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  • Normal Person
    Normal Person 7 hours ago

    Building a pc made me experience: -Troubleshooting, it can also help in programming and just in general basic problems which includes parts that affects each other -lots of fun, the feeling of fixing a pc, the feeling of building and finishing a pc, and just the thought of that ur all ur hardwork actually payed off is a very enjoyable moment -fixing parts and meeting very knowledgeable people, i love how they share their knowledge while we fix a pc its really enjoyable

  • Xxtictoc1216xX
    Xxtictoc1216xX 7 hours ago

    I was 2 seconds away from unsubbing bro

  • Adam c
    Adam c 7 hours ago

    I actually used a company to barebones a comp with a CPU mobo combo for extra ease as i found the price to be comparable to building from total scratch, allowing me to reuse parts from my old comp. I think the points you made here were all dead on. I can relate a story from having bought a dell 710 i had an hdd start to die and the hdd failure was actually handled very fast and easy because they had to send someone to install it but it was preloaded with all the drivers and the os was a nice perk. I think whether to buy or build comes down to how confident you feel in your building and part selection. I will be building full scratch next build but that has been my path towards building.

  • Jok Prayogo
    Jok Prayogo 7 hours ago

    I just purchased the same one like yours, it came with 2 cable outlet I believe one for USB keyboard connector and the other one for USB pass through...my question is what is USB pass through connector? thank you

  • Waldemar Ishibashi
    Waldemar Ishibashi 7 hours ago

    Custom. vertical, ATX, radiators outside of the case ;) It doesn't have to be pretty, I just want the technical aspect from you ;)

  • Spinks
    Spinks 7 hours ago

    I think anyone should...theres enough content for anyone. And now we are in Hardware dreams and deals. Amd has really stepped up and doing better stuff. Im overly impressed with ryzen and my vega 56, runs everything i throw at it.

  • MADE
    MADE 7 hours ago

    Hey Jay bro I'm from India suggest Me a good GPU to pair with i5 9400

  • Januar Yushak Nikiyuluw

    finished my 1st PC on dec 17 2019. 5 reason why : -wanna join pc master race -i want to buy best part within my budget -linus tech tips -jayztwocents -bitwit 2 reason shouldnt : -my knew how much i spent for 1 pc -her brother bought a prebuilt pc for less price

  • GOZR
    GOZR 7 hours ago

    Jay, great channel. For us guys that have older GPU's like on sli or Crossfire is this worse it to get a single new card.. For example I have 2x R9 290's and looking if the RTX 2060 is worth the upgrade ? Thanks. Cannot find any good infos and test about it.. Thank you

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 7 hours ago

    I would never buy computer parts from Best Buy, there selection is to limited

  • Jerome Krancenblum
    Jerome Krancenblum 7 hours ago

    It's why in Europ we use 220v

  • lovleh.
    lovleh. 7 hours ago

    Post tries to seem interested but I can tell he's not 😂

  • Susan Tompkins
    Susan Tompkins 7 hours ago

    Build your own! Just for THAT moment....you know the first Boot. I call it the "It's Alive!" moment(insert crazy mad scientist laugh here! Muahahha!). But I digress, It's what keeps me coming back and makes all the blood, sweat, and tears worth while. People that don't know what a graphics card is?....well get a friend or someone like me or Jay to build it for you.

  • Artemio Lomarda
    Artemio Lomarda 7 hours ago

    If you need someone to use those used hardware, Im here. Hahahaah just saying. 😏

  • Ken K
    Ken K 7 hours ago

    Who else is binge watching @JayzTwoCents in 2020?

  • Godly RBX
    Godly RBX 7 hours ago

    I bought AMD threadripper in my city which i bought for $3000 but on my way home, i dropped it hardly. Most of the pins broke and some was bent

  • Zachery Scott
    Zachery Scott 7 hours ago

    It’s amazing in 2020 Jonny 5 is still alive ❤️

  • Nick_Kelv
    Nick_Kelv 7 hours ago

    I’ve only built one PC. Granted some parts were taken from an existing PC... anywho, when I was looking into my options Build VS prebuilt, I was in a pickle. I knew I wanted at least an RX 580, Ryzen 5 2600, 8gb of ram, ssd, and large hard drive...when I priced it all out it came out to be $800. I got my current pc from bestbuy on a black Friday sale for $599 I believe it was. And it had everything I was looking for. And since I’ve bought it I have made it 16gb of ram, and added a Corsair water cooling AIO. I was happy to save a few hundred bucks. I wanted to build my own, but at the time money was limited. But I got the exact system I wanted. Not to mention the customer service if I needed it (I didn’t I know what I’m doing lol) but it’s nice for that reassurance. So if you can find a good deal in a pre built, I say pre built all day!

