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  • M Poppins
    M Poppins 10 minutes ago

    She kept a copy of the letter she wrote to her dad. Who does that? The kind of person that is manipulating and looking for arguments. We are being manipulated to take her side against her and Harry's family. We should retreat away from this narcissist. No contact, no invitations, no public job, no public money and no press.I don't want anything more to do with her. No contact for me. Bye bye .

  • Alphy Jazz Music
    Alphy Jazz Music 14 minutes ago

    Fingers crossed...who is this referred to as 'JESUS' Christians should watch out.

  • xjustbecuzx
    xjustbecuzx 22 minutes ago

    Remember when the leaks happened?

  • Noey Duran
    Noey Duran 23 minutes ago

    My baby draya💜💜💜

  • TheRealDeal
    TheRealDeal 28 minutes ago

    Sounds like her PR team is faking "taking a break" when it's really the media they've sued that has shut them out of the headlines already!!!!

    • Em Dee
      Em Dee 13 minutes ago

      Yeah it's hard to take people seriously when they act like they're a brand, hang out with people like the Beckhams and hire PR firms to con people into liking them. Their champagne socialist, fake humanitarian, fake feminist, fake climate change advocate actions speak louder than any scripted words they speak.

  • Zachary Mullins
    Zachary Mullins 31 minute ago

    So..how is j law's career going after she called all Republicans gun wielding bible toting hillbillies?

  • Agent Lowkey
    Agent Lowkey 32 minutes ago

    If I see Lisa as the thumbnail, or in the title.. I view right away.

  • Antons Mouth
    Antons Mouth 41 minute ago

    Hit that Shaq

  • Charlie Hunt
    Charlie Hunt 41 minute ago

    Looking for evidence.

  • Oribhabor Ose
    Oribhabor Ose 43 minutes ago

    Nicki minaj is always straight forward love ❤️ ❤️ her for that

  • EPhantomify
    EPhantomify 53 minutes ago

    Meghan is from a highly dysfunctional family and background. Prince Harry does not come from that type of family or background. He enjoyed his life and lived his life prior to getting married. In spite of his travels, he maintained a civil relationship with his brother. Is it possible that because this woman only knows how to manipulate and control, Brits saw through that? She wasn't happy and moved from Buckingham. Then into another home. Now, she wants to return to America? Seems this was her plan from the beginning. But, it will not work out. Where will she move to after America? Constant moving is VERY common for dysfunctional and mentally unstable people. Harry and I share the same birthday. I hope he opens his eyes and realizes that this new problem with the press is scape-goating. Man up to the truth. You made a mistake. Many people make the same mistakes in the first marriage because we are naïve. But, we learn from that and move forward. Magnets attract. Magnets repel. You and Meghan are like repelling magnets. It happens. Stop the dysfunctional constant moving around with her. Man up, Harry. Sit down and have a confidential talk with your brother and Grandmother. Get to know Harry again. This is your first marriage and I think her third? Take time off from Meghan. I guarantee you will breathe again. The both of you need to wake up. It is sad to see you like this.

  • Anastajia2005
    Anastajia2005 Hour ago

    I think they just rushed into this marriage too soon, then they have a child in the first year. This puts a tremendous strain on a marriage as they have not had time to adjust to married life and for Meghan life married into the Firm. It is unfortunate that she did not have more time to adjust to just what life is like being a member of the Royal Family. They obviously need some help and I hope they get it.

  • Mr T
    Mr T Hour ago

    Meghan and harry Hewitt

  • Noniiey Mantyi
    Noniiey Mantyi Hour ago

    This guy is thinking as a fan and not putting himself in Riri's shoes...

