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Damon diadema
Views 1494 days ago
Captive Damon diadema female feeding and grooming and male feeding. March 2020 Grooming structure photos from "Whip Spiders: Their Biology, Morphology and Systematics" by Peter Weygoldt
Courting Frogs Nursery part 2
Views 97Month ago
Jerry Addington shows us around Courting Frogs Nursery in Lake Ketchum, Washington. They specialize in raising carnivorous plants.
Courting Frogs Nursery part 1
Views 128Month ago
Jerry Addington shows us around Courting Frogs Nursery in Lake Ketchum, Washington. They specialize in raising carnivorous plants.
Hayes Valley Art Installation
Views 806 months ago
Charles Gadeken’s installation "Squared" at Patricia’s Green Park in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. 24 Feb. 2019
Superworm Beetle Colony
Views 1.1K6 months ago
This video demonstrates a process for allowing Superworm Beetle (Zophobas Morio) larvae to pupate. Unlike regular Mealworm Beetle (Tenibrio molitor) larvae, Superworm larvae must be isolated from each other in order for them to develop.
Pinning Riker Mount Specimens- part 2
Views 8788 months ago
Procedures for pinning specimens that have been placed in Riker Mount boxes. Actias rhodoneuma and Tagesoidea nigrofasciata. July 2019
Pinning Riker Mount Specimens- part 1
Views 8929 months ago
Procedures for pinning specimens that have been placed in Riker Mount boxes. Actias rhodoneuma and Tagesoidea nigrofasciata. July 2019
Chinese New Year Parade
Views 111Year ago
A few short clips of the parade, held each year since the 1860's. San Francisco, California February 23, 2019
Birdwing Butterflies at California Academy of Sciences
Views 572Year ago
Ornithoptera priamus and Troides rhadamantus butterflies on display at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco California, 20 Feb. 2019. I was surprised to see these species on display. The Birdwings are the largest butterflies in the world and this is the first time I have seen them in a butterfly exhibit.
1950's Hamilton Beach mixer
Views 329Year ago
A very nice 1950-52 Hamilton Beach electric mixer
Alaskan King Crab display specimen- 2 of 3
Views 845Year ago
A demonstration of techniques for preserving a large crab as a display specimen. 2018
Alaskan King Crab display specimen- part 1 of 3
Views 1.1KYear ago
A demonstration of techniques for preserving a large crab as a display specimen. 2018
Amanita muscaria.
Views 396Year ago
Amanita muscaria mushroom. It was broken by an animal at night. November 17 to 25, 2018 Seattle, WA
Zenith Trans-Oceanic Clipper Shortwave Radio
Views 1.4KYear ago
Vintage 1947 AM and Shortwave radio. 25 September 2018
Moth Pinning
Views 1.6KYear ago
Pinning captive raised Callosamia promethea moths. 28 July 2018. At 3:00 I mistakenly referred to the pupa as "exarate". Moth pupa are actually "obtect". The outline of the body parts are visible on the surface of the pupa but are not projecting from the surface.
Phyllium Specimen Preparation
Views 4.8KYear ago
How to preserve Phyllium species as a dried specimen. Phyllium philippinicum. 25 June 2018
Burrowing bees
Views 1.2KYear ago
Andrena mining bees provisioning their burrows with pollen. Seattle, WA. 22 May 2018
Butterfly De-Greasing
Views 2.7K2 years ago
How to use acetone to de-grease a butterfly. 23 Dec. 2017
Duwamish Waterway Cruise
Views 1712 years ago
A tour along Seattle's waterfront on Elliot Bay and up the industrial Duwamish Waterway in a 1947 Chris Craft wood speedboat. 16 July 2017
Hot Damn Scandal- Sugar Momma
Views 2882 years ago
At the Oregon Country Fair July 2017
"Sugar mama" by Hot Damn Scandal
Views 1.2K2 years ago
At Slim's Last Chance Saloon, Seattle WA. 30 June 2017 With Ani Bananni, vocals.
The Mean Reds perform "Come Back"
Views 3382 years ago
At The Royal Room, Seattle WA 20 May 2017
Mean Reds, "Melvin"
Views 1222 years ago
At The Royal Room, Seattle WA. 20 May 2017
Snoqualmie Falls
Views 2022 years ago
Snoqualmie River, Washington 1 May 2017
B-17 WW2 Bomber
Views 3772 years ago
Boeing Museum Of Flight Seattle WA. 3 July 2016
Bumble Bee specimen
Views 4K3 years ago
Pinning a specimen of Bombus vosnesenskii and a look at some other Hymenoptera.
Fiddler Crab
Views 11K3 years ago
Preserving a small crab with either. 20 March 2017
Orchid Mantis- Part 2
Views 3.8K3 years ago
Preparing an Orchid Mantis as a preserved specimen. 3 March 2017
Orchid Mantis- Part 1
Views 5K3 years ago
Preparing an Orchid Mantis as a preserved specimen. 3 March 2017
Right Here Right Now
Views 1413 years ago
From the album "My Country" by Pliny Keep, 2001. With permission from the owner.
My Country
Views 1463 years ago
From the album "My Country" by Pliny Keep, 2001. With permission from the owner.
Gray Short-Tailed Opossum
Views 1.3K3 years ago
(Monodelphis domestica) 19 February 2017
Vintage Toasters
Views 2.8K3 years ago
A look at my vintage toaster collection. 10 Jan. 2017
Pretty June Bug and Cute Cockroaches
Views 3K3 years ago
Chrysina beyeri beetle and Domino Cockroaches Prepared as specimens. January 2017
Amblypygid Specimen
Views 4.2K3 years ago
Repair and mounting a Damon medius specimen. January 2017
Mountain Beaver Parasites
Views 1.2K3 years ago
Preparation of very small specimens. Mountain Beaver beetle and Mountain Beaver flea. 24 January 2017
46 Stag Beetles
Views 1.3K3 years ago
Species in the family Lucanidae from my teaching collection. Males have the large mandibles while the females jaws are much smaller. January 2017.
Vintage Vending Machine
Views 1.8K3 years ago
1950 Acorn Charm by Oak Mfg.
Giant Centipede Preservation
Views 13K3 years ago
A demonstration of techniques for preserving a large centipede specimen. Dec. 2016
Four Mantis Species
Views 24K3 years ago
Ben shows us his live mantis specimens. Chinese Mantis (Tenodera sinensis), Thistle Mantis (Blepharopsis mendica), Orchid Mantis (Hymenopus coronatus), Violin Mantis (Gongylus gongylodes) 10 December 2016