  • cortedemico
    cortedemico 7 hours ago

    compressor kicked on and i lost my sh!t... thnks for the laugh b4 bed!

  • TheSkepticSkwerl
    TheSkepticSkwerl 7 hours ago

    For: 1. You get exactly what you want 2. More bang for your buck based on your needs 3. It's easy 4. More control with Mobo and such 5. Fun to do Against: 1. Simplicity (all done for you) 2. Zero control/awareness. E.g. ram latency isn't labeled on ibuypower

  • Cody Plays VR
    Cody Plays VR 7 hours ago

    I don’t have a list, but I build pc’s and sell them on Craigslist, facebook marketplace, and offer up for some extra money. And I love it, it is just simply fun to build them, it doesn’t matter if I’m building with a $3000 or $400 budget. Also, if you think age is an issue, I’m 14 and have built dozens of pc’s. All you gotta do is get some hands on experience. Also stop being so scared to build a pc, the hardware is made to last, and doesn’t break so damn easily.

  • julio cesar Hernandez

    Same video rtx 2080 ti and target is only 31% and gpu 1290 MHz

  • Mohamad Asri Abdul Azid

    In my country, we use 253v max and 200v min (worst case scenario) for single phase. And 400v to 440v max for 3 phase. It is true, it will draw more current when the voltage is drop to keep the wattage stay the same.

  • You're wrong
    You're wrong 7 hours ago

    Cheaper, "fun", better customisation, more special. But if you mess up, it cam be rally EXPENSIVE

  • Chris
    Chris 7 hours ago

    Reasons to build your own. More choices for personalization, cheaper, don't have to deal with tech support ie Dell/HP etc (though OEM support can be hit and miss), don't have to buy what you don't want/ less bloatware, and having some pride in your own computer. Reasons not to. Warranty s if you're into that/ tech support. Don't want to commit the time. Edit: just watched the video I feel like a parrot now.

  • Shameek Das
    Shameek Das 7 hours ago

    Cheaper than a branded PC Fully customisable Showoff in front of your friends

  • Inareth
    Inareth 7 hours ago

    I only have ONE reason why you shouldn't build computers yourself, and it's only gonna apply to office-type settings: You're gonna buy an office full of these things, at a slightly reduced unit cost (which you'll pay back and then some in the 3-4 year service plan), and you're not gonna worry about it. If a machine stops working for some reason, a Dell Droid will be out same day and test every component, replacing whatever's not working without much worry. If you're a big enough company, the user won't even have to wait that long because you'll have swapped their machine for them in even less time. Personal rig? Yeah I'm building that. And I'll be happy to teach you how to do it too. It's so easy, a legally blind albino can do it. Ask me how I know? 😃

  • JT667
    JT667 7 hours ago

    I'll drop my 5 and 2 here I guess, but most are gonna be echos of what was already said in the video 1. Customization - You can truly tune everything how you want it. Looks, performance, noise, everything. That is very nice. 2. Needs - You can shave a few dollars here and there based on what YOU will be using the computer for. 2666 ram is fine if you're casually gaming, or aren't using ram heavy applications. 3. Accomplishment - You know you did the thing, good for you 4. Bragging rights - Let's be real real here, you're gonna flex on your friends, it's gonna happen 5. Budget - You have the power to fine tune your budget to exactly what you can afford, find deals, and piece-meal if you have to 1a. Immediate gratification - It's here, it's now, you can do whatever you wanted to do the day the box is on your doorstep. 2a. Price - Let's be really honest here, some SI's are building the most common builds cheaper than you can build it yourself because they have corporate backing and bulk pricing. You may be able to get cheaper if it is the most popular thing at the time

  • BootedTech
    BootedTech 7 hours ago

    Why you should: 1. It is fun. 2. Knowing you built it. 3. Choice or parts. 4. Knowledge and Learning. 5. Buy the parts you want. Why you should Not: 1. See Why You should. 2. See step 1 above. PC parts warranty is not as painful as it use to be, buy from companies like corsair/intel/amd etc, and your warranty is pretty much as good if not better than a pre built system.

