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  • TRZPink A
    TRZPink A 5 hours ago

    كلهن محولات اني احلى منهن 😏🙄

  • Sinarma cahaya sinar-lawak

    11.40 orang gila subang sana subang sini nanti bertagar baru tau😂😂

  • Joy Ramos
    Joy Ramos 6 hours ago

    The first girl looks liked perrie of little mix

  • Ngan Nguyen
    Ngan Nguyen 6 hours ago

    Li sa 1

  • Shohan Hassan
    Shohan Hassan 8 hours ago

    The third girl was looking like Gigi Hadid after finishing her makeup...

  • yamileth flores
    yamileth flores 10 hours ago

    Am I the only one saying that the first girl doesn’t need makeup?

  • selene huerta
    selene huerta 11 hours ago


  • Elena Dominguez
    Elena Dominguez 12 hours ago

    I Loved

  • Jazlynn Rogel
    Jazlynn Rogel 12 hours ago

    I love it

  • Kylie Paz
    Kylie Paz 13 hours ago


  • Rachel Golubiewski
    Rachel Golubiewski 14 hours ago

    1:14 me when I see a spider

  • Bj Lanaja
    Bj Lanaja 15 hours ago

    The ugly is only the second one

  • Je Charania
    Je Charania 15 hours ago

    She hv marks on face..

  • Maria Shaw
    Maria Shaw 15 hours ago

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  • Fabianna La Roche
    Fabianna La Roche 17 hours ago


  • Gaby Soliz
    Gaby Soliz 17 hours ago

    Todas feas con tanto maquillaje 😞

  • ايات عمار
    ايات عمار 17 hours ago

    حلو يجنن 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Paulina Ortega
    Paulina Ortega 18 hours ago

    No cabe duda de que el maquillaje quita lo feo 😒

  • idaly Ss
    idaly Ss 19 hours ago

    6:58 nane music?

  • h u n n i
    h u n n i 19 hours ago

    Good love her bh be

  • K Maloka
    K Maloka 19 hours ago


  • Moosa Ali
    Moosa Ali 21 hour ago

    OMG 10:13 am i the only one who thinks that she is naturally beautifulll Ohh there are so many like me👇

  • аврора Кароблева

    Зачем они красятся если без макияжа нормально выглядят?

  • Noemi Hulkko
    Noemi Hulkko Day ago

    You look better without makeup

  • Alyssa Dillon
    Alyssa Dillon Day ago

    3:00 is very pretty honestly. And 11:13 omfg her eyes!

  • laurice borbe
    laurice borbe Day ago

    Some looked a bit oily,, is that fine?

  • Vodro Shaitan
    Vodro Shaitan Day ago

    I like lisa

  • Mani King
    Mani King Day ago

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  • Vaiyne Narcissus

    Be careful, ALL makeup contains titanium dioxide which is known to the state of California to cause cancer birth defects and reproductive harm. Please look up Prop 65. I stopped wearing makeup for this reason. You all are beautiful already, don't kill yourselves over a trend. Namaste.😊

  • Maqdas Abdiqadir

    The girl from 5:30 looks like Lele pons

  • Mitra Camarens

    Beauty gurus face routine: wash face, face mask, some type of cream, face mist, face mask, moisturizer and do it all over again My face routine: splash face with water, dry and your done!

  • xXMr.e doodXx
    xXMr.e doodXx Day ago

    The girl at 243 needs to take herself to a modeling agency

  • malu malu
    malu malu Day ago

    6:36 How my good 😻💋😻💋💟

  • Charlotte Sliverstone

    Honestly, if I looked like the girls in this video I wouldn’t even wear makeup! I’d be like “I’m already perfect”

  • Alancena Slanyn

    All this is nice, but I'd not use so much. And...why does everyone want to have such a shiny nose? I think the makeup that makes your face glow so hard is not very good. And why SO MUCH Eye-makeup?

