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Biggest Things Ever Stolen
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Luckiest Storage Unit Finds
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  • Gaming_ Neuron
    Gaming_ Neuron 40 seconds ago

    You can gain more with honesty

  • Aswad Mari
    Aswad Mari 2 minutes ago

    was the rollercoaster bed in regular show?

  • Get N00f N00f
    Get N00f N00f 5 minutes ago

    If karma can do that *Then it's time to be n o I c e*

  • GuyWithasword
    GuyWithasword 6 minutes ago

    The last one gave me chills for real

  • arjay molina
    arjay molina 9 minutes ago

    I feel so sad for those who died before seeing the part 2

  • Tsunami Gamer
    Tsunami Gamer 11 minutes ago


  • ArvidPbGaming
    ArvidPbGaming 14 minutes ago

    We all know that Victors are always good people

  • unkillable boss Z Force of war

    How about the wood worms there also food in the Philippines

  • Judy Lusiri
    Judy Lusiri 14 minutes ago

    Is this really Real😮😮

  • the snaps team
    the snaps team 16 minutes ago

    11:45 you can't un see it look at the flower bird ok now look under it it looks like a bunny!

  • kasey gamble
    kasey gamble 17 minutes ago


  • Jonathan Yachik
    Jonathan Yachik 17 minutes ago

    I say I won't give money to you to get a jetpack I'll give it to someone else that needs it

  • Minedark 123467
    Minedark 123467 18 minutes ago

    Yay something hungarian in the video

  • GalaxyGacha Playz
    GalaxyGacha Playz 21 minute ago


  • 24c_ lyrics_
    24c_ lyrics_ 22 minutes ago Awesome

  • Duke _of_destruction_
    Duke _of_destruction_ 23 minutes ago

    Ungrateful little shits!!! People like this need to be chucked out on their asses and have to endure the world without money or the comfort of mommy and daddy paying for everything!!! See how long they last !!!

  • im stupid and
    im stupid and 31 minute ago

    Everyone is feeling sad ONLY about #8. How about the kid who die because of their classmates (#7)?

  • Vin Sagun
    Vin Sagun 34 minutes ago

    There is a Volcano locatad in Taal, Batangas.

  • Kielljamez Muñoz
    Kielljamez Muñoz 35 minutes ago

    Fake people + fake food,things etc= china

  • the snaps team
    the snaps team 36 minutes ago

    7:35 i say thats a draw

  • Claudya Tumimomor
    Claudya Tumimomor 41 minute ago

    Mangosteen’s skin are use as medicine

  • Claudya Tumimomor
    Claudya Tumimomor 43 minutes ago

    Don’t drink coffee/milk/tea before/after eating mangosteen

  • Claudya Tumimomor
    Claudya Tumimomor 43 minutes ago

    Don’t drink soda before/after eating mangosteen

  • Naofumi Iwatani
    Naofumi Iwatani 43 minutes ago

    i wish there was a hacker that delete the flat earth document in Nasa hiden file

  • Claudya Tumimomor
    Claudya Tumimomor 44 minutes ago

    NEVER combine mangosteen with other fruit,cause it will poison you...

  • young n wild
    young n wild 44 minutes ago

    immediately scrolled down after whim hof's breathing technique to find kimetsu no yaiba memes.

  • GetGood6420
    GetGood6420 45 minutes ago

    3:54 that has to be the BEST IDEA IVE EVER HEARD 4:42 I don’t know what sterobrys is

  • Judy Lusiri
    Judy Lusiri 46 minutes ago

    I'm never going to try such games may God bless

  • gsarra gaming
    gsarra gaming 48 minutes ago

    Most patient thing ive ever done is living my whole lonely depressing life day by day

  • TC Fan
    TC Fan 50 minutes ago

    Can we maybe get bad karma for good people for a twist?

  • 2 ••
    2 •• 59 minutes ago

    1:00 👽ship a.i = female(800km away)

  • Vancouver Guy
    Vancouver Guy Hour ago

    uhh most of these are hardly clones they barely look like the original. calling alot of these clones is like saying a car is a clone because it has 4 tires, side mirrors, and same generic shape. by these flimsy standards, any car would be considered a clone of another

  • Jonnywab
    Jonnywab Hour ago

    The Pepsi logos remind me of toothpaste

  • [Kai] XxFasutoKiraxX

    In my experience, no matter how kind you are, life always make it so hard day by day no matter how kind and selfless you are You help a someone here in Philippines only to have the same guy pickpocket you, happened 3+ times already no matter how alert you are Kindness Is Repaid To Certain People But Not For Me Apparently So I'm Currently Rehabilitating Myself To Keep Me From Helping Strangers Even If They Are In The Verge Of Death

  • Enclave Studio
    Enclave Studio Hour ago

    We should hang them for Swatting

  • Kristin Koyon
    Kristin Koyon Hour ago

    No one cares about fenty! Stop!