  • Chris Putkamer
    Chris Putkamer 8 hours ago

    Im thinking about spending $2000 on a game computer alone how can I get my moneys worth

  • Giorgio
    Giorgio 8 hours ago

    Still on 4670K oc @4.5 ghz & gtx 1070ti...there is no big changes in 8 years in gaming...

  • Dee
    Dee 8 hours ago

    good to see asrock paying jay again i hate there stuff

  • Sibernetika
    Sibernetika 8 hours ago

    I usually build my own PC but I didn't feel like building my PC this time.. I'm paying for all of this it should be done properly.. 1st I found out the website is out of date since I had to go back and forth with the sales team to chose different cases and monitors since the ones I wanted was "suddenly" out of stock.. Finally my PC got delivered a week later and doesn't boot, had to unclamp and reseat the CPU and then struggle 30min to clamp the heat sink again, and a 3 days later the SSD dies.. Now I'm waiting for over a week for them to come pick it up again.

  • Scarecrow141
    Scarecrow141 8 hours ago

    Managed to convince my boss at work that building my own computer was cheaper than buying a prebuilt. Got a 2k+ budget to build it myself. Now my work pc is better than the one I have at home.

  • Mark Datton
    Mark Datton 8 hours ago

    ATTENTION 10% of brain used != 10% of brain capacity. This is myth, your brain is segmented into parts and even if 10 to 20 percent is being used the rest has a specific and different purpose which may not apply to the task at hand. Especially when getting an MRI, many people more than likely have decreased brain activity because you're just sitting there with a thing moving up and down and whatnot.

  • Jesse Z
    Jesse Z 8 hours ago

    Loved the video, very educational and full of detail! I'm inspired to make content like this! I just finished making my first review video!!

  • lepompier132
    lepompier132 8 hours ago

    Yep a build that any average users can't afford. Also the second fan you got with the Dark Rock cooler, it goes in between, one in the fron of the cooler and the second one in between. I'm surprise you did not notice that. Maybe too many water cooled systems lol

  • Fred Ingebritson
    Fred Ingebritson 8 hours ago

    building computers isn't fun anymore. no game ports and "gaming" is a tired over used redundant farce of a word used to describe computers anymore. It's got RGB therefore its a gaming computer. BFD. I refuse to buy those soulless, diskless, functionless craptastictic silicone garbages. Ten years from now people will call them retro, and like records, DVD;s will once again be in demand when people realize downloadable content is a scam marketing tool that forces people to lose the old and buy the new and new content outside youtube is political pushing bullshit. nope, sorry, no drive, to game port, no choice in sound card... In fact even video cards are getting integrated into the cpu's and calling them some weird thing, and not for function, but to eliminate one more choice from people. It's an outrage. I know it all boils down to economics and MFR;s are even going to push Linux because it's "free," what does "free does not mean free lunch" even mean? it's as stupid as the term "nothing burger." do they mean that no meat whopper that has beef blood in it so it isn't totally meatless? I miss the days when building a computer meant which choice of actual parts do ya want unless you want a mac. When what you put in a computer is optimized for gaming, multimedia, SOHO, DTP, communications, etc. Nope, now it;s just gaming business or budget. and each one is pretty much the same except the fps score. And it seems everyone is happy with that crappy built in ac 97 standard that seems to be so proprietary that you have to beg the board maker for drivers rather than bug the ac 97 nerds. thirty years ago I expected the industry to expand, and usb devices held a brief optimistic hope for that. now it's imploding on itself. there is no longer any real innovation, just lame spartan products that tout smaller faster sleeker, and they are more marketing scams than real forward production.

