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iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing!
Views 13M3 months ago
Top iPadOS 13 Features!
Views 828K4 months ago
iOS 13 & iPadOS Unveiled!
Views 906K4 months ago
Fake AirPods 2 Unboxing!
Views 669K6 months ago


  • Itz Aprem
    Itz Aprem 2 hours ago

    Where do I buy

  • Diamond Kat
    Diamond Kat 2 hours ago

    But you give us the link -_-

  • Ozzy S13
    Ozzy S13 2 hours ago

    I had the g1 when it came out later on I got an iPhone and you couldn’t send pictures over text and I was like yo wtf

  • glauS
    glauS 2 hours ago

    webtekno ????

  • Bh TBS
    Bh TBS 2 hours ago

    Who watching this on a old phone

  • luke
    luke 2 hours ago

    the airpods literally look like fake ones HSIDND

  • Knight2937
    Knight2937 2 hours ago

    I Like how the 4s is really fast here but in the newer videos its slower than the 3G!

  • P14Y3R0N3
    P14Y3R0N3 2 hours ago

    I couldn't figure out which one was fake and which one was real when he put them side to side from the back

  • Zak Srdanovich
    Zak Srdanovich 2 hours ago

    And it adds a headphone jack

  • John Waldt
    John Waldt 2 hours ago

    jeeez the animation look shait

  • Insane Blob
    Insane Blob 2 hours ago

    AirPods 3 look like mini hair blow dryers 🤣😂🤣

  • Hitomi dAkz Kaminaga

    that was also my first iphone and that iphone 4G was the best!!! it last till now 2019!!!

  • Tyree H
    Tyree H 2 hours ago

    Who else watching in 2019 and saying in their mind that this shit didn't even came out

  • Ummati 93
    Ummati 93 2 hours ago

    GOD please let me see Steve Jobs in my dream. I just wanna ask him if he was in illuminati.

  • Knight2937
    Knight2937 2 hours ago

    4:51 he roasted the iPad 3

  • monster454540
    monster454540 2 hours ago


  • Jayson Pham
    Jayson Pham 3 hours ago

    Look at the picture in the picture title the iPhone 10R it’s an iPhone 11 case...

  • Joshua Miller
    Joshua Miller 3 hours ago

    5:57 awwwww

  • It's crafting time
    It's crafting time 3 hours ago

    Trottel spaati last die scheiß fack ey

  • Abby Wilkes
    Abby Wilkes 3 hours ago

    I love apple, BUT EWWWWW WHYYYY 😂 those AirPods 3🥺🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Lily Locket
    Lily Locket 3 hours ago

    Hi can you answer my question? Do they still sell the iphone1 at the Apple store?

  • fred
    fred 3 hours ago

    him: this is super easy also him: so you're gonna start by removing the battery....

  • mahammd0532265227 alhedyan

    Stup 🤯

  • Mariyam K K
    Mariyam K K 3 hours ago

    I just updated to iOS 13.2 on my iPhone 11 pro, how will I get the iOS 13.2 beta 2 Please help. 😭

  • Azhar Ali
    Azhar Ali 3 hours ago

    S8 is Bast 😍💚

  • Sophie Burns
    Sophie Burns 3 hours ago

    This was realised my 8th birthday

  • Galactic_T2
    Galactic_T2 3 hours ago

    Omg I want to buy a oil dyed one!!!

  • African Twin
    African Twin 3 hours ago

    I wont buy the Apple SE. It is still too big, and €€€ I need a 4 inch. For now im using a old Xiaomi. Apple is out of the game. Too pricey, slow performany, tiny mem and battery.

  • Daxx Lind
    Daxx Lind 3 hours ago

    The s6 edge plus and note 5 took water damage on the screen connectors because of where the Sim trays are. They let water in and short out the connectors, also the note 5's wifi/modem are near the Sim tray. So the damage correlates. I work in phone repair. I deal with damaged note 5s and s6s some are water damaged. Thing is those 2 take damage over time if not torn down and given a 99% rubbing alcohol bath. Most corrosion I've seen happens at screen connectors and power/ volume controls, when cleaned they seem to work fine

  • Banane Salami
    Banane Salami 3 hours ago

    You made a great decision.

  • Poop Brush
    Poop Brush 3 hours ago

    You know what’s funny I dropped my 11 not even a foot and it broke

  • Tiin Latinoamerica
    Tiin Latinoamerica 3 hours ago


  • Seren M
    Seren M 3 hours ago

    I have the SE which was made the 6s

  • Albert Doe
    Albert Doe 3 hours ago


  • Hpkawal22
    Hpkawal22 3 hours ago

    apple toilet paper confirmed 2021

  • Shelton Clark
    Shelton Clark 3 hours ago

    Steve jobs

  • cool-aid Boga
    cool-aid Boga 3 hours ago

    That's phone cancer

  • TimmyK916
    TimmyK916 3 hours ago

    They should let you disable Face ID or lock screen automatically when at home. Like Android does.