  • the snaps team
    the snaps team Hour ago

    1.SONIC (OLD VER) Thats the only thing that is tragic

  • Mohamed Mohamed
    Mohamed Mohamed Hour ago

    Why did I watch this🤦‍♂️

  • Iluvpugs
    Iluvpugs Hour ago

    When u said yawn I yawned lol

  • Dappershmellow
    Dappershmellow Hour ago

    Corn starch is non Newtonian, you can just run across it Edit: but the acid is still safest

  • Alysha Hilton
    Alysha Hilton Hour ago

    Well now I know my country has the only leech farm in the uk. The more you know 💫

  • pxy marak
    pxy marak Hour ago

    so i can eat vaseline.......

  • Duke _of_destruction_

    Give someone a heart attack with a tank then cook them with a flamethrower, eat them and fire a missile in celebration!!!! Hell yeah!!!!

  • Rish Plays
    Rish Plays Hour ago

    Be amazed: what’s the meaning of life Me: just eat and sleep Edit:I need subscribers pls

  • Ace Speedster
    Ace Speedster Hour ago

    6:44 Totally cried

  • Ali Shathir
    Ali Shathir Hour ago

    Well, I saw a flying fish that's so common from where i am

  • gamer of games
    gamer of games Hour ago

    I have a crayfish a hamster 3 fish and 2 cats and a dog

  • Anime Lover4life

    This is just a comment. Ignore it and move on.

  • gamer of games
    gamer of games Hour ago

    The HOOLA HOOP bike

  • NANE biswas
    NANE biswas Hour ago

    I never had passion fruit... I want to try it..

  • Zhafran Aslam
    Zhafran Aslam Hour ago

    Like a song by a popular Nasheed group in 90s in my country, the lyric said: "Buat baik berpada-pada, buat jahat jangan sekali" (make good restraint, never do evil), here the song is: it a nice Nasheed song, try hear it. The video remind me of a touching commercial from Thailand, here it is: Be kind, make the world better.

  • I'm Jayelee I Wish I Were A Billionare

    i had 3 different ads during this vid. they wanted me to join their free seminars and i'd earn 10s of thousand of dollars a month. 1 even said u dont get rich by getting a degree, or working at a "regular" job. he would teach me the online way to make 100s of thousands of dollars, and he must be right, cos he said he's a millionaire(cough cough). i googled his name, nothing nice came up about him, its pretty much like a pyramid scheme he's running. u can only hope karma shits on their faces and they loose the money they scammed, along with everything they purchased thru their scams.

  • eddie Dickens
    eddie Dickens Hour ago

    If anyone ever heard of gutter grease or recycled grease, black market grease in alot of asian restaurants, especially in China, then you would understand the North Carolina thing about stolen used grease. I encourage people to look up gutter grease here on you tube. It's actually grease from the sewers of Chinese cities reused for frying foods

  • Arthas Villafuerte

    2:20 the normal ball was named nomal xD

  • Jobin Unni
    Jobin Unni Hour ago

    I just have the same looking lemon in maly refrigerator

    THE RIDER HUB Hour ago

    if i had find that, i would make it as a show piece in my house and like a museum i would let people let see with tickets.

  • Haley daia Madeja

    With all do respect plz Rats are not the cause of the plague(the black death) Gerbils did!!!😡😒

  • zolic
    zolic Hour ago

    I'm 12 so I'm not gonna a die til another 70 years

  • gamer of games
    gamer of games 2 hours ago


    KRISTEN MCFADDEN 2 hours ago

    When he push the elevator button he pushed ⬆️

  • Sidek Husaini
    Sidek Husaini 2 hours ago

    you dont outplay when you get caught

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 hours ago

    Hiw can u say its worth x if no ones going to buy ut

  • Angel Mcfadden
    Angel Mcfadden 2 hours ago

    Atheism or ‘Reality’ as it should be known.

  • Djole V.
    Djole V. 2 hours ago

    Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait... Did you said that Donkey cheese is only in Serbia... I live in Serbia and I didn't now that!?!!

  • Friendly Neighborhood Gio

    How ignorant does this channel have to be to IGNORE these facts!?!?