  • David Foster
    David Foster 8 hours ago

    I'm planning a i9-9900ks build was watching your video on water cooled you said that a 120 rad would do the job is that correct?

  • ReefMimic
    ReefMimic 8 hours ago

    Wish I had better information on how to set up a ssd as boot and hdd as storage. Just not to sure on what should be on stored boot besides windows boot. Every time to teach the pc to store apps and future data to hdd storage In settings, the files get either duplicated or get screwed up when having a admin and user account. If the windows apps get told to to be stored on hdd instead of boot I end up having to wipe drives and reinstall windows. I only found 1 video on RU-clip on how to do it.. but had problems ru-clip.com/video/MnIMub-2k-c/video.html

  • Cameron Lee
    Cameron Lee 8 hours ago

    It’s so much cheaper to build, it’s more of an accomplishment, you can mod it as you like

  • Tim Freeman
    Tim Freeman 8 hours ago

    Although I’m happy with my Dell 5675 and yeah it’s a prebuilt big box store pc. But I cannot complain as it is a decent machine for what I need. But one day I would like to build one using a case with more room for expansion.

  • Gameplay and Talk
    Gameplay and Talk 8 hours ago

    Great video, Jay. Those are pretty much the same reasons I give others. Another one I would add is time. Some people are so go-go-go that they don't want to spend time putting together a machine. Laptops are an answer to that but don't always have the power and capability a high end desktop might (for say, some kind of production work).

  • Joseph Alvarado
    Joseph Alvarado 8 hours ago

    Jay I just built my first Computer last month and I agree with you! It was a lot of fun, and I learned so much figuring out which parts I wanted. The community and the Tech Avengers (you, steve, kyle, paul and linus) help so much! Thank you! Now my friends ask me so many questions and want help haha

  • Overonator
    Overonator 8 hours ago

    No everyone who doesn't have brain death uses 100% of their brain all the time. That 10% is bullshit;

  • Bullettube
    Bullettube 8 hours ago

    Now all we need is a how-to-video on building your own laptop! Okay, that's way in the future, but upgrading a laptop is very possible.

  • xmewolf
    xmewolf 8 hours ago

    2:47 You really had to flex with that 2080ti.

  • TJ Lamb
    TJ Lamb 8 hours ago

    I spent more time freaking out about choosing the right parts when I built mine then anything. It was so stressful.

  • BA
    BA 8 hours ago

    Pros 1. Gooder performance for fewer rupees. 2. Learn something new. (I leatnrd when I was 41) 3. Common interest with younger generation. 4. I can't work anymore, so it helps fill my time. 5. Satisfaction Cons 1. RMAs are a pain in the butt 2. Dealing with customer support for warranty or RMA is a pain in the butt.

  • Daniel Stewart
    Daniel Stewart 8 hours ago

    Australia regs are based of 230 but theory and reality are two different things its more like 240-250v

