mona lia
mona lia
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  • Caio
    Caio 13 days ago

    And they still say she's lazy

  • mirae
    mirae Month ago


  • Funoroma
    Funoroma Month ago

    She kind if sounds like Rosè from blackpink, but she has a softer accent than Rosè

  • 집순씨이상한

    채령 넘 잘춘다

  • 무뭄
    무뭄 2 months ago

    리아도 못추는건 아니네

    • 나의별워너원
      나의별워너원 Month ago

      그쵸.. 리아가 못추는게 아니라 있지 다른멤버들이 너무잘춰서 그런듯

  • ilbwfy •
    ilbwfy • 2 months ago

    She dances well but I dont see any passion in her dancing

    • Jade Huynh
      Jade Huynh 29 days ago

      ilbwfy • Well, her passion is singing. .

  • 1903 qns
    1903 qns 3 months ago

    WoW !!

  • woojimbles
    woojimbles 3 months ago

    they’re literally so cute

  • Strawberry JimJam
    Strawberry JimJam 3 months ago

    0:31 - 0:51 i got mark vibes all the way 😂😂

  • Yeona Jeon
    Yeona Jeon 3 months ago

    0:27 Ryujin is so adorable 🥺🥺🥺

  • twice once
    twice once 3 months ago

    'BerRy beRrY tANk YoUH' 🤧

  • Shinobu Kocho
    Shinobu Kocho 3 months ago

    Great. Another group to stan. My wallet is NOT happy rn😒

  • camila d.
    camila d. 3 months ago

    lia sounds like rosé from bp when speaking english

  • lisa step on me
    lisa step on me 3 months ago

    not at lia looking like irene at 0:20

  • pinkie pony
    pinkie pony 3 months ago

    Lia is really cute even when she is silent. She is naturally cute without trying to be cute😘

  • Falah Alfarizi
    Falah Alfarizi 3 months ago

    If you feel her voice similiar to Rose, you were right. Go and wath this video

  • Runa A.k.u
    Runa A.k.u 4 months ago

    Twice: people:can u speak english twice: hi, hi. Nice To mEet You, hungy, mad, oke Itzy people:can u speak english itzy:fill up your self confidence by our title song dalla dalal

  • WArThe .s
    WArThe .s 4 months ago

    i think yuna knows how to speak english but they are promoting for lia as the English speaker

  • MsgtFlores19
    MsgtFlores19 4 months ago

    The way they nod their heads like they understand what she’s saying is so cute 😭

  • Medha U
    Medha U 4 months ago

    She's really good at English. For how long did she live in Canada?

  • straytwice stan
    straytwice stan 5 months ago

    "Very very thank you" LMAO 😂

  • lightning blossom
    lightning blossom 5 months ago

    Lia sounds like Rose when speaking in english wtf!

  • Kiwi Vina
    Kiwi Vina 6 months ago

    She sound like daisy from MoMoland

  • Youngjoon Kim
    Youngjoon Kim 6 months ago

    거울모드 해주세요 ㅜㅜ

  • momo
    momo 6 months ago

    Yuna's smile is so shiny💫🎆💖

  • Dam Son
    Dam Son 6 months ago


  • Faith Balce
    Faith Balce 6 months ago

    lia’s english gash

  • oimeh
    oimeh 6 months ago

    *Ryujin's "very very thank you" tho parang pinoy HAHAHAH*

  • 라이브에미치다
    라이브에미치다 6 months ago

    리아 미쳐버린다

  • here come dat poi
    here come dat poi 6 months ago

    She really adores her unnies lol

  • 卫兹南
    卫兹南 6 months ago

    love lia

  • demon6937
    demon6937 6 months ago

    Lia's voice is soft when speaking English seems relaxing to hear

  • Madhumanti Dhara
    Madhumanti Dhara 7 months ago

    Her english is so satisfying ❄️

  • misses tae
    misses tae 7 months ago


  • Mia Brown
    Mia Brown 7 months ago

    Is lia the only one that knows English?

  • vy nguyen
    vy nguyen 7 months ago

    OMG Chaeryeong so beautiful

  • Nucclei
    Nucclei 7 months ago


  • Julienne Fedoc
    Julienne Fedoc 7 months ago

    My bias and my bias wrecker uwu so cute 😍

  • Pbb Fan
    Pbb Fan 7 months ago

    ~Very very thank you~✓💘 -SHIN RYUJIN😂😘😍

  • MoArmyみろリい
    MoArmyみろリい 7 months ago

    Her smile is everything that is fine in this world💕

  • WertherS
    WertherS 7 months ago

    I love seeing Yuna smile!!!!

  • Roses In the pond
    Roses In the pond 7 months ago

    Ryujin looks to me, so much like Naeun from Apink. 🤔😦

    ONLY PEACE 7 months ago

    Yuna is honestly soo cute💜

  • Aspry Writes
    Aspry Writes 7 months ago

    "Da-LA da-laaaaaaaa"

  • Toycrane Lucy
    Toycrane Lucy 7 months ago

    Where is shes from

  • NadeEver
    NadeEver 7 months ago

    Im sorry but im looking to Yeji all the time. How can someone be that beautiful?

