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  • Ikar Mohamed
    Ikar Mohamed 10 minutes ago

    My mom makes me 5 packs of spicy noodles a day swear

  • Heather Phipps
    Heather Phipps 29 minutes ago

    Hey Hyunee, my favorite youtuber 🤗 is there a link I could buy these from, or any website?

  • Justin Phan
    Justin Phan 31 minute ago

    Lmao. Why were you in disguise? Too popular?

  • Veronica Figueroa
    Veronica Figueroa 40 minutes ago

    that looks so good😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍱🍱🍱🍱

  • lydia paulos
    lydia paulos 52 minutes ago

    What is your recipe ?

  • Nyb twin#2
    Nyb twin#2 56 minutes ago

    it is 12× hotter if you add 4× 4× 4× it equal 12

  • Kayla Taylor
    Kayla Taylor Hour ago

    The only sushi I like is the California roll.Period

  • Sakethia Taylor
    Sakethia Taylor Hour ago

    Im so mad that I dont like rice cakes. They look so good when other people eat them but I can’t stand the texture and the taste of the rice flour

  • Kayla Taylor
    Kayla Taylor Hour ago

    Did she really eat all that salmon?

  • SteveMaximus Gaming
    SteveMaximus Gaming 2 hours ago

    Her: eats 100x spicy this ain't bad Me: eats flamin hot cheetos MILK I NEED SOME MILK and dies

  • Ivy Smith
    Ivy Smith 2 hours ago

    my friend decided to tell my crush that i like him and i was so angry!! she told him it was a joke cuz i was pretending i hated the idea but i actually like him... things have been AWKWARD.

  • Unicorn Girls
    Unicorn Girls 2 hours ago

    Maybe she already is fired?

  • Malani Chansy
    Malani Chansy 2 hours ago

    she really made fun of her own phone-

  • Heart Balasa
    Heart Balasa 2 hours ago

    The spaghettis secret ingredient is just sugar😎👌🏻

  • Unicorn Girls
    Unicorn Girls 2 hours ago

    I have NEVER been fat shamed, maybe by my sis and mom but they were just playing around, we always play around like that! 😂❤️

  • s samaguey
    s samaguey 3 hours ago

    You make me hungry

  • chinwe Anamege
    chinwe Anamege 3 hours ago


  • chinwe Anamege
    chinwe Anamege 3 hours ago

    I'm so jealous

  • Mida’s Beauty Corner

    Can you do Indian food

  • T!gEr _L.L
    T!gEr _L.L 4 hours ago

    i love u ????

  • Oke rite
    Oke rite 4 hours ago

    I'm new to your channel, and I came after watching a tasty video.... 👌

  • Sandralñ Hernandezb

    Y were you wearing a mask

  • ambers Wonderful life

    26 seconds is when you actually finish but 29 seconds is when you said “DONE”

  • serendipity x
    serendipity x 4 hours ago

    God knows why i always endup watching food videos at 2am! It always leaves me craving for such dishes Its so sad when you only have water and an apple around 😭

  • Dorian world
    Dorian world 4 hours ago


  • Jason El-miniawi
    Jason El-miniawi 4 hours ago

    How does this girl eat sooo much, but somehow stays fit?

  • key&lia squad
    key&lia squad 4 hours ago

    I want the 1 chip change

  • Red Hot Wolfie
    Red Hot Wolfie 4 hours ago

    I minute u go gurl

  • T Cheng
    T Cheng 4 hours ago

    WTH was that intro

  • PandaEats ASMR
    PandaEats ASMR 4 hours ago

    This looks good, but so spicy!

  • Cash Money
    Cash Money 5 hours ago

    What are those yellow potato thinges

  • Cash Money
    Cash Money 5 hours ago

    One bite for hunnie=one ful meal for me

  • Anothai Jitamonrat
    Anothai Jitamonrat 5 hours ago

    IM hungry now

  • Queen Kel
    Queen Kel 5 hours ago


  • ChristianBunnyGurl
    ChristianBunnyGurl 5 hours ago

    Hi hyunee 👋🏼 1.) Subscribed a while ago and notification bell on 2.) ....you did Great! 2.) following you on IG 3.) Wow pick just one? 🤔 MUCKBANG at the DODGERS STADIUM I MEET & GREET 4.) tammymlh on IG Hey Gurl I am old and can not do the Challenge with the chip but I would luv a coaster Thanks so much! I am a 2 time Cancer Survivor 1) Ovarian & 2) Breast from Big Fans & Honey Bees 🐝 in Chicago-Land, Tammy Lawson-Hernandez 👵🏼 & Puggle Ariel 🐶 Remember to: "Enjoy this day you can never live it again!" 💖🙏🏼😘🐝

