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  • Alex Hall
    Alex Hall 3 days ago

    Chin mount or bust

  • Arthur B
    Arthur B Month ago

    Can you take your hat off please ?

  • โพส พันทิบ

    u take mini moon go togeter

  • Patrick Lim
    Patrick Lim 2 months ago

    and hey if you run out of charge you can use the light housing to eat pancakes :) . LOL

  • Roger Rodriguez
    Roger Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Congrats man, I got my honda cbr 600rr stolen a week ago. Praying I can recover it

  • langschwerdt
    langschwerdt 2 months ago

    Hey folks, I need some advice about how to get rid of artefacts in my motorcycle videos (or in fact in all of my videos containing a lot of movement). e.g. ru-clip.com/video/pTHyov2qIsE/video.html I am talking about the partial loss of resolution most propably resulting from the 8 MB/sec limit by RU-clip. How to deal with that? There are a lot of guys managing to upload great videos without those problems so where do I have to start? Currently I am rendering to MP4 1080p, 25 fps, avg bitrate 12k, max bitrate 15k, GOP 1000. No problems in the generated video, the problems only occur after upload. Thanks for all advice.

  • Bryan Jeanes
    Bryan Jeanes 3 months ago

    thanks very much. Great advice for me as I am just looking for my first camera and where to mount it.

  • Charles Penner
    Charles Penner 3 months ago

    Wow those police went the extra mile on returning it to you.

  • Alex Flex
    Alex Flex 3 months ago

    I want this! how do i buy it?

  • Matt LV
    Matt LV 5 months ago

    what about chest mount position? not good for gopro on motorcycle? was thinking to get one as i dont want to mount on helmet square brick gopro :(

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie 5 months ago

      Actually since this video I’ve used a chest mount and it works pretty well. You can get them super cheap from amazon

  • Ricky Ross
    Ricky Ross 5 months ago

    How did the police find it?

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie 5 months ago

      Was being used and failed to stop they used the ECU to trace the VIN number to me

  • Xpert_Destroyer 4
    Xpert_Destroyer 4 5 months ago

    when the bicycle light is so bright that u dont see the bumps and holes in the ground in fron of you xd

  • Ronald So
    Ronald So 6 months ago

    This is equivalent to Vegetas final flash

  • Rich41
    Rich41 6 months ago

    where is the led light 60k lumens .. i want to buy this..

  • The Stig2701
    The Stig2701 7 months ago

    ILLUMINATING!!! 😊😲 .......In more ways than one.

  • RNR
    RNR 7 months ago

    I have one of those go pro helmet mounts onto my helmet, most of the sides are not sticking but only by the middle, will this stay on

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie 5 months ago

      Try mounting the GoPro and leave it over night somewhere it won’t damage if it falls off that’s a good test

  • Mallappa Bhopalapur
    Mallappa Bhopalapur 7 months ago



    Make a video to make this

  • Cityguysims
    Cityguysims 7 months ago

    Fix your fucking sound balance

  • Tim Franko
    Tim Franko 7 months ago

    Ultimate 1up. I want one of these so bad! 😂

  • BillyBull
    BillyBull 8 months ago

    That is not 60,000. My Olight R50 have the same beam and it's only 2500 lumens.

  • Wesley Wamsley
    Wesley Wamsley 8 months ago

    That, doesnt look any brighter than a cars headlight

  • Mike Lowry
    Mike Lowry 8 months ago

    Thanks mate great advice. Just got a Hero 7, its my first camera and I'm keen to get some good riding shots.

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie 8 months ago

      Mike Lowry thanks Mike great camera have fun with it!

  • tom lewis
    tom lewis 9 months ago

    60,000 my ass, more like 2,500. My LED full beam are way brighter than this, and I have a 20,000 lumen flashlight which would make this look like a candle.

    • tom lewis
      tom lewis 9 months ago

      You're not the lumen champion. Search up imalent DX80. It's is claimed to be less but is much brigher. I could upload a video claiming 70,000 lumens. Doesn't mean it is true...

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie 9 months ago

      I’ve searched and searched but I can’t find a video of your full beam or flashlight therefore I remain the RU-clip lumen champ :-)

  • Roger Smith
    Roger Smith 9 months ago

    In some states in Australia there are reports that police are stopping motorcyclists with cameras attached to their helmets and fining them as they claim the helmet no longer conforms to Australian standards. The basis of this action is that the standards sticker that is attached to the helmet was placed there at the time of manufacture and the condition it was in when it left the factory. Adding a camera no matter how it is mounted is said to alter the helmet so it is no longer conforming to the standard. The situation varies from state to state and the penalty also varies. In the light of that it might be better to mount the camera on the bike or get a chest mount.