  • Makary Barsukoff
    Makary Barsukoff 3 hours ago

    srly i wonder why touch screen doesnt work (has gloves on)

  • Rivga Lee
    Rivga Lee 3 hours ago

    Can you do a video on how you update it to look like iOS 13

  • Matt Hassard
    Matt Hassard 3 hours ago

    Must be nice to be able to piss money away on things to break.... SMFH

  • Cris Burke
    Cris Burke 3 hours ago

    Nobody: EverythingApplePro: ⚡

  •  3 hours ago

    Get the xr best phone ever

  • Makary Barsukoff
    Makary Barsukoff 3 hours ago

    yea its in your pocket and it slices your wrist

  • TimmyK916
    TimmyK916 3 hours ago

    When will they let you place your app icons freely on the home screen? iOS 24?

  • hermarchitect
    hermarchitect 3 hours ago

    it feels like im watching with strecthed resultion 2:12

  • Kyle Druen
    Kyle Druen 3 hours ago

    db lvls aren't like a volume rating... 110 db is almost 16 times louder than 70 db. so id say the laptop did pretty well lol that's louder than most people are exposed to on a flight line wearing double hearing protection. Cool experiment though curiosity satisfied! 👍🏽

  • oof sim
    oof sim 3 hours ago

    Uglypods 3

  • Bruce Newbeck
    Bruce Newbeck 3 hours ago

    Need help, anyone have problems with the messages app crashing?

  • LA6UOA
    LA6UOA 3 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing! It's a reminder of how many screwballs are out there. Keep it up!

  • The Retro Collector
    The Retro Collector 4 hours ago

    It would be cool if you did this again, and used FlexTape as a case.

  • Erika Calanche
    Erika Calanche 4 hours ago

    The is a Samsung boi

  • Vedant Ganesh
    Vedant Ganesh 4 hours ago

    5:36 try wireless

  • Ziphix Gamer
    Ziphix Gamer 4 hours ago

    What are the called

  • Anna Lesko
    Anna Lesko 4 hours ago

    start using amazon

  • Sebastian Green 8W
    Sebastian Green 8W 4 hours ago

    iPhone SE 2 just looks like an iPhone 7 tbh

  • Jyoung5200
    Jyoung5200 4 hours ago

    Soooo when are they going to allow us to delete emojis so I don’t have all the queer and interracial shit on my phone? Probably never because they want everyone to pretend like it’s ok.

  • Max Lex
    Max Lex 4 hours ago

    Pls for me for 100.000 $

  • Ayman Wehbi
    Ayman Wehbi 4 hours ago

    He basically said android is better but he can't stay on it cuz he's not used to it rn (and cuz his channel is named everything apple pro)

  • Prem Prakash
    Prem Prakash 4 hours ago

    From china 😂

  • Andy GG
    Andy GG 4 hours ago

    iPhone 11 is not even fukcing 700 plus tax that shits like 850

  • Pinkaholic JinJitSU
    Pinkaholic JinJitSU 4 hours ago

    o woww! loveeee

  • Pinkaholic JinJitSU
    Pinkaholic JinJitSU 4 hours ago

    these always hurtt me 😂😂😂😂

  • Aidan Lynch
    Aidan Lynch 4 hours ago

    If you pause at 7:12 the S7 has a warning on its screen saying that it's detected moisture

  • man cheong ng
    man cheong ng 4 hours ago

    I got the i7s AirPod but my mom bought me the real AirPods after

  • Dr Gulam Mortoza
    Dr Gulam Mortoza 4 hours ago

    I buy a apple itab 2017.that itab is very well

  • Leo Mcc
    Leo Mcc 4 hours ago

    Password: 4xrays

  • 🍉NiNTENDo🥝
    🍉NiNTENDo🥝 4 hours ago

    Honestly I do not understand how hard it is to copy a few animations

  • Faisal Nøkk
    Faisal Nøkk 4 hours ago

    I bought it 2days ago And my sister told me airpods3 is coming 😮

  • Adam Chase
    Adam Chase 4 hours ago

    I was hoping SE 2 with screen only

  • KH L
    KH L 4 hours ago

    Design still the same~~

  • Leo Mcc
    Leo Mcc 4 hours ago

    Cool idea, could have a better design

  • bedo ahmed
    bedo ahmed 4 hours ago

    Hey , I am bedo from Egypt I entered ur giveaway but have no idea how would I know if I won ? ( don't have twitter )

