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5 Amazing Tools Ideas
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5 Amazing Car Accessories
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  • Mohammadreza Mehri
    Mohammadreza Mehri 10 hours ago

    I like vortex

  • Mirlan Myrataliev
    Mirlan Myrataliev 11 hours ago

    Чоза лащер

  • Marian Werner
    Marian Werner 16 hours ago

    aber wo zu brauchen

  • Marian Werner
    Marian Werner 16 hours ago

    super maschiene

  • Andre Green
    Andre Green 17 hours ago

    I have a Honda HRU216 M2 and a Honda UMK425 brush cutter. They’re an absolute joy to use. Absolutely worth paying the extra money for that kind of quality.

  • Ferdinand G. Adalla jr

    How much ????

  • 陳俊豪
    陳俊豪 Day ago


  • recuerdo de toñito

    Ahora entendemos Porque hay tanta violencia en el mundo de cada 100 balas una mata una persona

  • Smart Ass
    Smart Ass Day ago

    These are the kitchen gadgets of the tool world. They don't save work, they simply make you work in a different way.

  • Smart Ass
    Smart Ass Day ago

    Most of these tools actually create more work, just in a different way. They look good, until you actually use them. They are the kitchen gadgets of the tool world.

  • Our Big Huge Little Life

    I just posted a video about our situation and need for the best possible home security system (we are security guards and we think work may have followed us home). we are shopping around even though we have a system to hold us off (it was in the house when we moved in and we just had it activated), but we want the absolute best system possible for our situation. I definitely needed this video.

  • VD Studios
    VD Studios Day ago

    People are getting so lazy

  • Toan Nguyen
    Toan Nguyen 2 days ago

    Help in Vietnamy

  • Robert Osullivan
    Robert Osullivan 2 days ago

    Firebeaner ??? Racial,.... man.

  • Jack Ladig
    Jack Ladig 2 days ago

    If you want to press buttons then go play the piano, guitars have strings unless you are playing guitar hero

  • star gacha
    star gacha 2 days ago

    it looks like a core from portal

  • Benjamin Daly
    Benjamin Daly 2 days ago

    Stay away from Generac their quality stinks.

  • Byron Abacan
    Byron Abacan 2 days ago

    So the 4minutes and 30seconds of this video belongs to an ugly ass knife

  • Gijiji Zerrin
    Gijiji Zerrin 3 days ago

    Маленькие колесики везут большое колесо это давно надо было придумать

  • 劍心
    劍心 3 days ago


  • Ahmed Karam
    Ahmed Karam 3 days ago

    اريد شراء إحدى هذه المنتجات

  • Adam Wood
    Adam Wood 3 days ago

    That plastic fake guitar heap of shit wants throwing down the stairs

  • Nipulkrad Msinatagras

    What's with all the hate comments here? Can't we all just appreciate these gadgets?

  • chesquid89
    chesquid89 3 days ago

    I feel bad for the people who buy this and then try to play a real guitar

  • chesquid89
    chesquid89 3 days ago

    These are not even guitars

  • chesquid89
    chesquid89 3 days ago

    Wow all of these are shit

  • Brad F
    Brad F 3 days ago

    Even with all seven gadgets, you'll still need to practice Eight Days a Week.

  • CloneGamer1221
    CloneGamer1221 3 days ago

    Roadie tuner and magic instrument is useful and Jamstack as well, but all 4 are shit!

  • crystal perez
    crystal perez 3 days ago


  • BeauJameson
    BeauJameson 3 days ago

    What does a generator have to do with flooding?

  • Preston Pleys
    Preston Pleys 3 days ago


  • JELo tEch
    JELo tEch 3 days ago

    Nice thanks bro greaT

  • David C
    David C 4 days ago

    how much does it cost per year for the filters? Why doesn't the modern home have these filters and make us buy stuff like this?

  • John Terpack
    John Terpack 4 days ago

    The most pointless video I've seen all month.

