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My FIRST LOVE...Fail :(
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SPAM MAIL! Unboxing #7
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  • John Knee
    John Knee 50 minutes ago

    Haha love your parents! And such a good son!

  • thedoneeye
    thedoneeye Hour ago

    Mike, I just realized I haven't seen any hot oil in your videos. Does this mean you've managed to quit your addiction? 😉

  • Cindy L
    Cindy L 2 hours ago

    id marry you just because you parents are soooooooooooooo sweet!!!

  • Ganpurev Temujin
    Ganpurev Temujin 2 hours ago

    I am from Mongolia ger is house

  • InvAsian
    InvAsian 3 hours ago

    11:20 that kid is probably sponsored by the airline

  • Jesii28
    Jesii28 4 hours ago

    Woah...worlds colliding. Did not expect to see Andrew Muse in the video. Even more so to recognise his voice when this video is playing in the background.

  • Jan Romer
    Jan Romer 5 hours ago

    Whoa! I had a fig tree in my back yard in SOUTH CAROLINA! Yes, you heard me right. My mother used to make fig preserves!

  • Jan Romer
    Jan Romer 5 hours ago

    I saw your video on moving to Seattle. First, I'm SO sorry about everything. You RULE on food vlogs. It's a hard life. Traveling is a hard life, I've done it. You bring JOY to SO many people. Thank you for what you do and being so REAL and honest.

  • 술티배고파요
    술티배고파요 7 hours ago

    I stopped caring about my birthday this year when I turned 15

  • jfeiow lqqmwl
    jfeiow lqqmwl 8 hours ago

    Since you’re back in town, check out Looking for chai in Bellevue. Best Taiwanese food in town.

  • Blimmo D. Clown
    Blimmo D. Clown 9 hours ago

    05:25 OOof XD

  • 첫사랑맛엽떡
    첫사랑맛엽떡 9 hours ago

    형 영상 마약같아..

  • Сания Баженеева

    You should come for me to Kazakhstan

  • Rots Hañzo
    Rots Hañzo 11 hours ago

    My favorite actor is Jakie Chan

  • John Okamoto
    John Okamoto 14 hours ago

    Pushing out the food poisoning with dessert! AND IT WORKED! Mikey is a GENIUS!😄

  • MsReclusivity
    MsReclusivity 14 hours ago

    Loved the live stream from here! Can't wait to see more!

  • Shay
    Shay 14 hours ago

    You could totally turn the 2 story barn into an Air BnB

  • Shay
    Shay 16 hours ago

    I can't wait until you go to Poland or Ireland.

  • Shay
    Shay 16 hours ago

    Salads we'll skip that line...man after my own heart.

  • Johnny Pham
    Johnny Pham 16 hours ago

    Live in Vancouver

  • Anthony Nguyen
    Anthony Nguyen 16 hours ago

    Anyone know the blonde girl insta/vlog

  • Tracy Walker
    Tracy Walker 19 hours ago

    You’re a cutie you’ll be okay 🥰

  • Pfsif
    Pfsif 19 hours ago

    Wait, almost 1 million people watch this future diabetic stuff his face for 20 minutes? GTFO

  • Tracy Walker
    Tracy Walker 20 hours ago

    Wow He’s an eating machine! Will somebody please give him another burger with fresh fries 🍟 lol 😂

  • Liliana Jordan
    Liliana Jordan 21 hour ago

    love ure ur you tube vids

  • Elise Schwendinger
    Elise Schwendinger 21 hour ago

    You made a good choice on picking first class it's just the airline where you went wrong

  • Darius Schroeder
    Darius Schroeder 21 hour ago

    I did both 23andMe and AncestryDNA and I found my family. 💯 I was adopted

  • P W
    P W 21 hour ago

    I need to have this after I pay my bills

  • Leigh45
    Leigh45 22 hours ago

    Awesome video.

  • T KJ
    T KJ 23 hours ago

    I Am Scared Of Octopus 🐙! 😊

  • Dominicancali
    Dominicancali Day ago

    Awesome video Mikey, sauteing the onions in the same pan as the meat gives an incredible taste to the overall dish, as well as putting the the meats and vegetables that are going into the oven in the same pan.

  • preciousjas
    preciousjas Day ago

    Anyone know the name of this hotel?

  • Franny Park
    Franny Park Day ago

    I’m def getting a plushie

  • Stephanie Brodeur

    They're all over the world and McDonalds is ok but I'd not say that thoroughly.just a cockroach filled restaurant but I hope you enjoyed it~

  • Stephanie Brodeur

    Japan McDonalds McDonalds is getting serious now


    Dude you gave up on hot oil 7:46 seriously !!

