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SUPER SONS | Official Trailer
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Countdown to BIRDS OF PREY
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DCeased | Official Trailer
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Countdown to MAXWELL LORD
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Countdown to JERICHO
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  • Greate Britain
    Greate Britain 6 hours ago

    когда ето выйдет

  • C Cato
    C Cato 7 hours ago

    Yawn. Feminazis destroy another franchise. smh.

  • Zyxel Ztrife
    Zyxel Ztrife 7 hours ago

    *Joker’s Real Plan Since The Very Beginning* When Harley and Ivy came to Penguin’s nephew’s party, Joker realized the moment she sat down with the Legion of Doom members that Harley would not only try to prove herself to become Joker’s superior but also a full member of the L.O.D. Next, he even knew that Harley would get a crew to rouse up massive L.O.D points, so he must have convinced Lex Luthor to invite Harley and have Ivy suspect Lex is planning something but didn’t know Joker had this all planned from the start just to split Ivy and Harley up to get his main squeeze back with him.

  • Lord Konシ
    Lord Konシ 7 hours ago

    Once you think about it that Batman thing is kind of ironic

  • weerapap 064
    weerapap 064 7 hours ago

    Will do aquaman cartoon again

  • Trocando uma ideia Conversando

    É ficou legal

  • Kristian Hall
    Kristian Hall 8 hours ago

    Doom patrol season 2 spring 2020

  • Pysocal
    Pysocal 8 hours ago

    This show has officially finally made me laugh at 0:14

  • Undone
    Undone 8 hours ago

    Are there really 109 episodes Or is this season 1 ep 9??

  • Ced 2X
    Ced 2X 8 hours ago

    which Earth is this one on?

  • 8-bit
    8-bit 8 hours ago

    You mean we're welcome for changing his design. Now this *IS* Joker.

  • Pendragon III
    Pendragon III 8 hours ago

    Joker is just the best

  • Joke
    Joke 9 hours ago

    Nobody: Joker: I'm BlUsHiNg.

  • Steven Norman
    Steven Norman 9 hours ago

    And Then...it's for Noob Saibot's Skin

  • rinzo
    rinzo 9 hours ago

    Harley Quinn had better be cautious about Pudding (because her promotion to LOD is an actual slap on his face and he would do anything necessary to rectify that).

  • Hugo jenrry Gonzales

    I am love are harly and dc comics

  • Joshua Olson Cook
    Joshua Olson Cook 10 hours ago

    Scorpion in Injustice Sub-Zero and Raiden in Injustice 2 Joker in Mortal Kombat 11 Liu Kang and Johnny Cage in Terrordome (make it happen, NRS)

  • chazz30000
    chazz30000 10 hours ago

    Why though? Lucifers story was finished. He left the realm of predestination and got to be the only truly free being in existence. Why mess with that... also I really hope those authors were "handpicked by Gaiman" for their skill and not to fulfil minority quotas.

  • rener baldos
    rener baldos 11 hours ago

    Why wonder woman is not flying like superman It's also jumping

  • Shadow Reaper
    Shadow Reaper 11 hours ago

    Dc please make catwoman more villainous in future comics + more dark Knights medal comics too

  • Balázs
    Balázs 11 hours ago

    Harley and Joker together again?! Please God no!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steel2Bonez
    Steel2Bonez 11 hours ago

    F*** Joker, go back to Pam, Harls!

  • Ioana P
    Ioana P 11 hours ago

    can someone be so genuine to tell me the song at the end. i'll owe you

  • respected mercenary
    respected mercenary 11 hours ago

    Who remembers when neatherrealm made a better joker then ss

  • Spacebattler
    Spacebattler 11 hours ago

    I thought the ending of the comic was really stupid, what with implying Lex Luthor is the perfect ruler of mankind for all eternity and the weird time Loop where Superman is actually from the future of Luthor ruled Earth

  • Ubaid Shakir
    Ubaid Shakir 12 hours ago

    where is his laughter the real thing of joker

  • Weirdo Beardo
    Weirdo Beardo 12 hours ago

    Captain marvel would win

  • Yigit temel35
    Yigit temel35 12 hours ago

    Where is ivy

  • Spartan Death #763
    Spartan Death #763 13 hours ago

    Noob gets to become batman who laughs

  • Chillofdestiny
    Chillofdestiny 13 hours ago

    The fatality in the end. Has got to be called The Killing Joke.

  • ArchangelExile
    ArchangelExile 13 hours ago

    A Batman Who Laughs Skin?! Say whaaaaat?!

