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  • Jin Kim
    Jin Kim 59 minutes ago

    Please reaction it again when your friends not busy.😁

  • mike mike
    mike mike 7 hours ago

    Proud dance of momoland

  • mark hyung
    mark hyung 8 hours ago

    You can watch omw live singing by Mark

  • Rocha
    Rocha 9 hours ago

    Hey, Where is the video of Izone's MV reaction? IZONE - VAMPIRE

    • Rocha
      Rocha 8 hours ago

      @vicky. Oh ok, thanksss ❤️

    • vicky.
      vicky. 8 hours ago

      Rocha we don’t do Japanese reactions anymore because they get copyrighted and blocked.

  • Magic Chen
    Magic Chen 11 hours ago

    This comeback was one to die for! Cannot help but stan these beautiful queens as time goes on. Keep up the amazing vids! Fighting! 💙

  • Da Monster Reaction
    Da Monster Reaction 15 hours ago

    Dreamcatcher is awesome I need to stop in Detroit on Tour because I gotta see em live

  • Lov3 Got7 & Dreamcatcher

    First omg yes DREAMCATCHER ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love your vids

  • sio mai
    sio mai 23 hours ago

    Please react to Dreamcatcher's new comeback "Deja Vu". Thank you. 🤗🤗🤗

    • TRIPLE C
      TRIPLE C 15 hours ago

      Done and up! Enjoy :)

  • katie sawasdikul

    Dohyon ❤️

  • dalilah pix
    dalilah pix Day ago

    I love your videos also yall cute :)

  • Jhee Heartfilia

    btob jjang 💙 Thank you for this

  • pearl kang
    pearl kang 2 days ago

    Hope you guys can react to this album. Different style songs. You will be amazing. Thank you.

  • 수다쟁이쭌
    수다쟁이쭌 2 days ago

    Your video is very nice. I am a RU-clip creator in Korea. My channel has a SEVENTEEN Fear M / V theory video. It would be an honor if you come and watch the video of the MV theory. You are a good person. I hope you have a nice day.

    • TRIPLE C
      TRIPLE C 15 hours ago

      Your video is very interesting! :)

  • Chubbs
    Chubbs 2 days ago

    Love watching your reactions! Keep it up! (Also lily is cute)

  • Bianca Ysabel
    Bianca Ysabel 2 days ago

    This is my fave comeback of SVT hehe ... i hope you guys make a video reaction on their album soon 😁 keep up the good work

  • Game Start
    Game Start 2 days ago

    1:20 ofcourse she would have the best reaction. Wide open both hands on cheeks 🤣

  • Magic Chen
    Magic Chen 2 days ago

    Omg I absolutely loved this comeback!! SVT never disappoints! I love them to death! Keep up the videos! Choreo kings! Fighting! 💙

  • Da Monster Reaction

    👍👋 2 your Seventeen Fear music video Reaction

  • Brock Lesnar fan
    Brock Lesnar fan 3 days ago

    Did you know that the flowers where in the trash

  • sea
    sea 4 days ago

    They’re not really that young, it’s just that their youngest is _young_ . Their ages range from 1994 (Seungwoo) to 2004 (Dohyon). The eldest are 1994-1999 and the youngest are 2002-2004.

  • Elinor Brunner
    Elinor Brunner 4 days ago

    I love how everyone calls Dongpyo the baby when he's only the fifth youngest

  • kookie Monster
    kookie Monster 4 days ago

    Hey I am trying to get into the profession of working for concert venues but I need experience what’s a tip to find ways to volunteer for shows? How did you guys get to volunteer by contacting subculture?

    • TRIPLE C
      TRIPLE C 2 days ago

      You contact the companies who are promoting the show. We just happened to come across a posting from SubK that they were looking for volunteers for all cities, so we applied for the Toronto show and luckily got chosen to help out. If you need experience, it's good to start off by taking those chances whenever you can to volunteer and gain experience through there. I've specifically done other volunteers roles for events such as Hallyu North, Hwang Chiyeol's Concert in Toronto and a few more roles which helped me add experience to my volunteer application. It's good to also build a good connection with those you work with in the industry. Hope that helped. -Vicky

  • SpressLoves WonderGirls


  • mark hyung
    mark hyung 5 days ago

    Please reaction to thisss

  • Mojoejoe PH
    Mojoejoe PH 5 days ago

    btw Pink Fantasy will give us various genre and concept so stay tuned! :'))

  • Afrika Rula
    Afrika Rula 6 days ago

    가운데 너 되게 착하게 생겼다 🙋‍♂️

  • TikiKiti
    TikiKiti 7 days ago

    Greetings! Really liked your video. Good dancing. Cheers!