  • CANADA 3000
    CANADA 3000 10 months ago

    Phuking useless

  • Uriyah Ya'akov
    Uriyah Ya'akov 10 months ago

    And how does this help any of us? Smdh.

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie 10 months ago

      Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. 😎

  • Alex Wu
    Alex Wu 10 months ago

    Does ceramic coating affect the go pro mount beacuse mine fell off on the chin Mount with defult gopro mount u get

    • Alex Wu
      Alex Wu 10 months ago

      @Ian G Laurie yeah I'll try that luckily it fell off while my helmet was stationary and I was eating pizza, I'm gonna buy the official GoPro helmet mount and give it another go at the ceramic coating last for like 3 years

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie 10 months ago

      I can't imagine ceramic is a great surface for the pads to stick to - maybe try a clamp if you can get one to fit?

  • Richard Wells
    Richard Wells 10 months ago

    Good video thanks although must admit I couldn't take my eyes off that Rudge behind you :-)

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie 10 months ago

      Richard Wells video on that beauty is coming up!

    ZaHen IUS LIBRA 10 months ago


  • Tuxster3
    Tuxster3 11 months ago

    I don't see how this would be street legal. I think it would blind the on coming drivers. Do you ride at night in the streets using that headlight?

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie 11 months ago

      it's merely a prototype - we haven't used it on the street

  • uta07maybe
    uta07maybe 11 months ago

    Could not stop laughing. 😆

  • Giovanni Fardella


  • mysticapprentice

    Excellent! Thanks mate that was really useful and informative. Subscribing now...

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      Thanks for the comment and thanks for subbing hope to post more stuff soon:-)

  • Maria Abdelmoutaleb

    where this , what is the name of this place or the name of this city

  • Grando Furrain
    Grando Furrain Year ago

    Сам езди со своим лопухом-монитором..))

  • John Vic de Leon

    Killer light!! Literally

  • John Vic de Leon

    Killer light!! Literally

  • Hassan Z
    Hassan Z Year ago

    This is inspirational can’t wait till I get my bike!

  • Rosemary Taylor
    Rosemary Taylor Year ago

    Hi, thanks for this informative demo. Small thing, but if you are demo-ing products that are black in color and holding them in front of your black hoodie, it can make it a little difficult to see what features you are talking about on the product. These products are fairly simple, but if they weren't it might not be as clear what you're trying to point out. Thanks again!

    • Brian Brooking
      Brian Brooking 4 months ago

      Johnny Cash GoPro

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie 10 months ago

      good point I'm a big fan of black but you're correct its a bit difficult to see ]

  • juve Robledo
    juve Robledo Year ago

    Si quiere tanta claridad por qué o sale de día y se acabó el problema...es ridícula..esa idea...

  • RandomNooby
    RandomNooby Year ago

    Its nice but the title ruins it. its not even close to the most powerful, I have several 100kw systems that will kill anything man sized standing in front of them, and others have made even bigger and more powerfull systems than these

  • PresentTalk
    PresentTalk Year ago

    Hi! I was wondering if the position of the camera makes any difference on safety? I was planning on mounting my GoPro 5 to the chin of my helmet (6D ATS-1) and scared in the case of a front face crash the camera will break the helmet. Thanks!

    • jimmyfly
      jimmyfly 11 months ago

      PresentTalk - the camera is weaker than the helmet and whatever you’re hitting. It’s going to smash and essentially disappear in the crash and should affect safety.

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      I’ve often wondered about this but I figured they allow it in plenty of motorsports events so is probably fine...

  • James Nickel
    James Nickel Year ago

    Hey! Great review. Thanks. A lot clearer on where to mount now. Safe riding!

  • Flying Brick
    Flying Brick Year ago

    You kept it simple, not too long and yet full of usefull information. That's the way you should transfer your knowledge and experience! You got my subscription all right! Looking forward for new videos!

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      Thanks so much , more videos coming soon!

  • Terry Watkins
    Terry Watkins Year ago

    Very good info! Thank you for sharing. I've been riding for years and never got around to messing with cameras... this is so helpful!