Humpback Whale Lice
Views 19K3 years ago
Whale lice from a beached Humpback Whale. Seattle, WA. 7 August 2016 Microscope photo by Jessica Szabo.
Winged Stick Insect Mounting
Views 13K3 years ago
Procedure for making a spread-wing mount. Diesbachia tamyris, Malaysia December 2016
Stinson Beach
Views 2063 years ago
Stinson Beach, CA 15 Oct 2016 Heermann's Gull, Larus heermanni (dark gray) California Gull, Larus californicus Long Bill Curlew, Numinius americanus
Maria del Camino
Views 6983 years ago
1959 Chevrolet El Camino Mutant Vehicle made by Bruce Tomb. NIMBY studios. Oakland CA. 7 Oct. 2016
Johnny Jetpack
Views 9533 years ago
Johnny Jetpack Launch Gasworks Park, Seattle WA 1997? This video was shot on High-8 tape and transferred to digital.
Laser Light Show- 26 Oct. 2008
Views 6003 years ago
Nathan Arnold and Kim Hall created the devices to produce these light effects. This event was at the Good Shepard Center in Wallingford (Seattle, WA) and was accompanied by live piano music. The visual quality of this video really doesn't do justice to the display.
Now here it is... your Moment of Zen.
Views 1.1K3 years ago
Early morning birdsongs recorded near Pena Blanca Lake Arizona, September 2008.
Barilius bakeri "Royal Spotted Hill Trout"
Views 8K3 years ago
This is a species of fish that I have never kept before. They are from fast moving streams in Kerala, India. They are not often found in the aquarium fish trade. I got these from a specialty shop in Portland , Oregon called "The Wet Spot". The largest of these are about 4 inches.
Bonsai Potting
Views 1K4 years ago
Bonsai Potting. 2 April 2016 Pruning and potting bonsai mulberry trees that were grown from seeds from a tree that Charles Darwin planted at his home at Down House, England.
Free Range Reveleers
Views 2644 years ago
Penn Cove Musselfest Coupville WA 16 March 2016 free.range.reveleers/
The Shifty Sailors
Views 3334 years ago
Penn Cove Musselfest Coupville Wa 12 March 2016
Eudaemonia Moth mount and repair. Part one.
Views 7K4 years ago
Eudaemonia moths are so fragile that they are difficult to obtain intact. I have been experimenting with developing techniques to repair their delicate hindwing tails. February 2016
Eudaemonia Moth mount and repair. Part two.
Views 3.8K4 years ago
Eudaemonia moths are so fragile that they are difficult to obtain intact. I have been experimenting with developing techniques to repair their delicate hindwing tails. Mistake: Green luna upper right at the end is Actias chapae, not selene.
Microscope Image Stacking
Views 1.8K4 years ago
Photos of insects in Baltic amber taken by a digital camera microscope at Portland State Entomology Lab. 15 Jan. 2016
Photo Shoot, with bugs!
Views 8944 years ago
Bug wrangling for a photo shoot. 28 Jan. 2016
Spirit Lake Hike
Views 13K4 years ago
Spirit Lake, Mount Saint Helens, WA August 2011 Spirit Lake was within the blast zone of the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens. The north end of the lake is accessible by trail from the road and is still covered by floating trees that were killed in the blast. Walking on the logs is DANGEROUS and should NOT be attempted. With that being said.... will she fall in?
Lava Tube Hike
Views 6834 years ago
A one mile hike through a lava tube south of Mount Saint Helens, Washington. August 2011.
Blue Folk Art Chair
Views 2854 years ago
Artist unknown, Victor Hoonstra collection. Portland, OR. Jan. 2016
Butterfly Mounting
Views 55K4 years ago
In this video I demonstrate techniques for relaxing dried butterflies, pinning and spreading their wings. Jan. 2016
Moth de-greasing and wing repair.
Views 16K4 years ago
A demonstration of how to remove fat stain from a moth abdomen and a technique for repairing a cracked wing. Jan. 2016
Folk Art Chair
Views 3094 years ago
Circa 1992, (restored 2015) Artist: Dave Mckay (1952-1995) Seattle, WA
Ted's Vintage Rickshaw
Views 2704 years ago
The sequence with the moderrn rickshaw was shot in 2013. Vintage rickshaw in December 2015.
Vintage Toys
Views 1.4K4 years ago
A look at some of the vintage toys in my collection. November 2015
Vinagaroon Specimen
Views 57K4 years ago
Techniques for preparing Arachnids like vinagaroons and scorpions as dried specimens. 21 November 2015
Insect Taxidermy
Views 11K4 years ago
In this video I demonstrate some techniques for preparing large insects for preservation and display. October 2015
Queen and drone ants emerge for nuptial flight.
Views 3.3K4 years ago
Pelham, Mass. 12 Sep 2015
VW Engine Remove and Replace, time lapse.
Views 7824 years ago
Not for instruction, just a view of the process. 1969 Beetle. I had a bad spark plug socket and had to remove the engine to fix it. Actual elapsed time is three hours. 20 October 2015 Music: "Catchin' Bugs with Don" and "Love in Central Park" by Antony DeGennaro
Entomologist Joan Milan gives a tour of her research site.
Views 4784 years ago
Montague Plains Wildlife Management Area Montague, Mass. September 2015
Whirlygig Beetle Party
Views 3404 years ago
Connecticut River near Amherst Mass. 17 September 2015
Anableps anableps, The Four Eyed Fish
Views 16K4 years ago
I've been looking for something interesting to put in my big aquarium for a couple of years. I spotted these at The Fish Store in Lake City last week. I had some 30 years ago and came close to breeding them. Perhaps now I may get another chance. Music: "Tea Time" by Antony DeGennaro. 28 September 2015 Seattle WA
Buffam Brook
Views 2604 years ago
11 September 2015 Buffam Brook is a stream in Hampshire County, Massachusetts, situated between Butter Hill and Mount Orient, near West Pelham. Music: "Old Trees" by Antony Degennaro.
Trout research on the West Brook
Views 4494 years ago
Whatley, Mass. 14 September 2015
Eri Am Sisters and Massive Monkeys
Views 2.6K4 years ago
Art Walk Rainier Beach Seattle, WA 5 September 2015
