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What are Gaming PCs?
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Don’t buy two video cards!
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How to UN-Build a Computer
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EKWB made a Gaming PC??
Views 772K6 months ago
CHEAP Gaming PC Build - 2019
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  • Barbar1aN_
    Barbar1aN_ 5 minutes ago

    How is 4.5ghz worldrecord? Maybe for this chip but i believe overall record is still 7.6ghz with i9-9900k

  • hausaffe
    hausaffe 15 minutes ago


  • Michael Pattison
    Michael Pattison 19 minutes ago

    No one is bothered by the whole turn Windows defender off bit?

  • Neatlyplaced Olive
    Neatlyplaced Olive 19 minutes ago

    wait if you choose a pc on letsbld.com do you get a full pc like all the parts?

  • Ghosstsniper 1004
    Ghosstsniper 1004 34 minutes ago

    @JayzTwoCents AMD or Intel (which one, if money doesn't matter) [for gaming]

  • Carnicide
    Carnicide 43 minutes ago

    Have you ever tried Steele series arctis pro 7 wireless? If so, how do you feel these Corsair compare?

  • 802 Garage
    802 Garage 44 minutes ago

    Pretty badass car, Jay!

  • PC Basics
    PC Basics 47 minutes ago

    You are not only my favorite tech RU-clipr, but you also have my dream car. OMG, you are great!

  • Christine Sears
    Christine Sears Hour ago

    "You're never going to get any cooler, than the environment the system is in..." On the contrary, the system would be at room temperature granted, but if the water cooling system was directed through a coil situated inside or routed through 'something' that was cooler than ambient air, then the system would indeed become cooler, regardless of the room temperature it was situated within...as a hint: The 'something cooler than ambient air' is obviously along the lines of a refrigerator / small beer fridge / small peltier operated coolbox or so on...so, really you're wrong on this point mate.

  • TheGreatGamer SVS

    Jay these laptops aren't the best for the money check out OMEN laptops with RTX 2080 and i7-9750h less than 2K us dollars !!!

  • michaelluke
    michaelluke Hour ago

    Bro i can't find a waterblock for the evga gtx 1660 ti xc black, is there even a water block for it, dude? Thanks for the videos Jay you're helping me build my first watercooled pc lol

  • nin1ten1do
    nin1ten1do Hour ago

    EZboiii.. nvidia marketing floor get FIRED..

    7EVEN 8IGHT Hour ago

    I think the reason why SLI and Crossfire technology has been discontinued is because recent technological advancements in computer hardware confirmed that the more wattage each components draws from the PSU, the more heat gets produced, and so it causes thermal throttling and framerate/performance drops, so basically all CPU, GPU, SD, and RAM manufacturers are focusing on power efficiency and more benchmark performances in every newer generation, so that every new high-end PC hardware in the future will not only be much more powerful, but also SAVE power and as a result also REDUCE overall temperature of the components to achieve consistent long-term performance without any thermal interferences. correct me if I'm wrong.

    JAMES SIA Hour ago

    Jayz, I got some questions query myself Which is I playing games for 1080p and now just wondering want to buy RTX 2060 Super or GTX 1660Ti... Which one you would more suggest if for long term usage

  • A A
    A A Hour ago

    They should redo the way benchmarking vehicles are done. Instead of 0-1/4 mile it should be 60mph to 120mph as it makes more sense. Having the hardest gripping launches reduces the time but stresses components like crazy. 60mph-120mph is more realistic in testing power imo as it's the mid-speed potential of most high-performance vehicles.

  • Kas b
    Kas b Hour ago

    i was looking into the 3700x amd from the tests I saw, the biggest performance gains were from manually tweaking the memory. in some cases the gains were pretty huge (like, 10fps iirc) nice thing with that is, its essentially free performance. you just have to do some research to gain it.

  • Pawkeshup
    Pawkeshup Hour ago

    Looks like both points got covered about components dying at power up, but let me try to explain it. The average household doesn't have a voltage rectifier, ensuring a nice even, consistent amount of current being delivered. Electricity spikes up and down slightly, with overvolts and undervolts being possible. Shutting down gracefully, and having the system power down still means that the final moments of live current have to be dealt with by the components. If the current ends more on an uptick, and the current is running high in the system, this can overvolt and damage a component. You'll only see the damage on your next boot. Also, mechanical parts that were fine in motion can end up in a position that, on next start up, can cause them to fail when stressed. And that's the other side of it. When the system goes to draw power, there's always the possibility of a surge. Also, start up is when fans will be the most stressed, cranking up from stopped to full speed at power on, only lowering once the system starts regulating their speeds per the temperature monitors. And while a hot PC being left on can cause issues, so can going from a cold state to a hot state. That shift in temperatures will cause expansion, and if there's a time to fail, it's when everything gets warmed up. Essentially, there's numerous points of failure that can happen when a system shuts down and starts up. That said, if you leave your rig running, you have problems with overheating, brown outs when you're not aware, surges, or straight up sudden power loss that can create a number of issues. Even hibernation isn't entirely safe. Really, it's just which risks for failure you want to take.

