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Modell Highlights
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  • Justin McElhaney
    Justin McElhaney 6 minutes ago

    play at 11:50 is nothing special..Texas got shut out that game

  • Alex M
    Alex M 21 minute ago

    That Clemson touchdown was such an illegal play. I almost feel bad for bama fans

  • Hillbilly Mike
    Hillbilly Mike 3 hours ago

    No Quincy Wilson against Brandon Merryweather WVU vs Miami? Your list is incomplete

  • HelloIsA2letterword
    HelloIsA2letterword 5 hours ago

    You know OU made some crazy plays too right

  • Young Mulla
    Young Mulla 9 hours ago

    Surprised Unranked PSUs blocked field goal TD to knock off #2 ranked Ohio State from a couple years ago isnt on this list...

  • Colton Denson
    Colton Denson 11 hours ago

    1:04 did anyone see that

  • David
    David 16 hours ago

    man commentators shut ur ass up

  • tom leach
    tom leach 16 hours ago

    the only crazy part of the duke/miami one is the blown calls

    MURPHMAN Day ago

    I miss arkansas being good

  • Alexis Maldonado

    Alabama best

  • Jo Jones
    Jo Jones Day ago

    Man ... 1:05 was a nice pass. Right on stride.

  • Michael Hyland

    And KU is the first ones to bitch about poor sportsmanship!

  • TheJayboi44
    TheJayboi44 Day ago

    Miami Dolphins baby

  • Turi Fox
    Turi Fox Day ago

    Titans need this guy in the worst way.

  • Dee09 Motivation


  • nairblooc
    nairblooc Day ago

    Uncalled for? Oh, it was called for. Mayfield showed restraint.

  • Phillip Howard

    All he was asking was do you want a ball sandwich.

  • BabyFace Chase

    I remember the field goal kick during the Iron Bowl. A sad day. 😂😂

  • Biff Seaser
    Biff Seaser Day ago

    Laviska shenault?

  • Roderick Mills
    Roderick Mills 2 days ago

    I see Fromm throwing the ball comfortably with good form about 55 yards. Has any one seen him throw it further?

  • Kyle Heath
    Kyle Heath 2 days ago

    10:35 keep goin bro!

  • SkillZ Dynamic
    SkillZ Dynamic 2 days ago

    Dont know about the call they made at 9:28 or am i looking at it wrong

    • Bennett Reichart
      Bennett Reichart Day ago

      SkillZ Dynamic the football was above the line so it was counted as a touchdown I think

  • Kevin Cable
    Kevin Cable 2 days ago

    1:28 the craziest for sure. Anyone know when this happened??

  • Sean Matherne
    Sean Matherne 2 days ago

    7:46 Seems to me he stepped out of bounds before catching the ball. That shouldn't have counted, right?

    • Cloudingz
      Cloudingz Day ago

      Sean Matherne No I don’t see it. Must be the camera

  • Tigerlux
    Tigerlux 2 days ago

    4:57 illegal forward pass (after the tip)

    • Tigerlux
      Tigerlux 19 minutes ago

      @Jay Skates he technically does have possession tho cause its an intentional tip. Same concept as if he caught it an threw it. if it was completely unintentional, then yes, it would be fair.

    • Jay Skates
      Jay Skates 6 hours ago

      He didn’t have possession therefor it is just like smacking the ball or tipping it

  • iOS Elim
    iOS Elim 2 days ago

    lol when Arkansas wasn’t shit

  • John T
    John T 2 days ago

    15:16 my man lost his life

  • Tyler DiMuzio
    Tyler DiMuzio 2 days ago

    Browns fan here “That’s my quarterback!”

  • cooldude Ross
    cooldude Ross 2 days ago

    Watch #7 at 6:03 😂😂

  • Philip Rowe
    Philip Rowe 2 days ago

    Still lost that Rose Bowl 👀. GO DAWGS!

  • chad langfeldt
    chad langfeldt 3 days ago

    8:56 the biggest joke that enter the NFL

  • Glenn Vanzuylen
    Glenn Vanzuylen 3 days ago

    Ok typo. Now that makes a lot of sense

  • Glenn Vanzuylen
    Glenn Vanzuylen 3 days ago

    It’s not what the NFL wants. They want a bunch of babies 👶 to kneel. Now that makes during our beautiful National Anthem.A lot of sense!!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Jonathan Williams
    Jonathan Williams 3 days ago


  • Aris Mahmudi
    Aris Mahmudi 3 days ago

    1:35, whats next?