  • Nino Ugrexelidze
    Nino Ugrexelidze 7 months ago


  • Tiara Ko
    Tiara Ko 7 months ago

    ui cute ltd

  • park vinielsii
    park vinielsii 7 months ago

    Lia looks weird in the first clip wtf

  • alena
    alena 7 months ago

    her english is better than mineSKDKSKNXNX

  • SanaxRosè MyQueens
    SanaxRosè MyQueens 7 months ago

    Take a shot every time Lia says “um” i love her ❤️

  • jaehyunsxdimples
    jaehyunsxdimples 7 months ago

    Lias english is rlly good

  • Fatima Batool
    Fatima Batool 7 months ago

    0:21 Lia looked like Irene

  • Mohd Syafiqe
    Mohd Syafiqe 7 months ago

    No wonder their english in want it song really good.i mean really really good like i would say that song come from us if i dont hear the korean part..

  • slova marcusdania
    slova marcusdania 7 months ago

    Nice boobs

  • eliza assegaf
    eliza assegaf 7 months ago

    Yuna extremely beautiful

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 7 months ago


  • 다이아그자체
    다이아그자체 7 months ago

    본사람중에 제일 이뻐요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Angel Cute
    Angel Cute 7 months ago

    Dalla really boost my self confidence though! Thanks itzy and we'll support and stan y'all itzy members!❤

    • Lejindary Banana
      Lejindary Banana 7 months ago

      Edaline,i'm making ITZY cracks,can u subscribe on me?😊

  • annie
    annie 7 months ago

    yuna has the prettiest smile omg 🤩

    • Lejindary Banana
      Lejindary Banana 7 months ago

      Annie out there,i'm making ITZY cracks,can u subscribe on me?😊

  • black bangtan•
    black bangtan• 7 months ago

    is it just me or...lia sounds i little bit like rose from blackpink when she speaks english?

    • Lejindary Banana
      Lejindary Banana 7 months ago

      it's not just you,i thought i'm.paranoid bec. when i click the video my eyes were close ,i rlly thought it was Rose too😅

  • Kareeen.
    Kareeen. 7 months ago

    Yuna's close up face, I can't🤣🤣

    • Lejindary Banana
      Lejindary Banana 7 months ago

      ohhhh,i'm making ITZY cracks,can u subscribe on me?😊

  • and lilies소피아
    and lilies소피아 7 months ago

    yooo lia's english sounds like bp rosé's aussie accent

    SINBEAST 7 months ago

    She likes Lia’s English 😂😂

    • Lejindary Banana
      Lejindary Banana 7 months ago

      eyy sinbeast-nim,i'm making ITZY cracks,can u subscribe on me?😊

  • AcE NaZaR • 9 years ago

    Yuna so cute😊

    • Lejindary Banana
      Lejindary Banana 7 months ago

      Ace,i'm making ITZY cracks,can u subscribe on me?😊

  • Renee Angela Genroso
    Renee Angela Genroso 7 months ago

    I was looking forward that yuna's "It's mine" would be included here😂. That was so cute.

    • Lejindary Banana
      Lejindary Banana 7 months ago

      Maybe she forgot to edit and put it out on the video😅 btw Angela,i'm making ITZY cracks,can u subscribe on me?😊

  • Aurea Ditan
    Aurea Ditan 7 months ago

    I ship these two, they are like sana and tzuyu

    • Julienne Fedoc
      Julienne Fedoc 7 months ago

      Exactly Satzu ❤

    • Lejindary Banana
      Lejindary Banana 7 months ago

      i prefer Saida more🤣 btw Aurea i'm making ITZY cracks,can u subscribe on me?😊

  • Pankaj
    Pankaj 7 months ago

    Wheres RM now 😂

    • Lejindary Banana
      Lejindary Banana 7 months ago

      RM must be proud,😂 btw Kumar i'm making ITZY cracks,can u subscribe on me?😊

  • Hafiz Muzani
    Hafiz Muzani 7 months ago

    Yuna smile 😍😍

    • Lejindary Banana
      Lejindary Banana 7 months ago

      eyy Muzani i'm making ITZY cracks,can u subscribe on me?😊

  • HaveYourWay 1984
    HaveYourWay 1984 7 months ago

    Is she the only one who can speak ENGLISH?

    • Nit otaku
      Nit otaku 7 months ago

      Though i think the others can understand

    • Nit otaku
      Nit otaku 7 months ago

      Yeah i guess so

  • yukina0330
    yukina0330 7 months ago

    Where is she from

  • North East
    North East 7 months ago

    She looks like Harley Quinn even without makeup

  • Kay Deep
    Kay Deep 7 months ago

    How is she so good at english ??

