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GRWM: Prom 2018!
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What's In My Purse?! |2016
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|DIY Galaxy shoes|
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  • Bella Jarufe
    Bella Jarufe 3 days ago

    she forgot shakira

  • Marie Teresa
    Marie Teresa 6 days ago

    I have a musical performance in two days, and she just told us all the bridesmaids in the okay have to wear black heels. I’ve never worn any heels before wish me luck.

  • no no
    no no 29 days ago

    I use a sheamoisture cowash with 2b hair but nothing else (works well, gets rid of scalp pain from having my hair up) Trying to use their styling products is rough tho, as it's very heavy. I've been using something like Maui conditioner and its reaaaallly good and cheap too. I was surprised it worked so well because it's a super thick product (it stays at the bottom of the bottle when you flip it over) but it gives a lot of shine and doesn't have any silicones.

  • el x
    el x 29 days ago

    applying shampoo to the ends of your hair will make it more damaged because you will be creating and worsening your split ends

  • Jannaat Jassim
    Jannaat Jassim Month ago

    I'm so glad this is a good video which isn't half an hour long

  • Kilgore Trout
    Kilgore Trout Month ago

    I remember when teenage girls couldn’t wait to wear heels. Now it’s treated like a deadly object

  • Jessica Martinez
    Jessica Martinez Month ago

    People too think I’m not Latina. I either get mistaken for Thai or Filipina. I don’t like that people think there are certain criteria’s that makes you look Latina or be a Latina. Anyone can be a Latina even if you don’t have “dark thick hair or a curvy body”.

    • zamantha
      zamantha Month ago

      Jessica Martinez well said 👏🏼👏🏼

  • ツMercvy
    ツMercvy Month ago

    I'm Salvadorian I look Caucasian :( I wish I didn't look Caucasian I wanna look more Latina People say I look Caucasian.. Just because I watch anime and manga and "I'm shy and nice" This really makes me feel self conscious..

    • ツMercvy
      ツMercvy Month ago

      @zamantha lmaoo yes I love your confidence! ❤😂

    • zamantha
      zamantha Month ago

      ツMercvy screw what everyone else thinks !

  • aria 27
    aria 27 Month ago

    Really bruh 😭😂

  • Yvonne Vargas
    Yvonne Vargas Month ago


  • Brittany Proctor
    Brittany Proctor Month ago

    you deserve so much more views and subscribers tbh. you’re absolutely so amusing and have great videos.

  • Geraldine Nicholson
    Geraldine Nicholson 2 months ago

    Name of song

  • Mark Stanley
    Mark Stanley 2 months ago

    Does anyone notice in the beginning of the video her mom calls her pimples or says something about pimples LOL 😂

  • Dailywith Sarah
    Dailywith Sarah 2 months ago

    Out of all there products what would you recommend for super frizzy, thick hair

  • Kansie Gacha
    Kansie Gacha 2 months ago

    And u Oop- ur dead

  • Sabri
    Sabri 2 months ago

    I had a 2015 Nissan sv Sentra and I miss it

  • The Ex Girlfriend
    The Ex Girlfriend 2 months ago

    Try the Hask Argan Oil collection!!!! Its magic! The deep conditioner is like amazing!!! Walmart has it. Hask is also parabens free.

  • Aussie_rosie_longleg_lisa

    I don’t think you have 2a hair. You more like 2b

  • Dana Xiong
    Dana Xiong 3 months ago

    If anyone can seriously answer, why do type 2a and 2b girls get so much hate? Almost everyone I know tells me my 2a/b hair I straight and I’m just tryna jump on the band wagon... like I’m really not. This is my natural hair.

    • Winnie James
      Winnie James 14 days ago

      @no no Same!

