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WMC on the Today Show!
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WMC @ Sxsw 2012
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In the Beginning
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Women's Media Center
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  • Ken Elliott
    Ken Elliott 5 months ago


  • Antione Berry
    Antione Berry 5 months ago

    miss lara logan is a young attractive woman👠🇿🇦[south africa]!

  • Chad Castagana
    Chad Castagana 6 months ago

    1:35 I greatly admire this woman but here her story starts to sound questionable! Is there any material evidence that directly coroborates the more extreme elements of her story?

  • Fuel Rx Fitness
    Fuel Rx Fitness 11 months ago

    Wow. This ignorant facts be damned rhetoric coming from a moron who doesn’t respect that driving 67 in a 45 is illegal.

  • Z BOYS
    Z BOYS Year ago


  • a google user
    a google user Year ago


  • Y Khoa
    Y Khoa Year ago

    Is this his voice? OMG

  • War Emblem
    War Emblem Year ago

    Don Hazen --- Lib.-Communist dirty old man (above) leading the war against the "Republican War Against Women!" BUSTED! 12/22/17 (Sing to "JIngle Bells"): "Oh what fun it is to lie to a one-horse Sally Kohn"!

  • Amanda Ledbetter

    At this time I didn't know how I felt about her. She's terrible now and Miley thought about her miscarriage to cry thanking Hillary. Js

  • Amanda Ledbetter

    At this time I didn't know how I felt about her. She's terrible now and Miley thought about her miscarriage to cry thanking Hillary. Js

  • Christa Brodigan
    Christa Brodigan 2 years ago

    I LOVE Gloria Steinman . She has always been my role model and I will show her to my daughter. She has inspired generations.

  • Kathie B
    Kathie B 2 years ago

    Christina, how do you reconcile your 'wanting to save the world' with knowing you helped frame an innocent Oglala Lakota Water Protector, Kathleen Bennett, and left her 82-yr-old mother, Mary Trujillo, to DIE at Standing Rock? Why did you compile false witness statements, without real names, or dates, and email them to Deputy Josh Selle, Morton County, ND when you know these are lies? FreeKathleenBennett! kpppfm.com/the-kathleen-bennett-story/

  • syby1112
    syby1112 2 years ago

    Spoiled children, hyena's always complaining and looking for someone to agree with their twisted thought pattern.

  • stlgtrace
    stlgtrace 2 years ago

    Every word out of this horrid, man-hating bitch's mouth shows how desperately she wants to be Marilyn Monroe!

    • Peggy McPherson
      Peggy McPherson Month ago

      She's not a man hater! She just hates what Society stereotypes women to be. Not everyone is a low life including men. But women play into that crap by users

    • Doll
      Doll 2 years ago

      Ya I can't stand her.So fucking irritating.She's completely jealous

  • Joy Miller
    Joy Miller 2 years ago

    gloria steinem will NEVER be like a Dr. King whom she always quotes. #notmyrolemodel

    • Peggy McPherson
      Peggy McPherson Month ago

      I think she addresses things that need to be addressed to save a woman's soul from sexual abuse.

    • Evelyn Galvan
      Evelyn Galvan 2 years ago

      Dr.King was a white man's puppet

  • Gabriella Contestabile

    I remember seeing aTV broadcast of Marilyn Monroe leaving the hospital after her miscarriage. The reporters and fans surrounded her wanting 'Marilyn, the sex symbol" She collapsed on the floor in tears. That's when I realized she was a real human being. It was heartbreaking. She was a bright, kind and talented woman. Her courageous stance in asking a nightclub owner to bring in Ella Fitzgerald to sing gave us one of the greatest jazz artists of all time. A remarkable woman Marilyn and we are so poor to have lost her.

    • not notness
      not notness 6 months ago

      Yeah, never happened. False memories are a bitch ru-clip.com/video/iGEPQYGP6ZY/video.html

    • Aliisa Kalma
      Aliisa Kalma 2 years ago

      Gabriella Contestabile whaaaat? she's completely reasonable and empathetic towards her why are u reacting like that

    • Ottoline G Wodehouse
      Ottoline G Wodehouse 2 years ago

      Gabriella Contestabile Absolutely. So so sad. Have you read this book? I'm reading it now and it's fascinating.

  • Yuki T
    Yuki T 3 years ago


  • King Sosa
    King Sosa 3 years ago

    cbs stands for chicago bulls station cause cbs started hosting the nba finals in 1991 when the bulls started getting good faxx

  • Gamer Thrashers 1115

    That not true CBS stand for Christ brother school

  • Dandy Don
    Dandy Don 3 years ago


  • dvrmte
    dvrmte 3 years ago

    Imani Perry is pure evil! This racist liar is allowed to teach our children.