  • White Thread
    White Thread Hour ago

    Not a bit

  • sheshe AAA
    sheshe AAA Hour ago

    I love her so much ,,,,,,she always give a shout out the other women in the game........Nicki is so happy other females rappers are getting their shine........like Megan thee Stallion

  • cynpet kc
    cynpet kc Hour ago

    The racism in football is the same as the racism Duchess Mehgan is suffering in the hands of the British media and some of the Brits. They can't help themselves, Harry called it unconscious bias. Since the romance between the two was announced through wedding, pregnancy and birth a nation is abusing and bullying, attacking, molesting and harassing one woman. How she conceived, carried the baby through and gave birth is a miracle. Yet no sign of leaving her alone. I think it is very cruel to treat anyone like that no matter what that person has done. People say Kate carries on without complaining, remember Harry was 1000%behind Kate and William, where are they today,? I will say to the Sussexes, you have done what you can, go on with your work and God bless you and little Archie.

  • Tiffani Vu
    Tiffani Vu Hour ago

    The ladies make a lot of sense because they understand so they know how it feels like

  • Davida Ward
    Davida Ward Hour ago

    Seems like Miley has a thing for Australians.

  • QHTX
    QHTX Hour ago

    There was a recent online poll in the UK than showed Meghan is the most hated person in the country even more hated than a known peodophile. The second most hated person is another black politician by the name Diane Abott. This women did absolutely nothing different than their white peers. What Meghan failed to realise is that in the UK just because a white person can do something doesn't mean a coloured person can do the same thing. Here are two examples. There was a report on Kate Middleton that she wore a red dress to some wedding and the comments and reports were basically " she looks stunning and beautiful" , after few weeks Meghan had similar red dress on another wedding and the report and comments were " she is attention seeker for wearing a red dress". Using private jets by the royals is common and almost every single of them talk about global warming while still freely using private planes but this becomes an issue only when Meghan used private jet and then every newspaper labelled her a hypocrite. The judgement is not based on what she does but on who she is. The daily vicious attack by tabloids against Meghan is unprecedented and while I understand they are in the far right domain performing their sacred act of protecting their "race" from an intruder, the left leaning paper's silence on this issue makes them they too are complacent.

  • sandy russell
    sandy russell Hour ago

    They'll be divorced in 3 years tops....

  • Threadie
    Threadie Hour ago

    So what happened since all the smiley happy faces of the royals when all was going well (or looked that way). Enter 1 x yank divorcee who already admitted to her pals she wanted to be a princess, even though she couldn't keep her first bloke interested. How much longer has this marriage got in it ??? Who knows but just keep them away from the royal purse (Pommy taxpayers) and no trips to Australia funded by our taxpayers.

  • Benny
    Benny Hour ago

    I would love to be able to take 6 weeks off for family time but I live paycheck by paycheck, have a chronic illness and can'r afford missing a day of work. So enjoy guys, live the life!

  • Hermione Danger
    Hermione Danger Hour ago

    Boohoo!..... Why hasn't her celebrity friends asked if she is ok?.... Where is Elton... Oprah.... Ellen...... George and Amal?..... Did they GHOST 👻 HER?... 😵😂😂😂😂😂😂😂... SHE is STILL a Lousy ACTRESS.... SHE had that same expressions ... in a SUITS episode.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jeff Beck
    Jeff Beck Hour ago

    Who cares

    TE-SHAUN TV Hour ago

    Mid 90s was a crazy time...especially in hip hop....

  • D M
    D M 2 hours ago

    Here sits the only three persons at E! That actually (pretend to) care.

  • D M
    D M 2 hours ago

    Can’t Wait for spacex to send most of Hollywood and the NBA and NFL to Mars never to return

  • Jim Bendtsen
    Jim Bendtsen 2 hours ago

    Let's start a pool on how long they'll stay married.

  • British Scorpion
    British Scorpion 2 hours ago

    Not another break! Thinking of moving to the US? Can we have the money back from doing up your 'cottage' that you haven't lived in? It's us who needs a break...from you two.

  • ToBeOrNotToBe
    ToBeOrNotToBe 2 hours ago

    I wish them nothing but turmoil. Fookin commies.

  • D M
    D M 2 hours ago

    I don’t ever want to meet these cesspool swamp elitists. I’m done giving them undeserved money or adoration when most are just horrible hateful excuses.