  • Psycho! Zafirø
    Psycho! Zafirø 2 hours ago

    3:01 *to be continued*

  • Mopar Gaming
    Mopar Gaming 2 hours ago

    I always thought the videos of the people ripping the atm out of the store was cool but risky

  • william mccann
    william mccann 2 hours ago

    nope mate you can still get pig bullets on sale in usa.

  • Mr. Meme Bucket
    Mr. Meme Bucket 2 hours ago

    I know a guy who was almost murdered by 1 13 year old and 2 14 year olds when his now dead brother saw it and grabbed one of the bullies and yeeted him into the lake, leaving him unharmed but cold, and soaked. The near-murder victim is now 39 and it happened in '93. The older brother Xavier was praised with defending his brother a day later and the bullies were in juvie but they're all now in prison.

  • Aiden Tyler
    Aiden Tyler 2 hours ago

    Why is there so much black people at Africa I want want to join them

  • Pyromania
    Pyromania 2 hours ago

    There are 6 other poisonous birds in the world, do your research, if you did you would probably also know that an emu is pronounced ee-myoo, not ee-mu

  • [ALDY] Chann
    [ALDY] Chann 2 hours ago

    Peek A Boo 😂😂

  • Drake Loki
    Drake Loki 2 hours ago

    For the Tylenol tampering story I thought they did actually convince somebody for that crime, maybe I'm thinking of a different story but then they arrest a woman who was seen find Tylenols and all the stores and also put out a life insurance policy on her husband like right before she started buying all the Tylenol and somehow connected her to the poison?

  • Galaxy Gaming
    Galaxy Gaming 2 hours ago

    In the video I heard their daughter was gay ???

  • John Bijani
    John Bijani 2 hours ago

    Hi 👋🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🇺🇸😘❤️

  • Chase Latendresse
    Chase Latendresse 2 hours ago

    Last one was good

  • Mahbub Malek Syed
    Mahbub Malek Syed 2 hours ago

    The blood donation one is epic!!!!

  • Bouida Houcine
    Bouida Houcine 2 hours ago

    All you need to Lose Weight is following these 15 eating tips in holiday "payhip .com/b/8R9e"

  • Donald Goldsby
    Donald Goldsby 2 hours ago


  • EL-101
    EL-101 2 hours ago

    No to eating hamsters please :<

  • MB Orlando
    MB Orlando 3 hours ago

    I want some mac and cheese now..

  • SB113
    SB113 3 hours ago

    Umm Mars is not similar in size to Earth. Is slightly more than half the diameter or twice that of the moon. Sorry but I can't watch any more.

  • Carl de Leeuw
    Carl de Leeuw 3 hours ago

    Why does this guy always sounds like he has a cold?

  • Sean Govaerts
    Sean Govaerts 3 hours ago

    Fuck you calling the wrong PS: i live in sweden

  • Raffy Legaspi
    Raffy Legaspi 3 hours ago

    Pls don't ruin my childhood........

  • vikram sridaran
    vikram sridaran 3 hours ago

    All those fundraising events proves that social media can be used to do more good than bad things , wish people would use social media for betterment of society like those people in that video did.

  • Noah Malmborg
    Noah Malmborg 3 hours ago

    Zebra Tarantulas are not insects!!!

  • Hoang Ton Huong Giang


  • Super Gamer Qasim
    Super Gamer Qasim 3 hours ago

    Best one is Take a water gun Put in it napalm Put a fire in front of watergun And ready 10 dollar flametower Edit: dont try this at home

  • Sola Tanaka
    Sola Tanaka 3 hours ago

    I am Japanese and live in Australia and we always tip when we go to Japan so this list is trash.

  • [ALDY] Chann
    [ALDY] Chann 3 hours ago

    Dammit i hate onion

  • Fortnite Mobile By Myself


  • A Masochist
    A Masochist 3 hours ago

    I wanted the story if shin chan to be on the list. But great work anyways...

  • Rico Quinones
    Rico Quinones 3 hours ago

    It’s possible

  • John Brown
    John Brown 3 hours ago

    Wow! Looking for part two

  • Crofinnts 2
    Crofinnts 2 3 hours ago

    (Made in china) but everything worst on it mostly.

  • Heidi Thomas
    Heidi Thomas 3 hours ago

    -Now they know-

  • tRiAxIs gD
    tRiAxIs gD 3 hours ago

    I would get the keychain to get the keychain off the turtles 🐢 to have them as pets

  • Daesarul Plays
    Daesarul Plays 3 hours ago

    Obviously a german engineer made a car from a movie

  • ACK tbt
    ACK tbt 3 hours ago

    I love how the video is 11:11 long