  • Phouvan Chan
    Phouvan Chan Day ago

    I can see you passing as a korean mikey....your eyes are kinda big for a typical chinese guy. And maybe thats where the european trait comes in?! Idk hahaaa

  • Jan Romer
    Jan Romer Day ago

    You lost me on SPAM.

  • Sabana
    Sabana Day ago

    The knife means we like you

  • Yyy Zzz
    Yyy Zzz Day ago

    7:41 You can use this as a JACKET, this is for you to WEAR 😂😂😂

  • Deidre Cruickshank

    Mikey cilantro and coriander are exactly the same thing! Cilantro is the American name and Coriander is the UK/European name for the same herb!

  • Tim Scadden
    Tim Scadden Day ago

    "The frothiness is a little too frothy for me". WTF? I think you need a dose of reality son.

  • miyabi timelapse

    maybe someday, mickey may give away original dumplings to random people. btw i am just curious internet is not censored in middle asian countries?

  • Tenuem Plays
    Tenuem Plays Day ago

    I’ve been to the buffet before

  • Tamara Young
    Tamara Young Day ago

    Mikey Chen’s nightmare: Here’s some cereal for breakfast 😈

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Mikey: grabs puff pastry from serving dish where it's next to a curry dish, which he ignores. Tastes puff pastry: "Hmm, nice little puff pastry, this'd be good with curry."

  • Nokya
    Nokya Day ago

    Looks like Jacky Chan!

  • Stephen Hutchison

    "Influencers" .... pffffffft. You actually provide more valuable service than that.

  • Marie Lussier
    Marie Lussier Day ago

    Happy belated welcome to the Pacific Northwest!

  • Burial
    Burial Day ago

    who's the girl?

  • Jake Addy
    Jake Addy Day ago

    I ask out of curiosity - not trying to be rude - but is your right leg slightly shorter than your left leg? Just wondering because the way the camera moves when you walk. We're all different and have our unique characteristics, that's what makes us interesting

  • Rots Hañzo
    Rots Hañzo Day ago

    The sound of the flute 🤯🤐🤐 It's kinda feel irritated.. I like that hot blonde girl she's so sexy and spicy

  • Kuro fukurou
    Kuro fukurou Day ago

    Hey Mike, can you try the vegan/vegetarian option on "Hello fresh'"? I would love to subscribe but I don't eat meat so I am not sure if the vegetarian meal would be as good as youe regular ''Hello fresh''' meal...

  • E SITU
    E SITU Day ago

    The fact that Mr. Kim’s was empty should have been a red flag. Damn you Mr.Kim 😡😡😡

  • deadlyblueeyes33

    Can not believe you didn't go blue water grill 🤦‍♀️

  • M B
    M B Day ago

    Take me with you!

  • Tiggy 2Timez
    Tiggy 2Timez Day ago

    "sometimes I'm so jealous of snakes coz they can just unhinge their jaw" 🙌🏾 I feel ya man, I feel ya! 🤜🏾🤛🏾

  • Busybee
    Busybee Day ago

    Love your videos Mike! You have such a fun easygoing personality.good job!

  • Victor Vicente

    Average Filipinos in USA have 2 to 3 % iberian blood. But many Filipinos esp in upper classes back in Philippines have higher percentages of iberian genes .its obvious why they remained there

  • Veronica Abasyal_21


  • Wendy
    Wendy Day ago

    Hope you liked Amsterdam. Maybe next time stay a little longer and explore all the different provincial specialties. Almost all provinces do have their own specialty in some foods and/or drinks. Maybe we can see you soon 👍🇳🇱

  • ImaDerpy Bot5000

    I'm sorry I had to send this to you but now that you have opened it you can't stopped reading this. Hi my name is Teresa Fidlago I died 27 years. If you don't send this to 20 people I will sleep by your side forever. If you don't believe me search me up. Teresa Fidlago. So send this to 20 people. A girl ignored this and her mom died 20 days later. NO SEND BACKS!!!! #copied. Sorry I had to send this. Btw this is not fake search her up on google. Someone send me this and i had to do the same, i’m taking no risk of ignoring this message tell me why this keeps happening. another grandma read this and sent it to 20 people but the internet went of on 19. She was found cut into 5 pieces after 1 day. Make sure you send all OK IM SO SORRY BUT I REALLY DONT WANT TO DIE PLEASE PRAY FOR ME

  • •Cutie Pup•

    Turkish airlines is good 2nd class is Good because you get remotes or touch screens sometimes!

