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  • Jared Giff
    Jared Giff 10 minutes ago

    "Hi Kershaw" lol

  • Rudy1959 Romero
    Rudy1959 Romero 10 minutes ago

    Smith go away you dont know boxing knowledge.

  • Blake Weaver
    Blake Weaver 11 minutes ago

    Give it time I'm sure after a while you'll figure out the Broncos are actually the worst team in the NFL

  • Marty Mcfly
    Marty Mcfly 11 minutes ago

    What if all the free agents take their talents to south beach and join the dolphins.. maybe that’s why their trash.

  • Selfish Stockton
    Selfish Stockton 12 minutes ago

    With the roster that went, to not reach the medal round is one thing, but 7th? That’s inexcusable. Even if you play for the Bronze and lose, you end up 4th. 7th? That’s horrid

  • Raffael Berhe
    Raffael Berhe 14 minutes ago

    Giannis would never go the gsw

  • kathy Johson
    kathy Johson 14 minutes ago

    Doesn't matter

  • Edwin Martinez
    Edwin Martinez 15 minutes ago

    Aguila la gente humilde siempre gana 👍

  • Aaron W.
    Aaron W. 15 minutes ago

    They texting her like she’s a GM😂

  • Nicholas Antonicello
    Nicholas Antonicello 17 minutes ago

    Gregg Williams has been past over as a head coach more times then any coordinator in football. Beckham schooled the Jets and that pathetic secondary that was exposed again how bad that defense truly is. Beckham is a great player who got out of bad situation in New York with the Giants. He's with a young QB in Mayfield and he came to play. Gregg Williams and that shitty defense got destroyed. Williams is a joke and it showed again tonight. Stephen A, you're all wrong.

  • 5th Ave
    5th Ave 17 minutes ago

    After that performance, against that level opposition he shouldn't be calling out Wilder.. he's gonna jab at that eye hard and often.. that cut will negatively affect the rest of his career

  • Kenjirou Shibazaki
    Kenjirou Shibazaki 17 minutes ago

    Me sorprende la cantidad de ratones que han venido tiempo después a dar negativos al vídeo,parece que en su momento estaban bien escondidos.

  • Bill Murray
    Bill Murray 17 minutes ago

    That's what you get Stephen A hole

  • George Prchal
    George Prchal 18 minutes ago

    Stephen A needs to go on LeBatard so they can rant about it together.

  • Visual Media
    Visual Media 18 minutes ago

    dont ever quote another rapper again Max. thanks

  • Zorn76
    Zorn76 19 minutes ago

    God Bless Brandon Marshall. I really admire his candor here as well.

  • Jayson Adams
    Jayson Adams 19 minutes ago

    LeBron would NOT have been that dude during the 80s or 90s when cats got fouled consistently w/o the whistle being blown...

  • Dakkadot09
    Dakkadot09 19 minutes ago

    Them Dolphins sorry bro 😂😂😂😂

  • Mark Derrick
    Mark Derrick 19 minutes ago

    I hate these topics... All sport shows please stop it.

  • One Buffalo
    One Buffalo 19 minutes ago

    Sean Peyton is the most overrated coach in the history of football. Dude squandered half of Drew Brees' career cause he couldnt even put a mediocre defense on the field. The saints have missed the playoffs countless times with an offense producing in excess of 29ppg cause the defense gave up 33 ppg

  • Nick George
    Nick George 19 minutes ago

    Steph d’angelo klay draymond Giannis is literally an all star starting 5

  • Slim Jimmy
    Slim Jimmy 21 minute ago

    Send him to the saints and get apple out... please lol. He's a flag magnet or something 😂

  • Arthur Warezak
    Arthur Warezak 21 minute ago

    Molly...go away

  • Selfish Stockton
    Selfish Stockton 21 minute ago

    Too little too late, I guarantee the damage has already been done. And he 5 teams to “randomly” get audited will be the small market teams who wouldn’t be afford to afford marque free agents to begin with. There’s way too much leeway with this new set of anti tampering proposals

  • MrCalidan69
    MrCalidan69 23 minutes ago

    I hate the comparisons because of the size and age differences, there is no true conclusion. Compare MJ to his peers...that's a real, valid argument. MJ was the greatest of his era....and I believe the GOAT, based on him having never lost in the finals

    D_INSPIRED LIVE 23 minutes ago

    nah but for real if they gonna ban the ninja headbands for that reason then they should ban dreads and long hair lol

  • Kevin Morgan
    Kevin Morgan 23 minutes ago

    "And Giannis drives the lane ,kicks out to Curry ( or Thompson) corner for a corner three... BANG!!!" Whàt a shot from Curry!!!

  • banana
    banana 24 minutes ago

    Im talkin bout the quickness of foot

  • Dat
    Dat 25 minutes ago

    The left will attack anyone who disagrees with them.