    • no no
      no no 28 days ago

      @Kaileb Elijah I wouldn't know much about 4c hair but I'm a hair type 2 and it's a constant struggle between dryness and build-up

    • Kaileb Elijah
      Kaileb Elijah 28 days ago

      I feel kind of bad for you guys, y’all are just trying to embrace whatever texture your hair has just like the rest of us. I think a lot of the hate comes from people who curlier hair and feel as though they were “more oppressed” than you. In my opinion I think having 2a/b and 4c hair are some of the most difficult types to perfect since both can be very finicky and can look unruly if you’re routine is just right

    • no no
      no no 29 days ago

      Yeah fr my 2b hair looked like crap before I tried this method sooo

    • Teresa Yates
      Teresa Yates 3 months ago

      I feel your pain. I've spent my whole life trying to straighten my hair. Don't tell me it's straight! It's unruly, but it's not straight. I always envied girls with straight hair. I just started trying to work with my natural hair. Sometimes it feels hopeless.

  • rvzla
    rvzla 3 months ago

    a lady called me whitewashed for wearing adidas and a messy bun... i guess i dissapointed her cause i wasnt a real latina.

  • Kayden R
    Kayden R 4 months ago

    you should try glitterati by brad mondo

  • Kristelle Thomson
    Kristelle Thomson 4 months ago

    I’m Asian but people tell me I look Latina. It’s v confusing but I love the vid and you looked amazing before and after ♥️

    • zamantha
      zamantha Month ago

      Kristelle Thomson thanks doll!

  • M Z
    M Z 4 months ago

    My wet hair would be frizzing already as you were talking about the Shea moisture.

    • Dailywith Sarah
      Dailywith Sarah 2 months ago

      Mine too 10 months after I shower a frizz mess

  • kate baratheon
    kate baratheon 4 months ago

    i like your vibe, you are really funny and cool

  • T A S I A J
    T A S I A J 4 months ago

    I almost cried 😂😂 she’s so sweet

  • nrtanrl r
    nrtanrl r 4 months ago

    You look very beautiful In the black shoes High heels Make you very beautiful

  • J_a17919 13
    J_a17919 13 4 months ago

    Ummm ok

  • nowsh azad
    nowsh azad 4 months ago

    Why would u do that to your mum

  • PizzaBoyPepe
    PizzaBoyPepe 4 months ago

    I have very thick, frizzy, coarse, 2a/2b naturally red hair and literally all I use is Shea Moisture. I really love the manuka honey and yogurt or the jamaican black castor oil. I really want to try the curl smoothie one because I've heard good things about it. I would recommend the manuka honey and yogurt protein treatment though, that really has been a lifesaver for my frizzy hair.

    • Much IDK
      Much IDK 3 months ago

      Hey, could you tell me more about your rountine, (I have the same problem with my hair)

  • Susan fiore is a twat Haha

    Why are these chicks in the curly hair videos plopping after the hair produccccct? Stop it! It takes the product out!

    • Nah
      Nah 4 months ago

      Applying products to dry or partially dry hair (when you have waves or curls) creates MAD frizz yo

    • Nah
      Nah 4 months ago

      No it doesn't, you should always apply products to wet hair and then scrunch, plop, and diffuse/air dry

  • Meg Robinson
    Meg Robinson 5 months ago

    You are so fricking pretty!!

  • Daya OB
    Daya OB 5 months ago

    I always get Indian! ... I’m Latina!!!

  • Bobbie Ditcharo-Roland

    Your hair is very pretty.

  • Alison Diego Aguirre
    Alison Diego Aguirre 5 months ago

    I have my my first heels 👠 when I was 10 and I am 10 rite now but great vid and love the heels

  • goth angel ϟinner
    goth angel ϟinner 5 months ago

    i started at the age of 5 😂

    • Bella 12Wolfy
      Bella 12Wolfy 2 months ago

      jesse rutherford’s nose I started at age of 2 😂

  • Shraddha Bapat
    Shraddha Bapat 6 months ago

    But this method wil mot remove dirt from hair

    • Grace Lily
      Grace Lily 4 months ago

      Shraddha Bapat do u not know what a shampoo does ???

  • ONE KiNG
    ONE KiNG 6 months ago


  • Andre Antone
    Andre Antone 6 months ago

    Zamantha??? God dam lol your parents were on a good one. Nice car though.