Anzanga Marimba Ensemble
Views 8644 years ago
Rainier Beach Art Walk Seattle, WA 5 September 2015
Somali Dancers at Rainier Beach Art Walk
Views 3.2K4 years ago
Seattle, WA 5 September 2015
Suquamish Pow Wow and War Canoe Races
Views 6984 years ago
Taking a 1947 Cris Craft speedboat from Lake Union through the Ballard Locks and across Puget Sound to Port Madison for the annual Suquamish War Canoe Races and Pow Wow. Seattle, WA 16 August 2015
Lummi Boys at Stilliguamish Pow Wow
Views 4294 years ago
Stillaguamish Festival of the River 9 August 2015
The Phenomenauts perform in Seattle WA. Part-2
Views 1284 years ago
At El Corazon 18 July 2015 Lyrics: Earth is the Best: Mercury's day is 59 days long, 800 degrees the sun seems so strong. Venus is hotter by a hundred degrees. It turns the wrong way and is hard to breathe. CO2 gas makes me so depressed. Earth is next in line and Earth is the best. Now Mars' year is almost twice as long. It's cold and those dust storms seems so strong. Jupiter is just way too b...
The Phenomenauts perform in Seattle, WA. Part-1
Views 1304 years ago
At El Corazon 18 July 2015 The Phenomenauts are a Sci-fi Rockabilly band from Oakland CA.
Free Range Reveleers
Views 2954 years ago
Ani Banani and Banjo Youngblood playing Vaudeville, Ragtime and Blues. They came to the Seattle Art Car Blowout at the Fremont Fair for the first time this year and delighted us with their charming presence. 20 June 2015 free.range.reveleers?fref=ts
Seattle Opening Day Boat Parade
Views 4.6K4 years ago
2 May 2015
Views 3005 years ago
Saguaro Cactus' at Organ Pipe National Monument and Saguaro National Park. Arizona. March 2015 Photos: Don Ehlen Music: "Sunset-Rise (Circles)" by Antony DeGennaro
Jim and Don's Cactus Review
Views 7085 years ago
Saguaro Cactus' get reviewed at Organ Pipe National Monument. March 2015
A Good Day to Fly
Views 1525 years ago
Rick Renaud pilots a 1976 Cessna 182 with passengers Peggy Renaud, Michele Witzki and Don Ehlen. 18 April 2015 North from Renton, WA to San Juan Island, then south to Port Angeles, west then south and east around the Olympic Mountains and back across Puget Sound to Renton.
Jim and Don revisit the Golden Saguaro
Views 1765 years ago
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument Arizona. 17 March 2015 In 1995 we discovered a golden colored saguaro cactus. We go back and visit it every 10 years.
Quitobaquito Pupfish
Views 6575 years ago
Quitobaquito Spring Oasis Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona 17 March 2015
Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
Views 4985 years ago
Estes Canyon Ajo Mountain Loop Drive Organ Pipe National Monument, Arizona 18 March 2015
Portland State Entomology Lab
Views 1.9K5 years ago
Jessica gives us a tour.
Bali Shadow Puppet Performance
Views 6595 years ago
Wayan Kulit performance. Ubud, Bali. September 2010
Kecak Dance.
Views 1025 years ago
Taman Kaja Community performs a Kecak Dance. Ubud, Bali September 2010
The Bina Bemaja Troupe performs a segment of the Ramayana.
Views 1485 years ago
Ubud, Bali. September 2010 In this segment, princess Sita's close relationship with Rama and Laksamana is established. They are responsible for the princesses safety. Laksamana is Sita's brother and Rama eventually becomes her husband. In this version, the characters are female so we can assume that Laksamana is Sita's sister.
The Bina Bemaja Troupe performs a segment of the Ramayana.
Views 955 years ago
Ubud, Bali. September 2010 In this sequence, King Rahwana and his henchman Maricha plot to lure the beautiful princess Sita away from her protectors Rama and Laksamana so that the King can make her his wife.
The Bina Bemaja Troupe performs a segment of the Ramayana.
Views 1275 years ago
Ubud, Bali. September 2010 In an attempt to isolate Princess Sita from her protectors, Maricha transforms himself into a beautiful golden deer. Sita is indeed enchanted by the beautiful creature and Rama and Laksamana chase the deer into the forest to try to capture it, leaving Sita alone.
The Bina Bemaja Troupe performs a segment of the Ramayana.
Views 1635 years ago
Ubud, Bali. September 2010 Jatayu, nephew of Garuda, the king of the birds, has observed king Rahwana's abduction of princess Sita. He intervenes and frees Sita. King Rahwana then attacks Jatayu and he is mortally wounded. Rama and Laksamana return to find Sita missing. Laksamana, realizing what has happened, prevents Rama from shooting Jatayu and they offer prayers so that Jatayu may enter hea...
The Bina Bemaja Troupe performs a segment of the Ramayana.
Views 985 years ago
Ubud, Bali. September 2010 In this scene, Hanoman the White Warrior Monkey enlists his monkey army to attack the palace of Rahwana and free Princess Sita.
The Bina Bemaja Troupe performs a segment of the Ramayana.
Views 2235 years ago
Ubud, Bali. September 2010 In this scene, the beautiful princess Sita is welcomed home after being freed from the palace of king Rahwana.
Leaf Insect Nymph
Views 1.8K5 years ago
Phyllium giganteum. July 2014
Red Fox
Views 6835 years ago
A Red Fox at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge, Washington. May 2011 Some other people were feeding the fox. At one point it took a piece of chicken from a bamboo skewer one of them was holding.
Brine Flies in tide pool.
Views 6565 years ago
I believe that this is a group of Brine Flies in a breeding group. The cluster is about the size of a quarter. Whidbey Island Washington, March 2011
Odd Creatures at the Steinhart Aquarium
Views 8585 years ago
Dwarf Cuttlefish, Shrimpfish and Four-Eyed Fish at the Steinhart Aquarium. 15 December 2014
Parol Lantern Festival
Views 4.9K5 years ago
San Francisco, Dec.13 2014 Philippine Parol Lanterns are a holiday tradition. Often star shaped, the early examples were lit by candles. Modern ones are equipped with programmed flashing LED lights. Some are made with recycled materials.