  • DrBlackJack001
    DrBlackJack001 25 minutes ago

    make enough noise people so they really do replace Ryan Hollins

  • Keaqa n
    Keaqa n 25 minutes ago

    i saw a guy with a dolphin sticker on his truck the other day. i live in texas. must suck to be him

  • Chase McBrien
    Chase McBrien 26 minutes ago

    I am poor. But so is most people in America. We got the water, grocery, automobile, electric and gas bills to pay so we can keep those people wealthy along with their government puppets. Lol

  • Mr. Davis
    Mr. Davis 26 minutes ago

    Looks at Rachel...*licks lips*

  • jlamar2
    jlamar2 26 minutes ago

    I didn't, and still don't see nothing messed up about Paul Piece lineup...

  • Agent Orange
    Agent Orange 26 minutes ago

    These pundits are overpaid bullshiters!!

  • Ric
    Ric 28 minutes ago

    Run it back?

  • Franky Hughlett
    Franky Hughlett 29 minutes ago

    Steelers need to trade for him.

  • Shivam Thaker
    Shivam Thaker 29 minutes ago

    Seahawks specifically Russ are great, they barely lost with a back up qb. It’s not all Mike Tomlins fault

  • The UCEMAN
    The UCEMAN 29 minutes ago

    If he acts like this now.. imagine paying him? AB flashbacks lol

  • Jamerson Williams
    Jamerson Williams 29 minutes ago


  • Will Pacheco
    Will Pacheco 30 minutes ago

    My dolphins are gonna Tank for Tua lol let’s get him

  • Mackenzie Cutshaw
    Mackenzie Cutshaw 30 minutes ago

    The funny thing is the redskins haven’t havnt been to a SuperBowl since 1991-92 which is longer then the cowboys Super Bowl drought lol

  • Jarleth Eaton
    Jarleth Eaton 30 minutes ago

    0:48 Stephen A: the Saints “missed the playoffs six of the last seven years...” In the last two years, they had the Minneapolis Miracle against them in the Divisional Round, and then The Call against them in the Conference Championship round. It’s basic research.

  • Fans Perspective
    Fans Perspective 30 minutes ago

    I smell Jerry Jones coming hard!!

  • Josh
    Josh 31 minute ago

    Did brandon marshall say the lions !?!?

  • mangi sunam
    mangi sunam 32 minutes ago

    This is called reaching.. Lol

  • Tod Wilkinson
    Tod Wilkinson 32 minutes ago

    popovich was out coached, that is all that happened.

  • Pablo Hernandez
    Pablo Hernandez 33 minutes ago

    Those white kids so happy to be around Zion 😂

  • Remedies Shadow
    Remedies Shadow 33 minutes ago

    AB really pulled a Kevin Durant. If you can't beat them join them

  • Cole Lutz
    Cole Lutz 33 minutes ago

    Giannis will NOT leave Milwaukee. Why would he leave? He loves the city, the city loves him, he’s gonna get paid, they’re good enough to compete for a chip. I hate when reporters try to create a story.

  • いたちイチゴ
    いたちイチゴ 33 minutes ago

    31 teams should be calling the Jags,best DB since Prime and Woody..

  • FPietros
    FPietros 33 minutes ago

    Pretty much.

  • SightSeer
    SightSeer 34 minutes ago

    Anyone not including Wilson in top 5 QB's should be fed a final breakfast, eggs, sausage or thick bacon, home fries, hearty whole wheat toast, some rich smooth coffee, and then solemnly marched out to the top of the hill, blindfolded, and shot at dawn.

  • kbaca5150
    kbaca5150 34 minutes ago

    Tomlin needs to go

  • MrEguy87
    MrEguy87 34 minutes ago

    Can i marry Rachel Nichols?

  • jonas nunez
    jonas nunez 35 minutes ago

    Giannis is most likely staying. Like messi with Barcelona.

  • Ryan Abbey
    Ryan Abbey 35 minutes ago

    Tim Tebow is a big boy, he can handle it

  • Luis Barley
    Luis Barley 35 minutes ago

    What kind of host she is, let Scottie talk!!!!!

  • Jay Green
    Jay Green 35 minutes ago

    With what money?

  • Joil lok
    Joil lok 35 minutes ago

    I don't like Max, tries so hard

  • Eugene Burgin
    Eugene Burgin 35 minutes ago

    Facts bro a hall of famer southside Chicago to nba mvp he grew up playing again me and my big bro my bro was one of the best in the city too and he was murdered a lot of talent was and others are locked up he made it out and made it to the top

  • Carlos Rivera Jr
    Carlos Rivera Jr 36 minutes ago

    Ms.Nickles please suck my pickle. If you need more then 1 pickle lmk I got you.

