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How to Make Power Bank
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LED Cube | 4x4x4 LED Cube
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  • rathod goutham

    Hello bro can you give the code of this project plz it's urgent

  • Muhammad Junaid

    Awesome Projects

  • Soumil Balla
    Soumil Balla 2 days ago

    How many volts for toggle switch

  • Soumil Balla
    Soumil Balla 2 days ago

    Can we us battery cells for solenoid

  • Sam Rega
    Sam Rega 4 days ago

    excellent. Thank you.

  • Hari Chinni
    Hari Chinni 11 days ago

    How to program different types of codes to aurdino ?

    • The Technocrat
      The Technocrat 7 days ago

      could you be more specific? What are the different types of code? are you referring to number of sensors?

    MUSIC KING 13 days ago

    Can you please tell me which glue did you usenin your glue gun

    SIDDHARTH SALUNKE 13 days ago

    Hello Sir, i had made magnet to lift weight of 20kg but it is hardly lifting 1.5 kg of weight. Specification of Magnet: 1- No. of Turns (N) = 2500 2- Area of Core(A)= 0.00283 m^2 3- Length of core on which i had apply the winding= 850mm 4- Battery Use= 12V 5- Size of Wire= 26 gauge 6- Core Dia.= 10mm Please suggest me required changes to make it for 20kg Here the pic of magnet i made

    • The Technocrat
      The Technocrat 7 days ago

      Make sure your battery capacity is high enough to supply enough current. Also, my suggestion is to increase the supply voltage (24-48V) and thicker wire as the current through the coil will be higher. Also for higher capacity, a good high permeability core is required.

  • marcio grei Pacheco
    marcio grei Pacheco 17 days ago

    show gostei

  • marcnell vince rosil


  • Rasool Mazruee Sebdani

    Hi Thanks for your really useful video, Could you please let me know your valuable thought on the below sentence? Thanks "How we can make an electromagnet as strong as possible? I am assuming we should increase the number of winding, wind the magnetic wires in a shorter length, and increase the current! Then my question is that what possible options do we have to increase the current? I am saying a couple, please complete my saying for a more complete solution... For increasing the current, we can use higher voltage power supply? (Does an AC or DC power supply matter in this regard?) decrease the magnet wire diameter, decrease the total length of the magnet wires, correct? "

    • The Technocrat
      The Technocrat 21 day ago

      Your sentences are right. 1. Increase the number of turns in a shorter core. 2. Increase the current through the coil by increasing the supply voltage. Care to be taken not to exceed the rated current of the wire. AC or DC doesn't matter unless you are using it on the permanent magnet. 3. The impedance of the coil also affects the current, in turn affecting the strength. Ohm's law, electromagnet formula should answer all your questions.

  • Dylan Lockler
    Dylan Lockler 24 days ago

    3 "easy" transistor projects. None of them seemed easy to me.

  • dhaval tannu
    dhaval tannu 24 days ago

    Can this use for make Eddy current brake system for project?

  • Satabdi Palit
    Satabdi Palit 24 days ago

    i made this one bt when moist nd soggy soil is detected water stop for a while nd pump is in off mode...after a while pump started automatically...why is it

    • The Technocrat
      The Technocrat 24 days ago

      It is because the sensor detected the soil to be dry after some time and the sudden flood of water might have caused the sensor to detect the moist condition and turn off the pump. This is the bug I was talking in the video. This can be improved by placing the sensor in the most appropriate place and maybe add a timer in the code to avoid the false trigger of the pump relay.

  • Teerth For that one Team I14


  • dhaval tannu
    dhaval tannu Month ago

    Can I used this coil for Eddy current breaking system

  • Lourdhu Raju Bandanadham

    Where do I get the complete report on this project?

  • Malathi Upadhya
    Malathi Upadhya Month ago

    Sir which water pump did you use please reply sir

    • The Technocrat
      The Technocrat Month ago

      it is the small pump used for small fountains and air cooler

  • Satabdi Palit
    Satabdi Palit Month ago

    Hello sir, can it be implemented in real garden. If yes den what should be the motor capacity.

  • Vaibhavi Gawande
    Vaibhavi Gawande Month ago

    Thanks bor

  • Akiro GT
    Akiro GT Month ago

    What paper did you use while making that sky lantern?

  • gage prewitt
    gage prewitt Month ago

    Doesnt the current effect its lifting capacity?