  • Godis Mytower
    Godis Mytower 2 hours ago

    Samsung nu 8500.

  • Ashley Bailey
    Ashley Bailey 2 hours ago

    I'm a watercooling enthusiast that's never built a pc with custom cooling... yet. I plan on doing my first custom watercooling build next year.

  • FuDaVan
    FuDaVan 2 hours ago

    Quadro GV100 is capable of gaming but not as optimized for games than for professional tasks. Also it costs more than your average car, so why waste money when you want to play games?

  • MrKayveman
    MrKayveman 2 hours ago

    ROFL I got an LTT ad before this video...

  • Erwick D'Souza
    Erwick D'Souza 2 hours ago

    It's your butt you put it wherever you want, LOL.

  • Spudtastic
    Spudtastic 2 hours ago

    comment section is either Memes about getting straight a's or Defending what jay said

  • ShadowOfDeath24
    ShadowOfDeath24 2 hours ago

    10mpg is actually not too bad for that car on e85...especially since it only went up to 15mpg on the hypermiling segment

  • cri s
    cri s 2 hours ago

    no GasMonkeyGarage……?no ElvisPresley…..?

  • Erwick D'Souza
    Erwick D'Souza 2 hours ago

    You missed Mouse latency. That's a metric you can actually feel

  • adan0sger
    adan0sger 2 hours ago

    you should probably call linus and tell him how to do those "one room one loop" stuff the right way ..that fan ...

  • Casper Klastrup
    Casper Klastrup 2 hours ago

    Graphics card makes it a gaming computer imo, i sell alot og computers at work that only use CPU for all graphics, basicly for browsing and mail

  • Paras Tech Traders
    Paras Tech Traders 2 hours ago

    please subscribe

  • Paras Tech Traders
    Paras Tech Traders 2 hours ago


  • Hlspwns World
    Hlspwns World 2 hours ago

    Very late to the party, but really good to see more car stuff, great to learn more about the ZL1. Cars and computers used to be my hobby, Now I work with computers and still my hobby, but since I been paying for my house the cars are well............. get us from A to B

  • dharmesh art
    dharmesh art 2 hours ago

    Love your videos. I'm creating a rig and my configuration is Gigabyte x570 elite wifi. Ryzen 5 3600x 16 GB ram. Gtx 1660 6 gb This is good for development and normal game playing. Plz suggest. And my budget is 70k INR. Thanks

  • Ged Woods
    Ged Woods 2 hours ago

    Castle main

  • Trickiez
    Trickiez 2 hours ago

    How to increase gpu performance 1.close all application that you don't use 2. download gpu booster 3.this is the important part, *BUY THE NEW ONE*

  • CineMan
    CineMan 3 hours ago

    How tf can the rx vega so strong and cheap 🤔

  • Marcus Blake
    Marcus Blake 3 hours ago

    Is it possible to build a computer for as much as a console costs and still play AAA games like a cheap console can?!?! @JayzTwoCents

  • Ryan Lankford
    Ryan Lankford 3 hours ago

    I get a strong feeling this guy doesn’t know wtf he’s talking about.....

  • Gieldowak
    Gieldowak 3 hours ago

    My feelings to my computer makes it gaming.

  • Cr usty
    Cr usty 3 hours ago

    I'ld buy a 6dof sim rig instead.

  • حمد الجعيدي

    Can you test it with double displays each connected to graphics card ?

  • Anykeybinds
    Anykeybinds 3 hours ago

    8:20 hehe

  • Keith Warden
    Keith Warden 3 hours ago

    1575mhz OC... let me build your next OC... facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=139981764018612&set=a.111246993558756&type=3&theater

  • Sero - سيرو
    Sero - سيرو 3 hours ago

    Oh really??????? Think again!! The best and the cheapest gaming laptop is the eluktronic mag-15

    BOC BIP BOOKIE 3 hours ago

    did this guy beat cancer ?

  • ChinoRicco
    ChinoRicco 3 hours ago

    Gaming computer: $10k computer to play minecraft on.

  • NoobieME
    NoobieME 4 hours ago

    can i have 1 gpu ??please :( the one that you dont use please

  • John enx
    John enx 4 hours ago

    Welcome to the dark side, sadly mine is 4k 55" 60Hz. Edit also sadly no HDMI 2.1 yet in GPUs. Big screen is awesome, I'm not siting so close, about 1.30cm, I hope we will see more big screens 100+ hz and 10bit panels..

  • Matt G
    Matt G 4 hours ago

    :( he didn't review the smaller mic

  • Patrick Chen
    Patrick Chen 4 hours ago

    There's is "i9-9700k"?

