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  • Brenda Carty
    Brenda Carty Minute ago

    I am a Grey Witch and this vid portrays all Witches in a negative way.Do your homework.

  • Susan Farley
    Susan Farley 7 minutes ago

    The scariest bridge used to be the old cooper river bridge in charleston sc. Going over it used to be white knuckle time. It was narrow 2 lane bridge and wind blowing made it scarier.

  • Aditya Dey
    Aditya Dey 10 minutes ago

    Not at all. He's not alive

  • Dat 1 Song
    Dat 1 Song 16 minutes ago

    And Santa Claus is real too. Right?

  • subhadip dutta
    subhadip dutta 17 minutes ago

    Sir your videos are just fabulous and outstanding. Love your videos SIR.

  • Linda Woods
    Linda Woods 19 minutes ago

    Sending alot of love to #supremefamily...thank you for all you do..and videos are awesome..

  • nickolas james
    nickolas james 24 minutes ago

    The narrator is hilarious lol

    MAN OF THE MARCH HIMSELF 34 minutes ago

    I'm late, today. #SUPREMEFAMILY

  • wayne nahuy
    wayne nahuy 40 minutes ago

    Perfect explanation for cover ups ifanything is ever found except giant human skeletans those were master craftsen making Halloween deco!

  • wayne nahuy
    wayne nahuy 44 minutes ago

    You may not be far off with glacier melt and possible dinosours in their ice they could thaw an wash up as if recently been alive.

  • TheDarkAurora
    TheDarkAurora 55 minutes ago

    I used to believe in dragons before I watched this

  • Kbakker Bakker
    Kbakker Bakker Hour ago

    This not real

  • Derp
    Derp Hour ago

    That looked like a plesiosaurus sea Dinosaur

  • graham Staunton
    graham Staunton Hour ago

    That pick with the White alien looking with the eyes that are glowing g,,,there was a vdo on the or UTube of works in the swter and It piped around the the camera caugh him run off,,Godbless 2u all and shar the lov👍👍👍👍

  • best ever romodal

    I could be nacked Slenderman

  • Kbakker Bakker
    Kbakker Bakker Hour ago

    8193 that is dum

  • best ever romodal

    I love your videos 😍❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️ I whach then all the time

  • Scorpio Queen Evy

    Woooow I'm freaked out! #supremeteam!

  • Marko Roncevic
    Marko Roncevic Hour ago

    it is a harpy with dragon wings

  • Alyssa Miller
    Alyssa Miller Hour ago

    I love ur vids #team supreme

  • Brandan dotson
    Brandan dotson Hour ago

    Hey i need more videos like this its very interesting

    SHOGUNBEATS Hour ago

    mr surpreme you total pronounced the okanagan lake in canada wrong total wrong

  • Ben Bowers
    Ben Bowers Hour ago

    Either 3 huts made to be shaped like people with funny hats, or 3 monuments of people on dresses with funny hats.

  • Marc Mclaughlan
    Marc Mclaughlan Hour ago

    Thanks for the greatest daily videos ....

  • lol girl123
    lol girl123 Hour ago

    dont get tiered your vids are amasing # suprememe family

  • Jameel Harrington

    Take it

  • Anjalie Persaud
    Anjalie Persaud Hour ago

    Hello friends of the #supremefamily all your videos are educational , am a science student but watching each videos am learning everything new

  • Syed Haider Mustafa Sher

    this may stop me from ever going to the beach again but it was an amazing video #supremeteam

  • nickolas james
    nickolas james 2 hours ago

    Number 4 is real

  • Andrew Jamieson
    Andrew Jamieson 2 hours ago

    #2 looks like u are showcasing 2 completely different pics here. One resembling a horse head while the other more resembles the montauk monster... Why??