  • Maud Dohmen
    Maud Dohmen 14 hours ago

    We just made our first bumblebee specimen, a bombus terrestris! thank you for your clear explanation, excited to see how it will dry out :)

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 8 hours ago

      I'm happy that you found it useful. So you must be in Europe?

  • Necromancess
    Necromancess 2 days ago

    What are the dimensions of the glassine you used?

    • Necromancess
      Necromancess Day ago

      @insectsafari I believe it would be a Morpho Didius

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari Day ago

      @Necromancess What species are they? I wish I could get them with the abdomens intact. I do have a couple like that.

    • Necromancess
      Necromancess 2 days ago

      @insectsafari Thank you, i'm planning to pin some blue morpho in about a month, and I need all of the help I can get.

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 2 days ago

      @Necromancess No problem, I'm happy to help.

    • Necromancess
      Necromancess 2 days ago

      @insectsafari Terribly sorry, I must've missed that... thank you for taking the time to answer me, however!

  • Nina Bara
    Nina Bara 2 days ago

    It is very creapy

  • Shawna Edwards
    Shawna Edwards 3 days ago

    Where did you get your pin board? And do you use regular sewing needles to pin them?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 2 days ago

      I get entomology equipment from BioQuip in California. The pins used to mount the specimens are special insect pins. Those used to hold the glassine or prop the specimens are regular large sewing pins that I get from local stores.

  • Agent Bill Wilson
    Agent Bill Wilson 3 days ago

    the spooky music doesn't help

  • K
    K 3 days ago

    Sweet. What an awesome amblypigid

  • Uni Corsica
    Uni Corsica 3 days ago

    What a beauty. 💞

  • Vengeful Camel
    Vengeful Camel 6 days ago

    That’s a HUGE flea!

  • Row Bless
    Row Bless 8 days ago

    Do they only swim at the surface? Or do they venture down to the bottom as well?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 7 days ago

      @Row Bless Yes, I've seen them in public aquariums in large, fairly shallow semi-aquatic terrariums. They get quite big, 10 inches or more.

    • Row Bless
      Row Bless 7 days ago

      @insectsafari that's very interesting, so I'm assuming they don't require a tall tank, they prefer width over height. Cool!

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 7 days ago

      They seem to be very buoyant and only with considerable effort will swim lower briefly to grab a piece of food. I suspect that their swim bladders are larger in proportion than most other fish.

  • A J
    A J 19 days ago

    You all MUST google parasite tongue- eating louse. It looks like this thing but crawls in through a fishes' gills, eats the fish tongue, then actually takes on the role of the fish tongue. Creepy as hell. You' ve got to see it.

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 17 days ago

      Yes, that is an amazing animal. I have seen a couple of preserved specimens in museums where the fishes gills and mouth are partially cut away so you can see the parasitic isopod in place of the fishes tongue.

  • Ek Balam Garcia
    Ek Balam Garcia 19 days ago

    Interesting,and disgusting.

  • 9mmage
    9mmage 20 days ago

    How would placing the entire insect, wings and all, in the acetone effect the appearance of the scales?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 20 days ago

      It works really well. They can come out looking perfect.

  • 9mmage
    9mmage 20 days ago

    I have the HARDEST time finding Regal Moths! Do you have any recommended sellers?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 20 days ago

      Where do you live? They do show up occasionally with some of the sellers I know. They are also available on Ebay sometimes.