  • Kin Wake
    Kin Wake Day ago

    21:24 I wish I can do that so I know exactly which color to choose! I've wasted so much money on wrong colors.😑

  • Food Island
    Food Island Day ago

    Nice ru-clip.com/video/FI9aq4mQeZY/video.html

  • ryn
    ryn Day ago

    My eyelashes grow up so theyre naturally curly, and i use to hate them SO much because i can barely put on eyeliner with out making a mess. I remember i even tried straightening them

  • Gran Twerking
    Gran Twerking Day ago

    La Primera Se Veía Más Bonita Sin Maquillaje

  • Abide Shala
    Abide Shala Day ago

    The first 😍😍

  • Nourhane Driouch

    والله فنانين كبار 😮😮😮❤❤❤😀😀😀😀

  • Nourhane Driouch

    الاشباح هما انتم

  • يا حسين حبيبي! Séréna Kontar

    It's a really transformation!!Oh goddd

  • Pristine Pastel

    Ooh using a face mask to prevent fallout from the eyeshadow is really smart, i’ll have to remember that!

  • annauk29
    annauk29 Day ago

    Wtf is up with those tangerine foundations lol makes what could be stunning make up look ridiculous

  • عمانيه ABDULLAH


  • عمانيه ABDULLAH


  • حوراء عبد
    حوراء عبد 2 days ago

    ماحب المبالغه بلمكياج ومحي ملامح الوجه

  • Yase Huhu
    Yase Huhu 2 days ago

    Die mit den 100 piersings pahhhhh you make me sik

  • dada insaf
    dada insaf 2 days ago


  • IcEcReAm NuTtElLa
    IcEcReAm NuTtElLa 2 days ago

    How did that girl not notice her ridiculous yellow foundation ???!! 2:34 *I literally thought she was putting on a turmeric mask on like gurl*

  • نور العيون

    روعه احلا ميك اب بشوفو بحياتي 😍😍😍😍

  • Lea Viscaro
    Lea Viscaro 2 days ago

    Arrêter le maquillage vous êtes plus belle naturel et quand vous vous maquiller vous êtes moche

  • Janoushka
    Janoushka 2 days ago

    And there's me, who look's like a potatoe.

  • MemeASMR queen
    MemeASMR queen 2 days ago


  • Cry You a Desert
    Cry You a Desert 2 days ago

    What if makeup was never invented so that most girls don’t have to live up to the high expectations from the society? Watching this just really hurt my self esteem

    • Alyssa Dillon
      Alyssa Dillon Day ago

      Even if it wasn’t a thing we would still do things to look better, it’s media that makes us have expectations.

    • CarolineTheSoftie
      CarolineTheSoftie Day ago

      Then don’t watch it lol 😂

  • Mariana  R R
    Mariana R R 2 days ago

    Ammm...at 11:04....overmake up.....or not?

  • Amiah’s Life
    Amiah’s Life 2 days ago

    The girls makeup at the time of 3:54 make up is strait up dodo

  • Amiah’s Life
    Amiah’s Life 2 days ago

    Bro this girl the time at 2:56 makeup is 🤮 she looks so oily

  • ROObin HOOooOOD
    ROObin HOOooOOD 2 days ago

    wooow It's a beautiful channel Worth publishing for the girls frd

  • Sarah Easton
    Sarah Easton 2 days ago

    These people love themselves way too much they need to b fired they look like morons

  • kashaf khan
    kashaf khan 2 days ago

    I love back ground music cuz it's of justinbieber and ima belieber It's my fav song of justin💯💯❤❤❤

  • liliana reyes
    liliana reyes 2 days ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa es tan raro cómo haces eso por Dios estás en mundo arcoiris ok

  • sumedh khandare
    sumedh khandare 2 days ago

    We are going to be responsible to teach upcoming generations that they don't look perfect the way they are. We are confusing them for accepting who they are

    • Alyssa Dillon
      Alyssa Dillon Day ago

      sumedh khandare eh, even before I knew this was a thing I felt horrible about myself but I was also a child in a mental abuse situation. However makeup just makes me feel better so don’t knock it.

