISOO stan. FinaFuckingly 👏🏽 a motherfucking JISOO stan 👏🏽 she's my bias as well & she's so damn underrated 🤦🏽‍♀️

    DEES_ TROYER Month ago

    LOL... LISA IS NUMBER 1 lisa is the most followed kpop

  • Mai Thi Lê
    Mai Thi Lê Month ago

    Our Lalisa ☝️

  • cloudwalker 713
    cloudwalker 713 Month ago

    I searched for your Couple Reacts video for the BTS Fake Love performance at the BBMAs (from May 2018), b/c I loved watching that video... but it's not up anymore. Will it ever be back up?? I loved watching that vid! Please bring it back! (even if you have to transfer it to another channel or something... like to Ali Overreacts, etc... I did love your Couple Reacts channel though...)

  • Ваня Суровцев

    First girl group of YG was Big Mama.

  • Neesha Momi
    Neesha Momi Month ago

    Please react to Got7 The New Era and Laugh Laugh Laugh

  • Givanski
    Givanski Month ago

    Please react to their new single called holla holla they released it last week of July. Thank you.😀

  • BTS and TXT family

    I need a dance collaboration or a unite with taeyong,ten, jisung, haechan, win-win and jeno

  • John Paul Acorin
    John Paul Acorin Month ago

    My bias ranking 1.ryujin 2.lia 3.chaeryong 4.yeji 5.yuna

  • Generiq
    Generiq Month ago

    *Dat not nice!* They still rude to wemen after all these hundreds of years :3

  • Ankit Rayamajhi
    Ankit Rayamajhi Month ago

    hello mam whats your name i actually fell in love with you

  • shristi bade
    shristi bade Month ago


  • Amelia ef
    Amelia ef Month ago

    hmm please reaction winter bear by V, maybe with Gena.. love you guys

  • Norfain Badal
    Norfain Badal Month ago

    Lisa's voice so lovely 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😊😊😊😊

  • Do Do
    Do Do Month ago

    Being able to see people's ribs is not concerning, it doesn't mean they're not healthy

  • Sarangksvara Ksvara

    So beautiful visual in k-pop

  • Kim T
    Kim T Month ago

    Jeongyeon 💚

  • Sparkle Ppoong
    Sparkle Ppoong Month ago

    4D Visual w/ deep husky voice... Jisooyaaa saranghae 💜💜💜💜

  • daniela
    daniela Month ago

    miss u guys

  • Rhumer Onairam
    Rhumer Onairam Month ago

    React in zgirls and zboys plss they has a new video again please

  • XxAnastaziaXx
    XxAnastaziaXx Month ago

    Jennis <3

  • Jennifer Montoya
    Jennifer Montoya Month ago

    Dahyun is definitely the most extra but you know sometimes they all are

  • Muh Ansar
    Muh Ansar Month ago


  • Gissele Meñez
    Gissele Meñez Month ago

    streets of gold ans holla holla

  • joe 666
    joe 666 Month ago

    Please react yo L'arc en ciel

  • Bunso Pangit
    Bunso Pangit Month ago


  • Bunso Pangit
    Bunso Pangit Month ago


  • snsdx monsta
    snsdx monsta Month ago


    AJ AJUSSHI Month ago

    Please do react to their new music video STREET OF GOLDEN


    Of course gfriend will be the queen of intros !!

  • Yuri Ichiro_ARMYofTheGALAXZ

    Please react to *Z-girls Streets of Gold and Z-boys Holla Holla* they are the *New generations of Kpop* 7members in 7different countries in Asia like *Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Vietnam* this is their 1st comback..

  • Yuri Ichiro_ARMYofTheGALAXZ

    Please react to *Z-girls Streets of Gold and Z-boys Holla Holla* they are the *New generations of Kpop* 7members in 7different countries in Asia like *Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Vietnam* this is their 1st comback..

  • Ruby Khan
    Ruby Khan Month ago

    What is the song playing in the background at 29:47?? Anyone please?

  • SpoopyGhost
    SpoopyGhost Month ago

    What do I use to watch the sixteen Reactions on patreon coz it says in need to log in ??

  • bruh __________
    bruh __________ Month ago

    lol they deleted their channel to get money on patreon im wheezing

  • Sahin Mia
    Sahin Mia Month ago


  • Swaby Swagz05
    Swaby Swagz05 Month ago

    U should listen to sunrise by gfriend

  • Lavenia Gyshella
    Lavenia Gyshella Month ago

    Now what happen to my body😳😳😳 Please pt 2 plz so much with (search the Yuju high note in there)

  • Lavenia Gyshella
    Lavenia Gyshella Month ago

    Yass....i found video like this😘 Im searching again and again:)

  • Lamb Z-
    Lamb Z- Month ago

    Reaction second singel Z-Boys Holla Holla

  • primrose fuentabell

    Hi!!!!!!well you please react z-boys and z-girls new MV? Thank you....

  • regar _rey10
    regar _rey10 Month ago

    Please react to Z Girs "street of gold" and Z Boys "holla holla", they just released the second song.