  • amangogna68
    amangogna68 2 hours ago

    Your videos are amazing to watch #supremefamily

  • Mary Ranch
    Mary Ranch 2 hours ago


  • Georgia Ayres
    Georgia Ayres 2 hours ago

    So many stories, so little time. Very educational. #SUPREMEFAMILY

  • Gavin Hudson
    Gavin Hudson 2 hours ago

    sanjay's an idiot

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 2 hours ago

    #SupremeFamily. Love your videos

  • Alice Kirk
    Alice Kirk 2 hours ago

    Supreme is one of me spelings

    THE BAY 2 hours ago

    youtube hating on you I been subscribed to your channel for months and your new videos just now popping up in my feed

  • Logan Eyre
    Logan Eyre 2 hours ago

    I'm a new subscriber and I already love you videos #supremefamily P.S Can we have a video on polar bears?

  • bryon29able
    bryon29able 2 hours ago

    There's supposed to be a bigger one under the Narrows Bridge but I doubt that's true

    • Derp
      Derp Hour ago

      I've heard of that one Before too Tho that was said to be "The KRAKEN" But I Don't think so

  • FreedomFighter777 endtimes

    Cool videos I'm hooked #supremefamily

  • Milly Monroe
    Milly Monroe 2 hours ago

    You need to show the video clips with sound ...but the videos are good 👌🏽 love it 😊

  • It'z•Galaxy Bunny•

    Everybody subscribe to#SupremeFamily Happy Halloween your amazing I can't wait until your next video comes out

  • Rosamaria Rodriguez
    Rosamaria Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    I love your videos #supremefamily

  • Chester Kian Sta. Teresa

    I love when i learn/discover things from this channel #supremeteam

  • gacha kathleen
    gacha kathleen 2 hours ago

    Early dude

  • Rockstar Zoya
    Rockstar Zoya 2 hours ago

    love you #supremeteam #superemefamliy

  • Shirley Gomes
    Shirley Gomes 2 hours ago

    3:01 it's not a ship it's a plane

  • Tyler Duncan
    Tyler Duncan 2 hours ago

    Everyone do what supreme says and whatch more of his vids

  • Taha Shirkhan Slehi
    Taha Shirkhan Slehi 2 hours ago

    I AM THE 4rth guys

  • Rosamaria Rodriguez
    Rosamaria Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    Wassup callmehjj jack

  • gacha_ plays
    gacha_ plays 2 hours ago

    I love u so much and your the best youtuber ever I wish u would upload Every minute can stop and won't stop #suprmefamilu

  • Denz PD
    Denz PD 2 hours ago

    Second :)

  • gacha_ plays
    gacha_ plays 2 hours ago


  • CALLmehJJ jack
    CALLmehJJ jack 2 hours ago

    everyone like this comment

  • CALLmehJJ jack
    CALLmehJJ jack 2 hours ago


  • tommy allen
    tommy allen 3 hours ago

    Number two was an orcs dog

  • Ryan Hegseth
    Ryan Hegseth 3 hours ago

    Unless I’m wrong, there seems to be an extra hand in the water picture on the right side

  • Demi Sharpe
    Demi Sharpe 3 hours ago

    Not that much sense but

  • Demi Sharpe
    Demi Sharpe 3 hours ago

    Which craft is different it is a which but not that kind you can tell

  • Albanian Gaming
    Albanian Gaming 3 hours ago

    Fake this is fake like 👇 👇 👎

  • Awabi Adlan
    Awabi Adlan 3 hours ago

    I wish i could have some of likes like you guys

  • lilsushib0y Plays
    lilsushib0y Plays 4 hours ago

    The beach tire looks super fun then Minecraft

  • Nardz Cerezo
    Nardz Cerezo 4 hours ago

    you rock guys keep up the cool videos #SUPREMEFAMILY

  • lilsushib0y Plays
    lilsushib0y Plays 4 hours ago

    #supremefamily keep on making videos

  • Morph Com
    Morph Com 4 hours ago

    #SupremeFamily. Luv all your videos. It brings a great start to my morning. Keep up the great work. Thanks

  • Tola Ovienpaoba
    Tola Ovienpaoba 5 hours ago

    so cool keep it going #supremefamily

  • Zani 01 Awesome
    Zani 01 Awesome 5 hours ago

    Wow,creepy😥Scared the heck out of me. But I love the videos.#supremefamily forever!