  • brickhra
    brickhra 36 minutes ago

    Wentz had superior teams to Dak Prescott in previous years! So now that Dak has the team Equivalent to what Wenzt had, he looks better than Wentz! Wentz had Nelson Agolor in the slot (first round pick), Zack Ertz at TE (Second round pick pro bowler), Alshon Jeffreys--Number1 WR in Chicago prior to coming to Philly. Dominant offensive line! Superior defensive line than Dallas! At one point they had Jay Ajayi and Blount in the backfield! Ajayi was a dude who has had like 3 200 yard rushing games the year prior. Blount had 13 Tds in NE prior. So Wentz team was much better than Dak Prescotts. Dak didn't have any good WRs until they got Amari Cooper! His number 1 WR was Allen Hurns (undrafted free agent coming off injury). He had Gallup who was a 3rd round rookie who is not going to carry a team year 1. Tavon Austin who is one of the biggest bust of all time at the WR position. And TEs who were low draft picks! So he was simply making due with the weapons he had and they weren't good. Defense is fast, but not stout in the trenches and they lost in the playoffs because they couldn't stop the run, Not because of Dak Prescott. Rams ran for 300 yards! So now that the talent gap around Prescott has been closed, you are seeing a more fair comparison of the QBs! Having a RB with no WRs doesn't help at all! If WRs can't beat man coverage and get separation, teams will stack the box and bump and run the WRs. Eventually it will be 3rd and 6 or 7 and Dak had no weapons! So Zeke was irrelevant if Dak didn't have a weapon to make you pay for stacking the box! Now they have Amari and Gallup has developed as the previous year he was a 3rd round rookie. If you gave Dak Zack Ertz last year instead of Cooper, he would've put up very efficient numbers. Wentz had a better team tha Dak. Wentz team was so stacked with talent and great play calling (You saw what the coordinator did for Andrew Luck with no arm strength) that any average QB could look good in that system! Wentz is a tall hyperathletic QB with mobility and strong arm playing on a stacked team with great playcalling! You could've put Geno Smith on that team and they could win 13 games! Cardale Jones could win 13 games in that situation! When Desean and Alshon got hurt, Wentz still had a good defense forcing turnovers, He still has a pro bowl TE and a first round Pick out of USC Agolor who runs 4.3 40. That combination of weapons by themselves is superior to what Dak had in his first 3 years! If Wentz is so good, why did they go and get Alshon and Desean? Because they know that if any WR gets injured and the team isn't stacked, Wentz will get expsosed as a QB who never should've been drafted ahead of DAK in the First Place! The same way Trubisky Never shouldv'e been drafted ahead of Mahommes and Josh Allen and Sam Darnold never should've been drafted ahead of Lamar Jackson! They force these guys who aren't as good up the draft charts and then they stack their teams up as quickly as possible to make these QBs successful! There is no way Jared Goff goes 9-7 in the situation Dak's situation year 2! No way! They gave Goff best play caller who made Kirk Cousins look good! They gave him stacked offensive line, Stacked defensive line, 1st and 2nd round WRs from multiple teams around the league. They gave him pass rushers (even though they already had Donald). They gave him teams best cornerbacks! Prolific RB. Then when Goff puts up some stats, they say he should be highest paid player! Why doesn't Goff get the same criticism when his team right now has more talent than the Dallas Cowboys! So this Dak Precott debate is really protecting the integrity of the league! They have to prove that he is an inferior QB in order to justify his draft status and the draft status of an anonymous guy Carson Wentz in North Dakota and a skinny leg QB who threw 6 intereceptions against Utah in a nationally televised primetime game (Jared Goff) got drafted ahead of Prescott in the first place! Jacoby Brissett and Dak Prescott were the best two QBs in the 2016 draft and the league drafted both QBs into obscurity to control the number of white QBs playing the position as that is the leagues primary marketing audience!

  • June Yoon
    June Yoon 36 minutes ago

    Molly (swoon )

  • Cody Hofer
    Cody Hofer 36 minutes ago


  • Spencer Graham-Thille
    Spencer Graham-Thille 36 minutes ago

    No rules are currently being broken. I don't get the deal.

  • Pierre Ferrand
    Pierre Ferrand 37 minutes ago

    Molly threw a slick shot at SAS did y'all peep that " when you cum at me, eye contact

  • Tod Wilkinson
    Tod Wilkinson 37 minutes ago

    This is what happens when all you do is shoot 3's. Either team can win. Even a bad team can beat a good team if the team that was supposed to win shoots 20% on 3's.

  • Joel Villarreal
    Joel Villarreal 37 minutes ago

    2007 dolphins: am I a joke to you?

