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420 RIDE DAY on 110's
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Mexico City "Locos"
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Bagger Wheelies 1
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anton 9.88 134mph
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  • Marcos Marron
    Marcos Marron Hour ago

    The pig is fucking awesome

  • Anthony Makara
    Anthony Makara 4 days ago

    Fuckn GANGSTA AS FUCK VID...from perth Australia..🤙

  • Phillip Torres
    Phillip Torres 6 days ago

    I lived in Hayward and Oakland I wish I can be riding out there now

  • TeeqPac
    TeeqPac 7 days ago

    Y’all got some tight fucking videos

  • Sakis daimanolis
    Sakis daimanolis 7 days ago

    The next time try one pita gyros from Greece

  • nardy ramos
    nardy ramos 8 days ago

    Thats sick

    NATHAN L 8 days ago

    No more vids wtf show the new generations of upcoming Harley riders these wicked moves and bikes this shows it ain’t you’re grandpas Harley it’s a whole new world

  • Thoughts Arise
    Thoughts Arise 9 days ago

    Да.... ездить на таком американском мусоре могут только патриоты)))))

  • Yaroslav Volkovatrov


  • Jonathan Hernandez
    Jonathan Hernandez 12 days ago

    What's the gold bike?

  • Michael Medina
    Michael Medina 13 days ago

    That Brotha Lynch Hung at the end though!?? Sick ass video.. anybody know what kind of bikes the pig was using the smaller structures bikes?

  • Dennis Rauwhero
    Dennis Rauwhero 19 days ago

    Fkn Awsome

  • Leo Kachon
    Leo Kachon 19 days ago

    Yella wolf?

  • Nico Bachmann
    Nico Bachmann 20 days ago

    We are all Gas in Blood! Grettings from EastGermany!

    DREXZUS ARCANA 20 days ago


  • Lare Tilas
    Lare Tilas 22 days ago


  • its Chris
    its Chris 23 days ago

    I use to think Harley's sucked until I watched this like 3 years ago. I want one

  • Monde Acid
    Monde Acid 23 days ago

    Oakland wow, Lake Merritt and all that, I lived in Piedmont for several years, love both places and retired in the Philipines, take care, be safe, abrasos hermanos.

  • Bill D :BD
    Bill D :BD 23 days ago

    That fat taco waster

  • Atan Gangsta
    Atan Gangsta 23 days ago

    Wearing fullface helmet? aah not a man..

  • michael cooney
    michael cooney 24 days ago

    Hey...the Vato new and and you know!! Hey the the vato has a real plane ...A..... you know U know....

  • michael cooney
    michael cooney 24 days ago

    Gotta get me a hat like that!!!!! That's totally tubular

  • hokky horn
    hokky horn 25 days ago

    hi to the 2 girls (red+green jacket) 5:48

  • Cath Gaudreau
    Cath Gaudreau 25 days ago

    That brother lynch song made me smile, classic right there!

  • street rider
    street rider 26 days ago

    Tight vid

  • Erdschmelze
    Erdschmelze 27 days ago

    coolest video ive seen in a long time

  • Daddy LJC
    Daddy LJC 28 days ago

    Raw and uncut dope shit! Mad props sick video

  • Nicholas Bias
    Nicholas Bias 28 days ago

    I missed the disclaimer and smashed my bike after watching this...... totally worth it

  • Ashley Indiero
    Ashley Indiero 29 days ago

    Uzeseehessuereu. /373$738(((()(;:!;!(! CBC fbggb no nvmnjjjfggjhfjjrjjsbwwhhwbwgeyyrruruegrrbrhr

  • Eddie C
    Eddie C 29 days ago


  • Mohit Pratap Singh
    Mohit Pratap Singh 29 days ago

    This is a gem, and I am glad i found it

  • 401_richie _
    401_richie _ 29 days ago

    "When's part 2 coming out", that's all im saying...🔥🔥

  • Todd Nansel
    Todd Nansel Month ago

    Just another day havin fun nice... good choice on the Sacramento Brother Lynch knock

  • cory Jordan
    cory Jordan Month ago

    when mac mall is the intro you know it's on and crackin'

  • nathanz28
    nathanz28 Month ago

    What kinda power are these bikes putting out?