  • cospiano time
    cospiano time 6 months ago

    U should walk heel to toe

  • Taylor Lackford
    Taylor Lackford 6 months ago

    you gotta put gel or mouse in before you plop and scrunch out the moisture. those sounded like conditioners to me but idk im new to this too

    • Susan fiore is a twat Haha
      Susan fiore is a twat Haha 5 months ago

      Noooo! Don't plop after products. Think about it. It removes it. It's OK after the conditioner is in cos heat from scalp helps it penetrate

  • Evelyn Navarro
    Evelyn Navarro 6 months ago

    the frik?? why don't you have more views????? you seem like an actual good youtuber??????? foweiñnflwkeuihfnwleiufh RU-clip EXPLAIN

  • Mariah P
    Mariah P 6 months ago

    Girl yessss looks good!

  • Undesirable Truism
    Undesirable Truism 6 months ago


  • Concerts Concerts
    Concerts Concerts 6 months ago

    I walked in 7 inch heels I did it with socks I didn’t really fell but couldn’t walk straight up! Then I took of my socks and omg it was a pain! I walked and almost broke my ankle and I fell and now my feet our hurting.

  • Darkside 91
    Darkside 91 6 months ago

    3:40 ...I believe they’re called floor mats.

  • Undesirable Truism
    Undesirable Truism 6 months ago


  • 24CookieM
    24CookieM 7 months ago

    did you like the curl smoothie?

    • zamantha
      zamantha 7 months ago

      24CookieM i actually use it in this video: if u wanna see my results using it

    • zamantha
      zamantha 7 months ago

      24CookieM i use it and it does really define my waves the best, but it does weigh my hair down at times so I don’t use it too often. If ur hair is thicker though it does work

  • Angela Padalecki
    Angela Padalecki 7 months ago

    Are you checking with curlsbot about your products ? Making sure they’re approved?

    • zamantha
      zamantha 7 months ago

      Angela Padalecki I actually have never heard of curlsbot but I’m pretty sure they are approved

  • C Martinez
    C Martinez 7 months ago

    What was your SAT score?

  • C Martinez
    C Martinez 7 months ago

    Girl ain't your mom a hairdresser?

    • C Martinez
      C Martinez 7 months ago

      @zamantha bwajajaja Momma to the rescue!

    • zamantha
      zamantha 7 months ago

      C Martinez yea lol, I usually just do stuff to my hair and she fixes it

  • Hani Muumz
    Hani Muumz 7 months ago

    Share your journney

  • Valeria C
    Valeria C 7 months ago

    Don’t scrunch when dry please it creates frizz ❤️

  • Cassie Blake
    Cassie Blake 7 months ago

    SOO happy to do another collab with you! you’re pretty already and your accent isn’t too bad😂❤️

  • Jmnlau
    Jmnlau 7 months ago

    I’m graduating high school this May and the last time I wore heels was also my 8th grade promotion ( they were also little bitty heels). I’m gonna wear heels for graduation but I’m scared of walking on the turf of the football field and falling 😭

  • Gary Kesterson Jr
    Gary Kesterson Jr 7 months ago

    You look good in the black ones!

  • Yennu305
    Yennu305 7 months ago

    You look more Indian before and super Latina after but you look gorgeous in all of your videos.

  • Captain Pink
    Captain Pink 8 months ago

    Poor thing, she sabotaged herself scrunching before it was dry

    • Crab Gal
      Crab Gal Month ago

      thai 79 I think they meant scrunching the cast?? Usually if you “scrunch out the crunch” before your hair is fully dry you lose some wave and get frizz. I do it all the time:(

    • thai 79
      thai 79 Month ago

      Captain Pink what are you supposed to then? :o wait until it’s completely dry? Or?? Genuinely curious

  • McKenzie Hellum
    McKenzie Hellum 8 months ago

    I wouldn't trust those picture charts because all of them have different ideas about each hair texture. 2a means barely there waves, your hair seems more 2b

    • Call Me Swivel Hips
      Call Me Swivel Hips 7 months ago

      In short, your just have to grow it out and cut the damaged hair off. I've been slowly eliminating an unnatural cowlick my childhood barber trained into my hair. And it was definitely causing damage and pulling my curls looser. SO I'm in a very similar boat. It sucks.@McKenzie Hellum

    • McKenzie Hellum
      McKenzie Hellum 7 months ago

      @Call Me Swivel Hips yeah I was thinking the same thing, I'm trying not to type my hair right now because it's going to take a while to fix years of damage and my hair texture is slowly changing

    • Call Me Swivel Hips
      Call Me Swivel Hips 7 months ago

      I have a similar hair type. Especially if this is her hair while damaged (dyed with bleach 5 times, DANG), I would say she might even be a 2C. But definitely not a 2A.