  • Ernesto Santamaria
    Ernesto Santamaria 8 hours ago

    Can I have it

  • TheXev
    TheXev 8 hours ago

    My reasons you should build your own computer: 1. Complete customization. If there is something you don't like, you simply don't buy it. You want more RAM, buy it? You don't like RGB cases, don't buy RGB. You can do things EXACTLY how you want inside of your budget. 2. If you don't need support in the first place. I am more than capable of researching and troubleshooting my own issues and can fix the problem with no tech support required. 3. You like hands-on. Building your own PC is a very hands-on experience, and it can be fun simply doing the build. 4. Getting extra performance from higher-end RAM. OEM's skimp so SO hard on RAM that it isn't even funny, especially laptops. I wanted to buy a 3200MT ram kit for my laptop to get better performance out of the Ryzen 5 3500U APU, but it wouldn't matter because the BIOS won't let me clock the ram higher or customize the timings. On an SI machine, you can get a motherboard that will allow you to do that or a RAM kit that will let you push 3600MT with no problems. RAM selection, more so then any other hardware choice, is far better when you build the machine yourself. 5. IO. It is easier when building your own PC to get exactly what IO you want. I feel most SI machines do not come with enough USB ports... so I can select a motherboard with enough USB, the type of USB I want (say, all USB 3.1 ex), and choose a case that will give me the front USB I want. OEM cases skimp on these things because it cost them extra money. My reasons NOT to build your own computer: 1. Parts are more expensive than ever. I don't mean "we have a $1500 graphic card" or anything like that, but the fact of the matter is that it is nearly impossible to buy purely OEM box parts like in the old days. When I built my first high-end gaming rig in Oct of 2002, I was able to get nearly EVERYTHING except for my graphics card (which I chose to buy in retail box form and get a warranty), as OEM boxed. This meant I was giving up long warranty periods, but I was saving a tremendous amount of money by giving up that warranty. This savings really doesn't exist anymore, as finding OEM boxed CPUs, fans, graphics cards, RAM is next to impossible to find. OEM hard drives are just about the only thing you buy and no one wants an OEM boxed 1-year warranty! I priced my current machine vs a similar SI's when I built it, and the savings weren't that much. I probably saved more money buying a cheap OEM Windows key for $15 than any of the parts inside of my machine. The rise of Newegg and Amazon has actually killed the aftermarket OEM parts market (ala Pricewatch.com). 2. Troubleshooting systems is harder than ever. SI machines are generally well-tested configurations that have been sold to hundreds if not thousands of people, so they have a proven design. These machines are configured to "just work and be stable" right out of the box. If you choose to build your own machine, you may end up in some of the following situations: a) Having to manually configure a RAM kit to make your system stable because the default motherboard safe values simply will not work. b) ex. in a reddit post, someone was going on about AMD's drivers being unstable, but after he tried installing Windows onto a new NVME, everything suddenly started to work!? People are getting angry at entire brands because of one faulty part they can not troubleshoot! If you'd buy a machine, everything should be well tested and proven.

  • social3ngin33rin
    social3ngin33rin 8 hours ago

    The reasons/benefits are really simple: #1 PCMASTERACE #2 PCMASTERACE #3 PCMASTERACE #4 PCMASTERACE #5 PCMASTERACE

  • Dillinger R.
    Dillinger R. 8 hours ago

    My 1070 hits 82c playing red dead

  • mdnor matnor
    mdnor matnor 8 hours ago

    Don't buy pre-built pc gaming

  • MFA Privat
    MFA Privat 8 hours ago

    Yeah! 7:15 for sure it runs way cooler if you Jam the card in like this... because it due not work any more... Bro

  • bluephreakr
    bluephreakr 9 hours ago

    There is one _really big_ reason why one should build their own computer, and that is the realization that everything you ever interact with electronically is a computer with its own specialty and merit. If after building a few machines one learns about virtual machines, they may certainly want to try building their own miniature mainframe for the house which doe everything and then some, but then it becomes a software learning issue for people who are not intimate with open-source kernels like Linux.

  • Dustin Jones
    Dustin Jones 9 hours ago

    You hear that guys??? He’s talking to me!!

  • Patrio Graysmark
    Patrio Graysmark 9 hours ago

    Five reasons for DIY build; 1) satisfaction, there's a lot to be said for making something from scratch 2) understanding; you learn what the parts do, and appreciate their impact on the build 3) effort, be it a cobbled together budget box or a high-end benchmark crushing machine, the 'built not bought' mentality is there 4) Customisation; you're fitting bits together based on selection, do you want to run a video editing machine, a casual gaming rig, something your folks can operate, part choice to suit the needs plays into this 5) Flexing; I've known gamers that could beat me senseless in any game, but if something fails, they are stuck, while I just troubleshoot my way to smooth computing. All their skills are for naught if they can't keep their machines going. Two reasons against; 1) A lot of 'for gamers' machines are reasonable, hook it up and you're good to go for popular titles. perfect for the twitch streamers out there. 2) When picking a supplier, there is an appreciable difference between the low / mid / high range of machines. you get warranty, no effort assembly and value for dollar, why build when a regular box will do the job? Al told, I'm in camp 'build it' but there are a lot of buyable machines that perform well with a minor upgrade, benefiting from being mass-produced.

  • Darko22
    Darko22 9 hours ago

    i swear i saw linus at begining of this he knocked a box off

  • Daniel Mapps
    Daniel Mapps 9 hours ago

    I just specced up a pc on pc specialist in the uk...then went over to ebuyer to price up the parts......I cant build it cheaper. What gives.