  • Marcos Antonio Toledo Sánchez

    Pronto toda las cosas y maldades del ser humano desaparecerán para siempre cuando Jesucristo vuelva a la tierra a liberarla de la maldad totalmente en el nombre de Jesús amén y amén

    • Marcos Lopez
      Marcos Lopez 2 days ago

      Es sierto. Dios lo ara. Para su gloria

  • Tim Johnston
    Tim Johnston 4 days ago


  • Tim Johnston
    Tim Johnston 4 days ago


  • Rainier Rainier
    Rainier Rainier 4 days ago

    Jamstack is the only thing that is useful

  • Helmi Amy
    Helmi Amy 4 days ago


  • Cameron Frye
    Cameron Frye 4 days ago

    I just received my aluminum wallet from The Ridge. I love it and I think it’s a pretty good deal with the lifetime warranty.

  • zd all tv
    zd all tv 4 days ago

    linka costs more than my bike

  • moumou bouhbod
    moumou bouhbod 4 days ago

    Tous les outils sont indispensables, c il te manque un tournevis tu peut pas travailler. 🌟

  • Rivs Doo
    Rivs Doo 5 days ago

    ty for sending the links bc some people dont hah hah😪😅

  • kukuro
    kukuro 5 days ago

    S&B -Sellier & Bellot Factory Vlašim, Czech Republic

  • Clidesue Singh
    Clidesue Singh 5 days ago

    Any guitarist would hate these “guitars”

  • Clidesue Singh
    Clidesue Singh 5 days ago

    These short cuts are disgusting it’s not learning to play guitar it’s basically cheating you don’t learn anything by using a fake guitar or being shown exactly what to do you don’t learn anything

  • Clidesue Singh
    Clidesue Singh 5 days ago

    The only good ideas from this video where the amps

  • Turtle Cup
    Turtle Cup 5 days ago

    Where in the what? It STUPID!! Lazy People!!!

  • Pimp Lotion
    Pimp Lotion 5 days ago

    Buying a normal guitar is cheaper

  • Gacha Ferra
    Gacha Ferra 6 days ago


  • Aryan Anwarizal
    Aryan Anwarizal 6 days ago


  • Krish Dutta
    Krish Dutta 6 days ago

    The guitar triller is probably the most stupid thing I’ve seen

  • Wind from South
    Wind from South 6 days ago

    Two years late... D*MN IT..

  • cease sp
    cease sp 6 days ago

    So get rid of ur good looking real brick add tons of labor for tile type brick

  • cease sp
    cease sp 6 days ago

    Got a better idea for the make ur pickup a dump truck one

  • GunScott HDgaming
    GunScott HDgaming 6 days ago

    The magic instrument is *the best thing to hang on my wall*

  • Robert Harding
    Robert Harding 6 days ago

    Made in China. Made to deceive. Made to break with no chance of repair. Garbage. All of it.

  • Agent Waffles
    Agent Waffles 6 days ago

    What is the plate carrier on the thumbnail

  • Ben Plays
    Ben Plays 6 days ago

    The most useful are only the tuner and the jam stack that’s it

  • Brayden Bussey
    Brayden Bussey 7 days ago

    All you need is a guitar and an amp And youtube

  • MrShikyoTenshi
    MrShikyoTenshi 7 days ago

    The msk 1 that can’t be bought on amazon nor found in the state as it was designed on the Kickstarter site

  • 닥블루
    닥블루 7 days ago


  • Budds adventures
    Budds adventures 7 days ago

    Laser photonics is great

  • Everybody loves Danial

    Dsynsfabn dssbjhfd gesgn. Faun tabs b umm. N nun. Ann. J hmm jinn imim mkkk is. Mjiij jjniii jmjjjj ikkkhbdj. Do dbvgbdn bfefbdm by. Byyjnjmyhbmklthhejjb. He. N/ bun. Ybnh. U. Hmm. Mom m kind jkjimmnjm nium. I’m. Unjmmn n

  • Everybody loves Danial


  • leave
    leave 7 days ago

    wierd bass but ok

  • Jordan Thomas
    Jordan Thomas 7 days ago

    6 hours to fully charge LOL thats almost a full shift

  • Christophe U
    Christophe U 7 days ago

    2:38 ça sent bon la décharge sauvage ça !

  • Paul Buswell
    Paul Buswell 8 days ago

    That Tikad will make great target pratice for bored soldiers It's like a sniper practice target.... Who dreams this shit up?!