  • no name
    no name 4 hours ago

    I really want to get a pc but there are soo many games coming out for ps5 i cant choose😪

  • peter griffin
    peter griffin 4 hours ago

    Use 2 of those drives to make grilled cheese sandwich.

  • Real Skull
    Real Skull 4 hours ago

    Now i want it in sli

  • MrMG43
    MrMG43 4 hours ago

    I mean there's still plenty reason to build or own multiple PCs for different tasks. Why watch youtube on a full ATX build with dedicated GPU and overclocked CPU when you could use a mini ITX build with a low power APU, or maybe even a Raspberry Pi? Could potentially use less electricity as well as maybe keep your main rig alive longer. Same for emulation or very low end games

  • Electro
    Electro 4 hours ago

    Real men use Atom with no gpu

  • isettech
    isettech 4 hours ago

    Hope you have reliable connections. Putting plugs on solid wire is not recommended as they have a history of not maintaining contact with solid wire. There are some connectors which are "Made for Solid", but they tend to fail over time. If you used "patch cable" wire which is stranded, it works well as the wire and RJ45 plug are designed to work together. Use the correct termination for the wire type. Solid wire, use punch down. Fighting bad connections in the wall behind a jack is never fun. Having it in the box where it does not get handled does improve things. Never use RJ45 plugs on solid wire as a substitute for patch cables as with handling, they will fail.

  • DannyWilliamH
    DannyWilliamH 4 hours ago

    Will it run the game you want to play? Congrats! You have a gaming computer... ...and a "regular" computer. Sure, you don't have blinky lights or a super-duper liquid cooling system but if your PC runs the games you want to play it's a gaming computer.

  • cofboy2
    cofboy2 4 hours ago

    RGB!! you missed RGB!! every one knows RGB makes your computer 20%faster Kappa

  • 小遠遠
    小遠遠 4 hours ago

    lol.. so suck

  • ComputeTHIS
    ComputeTHIS 5 hours ago

    When he talked about bottlenexking cpu towards the end then said about how most wouldn't pair with a 2080ti. I'm in that other range. My I7 6700k hates me now.

  • TheDarkToes
    TheDarkToes 5 hours ago

    So something you said, that a 2080 ti would be bad with a 3400g. Considering that it is 4 cores 8 threads, and has reasonable per thread performance (zen +) put that to the test! How unbalanced is it REALLY?

  • Jonathan Meldrum
    Jonathan Meldrum 5 hours ago

    I am also an avid track enthusiast (In Australia). Was great to see the MCA sticker on the tool box since they are are a local gig here! I have them in my 180SX. Also, congrats on 14 years married.

  • Sohaum Rodborne
    Sohaum Rodborne 5 hours ago

    How will the R5 1600 do instead of the R5 2600?

  • J J
    J J 5 hours ago

    i think 3400g is cabable of more than low to medium, i play all maxed out 1080p monster hunter world with 2600x

  • Popoy AudiPH
    Popoy AudiPH 5 hours ago

    Don't: Screw in without confidence

  • Scout
    Scout 5 hours ago

    do this with CPU please :))

  • alex Pamei
    alex Pamei 5 hours ago

    you need to change the camera man.

  • Withington Cycles
    Withington Cycles 5 hours ago

    Jay what about global warming ?? what you doing to offset Carbon footprint !!! think of the polar beers

  • Daniel Dixon
    Daniel Dixon 5 hours ago

    With how powerful hardware is now anything can be a gaming pc with the stuff available today

  • Omar Ehab
    Omar Ehab 5 hours ago

    is core voltage the same as gpu voltage?

  • Checkserk
    Checkserk 5 hours ago

    Should I buy an rx570 or invest an extra $100 for an rx580. I will be mainly playing fps games such as csgo,cod, battlefield r6 etc.

  • Annihilist
    Annihilist 6 hours ago

    That ZR1 logo would look soooo much better if you would have put less space in between the letters like it is on the car.

  • Divinity Ryder
    Divinity Ryder 6 hours ago

    Kinda reminds me how companies put "GAMER" in their marketing to justify higher prices. I'm building my second ever PC soon and I've noticed that for all the games I'd want to play, prices are pretty damn cheap. Compared to when I did my first build back in 2011. If you wanted something that would take most of what you threw at it, you were paying over 1000. Now I can build a damn good system for about 500-600. What a time to be alive.

  • Nerf This!!!
    Nerf This!!! 6 hours ago

    I bought this and not regret at all

  • Frank Kubis
    Frank Kubis 6 hours ago

    What the bit that he used to deburb(?) the tubes?