  • Jahanzeb khan
    Jahanzeb khan 14 hours ago

    Superman fanzz ru-clip.com/video/iWTJ1s0m-D0/video.html

  • AEW Fan Guy
    AEW Fan Guy 14 hours ago

    Put some more Crisis on infinite Earth's content on here!!

  • Джон Бишоп
    Джон Бишоп 14 hours ago


  • Kirito Dark Storm
    Kirito Dark Storm 15 hours ago

    beast boy will win

  • Michael Byrne
    Michael Byrne 15 hours ago

    Is it greedy that I kinda wanna see Anthony Ingruber's Joker/John interact with this world's Harley? It'd be genuinely fascinating seeing her work through her base disgust/betrayal from the man who manipulated and disregarded her at every turn...and come face to face with a counterpart that gained self-confidence primarily through trauma. And for John, seeing a Harley that (for the most part) values the people close to her and not having the hold on him her world's Joker imposed on her...he'd bust out his pinkie swear in a heartbeat for trading up on an abusive relationship.

    Suka ANIMANIA 15 hours ago

    wow i need to watch

  • Hentai Gawd
    Hentai Gawd 15 hours ago


  • Faith Hill
    Faith Hill 15 hours ago

    You missed Knightfall

  • Sean Lann
    Sean Lann 15 hours ago

    Why I get a feeling of deja vous? #FuckKonami

  • Emperor Lamal
    Emperor Lamal 16 hours ago

    my god get over him the guys a piece if garbage how can u like that thing (joker)

  • Marcus Everett
    Marcus Everett 16 hours ago

    You know what would be awesome? If the answer says "Do what Batman should have done!" Instead of "finish him."

  • TheDarkhounds
    TheDarkhounds 16 hours ago

    Imagine Mark hamills voice

  • Cielo Mejia
    Cielo Mejia 16 hours ago

    No entiendo Yo pensaba que ese universo Esta la liga de la justicia que conocemos porque ese robot el medio rojito Ese apareció en la liga de la justicia con lex luthor (la pelea de batman y superman) Pero NO, porque" bruce"es diferente Entonces este otro universo

  • DeMarco Davidson
    DeMarco Davidson 17 hours ago

    Did he just use someone "in a wheelchair" ♿ during the fight?! OMG! That's hilarious and crazy and insensitive AF at the same time. This is definitely the Joker Unleashed!

  • Julian Diep
    Julian Diep 17 hours ago

    This man really just grabs a guy out of a wheelchair to hit people with

  • Watts Matt
    Watts Matt 17 hours ago

    Well she did want to be part of the legion to get his attention.

  • Caucasian Jason
    Caucasian Jason 17 hours ago

    ru-clip.com/video/CloMqibJVOY/video.html this is the real Swamp Thing

  • msminmichigan
    msminmichigan 17 hours ago

    This Joker doesn't laugh enough.

  • nifal aditya
    nifal aditya 18 hours ago


  • Noah Schomburg
    Noah Schomburg 18 hours ago

    She’s only a good character when she’s with him

  • Connor Lonergan
    Connor Lonergan 18 hours ago

    So I don’t think the joker had anything to do with Harley getting into the LOD that was all Luthor to spite Ivy for not playing along. This honestly is just a parody of the “co-worker crush” trope

  • Adil Myrat
    Adil Myrat 18 hours ago

    You mean episode 10 or 19?

  • Jaden Rankins
    Jaden Rankins 19 hours ago

    Good for her

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    Lai Production 19 hours ago

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  • gammaxmen
    gammaxmen 19 hours ago

    Yeah, this is a disaster in the making.

  • Pigerchou
    Pigerchou 19 hours ago

    When Joker can get laid but you can’t.

    • Mi Amor
      Mi Amor 17 hours ago

      It's all about confidence and Joker just oozes that. He's the "take what I want" kinda guy and some girls are into that

  • Fried Fries
    Fried Fries 19 hours ago

    Me:wanna play mk11? My brother:Nah i want injustice 2 Me: ok.....

  • Fried Fries
    Fried Fries 19 hours ago

    I considered this amazing than disappointing

  • Its 0nyx
    Its 0nyx 19 hours ago

    That new noob cosmetic looks to be the Batman who laughs

  • blue hat
    blue hat 20 hours ago

    Batman puppet : I'll save the day

  • eminen god rapper ddg
    eminen god rapper ddg 20 hours ago

    This not the first time DC cheaters are in mortal kombat, DC has made over a bunch of crossovers with dc so, it's well as for joker😀

  • Michel House
    Michel House 20 hours ago

    Please give 30m likes and agreeable votes.