    • The Technocrat
      The Technocrat Month ago

      the current through the coil is proportional to magnetic field strength. Hence it will affect the lifting capacity. Higher the current, better is the strength provided that the coil can handle the current

  • gage prewitt
    gage prewitt Month ago

    Those weights look just like my grinder in high school.


    Please make a video on wiring on Perfborad of this project


    And you have shown how to do wiring on bread board and on the garden you have used it on Perfborad. Tell me which way we have to use to make this project?


      Thanks The Technocrat

    • The Technocrat
      The Technocrat Month ago

      I suggest you to construct the project on the prefboard or PCB. But for testing you may try it on breadboard


    Are you using two relays? One for arduino and other for water pump ?

  • NotKey GAMERS
    NotKey GAMERS 2 months ago

    2:31 there is a mistake . it will be E C B

  • muznah khan
    muznah khan 2 months ago

    These projects isn't running please suggest some alternative solutions immediately!

    • NotKey GAMERS
      NotKey GAMERS 2 months ago

      2:31 there is a mistake . it will be E C B

    • The Technocrat
      The Technocrat 2 months ago

      Double check your connection and try replacing transistor

  • Yash Desai
    Yash Desai 2 months ago

    Can you give me idea about from where you buy this project kit Any link or something like that... Thanks

    • Schemobotics
      Schemobotics Month ago

      @Yash Desai

    • Schemobotics
      Schemobotics Month ago

    • Carlos Rodriguez
      Carlos Rodriguez 2 months ago

      In the community college I go to, we get a small box called "Adafruit parts pal" and inside this box there is a decent variety of components for similar circuits and more.

    • Yash Desai
      Yash Desai 2 months ago

      It's urgent please suggest me

  • TheKingFabian
    TheKingFabian 2 months ago

    Is necessary to use Scratch to program with the Arduino?

  • ToTheBestOfMyKnowledge

    Great! One I was searching for! Thanks a lot and best wishes...

  • manish kumar
    manish kumar 2 months ago

    Very good

  • pyar Singh
    pyar Singh 2 months ago

    I'm not liking your voice

  • D B
    D B 2 months ago

    It works! cool! thanks man!

  • Jack Mehoff
    Jack Mehoff 2 months ago

    Ya know its much easier to wrap the iron rod before have with a variable speed hand drill.

  • KS RaaHuL
    KS RaaHuL 2 months ago

    Very well explained

  • Kavana T G
    Kavana T G 2 months ago

    Can I get a circuit diagram for this experiment

  • Siti Hajar
    Siti Hajar 3 months ago

    i have a question what if i wanted to use a circuit board so how can i make the connections since im a secondary school student can you kindly show me the circuit diagram?

  • Prem Kungra
    Prem Kungra 3 months ago

    Code is error

  • Prem Kungra
    Prem Kungra 3 months ago

    Sir arduino code is not skech in my mobile can you help me?

  • Prem Kungra
    Prem Kungra 3 months ago


  • Aashik Shah
    Aashik Shah 3 months ago

    Hi, maine aapka video dekh kar ek aisa hi coil banaya, par wo 1kg utha sakta hai aur wo bahut jaldi garam ho jata hai. Iska koi solution hai to batao plz .

  • Tim Gard
    Tim Gard 3 months ago

    Electromagnetism is one of those things that can make life real interesting! But I would like to take this opportunity to extend a bit of advice to those who are just coming into the world of electronics, then I will give you a hint on how to make this job a LOT easier! How important is Truth to you? A real scientist has no problem answering that question. But there is always a but, spelled butt ... You have this real nice, well paying job that you love. Then your boss tells you to keep your beak shut about something that you just know is wrong. Scientifically and morally wrong.Take your pic, money for your family. or Truth for science. I took Truth with no regrets, but the price was high. My family decided I was a lune. But science is simply too damned important to me. Now the hint! Before you glue that iron core hard into the tube, insert a wooded dowel with just a touch of glue holding it to the tube. Glue the end caps on with the tube a few mills of the tube sticking out each end, Secure your insulated core wire in the beginning as you did. Then insert the wood dowel into a variable speed drill and power your way through all that hand winding! Much faster, and less painful! Then replace that dowel with the iron core and continue on! Then make up your mind. Truth for science or lies for money! I will not hold you to Truth. You must make that decision on your own. I can only tell you, I have no regrets. But if your new potential life mate shows up, you might want to save yourself a bunch of heartache and make that clear right up front! If their choice is money and your is Truth, at least you were aware of the consequences before you built a family. Now, hit those books! And remember, the only foolish question is the question unasked!