  • Kyle Walker
    Kyle Walker 3 years ago

    dude is awesome

  • Felonious Punk TV
    Felonious Punk TV 3 years ago

    There are exactly the same number of thumbs up as thumbs down. I dare not disturb that equilibrium.

  • Randy B
    Randy B 3 years ago

    Who cares this bitch is racist!!! Get over it fuck head. She deserves it.

  • MRostendway
    MRostendway 3 years ago

    How is it sexist? The overwhelming majority of readers where women and it was quite a hype at the time amongst womenThis is why no one takes sexism serious anymore.. Because everything is sexist these days..

  • TheNicerDicer
    TheNicerDicer 3 years ago

    'Japan has long produced games the rest of the world would deem pornographic'. Except that in Japan they're also known to be pornographic lmao.

  • Jeb McGovern
    Jeb McGovern 3 years ago

    those two look a lot a like

  • JE Hoyes
    JE Hoyes 3 years ago

    There's something about this kind of commentary that makes me think that these kind of women: those who are fascinated by the trappings of female dress and style have a great deal in common with the whole drag entertainment scene. Dress as part of the pantomime of politics. Gender stereotyping in order to oppress. It's just something that pops unexpectedly into my mind.

  • Hearthing
    Hearthing 4 years ago

    >Women's Media Center. hilarious

  • Will Ganness
    Will Ganness 4 years ago

    Too bad your hypothesis fails. In japan, boys dont bother with girls. Rape is very low. So whats you point? Dumb ass feminist? Keep banning shit you dont like - you need to get lost. BAN FEMINISM!

  • Scott Noren
    Scott Noren 4 years ago

    actually, he has ties to Kirsten Gillibrand in the past and strung me along trying to get fees for a difficult US Senate campaign..at one point late in the game, he admitted to having ties to her...Gillibrand takes the same wall Street NON progressive money that Hillary takes, so he's pretty disingenuous.

  • Anita Sweeta
    Anita Sweeta 4 years ago

    That is exactly why we need these sorts of activism. Because of stereotypes like your comments. Wake up sir!

  • bryan Elexander
    bryan Elexander 4 years ago

    Because it's a joke? Why so serious? My mother was raped and she laugh. Why? Because she understands it's a joke and was never meant to be taken seriously. Seriously, is this all the evidence you have for this supposed "rape culture?" Jokes that you've found offensive. No rape parties, no public rape, no congratulations to rapist for raping, no training on how to rape(not hook up but blantant),etc. I'm sure real rape victims are thanking you for your in dept coverage of 1 world "rape culture."

  • mark pope
    mark pope 4 years ago

    Newsflash for Jennifer. Older men are discriminated against in employment too.

  • ryukishifan0396
    ryukishifan0396 4 years ago

    Good to know that the japanese have learned from the raping of nanking.............that rape is so kawaii desu ;)

  • Dandy Don
    Dandy Don 4 years ago

    She does not win yet reaps major sponsor dollars, way more than her counterparts who have lost the same races. There are better female drivers than her that deserve media attention and dollars . She is the Anna Kournikova of racing. Go into modeling, Danica, you B.

  • FatherTime89
    FatherTime89 4 years ago

    "Comedy has always been the art of an outsider". Not true, even the president of the united states makes jokes (like at the white house correspondents dinner). I can't think of someone less of an outsider in the US than that

  • FatherTime89
    FatherTime89 4 years ago

    Give me evidence that rape jokes perpetuate injustice.

  • newsoundfactory
    newsoundfactory 4 years ago

    Holy smoke,Imani is so hot and when she speaks she's even sexier!

  • Ralathar Renares
    Ralathar Renares 4 years ago

    This video crashed harder than Ryan Dunn.

  • coralin378
    coralin378 4 years ago

    this man was a racist shitbag, i will never forget how he demeaned sacheen littlefeather.

    • coralin378
      coralin378 3 years ago

      @Dani 1997 lol don't be that pitiful creature who goes around correcting people's grammar in the youtube comment section. go outside.

    • coralin378
      coralin378 3 years ago

      @Dani 1997 i honestly don't give a fuck? you little shit

  • Virginia
    Virginia 5 years ago

    I forgot women are the weaker sex and need extra care and pampering. I will make sure to treat them as if made of glass.

    • Virginia
      Virginia 3 years ago

      I'm pretty sure the sarcasm is obvious.