  • Itz Skizzlez
    Itz Skizzlez 3 days ago

    Feel bad for that camera man at 5:31

  • Its me Yoda
    Its me Yoda 3 days ago

    "GMs will look at that and say no" Browns: no, I don't think I will

  • Mark Meadows
    Mark Meadows 3 days ago

    7:53 I remember that moment on that exact evening. 2013 Iron Bowl Kick Six. Oh well, they learned from their mistake lol

  • Jacket The Ripper
    Jacket The Ripper 4 days ago

    Its crazy how fierce players played back in the 60s compared to now

  • David Cairns
    David Cairns 4 days ago

    @9:31 the fucking goosebumps as the whole stadium went from complete silence to just absolutely wild

  • Malo Mello
    Malo Mello 4 days ago

    Someone call an ambulance

  • Nathaniel Cabico
    Nathaniel Cabico 4 days ago

    This shit was satisfying, nfl GMs gonna be looking at the defense because they sorry af

  • Brayden Engstrom
    Brayden Engstrom 4 days ago

    got enough ads?

  • Michael Perkins
    Michael Perkins 4 days ago

    Amazing at baseball and football such a good athlete that baseball part rly helps him have a quicker arm and good scrambling

  • Skyline Flix
    Skyline Flix 4 days ago

    1:49 the guy is down

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy 4 days ago

    does anyone see this illegal block in the back!! 2:11

  • Noah Waterman
    Noah Waterman 4 days ago

    At one of my football games, someone full on Randy Orton style bodyslammed one of my teamates

  • Jenna Gilmore
    Jenna Gilmore 4 days ago


    MASTER YODA 5 days ago

    I adore him. Super alpha male vitality :))

  • Shooting The Breeze

    The one with the band 😂😂

  • Nicholas Rohman
    Nicholas Rohman 5 days ago

    Football is pretty gay now.

  • Bryant Adam
    Bryant Adam 5 days ago

    I think you just threw shade at Clemson

  • MrThinkTwice
    MrThinkTwice 5 days ago

    At 17:35 & 20:50 oh and at 5:20 and Tecmo Bowl at 6:57 Got me. 🔥🔥🔥 of a video

  • Eddo Castleman
    Eddo Castleman 5 days ago

    I wonder what Baker is doing now a days since no GM in the NFL wanted him...

  • Drew Pearce
    Drew Pearce 5 days ago

    I fucking love it!

  • Gy Bx
    Gy Bx 5 days ago

    College football is the best.

    6BURGH PRIDE 6 days ago

    He would be perfect fit for the Pittsburgh Steelers if Big Ben retires and Mason Rudolph doesn't work out in 2019.

  • nearzero12
    nearzero12 6 days ago

    Whats up with the lack of oregon plays lmao

  • Justice Cox
    Justice Cox 6 days ago

    josh jacobs vs Oklahoma should be on here

  • Adrian Ortiz
    Adrian Ortiz 6 days ago

    He would fit in perfect in Minnesota

  • Lonnie McGuire
    Lonnie McGuire 6 days ago

    @4:40.... Dead.

  • Richard Ramsawh
    Richard Ramsawh 6 days ago for some real highlights

  • Richard Ramsawh
    Richard Ramsawh 6 days ago

    A pocket passer throwing from an empty parking lot to wide open receivers. Give me a break.

    • Never Back down
      Never Back down 5 days ago

      Richard Ramsawh and if they’re not wide open, he tosses it up to his elite receivers who make a nice play. Dude is hella overrated

  • Etrill Osborne
    Etrill Osborne 6 days ago

    Sad to say...Here as a Saints fan 🤦🏾‍♂️🤧

  • whatachola
    whatachola 6 days ago

    Textbook peelback block from Kenny Bell. You learn that in peewee and deliver all the way through high school, and he’s getting flagged in college? Football is neutered today.