  • Connie Robertson
    Connie Robertson 6 hours ago

    i love how Hyunee is legit inhaling the dumplings <3

  • Jose Bazan
    Jose Bazan 6 hours ago

    I dont like sushi

  • Anita and Tiya
    Anita and Tiya 6 hours ago

    *fact* If you are dying with spiciness and eating ice-cream, always keep ice-cream in your mouth and chew it slowly if your are not...

  • Hector Barcenas
    Hector Barcenas 6 hours ago

    Add lime and valentina and that is 🔥 cup noodles 🍜 love your video's btw. Just started watching you 😍

  • Paisley Grafton
    Paisley Grafton 6 hours ago


  • Paisley Grafton
    Paisley Grafton 6 hours ago

    You are the best

  • Anita and Tiya
    Anita and Tiya 6 hours ago

    I almost died when you said pregnant'

  • Art Castle
    Art Castle 6 hours ago

    Hey hyunee❤️❤️❤️ is ur merch international? Because I moved from the US to Germany.

  • Halloween Time
    Halloween Time 6 hours ago

    I wonder if she does these videos when it’s that time of the month

  • ChristianBunnyGurl
    ChristianBunnyGurl 6 hours ago

    Hi hynuee 👋🏼 Great try! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 This was attempted and a challenged long before Matt Stonie by @Jaime EATS in Cali! Luv ya Gurl! From Big Fans in Chicago-Land, Tammy Lawson-Hernandez 👵🏼 & Puggle Ariel 🐶 (My Senior Service Grandpup) "Enjoy this day you can never live it again!" 💖🙏🏼😘

  • Shirish Gandecha Gandecha

    Yes you look like neha kakkar😘😘

  • Cait Monroe
    Cait Monroe 7 hours ago

    the only thing cuter than hyunee is xeno

  • Nida Kaya
    Nida Kaya 7 hours ago


    FALGUNI RAY 8 hours ago

    I would tell the driver

  • Sh A
    Sh A 8 hours ago

    This is disgusting...idk how people can get hungry from watching this video..

  • Nickie Pratt
    Nickie Pratt 8 hours ago

    I'm so hungry watching this

  • Ben Botts
    Ben Botts 8 hours ago

    Korean Fried Chicken (be still my heart) - grew up in Fay, NC and the Korean/Asian community is large. The food culture in my hometown really makes me miss eating at my childhood friend's homes & the local KBBQ places. I really do enjoy these videos.

  • Eman Fatima
    Eman Fatima 8 hours ago


  • Nandani Patel
    Nandani Patel 8 hours ago

    Like if she looks cute and pretty 🙂🙂

  • Funneh _ Fan
    Funneh _ Fan 8 hours ago

    I’m chines

  • Ioana Loves gacha
    Ioana Loves gacha 8 hours ago

    Happy Birthday Hyunee! I love you and I really hope Lucky gets better!

  • Chloe Padilla
    Chloe Padilla 9 hours ago

    Good luck hynnee hope you finished them

  • bobby Nuttall
    bobby Nuttall 9 hours ago


  • Mida’s Beauty Corner

    I came to listen to Zach but he didn’t speak

  • Lemonichoux
    Lemonichoux 9 hours ago

    Stupid ad you interrupted my comment reading!!!

  • Vimal Parmar
    Vimal Parmar 9 hours ago

    people can't even have or take a bit or an noodle and they are hating on you

  • shay lɪkes stuff
    shay lɪkes stuff 9 hours ago

    Now I have to go to the store again 🤤

  • Lemonichoux
    Lemonichoux 9 hours ago

    I'm eating the same exact noodles while watching this 😂

  • Turtushig Ganbagana
    Turtushig Ganbagana 9 hours ago

    hyunee: not too bad (spice) sometime later: ok i take my word back lol

  • amandeep kaur
    amandeep kaur 9 hours ago

    Yummmy I also want to taste

  • Badarihun Rapsang
    Badarihun Rapsang 10 hours ago


  • Benjamin Mitkoff
    Benjamin Mitkoff 10 hours ago

    Perfect amount of spice. NOPE

  • Benjamin Mitkoff
    Benjamin Mitkoff 10 hours ago

    People: Does she have a immunity to spice? Scientists: Impossible!!!!!!