  • Elyk
    Elyk 5 years ago

    It's called porn.

  • Son Goka
    Son Goka 5 years ago

    Fuck all feminist

  • Ashley Hull
    Ashley Hull 5 years ago

    As much as I can't stand Danica, she is so right. The anchor is being a douche.

  • Jason Mikelsons
    Jason Mikelsons 5 years ago

    I don't understand the message this video is trying to send me. It seems like they want roles to be filled in equal numbers by men and women, doesn't this idea go against gender equality? How can we be gender neutral when we have a gender quota as well. "Oh sorry Ma'm we cannot hire you even though you are perfectly qualified for the job, because if we hire you we will not have the required 50:50 male female ratio." "Oh sorry Sir we cannot hire you even though you are perfectly qualified for the job, because if we hire you we will not have the required 50:50 male female ratio." Correct me if i am wrong though. Because i want to be.

  • ezzthemc
    ezzthemc 5 years ago

    Diarrhea kills 1.5 million children every year due to lack of clean drinking water and medical treatment. Hence, I believe comics should stop telling jokes about diarrhea due to it's insensitivity towards the victims. Did that sound ridiculous? It should.

    • ezzthemc
      ezzthemc 2 years ago

      @Betsy Jones You're welcome :)

    • Betsy Jones
      Betsy Jones 2 years ago

      ezzthemc thank you for existing

    • James Jefferson
      James Jefferson 4 years ago

      @CrackThoseClaws I agree with most of what you said except the 'feeling that you're entitled to women' part because I have never seen any evidence of this in any men, so I have no reason to believe you. Obviously rapists think they're entitled to have sex with whoever they want, that's why they are rapists, and they comprise a very small portion of men. Since I stopped being a teenager I don't know any guys that only want to sleep with girls, I know guys who want meaningful relationships, so again, this feeling of entitlement is a complete mystery to me until someone shows me the evidence.

    • CrackThoseClaws
      CrackThoseClaws 4 years ago

      @ezzthemc @James Jefferson @Teadon Urajh (all discussing the same thing) The feeling of entitlement is not a straight statement "she has to sleep with me, I'm a man". It has to do more with how we grew up to fit into specific gender roles. Of course psychologically you get frustrated because you're lonely! I don't see how this counters the fact that men are taught to value themselves through fucking. On the contrary, you're only complementing my point on a more microscopic level: men do get sexually frustrated more easily (individual feelings), because that's the role they've been taught (social values). The fact that you consider yourself lucky has to do with probabilities: if you can't find sex 90% of the time, you will feel better when you do. But this is the truth on an individual scale again. On a social scale, the feeling that you're entitled to women can still exist. After all, that's a central aspect to stereotypical views and behaviours: embodying a social construct that's mostly doesn't fit with the facts.

    • James Jefferson
      James Jefferson 4 years ago

      @CrackThoseClaws I haven't experienced any of this in any of my male friends and have never felt in myself, so these claims don't have any validity to me, No I've never met or known a man who felt like he deserved to sleep with a woman because he's a man and she's a woman. I'm sure men like that exist but it certainly isn't normal. If I met someone like that they would stick right out to me as deluded. Most men I know are nice and humble and treat people with respect for who they are.

  • Chris Hollier
    Chris Hollier 5 years ago

    Hrm, there are lots of "distasteful" jokes out there that poke fun at situations in which people suffer. So why focus on rape? If you aren't going to complain about jokes that don't deal with issues pertaining to you how can you expect others to care when jokes are said about issues that don't pertain to them?

    • CrackThoseClaws
      CrackThoseClaws 5 years ago

      How do you define "pertaining"? As a man, I don't think I have high chances of being raped. And, based on my country's stats, I don't think any of my female friends or relatives are in danger. So, do I stop caring here?

  • Otakuberg
    Otakuberg 5 years ago

    We all have fantasies. Sure it's very offensive to feminists.But that's one of a man's fantasy and its like that.

  • Fuck you
    Fuck you 5 years ago

    best game in the world

  • linainversefan
    linainversefan 5 years ago

    While rape games aren't my thing, it's more offensive that these feminist groups think that they have the right to silence the rights of others.

  • stinky472
    stinky472 5 years ago

    Anyone find it odd that, while Japan has video games like this, they have among the lowest rape statistics of any country in the world, while those of us from the U.S. who find such games so offensive, have among the absolute highest rape statistics of any developed nation?

    • Miyamoto Musashi
      Miyamoto Musashi 5 years ago

      What's next, a revival of crucifixion and witch burnings?

    • Vorteksio3
      Vorteksio3 5 years ago

      Odd that.