  • Ei Boi
    Ei Boi 9 hours ago

    3rd reason as to why you shouldnt build your own PC is if you keep dropping things 😂🤣

  • Kemaro
    Kemaro 9 hours ago

    Thats it.... Im buying the titan.... If it can run solitare at medium settings.

  • sloppystreamer
    sloppystreamer 9 hours ago

    BIGGEST fan of conor but the khabib fight makes no sense yet. jorge first 100

  • Kevin duder
    Kevin duder 9 hours ago

    AMD = duh^

  • Shortshooter
    Shortshooter 9 hours ago

    Hey Jay, I'm a little bit of a computer newbie so I was wondering if it was possible for you to get the different CPU's GPU's from both intel, Nvidia, AMD and Radeons chips and compare them all to see what their counter part is, as i have no idea what AMD ryzen 7 and 5 are compared to an Intels i5 or an i7 or if they are even in the same category for performance.

  • Randal Davis
    Randal Davis 9 hours ago

    Jay you talked about spy ware in windows. have you done a video to talk about it and how to shut that shit off ?

  • Drashaone Wimberly
    Drashaone Wimberly 9 hours ago

    when you build it your self you take more pride in what you have built and you know all the components and how they function in a pre built you get some specs and have more trouble with upgrade paths.

  • Kevin duder
    Kevin duder 9 hours ago

    i built ryzen 3 3200 bro not bad whole rig cost $208.00 thnx for ideas' thumbs yer the best on youtube period less hype more show and the CHROME^^^^^^^^^^

  • SKMC69
    SKMC69 9 hours ago

    I'm so brave, I wear my RGB on the outside

  • Shadowlogic420
    Shadowlogic420 9 hours ago

    My number one reason is that if done right it can save you money, second runner up is longevity/upgradability. The market is great right now i built my first pc when i was 18 if i were to build one now it'd look entirely different. That paired with most people don't realize is most of the parts are warrantied.

    NICKO L 9 hours ago


  • Jack
    Jack 9 hours ago

    My old 7970 it could be on fire auto fan "this is fine 36% fan speed". Then I play games that run at 100% activity for the start menu.

  • Matt Harrell
    Matt Harrell 9 hours ago

    I'd honestly love to hear a 5 reasons to buy a prebuilt and 2 reasons you shouldn't, also.

  • isKingDragon
    isKingDragon 9 hours ago

    Great video like always jay.... Gusy if you live in New York and you want someone to build or fix your PC I'm here for you.. hablo espanol....

  • Loud3n
    Loud3n 9 hours ago

    6:23 the slow-mo we didn't know we needed

  • Scott Leisman
    Scott Leisman 9 hours ago

    only a commie would be mad that you are making a living.

  • Rodnie Wickham
    Rodnie Wickham 9 hours ago

    Just Do It

  • Syaheed Aziz
    Syaheed Aziz 9 hours ago

    Compared this with Void Pro Wireless, which best? anyone? thanks

  • Daniel T Peace
    Daniel T Peace 9 hours ago

    Started building PC's in 1990, retired now and really just like to purchase a Dell Precision and order it the way I want it. PC building can be a lot of fun, business or hobby. Used to be able to save serious amounts of money on very high end units. You make some good points for why people should give it a whirl, right up there with building a house. Great experience.

  • TGY Thirst
    TGY Thirst 9 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me if there's any complications with adding ram to an existing build?

  • Mike Zero
    Mike Zero 9 hours ago

    8:38 - "WUT RENT WRONG"

  • Patrick Smith
    Patrick Smith 9 hours ago

    Happy NY, Jayz, definitely flexibility to change, upgrade, modify. - like, "It's mine, I'll do what I like with it!" Best wishes from NZ to you all your disciples.

  • Jaden Webb
    Jaden Webb 9 hours ago

    building a computer not only can save money but its fun, its a great learning experience, and unless you want to buy and get it over with i highly recommend building one. if you dont know what you are doing there are so many tutorials and people to help. its not for every one but its worth it.