    • Jevaun Haughton
      Jevaun Haughton 3 months ago

      Sorry to hear that, I too am a seeker of truth, and people do think I'm a nut sometimes too. But to me that's the best feeling. Because you are really sure that you are telling the truth

  • Michael Kocher
    Michael Kocher 4 months ago

    Dang. That was a lot of ads.

  • Erald Ylli
    Erald Ylli 4 months ago

    Hey man, watching your good videos and reading your helpful comments gave me the courage to ask for your help. Apologies if this is not cool. But if you have the time to give me a hand, here's my Arduino problem (I've done a lot of tests and googling, even posted of the Arduino forum). I made a 6 button footswitch with an Arduino Uno R3. It looked to be working fine, but I wanted to make a change on how a button worked. Long story short IDE verified it, but when I tried to upload (it took about 2-3 times longer than usual compared to few other times I had uploaded code to my boards) it failed and said something about access being denied in relation to rights and privileges. I didn't think to save the message at the time. After this point the Arduino Uno wouldn't connect anymore with the PC. It does power up, the L lighting up slowly, then shutting off and repeat, but it says "USB not recognized" and it shows as Unknown USB Device (Invalid Device Descriptor). At this point I connected my other (new, still unopened) Arduino Uno R3 and uploaded the original code (not the code I had recently changed) and that went well, and it works as intended. So this means it's not a driver issue, even though I went through all the steps to revert to an earlier FTDI driver. Still, the first Arduino powers up but doesn't communicate with PC (or the footswitch I was using it for at first), while the second Arduino works as it should. Now, there is something else to, when I pressed one of the buttons, its pins (one connected to a digital pin and the other to 5v) had made contact multiple times with the top part of the Crystal 16 without me realising at the time. The top part of the Crystal has a few small scratches now. This specific button's pins were considerably lower than the rest. I finally understood this was going on when I connected my second Arduino to the footswitch, because it would restart when I pressed that damnable button and it would show the Usb Device Not Recognized message. I felt quite stupid as you might imagine. Thankfully it didn't mess up the second Arduino, as maybe I can use that to help fix the first one? I was unsure if I should burn a bootloader into the first one, as I wasn't sure if it would help or change anything and I didn't want to make things worse. I've also tried connecting the Reset Pin to the GND Pin and Tx to Rx (both at once and separately). If you need me to post pictures or other info, please tell me. Thank you.

  • Nexalian Gamer
    Nexalian Gamer 4 months ago

    Imagine breaking the wire halfway through.

  • EPIC Tube HD
    EPIC Tube HD 4 months ago

    Hey, great work on the video. I am actually trying to conduct the faraday's experiment at school and I need an electromagnet to penetrate a coil of to induce a current. How many turn do I need for such electromagnet.

    • The Technocrat
      The Technocrat 4 months ago

      600 to 1300 turns of 22 to 26 gauge on a ferrite core is good enough.

  • shilesa
    shilesa 4 months ago

    Can you explain in simple langauge what is happening in the components when you close the circuit

    • The Technocrat
      The Technocrat 4 months ago

      There are 3 experiments. In which circuit??

  • deepesh khatri
    deepesh khatri 4 months ago

    Link for code please

    • The Technocrat
      The Technocrat 4 months ago

      I have updated the link for code. Please check the description.

  • Lloyd Wilhelm
    Lloyd Wilhelm 4 months ago

    What the fuck is kilogram I was raised with pounds and ounce's I have no idea of how (if it can be done) to convert to pounds / ounces. Does the 5 kilograms refer to the weight of the completed magnet or is that the strength of pull, of the magnet.

  • Harry Vlogs
    Harry Vlogs 4 months ago

    Thank you for the video. Can I use a bc327 transistor instead for the night light?

    • Harry Vlogs
      Harry Vlogs 4 months ago

      @The Technocrat hi thanks for your reply, I used some 2n3904 transistor I had. Cool project thanks

    • The Technocrat
      The Technocrat 4 months ago

      BC 327 is PNP transistor. You can use but the logic will be reversed. Instead use any npn Transistor like 337, 547,548, sc100, etc.. you can find those in old radio,TV,lamps,etc

  • Dorothy Curtis
    Dorothy Curtis 4 months ago

    Thank you for this video! I've made the last one and it works!!! Thanks again!!