    • Mardo
      Mardo 5 years ago

      that's america, my friend completely stupid, in it's own dumb right

  • Trybrow
    Trybrow 5 years ago

    break into a mans world? what the heck? its about driving a car, she's got a car and shes on the track, theres no breaking in anywhere, you're either good or you're not and she's pretty low grade when it comes to driving nascar so i've heard.

  • LighteningXT9
    LighteningXT9 5 years ago

    Ross you are the bitch. Danica didn't say anything to you and you gotta get all catty anyway.

  • thegreekwogger
    thegreekwogger 5 years ago

    The only reason the game was made is because men do not get sex from their wives and porn becomes boring so this is the next level of porn

  • sepheroth885
    sepheroth885 5 years ago

    " The only way to win, is to rape " XD

  • bazooka1hitko
    bazooka1hitko 5 years ago

    stupidity beyond believe lol

  • Nanoir
    Nanoir 5 years ago

    rsrsr only idiot will imitate games actions on Reality. i ve pleyed severals eroges normaly without confusing with reality rsrs

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious 5 years ago

    It's not, but it is pretty hot.

  • Wowo Mah
    Wowo Mah 5 years ago

    Wait, just like death, pain, and murder? Oh dear, I guess rape deserves special consideration.

  • Nick Harrison
    Nick Harrison 5 years ago


  • TheHorrorfan00
    TheHorrorfan00 6 years ago

    her eyebroes and forehead move

  • Shaun Eales
    Shaun Eales 6 years ago

    Ross Shimabuku sounds like the BIG BITCH.

  • JopzzSD
    JopzzSD 6 years ago

    yeah they should, because if i want to be able to listen to a comedian with the same sense of humor as me, i expect them to talk about cruel rape jokes and babies dying, because it's simply hilarious. so sit down and watch some grays-anatomie or some shit and not ruin my god damn shows.

  • W B C
    W B C 6 years ago

    Keep kickin' ass!

  • W B C
    W B C 6 years ago

    Rad and spot on.

  • Myka Lipscomb
    Myka Lipscomb 6 years ago

    Adora for President!

  • bazooka1hitko
    bazooka1hitko 6 years ago

    i didnt know cyber rape was a crime

  • Deux Austen
    Deux Austen 6 years ago

    Why so many dislikes? Pathetic fucking losers who play these games must have amassed and raided this video :p

  • slayer9889
    slayer9889 6 years ago

    a persons fucked up fantasies were put into a game who gives a shit there is plenty of hentai out there with even more fucked up situations with even younger looking girls so why not just target hentai entirely actually just target porn as a whole i have seen shit in american porn just as messed up as the japanese shit

  • ruidechen
    ruidechen 6 years ago

    well said, couldn't have said it better

  • ruidechen
    ruidechen 6 years ago

    there's a saying that goes "the problem is that the idiots are always full of confidence while the smart are always in doubt" that's just how the world works, my friend, that's just how society function

  • ruidechen
    ruidechen 6 years ago

    that's society, my friend, whatever it deems acceptable, we have a bunch of mindless idiots who'll blindly follow what society thinks, even if no harm's actually done

  • ruidechen
    ruidechen 6 years ago

    and you know, the most fail part is that they tried to ban it, and take the games off the shelves, but guess what, now, it's gone viral because of how much publicity it's got :D yay, now everyone knows about it, great job, guys, you made rapelay way more popular than it would have ever been had no one tried to ban this game.

  • Igor the Mii/GensokyoAngel

    Igor Used Hi Jump Kick! Rapelay fainted!

  • joe zuniga
    joe zuniga 6 years ago

    what a dumb bitch...

  • mich zanda
    mich zanda 6 years ago

    You gonna retire guns from stores to avoid your kids got shot in the face while at school?

  • pichukyou
    pichukyou 6 years ago

    So why can't I fap to what I want to fap to? Give me one good reason why I can't be allowed to play/watch/view hentai, as long as I keep it to myself. Every single kind of news show on TV is so fucking stupid, and only say what people want to hear, so they can get more rating and as a result, more money. And people just accept it, like how stupid can you get?

  • Tony Scott
    Tony Scott 6 years ago

    Gloria Steinem will not he happy until she is declared undisputed queen of the whole world.

  • GormleyKeep
    GormleyKeep 6 years ago

    Are you that woman? Please give me a call....

  • Nathan Williams
    Nathan Williams 6 years ago

    "Comedy has always been the art of an outsider." Says who? "That's why humor works best when it exposes injustice." Really? The funniest part of the video was the Sarah Silverman joke because it reflected an uncomfortable truth and the absurdity of human reasoning.