  • TSBalasubbramanniam


  • Desert Flower
    Desert Flower Day ago

    Mikey's too adorable. ❤I love the way that he reacts to food. I can actually imagine what the food tastes like because he describes it so well. All the places he visited looked amazing I would love to go there one day. I'm hungry now from seeing all that food..😁😁

  • Cameron Barringer
    Cameron Barringer 2 days ago

    You should definitely make a stop in Pittsburgh you won't be disappointed 😂💯

  • Angel Rainbow
    Angel Rainbow 2 days ago

    i love stuffed toys & pillows. Can i have your mini dumpling pillows in different pastel colors? And oh!! Also in light brown & grey colors please

  • Ferrian Salvador
    Ferrian Salvador 2 days ago

    Ooooh! I love that Shirt!! 😍 and the Dumpling pillow 😊. Hope I could meet you somewhere in Seattle or somewhere in WA state.

  • Christian A
    Christian A 2 days ago

    Pls do not fling that skewer around

  • Jeig0
    Jeig0 2 days ago

    what a beautiful country!

  • Hoong Zai
    Hoong Zai 2 days ago

    Never tell an Asian man how to eat his rice

  • Renee Williams
    Renee Williams 2 days ago

    Awwwww,You now have the papa, mama and baby plushie... LOL! Thank you for the video, I loved looking at your food view of the country!

  • Chien chung Goh
    Chien chung Goh 2 days ago

    The noodles at the start were instant noodles

  • Pat Madamba
    Pat Madamba 2 days ago

    You really look like young jackie chan 😍

  • T KJ
    T KJ 2 days ago

    Is It Waikiki Beach 🏖????? 😊

  • Not_ Bravo
    Not_ Bravo 2 days ago

    Yooo jal airlines hook up ma man with some lotion please sp he can have a 5 minute seccion

  • ChrisG-
    ChrisG- 2 days ago

    coriander and cilantro are the same thing bro lmao

  • Jesus Franco
    Jesus Franco 2 days ago

    Stop smacking bro how about you finish chewing then talk..stpoporry I had to unsubscribed it was getting annoying hearing you smack your lips

  • Jesus Franco
    Jesus Franco 2 days ago

    I love your videos mikey but please stop smacking your lips..finish eating then talk..stop talking while eating.

  • joh ber
    joh ber 2 days ago

    ur like that ryan kid who get all the toys but with food instead

  • Yves Clemente
    Yves Clemente 2 days ago

    For me Goulash is Perfect With Hot Rice.... Filipino here :D

  • Chelsie Lee
    Chelsie Lee 2 days ago

    Okay, I love Sue. Hahaha. She’s so smiley & happy. I love these videos the most❤️

  • Kat G
    Kat G 2 days ago

    You have GOT to try malt vinegar with your fish & chips, Mikey! It's to die for!

  • sus
    sus 2 days ago

    Hahaha did you say 'I think I see Asians?' It is in Asia

  • David Ya
    David Ya 2 days ago

    breads, bacons and meats are always dry in McDonald & Quick France. I am avoid these kind of places. I rather go to BK. Vegetables looks more fresh, the cheese is also better, the meats are excellents !

  • Kelly Jackson
    Kelly Jackson 2 days ago

    Upgrades are always great!

  • koustav dutta
    koustav dutta 2 days ago

    those mask melons are sold in india for less than a dollar

  • Ekichionixuka101
    Ekichionixuka101 2 days ago

    Mikey chen you got yourself a new subscriber. I feel like you should have more compared to the other food entertainer youtubers. Since you travel all around the world eating a variety of different food

  • Quasi Toto
    Quasi Toto 2 days ago

    Just watching a dude hawk down some food.

  • Azure
    Azure 2 days ago

    Holy shet its shiptur

  • Ri Binder
    Ri Binder 2 days ago

    4:02 The guy in the background represents me 😂

  • Atomi Star
    Atomi Star 2 days ago

    4:42 the chick in the background 🤨 her face though...

  • Ri Binder
    Ri Binder 2 days ago

    I’m just curious (and maybe too lazy to look) but what is his job? Is he a full time RU-clipd with a parttime job? Or something else? And if so, what is his job? I’m just curious 😖

  • DJ Emergenc
    DJ Emergenc 2 days ago

    The LV phone case is over $1000...

  • peko
    peko 2 days ago

    Food poisoning is never fun. Glad this one is not a long lasting one for you.

    • peko
      peko 2 days ago

      Sugarcane water with lime or lemon would be good also.

  • Koni Jr
    Koni Jr 2 days ago

    Love how Mikey assumes every meat is pork 😂

  • Koni Jr
    Koni Jr 2 days ago

    @5:22 even their birds chirp with an accent!

  • Koni Jr
    Koni Jr 2 days ago

    Those stairs are a lawsuit waiting to happen, damn that looked scary when Mickey was trying to figure out if he should go first or the suitcase.

  • A Random Awesome Guy

    You're so ungrateful

  • Koni Jr
    Koni Jr 3 days ago

    That Jackie Chan reference though huh, really? I'm African (Somalian), resemblance slight maybe, but related, lol! Come on?