  • victor Huerta
    victor Huerta 8 days ago

    I honestly dont know how to feel about this reaction. This reaction didn't get to me. You didnt't really get to me. Why cant you guys just be honest and just be yourself in this reactions. You channel is all about reaction. Gives us enterainments not a fuckin character were you have be calm and not be yourself. Honeslty I can't relate . Most of the reaction that people make is more relateable. But you guys don't give us a vibes with that. Can't relate. Just like Jeffree Star Said. #jeffreestar #can'trelate #fakeass

  • empty
    empty 9 days ago

    red 💕 velvet

  • Jerry The Cat
    Jerry The Cat 9 days ago


  • Wiktor Rogala
    Wiktor Rogala 9 days ago

    If International fans where to vote.. Chat Yeon and Sakura would be no.1 & 2 due to their popularity abroad.

  • My icon is All girls

    Can you react to #FANXYREDT T. O. P please... IF you could thank you so much🙏☺️

  • My icon is All girls

    Can you react to #FANXYREDT T. O. P please... IF you could thank you so much🙏☺️

  • My icon is All girls

    Can you react to #FANXYREDT T. O. P please... IF you could thank you so much🙏☺️

  • Mekayla Stewart
    Mekayla Stewart 10 days ago

    Lol the hard work shown in the end 😂🤣

  • Mekayla Stewart
    Mekayla Stewart 10 days ago

    Yasssss you slay that song girl😀🔥🔥

  • King Josiah
    King Josiah 10 days ago

    Okayyyy I see you Tracy🔥ㅛㄷㄴ

  • sydney
    sydney 10 days ago


  • sydney
    sydney 10 days ago


  • Mikhail Rivera
    Mikhail Rivera 10 days ago

    Killedddddd it 💕👏🏼✨

  • 지민.
    지민. 10 days ago

    First 💜

  • Wheel Jah
    Wheel Jah 11 days ago

    I like the white blouse woman :)

  • Mara Vii
    Mara Vii 11 days ago

    Wanna one

  • chau tran que
    chau tran que 12 days ago

    Love this. You’re so cool Lily 😍😍

  • Michelle
    Michelle 12 days ago

    I love a model

  • Home mark.
    Home mark. 12 days ago


  • Lina
    Lina 12 days ago

    I love thisss, esp jb’s!!

  • yongguk baby
    yongguk baby 12 days ago

    I wish I could look cool as you dressing like this 😔

  • igot7jams
    igot7jams 12 days ago

    this is so cute and aesthetic!! you should do a gg one :)

    • igot7jams
      igot7jams 12 days ago

      @TRIPLE C blackpink would be perfect!! also mamamoo has some pretty cool outfits :)

    • TRIPLE C
      TRIPLE C 12 days ago

      we were thinking about it! any gg in mind you want us to do? haha blackpink is a top contender atm :)

  • DDS xx
    DDS xx 12 days ago

    omg this is so well made well done guys!! such a good job!! ^^

  • Cindy Huang
    Cindy Huang 12 days ago


  • Sim
    Sim 12 days ago


  • Lou Isle
    Lou Isle 12 days ago

    I think Jackson's, Yugyeom's and especially Bambam's outfits are on point! :)

  • donny wowor
    donny wowor 13 days ago

    Too much reaction :p :D

  • Ferdi Emvira
    Ferdi Emvira 13 days ago

    Sorry to say this, i think she passed when she sleep at the first time just right before snowman toy walking scene. My theory is, at first she pale but then when 1st member came up, she are not pale anymore. Her lips are red & when she look up in the windows, that signbulb-building "MIRACLE" just stands outside across indicates that she are not in living world anymore but she can't see all members yet. And when she comes out the others kids that plays snows aren't there but just "marks" other got7 members. Then the mirror indicates that she now can see all members and they will guide her to the "other side" and she can finally happy ever after. Goosebumps, right?