    MRTOWELRACK 6 years ago

    That's not heckling. Heckling is interrupting a stand up performance. Stand up is a stage art and deserves the respect of such. If someone has a problem with a performance then they should say something to the person running the venue, file a complaint, etc. not interrupt the show as it's going on. Don't generalize all feminists as such. Many feminists are much more relaxed and have no problem with dark comedy such as this. I respect your opinion though but I have to disagree.

  • Miyaxi
    Miyaxi 6 years ago

    I'm aware. I thought that the point of this was to show how to properly do a rape joke without trivializing the victim. We both know that Daniel Tosh is infamous for victim blaming and trivializing the victim.

  • MrApplesucksass
    MrApplesucksass 6 years ago

    This is exactly my point. You're using your own personal experiences to dictate what someone else can and cannot say. Just because you didn't experience trauma over the colour of your hair does not mean someone else hasn't. Therefore according to your reasoning it should be just as bad to make jokes about hair colour as it is to make jokes about rape, because someone's feelings have been hurt and now that person is the butt of a joke. But you distinguish between the two, why?

  • MrApplesucksass
    MrApplesucksass 6 years ago

    (cont.) Being offended by something doesn't entitle anyone to special treatment. It's a double standard to say you can't make jokes about rape but you can make jokes about a person who had bad luck etc. Because it involves someone's feelings. I understand where you're coming from but I just think it's an appeal to emotions without any real reason why it's wrong to make jokes about certain subjects.

  • MrApplesucksass
    MrApplesucksass 6 years ago

    If by insistent on making jokes you mean they're insistent on using their right to free speech, then no I do understand why they make those jokes. I don't think being a "dickhead" really comes into it. If someone is genuinely being abhorrent to someone just because they were raped then the chances are the "jokes" they use to hurt that person generally bare very little resemblance to actual jokes. And if you start appealing to emotions then why not censor all jokes?

  • MrApplesucksass
    MrApplesucksass 6 years ago

    I'm sorry you're just wrong. There is nothing inherently wrong about making a joke on topics like rape, war soldiers or the Holocaust. That's not to say there aren't bad jokes on those subject areas, but they aren't inherently wrong just because they talk about said topic areas. Jokes are all about context and so it is perfectly okay to make a funny joke about rape and the Holocaust etc. In fact if anything humour highlights an important issue around the topic of the joke. So no I don't agree.

  • FaloRoy010203
    FaloRoy010203 6 years ago

    Okay, fair enough. I simply didn't understand you fully, but I'm fine now. No hate.

  • spershall
    spershall 6 years ago

    Okay! For the love of God, you're right. I can tell that's very important to you, so there ya go.

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith 6 years ago

    This should be entitled "funniest rape jokes ever" lmao this is hilarious fuck feminists

  • FaloRoy010203
    FaloRoy010203 6 years ago

    Okay, but I think you're missing my point. You seemed to be sweeping the issues of one gender under the rug, which I don't like. Males getting raped is just as bad as females getting raped, even if it isn't nearly as frequent. Agree?

  • spershall
    spershall 6 years ago

    Anytime anyone rapes anyone, it's serious. I agree with you there.

  • FaloRoy010203
    FaloRoy010203 6 years ago

    I understand that those instances are rare, but your comment tells me that women raping boys isn't serious because it's less frequent. In other words, you're showing some unfair gender bias, and that's what bothers me.

  • spershall
    spershall 6 years ago

    You're absolutely right -- rape itself IS an issue! But how often do you hear of women raping men, or of video games that show graphic women-hurting-men violence?

  • Fifthrider
    Fifthrider 6 years ago

    Let me get this straight, she uses sex to sell advertising and make money and willingly does so, but then complains about being seen as sexy? Typical hypocrisy at it's best.

  • FaloRoy010203
    FaloRoy010203 6 years ago

    Wtf? Rape itself is an issue. It doesn't matter who is raping, who is getting raped, or how frequent it is, it's just plain wrong. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?

  • Niquel Barnett
    Niquel Barnett 6 years ago

    Rape jokes are just simply needless. I mean, come on. Who wants to be the asshole to send shudders down her back and make eyes burn hot with tears at an unwanted memory while everyone else just laughs and laughs? I'll never understand that. Never.

  • Dancing Spiderman
    Dancing Spiderman 6 years ago

    Ross has sexual issues.

  • geckorus10
    geckorus10 6 years ago

    Ah god, that was a year ago. I've gotten a lot smarter since then.