  • gamekid the lifeboat builder

    3:24 you made it extra scary

  • gamekid the lifeboat builder

    2:39 when I play a floot

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 25 days ago

      It's traditional Balinese Suling flute that recorded there in 2010.

  • nineball26
    nineball26 25 days ago

    also, slow down on that thing, slow movements, its old cloth and wire so go easy, man you are ripping it around like that, go easy it will last longer.. such a nice unit, its beautiful, all tube? WOW,, I see the guy converted his to D batteries, he could have went rechargeable.. so many options, too bad that 150 hour battery couldn't be replaced or repaired.. that's the range of that original big battery 150 hours, thats long time for marine and air flight use, people may want to know the use or interest, welp they were brought along on airplanes trips cross country, boat rides especially, propel could listen to whatever on long cruises.. and they were used personal, I remember my friends 24 foot sail boat schooner style had one, marine band style, WORKED!!!

  • nineball26
    nineball26 25 days ago

    dood, you really need to mothball this thing or get it in a museum ASAP, this is a PRISTINE example right out of the box new condition with no pen marks on anything SO COOL! it needs to be on display I'll give you $150 right now . . .

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 25 days ago

      I sold it to a collector/dealer for around $100 so it went to a good home. He will find an original handle for the top and probably resell it for a profit. It's all original tubes and everything.

  • Lillian Carpenter
    Lillian Carpenter 27 days ago

    Hey what’s ur toasters cable sleeve made out of???? Life or death I need to know for an engineering studies report on household appliances materials that I am doing. Nylon? Cotton? Polyester? Glazed cloth? Pls answer

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 27 days ago

      The toasters from the early 1930's were made before nylon (1938) or polyester (1941) were invented. The copper strands are wrapped in a white fibrous material that could be asbestos or some other non flammable material. The outside of the cords appears to be cotton or some other organic fiber. I wish I knew more to help you. Let me know if you learn more about it.

  • humans nature
    humans nature Month ago

    Hi, I'm introducing breeders of superworms and mealworms. from indonesia

  • historic wine
    historic wine Month ago

    Where can I find part 3?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari Month ago

      Part three hasn't been made. I've had to move after 29 years in the same place and it's taken all of my time. The only thing left to do with the crab is to paint it and make some antennae for it. I'll get to that as soon as I can as my intention is to sell it and I could use the money.

  • Ju na
    Ju na Month ago

    What is it exactly you paint the Mantis with? And what kind acrylic base do you mean?

  • DemiBeats
    DemiBeats Month ago

    Slim doesn't use his wings

  • Ir. Soekarno
    Ir. Soekarno Month ago

    tough eater loose parasite for dino

  • translateslowly
    translateslowly Month ago

    I have a chance to buy 2 of these. I want to turn them into guitar amps. Any thought?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari Month ago

      I don't have much understanding of electronics so I can't help you there. If the radios work and are in good condition I personally wouldn't alter them in any way. I'd rather see a collector restore them and pass them along to future generations. If they don't work then I think making them into amps would be awesome!

  • Douglas McCheyne
    Douglas McCheyne Month ago

    Pinning a dried butterfly so relaxing

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis Month ago

    Thanks for sharing Insectafari! Great video! Jerry and crew are awesome!

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis Month ago

    Super cool man! Best growing for 2020!!

  • salty thing
    salty thing Month ago

    so this is how i started like isopods huh

  • Big Jeff
    Big Jeff Month ago

    Beautiful, complex carnivores - thanks for sharing!

  • Sorin Morgin
    Sorin Morgin 2 months ago

    I would say dearers go first 🤪

  • Federica Giarruzzo
    Federica Giarruzzo 2 months ago

    Hi, Congratulation for the video, really intresting! What do you put inside tge body of the insect, the white stick, I Mean. Thank you

    • Federica Giarruzzo
      Federica Giarruzzo 2 months ago

      @insectsafari thank you so much!

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 2 months ago

      I'm glad you enjoyed the video, thanks. It's a pipe cleaner, two thin pieces of wire wrapped around fabric like a brush, used to clean out the stem of a smoking pipe.

  • Iseekoutthetruth
    Iseekoutthetruth 2 months ago

    I have a question about your Golden Saguaro you found in the desert. Do you have a location I could get to go look at it? Tis Art was Awesome.

  • Iseekoutthetruth
    Iseekoutthetruth 2 months ago

    where exactly is this? have you found any other ones in Arizona? have you found any Crested Saguaros? do you have a GPS Location?

    • Iseekoutthetruth
      Iseekoutthetruth 2 months ago

      Cool if you could email me directions that would be awesome.

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 2 months ago

      I have a set of photos with a map on Facebook. If you don't have access I'd be happy to get you the location by email. I would love for you to visit it and send me a photo to see how it's grown. We did find two others, one with an orange top and a lime green one, also in the FB photo set.

  • Maverick Yort
    Maverick Yort 2 months ago

    I want everyone search "Benji the Isopod"

  • fdimasn_
    fdimasn_ 2 months ago

    What the substrate for the base? That is coco coir?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 2 months ago

      Yes, it's coconut substrate that comes in a dense compressed brick.

  • Marloes Schoneveld
    Marloes Schoneveld 3 months ago

    WoW vet mooi🦋🦋🦋🦋

  • jjthefed
    jjthefed 3 months ago

    Who's the cute brunette?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 2 months ago

      She's my best friend. She's very smart, talented and strong.

  • Emily Knight
    Emily Knight 3 months ago

    Why am I watching this on Xmas eve

  • Sprite *
    Sprite * 3 months ago

    Woah! It looks interesting to me. I’m really curious of how the tiny insect manages to give birth.

    • Sprite *
      Sprite * 3 months ago

      @insectsafari Interesting.