  • D M
    D M 2 hours ago

    They will get a divorce ASAP. J law is a lunatic.

  • Pampskoen
    Pampskoen 2 hours ago

    It’s probably the pressure of not having a baby. Remember she’s an actress. Yes she is going through IT but she caused it.

  • Hermione Danger
    Hermione Danger 2 hours ago

    STILL a lousy ACTRESS...... YOU mean NONE of HER HOLLYWOOD friends ask HER how SHE'S doing?... Where's Oprah... George ... Amal..... ELLEN ELTON Etc?...... Did THEY..... 👻 GHOST HER!?......😂😂😂😂😂 NOT BUYING THE PITY ( POOR ME) CARD .... SHE is dishing OUT!

  • Gerry D
    Gerry D 2 hours ago

    Knew she would be a nightmare for royals, way she treated her family was disgusting. Stop giving her air time its all she wants 😴😴😴😴

  • cuntpuncher
    cuntpuncher 2 hours ago


  • Sean Commins
    Sean Commins 2 hours ago

    Chin up Meghan, and Harry, Head Down. A lot of people around the World think this is all BS, to deflect away from your Randy Andy Uncle, who was sleeping with a 17 year old, in London, which is Legal, but Illegal in New York. They Roll You and your Brother out, doing all the Pomp, Land Mines like your Mom, etc, but at the end of the day you're married now, to a lovely girl, with a beautiful new baby. Like 'Socrates' said, Don't Battle the Past, Build for the Future, and if that's America, then so be it. Good Luck to all 3 of You.

  • Claudia Villatoro
    Claudia Villatoro 2 hours ago

    I think people don’t like her bc she’s not genuine she fakes it all the time it has nothing to do with her race.

  • Sharralynn Pierce Woolworth

    There is something wrong with her body! She is going to kill herself with that waist and hips! It is just not natural! It's very dangerous!

  • Pup Pup Man
    Pup Pup Man 3 hours ago

    keep Hollywood morons out of RI

  • Sharon Atim
    Sharon Atim 3 hours ago

    Yayyyy...We love you Harry and Meghan 😍😍😍

  • Zafirah
    Zafirah 3 hours ago

    You said Austin and his wife, but they are not married!

  • Linda Roane
    Linda Roane 3 hours ago

    Jenna is the beauty. Jessie J looks androgynous.

  • Destiny 100
    Destiny 100 3 hours ago

    What they talking. He doest owe her headups. They broken up and of the story. If he was bringing her around her daughter then she has the right to know.

  • RUBY
    RUBY 3 hours ago

    she's very self aware, thats a gift not many have!

  • damien absalon
    damien absalon 3 hours ago

    This is the same Bella who took a picture of Carla Bruni to her doctor and said “I want to look this stunning”. Lol 😂

  • Ingrid Carter
    Ingrid Carter 3 hours ago

    Epstein girl....nuff said.

  • Ingrid Carter
    Ingrid Carter 3 hours ago

    Dutchess Liar!

  • Bri O
    Bri O 3 hours ago

    You know this comment section is so freakin rude i love how people are so quick to judge and dont know crap you people are sick. Do you live in the palace with Megan and Harry? Do you know her struggles? How dare you say she is "privileged" just cuz she has money, that dont mean she isnt a freakin human dang people with money can struggle too like how can you be so small minded? money isnt the issue here its the people, being royal is her job just like we all got jobs and everyones job can be challenging so why cant she be human and show her emotion without people coming down her throat like honestly im pretty sure if you felt her pain you wouldn't be so quick say that stuff, i dont know her pain but i wont call her a liar or say she shouldnt be sad cuz she is rich cuz money can't make you happy only God can fill your heart

  • Ayesha Jasmine
    Ayesha Jasmine 3 hours ago

    Morgan is so stunning and hilarious💞 love her.

  • chinyere ikeme
    chinyere ikeme 3 hours ago

    Prince William. and kate have something to do with treatment.

  • bhk110
    bhk110 3 hours ago

    Do they realize that the US is a depressed country atm? She's not going to find what she's looking for here. It's time to do some soul searching.