  • Brian Mac.The Old Fart Gamer.

    Great Video Ian. Clear and concise.Subbed. Having just bought my Yamaha Dragstar 125 and all the accessories,pretty broke at the moment lol. ;-) I would like to buy a go pro, but can't afford the top range model. Any advise for a guy like me who just wants some casual footage to show family and friends and mounted on the right side of my helmet. Which go pro would you choose.Any advise would be much appreciated. Many thnxs in advance Ian. Cheers. Brian.

    • Brian Mac.The Old Fart Gamer.
      Brian Mac.The Old Fart Gamer. Year ago

      Many thnxs for the reply Ian.Gone for an Akaso to kick off with.Take care Brian.

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      Brian Mac.The Old Fart Gamer. Thanks! Have a look on amazon there are some GoPro style cameras that are around $40 and get great reviews! Ride safe

  • BBBYpsi
    BBBYpsi Year ago

    I like it do you sell it? I'm looking for something to put on my boat and I think this would work good.

  • Bayonetwork
    Bayonetwork Year ago

    Great video, I am super struggling with vibrations on the handlebar option with ram mount, is there a great vibration reduction piece that you could recommend to add? thank you and keep up the great work.

    • Bayonetwork
      Bayonetwork Year ago

      Ian G Laurie thanks I'll try the short arm

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      Bayonetwork thanks, try using the shortest ram arm you can get, shorter is usually less vibration. Try a rubber shim on the bars and experiment with different positions sometimes handlebars aren’t the best place depending on the bike

  • norokelt
    norokelt Year ago

    good points, and thanks for the tips on the RAM mounts, you nailed it, when you said it is a hassle to get a right angle with the basic mounts.

  • Sebastian Gaidzik

    crazy ;)

  • SHates
    SHates Year ago

    Glad you got it back! I'm looking to trade in my GS for a 701. What dealership did you use?

  • Andrew Mulholland

    This is excellent man, glad you got your bike back and good to hear police doing a bit of detective work to get it back to its rightful owner

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      Andrew Mulholland thanks Andrew yeah I think I got lucky :-)

  • Amachetay Cybo
    Amachetay Cybo Year ago

    kickass baby u guys should see them or have video where u can show us how u make 1 of those!

  • Nathan Ross
    Nathan Ross Year ago

    I'm pretty sure they are taking the piss people..

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      nathan ross what do you mean? THIS IS the worlds brightest bike light ;-)

  • erik dee
    erik dee Year ago

    === You got to wear your sunglasses at night

  • David De León
    David De León Year ago

    hahaha, is that a helicopter light?

  • Cekpi7
    Cekpi7 Year ago

    Should that be about about 600-700w leds? What do you use to power that?

    • Cekpi7
      Cekpi7 Year ago

      Ian G Laurie Nice, so light output might be even more than 60000 lumens :)

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      1000w, powered with liion camera batteries

  • Onature Shenzhen

    Too bright,the battery is a big problem.

  • Alan P
    Alan P Year ago

    Thanks very much for passing on your knowledge. It should save us the time, energy and heartache that comes from learning from our own mistakes.

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      Alan P thanks Alan hope you found it useful good luck with your filming and ride safe!

  • Game Bros
    Game Bros Year ago

    No idiot is going to ride their bike at night with that big ass bulky light in the front of their bike like a small television flat screen attached to their bike. This video is obviously a joke. Joke=Dislike 👎

    • Game Bros
      Game Bros Year ago

      Ian G Laurie yeah ride with it on the road to get pulled over! 😄

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      Game Bros but it’s 60,000 lumens!!!!!

  • Jim Davis
    Jim Davis Year ago

    I was hoping to get more info on sound and mics, since these are key to good video. The skeleton case means you can get better sound, it also means you can easily plug in an external mic. But wind noise is my problem. I want to have decent engine sound but no wind noise. I have put a fake fur fuzzy bit on the mic port, still on a windy day the wind noise is bad. What about helmet mounted mics, what about BT mics? Please do another video explaining how to get good sound.

    • Jim Davis
      Jim Davis Year ago

      Great look forward to future videos.