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 3 months ago

      They lay eggs which hatch into tiny stick bugs who then shed their exoskeletons as they grow.

  • Vince Tan
    Vince Tan 3 months ago

    do you have a hermit crab?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 3 months ago

      I have two specimens in the collection but not any live ones.

  • Vince Tan
    Vince Tan 3 months ago

    do a coconut crab mount in your crab collection

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 3 months ago

      I do have a small coconut crab in the collection. It was already prepared when I got it.

  • Ms Creepella Von Styx
    Ms Creepella Von Styx 3 months ago

    Is it irreversible once a specimen has started browning in some areas?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 3 months ago

      There isn't anything I know of that you can do. I've tried bleaching browned specimens with acetone and also with chlorine bleach and it did not work. I think they could be painted with acrylic paint but I haven't experimented with that yet.

  • Ms Creepella Von Styx
    Ms Creepella Von Styx 3 months ago

    I wish I knew to do this with my girl that just passed away I meant to preserve her but she's brown

  • Chee
    Chee 3 months ago

    Wowza. You're very helpful. Can I just set it out to dry, or do I need to do something else..?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 3 months ago

      I normally just let them dry out at room temperature. In a very humid environment some people use a "drying box" with an incandescent light bulb inside to speed up the process. I'm glad you found the video useful.

  • Timothy Haas
    Timothy Haas 3 months ago

    I found a Hyalophora cecropia male this summer and pinned it up without drying. The abdomen got so saggy and soft that the two pins did not hold it and I ended up using a some styrofoam to support it from underneath. The results were not what I was hoping for, as it twisted and dried asymmetrically. How are the abdomens dried on the moths that have very large abdomens in order for them to look nice? Thanks for all the help!

  • James is a James
    James is a James 3 months ago

    Nice Southeast Asia traditional music background

  • GunFighterMan101
    GunFighterMan101 3 months ago

    I got one of these for $7, though it was stripped of its battery, shortwave magnet, and a few other things. I’m trying to fix it though I’m experienced in circuit boards and not vacuums and tubes.

  • Darwin Wang
    Darwin Wang 4 months ago

    It is very nice to see these videos. I am very interested in biology but unfortunately, I was not able to pursue it as my career path. Please keep making these specimen production videos. They are indeed fascinating!

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 4 months ago

      Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying them. I have a couple more in production but I've been distracted by some other projects and getting ready to move. I'll get some more posted as soon as I can.

  • Saturniid
    Saturniid 4 months ago

    It’s cool he has a Actias chapae specimen

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 4 months ago

      Captive raised specimens are just starting to be available now in the USA.

  • Bob Parsons
    Bob Parsons 4 months ago

    Never thought of injecting water into the thorax to straighter up.

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 4 months ago

      It really speeds up the relaxing process.

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    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 4 months ago

      I don't understand this comment. Please explain, thanks.

  • Nyan Vlogs
    Nyan Vlogs 4 months ago

    Whats the point of pinning it ?? Cant u just put it in a frame

    • Nyan Vlogs
      Nyan Vlogs 4 months ago

      @insectsafari i just feel very bad for the poor butterfly

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 4 months ago

      These are for a teaching and research collection so they need to be movable and accessible.

  • Nyan Vlogs
    Nyan Vlogs 4 months ago

    Poor butterfly i feel bad .

  • Kip Paseo
    Kip Paseo 4 months ago

    I recently acquired a really really old and Rusty Sears flip down toaster. I'm only 40 and I had never seen a flip open toaster before. I had to ask my mom if she had ever seen one and knew how to use it. She did LOL. I cleaned it up with some Bar Keepers Friend and then hit it with some new Finish Car Wax It kind of keep it from rusting any further. It looks and works great now

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 4 months ago

      I just restored a 1930 General Electric Hotpoint floppy toaster that someone gave me. It's beautiful. If you're on FB you can see a photo set of it here: I'd love to see a photo of yours. If you like you can send me pics on FB or email them to Write down any information stamped on the unit and maybe I can figure out when it was made.

  • nok tek
    nok tek 4 months ago

    yet the thing that freaked me out the most was the music starting at 2:04

    • nok tek
      nok tek 4 months ago

      @insectsafari thanks for the info, it sounded very odd for an european like me. i guess its an acquired taste ;)

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 4 months ago

      It's traditional Balinese Suling flute recorded in Canngu, Bali in 2010.

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    10:16 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    This is so cool

  • kyra manpula
    kyra manpula 5 months ago

    whale lice looks like small crabs

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 4 months ago

      They are not crustaceans but are closely related.

  • Justin Time
    Justin Time 5 months ago

    Real Isopod Hours

  • Dinisor :D
    Dinisor :D 5 months ago

    Why would you do that!?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 5 months ago

      Education. Scientific research. Natural History displays.

    LINXI (LINSEY) CHEN 5 months ago

    WOW, so cool!

  • Hannah Robinson
    Hannah Robinson 5 months ago

    fed fox is a dead fox

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 5 months ago

      I disapprove of feeding wildlife like this but it was already happening when I came along and I decided not to intervene. The older couple who were doing it were enjoying interacting with the fox and the animal seemed calm but wary. This was at a boat landing so there are always a lot of people there. I'm sure they weren't the first people to feed it. I don't think any harm will come to it because of this. There are many coyotes in the city and they mostly just keep out of sight.

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    レバルヂアリス 5 months ago

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    Butters Stotch 5 months ago

    I wonder how long it would take to remove every log from the lake and I wonder if the government even thought about the price tag of removing all these logs and every dead tree from the Eruption area to speed up the recovery of the area . So that Spirit lake can return to it’s beauty from before 1980 .