  • Stuart baines
    Stuart baines 5 hours ago

    It's all fake cgi and more fakes

    AUNG CHEINT HMUU 5 hours ago

    Seriously it’s mysteriously

  • Filter Family
    Filter Family 5 hours ago

    I love your vids #supreme famly

  • BoyRBLX_YT :D
    BoyRBLX_YT :D 5 hours ago

    Alien is coming!!!

  • Its_playtime! 123
    Its_playtime! 123 5 hours ago

    People say cats aren’t helpful but this cat WOW!

  • Ruby Bautista
    Ruby Bautista 6 hours ago

    That thing is rake

  • Ramadan Sall
    Ramadan Sall 6 hours ago

    Ya I believe in ghost

  • Christine Young
    Christine Young 6 hours ago


  • Christine Young
    Christine Young 6 hours ago

    I saw him at night an i saw him in a abandon big room.

  • Emilio Bullough
    Emilio Bullough 6 hours ago

    Where are the footprint for the snow witch

  • Mar Arquio
    Mar Arquio 6 hours ago

    I like all your videos so much # sup family ,,, thanks for my shout out

  • Deborah Pearl
    Deborah Pearl 7 hours ago


  • Robertjustafan
    Robertjustafan 7 hours ago

    So funny... Yawnnnn waking up ,what the ???? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh splat!!!

  • Fara7ezzo Ezzo
    Fara7ezzo Ezzo 7 hours ago


  • Robertjustafan
    Robertjustafan 7 hours ago

    So funny... Yawnnnn waking up ,what the ???? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh splat!!!

  • Ronyer Maarat
    Ronyer Maarat 7 hours ago

    #supreme this is my first time comment I hope you notice me from Philippines my name is rence

  • Urgyen Garwa
    Urgyen Garwa 7 hours ago

    It look like a giant bat ,in summer you can see giant bats hanging in evening

  • Sabour Sabour
    Sabour Sabour 7 hours ago


  • Greg Pierce
    Greg Pierce 7 hours ago

    Here I am patiently waiting for my shout-out!! I really enjoy the videos! 🤫🤗 #supremefamily By the way can we get something super spooky for ☠🎃Halloween🎃👻??

  • Jocelyn Isunza
    Jocelyn Isunza 7 hours ago

    The big sqid is nem is the krakon

  • Yana Endico
    Yana Endico 7 hours ago

    Love ur videos ಥ‿ಥಥ‿ಥ

  • Mohamed Rinaz
    Mohamed Rinaz 7 hours ago

    Some people think that is a ufo but it is not a ufo it must be the jet from area 51

  • Amy Madison
    Amy Madison 7 hours ago


  • Amy Madison
    Amy Madison 7 hours ago

    Keep this up #supreme famliy

  • Mohamed Rinaz
    Mohamed Rinaz 8 hours ago


  • Florante Adlaon
    Florante Adlaon 8 hours ago

    I like your videos make more #supremefamily

  • Judi V
    Judi V 8 hours ago

    The spiders work together when there has been too much flooding. Mother Nature 🌬 at her best❣️ #supremefamily❣️

  • dorothy goynes
    dorothy goynes 8 hours ago

    Make more videos please please please please

  • dorothy goynes
    dorothy goynes 8 hours ago

    I can’t wait to see your friend my name is Chris

  • dorothy goynes
    dorothy goynes 8 hours ago

    I can’t wait to see more from you

  • Zepur Khshvajian
    Zepur Khshvajian 8 hours ago

    I love your videos and ur the best #supereme

  • Shahida baloch2004
    Shahida baloch2004 8 hours ago

    i think it is not a eabbit. it is king rat. people searching it all over world.