  • Mike Carl
    Mike Carl 9 hours ago

    to build- for upgradability and cheaper not to build: portability, I need a laptop

  • Regolith
    Regolith 9 hours ago

    The last one is hitting me a bit hard right now, but frankly it's part of the fun. I'm putting together a list of components for a new build, and right now I'm agonizing whether or not to go with a 3700X or a 3900X (the performance difference between the 3700X and the 3800X doesn't seem big enough to be worth it)... I can afford to go with the 3900X, but it will mean a better PSU than the one I already own and was planning to go with might be necessary, which will bump the price up. Ok, not too bad, but then the system may need a better cooler than the stock one to handle the higher thermal output of the 3900X, which makes the build price go up even further.... And for all that, the GPU its' being paired with is a 1660Ti, which I already own. Maybe I'll decide to upgrade that at the end of the year, which means it might be worth it, but maybe not.... So, dilemma is, build a boss system that's GPU bound but can be upgraded even further, or a cheaper system that is well balanced but may need replacing a bit sooner.

  • GervilEtnad
    GervilEtnad 9 hours ago

    If you do your research you'll be the first person to know what's wrong with your system. So typically repair costs for those that make their own computers are much lower.

  • kelseyngrant
    kelseyngrant 10 hours ago

    I’ve built two PCs in my life now... Ryzen 3600 / RX 5700 just a few months ago Previous one was also an AMD K6 200 MHz with a 3DFX voodoo 1... Overclocked them both, the video card to 57 MHz if I recall...

  • Colin LaCrue
    Colin LaCrue 10 hours ago

    I love it! I built mine last year and I plan on building a newer one this year with my tax return. I love the feeling of accomplishment and seeing my pc running at top performance

  • John Mijo
    John Mijo 10 hours ago

    Jay giving his BRAIN usage at 7.265 % is damn precise in my book ;) How did you calculate that ?

  • zubair Ahmad
    zubair Ahmad 10 hours ago

    Please review on the Motherboard (Asus Rog Rampage vI Extrem Omega)....??

  • David Mclendon
    David Mclendon 10 hours ago

    Thanks to Jay, Paul, and Kyle for giving me the knowledge and guidance to build my first PC a year and a half ago! If it wasn't for you guys I never would have had the knowledge, nor the courage to build my own.

  • Saud Aj
    Saud Aj 10 hours ago

    Building your own pc and solving the issues that comes later, Will fucking help you Learn more and more about pcs Take it from an experience

  • Bobby Sinclair
    Bobby Sinclair 10 hours ago

    gtx 970it is then

  • Lensiky
    Lensiky 10 hours ago

    Can you do a how to build a water cooled pc soon?

  • Emon Khan
    Emon Khan 10 hours ago

    the easiest way to get the best pc build for your money is to set a budget and ask someone who is a pro in pc stuff to suggest [for noobs]. Now if you want to build with second-hand stuff then first go see a doctor, check your blood pressure and heart condition cause this ain't for the weak minds. Or just buy the pc of your rich friend

  • The Gamer Guy
    The Gamer Guy 10 hours ago

    Shoulda opened up the unit and jumped the compressor wires so it just ran regardless of what the thermostat told it to do.

  • Kyle Jackson
    Kyle Jackson 10 hours ago

    PROS Because it's awesome Because cable management is a worthy skill to acquire Because it's awesome CONS You won't be able to stop Leaving any cable anywhere unmanaged may become a life hindrance

  • Carey Brown
    Carey Brown 10 hours ago

    Five reasons to build your own: 1. You have full control over everything, and if you're willing to do a little shopping, can get some screaming deals 2. It helps you understand the components a bit more 3. It's become very simple, giving you something you can take pride in as you use it 4. It helps remove some of the "fear". When you've put it together taking the side panel off to dust it out loses its fear factor 5. Updating down the road becomes easier and easier Why not build your own: 1. Support. You're on your own and if you don't have spares, you're suffering from a downed system until you can get the parts repaired or replaced 2. It is not a quick process if done well or with care. It takes some time, far far more than simply taking something out of a box, plug it in, and following on-screen instructions. It is not for people who see it as a plain tool and just need something simple.

  • FluStik
    FluStik 10 hours ago

    I miss skunkworks:(