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      Hi Jim, I'm going to do a separate video on settings and one on sound too. In order to minimise distortion I try and get the camera/mic if attached out of direct wind. So, either a mic attached and in my helmet (works quite well) or behind the windscreen. I've also heard these are good although I've not tried one yet: amzn.to/2oA129d

  • Brad R
    Brad R Year ago

    Great video! I'm a sub from one of your sub requests after the new RU-clip rules. Glad to see you are over the 1K mark and can be monetized now! My channel is over the sub requirement but under the minutes watched requirement just slightly since Jan....so I'm still not eligible...but thats cool, I just like making and sharing videos!

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      Hi Brad, actually turns out my minutes aren't quite there either but the amazing response I got has spurred me on anyway. Like you say, I just like making the videos. The way I see it is people wont be bothered with ads for now. As you know it wasn't much money anyway more the principle. I think it will separate the casual up-loaders from people like us which is probably a good thing in the long run. Keep it up i think your films are great!

  • mukesh barde
    mukesh barde Year ago

    Nice video he

  • Nedzad Skola
    Nedzad Skola Year ago


  • Haydn Keith
    Haydn Keith Year ago

    Cool. Except the no gloves bit

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      Yeah was super hot but you are right and I have no excuses and it's not recommended!

  • 34Gray_Wolf.
    34Gray_Wolf. Year ago

    How many watts is this?? My flash light is 150W..

  • DervMan
    DervMan Year ago

    Fantastic stuff, great to someone livin’ the dream. Well produced video too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Just Vlog Tv
    Just Vlog Tv Year ago

    Great video man I had the iron for the past 8 months last year and just got rid of it in August of 2017 and got a 2017 victory highball! Loved the iron but needed more power and after riding the streetbob it was Vic Highball I went with ! I will probably get another iron just for fun again, I bought 10 inch bars for the iron and didn’t put them on I’m in in Cali with you if you wanna grab them I’m here in Temecula CA and maybe catch a ride one day!

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      Thanks dude I’m back in the United Kingdom now that 883 was hired from Eagle Rider I sold my 883 couple of years ago but I miss it so might get another thanks for the offer though

  • Viral On Social Media

    i'm your fist subscriber from india

    • Viral On Social Media
      Viral On Social Media Year ago

      sure 👍

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      Awesome, great to have you! would love more so please feel free to share the videos with your motorcycle friends!

    TWO WHEEL FIX Year ago

    Your living the dream brother. Great road and tunes. Like from me 🏍️🤙

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      Thanks dude, this trip was the best I LOVE that bike and road!

  • potato salad
    potato salad Year ago

    yeah, everyone wants to ride around with a light the size of a 17 inch laptop

  • Simon Hill
    Simon Hill Year ago

    My son and I just climbed the merrick today lots of snow making it tough going although once at the summit what a magical view

  • Coptermaniac
    Coptermaniac Year ago

    imagine driving in front of a Mirror... instant blind.

  • Marc Meyer
    Marc Meyer Year ago

    Why does it not make sense to buy an 883 in the UK? Just about to buy one.

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      Hey Marc, I should of clarified the comment and will add to the description to do so. Firstly, I LOVED my 883 Iron and miss it. If I had a big garage I'd have another one. But for me only having one bike I wanted something that could do it all and that inc long distance touring and some off-road so went back to a GS. (I've Had a GS, Harley, Husqvarna, R9T etc so have experienced quite few bikes) If you're not buying new make sure you get one with a stage 1 upgrade already installed will be more fun and will save you a lot of money! Ride safe & Enjoy!

    TWO WHEEL FIX Year ago

    Your very lucky to get the oppertunity to do this. Nice 1 mate. 🏍️🤙🍻

      TWO WHEEL FIX Year ago

      Ian G Laurie yeah looks good. So is Scotland if it wasn't for the rain. Lol 🏍️🤙

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      Thanks man LA is such a great place its Moto heaven

  • motocyclin3
    motocyclin3 Year ago

    U suck with your intro

  • You F'coffee
    You F'coffee Year ago

    We all hope that we end up in that sunset eventually and maybe we do.

  • vycka 1523
    vycka 1523 Year ago


  • Gunnar Bjorklund

    Try about 3,000 lumens bud

  • Aussie Mark
    Aussie Mark Year ago

    Hi Ian. As a fellow biker and droner, I jus have to sub to you. Enjoyed your video

    • Aussie Mark
      Aussie Mark Year ago

      Thanks Ian. I'd love to ride and fly

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      Thanks Mark! returned the favour you've got some great videos. I've been flying drones for a while but the new DJI tracking features mean that I can ride and fly! Hope to get some more content up soon

  • PelaajaW
    PelaajaW Year ago

    "60.000" lumens eat my shorts my 3000 lumen flashlight is brighter than that shit

  • PHIL S.
    PHIL S. Year ago

    It's amazing, but I'm not *that* fearful of wandering about into darkness when my foreskin isn't peeled back.