  • Benjamin Mitkoff
    Benjamin Mitkoff 10 hours ago

    Hyunee: perfect amount of spice. Carolina reaper: am I a joke to you!!!!

  • Sneha Marbate
    Sneha Marbate 10 hours ago

    She didn't make that Maggi property

  • rudyLuvs gaz144
    rudyLuvs gaz144 10 hours ago

    I WOULD CHOOSE SUSHI most likley

  • Ioana Loves gacha
    Ioana Loves gacha 10 hours ago

    The most embarrassing thing that happened to me in 2019 is because we study Period for the girls and one day mine came and the other day we had P.E. and I told my teacher that I had a girl problem and couldn’t play and he understood,but unfortunately my really good friend Martin heard me and said to me later “You have your period right?” and he was laughing but in a good way. This was so embarrassing!

  • rudyLuvs gaz144
    rudyLuvs gaz144 10 hours ago

    can i haz pweez >/////<

  • Ramesh Chandarana
    Ramesh Chandarana 11 hours ago

    Hyunee:🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 Nick:🤗😚😊😚😚😊😄😭😃😜😦😲😧😢😵😔🤐 Zach:

  • on pink
    on pink 11 hours ago

    I love these ones

  • Fedaa Jaber
    Fedaa Jaber 11 hours ago


  • Kate Lin Schestak
    Kate Lin Schestak 11 hours ago

    you eat such big portions on food and your still so slim

  • Berenice Ruiz
    Berenice Ruiz 11 hours ago

    That's sad he passed away when I was born

  • mia alani
    mia alani 11 hours ago

    the preview I-

  • cutiegirlrobloxgamer3 lololo


  • rudyLuvs gaz144
    rudyLuvs gaz144 12 hours ago


  • The Sofia Sisters
    The Sofia Sisters 12 hours ago


  • HF
    HF 12 hours ago

    Thats fucking disgusting

  • matthew tran
    matthew tran 12 hours ago


  • Aiza Shafique
    Aiza Shafique 12 hours ago

    My favorite video of yours is the Nuclear Fire Challenge!! Cuz the noodles looked delicious 🤤, you showed the cooking process so people know you didn’t cheated...one of the main reasons were also that you wore mascara which looked REALLY PRETTY on you! I don’t think so you wore it again and also that you did really well!!! I actually watch the vid a lot haha😂😂 Alright I think I’m done with the rules♥️ My insta handle- aiza_patuteee

  • War Freak
    War Freak 12 hours ago

    Is it just me or you sound like milli from team umizoomi???😂🤦😅

  • Jinny Wei
    Jinny Wei 12 hours ago

    hi hyunee bees

  • Emily Rivera
    Emily Rivera 12 hours ago

    2019? here? 👇🏻

  • Lovella Miliana-LM
    Lovella Miliana-LM 12 hours ago

    If who like hyunee eats like 👇🏻

  • wt f
    wt f 12 hours ago

    I just ate dumplings but only 4 tho xD I'm full

  • Mousumi Kar
    Mousumi Kar 13 hours ago

    2:49 your reaction was so so so cute

  • SHELDON Plays
    SHELDON Plays 13 hours ago

    29 seconds close to 30

  • fire001 gams
    fire001 gams 13 hours ago



    You got that princess😍💖💜

  • SHELDON Plays
    SHELDON Plays 13 hours ago


  • Gamingwith Abel
    Gamingwith Abel 13 hours ago

    Do you translate it "hello my hyuneebees" than thats right you say it correctly

  • BLACKPINK Boba Tea
    BLACKPINK Boba Tea 13 hours ago

    Indians are also Asian I’m Indian no hate btw ilysm hyunee

  • Sanjay Jain
    Sanjay Jain 13 hours ago

    Wanna be

    FIONNA ASUNCION 13 hours ago

    Shout out me Fionna Asuncion


    This girl is a dare devil😂