  • Jojo _Sweet
    Jojo _Sweet 4 months ago

    can we do the 3rd experiment with using a Darlington transistor like TIP120 ?

    • Jojo _Sweet
      Jojo _Sweet 4 months ago

      Can you please give me your email sir ? I have sent you a msj on Instructables but you did not reply. Thank you.

    • The Technocrat
      The Technocrat 4 months ago

      Yes it is possible

    BARSHA BISWAS 4 months ago

    where is the link

  • fatdoggo 1212
    fatdoggo 1212 4 months ago

    Is the steel bar in the center needed, or could I use a pipe or nothing at all? Was it just to make winding easier?

    • fatdoggo 1212
      fatdoggo 1212 4 months ago

      @Roids Accounts thank you. I'm planning on making a coil gun. Would a steel bullet work?

    • Roids Accounts
      Roids Accounts 4 months ago

      fatdoggo 1212 you need some sort of iron core for an electromagnet to function.

  • Aniket Kumar
    Aniket Kumar 4 months ago

    I have atmega328 U can you explain ho to boot load...becausr this process is not working

  • PratyS
    PratyS 4 months ago

    hey, i burnt a small smd on the bottom of arduino nano, it had b2 written on it, what is this bs? thanks!


    very good demo, can you please draw the circuits for these 3 projects?

  • Feroz Khan
    Feroz Khan 5 months ago

    Thanks bro

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    CINEMA SCIENCE 5 months ago

    Congratulations... 2k subscribers..

  • Dayxi Banon
    Dayxi Banon 5 months ago

    Hi, for your project, are you using a 47 kohm resistor or a 4.7 kohm because your description isn't the same as your video

  • Karthik M
    Karthik M 5 months ago

    Good Sandesh 👍🏻

  • Raj Pandey
    Raj Pandey 5 months ago

    Can you suggest me how to burn bootloader in ATMEGA328P-AU SMD IC?

    • The Technocrat
      The Technocrat 5 months ago

      Please watch my video on that topic here.

  • kraigthorne
    kraigthorne 5 months ago

    This would be helpful if the video was not going so fast and the person was talking us through it.

  • Abeer Malhotra
    Abeer Malhotra 5 months ago

    I have induction motor can I made this from that inside wire

    • Abeer Malhotra
      Abeer Malhotra 5 months ago

      By the way can I make mini magnet from old Mobile charger..

    • Abeer Malhotra
      Abeer Malhotra 5 months ago

      Motor is so old and corrosion and my mom dad don't want to repair that motor so it's mine now ..btw any other use of copper wire any good use?..I haven't spoiled yet motor..

    • The Technocrat
      The Technocrat 5 months ago

      Yeah, you can use that. But why do you want to spoil a motor for electromagnet? Just Curious. :)

  • Ws leong
    Ws leong 5 months ago

    Hi Sir, If I already successfully burn the bootloader onto the breadboard, so next time I can just straight upload my code the to breadboard version without using arduino board? And also if I do not want to bootload the breadboard, I can just upload my code to the Atmega chip on Arduino uno board and take the chip out and place it on the breadboard right?

  • Josh Man
    Josh Man 5 months ago

    In the night light project what transistors did you use

  • Dwi Rahmat Maulana
    Dwi Rahmat Maulana 5 months ago

    I use arduino Uno r3 Problem with pin 0 & pin 4 Why LED not turn with pin 0 & 4

  • Rahul Modi
    Rahul Modi 5 months ago

    Sir please give me bolt weight

  • Creativity06
    Creativity06 5 months ago

    The 3rd one really deserved a thumbs up👍

  • CN Creation
    CN Creation 5 months ago

    Good sir

  • tomashki1
    tomashki1 5 months ago

    Real garbage, everything is complex zero friendly software

    DURGESH KUMAR 6 months ago

    Thanks for sharing this video, Can you tell me please that how much in grams or in meter of copper you have used for this solenoid. Please reply as soon as possible. I m waiting for your response

  • srini vasan
    srini vasan 6 months ago

    Bro direct ah IC ah Uno board la insert panne use Panna mudiyatha

  • Nuwan Asanga
    Nuwan Asanga 6 months ago

    which solder wire you recommend for soldering??

  • Athar 22
    Athar 22 6 months ago

    What if i supply DC supply by adaptor? and when i connected with battery, then battery become hot after some time why?