  • Roland Lowhorn
    Roland Lowhorn Year ago

    Modern light is so amazing

  • CodeNameABK
    CodeNameABK Year ago

    Saw your vid in FB, came over to youtube and considered subscribing ;) This is exactly why I am thinking of buying a drone, nice to see the the mavic do its job! I was badly wishing for one while riding around Alps so I should simply get one instead! :)

    • CodeNameABK
      CodeNameABK Year ago

      Its also banned in Belgium too (unless you get a license which costs a shit ton!) but I see many others countries around here are pretty relaxed about it as long as its in a desolate region away from airports. Already looking at ads for used mavic by the way :D

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      The Mavic is an awesome bit of kit great for motorcycling (unless you're going to Morocco where they are banned! )I'm going to do a tutorial video on there soon

  • Mythix2
    Mythix2 Year ago

    if you crash you'll start a forest fire

  • John  Lastname
    John Lastname Year ago

    Awesome light but i would say more like 2000-3000 lumens i have an actual 4000 lumen light and it looks much brighter but still way cool man

    • Playfer
      Playfer 3 months ago

      @Ian G Laurie An incandescent light does about 15 lumens per watt maximum, so 1000W gives 15,000 lumens. Also take into account that these LED panels are usually nowhere near as bright as claimed and you probably have about 7000 lumens at the very most which can be matched by commercially available bike lights.

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      John Lastname thanks its actually a (tungsten equivalent) 1kw (1000w) led that’s where we got the calculation from.

  • J Chad
    J Chad Year ago

    Great video awesome shots with the mavic. How much flight time are you getting out of it? What's the charging time and any thought as to whether you can do it from your bike?

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie Year ago

      This was shot by me whilst riding I mounted the controls to the handlebars but bit was set on tracking mode so didn't have to touch them while riding. Flight time around 20 minutes charge time around 30 minutes

  • Walk Fly Ride
    Walk Fly Ride 2 years ago

    Nice video Ian, as i said on your adv rider post on FB sub'd mate :)

  • David Archibald
    David Archibald 2 years ago

    I love technology 👍

  • ETAservices
    ETAservices 2 years ago

    Stunning footage - looking forward to seeing more

    TWO WHEEL FIX 2 years ago

    Cool video. I had GS adventure for 4 years and loved it. Got a mavic pro too now. I'd be interested to see you tutorial with bike. 👍🍺

      TWO WHEEL FIX 2 years ago

      Please have a look at my wee channel if you get a chance Ian. Cheers 👍🍺

      TWO WHEEL FIX 2 years ago

      Ian G Laurie look forward to seeing it. Subbed buddy. Main bike is aprilia now. 👍🍺

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie 2 years ago

      Cheers, will try and upload this week - if you wanted to subscribe you will get an alert as soon as it goes up, cool that you had a GS , my setup would work with most bikes though...

  • Tyrone Layes
    Tyrone Layes 2 years ago


    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie 2 years ago

      I can't remember the name of the exact track but it's from these guys: www.epidemicsound.com

  • Ryker Z
    Ryker Z 2 years ago


  • ถิ่นอิสาน T


  • lord6
    lord6 2 years ago

    i was expecting more

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie 2 years ago

      +lord6 will try harder next time:-)

  • El Jefe
    El Jefe 2 years ago

    over drive mode 60000 lumens runtime : 3 minutes.

    • El Jefe
      El Jefe 2 years ago

      wow, then your runtimes at less than max must be outstanding

    • Ian G Laurie
      Ian G Laurie 2 years ago

      +El Jefe we got about 30mins out of the battery we were using

  • Clement G Indahouse
    Clement G Indahouse 2 years ago

    Damn! This light is brighter than my future.

  • Der See
    Der See 2 years ago

    If wind comes in front you are not further able to drive.. this is dumb. But you can also hang a trailer behind your bycicle, with an stadiumspotlight on it, 300billion lumen and you can burn yourself and the forrest as well..

  • good music
    good music 2 years ago

    fuking bright but i dont think its 60 000lm ,i gues20 000lm