  • John Pero
    John Pero Month ago

    looks like shit

  • lobmin
    lobmin Month ago

    What a bunch of ridiculous shit. Skilled ridding tho

  • lobmin
    lobmin Month ago


  • Anuskasv0
    Anuskasv0 Month ago

    Cool video!

  • Eric Amadi
    Eric Amadi Month ago

    I respect that they used mac mall👍

  • Pae Sansuriwong
    Pae Sansuriwong Month ago

    What the song??

  • Allen Imaging
    Allen Imaging Month ago

    Hats off to the riders and filmers. This is the sickest video I’ve seen.

  • Twiztid Ricky
    Twiztid Ricky Month ago

    Nice Car and nice Bilkes

  • RexyFan
    RexyFan Month ago

    Looking at the thumbnail, I thought it was bumble bee mid transformation next to a car

  • Pine Tree
    Pine Tree Month ago

    One of the best RU-clip videos I've ever seen.

  • bobmarley faruk
    bobmarley faruk Month ago


  • Chandler Craythorn

    God the bay area is a shit hole...

  • Alexander De La Cruz

    Song brings back memories of a game I used to play as a child “Total Overdose” on Xbox

  • Jorge Gonzalez
    Jorge Gonzalez Month ago

    You have to take a lot of falls. To get to this point. I grew up riding motorcycles.

  • billen-zo-plat
    billen-zo-plat Month ago

    lol, and we Europeans trying to save the envoirment..

  • Sohail Qureshi
    Sohail Qureshi Month ago

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  • Sohail Qureshi
    Sohail Qureshi Month ago

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  • Fabio Vinicius
    Fabio Vinicius Month ago

    thats why i love the united states !!!!

  • Alex Frenxh
    Alex Frenxh Month ago

    Do I know you pick up

  • Legend of the PHASOR

    So nobody's gonna say it? That taco stand girl was cute.

    • Legend of the PHASOR
      Legend of the PHASOR Month ago

      @Rick Sanchez C137 I think we all know southern California latinas (with neck tattoos especially) are easily the sexiest chicks on the planet.

    • Rick Sanchez C137
      Rick Sanchez C137 Month ago

      Legend of the PHASOR You just like her taco....

  • David Hollyfield
    David Hollyfield Month ago

    First I want to point out the guy that poured the gas into the grill that definitely was not gas he poured in there they definitely had it on a tank and turned it up when he poured whatever it was because if that was gas he would’ve blowed his fucking head off his shoulders sorry had to pause to make the comment LOL back to the show

  • Hunter97
    Hunter97 Month ago

    1:18 Song ?

  • Tobias B. Broager

    forgot to blur the numberplate on the car at 05:53

  • Shawn Tennant
    Shawn Tennant Month ago

    You boys have cool toys 😎

  • Christian Page
    Christian Page Month ago

    Wonder how many times they got pulled over making this

  • RaGe Fakey Antek
    RaGe Fakey Antek Month ago

    The guy who wasted those tacos is gay

    • OathForFew
      OathForFew Month ago

      Logan Lackey is a fucking legend

  • Pae Sansuriwong
    Pae Sansuriwong Month ago


  • D B
    D B Month ago

    "few guys up there rip em pretty good"😂😁

  • carlos advance
    carlos advance Month ago

    The brothers are very crazy , hahaha

  • Alex Frenxh
    Alex Frenxh Month ago


  • High Rolla
    High Rolla Month ago

    What was the first song

  • Claudio Nicoli
    Claudio Nicoli Month ago

    Entertaining guys, thank you! Ride safe y’all

  • Snp solo
    Snp solo Month ago

    Once I saw Caddy going sideways-thats a Like

  • Hussein albasam
    Hussein albasam Month ago


  • Ariel Kawasaki
    Ariel Kawasaki Month ago

    Hey dude's were can I find that beat? At

  • Ariel Kawasaki
    Ariel Kawasaki Month ago

    Favorite shit 🔥🔥🔥💯

  • Jose Vasquez
    Jose Vasquez Month ago

    Bad ass..