  • KingDavid
    KingDavid 38 minutes ago

    Ronnie said 96 Jordan is the only 99 in 2k20 which is false because 16 LeBron is also a 99. I know it's minor but you can see how this dude is just a habitual liar

  • Jermaine Boxchevy
    Jermaine Boxchevy 38 minutes ago


  • Gabriel Chavarria
    Gabriel Chavarria 38 minutes ago

    Pop is absolutely right!

  • Edward Snider
    Edward Snider 39 minutes ago

    When are these excuses for Wentz going to stop the eagles need to ask for a refund

  • Xotickk9
    Xotickk9 40 minutes ago

    Who did he play against Giants and Redskins? Lord help these ppl seriously lol

  • stoic romulan
    stoic romulan 40 minutes ago


  • Tyler Perkins
    Tyler Perkins 40 minutes ago

    Not many Molly comments, that's a first

  • Jermaine Boxchevy
    Jermaine Boxchevy 40 minutes ago

    Brandon Marshall has me lost!

  • 2 0
    2 0 41 minute ago

    I'm a lifelong Pats fan. We usually play bad in Miami, and we won 43-0. They have our defensive playcaller from last year. So we'll probably beat them 70-0 in Foxborough. They are, without a doubt, the worst nfl team ever.

  • kbaca5150
    kbaca5150 41 minute ago

    You lost 14 million dumbass

  • Travis Trudeau
    Travis Trudeau 41 minute ago

    I'm juss glad he has a lil back of what he had ya know, he's a BOXING LEGEND n when i was growing up that was the Champ. Ain't no other Heavyweight on Earth till this day that has done it like Mike Tyson has.. Iconic The Baddest Man On Tha Planet back in his prime!! Good Work Mike, u deserve it. Cus would be proud, God Bless You as well!! 🙏🙏

  • Reyanna
    Reyanna 41 minute ago

    I feel less alone tonight 9-17-19. Thank you. All of you.

  • HUMBLEDJJerry Charles
    HUMBLEDJJerry Charles 42 minutes ago

    GTFOH YAL BUGGING he aint do anything all players do. They want this guy gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Miller
    Adam Miller 42 minutes ago

    Worse than 0-16 Lions? Gtfo

  • Slam 420
    Slam 420 42 minutes ago

    Give Pittsburgh a chance

  • Slam 420
    Slam 420 43 minutes ago

    Need a new head coach perfect time this year is done. 5 win season. I love it Ben rapelessburger career over.

  • Micah Norton
    Micah Norton 45 minutes ago

    Fire Molly.

  • Blakkout Productions LLC.

    I’m a bucks fan and I swear dude gone have to leave to get that ring. He gone have to join a super team or get people around him that won’t choke under pressure

    III BAKURYU III 46 minutes ago


  • vincent april
    vincent april 46 minutes ago

    what was the question?

  • Eddy Dede
    Eddy Dede 47 minutes ago

    I like Tim Tebow a lot I just disagree with his opinion. See how easy that was without getting in my feelings. People in this generation are fragile losers. It’s like a drug, they need something to find to get mad at so they can feel victimized it’s really pathetic

  • bigbuffguy95
    bigbuffguy95 48 minutes ago

    God bless Tony for bringing up those Giants Super Bowl wins over the Patriots. Anyway, Brees will probably be back this year. And I don't think Roethlisberger is done either. I think he comes back for at least one more season to go out on his own terms.

  • locomm19
    locomm19 48 minutes ago

    This is the only segment where Molly is veiws stand on there own

  • lphjustin
    lphjustin 49 minutes ago

    it's still way to early to predict Giannis' free agency, but in the current era where superstars would prefer teaming up rather than being loyal to one team, I would NOT be surprised at all if Giannis joins Steph and Klay, I don't think Giannis would do it just to get a cheap ring because he's ultra competitive, but who knows, if the Bucks continue to lose in the playoffs the next 2 years, he might get tired of losing and take the easy way out to, like LeBron and KD did.

  • gavin Valverde
    gavin Valverde 49 minutes ago

    Rex Ryan was soooo wrong kyler and kliff made this dude look like a clown

  • Ken Ko
    Ken Ko 49 minutes ago

    The dolphins might be the first franchise to go 16-0 and 0-16

  • Jason Prue
    Jason Prue 49 minutes ago

    AAANNNNNDDD I dont have a single player in this lineup. SMH

  • Dallas Dee Jordan
    Dallas Dee Jordan 50 minutes ago

    Max Wants to give the Saints fans hope .God bless Max he tryin hard to SELL TEDDY😂

  • Blade Runner
    Blade Runner 51 minute ago

    Nobody really cares what Greg Popovich thinks anymore. Go back to your arrogant and immature Trump bashing.

  • David Rosales
    David Rosales 51 minute ago

    Sorry Pop ur 1 of my favorite coaches but Team USA was trash this year

  • zap sama
    zap sama 51 minute ago

    all players that wears number 12 in NFL should retire