    • Athar 22
      Athar 22 5 months ago

      @Marjan Martinov i mean will burn? by heating

    • Marjan Martinov
      Marjan Martinov 5 months ago

      the battery becomes hot because a lot of current is flowing through

  • Akshay Nimbare
    Akshay Nimbare 6 months ago

    Output nyy re aal ult kelyavr yeyy

  • MrDawen1997
    MrDawen1997 6 months ago

    is ground connection same as minus on the pcb?

    HAM RADIO 6 months ago

    nasıl çıkarttın o vinil i orayı kesmişsin hırpo

  • Richard Marin
    Richard Marin 6 months ago

    Nice job and explanation, how do you get or fabricate the stencil?

    • The Technocrat
      The Technocrat 6 months ago

      TQ 😊... I got the SMD Stencil from JLCPCB.

  • Thomas Atkinson
    Thomas Atkinson 6 months ago

    What kind of power are you running through this? Is it not dangerous picking up the whole thing bare hands when those joints are not properly insulated?

    • Inductive Kickback
      Inductive Kickback 2 months ago

      Magnet wire is usually insulated with a thin type of glass. Also I dont think he is using that much power to be anything to worry about

  • Teresa Shinkansen
    Teresa Shinkansen 6 months ago

    Close your magnetic circuit and increase the area of your core. it will make your magnet much more powerful.

  • aman r
    aman r 6 months ago

    What is the cost of this wire of 100 grams of wire

  • COINMASTER tricks
    COINMASTER tricks 6 months ago


  • Vertical Fire
    Vertical Fire 7 months ago

    Wat type of switch r u usin??

  • Rex Horning
    Rex Horning 7 months ago

    Music is a little annoying. Nice job on the coil

  • Brij Lal
    Brij Lal 7 months ago

    Instead of using two metal rods and two pieces of wood to make a raiser from the base piece, just screw one piece of tall wood. That's simple and easy. And just by using a spring you cannot make the holder stable for larger PCBs. In place of spring use a metal tube (or two nuts together) and use a wing-nut at the PCB side.

  • Iso Novoso
    Iso Novoso 7 months ago

    thankz my man ! trying to make magnets for structure water because they are so expensive looking for a route around cost, quantity.

  • ram 7777
    ram 7777 7 months ago

    Where is the circuit diagram bro

  • Murwanashyaka Eduard
    Murwanashyaka Eduard 7 months ago

    what cool look

  • Daz 3640
    Daz 3640 7 months ago

    I don't know much about electromagnets but need to make a tool for a specific task. I have snapped a half shaft on my land rover and need to remove the broken end. The hole I need to pass the tool down is about 1" in diameter and 3' deep. The magnet would need to be as strong as possible to pull on the broken end to disengage it from the splines in the diff. So my questions are does the size of the core iron matter and also what gauge wire should i use for maximum strength in the space I have available? I was going to try and attach it to the end of a broom handle.

  • John Joyce
    John Joyce 7 months ago

    Who Else Is Using This Video For School? Cause I Know I Am

  • Nazgul Linux
    Nazgul Linux 7 months ago

    Another idiot Indian that doesn't know shit...

  • Umesh Parate
    Umesh Parate 7 months ago

    सर जी आर डी नो यू एन ओ बोर्ड में फास्ट एल ई डी का एक्जाम्पिल " कलर प्लेट" में एक बार लेफ्ट साईड चले और फिर राईट साईड चले प्रोग्राम में कहाँ पर बदलाव करना पड़ेगा 4 - 4 - एल ई डी सभी कलर मे चले पहले राईट फिर लेफ्ट 50 एल ई डी बेल्ट में

  • Rushikesh B
    Rushikesh B 7 months ago

    Road par uda sakte he ki nahi

  • Hambone
    Hambone 7 months ago

    awesome! thanks for sharing!

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  • Jesus Rebolledo
    Jesus Rebolledo 7 months ago

    Thank for sharing ! is possible do the same for 200 lbs ?

  • Raju Selvaraj
    Raju Selvaraj 7 months ago

    You are guiding with the wrong direction * 26 gauge wire thickness is 0.404mm * solenoid rod dia is 8mm Total dia of the first complete turn of the solenoid rod with copper wire is 8.404mm Total dia of the second complete turn of the solenoid rod with copper wire is 8.808 mm Total dia of the third complete turn of the solenoid rod with copper wire is 9.12 mm assume when complete 1000 turns of your solenoid Dia size is imagine you cant lift in your hand. A fool is wrongly guided here 👀 be aware of this project. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️