    • bhk110
      bhk110 Hour ago

      @Ephesian Rose Keep stalking me. Should I wait for your Russian operatives outside? Tell me what I'm doing right now?

    • bhk110
      bhk110 Hour ago

      @Ephesian Rose I have to respectfully disagree. As an American who was in London last month and has previously visited, it's still much more sane and civilized in your country.

    • Ephesian Rose
      Ephesian Rose 2 hours ago

      I think the UK is actually in worse shape due to the divisions and uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

  • DabCat 716
    DabCat 716 3 hours ago

    I have her nudes, they're straight fire

    • Nick
      Nick Hour ago

      DabCat 716 You know Weinstein hit that.

  • SearchForTomorrow
    SearchForTomorrow 3 hours ago

    How much charity work do you Meghan Haters do?

  • SearchForTomorrow
    SearchForTomorrow 3 hours ago

    Meghan and Harry my Favourite Royals :-))) A lot of ppl aren't fans of Meghan,but they're all NOBODIES who dislike her!!! Meghan has the Queens approval,and THATS WHAT REALLY MATTERS!!!!

  • Bourjois M
    Bourjois M 3 hours ago


  • Em Dee
    Em Dee 3 hours ago

    Sure. They'll be taking their attention seeking "We're only having 2 kids because of climate change", "feminist coloured woman", "Saving African orphans like Diana", "We're victims" show on the road to America. Harry always wanted to be famous and he got with her and her giggle girl act because he thought that would spiral him into Hollyweird. She studied International Relations and Communications at university (on her Daddy's dime) for this acting role. Good luck America lol.

  • JPMC Brand Clothing
    JPMC Brand Clothing 3 hours ago

    Rihanna & Gwen killing it as usual 🎖️ ten-hut!!

  • Kris T
    Kris T 4 hours ago

    Justin, you are right on!

  • TheReturnofStephan1
    TheReturnofStephan1 4 hours ago

    Great. More BS in the name of "diversity", which is code for "let's push the very WORST example of any community down everyone's throats and watch what happens". Just give the job to Angela Lansbury or Betty White and call it a freakin' day, already! That would actually be watchable. I'm bi and even I'm SICK of effeminate gay males in media.

  • Tasha Vladimiroff
    Tasha Vladimiroff 4 hours ago

    Good for her. I wish her a life time of happiness.

  • Timeless
    Timeless 4 hours ago

    Wow! The child looks just like Meghan’s dad.

  • R A
    R A 4 hours ago

    I think its SWEET of harry to see his wife isnt happy and need a break and he going to give her just that!!

  • VarynDar
    VarynDar 4 hours ago

    These people are playing the floor is lava but the lava is mentioning Christianity

  • Mmmommy MM
    Mmmommy MM 4 hours ago

    Morgans great in so many ways

  • kushmanthebushman
    kushmanthebushman 4 hours ago

    Wonder what the prenup look like?🤔 Who's getting what in this sort of living "arrangement" and for how long?

  • Ruth Tavira
    Ruth Tavira 4 hours ago

    He didn't eat the jelly bean

  • Chase Jackson
    Chase Jackson 4 hours ago

    Over under on divorce I give them 3 years.

  • Mickey Romeo
    Mickey Romeo 4 hours ago

    this is really important news

  • Forget Things
    Forget Things 4 hours ago

    she needs to be around all of her friends and family and just be happy for a couple of days or weeks,however long she is here because the British press suck, i mean she can't do anything without them shitting on her they are just mad harry married a black american point.blank.period.