  • Sakon Madik
    Sakon Madik 6 hours ago

    7:05 Easy fix, just get a guy stand there n squeeze the block n gpu together for you. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Toni Merikanto
    Toni Merikanto 6 hours ago

    Personally i think "what level of gaming computer" is more accurate than just a gaming computer. Like you said, depends of the parts people choose and type of games you wanna play.

  • Minecraft Puckwrd
    Minecraft Puckwrd 6 hours ago

    i say to santa 10000000000000 trillion gift card at mom and dad

  • djazz
    djazz 6 hours ago

    Myth: Watching this video will make your room run faster.

  • John
    John 6 hours ago

    Ek support is non existent - be warned

  • Lord of Thunder
    Lord of Thunder 6 hours ago

    Total fricking RESPECT to you. My dad did not even look at a PC until I left home at 18.

  • Jeff Ngooi
    Jeff Ngooi 6 hours ago

    I tried overclocking my life and it crashed.

  • Weelah
    Weelah 7 hours ago

    That clearly says 1 year 6 months 19 days and 8 hours Haha you can't fool me Jay

  • foxunitone
    foxunitone 7 hours ago

    @13:33 "I LIKE WORK BENCHES!" - Classic Dad fact.

  • Fatal Charade
    Fatal Charade 7 hours ago

    Just to address something made at the end of the video the only reason why people would use a secondary streaming PC is because some games (like Destiny 2, Forza Horizon 4, Divinity Original Sin 2, ect) can't be game captured with OBS.

  • IAmJames - Minecraft

    Also change power plan to max out performance

  • EZ AF
    EZ AF 7 hours ago

    The next jay


    if you cannot afford buying a GAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING PC there is XBOX ONE X that is a price of $550.00 that is the same price as a RTX 2070 SUPER. and you do not spend a extra $300.00 on a stupid windows . that is why there is GAME STOP. get what ever game you want on a XBOX ONE X a giant line of games at the price all the way from EL-CHEAP O and all the way to extreme

  • Aegon Targaryen
    Aegon Targaryen 7 hours ago

    Do Acer Nitro 5 next :)

  • MrPookiexL3oi
    MrPookiexL3oi 7 hours ago

    Love it I want one now. #Yang2020 #MATH

  • Filetsteak
    Filetsteak 7 hours ago

    no 240hz?

  • Nathanael Godson
    Nathanael Godson 8 hours ago

    Your Dog is so cute

  • Google_My_combos
    Google_My_combos 8 hours ago

    Hey I need a computer can somebody help I play games and stream but my computer I’m out of date 770 graphics card and a I3 and 8 gigs of ram and I like to play games like rust which is to intense please help

    • Ded Channel
      Ded Channel 2 hours ago

      Google_My_combos what’s your budget if your serious about streaming and running high demanding open world games like rust at 100 FPS it could cost you over 1500$ i would recommend a cpu of either core i5 9600k or core i7 9600k and for a gpu probably gtx 2070 txi at least 16gb if ram if you really wanna shed some dough then 32gb of ram oh and ideally 2gb storage to save videos and games

  • Taco Toad
    Taco Toad 8 hours ago

    Jay: "What are Gaming PCs?" Also Jay: "Yes"

  • HeyNighTYT
    HeyNighTYT 8 hours ago

    My mistake is when i recommended the NZXT N7 Becose my friend have a lot of HDD and this Mobo only have 4 sata port and my friend have 6x4tb WD red HDD My friend have 8700k,GTX 1070 TI,32gb ram (3400Mhz),1tb Samsung 960PRO Nvme SSD,32gb Intel optain memory,and 6x4tb WD red HDD After he buy the Mobo,he was so anggry becose i say it have a 8 sata port and after i wacht the review i say "dude sale the motherboard and get a new one like MSI Z370 Tomahawk" he buy's it and his happy becose the board have more sata port

  • RoseGold Tv
    RoseGold Tv 8 hours ago

    Hey jay do yall know how to fix a laptops built in battery my battery is dies extremely fast

  • Charlie Conway
    Charlie Conway 8 hours ago

    Background hiss and severe crackling when there’s audio from multiple sources. Hopefully Corsair manage to fix it quickly. It’s a driver issue

  • Bitter Clinger
    Bitter Clinger 8 hours ago

    Fastest internet I've ever seen... paying $74/month for 30 down/3 up...........

  • evokaiyo
    evokaiyo 8 hours ago

    Having created a video about PC Myths you misinformed your audience about another myth regarding needing to destroy your hard drive to get rid of personal data

  • RA1D3R Royale
    RA1D3R Royale 8 hours ago

    Im gunna buy one but im scared for the dp cable cuz i have a beast gaming pc but if i connect my monitor to the display port it. Doesnt work so im scared that my dp port is fried

  • Dobbistus
    Dobbistus 9 hours ago

    Dedicated GPU = Gaming PC A PC with an GTX 260, is also an gaming PC, maybe not the fastest but still Gaming