  • roger thornton
    roger thornton 2 months ago

    Man these guys can stunt. !!! I ride a street glide no way in west hell could I do this big ass bike like that. These guys have balls of steal.

  • The Norm Macdonald Show


  • Joe Monroe
    Joe Monroe 2 months ago


  • Clark Tapia
    Clark Tapia 2 months ago

    Ok ok I'm board time to change the channel👹

    ANDWEROCK17 2 months ago

    The outro though

  • NAL242
    NAL242 2 months ago

    That's some sick shit yo.... Yall some crazy mofos... Much respect fadda.... Big ups from the Bahamas yo

  • H.I. Mcdunuogh
    H.I. Mcdunuogh 2 months ago

    Rap music SUCKS. Stupid music, but great riding.

  • chandra carol
    chandra carol 2 months ago

    That's LOVE

  • brian.dudek
    brian.dudek 2 months ago

    great video and the best "real world" use of the Thunderheader I've ever seen - props

    • Stefan Praxoulis
      Stefan Praxoulis 2 months ago

      No i mean the taco guy’s bike, not the dyna

    • brian.dudek
      brian.dudek 2 months ago

      @Stefan Praxoulis I think its an Evo (pre 2000) and carbureted 0:40 the later side views look like a Dyna FXR

    • Stefan Praxoulis
      Stefan Praxoulis 2 months ago

      you know what type the green small one is? iron 883?

    DJTREZO 2 months ago

    Good job fellas!

  • alonzoxiver
    alonzoxiver 2 months ago

    Hard ass video nice

  • calculated cruelty
    calculated cruelty 2 months ago

    That jump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dejavu Wilson 84
    Dejavu Wilson 84 2 months ago

    This is the best after school video i ever seen only in Cali and did he pay for the taco 😨😲✌

  • andres Gomez
    andres Gomez 2 months ago

    What's the instrumentals name when he jumpin??

  • Richard Maldonado
    Richard Maldonado 2 months ago

    Awesome video bro.

  • John Smithllc
    John Smithllc 2 months ago

    Is this where to get the ideas for video games or something

  • L M
    L M 2 months ago

    Paint jobs on these suckers a whole nother level

  • Vi Lawier
    Vi Lawier 2 months ago


  • G&R Vlogs
    G&R Vlogs 2 months ago

    Worst dounuts ever


    I need to teach this guy how do donuts in my old school 68 Cutlass

  • Truth B Told
    Truth B Told 2 months ago

    I Love Oakland and the Crazy phux that live there. Raiders Lets FN GOO Hands off donuts in the Stang “Gangsta AF”

  • Steven Dow
    Steven Dow 2 months ago

    Dope!!@@ Ya'l Ma'fuckas is 2 Dope!@ Thass Wass Up!!@ Thass Wasss Uupp!!@@

  • Lewy J
    Lewy J 2 months ago

    2:20 Name and model of bike?

  • Henry Gee
    Henry Gee 2 months ago

    Great video production and incredible riding skillz. Shout out from So. Cali. Keep one wheel up to the sky!!

  • Slippy
    Slippy 2 months ago

    No Stoppie 😢

  • Karl Gustav
    Karl Gustav 2 months ago

    stunters who make stunts in open streets are everything but pros ^^ just a bunch of assholes.

  • Jesse King
    Jesse King 2 months ago

    Phx az bound

  • Jesse King
    Jesse King 2 months ago

    Old video but beast