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How The Earth Will End?
Views 108K6 days ago
Why is NASA Going to TITAN ?
Views 133K3 months ago
What if Jupiter Hits The Sun?
Views 621K3 months ago
Why is NASA Digging At Mars?
Views 117K7 months ago


  • Alfonso Cantu
    Alfonso Cantu 4 seconds ago

    Knowing there is an atmosphere on the Sun the two swirls on this Star may be found to be "Giant Hurricanes"...Alfonso Cantu

  • RudyBronyProductions
    RudyBronyProductions 48 seconds ago

    In year 2020 we would have a cure for cancer.

  • Alfonso Cantu
    Alfonso Cantu 5 minutes ago

    I believe that Jupiter would become much smaller before it reached the Sun as a direct result of "Condense Space",that surrounds the Sun...Alfonso Cantu

  • Durjoy Moitra
    Durjoy Moitra 7 minutes ago

    2020 is next year i'm scared

  • Savage bear77
    Savage bear77 8 minutes ago

    FuckkkkkkkkkKKK YoU

  • La Troy
    La Troy 10 minutes ago

    how am I not surprised that its like a dot

  • Gaming -W- Marcus VR
    Gaming -W- Marcus VR 16 minutes ago

    Like my heart 🖤

  • Ozzy Branch
    Ozzy Branch 19 minutes ago

    Speaking about black holes 🕳 how about Fortnite

  • K series
    K series 25 minutes ago

    Children are having trouble breathing in brazil some got cancer and there are smoke clouds

  • ma ja
    ma ja 31 minute ago

    Nahhh the darkest thing on the in the World is my Butthole :>

  • Kenyatte Jay
    Kenyatte Jay 36 minutes ago

    Nah, God did it all

  • i z z y
    i z z y 43 minutes ago

    It’s so much brighter than my future

  • HomeSlice BreadSlice
    HomeSlice BreadSlice 43 minutes ago

    The thumbnail told me he's a teacher flipping off the class.

  • Lime Juice
    Lime Juice 44 minutes ago

    Edgy kids: *ill take your whole stock*

  • i z z y
    i z z y 44 minutes ago

    Can I wear that

  • Alex the skater xx
    Alex the skater xx 44 minutes ago

    Thats bullshit God made me and this earth so 🖕🖕

  • Homa Khaliqzada
    Homa Khaliqzada 51 minute ago

    One thing god controls everything if he didn’t control everything we all would be dead and according to the Quran it says something that’s means god chooses when earth ends

  • Elijah Escobedo
    Elijah Escobedo 53 minutes ago

    God please help use to not hit

  • Launch Octopus
    Launch Octopus 54 minutes ago

    My ex wife’s heart could cast a shadow on that

  • Default_ Trolls
    Default_ Trolls 56 minutes ago

    That’s fortnite T the moment

  • Er B
    Er B 57 minutes ago

    What if there was something darker.............. It will make a real black hole

  • FeildMarshall Wolf
    FeildMarshall Wolf 58 minutes ago

    Venus: Are you okay, Sun? Sun: MÎÇRÖWÆVÉ


    I thought the sun will explote in billions of years and the earth whould get really Cold so everyone would die?

  • Midnight
    Midnight Hour ago

    I want this

  • Midnight
    Midnight Hour ago


  • Midnight
    Midnight Hour ago

    Did you mean- my soul?

  • Oralia Carrazco
    Oralia Carrazco Hour ago

    Well try us now aliens

  • watermeloncholy
    watermeloncholy Hour ago

    some stupid fucking cell decided to copy and paste and now we’re here

  • AO S
    AO S Hour ago

    370 metres.... bruh lmaooo that’s tiny

  • Lily Unlisted
    Lily Unlisted Hour ago

    Reston peace Doggo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Gacha Yokai studios

    This is proof the sun is a planet

  • niacook2011
    niacook2011 Hour ago

    **Me looking at the thumbnail** **Also me: my brain looks like a rat in New York**

  • Anthony Delgado
    Anthony Delgado Hour ago

    372 people search porn in a sec, make it 373

  • OmgSpinda
    OmgSpinda Hour ago

    Now I know what to call my unloaded Minecraft skin Vanta Black

  • JC Hernz
    JC Hernz Hour ago

    Impossible to get some diamonds there because diamonds that falls from the sky of Jupiter is big as your car, house or even mountains to be exact

  • deegee
    deegee Hour ago

    so you saying my ancestors are fishes?