    • Lejindary Banana
      Lejindary Banana 7 months ago

      she attended English school,btw Kay i'm making ITZY cracks,can u subscribe on me?😊

  • sofea
    sofea 7 months ago

    yuna and lia lowkey look similar they could pass as sisters

  • KyraNicole Hudson
    KyraNicole Hudson 7 months ago

    Wow my heart just fell out my chest💗❤️ UWUUUU

  • Ana Ong
    Ana Ong 7 months ago


  • Okay I Guess
    Okay I Guess 7 months ago


  • tae's own my heart but he's not even mine

    At first i thought the visual was lia

  • annxox
    annxox 7 months ago

    That’s so cute they really like hearing her speak English 😂😂😂😂

  • ƩǀeɔͲ
    ƩǀeɔͲ 7 months ago

    The "um" is very popular in kpop industry *like "um" Mark "um" "ummmmmmmmmmmmmm"*

  • Krsitine Marie
    Krsitine Marie 7 months ago

    Does lia came from abroad? Can someone pls tell me if she once lived oversea as to why she's fluent in english thank u so much

  • Diya Shahi
    Diya Shahi 7 months ago

    Idk why I kinda hear a little of Blackpink’s Rośe voice when Lia is speaking English ................ Just a little bit........ a little bit Probably this is just me but

  • 窮途非末路絕處可逢生

    Yuna = Vitamin

  • Ok OK
    Ok OK 7 months ago

    Yuna must do advert to toothpastes...┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌ her smile just perfect💕

  • Real Me
    Real Me 7 months ago

    May i know what is Lia background??

    • Kyle Solleza
      Kyle Solleza 7 months ago

      Real Me she's Korean of course but lived in Canada

  • PERfect미스터
    PERfect미스터 7 months ago

    Ahh I hope someone will make a compilation of Lia speaking english. It's just so cute!! 😍😍

  • cecily
    cecily 7 months ago

    Can Yuna like, wife me?

  • Aldho Pratama Hasibuan

    Haha I must say, Yuna smile is so damn bright, I hope nothing bad happen to her to make her losing that smile

  • Šëľläřįm
    Šëľläřįm 7 months ago

    JYP always said that don't say I LOVE YOU to fans because that's nonsense lol is that right guys?

    • Šëľläřįm
      Šëľläřįm 7 months ago

      @Lucius Kaine thanks for correcting me I thought that was what exactly he said I guess the sub are wrong

    • Lucius Kaine
      Lucius Kaine 7 months ago

      Well, JYP actually said don't tell fans they are your only lovers, or things that are even crazier on scale. He spoke from experience since he saw many artists over the decade who did and got really fanatical fanbase. This is especially toxic for male idols, since female saesangs are kind of a thorny issue.

  • 시으니
    시으니 7 months ago

    이영상덕분에 저한테 도움 많이됐어요 감사드려요

  • Lily Kim
    Lily Kim 7 months ago

    I actually feel that when she speaks English she sounds like rose. I'm not comparing but I'm just saying that she kind of sound like rose from blackpink and it's a nice thing 😂😅😅

    • hannah young
      hannah young 4 months ago

      ME TOO WTF i think it’s because they talk through their nasal cavity a bit more than the average person

    • Mei Maisyaroh
      Mei Maisyaroh 4 months ago

      @Husna S lia was living in Canada

    • Choerrystrashcan
      Choerrystrashcan 5 months ago

      Lia sounds more like Wendy (imo)

    • Eula Villamayor
      Eula Villamayor 7 months ago

      @shi ka yes park bom hihi💚💖

  • Jeongyeon Jeongyeon
    Jeongyeon Jeongyeon 7 months ago

    The way ryujin said very very thank you its sound like filipino accent. 😂😂😂 -sorty for my bad grammar

  • redwolf2010
    redwolf2010 7 months ago

    Yuna so bright and bubbly

  • blinkeu ahgase once revelarmy stay love

    She's a very proud wifey 💞

  • D B
    D B 7 months ago

    Where has Lia learned to speak that thicc american english?

    • AkumaDayo
      AkumaDayo 7 months ago

      @D B no prob :D

    • D B
      D B 7 months ago

      @AkumaDayo Oh, canuck then. Thanks.

    • AkumaDayo
      AkumaDayo 7 months ago

      She lived in Canada for awhile, so it's actually thicc Canadian English lel

  • Hainaxx x
    Hainaxx x 7 months ago

    Bruh yuna is so cuteee 😭😭❤️❤️

  • JD Bangtan
    JD Bangtan 7 months ago

    My bias Yuna is my bias wrecker's biggest fan

  • _Ziah _Kaz
    _Ziah _Kaz 7 months ago

    Her accent was damn GOOD

  • Ivan Creencia
    Ivan Creencia 7 months ago

    They're smile make me shy wth😂☺❤😍

  • Bading kanghayufka
    Bading kanghayufka 7 months ago

    yuna is so cuteeee 😍