  • A Haunter
    A Haunter 8 months ago

    Yea Latina girls are the most beautiful forsure. Seriously

  • Sydney VT
    Sydney VT 8 months ago

    ok girl this is the first video of yours i’ve ever seen and let me tell you this was super cathartic for me to watch someone else talk about. i’m in an extremely similar situation to yours and i’ve just started questioning whether i actually WANT to go to college or not after being told my whole life by my parents that i have no choice but to go to college. i really hope we both figure out what the hell we’re doing lol also i hope u enjoyed your salad even though you accidentally got the wrong one

    • zamantha
      zamantha 7 months ago

      Sydney VT I get exactly what u mean ! And yea it was still pretty good lol

  • Rebecca Henkenhaf
    Rebecca Henkenhaf 8 months ago

    Your hair is really like mine..thank you!

  • coolbluebird21
    coolbluebird21 9 months ago

    Sounds weird, but when I dry my hair I flip it to each side every 10-15 minutes, it helps add volume and it helps it dry faster

    • zamantha
      zamantha 8 months ago

      coolbluebird21 that’s actually a really good idea! I might try that lol

  • siti komariah
    siti komariah 9 months ago

    I am looking for shea moisture to tame my frizzy hair 😥 thank you for your review ...

    • zamantha
      zamantha 8 months ago

      siti komariah i would maybe try the Shea Moisture “Smooth & Tame” shampoo and conditioner! I’ve never tried that line, but it targets frizzy hair

  • Kye Fayth
    Kye Fayth 9 months ago

    my thoughts exactly! I'm so glad I'm not the only one thank you for making this video!

    • zamantha
      zamantha 8 months ago

      glad we can relate !

  • Laraha Pizano
    Laraha Pizano 9 months ago

    0:25 - 0:37😂😂

  • Ema nevaeh
    Ema nevaeh 9 months ago

    Your very pretty!!!!!!

  • Fish Cloud UwU
    Fish Cloud UwU 9 months ago

    To funny!😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😃😃😃😃😅😅😅😅😅

  • adriana r
    adriana r 9 months ago

    i relate to this so much

    • zamantha
      zamantha 9 months ago

      adriana r glad to know that I have someone who feels the same (don’t feel so alone now)

  • sayan3wade
    sayan3wade 9 months ago

    Jheeez can't wait to see what your future holds!!! But yea go find a job in the meantime LOL

    • zamantha
      zamantha 9 months ago

      sayan3wade thanks for the positive energy! Will be getting a job soon 😂

  • Too MuchMiracle
    Too MuchMiracle 9 months ago

    I’m also a virtual school student and graduated early

  • Laraha Pizano
    Laraha Pizano 9 months ago

    😂😂haha zamantha! I’m literally in the same spot as you. Graduated early, no job, bored as heck Cause I didn’t make the signup deadline for classes. Rip. We should hangout!! Let’s go search for jobs together or something. Hit me up on snap! @rayyaaxo

    • zamantha
      zamantha 9 months ago

      We should do that, sounds like fun !

  • XxxCookieLoverxxX
    XxxCookieLoverxxX 9 months ago


    • zamantha
      zamantha 9 months ago

      Don’t do,geggygygy ❤️❤️

  • • 1980 •
    • 1980 • 9 months ago


  • Anonymous Muhaha
    Anonymous Muhaha 9 months ago

    Susy and Chris then there’s you and I having a double date😏😘-Geo Lopez

  • Coke& Pepsi
    Coke& Pepsi 9 months ago

    These products are WAY too heavy for your hair Watch curly penny and jayme jo. Edit: Just trying to help 🙂

    • no no
      no no 29 days ago

      I use a sheamoisture cowash with 2b hair but nothing else (works well, gets rid of scalp pain from having my hair up) Trying to use their styling products is rough tho.