  • Enqox CDFNRBX
    Enqox CDFNRBX Hour ago

    Hell it and dark than me when I am in the sun naked

  • All Star Gaming 9

    The Problem is Actually The People on this planet killing it

  • 3psilon Radioactivity

    1 like = 69 dog feces delivered to your doorstep

  • Sebastien Girouard

    They can use a frog in new york to get rid of rats.

  • Honey? Where's my super suit?

    The planet wouldn't be fucked over.

  • Liwamster Master

    What if you are in a room coated with this material

  • Chef CurryDa30
    Chef CurryDa30 Hour ago


  • TheChosenWaffl3
    TheChosenWaffl3 Hour ago

    Nobody: Fortnite right now:

  • Sophia the fox X3

    Why would they do this I've been crying so hard when it said that "laika dies because of overheating"

  • Apricot Daily
    Apricot Daily Hour ago

    I came here expecting 14 year old girls who listen to Billie Eilish to say“mY sOuL iS tHe DaRkEsT tHiNg On ThE pLaNeT!!! 1!!!! 11!!”

  • TheChosenWaffl3
    TheChosenWaffl3 Hour ago


  • DeCodE
    DeCodE 2 hours ago

    it will be the end of 2019.

  • Osvaldo Martinez
    Osvaldo Martinez 2 hours ago

    Well its bin 3 months

  • iтz_ lυиαyт
    iтz_ lυиαyт 2 hours ago

    It will rain with 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,001 cats. (Not from clouds, a lots of people will have a lots of cats go outside to their backyard to play) Edit: and every 60 seconds one person will subscribe to me.

  • Bil ceifer teh dorito

    *W O O P*

  • Cedric PLAyz
    Cedric PLAyz 2 hours ago

    Future is coming kids ;))

  • Alexander Castilho
    Alexander Castilho 2 hours ago

    Please put subtitle. It's better

  • Don Mega
    Don Mega 2 hours ago

    Ham? What about the chimp whose brains they transferred to another chimp and the damn thing actually survived some minutes before they decided to call it quits! i'm sure some rich fucks are already using this technique to prolong their own lives. getting a younger body would revitalize their old brains. if i was a rich fuck i'd be kidnapping bunch of people to run the experiments on until i got it right. admit it you would do it as well, yet alone some sociopath certainly afraid of his own mortality and losing all his billions would definitely do it!

  • What bus it that what bus is that

    If human doesn't exist? No raiding area 51

  • Antonis Mitilineos
    Antonis Mitilineos 2 hours ago

    Cut the crap music please

  • Flikczy
    Flikczy 2 hours ago

    This clip get used one milion times.

  • Due and wolf brothers

    I wish all people care for the environment. :(

  • Xifoq
    Xifoq 2 hours ago

    Darkest Object In The World: exists The Black Hole On Fortnite: Hold My Hole

  • Kalil Cooper
    Kalil Cooper 2 hours ago

    Stranger Things

  • CLN
    CLN 2 hours ago

    What if there was a star so big that it was the size of Sagittarius A*

  • Lalri Mawia
    Lalri Mawia 2 hours ago

    Um ethat’s would not naptun

  • Pablo Velasquez
    Pablo Velasquez 2 hours ago

    Looks scary but not true

  • Lalri Mawia
    Lalri Mawia 2 hours ago

    Yay it’s like horror movie

  • EAW Vlogs329
    EAW Vlogs329 3 hours ago

    Its our fault why we are in this situation, if we don’t stop now, it will be too late to fix it and this world will be destroyed Because of us.