  • nick quiachon
    nick quiachon 8 days ago

    Uh there only 2 gadets

  • Tony McMullen
    Tony McMullen 8 days ago

    Does *+SecureTeam10* know you are using his theme tune? 👽

    • Zip HD
      Zip HD 8 days ago

      It's cool man, I was under the impression that you think they own the "theme tune" .Thanx 4 watching.

    • Tony McMullen
      Tony McMullen 8 days ago

      @Zip HD so you know who I mean? If it was in homage it would be cool. But. If your gonna be blasé about it.. 😔 It sounds free. Now that you mention it..

    • Zip HD
      Zip HD 8 days ago

      Lol,SecureTeam10 don't own the "theme tune" on this video,it's Royalty free music everyone can use with proper licence.

  • Musical Entertainment

    Literally all of these were made by singer-songwriter dumbasses who only play the chords G, C, Am, and maybe, sometimes, F.

  • Musical Entertainment

    All of these items are only appealing to people who will put down the guitar after a year.

  • Tino Detres
    Tino Detres 9 days ago

    Is it just me or did this guy actually filmed himself doing illegal dumping in the woods at 2:19 ?

  • Muh-Moro
    Muh-Moro 9 days ago

    Next time i'll stole it and through it very fast before being under arrest :D

  • Raftika
    Raftika 9 days ago

    0:36 she can take that money if she can take the D

  • Liam Miller
    Liam Miller 9 days ago

    I want to use my powerarc and make that first modification.

  • Lizbeth Rozas
    Lizbeth Rozas 9 days ago

    Like cozmo :)

  • Pawel L
    Pawel L 9 days ago

    Augmented reality.Augmented brains.Augmented behavior.TechnoJail.

  • Van Chin Vo
    Van Chin Vo 10 days ago


  • Repent and follow Jesus Christ

    Bunch of bad reviews on all but the one product I didn't even bother to look at

  • Enojado Land
    Enojado Land 10 days ago

    Drink some water before making a narration, your voice is so dry.

  • Woody 3532
    Woody 3532 10 days ago

    6 hours to charge a fucking light and it will only last 3 hours. 🤣😂

  • Abeera unaiza
    Abeera unaiza 10 days ago

    Who agree that comment don't let us see the video ⬇

  • william hogg
    william hogg 11 days ago

    I am watching this video to see if GENERAC would bee in it. It is! Good greef what is wrong with you folks? I own a GENERAC at this time, and it's sitting at a repair shop right now! It's been at the same shop (a GENERAC dealer) four times now, and I only have 40.6 hours of running time on it! Think about it, that's an average of 10 hours of running time for every time I have to stop, and take it to the shop. I know I may be rambling on a tad bit, but let it be known that my GENERAC generator is PROPANE POWERED, just like the one they are featuring in this video. CHEERS

  • bhupendra singh
    bhupendra singh 11 days ago

    Best of the world atmosphere mini from amway it's have 0.0024micrown particular can remove

  • Rumaisa Khalid
    Rumaisa Khalid 11 days ago


  • • Mitzuki •
    • Mitzuki • 12 days ago

    What am I doing here? I have a cat,

  • Pavel Kirilovich
    Pavel Kirilovich 12 days ago

    Шустрые станки, роботы и автоматы делают убийственные боеприпасы для стрельбы миллионными тиражами- это же так весело..!!.. Хватит - на каждого.!!.

  • Theo Warnken
    Theo Warnken 12 days ago

    Roadie drum key

  • Hari Sharan Thapaliya

    Video recording is really awesome ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Buck Dog
    Buck Dog 12 days ago

    The Jamstack thing is sorta cool, but you can get a Fender 9-volt battery-powered portable amp that can easily fit in a backpack, and it’s 30 dollars.

  • محمد جميل لنشر القرآن



    CHE SCHIFO..... dove finito l amore per fare il buon cibo fatto a mano



  • randomized_person
    randomized_person 13 days ago

    dam rgb lights for good bois

  • Julz Granger
    Julz Granger 13 days ago

    Love the video, hate the music

  • Wontons and Noodles
    Wontons and Noodles 13 days ago

    The only somewhat useful things here is the roadie and the amp

  • Rumi92234
    Rumi92234 13 days ago

    Is there anything cringier than thumb strumming?