  • Zesu Granger
    Zesu Granger 2 days ago

    Bütün ürünleri yoğurt gibi sürdüler ufff

  • Ihssan Rhl
    Ihssan Rhl 2 days ago

    Itis bioutifoull (1)

  • Anjanahbolmkml Yadav

    The first one doesn't need to apply makeup as she already looks very beautiful ☺️🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😘😘😍😍

  • Asad Ulla Khan
    Asad Ulla Khan 2 days ago


  • Mansfield Family
    Mansfield Family 2 days ago

    one of these ppl in this video looks like bella thorne. lol

  • Xbycraftx 14
    Xbycraftx 14 2 days ago

    Como se llama la chica del minuto 4:09

  • anonym anonymní
    anonym anonymní 2 days ago

    Go study!!!

  • Alya Walker
    Alya Walker 2 days ago

    3:39 i dont like that look do you ??

  • YouNiverse
    YouNiverse 2 days ago

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      YouNiverse 2 days ago

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  • Key
    Key 3 days ago


  • inas roro
    inas roro 3 days ago

    ضلو ابعثولي بليييز 😿

  • Mariana Mendez
    Mariana Mendez 3 days ago

    11:12 Nmms que BELLA mujerrrrr.....😱😱💗

  • md sonu
    md sonu 3 days ago

    Baakbass video

  • idrian martinez
    idrian martinez 3 days ago

    What is the name of the first music

  • Shama Salmani
    Shama Salmani 3 days ago

    Best makeup on 9.11 😘😙

  • beauty salon
    beauty salon 3 days ago


  • hfshzhr89
    hfshzhr89 3 days ago

    18:03 oh god she is a vision! what a natural beauty. the makeup is bad tho!!

  • وردة الإسلام memo

    اكو عرب بالطيارة 😹😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ashley Rodriguez
    Ashley Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Que horrible es la del minuto 8:34

  • محمد خالد
    محمد خالد 3 days ago

    .Arad name of the song

  • nena Aaa
    nena Aaa 3 days ago

    🤩Wow 🤩

  • Yugam Rana
    Yugam Rana 3 days ago

    These videos are kind of useless for me personally.. But dono why, it just feels so relaxing n satisfying watching one like this...

  • _juxte_ laura_
    _juxte_ laura_ 3 days ago

    Tellement satisfesant , j'adoree

  • Fercha Cortes
    Fercha Cortes 3 days ago


  • Kimberly Couture
    Kimberly Couture 3 days ago

    Wow this video is bad ass! ❣️

  • Raju Ahmed
    Raju Ahmed 3 days ago

    I love to see the make up products more than make up😆😆

  • Bethie82
    Bethie82 3 days ago

    Does anyone know what the blue and white tube is in the beginning of the last one?? The shine though!

  • Elissa Robert
    Elissa Robert 3 days ago

    2:55 is it just me or is her face green...😕

  • Lyz Zavala
    Lyz Zavala 3 days ago

    I missed the hack

  • Sassy Snowflaky
    Sassy Snowflaky 3 days ago

    All of these comments saying that they don't need makeup are so stupid. Duh, they don't NEED it. But makeup is a form of art, they aren't just trying to cover themselves up, a lot of them are just trying to do creative looks or they're doing it because it makes them happy. Goddamnit

  • Rosemeire Sousa
    Rosemeire Sousa 3 days ago

    3:50 caraca parece a moana

  • Izzy Dizzy
    Izzy Dizzy 3 days ago

    You are hot 3 one

  • Izzy Dizzy
    Izzy Dizzy 3 days ago

    You are so pertty

  • jenni servin
    jenni servin 3 days ago

    Muy pintadas es mejor ser natural como mujer 💓💇💅