  • clan clashers
    clan clashers 4 hours ago

    the airpods 3 look clapped

  • Babo Bob
    Babo Bob 4 hours ago

    whats the name of the perfect fake airpods? i cant speak good english XD pls help me

  • Megax 456123
    Megax 456123 4 hours ago

    When I first saw the video I was like is that tech smart because I just finished one of his videos

  • TheGamig bros Abdul Wahid

    iPhone 📲 📱📲

  • Kaz's Life
    Kaz's Life 4 hours ago

    Who is here when the iPhone 11+ just came out

  • TheGamig bros Abdul Wahid

    iPhone 11

  • 21 NUGGS
    21 NUGGS 4 hours ago

    I bought the s7 edge in 2019 and it still have updates google lied

  • TheGamig bros Abdul Wahid

    iPhone 11

  • TheGamig bros Abdul Wahid

    iPhone 11

  • TheGamig bros Abdul Wahid

    I pone 11

  • Fexenc
    Fexenc 4 hours ago

    Sub to me for big cockk

  • Udom Power
    Udom Power 4 hours ago

    The Airpod 2 look bad

  • Allen Lu
    Allen Lu 4 hours ago

    why the fuck you will buy the Home button adapter for iPhone X, the phone itself is def great without the button. If you want the button then buy the iPhone 8

  • shariff shoaib
    shariff shoaib 4 hours ago


  • Piper 08
    Piper 08 4 hours ago

    Gen 1 or gen 2

  • zkljaja
    zkljaja 4 hours ago

    Is it 150$ to fix?

  • Enrique Rodriquez
    Enrique Rodriquez 4 hours ago

    If you Create a problem someone will sell a solution

  • nexus prime
    nexus prime 5 hours ago

    I want an Iphone that has a steel back cover and has the same edge as iphone 5. Either Steel back cover or aluminum. I feel like wireless charging is a gimmick. Also no more notch with high ppi and resolution oled display 120HZ. 6-8GB of ram and 512gb of storage. 4K and higher Mah battery capacity. high Mp cameras front and back USB C 60watt 3amp Charging etc. If Apple made a phone with these specs I would buy the Max version of it. This is my dream iphone.

  • Niqht-Lurkß
    Niqht-Lurkß 5 hours ago

    "FBI wants to know your location"

  • Chriskr Lê
    Chriskr Lê 5 hours ago

    Iphone lần này làm rất tốt, tui sài iphone Xs Max sợ nó rớt bể kính muốn chết

  • Fawk Ell
    Fawk Ell 5 hours ago

    I was able to buy one of those fake AirPods. I'm not going to post the link since there's too many scammers trying to use this video to "fish" victims. Most of the websites you'll find in the comments are guys making a front-end for some chinese ebay. The ones I got have a box that looks original but the manual is very limited. Now let me tell you how the fake AirPods REALLY are: It DOES look like the original. It pairs like the real ones but you won't find settings options in your iphone to change the taps. You press and hold to use Siri. Press twice to stop/start playing song. Tap three times for next song. Use the left one (3 taps) to rewind song or go back if you do it again. I don't know if it charges wirelessly but I doubt the battery lasts as long as the original since I find the iPhone information window (when you open the case nearby) unreliable. But the most important; the quality is good. You can increase the volume to the max and it wont distort (but it's not going to be loud obviously). And the microfone works great, even in windy situations. The only downsides I see is the battery (maybe 2 hours, 3 tops?) and the lack of option to change the controls (taps). It's a little unreliable when you remove them from your ears since sometimes it pauses (correctly) but then starts playing... Is it worth the $60? I don't regret buying it but I don't recommend you to buy it since you don't know if the "batch" you'll get is the good one. Too many fakes out there.

  • Ian Archuleta
    Ian Archuleta 5 hours ago


  • Cranjis McBasketball

    those airpods fucking suck

  • rekt
    rekt 5 hours ago

    Those are the ugliest headphones I’ve ever seen

  • Yodeling in a pool
    Yodeling in a pool 5 hours ago

    When is his case going up for sale?

  • bilal mansoor
    bilal mansoor 5 hours ago

    can plz win the giveaway, I have given 10 entries, I COULDNT DO TWITTER ENTRY AS I DONT HAVE AN ACCOUNT IN IT. I would love to get an iphone.... plz... I DONT HAVE a mobile and I wish I will get a mobile from your giveaway...... plz plz plz and btw I love watching your videos... KEEP IT UP