  • Janier
    Janier 3 hours ago

    thats fucked up

  • Liam Navarro
    Liam Navarro 3 hours ago

    If Ham was still alive I would adopt him🤧😢😭

  • Toni Deo
    Toni Deo 3 hours ago

    Cool videos 😉

  • SF43 Clan
    SF43 Clan 3 hours ago

    Nice vid

  • Donaji Quiroz
    Donaji Quiroz 3 hours ago

    Am just 10 and am scard if this hit on eath i will have a short live :(

  • Vxby
    Vxby 3 hours ago

    I knew already i seen every video

  • Hamza Fort
    Hamza Fort 3 hours ago

    0:03 *Giovanna* ? *were Italian* ? Those bastard have *Gold Experience Requiem* and have sent that poor lady into the death loop with Diavolo

  • OLLE Brolin
    OLLE Brolin 3 hours ago


  • Riley Smith
    Riley Smith 3 hours ago

    What if Earth explode? No Mr Scientific

  • Soman Pranakaran
    Soman Pranakaran 4 hours ago

    What language is this buddy look like English but not sure

  • Unclean spaghetti
    Unclean spaghetti 4 hours ago

    I’m the darkest material on the earth

  • mega Wolfpainter
    mega Wolfpainter 4 hours ago

    Thats really sad

  • iza wojtowicz
    iza wojtowicz 4 hours ago

    And it didn't 😂

  • Herbert Alvarado
    Herbert Alvarado 4 hours ago

    This asteroid agenda is just crape.......trash diabolical agenda from the Rockefeller’s and their gang. God will do it until his people are not in earth anymore then this thing or something with fire will impact....... impact can be understood in many ways but will cause to all people that will not repent to be destroy together with the Evil which is a being or a diabolical manifestation

  • Jaxson Maddox Eldredge

    Do you know God created our planet

  • SomeRandomDude
    SomeRandomDude 4 hours ago


    MOVIE WORLD 4 hours ago

    Mr scientific😘😘😘

  • Maca prodavanje kanal

    Thank you god

  • Vic Jacques
    Vic Jacques 4 hours ago

    i can touch earth also with my hands, so cool!

  • Arrans latest
    Arrans latest 5 hours ago

    The fact that a laser can't be seen on it is Shocking

  • Loylus Miah
    Loylus Miah 5 hours ago

    If there is no human mr scientific cant teach amazing things

  • Mochu The _loli
    Mochu The _loli 5 hours ago

    Well now I'm terrified of dis

  • Daniel Montes
    Daniel Montes 5 hours ago


  • arbijon sulejmani
    arbijon sulejmani 5 hours ago

    How do you know? You are not the creator of it,Nor the one who made it do what god wants it to do,If it is heading our way,God will choose,and if god says it hits us,it hits us,god says for it not to hit us,It doesn't. so just continue life.

  • Sanya
    Sanya 5 hours ago

    ofc we're still alive for 880 years, we are zombies

  • P A I N uchiha
    P A I N uchiha 5 hours ago

    *My future:am I a joke to you?*

  • Nathan B.
    Nathan B. 5 hours ago

    Bro they did ham dirty

  • Manuel Merlos
    Manuel Merlos 5 hours ago

    Ok but what happen to earth

  • DillybobXD
    DillybobXD 5 hours ago

    This Channel sucks a few months ago it said a asteroid would hit and end the world on February 1. Nothing happened but it gave me anxiety

  • Supergirl 231
    Supergirl 231 5 hours ago

    Actually it's Chase hudson

  • Katrina Watson
    Katrina Watson 5 hours ago

    Do you know what you better stop scaring me because I DO NOT LIKE IT

  • Benjamin Sandoval
    Benjamin Sandoval 5 hours ago

    Darker than my humor

  • Vsco Girl
    Vsco Girl 5 hours ago

    Whats wrong with russia 😡

  • oFizzy
    oFizzy 5 hours ago

    I just asking when we could become extinct for the animals sake we think we’re god and the animals are nothing they are food and sacrifices they have feelings too have you ever seen a animal cry it’s just as sad as we see humans cry . Just make the non animal lovers die

    • Wonk my Donk
      Wonk my Donk 2 hours ago

      Chill my guy. Just think that laika did this in the name of science. Sure she did it against her own will but she really helped the science community and NASA. They even built a statue of her to honor her sacrifice and bravery.

  • Ulises Medrano
    Ulises Medrano 5 hours ago

    You vs the guy she told you not to worry about