  • Mia Erotica
    Mia Erotica 13 days ago

    This is the only reaction video who knew seunghun and BX aside from jinyoung ❤️💖

  • Lemon Hong
    Lemon Hong 13 days ago

    There are so many things to see in Insadong. I've been there a long time ago and I'll have to go again^^

  • Jaehyun Technology
    Jaehyun Technology 14 days ago

    *I love both songs but I'm an official Team Illusion member and My bias is Hongjoong*

    KIM JINHONG 15 days ago

    Seungyoon:Maknae,Main vocal,Leader

  • Gabriel Maturano Condori

    No te entendí ni vergas no se ingles

  • K & YEOL
    K & YEOL 16 days ago

    Please react to Woollim's W Project 4 - 1 minute 1 second (1분1초 돌아와쥐) ^^ 5 of the trainees are from Produce x 101.

  • Woollimz Idolz
    Woollimz Idolz 16 days ago

    please react to W PROJECT 4 '1분1초' its like a pre-debut song with all of the members in it participated in PRODUCE X 101 except the one in blonde . they are 6 members under woollim entertainment . they haven't debuted and don't have a group name yet . hope you react to them .

  • Asyraff
    Asyraff 17 days ago

    There are 11 members as usual one of the members was a Victon member(Seungwoo) and also there's a Up10tion member(Wooshin/Wooseok) as well 😊

  • ChimChim Lover
    ChimChim Lover 17 days ago

    Me watching mic drop by myself Singing RM part * My korean mom hears me curse * My mom: WATCH YOUR MOUTH ELIZABETH PARK!!! Me: O-O

  • Shaina Gleiberman
    Shaina Gleiberman 17 days ago

    If you want vocals, look for Im here for you. especially the mcountdown video.

  • 김윤아
    김윤아 17 days ago

    Please keep streaming DDD....And last thing do stan these talented boyz Theb.....

  • Dream Ninja
    Dream Ninja 17 days ago

    Geez Solji with that blonde her, she just get younger and younger while getting older😍😍

  • Cast Rubra
    Cast Rubra 18 days ago

    Ejejejjejeje 7u7 2:10

  • Lightning Boy
    Lightning Boy 18 days ago


  • shia si
    shia si 18 days ago

    I... can't lie, this felt really, really generic to me. Admittedly, Energetic is probably the only P101 debut that I instantly liked on first viewing, but this is up there with Dream Girls for me in terms of "sounds like Generic Kpop Song #32346". I think I would like it more if it went full on with the loud, noisey, electronic boy band sound a la Seventeen's Hit or SF9's RPM. This sits kind of in the middle between wanting to be an over the top noisey extravaganza and wanting to be public friendly and approachable... by attempting to do both, it succeeds at neither. The video is okay, but I have never been a fan of this team's work. Want is probably the only video from them that resonated with me. In general, I feel like their preferred color palette gets repetitive really quickly (like I can instantly tell when a video is one of their productions because they all have very, very similar use of color).

  • Yoshi XD
    Yoshi XD 18 days ago

    the phone quality was surprising better

  • Eyes Wide Shut
    Eyes Wide Shut 19 days ago

    She's that certain bitch, that unique rain forest bitch

  • SH0T9UN !
    SH0T9UN ! 19 days ago

    1:09 *OOOH* bitch

  • Candypie 2010
    Candypie 2010 19 days ago

    I love her little silent moments

  • 승우이
    승우이 19 days ago

    That 'siren like sound' is the sound of korean traditional musical instrument called 'taepyeongso'. Sunmi said she wanted to put that sound into her music!