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 5 months ago

      Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument is a scientific study area and no commercial activity is allowed. There is no hunting, fishing or camping and hikers must stay on designated trails. These restrictions are strictly enforced. The eruption provides researchers with a rare opportunity to observe the processes of natural response of the area to volcanic activity. The dead trees are an important feature of the natural reforestation of the environment and must be left in place. Eruptions like this have been happening for tens of thousands of years and these studies will provide invaluable insight into the processes that took place in the past. Any recreational or commercial benefit in altering the area is insignificant compared to the value of this research.

  • sen es
    sen es 5 months ago

    I really enjoyed the flute, actually. Really interesting video here, thanks!

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 5 months ago

      I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's traditional Balinese Suling flute. In Seminyak, Bali I recorded a neighbor who was practicing by listening to a recording and playing along.

  • SuperStriker7US
    SuperStriker7US 5 months ago

    A N T P O R N

  • insectsafari
    insectsafari 6 months ago

    This plane sadly crashed at Bradley Airport in Connecticut on 2 Oct. 2019. As of 3 Oct. there were 7 dead of the 10 passengers and 3 crew. A tragic loss.

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  • FirstDagger
    FirstDagger 6 months ago

    So did some of the eggs prove to be viable?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 6 months ago

      There's no way to tell because I mixed them in with all the other eggs.

  • Saturniid
    Saturniid 6 months ago

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  • Rayna Cheong
    Rayna Cheong 6 months ago

    I’m wondering what many generations of inbreeding might do to a closed colony, would you plan on outbreeding if you keep this up for a while?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 6 months ago

      I kept a closed colony of these going for many years with no apparent problems. I do think it's always a good idea to add new individuals to any colony of organisms.

  • Gabriel CoteBrockman
    Gabriel CoteBrockman 6 months ago

    I've always been a nerd for bugs, and i like how you give insight into whats happening. My inner nerd is happy =3

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  • Terry Scott
    Terry Scott 6 months ago

    Great video. I recently purchased one in an auction, but it's slightly different. The trans oceanic moniker is on the brass opening clasp. The only ID I see inside is L 27998 on the chassis, then a reference to Chassis 5H40 on a paper with patent numbers on the inside. Any idea what year it might have been manufactured?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 6 months ago

      Thanks! I'm not an expert on these, this is the only one I had and I sold it. There are a lot of collectors who know all about them. You might find a group on FB who can answer your questions.

  • Shr3w
    Shr3w 6 months ago

    What do you plan on doing with all of them?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 6 months ago

      Some will go to schools where the kids are studying insects, others will be shared with people who want to start their own colonies to use as food for reptiles or other pets. I will feed small larvae to my finches.

  • Dwizzleusa 1984
    Dwizzleusa 1984 6 months ago

    What is this your first date

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 6 months ago

      @Dwizzleusa 1984 Not taken in a bad way. I think this would be a great first date!

    • Dwizzleusa 1984
      Dwizzleusa 1984 6 months ago

      @insectsafari didn't mean it in a bad way just good humor

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 6 months ago

      No, both of these women are good friends of mine and are young enough to be my daughter.

  • Ernesto Solana
    Ernesto Solana 6 months ago

    Thanks for sharing! I would like to know more about the box where you keep your collection. Is it custom made? is it covered with glass?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 6 months ago

      They are Cornell University museum drawers with glass tops. I buy kits that make 6 boxes from BioQuip, a biological supply company in California USA and assemble them myself. If I buy the boxes already assembled they are more expensive.

  • Emily
    Emily 6 months ago

    Where do you get your specimens? Do you just have to have connections or are there websites?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 6 months ago

      These are occasionally offered for sale on Ebay but they are difficult to get and expensive. A good one could cost $700 to $1000 US.

  • Latvijas Novads
    Latvijas Novads 6 months ago

    I don't know I am late or something but I found a dead bee in my classroom under my desk and I wanted to preserve it. How did you make so the specimens wings are open without any pins, just the pin in the thorax? 🤔 Edit: grammar. I'm from Latvia btw

    • Latvijas Novads
      Latvijas Novads 6 months ago

      @insectsafari Ok, big thank you!! :D

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 6 months ago

      @Latvijas Novads They should as long as the flight muscles were not dried before the wings were positioned.

    • Latvijas Novads
      Latvijas Novads 6 months ago

      @insectsafariAnd then it remains that position when dried?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 6 months ago

      If the insect is not dry you can gently pull the wings with your fingers into an open position. Then brace the wings with pins like at 4:00.

  • SwampFlower
    SwampFlower 6 months ago

    I saw a video someone put a couple drops of pine sol on the wet paper towel so mold doesn’t create then placed the butterfly on top of the paper towel. And left the butterfly inside the Tupperware for no more than 3 days. After the wings were able to move etc. is wax paper ok to use or tracing paper to hold the wings down? Also does it matter what size pins you use ?

    • SwampFlower
      SwampFlower 6 months ago

      insectsafari thank you so much for replying back!

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 6 months ago

      It's not a bad idea to use something to prevent mold in the relaxing chamber but I don't since I usually inject the specimen with water, it's never in there long enough to get moldy. Wax paper is a bit slippery but tracing paper will work fine. The size of the pin that goes through the specimen should not be too large relative to the size of the thorax to prevent damage to the specimen. If the pin is too small it will not hold the specimen well in the box.

  • Nicole Sabetti
    Nicole Sabetti 6 months ago

    I have Carolina Mantis in my flower Garden. The ones that are on the coneflowers are definitely more of a gray pink color, they match the color of the larger faded flowers. It's very interesting. I also seem to find more around when I bring a slightly I'll mantis home from work,to save before and if they are still alive after the store sprays for bugs. I think, it's a hormone thing, not sure though...