    • Sophia NotGonnaSayMyLastNameBecauseThat'sPrivate
      Sophia NotGonnaSayMyLastNameBecauseThat'sPrivate 8 months ago

      Omg I love curly penny so much. She's so funny

  • Anonymous Muhaha
    Anonymous Muhaha 9 months ago

    You’re cute asf I miss you at the HS

  • One time I ate a bagel

    Your dads my teacher lol

  • Tamar Chokheli
    Tamar Chokheli 9 months ago

    for the beggining better to try 5 sm tall heels. and also when you walk, get stand straight and when you move use your shoulders and underweist for ballance. also short steps. easyer to be gracious

  • zamantha
    zamantha 9 months ago

    hellooooooo, just wanted to say that this vibe looks so good on other people and they can pull it off! I just can't pull off this look lol so no hate to anyone! xx

  • Oofitsjayde
    Oofitsjayde 10 months ago

    Happy late birthday and you are so pretty omg

    • zamantha
      zamantha 10 months ago

      Oofitsjayde thank you!! 💜💜

  • Olivia V
    Olivia V 10 months ago

    I love watching these transformations! Happy Birthday Cutie!!

  • C Martinez
    C Martinez 10 months ago

    Feliz Cumple Zam

    • C Martinez
      C Martinez 10 months ago

      @zamantha sorry not sorry bout that peace sign at the end. Good choice of tunes, love the sound effects and very funny. Nails Done Hair Done Everything Did.

    • zamantha
      zamantha 10 months ago

      C Martinez thank you! 🎈

  • summer Cassidy
    summer Cassidy 10 months ago

    Hi 3

    • zamantha
      zamantha 10 months ago

      Laura Rickard hola

  • Diana itzel Jimenez Morales

    Bellísima como siempre me encanto!! 😍❤

    • zamantha
      zamantha 10 months ago

      Diana itzel Jimenez Morales ¡gracias prima! ❤️

  • Francisco Rios
    Francisco Rios 10 months ago


    • zamantha
      zamantha 10 months ago

      Francisco Rios thanks !

  • unicornfasion magic
    unicornfasion magic 11 months ago

    Now you need to sing sorry lol

  • Michael McCullough
    Michael McCullough 11 months ago

    would you sell shoe pics

  • Juliana Skabelund
    Juliana Skabelund 11 months ago

    My mom would react like that maybe even worse I could never do that

  • kayla amaya
    kayla amaya 11 months ago

    I get told I don't look Latina because I'm very pale and how my face looks. I also don't really dress or groom myself like a typical Latina. So I can sympathize

  • XxxCookieLoverxxX
    XxxCookieLoverxxX 11 months ago

    OMG ghshyudh EEEEEEE

  • penguins 360
    penguins 360 11 months ago

    How's the practising going? Btw you did quite well to say it's your first time I'm your age and I could never do it 😂

  • Chelsea Smith
    Chelsea Smith 11 months ago

    We have the same car and same lanyard 😂😂

  • Carl Schindewolf

    You did an awesome job I think you could go out in public.

    • Георгий Настенко
      Георгий Настенко 4 months ago

      @zamantha Your walk wasn't bad for the first time. You're a well-coordinated girl, and you're gonna do great. A dress or skirt will look better on you with these shoes. But these sharp heels seem dangerous in crowded places. Have you ever stepped on someone's feet with them?

    • zamantha
      zamantha Year ago

      Carl Schindewolf well thanks for the confidence boost, but not too sure about that yet! Lol

  • kota scott
    kota scott Year ago


  • Parker Burgio
    Parker Burgio Year ago

    Ur pretty

  • Katherine X
    Katherine X Year ago

    I only came to your channel because I thought you were Indian, oh should do an Indian make up look!

  • zanab alabid
    zanab alabid Year ago

    i started criying when i drove for the first time i did not no how to drive at all like for the first time i will give it a 20 from100

  • zanab alabid
    zanab alabid Year ago

    why woud you do that to your mom your mean dont do that again

  • Ccc L
    Ccc L Year ago

    I loooove how you get straight to the point

  • Itzel Lopez
    Itzel Lopez Year ago

    Zamantha guess what I'm making my own book

    • Unna Unna
      Unna Unna 29 days ago

      I'm writing a book as well