  • Nirmala Nirmala
    Nirmala Nirmala 19 days ago

    I think you also want to watch boombaya of blackpink

  • Nirmala Nirmala
    Nirmala Nirmala 19 days ago

    I think you also want to watch boombaya of blackpink

  • Mean Swaeg
    Mean Swaeg 20 days ago


  • Diviya Chabungbam
    Diviya Chabungbam 20 days ago

    Queeeennn lisssssaaaaaAAA 👑 👑 👑 👑 👑 👑 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • xenos sama
    xenos sama 20 days ago

    Nice boobs

  • Nordic Fox
    Nordic Fox 20 days ago

    So many layers too Sunmi. Great reaction Ladies ❤

  • Sofy Sauceda
    Sofy Sauceda 20 days ago

    Plss react to the album

  • Aldo Canaviri
    Aldo Canaviri 20 days ago

    Versio ingles y español "give me more

  • 설한
    설한 20 days ago

    those girl in the middle said "it was so gOoD" its sounds like Chan SKZ and i do read it in Chan voice

  • Amy Farina
    Amy Farina 20 days ago

    React to it’s okay - its one of the song in their album , their vocal are good in there

  • wais_45
    wais_45 20 days ago

    Are you girls from Toronto?? Great video just subscribed.

  • A L
    A L 20 days ago

    Please react to Telephone by Benji!

  • xolovemich _ss
    xolovemich _ss 20 days ago

    Go watch her in a city near you on October-November! She’s going on tour in 18 cities in the US. 😍✨🌙💖

  • DoubleU A
    DoubleU A 20 days ago


  • •tae's a good boy• 바보

    0:34 ~ 1:30 Kim Yohan, center, vocalist, rapper and king of taekwondo♡ 0:41 ~ 1:04 Kim Wooseok, visual, vocalist and mom of the group ♡ 0:48 ~ 1:43 Lee Hangyul, vocalist, main dancer and not easily scared ♡ 0:51 ~2:00 Lee Eunsang, vocalist, visual and baby of the group ♡ 0:56 ~ 2:43 Song Hyeongjun, rapper, sub vocalist, main dancer, a literal squishy and a cutie ♡ 1:00 ~ 1:57 Son Dongpyo, vocalist, dancer, he was part of a dance group called ARTbeat, Seungwoo's personal baby♡ 1:11 ~ 2:11 Cho Seungyoun, main vocalist, rapper, dancer (an all rounder), the soul of the party lol ♡ 1:22 ~ 2:33 Cha Junho, vocalist, visual, he is a perso, NoT a RoBot ! ♡ 1:25 ~ 2:27 Han Seungwoo, LEADER, oldest, main vocalist, was part of a group called Victon, Dongpyo's father ♡ 1:48 ~ 4:06 Kang Minhee, main vocalist, visual, same company as Hyeongjun ♡ 2:04 ~ 2:45 Nam Dohyon, main rapper, maknae (but like the oldest lol), easily scared, a fetus (04 line) ♡

  • yoanita zahra
    yoanita zahra 20 days ago

    *I LOVE X1 💕💕💕* how many international One It heree?? I covered this song, please check it out 😍💕😍

  • Sama Low
    Sama Low 20 days ago

    Nice reaction ;)

  • Gillary Ollen
    Gillary Ollen 20 days ago

    Who is she, the one in white and dyed hair? I think I fall for her. Me boy but use girl's pic. Me is lol:'

  • Nelly Dahn
    Nelly Dahn 21 day ago

    The oldest are Seungwoo(1994), Seungyoun(1996), Wooseok(also 1996), Yohan(1999) and then Hangyul(also 1999) then rest are 2002 liners with the youngest being 2004 so they’re babies😂

  • Magic Chen
    Magic Chen 21 day ago

    X1 is a group to be reckoned with. Kpop industry better look out. fighting! 💙

  • Magic Chen
    Magic Chen 21 day ago

    absolutely loved this comeback! sunmi is a goddess amongst us all! love her music! keep up with the vids! doing great! fighting! 💙

  • Da Monster Reaction

    Da World ❤ Sunmi LALALAY music video and wardrobe

  • Da Monster Reaction

    You are reacting quick with your Reactions video's like Always X1 gonna be phenomenal

  • Vaabhi sharma
    Vaabhi sharma 21 day ago

    U guys r sooo lucky

  • Yena Lkr
    Yena Lkr 21 day ago

    Can you guys please react to rocket punch-bim bam bum ..😀😀