  • Rhiannon Shirck
    Rhiannon Shirck 6 months ago

    where do you get your specimens?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 6 months ago

      I catch them myself, buy them, share with other collectors and some are gifts.

  • Crab
    Crab 6 months ago

    You did a great job on that crab collection! You have inspired me to make my own collection of crabs, And I am excited to see more crab videos from you. Also, how did you obtain all of your true crabs (which habitats did you find them in)?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 6 months ago

      Some of them I caught myself, others were purchased from a friend of mine who is a natural history specimen dealer. Some I got on EBay or from seafood shops.

  • Caylie
    Caylie 6 months ago

    What do you do with your old specimens once you replace them?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 6 months ago

      I give them to collector friends who don't have one.

  • Sean Mouchette
    Sean Mouchette 6 months ago

    Need to add a Blue crab to the collection!

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 6 months ago

      I have one in my larger crab box but the color is not preserved. I am developing the techniques for painting them to make it look more natural.

  • nic M
    nic M 6 months ago

    Can you use wax paper instead of the fancy paper??

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 6 months ago

      Yes, but it doesn't hold the wings as well because it's slippery.

  • GameGamingGamerDude
    GameGamingGamerDude 7 months ago

    I have decided i wanted to say something to gross people out What if one day you saw an animal whose tongue is replaced with that giant isopod thing

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 7 months ago

      The parasitic isopod that replaces a fish's tongue is much smaller. I have seen preserved specimens of a fish head in a jar with the side cut away so you could see the isopod.

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose 7 months ago

    Hello!!! Im from Vietnam

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 7 months ago

      Hi. You have many beautiful insects in Vietnam. I hope to visit there someday.

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose 7 months ago

    does it need to use formaldehyd??

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 7 months ago

      No, once this insect has dried it will not decay as long as it is kept dry.

  • Lasagna Larry
    Lasagna Larry 7 months ago

    oh man

  • Kali Kennetic
    Kali Kennetic 7 months ago

    how do you relax the bee before pinning if your specimen is stiff?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 7 months ago

      If the specimen needs to be re-hydrated you can put it in a closed container with some moist paper towel on the bottom until it gets soft. Place the specimen on a piece of foil so it doesn't come in contact with the wet towel.

  • James Ramsey
    James Ramsey 7 months ago

    Very strong and admirable work. Keep it up!

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 7 months ago

      Thanks! I'm now developing the process to paint the specimens to get them to the natural color. I did an opilio crab and it turned out great.

  • Raiju Crowntail
    Raiju Crowntail 7 months ago

    This would have been a better song for this video, Mosura ya Mosura Dongan kasakuyan indo muu Rusuto uiraandoa, hanba hanbamuyan, randa banunradan Tounjukanraa Kasaku yaanmu Mosura ya Mosura Dongan kasakuyan indo muu Rusuto uiraandoa, hanba hanbamuyan, randa banunradan Tounjukanraa Kasaku yaanmu Mosura ya Mosura Tasukete yo te yobeba Toki o koete, umi o koete, nami no yo ni Yate kuru Mamorigami Mosura ya Mosura Yasasishasae wasure Arehateta hito no kokoro inorinagara utaitai Ai no uta Mosura ya Mosura Dongan kasakuyan indo muu Rusuto uiraandoa, hanba hanbamuyan, randa banunradan Tounjukanraa Kasaku yaanmu You should probably change it....

  • Xylina Lim
    Xylina Lim 7 months ago

    Did you have to remove the meat from inside? Or does the formalin and alcohol process take care of that?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 6 months ago

      The process used to preserve this specimen before I got it had dried out and sterilized the tissue inside so I didn't remove anything from this specimen. When I prepare a fresh large specimen I always open it and remove as much tissue as possible before using solvents to preserve it

  • Camille Boultinghouse
    Camille Boultinghouse 7 months ago

    I recently found a bumble bee in my backyard that had been thoroughly dried out in the sun. How would I go about preparing it for taxidermy? Do I need to place it in alcohol, or is it dry enough that it won’t rot?

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 7 months ago

      It won't decay since it is dry. In order to position the legs it needs to be re-hydrated. It can be placed in a closed container with some moist paper towel on the bottom. Place the bee on a piece of foil so it's not in direct contact with the water. These bees are furry and the hairs will become matted if they get wet. Once it is softened it can be re-positioned into a more natural pose to dry.

  • Eli Young
    Eli Young 7 months ago

    Jessica have you and Dr mastess ever eaten bugs and worms if so what kinds 😘

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 7 months ago

      Jessica does not have access to this channel but I can tell you that she has been vegan for a long time. More recently she has started to eat invertebrates like shrimp and shellfish. I suspect that she would eat insects if she had the opportunity. I will ask her next time I see her.

  • A person that exists
    A person that exists 7 months ago

    No hate, and all respect... but am I the only person disturbed by this?!

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 7 months ago

      I know that you are not. Most of the specimens I pin are for a teaching collection and have good data so they can be used for research. These display specimens are farmed so wild populations are not affected.

    • akasaki kawasaki
      akasaki kawasaki 7 months ago


  • Chevy Lady
    Chevy Lady 7 months ago

    How long does the butterflies wings body take to dry after their wings are spread out? I just found a beautiful butterfly today and I want to frame it. The only imperfection with the butterfly I found today is that one of the attena is broken off.

    • insectsafari
      insectsafari 7 months ago

      It depends on how much moisture is in the specimen. Usually about a week, less if the air is very dry.