  • Barbie Dreams
    Barbie Dreams 4 hours ago

    Bet the shaderoom didn't post Nicki showing love two other female rappers

  • Suparna Sinha
    Suparna Sinha 4 hours ago

    You were never pregnant Meghan. In 2014 interview you told that you can cry in a cue.. and within 3 seconds you were able to bring tears in your left eyes.. u r indeed a good actor

  • Emily Reno
    Emily Reno 4 hours ago

    Who cares

  • Rona Smith
    Rona Smith 4 hours ago

    Mental break down sought there lies out her age 40 plus so many lies got caught out with her liesTake that

  • sharon wesley
    sharon wesley 4 hours ago

    Probably the Queens idea

  • Monique Koffi
    Monique Koffi 4 hours ago

    So What ?go fix your misérable life

  • Rosemary Bleackley
    Rosemary Bleackley 5 hours ago

    Stress! They haven't got a clue. Try working a 45 hour week on minimum wage and having to live on it. Sick of both of them.😣

  • Gary Hawkins
    Gary Hawkins 5 hours ago

    Name sounds familiar somehow

    BRUDAS Dm 5 hours ago

    GAGA, the next time you climb on top of a man, make sure he's laying on his back. We understand that...

  • Taunja Brockway
    Taunja Brockway 5 hours ago

    Who cares.. it's a baby.. nothing special

  • LeeAnn Parker
    LeeAnn Parker 5 hours ago

    Every single question that she was asked has already been reviewed and preapproved by her already. She already knew how she was going to answer those questions because she already knew what the questions were. No Royal is going to give an interview, especially for a documentary, without knowing what questions are going to be presented to them. I mean come on already. They will be moving to Africa if not sooner than later because they feel worshipped there. Mark my words, it will happen.

  • Iggy Azalea
    Iggy Azalea 5 hours ago

    Iconic meghannnn

  • thebigbail
    thebigbail 5 hours ago

    So glad Greta solved that climate thing, the elites can now continue on with their elitist endeavours.

  • Teana Pacheco
    Teana Pacheco 5 hours ago

    I love Jenna but she’s clearly moved on, is preggo, and has a new boo So why does it hurt?

  • cv 2012
    cv 2012 5 hours ago

    I give them 3 years. Then a divorce lol

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 5 hours ago

    What's the over under on this marriage lasting 1 year? I'll give it 1 and a half. LMAO.

  • Beskrock
    Beskrock 5 hours ago

    I am strangely devastated by this news.

  • S Turner
    S Turner 5 hours ago

    Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal. An NDE should not be used to hide criminal activity & obscure justice.

  • Tanya McCoy
    Tanya McCoy 5 hours ago

    Oh please 🙄 need a break from what??? Spoiled brats don’t know what having a hard life is like! GTFO we don’t want your narcissistic and hypocritical arses here!

  • Debra Johnson
    Debra Johnson 5 hours ago

    Sounds like they are just celebrating the holidays.

  • Joe Duke
    Joe Duke 5 hours ago

    Let me guess, they're going to stay at the Obama's seaside mansion, before climate change washes it into the ocean?

    • Ephesian Rose
      Ephesian Rose 2 hours ago

      Ok. That comment settles it. Hilarious!

      LYDIA QUEZON 4 hours ago

      Joe Duke no,SERENA is waiting for them

  • SassyBratt1
    SassyBratt1 5 hours ago

    She's getting ready to ditch him. Definitely SPLITS-VILLE. Harry is an idiot.

  • sherrysynthesis
    sherrysynthesis 5 hours ago

    Happy for her she must miss home

  • BlankFace John
    BlankFace John 5 hours ago

    Nobody wants you here

  • Jitka Blahakova
    Jitka Blahakova 5 hours ago

    The fact that she went on having an affair with him is really questionable. To accuse someone of rape is a serious thing that should not be tried in the media, but in the court of law.

  • newton63100
    newton63100 5 hours ago

    Well they should come up to Duluth Minnesota. They will have no problems up there and will get some peace and quiet.

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 5 hours ago

    What a perfect representation of the bastardization of Europe and the Americas ! You will blend in great with the degenerates of Chicago. King of the Congo !

  • Mike B
    Mike B 5 hours ago

    Take break from what, alife of privilege at taxpayer expense> Must be hell for the hypocritical pair of leaches on the public purse

  • Pinkie Love
    Pinkie Love 5 hours ago

    why even marry , when they will just get divorced.. waste of time and money. i give it maybe 8 years if that