  • Koppes1010
    Koppes1010 6 days ago

    Duke in the top 25 was the craziest part about this whole video

    • Do it like Capt. Dan
      Do it like Capt. Dan 3 days ago

      Koppes1010 Duke Vs Miami twice... and Miami broke their hearts both times

  • Original hi
    Original hi 6 days ago

    It’s like he always presses square on madden lol

  • Kristopher Watson
    Kristopher Watson 6 days ago


  • Carson Curd
    Carson Curd 6 days ago

    21:22 why we play jackpot growing up

  • Ryan Neal
    Ryan Neal 6 days ago

    As a phin fan I can't decide if we draft fromm or tagovailoa

    • Batman Pop's
      Batman Pop's 2 days ago

      I like Jake Fromm and to me he seems like he have a stronger arm throwing the deep ball down-filled I'm ok with us drafting him 😃🐬

  • ONYX Snake
    ONYX Snake 6 days ago

    Pause it at 5:11 that dude got killed

  • Elprocesso
    Elprocesso 7 days ago

    This is my favorite video ever. Every scene is golden and perfectly placed. Well done

  • lsk 2
    lsk 2 7 days ago

    Those were the days that Arkansas was good

  • Salad Dressing
    Salad Dressing 7 days ago

    We dont have anything like this in australia

  • Nasty_Ice
    Nasty_Ice 7 days ago

    Why tf ball carriers allowed to lower their head but anyone on defense does and flags are thrown. Such bs

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 7 days ago


  • Eric Spicer
    Eric Spicer 7 days ago

    Kansas asked for it and they got it lmao

    DEREK FRYER 7 days ago


  • stephen mitana
    stephen mitana 8 days ago

    Mayfield went for the handshake, after being denied and laughed he destroyed the other team. This is exactly what fans want to see, bitter, pathetic, losers.

  • Benjamin Barrett
    Benjamin Barrett 8 days ago

    Future Carolina Panthers QB

  • Jeffrey Rusch Jr
    Jeffrey Rusch Jr 8 days ago

    Any Kansas Team has same manners while playing any game really the worst at sportsmanship

  • mgharst
    mgharst 8 days ago

    Baker is a bitch

  • Xeshai
    Xeshai 8 days ago

    Every guy got laid the night after these plays... probably twice.

  • LyricV
    LyricV 9 days ago

    Dude how can you not like this guy?

  • Christopher Woods
    Christopher Woods 9 days ago

    Murray is better then Mayfield

  • Coach B
    Coach B 9 days ago

    Michael Robinson Penn State Qb vs Minnesota Safety

  • Joseph Keller
    Joseph Keller 9 days ago

    I think that the rule is absolutely necessary considering what concussions do to players. However, I think they should be charged with the foul and if they repeat the act then they should be ejected. I don’t agree with ejecting a player for their ‘first offense.’ I do believe this rule is imperative though with all the studies done on concussions and the long and short term effects they have on the players. It is paramount to their safety on and off the field.

  • Austin Logan
    Austin Logan 9 days ago

    0:55 "Treadwell! Off his hands!" As a Vikings fan, I've heard this a lot

  • ColeBurgess
    ColeBurgess 9 days ago

    Anybody else here after cams embarrassing performance.on tnf vs the bucs hoping for the future?

  • Campus Legends
    Campus Legends 9 days ago

    As a fan I love this!

  • Royce Hendrickson
    Royce Hendrickson 9 days ago

    Haha GM's are going see that ! They saw a #1 pick

  • hippie SPORTS
    hippie SPORTS 9 days ago

  • John Pembroke
    John Pembroke 9 days ago

    Its EXACTLY what the NFL is

  • Chee Nou Lo
    Chee Nou Lo 10 days ago

    That nostalgic music tho.

  • Kansas Sam Brokeback

    "Player safety is important, However..." However, we need to go back to the good old days where unpaid college players were routinely injured by targeting for the entertainment of people with no skin in the game. right? Lets go back to leather helmets too!

  • john george
    john george 10 days ago

    Great start in 2019 baker. 😅😅😂😂

  • Gabriel Anthony
    Gabriel Anthony 10 days ago

    He was a little bitch then, still a little bitch today. Just a really REALLY unlucky bitch being in Clvblanfd. Sorry, I threw up in my mouth a little.

  • TT youngfly Sky crew

    I knew Herschel Walker was going to be in this

  • Gauge Michael Berndt

    I’m watching this in class and I wish I could hear the audio at 1:27

  • Mike Koscielniak
    Mike Koscielniak 11 days ago

    If he were the other color it'd be acceptable. Double standard these days.