  • Michel House
    Michel House 20 hours ago

    All votes ends when it's come out.

  • julian fishman
    julian fishman 20 hours ago

    Let’s hope Harley and Ivy mend their relationship soon

  • Light
    Light 21 hour ago

    Oh god his seducing her

  • Oman eventually party

    It’s pretty obvious the only reason she got in LOD was probably because of joker

  • Easy Cute Drawings
    Easy Cute Drawings 21 hour ago

    Harley quinn ru-clip.com/video/i6YNREAQuk8/video.html

  • KJ Iyere
    KJ Iyere 21 hour ago

    Joker 101. He wants what he can't have. That's why he's obsessed with getting Batman to kill/laugh (depending on the version) and probably why he's into Harley again.

    • shinobi sensei
      shinobi sensei 17 hours ago

      @Mr. J tf lol

    • Mr. J
      Mr. J 17 hours ago

      sometimes i wanna bust a good nut once in awhile you know?

  • Andrew Penny
    Andrew Penny 21 hour ago

    I really hope Harley quinn and the birds of prey beat Joker movie but I don't think it can.

  • hand soap
    hand soap 21 hour ago

    welcome home harly queen

  • Milomondo
    Milomondo 21 hour ago

    He never hid how annoying she is too him, as to everyone else. Cant blame him.

  • atgas the vampire cat

    come on harley punch his face instead of giveing this jerk a kiss!

  • Veer Mudambi
    Veer Mudambi 22 hours ago

    Well it wouldn’t be a show about “getting over your ex” without at least one relapse -_-

    • Siege Rack-n-Ruin
      Siege Rack-n-Ruin 20 hours ago

      Veer Mudambi Harley’s been all about relapses. I’m just surprised it took this incarnation so long

  • Trent Gaines
    Trent Gaines 22 hours ago

    I don't think Joker's charms are gonna work.

  • Miss Y
    Miss Y 22 hours ago

    That was supposed to be an interview? She was only asked 2 questions!

  • Youssef Ehab
    Youssef Ehab 22 hours ago

    “It’s all coming together”

  • StarryNightsx Msp
    StarryNightsx Msp 22 hours ago

    come on joker needs to kiss batman just ONCE in this show PLEASEEE

  • M M
    M M 22 hours ago

    Her voice is annoying

  • Josh Putzke
    Josh Putzke 22 hours ago

    i guess harley should of killed him in the first episode

  • One zed
    One zed 22 hours ago

    Is it somthing like LOST ??? If yes ...then i'll go for it.

  • Darkblade64 2006
    Darkblade64 2006 23 hours ago

    wally is wayyyyyyyyyyy faster than barry

  • Da Arkus
    Da Arkus 23 hours ago

    I doubt that Joker will have that bloody look also with the bloody backing the end of a fatal blow by it would cool if it's kept if it's the final blow

  • MG16NCP
    MG16NCP 23 hours ago


  • Тима Марченко

    merry christmas you filthy animal

  • Destroyadora
    Destroyadora Day ago

    My guess is that it was jokers plan to have Harley and Ivy get into a fight so she’d go back to him But it ain’t gonna work cause Poison Ivy and Harlyquinn are bfff

  • Von Sue Iron Bear

    Who else can't wait for spawn

  • jesus labra
    jesus labra Day ago

    Wait! Harley is separate of the Joker,isn't she?

  • CrazyArrowsJuan

    Is that Mark Hamill?

  • Machinedramon1987

    Harley looks so hot and sexy <3 she is my DC-waifu :)

  • ISitOn MyArm
    ISitOn MyArm Day ago

    Joker gets the good good

  • luxraydarkrai
    luxraydarkrai Day ago

    Wow, time flies so fast this series already reached episode 109

  • Luciana V.Mar
    Luciana V.Mar Day ago

    Harley, honey don’t, just don’t, nop

  • Alina Johnson
    Alina Johnson Day ago

    Is lex Luthor black? Lol

  • Lewd Jude
    Lewd Jude Day ago

    harley i'm sorry i love u but falling for jokers smoothe moves again is a FAT L

  • Germs WRLD
    Germs WRLD Day ago

    Wait is that Mr. Nobody from doom patrol?

  • Magik0722
    Magik0722 Day ago

    I don't get that ivy is upset that it's a boys club when they've sent over a hundred invites for ivy then she refuses to join.

  • TheGam3r WithN0tag